Another friend of Anna’s chimes in, at least she doesn’t want Dannielynn

Back in the heavier, slightly more sober days of E! Networks The Anna Nicole Show, Anna had a punky gay assistant named Kimmy who seemed to be in love with her. Kimmy had Anna’s face tattoed on her shoulder and could be seen gazing at her adoringly in footage from the show.

Kimmy has finally weighed in on Anna’s death and Howard K Stern’s role in her life, and her verdict is about the same as Anna’s family. She thinks Howard had a hand in Anna’s death, and is at the very least profiting from it. She says that she finds it unbelievable that Anna didn’t have another will drawn up after her son’s death, and that she thinks Howard is hiding something. On her personal website she spells out the reasons why Howard can’t be trusted:


Anna Nicole

Howard K Stern

1. Researched laws from around the country and found one that would benefit YOU in any paternity case.
2. Convinced Anna Nicole to move to the Bahamas for the benefit of her child.
3. Daniel died within hours of arriving and you flushed WHAT down the toilet?
4. You loved Anna Nicole so much you turned your head when you signed the FedX for the METHADONE?
5. You loved Anna Nicole so much you had to rush out and buy a Yacht and to take her where? A watery grave?
6. Did you have enough time to empty the refrigerator of anything you wanted to hide from the corner?
7. My guess the reason you don’t want any DNA samples done on you or Dannielynn is they will find DRUGS in both systems.
8. Was Dannielynn born an addict?
9. Not for one minute do I believe Anna Nicole didn’t have another will made out. You know she was obsessive about taking care of her child. What did you do with the updated will? Or did it not benefit you?
10. How much of a percentage do you get from the Marshall case? Did Anna find out you were bilking her out of her hard earned money?
11. Do I ever want to see your snout again? NO I value my health to much and your track record is not good…..people are dieing around you…
12. Where is Daniels will? I know he had one made out.
14. OH Please, Howard! Hot Smoochie Lips, Inc….Tell the world you wanted to star in your own reality show. Where are the gowns of Annas that you sent out to be dry cleaned and they never returned? Will we be seeing them on ebay?
15. You never slept in the same bed with Anna!! You crawled in there after she fell asleep…she never invited you to her bed!!!
16. Now you have E on your side they won’t show the real HOWARD!
17. The burial plots were bought by YOU…you sicko… that is the only way you could think of to finally get to sleep next to her each night?? After you are dead!!!! because it wasn’t happening while she was living.


Larry only wanted the best for Anna Nicole. He tried to do the right thing by her and his daughter.

Thanks everyone for all the nice emails. I will start a forum.. and we will talk… I’m still in a state of shock over what is going on. And that judge?? what is up with him?? That bloke needs to go back to being a cabbie…

EDIT: This was just added:

I’m going to show up, when you least expect me! I have my own tapes… you had no right making a fool out of Anna like you did.

[Kimmy's website is currently down, and this news was found on aggregate celebrity gossip site Oh No They Didn't]

According to commentors on Oh No They Didn’t, Kimmy was fired after The Anna Nicole Show wrapped because Howard didn’t like her and wanted her out of the picture.

The judge Kimmy mentions seems to be favoring Howard K Stern heavily and even offered him one of two separate private jets to fly back to the Bahamas in comfort. The guy needs to be thrown off the case.

It looks like Kimmy’s suspicions about Anna’s will may be correct – TMZ, your source for all things Anna, is reporting that they’ve found a fax dated 02/03/2007 that suggests that Stern was in the process of changing Anna’s will a few days before she died. Of course Anna may have wanted to change the will herself, but it’s thought that it was Howard’s doing since she was generally out of it.

Things are getting crazy in the court battles over Anna’s body and Dannielynn’s paternity. Judge Seidlin, a former cab driver from the Bronx, got a call mid-hearing from the Broward County medical examiner that Anna’s body was decomposing fast, and that some kind of ruling should be issued. The lawyers are objecting to each other so much that the judge is calling them “Texas” and “California” for short.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until the damn Oscars to get a break from the constant Anna Nicole and Britney coverage.

Here’s Kimmy on Anna Nicole’s fascinating show. I didn’t watch the whole thing. I may waste my time reading about this shit on the Internet but my patience is wearing thin.

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5 Responses to “Another friend of Anna’s chimes in, at least she doesn’t want Dannielynn”

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  1. gg says:

    As much as I would like to buy every little itemized detail on “Kimmy’s website”, I smell a rat.

    Americans do not use the word “bloke”. Once again, some european writer is attempting to fabricate American quotes and falling flat. If you’re going to falsify interviews, at least get the flippin jargon right. sheese. I don’t think Kimmy wrote that website.

    Oh — and not for nothin, but, Anna forced Kimmy to get that horrible tattoo of herself. She bragged that she made everybody “close” to her get a giant tattoo of her. Which is unforgivable.

  2. nausea says:

    Damn ANS is so abusive. She made me sick. Bullying, hitting, put-downs, abuse, no wonder they liked her better on Methodone instead of the Vicodin.

  3. anon says:

    and the devil sat and clapped his hands in glee…….

  4. Iva says:

    Can we just let Anna Nicole rest in peace – must this madness continue…all these people crawling out from under the rocks claiming to care for Anna, what a bunch of BS.

    Hello Kimmy, you are and were no better than Howard K. Stern – it’s a shame, but everyone/everywhere has used Anna.

    Bobby Trendy is another a-hole that has crawled out from under a rock – why do the media even interview him? Same with the people who let her live in the house – hello, all this personal stuff being leaked out to the press – who do you think is leaking it and making money – why those same people who claim to care for her and went into the house the day after she died and took all her personal stuff out.

    These people are all scum.

  5. nausea says:

    I don’t think Kimmie has really done anything wrong. She’s not asserting herself in court and I don’t see her getting paid interviews anywhere either. In fact, I’d like to hear what she has to say.