Christina Aguilera pregnant ?


Christina Aguilera might be pregnant
Yes – There might just be a Genie in the bottle … she got rubbed the right way

All the more likely that he high note hitting, nekkid on the Lord’s day Mousketeer might be preggers. It’s all the more likely because her spokesmonster not only denied it, but denies she was even in the place where it was allegedly overheard. Total Denial seems to be the PR flack code for – soon to be announced as totally true in a movie theater near you. Let’s rewind:

Despite her publicist’s claims to the contrary, rumours are abounding that Christina Aguilera is pregnant for the first time.

The Dirrty pop singer was allegedly seen buying £1500 worth of baby accessories with her husband Jordan Bratman at Hollywood store Bellini.

Via Kiddicare News

All that baby bunting – if she ain’t pregnant someone sent the savviest Baby Shower invite this year … maybe some lucky baby is getting a Sunday nudist godmother with a talent for in Crunking in leather chaps. Kids today get all the breaks.

Her shopping spree was said to include “a dozen Petit Bateau onesies, several little Giraffe blankets, a polka dot diaper bag and a Peg Perego stroller”.

“They seemed really excited,” commented a store attendant, who says she spoke to Aguilera personally.

“She was talking to another customer and she said she took a home pregnancy test and that it was positive. She kept saying they’d have to come back when they knew the sex of the baby.”

It is of course possible that another overly made up, overly bleached, petite blonde was shopping in Hollywood that day. If it wasnt for the denial you’d almost believe that’s the explanation.

pic via blinkyou

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  1. anyhooo says:

    who knows. please be sure to let me know so that i can send pleather baby bondage outfits for the babyshower.

  2. ma? says:

    ( is cristina bald under that wig, too? ) oh right right, its naturally that way.

  3. Toubrouk says:

    At least we are back to the “Guess who’s pregnant this month”! I am tired of the ANS fog.

  4. Jeri says:

    icccccchhhhh. That is gonna be one fuuugly baby.

    Nice hair, makeup, contact lenses, outfit, Xtuna. By the way it’s opposite day.

  5. Jeri says:

    oh, and the orange skin. Attractive! She looks so blimmin charming. 😉

  6. celebitchy says:

    I know Toubrouk, I am sick of it too. XTina might not look like this anymore, but she is still orange.

  7. Just me says:

    They say two fugly people make cute babies, so who knows. If she is I just wish her the best of luck. But her man is really fugly.

  8. gg says:

    Who in hell says that??

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pregnant Fuglis say it … they shout it from the Fugly Mountaintops

  10. Abarg says:

    Leave her the hell alone i bet u r all obese kids who know no man will ever look at yo fat ass and arejealous that she has, so she flaunts it. And faces like a smacked ass too i bet. Im happy for her. Go X.

  11. Ammie says:

    Yeah that is going to be an ugly babie, but i think she is sooo pretty so mabey it will turn out like her:)

  12. LDQ says:

    Jealousy makes her even more famous so keep on hating. She is a sexy woman, with lots of power and that is something you guys will never get to experience. As for her husband, he’s a well off man living the life with a beautiful wife. So really doesn’t that eat you up? Keep on hating pathetic little boys/girls because you will never come close to filling up his shoes? She is a married woman that can provide for her family, so if she wants babies’ kudos to her. Worry about things that are really important abuse children, hunger and so on. What she has done in her career has nothing to do with her personal life. Judging and talking about her only shows how ignorant you really are. I guess because you guys have no career of your own you have no idea how it really works. We all I do know, if you would see her and her husband in person your little ignorant asses would be all over their space trying to get notice. If she is expecting all I have to say is enjoy it and spoiled him/her. You have work so hard for what you have. Make more of your dreams come true to the fullest. From been a Diva to been a great Mother… Mwahz Congratz!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t give a fuck lol , i got here randomly by google XD

  14. Miranda says:

    who the fuck cares? Yeh shes pregnant.. LEAVE HER ALONE.. shes happily married and yeh shes a famous chick… look what yall did to britney? Drove her crazy but I still got madd love for her.. shit.. fuckin popparazzi asses!

  15. Your mom says:

    I am excited for her to have a baby. She’s talented, strong, gorgeous, and powerful. She will be able to raise some amazing children. I am not worried for her, I have a good feeling that she will be a great mother. I think everyone is unsure because idiots like Britney and Nicole are like “Oh i’m doing nother lets make some babies with white trash.”