How long do you think she’ll stay in this time?

So Britney went back to Promises rehab again for a third try at sobriety, and if she leaves before completing at least a month’s worth of treatment it is suspected that K-Fed will try to get full custody of their two kids.

It seems that K-Fed has been watching the boys at his place for the past week, and that’s why Britney stormed over there yesterday ringing the bell in a huff.

The story that there was going to be an emergency hearing to determine custody today was said to not be true, according to his people, but that doesn’t mean he still won’t seek custody, even if Britney is successful at staying in rehab.

Holy crap. I hope the girl stays in now for her sake, and for my own selfish reasons. I can’t keep up with her or Anna Nicole.

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  1. Bex says:

    Good luck to her!

  2. shut up sit down says:

    Hope someone rescues that puppy she’s lugging around, or K-Fed will be stuck with it, too.

  3. Sam says:

    Move along nothing to see here but a trainwreck, move along.

  4. Ocean says:

    I think with the threat of losing her kids she will at least stick out the re-hab. The 30-45 days will give her time to dry out….but it will be many years for Britney to sort out the deeper issues that fuel her behavior. Maybe she will do the Paris rebound or the Kate Moss rebound–make her public apologies and continue on her merry little path of self-destruction.

  5. betsy says:

    I am so relieved she’s taking care of the dog…. I’m sure Wonderdad is taking great care of the kids

  6. James Brown says:

    Damn. I really hate it when idiots have children!

  7. goshgolly says:

    being that this is like the “psychic Friends Network” of celeb picture interpretation, i have my own prediction to make. (lol)

    im thinking that theres a chance that brit and kevin may try for a second round of marriage. that would be something, now. they may have to relocate to tazmania to get some freaking privacy, but you know, they could manage. yes, that happy ending is making me all weepy now.

  8. toot toot says:

    people are all getting into a crotch bundle about that dumb dog. who cares about that stupid dog, its probably one of the only things that is giving her some comfort at this most vulnerable time.

  9. Pecarrie says:

    According to Tom Cruise, all she needs is some vitamins and exercise…
    Man, I’ll be the first one in line to find out what the heck has really been going on through all of this… you know when she gets interviewed a few years later on “Where are they now” and she explains herself….
    I am dying to understand what the heck is happening right now… nosey me… 🙂

  10. Poor Boopie says:

    You know what they say – THIRD TIME IN REHAB’S A CHARM!

    At this point, they need to get out the little white straight jacket and leather restraints and force her tequila soaked ass to stay there.

  11. Melissa says:

    Ohhhhhh, I really wish someone would ask Tom Cruise what he thinks about the Britney debacle! Shift the attention to Mr. Crazy-Go-Nuts himself and give me something to laugh about!

    Anyone out there willing to try it…on camera of course!

  12. vdantev says:

    Come on Brit, there’s a razor by the sink and a open medical cabinet in easy reach. Give it a shot ! What’s the worst that can happen ? What are you waiting for ?

  13. Iva says:

    Someone mentioned the threat of losing her kids…

    I don’t get that – what does she do for those kids??? I think the reason why so many people are outraged over her behaviour is concern for what she is putting those kids through. I could care less if she were single/married with no kids and going out every night and getting completely wasted out of her mind – but when you have 2 babies at home, that’s a different story.

    She’s been jetting from this place to that place, putting these children in strange hotels and leaving them completely alone – these kids deserve so much more and if she can’t clean her act up – she doesn’t deserve to have anything to do with these 2 children.

  14. tonail says:

    wow her and k-fed are stupid for having kids