Kirstie Alley publicly mean girls Leah Remini for ditching Scientology

As you know, Leah Remini confirmed last week that she had left the Scientology cult after basically being a member her entire life. Leah’s family was deep in the cult while she was growing up, so this must have been a major change for her. As for what prompted it, Leah was recently put through intense “thought modification” for a reported five years after she dared ask what had happened to the long-missing wife of cult leader, David Miscaviage. (Other members have also recently “disappeared” including high-ranking former spokesperson Tommy Davis, and his wife, Jessica Feshbach, who happened to be Katie Holmes’ minder.) Leah is similarly said to have questioned the cult’s practice of excommunication for people who don’t toe the company line. The cult regularly imprisons members who try to leave, so if Leah were an average parishioner she could have been put in a forced labor camp as retaliation. So that’s why I doubt Leah gives a sh*t about Kirstie Alley trying to intimidate her through Twitter. She’s probably grateful she doesn’t have to deal with that wench any longer:

But well before the Post printed its story, celebrities in Scientology were scrambling to figure out how to deal with Remini’s departure.

In particular, we’re told, Kirstie Alley was livid at Remini.

On Wednesday morning, at 9:14 am, Alley took to Twitter with this statement:
“When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend… Then I say f*ck em..:) #RISE”

Our sources tell us that Alley worked the phones that day, raising a stink with the personnel at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre — what were church officials going to do about Remini’s defection?

A meeting was called for Alley and other celebrities to get a briefing from church executives about what was going on and what they planned to do about it.

The meeting was held at the home of Melinda Brownstone — a longtime Scientologist.

At 3:26 pm, Alley tweeted…
“the sweetest poison is often served with a smile…beware syrup”

…and a minute later followed that with…
“I’m at my friends gorgeous house @minmin1008 love hangin here”

(@minmin1008 is the Twitter address of Melinda Brownstone.)

We’re learning that Alley’s tweet was a well-aimed arrow at Remini.

Our sources tell us that Brownstone was one of Leah Remini’s first and best friends after Remini moved to Los Angeles at only 13 years of age.

(We reached Brownstone by telephone, but she told us, “You know what? I have nothing to say.”)

Brownstone is the godmother to Remini’s daughter, Sofia. Remini’s sister Shannon is married to Brownstone’s brother, who Melinda cut off ties with earlier.

For years, Brownstone worked for Remini, but then they parted ways in 2008 after a dispute. They haven’t spoken since, our sources say.

They also tell us that Kirstie Alley and Remini are not close.

When Remini was working to raise support recently for Hurricane Sandy relief in New York and reached out to Alley for help, we’re told Remini never got a return phone call.

It seems very significant then, that Alley, after calling for a briefing of celebrities, not only held that meeting in the home of Remini’s former best friend, but also tweeted her location publicly in what looks like a taunt.

Since the news of Remini’s departure from the church went wide on Thursday, our sources tell us that Leah has been inundated with media requests and an outpouring of support from fans.

But she’s also heard from friends in Scientology who tell her that they’ve been ordered to “disconnect” from her immediately. That campaign is being orchestrated by a church “ethics” employee at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA) on behalf of the church’s Office of Special Affairs, Scientology’s intelligence division. The employee, Julian Swartz, is ordering people to cut off all ties with Remini. (In 2011, at his website, former top church official Marty Rathbun revealed documents in a previous OSA operation run by Swartz to disrupt relationships of a Scientologist who was targeted after she asked questions about fundraising and disconnection.) Our sources inside the church tell us that Swartz is calling people down for interrogations about their connections to Remini and what she has said about Miscavige.

We’re told that Remini is shocked that her former friends are complying with the instruction to cut her off rather than calling her to ask how she is, or even to discuss the concerns she has raised.


I’m coming away from this story with the impression that it took Remini years to decide to get out Scientology and that she’s been trying to distance herself from the more insane members, like Alley, for years. I think I speak for just about everyone when I tell Kirstie Alley to go f*ck herself. She can have her dwindling circle of Scientology biddies who believe they’re saving the planet by sinking their life savings into funding Miscavige’s insane lifestyle. A few years ago just about everyone, including us lowly bloggers, were intimidated by Scientology. Thanks to the work of Anonymous, and to some very brave former members, the facade has been chipping away. There have also been some very high profile defections, like Paul Haggis, Katie Holmes, Lisa Marie Presley, and now Leah Remini. There’s still work to be done, though, especially when the Scientology practice of “Fair Game” has resulted in so many suspicious deaths. I would love to see more famous Scientologists denounce the cult, particularly Juliette Lewis, Elisabeth Moss and Parenthood actress Erika Christensen (second generation).

photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Cam S says:

    OOOHHHH child this is gonna GET GOOD! These two alpha females will be fighting to the death!
    I’m not even a fan of Leah, but Team Leah!

    They done killed Tommy Davis, he is a poor repressed homosexual, but he looked evil. Poor thing needed to have left that cult and found himself a nice boyfriend to make him happy!
    $cientology lies when they say they allow openly gay people in their church!

    • DEB says:

      They lie about most everything.

      • Ella says:

        I read somewhere yesterday that during the French Revolution, the people tore down the Bastille with their bare hands. I think it’s time we tore down Scientology with our bare hands. Who’s with me?

      • Hakura says:

        @Ella – “I think it’s time we tore down Scientology with our bare hands. Who’s with me?

        I am! *Starts filing & grabs her heavy-duty ‘nail strengthening’ gel-treatment polish* Hey, I wanna free the world from oppression as much as the next gal, but I’d prefer to come away with my claws intact. ;)

        Gotta be prepared to ‘return fire’ if I get bitch-slapped by John Travolta…

    • Emily C. says:

      Tommy Davis is alive and living in luxury in with his wife, Jessica Feshbach. They’re not missing.

      His mom is Anne Archer and he’s a trust fund baby. Co$ aren’t gonna do a thing to him. Also, according to some people who knew him when he was in Scientology, he’s a real jerk and it can’t all be blamed on Scientology.

      • Cam S says:

        Thank you, you’re a great detective! Why did they step down as spokespeople? They were so vocal in the church, and Tommy scarily so…

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Cam – he was a terrible spokesperson and probably got on Miss Cabbage’s bad side. He would yell, blow up at reporters and was just a general ass. His star turn, however, was when (on camera) he admitted to John Sweeney that “if Hubbard’s war injuries were a lie, then Scientology is based on a lie.”

        Well, guess what – it is well documented that Hubbard’s “war injuries” (which he supposedly miraculously cured himself of) WERE made up and his claims greatly exaggerated. His entire war record was abysmal. Therefor (as everyone else knows already) Scientology IS based on a lie (well, many lies). And he admitted this, on camera. There must have been steam coming out of Miss Cabbage’s ears!

        Anyway, word is they routed out (they can afford it) and are quietly living in Texas. She’s in real estate, he’s at some type of investment firm.

      • Guest 22 says:

        Nope Emily C.,you don’t get kicked out of Scientology for being a jerk.Look at Kirtsie Alley.If anything he was told to step down because Suri is getting older and her and Tommy Davis are starting to look more and more alike.Eventually some people would put the whole mystery together of how Katie Holmes got pregnant with a baby that is the spitting image of Tom Cruise’s best friend.The truth would ruin Cruise’s career.

      • gg says:

        Tom Cruise’s boyfriend is Miss Cabbage, not Davis.

      • Emily C. says:

        @Guest 22: I didn’t say he was kicked out of Scientology for being a jerk, where did you get that from? I said he is a jerk. The people who said it are ex-Scientologists and vocal critics of Scientology.

    • elaine says:

      scr** Kirsti alley, none of her business what Leah does. big mouth kirsti, thinks she is so cute, I think she is a self-rightous know it all.

      • gefeylich says:

        Nah, she’s just following Scientology protocol: diss the “suppressive” person whenever possible.

        I’m wondering, though – Alley admitted that she was a call girl in her early days in Hollywood, which is what I thought the Scientologists had on her (I’d heard the rumor long before she admitted it).

        But since she admitted it, what do they REALLY have on her? This loyalty is only bought through fear and photos/videos of the “dead girl/live boy” type. So…what the heck is she (and Co$) covering up?

      • mayamae says:

        I have never heard that Kirstie Alley was a prostitute, where did you get this info?

      • dena says:

        That’s some middle school sh*t Christie Alley pulled! Grow the f*ck up! Sheesh.

      • Hakura says:

        @gefeylich – I hadn’t heard about her early ‘call-girl’ days, either. (I wouldn’t be surprised is that was the case for quite a few others in the industry… Except maybe they don’t think of it as ‘hooking’ if the ‘screwing around’ is on some agent’s couch or some director’s mini-cooper).

        As to how they’re keeping her there, now? Maybe they’ve just had her there long enough that they managed to successfully ‘re-program’ her. I could certainly believed she has some ‘wires’ crossed…

      • Kiddo says:

        @gefeylich, I searched and couldn’t find anything about her admitting to being a call girl. Granted, I didn’t do an exhaustive search. Do you have a link?

    • F5 says:

      Google is your friend, Cam C -_-

  2. embertine says:

    I bet Leah is sitting at home right now, counting up all the f**** she does not give about Kirstie Alley’s opinion.

    • Meredith says:

      Yeah, being slagged by Kristie isn’t the damnation to hell that it might have been long ago. I’m a Kristie fan (mostly) but I’m thrilled that Leah has left that cult.

  3. marie says:

    yes, Kirstie can go f-ck herself.. Go Leah!, stand your ground..

  4. Photo lab says:

    $cientology is awful, but they haven’t disappeared Tommy Davis. He and his wife left Sea Org, though, and are now living in Texas. Austin, I think. I dont recall how active they are, but IIRC their official statuses are as “public $cientologists.” I saw it over at Tony Ortega’s blog.

  5. lisa2 says:

    This is going to be another Katie Holmes. People are going to be going all YOU GO GIRL and she is going to think that will mean big support and work. I don’t think it will.

    Good for her and her family. But it will be interesting to see how interesting she will be to the public once all that attention wains. See Katie for a Big example.

    • Debbie says:

      Well Leah has a job I don’t watch it but she is on a sitcom so I don’t think it’s that and Katie is doing well she had her play and is doing a spike lee joint. Nothing huge but still work. I also don’t think either woman did it to get work I think they did it for freedom, and publically for safety.

      • lisa2 says:

        IAWY on many points. But I just think she and other need more support than just you go girl. Katie is fine because she has money; Lia too. But there are many people in that situation that don’t. It seems scary. But if as some have noted Lia’s family are also members of COS then that is going to be very tough for her and her family.

        This whole thing feels like a movie; scarier because it is real.

      • emmie_a says:

        Leah’s sitcom was cancelled… but I hope this publicity leads to more job offers for her.

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      Big time. Although my understanding is Katie was never truly fully on board with COS. She only appeared to to appease TC. That said, Katie is one of the smartest women in the game. The way she left TC. He was blindsided and so was that chult. Had he known what was coming, they would have tried everything to undermine her and ruin her and possibly take Suri. I put nothing against them. Sheer evil they are.

      Anyways, now COS is going to have their biggest known crazies to make statements. Kirstie their biggest female voice. Travolta and Cruise might make comments at another time. Triage of sorts.

      Lastly, who in their right mind would join that “chult” or any religion for that matter.

      • Cece says:

        I’m not convinced that Katie didn’t have a deal going in that her contract with TC was going to last exactly as long as it did, and thus she was not required to be a scientologist, just make a few gestures that way. I’m far, far from convinced that she had some brilliant strategy to get out – I think it was the deal.

      • mayamae says:

        I think more of the credit should go to Katie’s dad. He knew this was all BS from the beginning, and it’s his contracts that freed her.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Cece, her father is a lawyer. It’s quite possible that he came up with the maneuvers.

        Mayamae, your comment showed up well after I wrote mine, and I wouldn’t have written the same, but we clearly agree.

      • Meredith says:

        I think Katie’s exit was at years in the planning. She started spending all that time in NYC in the last 2 years of her marriage (when Tom was on location filming) and that is how she established residency to file for divorce there and not in California where Tom had all the power. And I believe that was all the brain child of Martin Holmes, her dad. Martin Holmes was a warrior dad and he got his daughter and granddaugher out of that terrible cult. He’s my hero :)

  6. Post-Its says:

    Tommy and Jessica are in Texas on “medical leave”. Tommy had tried to run away a few times, but my guess is that he knows too much and Scientology isn’t going to let him out of their sight.

  7. NM9005 says:

    I just don’t understand how they can attack a person for asking a normal question? Do others refuse to see the shadiness of people going missing or do they know and not care because of their almost god-like status in that cult?

  8. d says:

    I think this confirms for me more than anything else what a mean and pathetic person Kirstie Alley really is. Very ugly personality.

    • Ok says:

      I am shocked that she (Kirstie) has a dime left to her name. She really has not worked as an actress in many years. She funnels money to Parker Stevens. She funnels money to her other ex boyfriend. She remodels her house. She funnels money to Scientology.

      How does she have money left??

      • MonicaQ says:

        Mainly gifts–last time she was down here in Clearwater, she was here to borrow money from another member.

        The most money she has coming in? Residuals from her part in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Mainly due to the fact they just re-released them all. And that’s barely anything (e.g. Look at William Shatner)

      • d says:

        Maybe Scientology pays for everything? Without them, she’d be homeless. Maybe that’s what makes her so…ugly inside. Deep down, she knows what a horrible parasitic relationship it is and what’s really going on here with her remarks against Leah is jealousy. Jealousy that she got out and can live independently (one hopes, anyway).

      • MonicaQ–Actually, she was in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Robin Curtis played Saavik in The Search for Spock. The reason for the casting change depends on who you ask. She said she couldn’t put up with the sexism on the set (plausible); they say she asked for too much money for the sequel (also plausible).

      • Lucy2 says:

        Don’t forget Kirstie probably earned a lot back in the day, had some endorsement deals, plus I ‘m sure used CO$ as a tax shelter, and they give her a lot too.

      • Cece says:

        she had some weight loss deal and then her own weight loss company. and maybe some $$ left from Cheers. Regardless of the money, she seems like a miserable, unhappy person, and that’s revenge enough for any wrong-doing.

      • mayamae says:

        I’m sure she makes a lot of money from Cheers royalties.

      • gg says:

        a) Co$ does not “give” people money. They take and take and take. I’m guessing the most money she’s made was from Cheers but that’s just a guess.

        b) She was sued for lying about her weight loss of 100 pounds for her stupid company “Organic Liaison”, and also that her products were just normal fiber and calcium pills. Currently, they are practically giving the stuff away to cut tremendous losses since nobody’s interested apparently.

      • dena says:

        Passive income. Stocks and bonds. Etc.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well quite. If this is Kirstie Alley with spiritual fulfilment and all the answers imagine what she’d be like WITHOUT Scientology!!

  9. aims says:

    Kristen has her head so up co$ ass, she doesn’t know which side is up. Their “group” is dwindling, and They’re the definition a cult.

    I’d also like to add, Leah had balls. Her family is also heavy in this nonsense, and she still left. My kind of girl!

  10. SmokeyBlues says:

    Isn’t Elizabeth Moss also second generation? I kind of hope so because I love her on Mad Men and it seems so much more sympathetic when one is born into a cult versus choosing to be in one as an adult. Kirstie is bats**t crazy as always and everyone knows it by now so who cares what her stupid, aggressive ass has to say lol.

    • Holly says:

      I think she is. I watched an interview with her recently and she was careful to say that she takes various things from different religions and combines them, but then alluded to Co$ being the main one – weird talk about how it makes her her best self or something. At least she sounds less canned than most of their followers… Now that Save Katie is done, we really need a Save Elizabeth campaign! (She just did a NZ/Jane Campion miniseries earlier this year and it/she was excellent!)

      • Bess says:

        Will Smith says the same nonsense about “taking things from different religions”. I think he’s in the cult too, but knows better than to admit it.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      Elizabeth Moss’s dad isn’t a member, but I don’t know if her mom is or not.

  11. LouLou says:

    I consider these Scientology pieces public service. Keep it up. People need to know. Thank you!

  12. Apsutter says:

    Ugh…Kirstie always acts like such a mean girl c*nt. Hope she enjoys her shitty Xenu friends and non-existent career

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, she’s a real banner $cieno! In every photo she looks like she’s been living on the streets or is fresh out of a methadone clinic. I so want to do whatever she’s doing…NOT!

  13. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Disgusting woman, Kirstie Alley. The ugliness of her soul is reflected outwardly. Her eyes always looked crazed and…MEAN.

  14. dorothy says:

    Kirstie is a nut case to begin with. Just the fact that a “church” call’s a meeting on how to deal with someone is frightening and should be a clear sign that Remini did the right thing by getting out. What a cult! Her family will be emotionally and spiritually safer and healthier in the long run.

    • Belle says:

      Was thinking the same thing. We already know it is a cult. Having to cut ties with friends/family who speak against the ‘church’ is a HUGE red flag… and should have any sane person running for the hills. The fact that they actually have some sort of strategy meetings on how to deal with the ‘defection’ of a member who is too high profile to kidnap and/or kill… WTF is wrong with some of these people?

      • Cam S says:

        I too, find this disconnection process odd. When I left Christianity over 3 years ago, no one in my social circle left. And I live I the bible belt people! I still have all the same friends, acquaintances.

        I guess for me, this is one of the things that separate a religion from a “cult”. None of my Christian friends showed up at my house to harass me, threaten me, or took their friendships away.

      • anomie says:

        Just shows again that it is a cult. Leaving Christianity does not cause the Pope to condemn you to the Eternal Fire.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:


        This may not be the proper forum, but I’m glad that you left something that you felt wasn’t right for you, and that your friends supported you. My family just left our church and started going to a different one because our former pastor was very overly critical of everything, didn’t respect other people’s thoughts and beliefs-pretty much he wasn’t really tolerant OR compassionate about people who believed or lived differently than he did.

        I was so glad when we left, I would literally just sit in church and try to ignore the entire sermon(s) because he would always bring up and disparage something or someone’s beliefs and he would not be compassionate about it at all. Of course, when my dad tried to explain all this to him…well, that just confirmed what my dad thought all along.

  15. Jackson says:

    Wow. Kirstie sure can give a shit-face, can’t she? I hadn’t heard about Tommy Davis disappearing. Off to Google….

  16. gloaming says:

    “We’re told that Remini is shocked that her former friends are complying with the instruction to cut her off rather than calling her to ask how she is, or even to discuss the concerns she has raised”.

    BS! She’s been in Scientology long enough to see what happens to defectors…

    As for Kirsty Alley, she looks so childish. To my knowledge she hasn’t been this publicly bitchy to other members who have left….

    So yeah, f*ck yourself Kirsty!

    • Debbie says:

      There is knowing and then experiencing it. Lots of people think oh that would never happen to me about stuff and it does.

    • Andrea says:

      I can only imagine though that even knowing the way the cult works you still can’t help but hope that your friendships were….well….real. It must be so hard to come to terms with the knowledge that people you loved don’t love you enough to stand up for your right to live your life away from the cult if you choose.

      It’s very sad.

      • Bbb1975 says:

        I agree. I think she is brave to walk away knowing she would lose close friends.

      • Belle says:

        Yes, this. One would think she would have been prepared and know what to expect, but it seems each person who leaves is still shocked when it actually happens. I think they are all so programmed to believe what the ‘church’ tells them… they believe the lies that are told about previous members… even if deep down, they question them. I suppose when someone leaves, they do remain hopeful that their ‘close’ friends would never turn their backs on them. Probably for the best though… confirms for these people that the cult is as bad or worse than they thought.

      • gloaming says:

        You’re right. She’s probably really hurt….I didn’t mean to insinuate as if shes blasé about her situation…
        She’s facing a shi*storm of epic proportions. I hope she comes out fighting but the best of them don’t…
        Marty Rathbun had to move away somewhere more remote, as did Jason Beghe.

    • Ok says:

      Gloaming. Good point. That is probably why it took her 5 years to leave. She knew what was coming.

    • Cazzie says:

      There is a New Yorker article about the filmmaker Paul Haggis and what he experienced after writing a public letter of resignation from Scientology a few years ago.

      Haggis was surprised and hurt to discover that almost all of the people he considered his friends over the previous 30 years dropped him like a hot potato:

      “Haggis forwarded his resignation to more than twenty Scientologist friends, including Anne Archer, John Travolta, and Sky Dayton, the founder of EarthLink. “I felt if I sent it to my friends they’d be as horrified as I was, and they’d ask questions as well,” he says. “That turned out to be largely not the case. They were horrified that I’d send a letter like that.”

      And then they dropped him.

      It’s an interesting article, although a bit on the long side – as New Yorker articles tend to be. Definitely worth reading.

      • gloaming says:

        Yeah I read that article when it came out.

        Back to my point though, Leah was one of, if not THE only Scientologist who publicly supported Paul Haggis. She saw what he and many others have gone through when they left. She saw his friends desert him. She knows the drill. The ‘Church’ has been angry with her for a long time, they would have used her friends to try to reel her in. I think of anyone who has ever left, Leah saw this all coming.
        Unfortunately for her as you all probably know they’ll probably continue to try to smear her and if she speaks out against Miscavidge(sp) She runs the risk of having her audit tapes made public.

    • mayamae says:

      I will agree with you because being a lifer, Leah has disconnected from her share of former CO$ herself.

  17. Paloma says:

    Kirstie Alley has a new series coming up. I was going to give it a look see, but not now. What a wretched vile creature. I hope someone calls for a boycott of her show.

    Leah, you stay strong.

  18. Amelia says:

    What a mess. It’s such a pity that I like a lot of celebs who are scientologists. I try and respect their beliefs but when you hear how INSANE it is and how badly (non celeb)members are treated it really does color my view of them.

    Leah has every right to leave. It’s her choice. Kirstie should practice what preaches and respect it. the bigger question is why more higher ranked celebs don’t ask ‘where is Shelly?’

    • Elle Kaye says:

      It is hard to respect any organization that intimidates its members when they try to leave. If they truly were a respected “Church”, with nothing to hide, these things would not happen. Instead, people disappear and horror stories are told by former members. And they are tax-exempt? We send aid to countries who are dealing with the same crimes against humanity that members deal with in this cult. When will our government step in and do something??

      • Lucy2 says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying- If they had nothing to hide this wouldn’t be a big deal and wouldn’t require meetings and all this nastiness.
        But I also get the impression that Kirstie is just a mean person in general.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I’m in the same boat, especially living by their headquarters. But it’s so shady and run by money and so cruel that it just makes me sad. Everything from how they treat their children to how they treat ex-members is not a “good” method of trying to get people to join your flock. Or fleet. Or whatever the spaceship alien folks call themselves.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        I like to refer to them as the Damnation Navy.
        (Not that I made that up or anything but it fits!)

  19. grabbyhands says:

    I see Kirstie found a way to get her name in the news.

    Or maybe she’s hoping to get in good with Miscavaige since she can’t be much of a moneymaker for them these days.

  20. RHONYC says:

    no careerless c*nt or wackass cult has got shit on a chick from Brooklyn. :evil:

  21. Ellie66 says:

    Blah I cannot stand Kirsty Alley she is so annoying and the Cult of Bullsh*t needs to be broken up, torn down and dissolved. I think it’s very scary that adults can get talked into this cult and give them their children. Good luck Leah and watch ur back.

  22. Bridget says:

    Kirstie is a lost cause, and has really shown herself to be a petty, terrible human being. Let her try to defend $ci with the other fading ‘celebrity’ members.

  23. Dawn says:

    Team Leah. That’s all I have to say.

  24. Elle Kaye says:

    Remini is free to think and speak without Scientology hovering over her now. She is not a shrinking violet, and clearly she kept quiet out of loyalty. That is no longer the case, and this scares the Scientologists to DEATH! That is why Alley is trying to intimidate her. But their tricks are too transparent and are back-firing. One defection closer to the ruin of the “Cult of Crime, Punishment, and Greed, (oh…and Aliens!!”, aka, Scientology.

  25. Debbie says:

    Ok am I the only one confused and endlessly amused at the idea of celebrities having justice league of Scientology meetings because some c list (and I’m a long time fan) actress left their “church?”

    I mean why does this have to be dealt with? If they are just a normal old church like they claim why does someone choosing to no longer practice have to be dealt with? SMH

    • Belle says:

      Yet another red flag in a long line of them. Sad that so many don’t see the warning signs of an obvious cult. :(

    • Izzy says:

      Well, I hadn’t found any of it amusing, but I had never thought of it as a “justice league of $cientology.” Now that you’ve put that phrase in my head, I’ll never be able to read an article about the $cilons without thinking of that. And laughing loudly.

      So, I thank you for that! Good one!

  26. Nerd Alert says:

    Ugh. I can’t understand why Kirstie is still relevant, other than the CO$ related BS she spews. Team Leah. Obvs. Thank you for covering this, as always, CB.

  27. kim says:

    Needy people like kirstie need a cult to make her feel like she’s a part of something or special since the public doesnt really like her. Strong people like Leah don’t need to be a part of a cult in order to feel special or a sense of belonging. I’m glad she became a strong person and got out. Much respect to her and her family!!

  28. Dee says:

    This is just sad in general…Kirstie should have just stayed quiet, only looks bad on her.

  29. SamiHami says:

    I agree, Paloma. I used like Kirstie well enough-thought she was pretty funny. But now when I see her all I see is crazy. She’s completely ruined her own image. I used to see her as tough and independent. Now I see her as brainwashed and bitchy. I just can’t watch anything with her in it anymore.

  30. Itsa Reallyme says:

    I’m sure all of this just helps Leah see that she did, in fact, make a very wise decision. If these people really did have real friendships with her, they wouldn’t ditch her at such a difficult time. Good for you, Leah!

  31. mslewis says:

    I will never understand how supposedly intelligent people fall victim to cults. Even if you are young and searching for something, how can you believe that a dead man who wrote science fiction can be a god and that being hooked up to a machine to “read” your feelings can make you better? It just blow my mind.

    And not just this CoS cult but all the other cults you read about, after the members commit mass suicide or lay down and poison themselves because they just know a space ship is waiting to take them away. These so-called leaders are all nuts. Don’t people see that? It just boggles my mind.

    • DEB says:

      Me too, totally. But how “intelligent” can Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, etc. can they BE? Jesus. The last two finally admitted their son Jett was autistic. Fools. All of them. FOOLS.

      • jwoolman says:

        They always knew Jett was autistic, based on the way they dealt with him. They just kept quiet about the name because of Co$ pressures. People do what they have to do. Obviously Jett also had drug-resistant epilepsy, which is very hard to deal with. The side effects can be worse than the disease and sometimes you just have to take a break from drugs that aren’t doing so much anyway. Life expectancy in such situations is not great. It’s not like the more common epilepsy that is easily treatable with a drug, as my uncle had. As long as he took his medication, he didn’t have seizures. He could drive and have a normal life. But a neighbor had the drug-resistant kind. They kept trying new drugs on him. It was considered a good response if he had only a few grand mal seizures every month and his daily petit mal seizures were reduced a little. Between the drugs and the seizures, his memory was shot. He would look through the family album pictures about recent vacations and couldn’t recognize most if them. Talking with him was always a déjà vu experience, since he never really remembered the previous conversation.

        You can’t keep a kid encased in bubble wrap but just have to let them live as normal a life as possible, even while knowing the high risk that the parents will bury the child. Jett didn’t die because of neglect or even because of stupid Co$. His parents obviously didn’t let Co$ call the shots as far as treatment was concerned, they just avoided making public waves about the diagnosis and treatment. They kept their son close and happy for as long as they had him.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Leah was born in. But the Scilons recruit VERY aggressively. They “find your ruin” and convince you they can help. And they have a thing called “body-routing” which means they march you over to registration to sell you shit and is very difficult to escape. If you are at all susceptible to psychological pressure they will push and push until you give in or break away. Also at first they lovebomb you and try to make you feel special and welcomed by what seems to be a great bunch of people. It’s very insidious.
      Bottom line is: most people play by the rules. They do not, and this gives them an advantage. The entire organization is sociopathic.

  32. Reece says:

    What you throw out into the world is what you get back Kirstie…beware Karma. She’s a bitch.

  33. JL says:

    It’s always so impressive to me when a “church’s” members act like complete jackasses in the name of religion.

    Yeahhhh that makes me want to run right over an join you.

  34. sirsnarksalot says:

    Is there a full list out there of celebrity members? I’d love to see a boycott of their projects started to put some pressure on this CULT. Ever since I heard that a few of the Simpsons voices were big Sci-crazies I have never watched that show again.

  35. Sonia says:

    You’re definitely speaking for me! Kirstie…go ]%{> yourself and your self righteous, condescending and non educated opinions of things you know NOTHING about

  36. Talie says:

    People thought when Katie got what she wanted from Tom that that would be it, but as it turns out, her defection was just the kick-off.

  37. DEB says:

    Kirstie Alley is continually proving what an ass she is; this is just more proof. *yawn*

  38. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    What I don’t understand is that Leah is so surprised/shocked that her former friends and fellow cult members are not rallying around her after she left the cult. Was she really, really so deluded into thinking that she was so special that the rules would suddenly change when she left? She knew what this group was all about and embraced its practices for years and years and years…for her to be shocked to be treated as she has, in all likelihood, treated others in the past seems just a tad phony to me.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am on her side for leaving–and perhaps making it easier for others to leave, too. But let us not pretend that she wasn’t willingly up to her eyeballs in Scientology bullsh!t all those years.

    Kirstie can go f*ck herself. Has anyone seen/heard from Parker Stevenson lately?

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      She was brought in by her mom as a child. Give her a break.

      • Shady says:

        Except, allegedly Leah sent a message of support to Paul Haggis after his defection, so maybe she expected the same loyalty.

  39. erika says:

    like, OMG! the same thing happened to me!!!!!!


    when i was in 7th grade jr high! alley is a warlock wanna be. good god.

  40. Kim1 says:

    If Leah’s husband is COS can they remain married?

  41. Andrea says:

    What a bitch. She sounds like a 14 year old mean girl. STFU Kirstie. Mind your own business.

  42. Hubbahun says:

    “I think I speak for just about everyone when I tell Kirstie Alley to go f*ck herself. ”

    YAY!! Hear, hear! There’s a reason that Kirstie has that face, it’s all the evilness inside of her dying to get out. What a troll.

  43. Kiddo says:

    How is it malicious gossip to ask where someone is? That doesn’t even make sense.

    • Lucy2 says:

      And apparently it was at Tom and Katie’s wedding- where I think it’s perfectly acceptable to say oh, where’s your wife? As most people bring their spouses to weddings.

  44. Susie Q says:

    I lost all respect for Kirstie when she spouted her story about Patrick Swayze when she was flogging her book. I hope her new series flops.

  45. Leslie says:

    Like most of the other brainwashed COS members, Kirstie Alley is a weak, spineless person. Strong, intelligent people think for themselves. They don’t allow a cult to tell them what they can and can’t do. And Kirstie’s attitude/tweets sound like they’re coming from a middle school mean girl nanna nanna nanna type thing.

    I wish somebody had the power to bust this cult wide open and bring them down.

  46. Emily C. says:

    Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach aren’t missing. They’re in Austin, Texas.

    Kirstie has no power over Leah, and she thinks she does. I’m not worried for Leah, because Leah is a wealthy celebrity, so the Co$ won’t dare do anything to her. Kirstie’s truly a delusional person, and even if she leaves the Co$, I think she’ll just latch on to another cult.

  47. Zombie Shortcake says:

    F*%$@!^ lunatic(s).
    Last I read, Tommy Davis had remarried, and there was a rumour Jessica Feshbach was ill- like, debilitatingly ill. Who knows though…

    *Just read that above link from Emily C.
    Feshbach was never ill! That was made up.

  48. says:

    …”I think I speak for just about everyone when I tell Kirstie Alley to go f*ck herself.”

    AMEN! That bloated cow should just slink off into oblivion, like her acting career!

  49. Kiddo says:

    What I don’t understand is how Kirstie doesn’t realize how truly weird this seems. She is adding fuel to Leah’s fire. Why not just answer with a simple response about where Shelly is? If nothing untoward happened, why would you go apeshit on someone who asked a question? You could rather quickly diffuse malicious gossip by actually setting the record straight and answering the question, no? This only calls more attention to the fact that no one is answering, doesn’t it?

    • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

      It does indeed. I suspect that a) something untoward did or is happening to Shelly, and b) it’s about power and control. Those kinds of organizations do not work unless the underlings know their place–so if Leah asks a question that nobody wants to answer, they try to silence her by telling her she doesn’t have the “rank” to have that information and then punishing her with other behavior modification or whatever they call it. Really, it is a way to show others not to ask questions. The people who are in control are the only ones allowed to know those answers, and everyone else just needs to learn not to ask or risk the consequences. It is only when this process leaks to the outside world that things get dicey for them, as they are now.

      • Kiddo says:

        @CPS (long name, but cool)

        Yeah, I guess that works fine on the inside, but does she realize other people can read twitter aside from followers? Worst PR ever.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      That’s the funny part …none of them (Kirstie, Tom, John Travolta, etc.) realize how completely wacky and weird and downright stupid they sound! Can you say brainwashed?

      • Meredith says:

        Travolta has this ad for Breitling (they make luxury watches). He is all done up like a pilot and standing in front of a private jet. The caption says “Welcome to my world”. I guess it’s supposed to look glamorous but my only reaction to “welcome to my world” was “Hell no, John! I don’t want anything to do with YOUR world!”.

  50. Andrea says:

    First of all, I don’t understand why they like Allet being mothpeice, she is a mess…

    Second, ‘the sweetes poison is delievered with a smile’? Is that a threat? What a weird thing to say publicly….

  51. MsAubra says:

    On Wednesday morning, at 9:14 am, Alley took to Twitter with this statement:
    “When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend… Then I say f*ck em..:) #RISE”

    ….Shutup you sloppy rat!

  52. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Kirstie just sounds so immature, like a highschool mean girl …grow up Kirstie and use your brain instead of just drinking the C$S koolaid. Go Leah!!

  53. Fred says:

    Does anyone on earth care what Kirstie Alley has to say? You can see what Scientology has done for her.

  54. Meanchick says:

    IMHO, any religion/organization that treats its members or former members like this earns a ‘cult’ label from me. Alley seems like a desperate, hungry-for-attention bully over this. When she started publicly stating whom she wanted to bang, I knew she was pathetic. Bitch, have a seat.

  55. Feebee says:

    This whole having to resign from the cult is a bit bizarre. Most religions don’t require a formal resignation. You just don’t go to Mass/church as often or at all. It’s not something you’re interrogated about. Can you imagine someone tweeting a nasty comment about a famous person not being at 10.00am Mass for the past four weeks, and what a bitch they are for it?

    Scientology is not and never will be a religion.

  56. Guest 22 says:

    Leah Remini understands Kirstie because she spent most of her life treating people that left the COS the same way.That is what this cult does to people.I still can’t help but not understand how it took Leah decades to figure out these people are nuts.And how many millions has Leah given to the COS? I have never been in a cult and I am amazed at how smart people buy this crap.And I don’t want to hear about how she was “born into it”.I was born into a religion but if I knew there were people being treated the way these people treat children I would leave tomorrow.I would not spend decades defending their child abuse and giving them millions of dollar the way Leah and these celebrities do.

    • Kiddo says:

      I don’t know. Being born into something with a lot of intimidation tactics since back when your brain was developing has to take a toll on your thought and reasoning process.

      Actually, my brain isn’t working so well today, the heat has fried it. So please excuse my poor communication skills.

    • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

      I have to agree. I made a similar point upthread…if we don’t let 27-year old Lindsay off the hook because she is an adult whose parents are no longer in control of her life (and we shouldn’t!), then we should not let 40-something Leah off the hook as “second generation.”

  57. Renee says:

    Are all these celebrities’ careers bankrolled by cos? Is that how they get jobs? Cuz there sure are a lot of them. They’re like a fungus spreading to create disease among normal folk. Or does cos recruit them once they’re famous?

  58. stinky says:

    i think COS just wants celebrity earnings …
    Note, are there not new pics of Will & Jada’s kid now hangin’ w/ the Kardashians? COS is sending in a ‘scout’. An infiltrator. Can u just imagine Kanye & the Kardashians all loved up in COS???

    • gg says:

      No way – they love spending their money themselves way too much. They’re not going to part with any cash just because some weirdos tell them their “soul is in immortal danger”, like they do. They don’t have much soul going on in the first place so what do they care.

    • hazeldazel says:

      Never Gonna Happen

      1) Kardashians have their own church (aka the tax shelter)

      2) PMK ain’t giving no money to nobody

      3) They have no soul to save/threaten

  59. gg says:

    What actual church has to call members freaking out making them diss defecting members to public sources and having crisis talks? why do they need to force their celeb members to do their own dirtywork? They have their own idiot PR people they pay. Please. This nothing but a cult by definition.

  60. missanne says:

    i dont care about either one of these people, but just curious why EVERY leah remini picture is the most unflattering one that can be found.
    also, waiting to start hearing all the personal dirt she devulged to CO$, i guarantee they’re going to start leaking her dirty laundry.

  61. SusieQ2 says:

    “A few years ago just about everyone, including us lowly bloggers, were intimidated by Scientology.”

    Kudos to you CB for continuing to post these kinds of stories about the cult.

    The more people who read about the despicable antics of the cult and it’s affiliates, NarCONon, ABLE etc. the better.

    If even one person can be saved from their clutches, if even one life can be saved (with regards to NarCONon) through us reading a blog and then talking about it, then it means everything. ;)

    Kirstie is talking her way into a stint in ‘modification’ with behaviour like this, so carry on Kirstie, maybe you’ll change your tune, just like Leah did.

    As for Leah, continued support to her and her family. If her ‘friends’ have disconnected from her, then they weren’t really friends at all.

    Know what would be great? If Leah’s Facebook and Twitter accounts got a huge increase of supporters and Kirsties went down. Yeah, I know it sounds like middle-school, but that’s all Kirstie seems to know. :)

  62. SusieQ2 says:

    I just wanted to say if anyone wants to find out more about the cult and it’s shenanigans, the very best source is Tony Ortega, previously at the Village Voice and now at the Underground Bunker. He’s been writing about the CO$ since 1995.

    On July 4th, he opened the floor to ex-cult members, asking them to describe ‘their’ Independance day, the day they left the cult.

    I spent hours reading the heartbreaking, uplifting, eye-opening comments. Much recommended.

  63. phlyfiremama says:

    Wow, the COS gets scarier and crazier by the minute. WTF???

  64. Lady Satan says:

    What is it with Scientology (& religion in general) that they can’t just live & let live?

    I can understand the motivations of the head people at CO$ not wanting to lose out on all the potential $$$$ they get from members, and their fanatical desire to avoid bad press (which leads to people leaving the ‘church’ and loss of yet more $$$$), but why is KA getting her panties all in a bunch?

    She must have that CO$ kool-aid running through her veins rather than blood.

    • gg says:

      Okay actual religions don’t do any of that stuff so stop comparing. This cult is far and above different from any actual religion on the planet, for all of the above commented upon reasons.

      • Lady Satan says:

        gg – you are a very naive person if you think that the CO$ is at heart any different than any other major religion.

        They ALL have blood on their hands, long histories of enforcing their particular version of ‘the true faith’ through blatant misogyny, violence, and the very techniques CO$ uses – shunning, persecution of those who leave (or refuse to join), and brainwashing through fear.

  65. Dirty Falkor says:

    The child inside me instantly recoils at Alley’s positively Disney villain-esque scowl. Pay this hag no mind, Leah, it’s not like anyone else does.

  66. Sarah says:

    This is the wackiest organization I’ve ever heard of.

  67. Gal says:

    I think it says a lot when the members have to get together to discuss what to do when a member leaves.

  68. 5thHouse says:

    Alley needs to go to Shutty Town.

  69. Sonia says:

    All the threats to spill secrets…have they ever actually done it?

  70. Janey says:

    I saw an episode of South Park where Tom Cruise was trapped in a closet.And they suggested that Scientoligists believe that an alien named Xenu created them and is going to come back one day with L. Ron Hubberd.Is that true???Do they really believe that our souls are from aliens? I mean I just find it amazing that grown adults actually believe that.If a bum on the street said that he’d be in a nut house.But celebrities buy it and no one calls them on it?

  71. Jag says:

    Do you know what the administrators, ministers, and parishoners of the church I used to go to did when I stopped going?


    That’s the difference between a church and a cult.

  72. Str8Shooter says:

    What kind of a fucked-up cult is this?? They are having a meeting to decide ‘what to do’ because someone left their shackles?

    Aren’t these celebrities (who are so vain to begin with) at all concerned just how stupid they are to the public for believing in this horseshit in the first place?

  73. Ellen says:

    I suspect one other person is having a good laugh over this, Lisa Neimi, Patrick Swayze’s wife. It’s painfully obvious what sort of friend Kirstie Alley is.

  74. Jenn says:

    Kirstie is making Scientology look so kind, sane and welcoming isn’t she? What a rude, vindictive, immature brat. There are times I’ve agreed with her like when she called the H-wood schmoozers on that Polanski BS, but she’s just wrong about this.

    Good for Leah.

  75. chell says:

    I’M SCARED READING ALL THIS STUFF! Ahhhhhh(runs and hides in the closet) NO! NOT THE CLOSSSSSET!

  76. birdy says:

    This is what makes them look bat-crap-crazy and has gotten more people to look at the “religion” and it’s dodgy, inhumane practices? I mean really, in 2013, what other religion public calls you out and attacks you for choosing to leave? I mean, the Catholics no longer ex-communicate people and even if they did (in the hardcore parts of the world), I doubt they are publicly bullying and harassing ex members on social media and in the local neighbourhood. Wackjobs all of the them.

  77. slightly peeved says:

    Only slightly off topic, but here in France, the CO$ lost its recent appeal in a lawsuit against a judgement for extortion and has been fined 600,000 euros ($780,000+). CO$ is listed in both France and Germany as a dangerous cult.

  78. Hayley says:

    Scientology preys on the weak-minded and psychologically needy. When one of them finally finds some strength of mind and character and breaks away, the cult moves quickly to try to destroy them. It fascinates me that these celebrities have all of this money available to them, where they could buy sycophants and companions if they so need them that badly, but instead they give the money and their minds to a cult that sucks the individuality right out of them and happily accepts their money to do it. Such a sorry bunch of losers all the way around.

  79. Informative says:

    Here’s some I found out who practice this Sci Shite:

    Giovanni Ribisi and his sister, Ethan Suplee, Juliette Lewis, Erika Christansen, Jason Lee (Don’t like Jason Lee anymore), Anne Archer, Jenna Elfman (another crazy biatche).

  80. SFRowGuy says:

    Leah is going to Hell. Wait. Does Scientology believe in Hell? What’s opposite a Spaceship? A Port-a-Potty?

  81. Me says:

    Wow thats a lot of comments.

    Question to the writer: do you guys have better pics of Leah? Ive noticed that you guys use pics of her making the weirdest faces. Or is it that she just makes weird faces?