Nina Dobrev in J. Mendel at the Teen Choice Awards: amazing or try hard?

We’re covering some of the fashion at the Teen Choice Awards, with more to come shortly. Here’s a link to a list of winners. First off we have the lovely Nina Dobrev working a J. Mendel abstract print pantsuit with a deep v-neck. The Fashion Court has a photo of the suit from the designer and the top has a much more pronounced peplum there. I’m glad that it’s toned down to a slight ruffle on Nina. This outfit is just killer. I love her styling too. Her messy hair, understated makeup and sparse jewelry are perfection. Nina won last night for Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, while her ex boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder, won for Actor in the category. Their show, The Vampire Diaries, also took home Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars was super cute in white Hougton. This is how you do a belly-baring halter top, just show a hint of skin. Lucy is 24, can you believe it? She looks like she’s about 15. Lucy co-hosted the show along with Darren Criss.

Abigail Breslin on the other hand, is 17 years old. I’m glad that she’s older than I remember considering this dress, but that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of younger teenagers wearing outfits like this. (I feel so old when I see young girls in booty shorts and low cut tops. I just want to put a scarf over them.) Abigail earned headlines a couple of weeks ago when she debuted her platinum hair. She’s growing up and she wants her styling to reflect that. I do like that she paired this very promy green dress with a sparkly bolero jacket. At least she’s covered up somewhat.

Chloe Moretz was adorable in a little Christopher Kane black dress with bright, modern stripe details. She’s wearing Jimmy Choo heels. This look is so cute yet sophisticated. Chloe is 16, and she looks mature for her age without showing too much skin or trying to look sexy.

Hailee Steinfeld, also 16, got it wrong in a bright red and navy blue House of Holland dress with Oscar Tiye shoes. I guess some might call this look playful, but it’s too much with that bold, simple print and contrasting bubble skirt. Her eye makeup and hair look overdone. Maybe with a lighter styling touch she could have pulled off this loud dress.

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  1. Celeste says:

    If I woke up and looked like Nina, I wouldn’t complain. She looks great!

    • Lila says:

      Me too! IMO, she can pull off “sweet girl next door” and “seductress” equally well.

  2. Anna says:

    All of these looks are late 80s-early 90s throwback. WHY, GOD, WHY???

    But ok, I kinda think Hailee’s look rocks.

    • kim says:

      90s all the way! 80s fashion went strong since 2006, and the 90s have been back for a while now(mid drifts and flare jeans anyone?). It just looks like 90 is now dancing on the table bc it was over served.

  3. Mrs. Peacock says:

    At least Hailee’s boobs aren’t all up in my face.

  4. Erinn says:

    Abigail Breslin has turned into a beautiful young woman! I loved Little Miss Sunshine, and have been rooting for her since.

    All these ladies look pretty good. I like Nina’s outfit. It’s not what I’d expect her to wear. Chloe’s dress is pretty cool too.

  5. YummyMummy says:

    Nina kinda looks like a less trashy J Woww

  6. Tish says:

    I didn’t know Breslin has got a big rack. Woah.

    Steinfeild. Good lord. She looks OLD.

  7. Tessa says:

    Hailee has on too much makeup. She’s the most naturally beautiful of the bunch imo, but it’s hard to tell when she has on so much makeup.

    Nina has a gorgeous figure, and she is rocking the outfit, but why on Earth did she wear it to the TCA’s? I would have saved that shit for something better.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Lots of bad hair and makeup here, except for Lucy. I like Nina’s outfit, but the hair is a bit too messy. Hailey’s was cute until I scrolled down.
    Too much cleavage, Abigail.

  9. Len says:

    What i do like about these girls is that they’re not all stick thin these days. They look healthy. Seems like thats the new look, which is good.

  10. dahlianoir says:

    Is that my little miss sunshine ? Damn I feel OLD.

  11. Devon says:

    Love Nina’s outfit. I love me a pantsuit and the print on that one is gorgeous. I heart Nina!

  12. Lflips says:

    Why is Abigail wearing granny hose? Hailee looks truly awful, that dress is hideous. I like Nina’s outfit but the top seems just a little too low cut for the event. The others are pretty forgettable.

  13. j.eyre says:

    I like Nina’s outfit for a jumpsuit, which are not my favorite. I am okay with Hailee;s dress but the eye makeup is not doing her any favors.

    Abigail looks so much like my friends daughter it is making me want to throw a scarf on her as mentioned.

  14. Tig says:

    Why slather make up on these young girls? It looks way too much like ” look how MATURE I am”! And Abigail B- who thought a 17 yr old showing cleavage to that extent was a good idea? I agree- the target audience is teens- dress should reflect that.

  15. Maritza says:

    The only one that really looks cute is Lucy Hale the others made poor choices with those outfits.

  16. QQ says:

    That suit is SO cool and fashion forward and well styled, The rest are a big Yikes except for whomever the second girl is

  17. Lucrezia says:

    I really dislike the current “belly-baring” fashions. They’re not highlighting a slim waist, they’re focused on the upper abdomen/ribs, which is an odd thing to choose. From some angles the muscles look frankly weird. The worst cases appear to have Alien babies about to chest-burst out of there. (Okay, not particularly Hale, but definitely others.)

    Bring back the belly-button midriff!

  18. taxi says:

    Hailee – Go wash your face!

    Poor Abigail. Whoever told her this much decolletage looks good on a teen was lying. The platinum hair isn’t flattering either.

  19. Obvious says:

    Abigail seems to be built very much like me. And there are MUCH better ways to dress than that honey. I’ll totally be your new stylist.

    Hailee…without the huge ruffle at the bottom you had it.

  20. Samtha says:

    Abigail Breslin’s shoes are tragic. Especially with the hose. Oy!

    Lucy Hale looks adorable. And guys, she is so nice in real life. I met her briefly a couple months ago and she was completely charming.

  21. llf says:

    whoever did Hailee’s makeup should lose their job. not only is there way too much of it, it totally clashes with the tone of her dress. I agree that with different styling she could have pulled it off much better — a high pony, simple winged eye and a coral lip woulda been so cute!

  22. wonderwoman21 says:

    Anyone else think Chloe Moretz looks a bit like a young Helena Bonham Carter?

    Anyways, all these ladies look lovely and youthful. I would love to be 16 again for a day, but only a day!

  23. Lark says:

    Hailee is a beautiful kid, but that makeup/dress makes her look like she’s 28. Nina always looks great. I’m surprised but she seems to be making the jump to the big screen pretty well, she has the female lead in some cop buddy comedy that’s currently filming. It’s interesting how only a few of the CW (former WB) girls end up “making it.”

  24. emily says:

    Haha do any of you remember what it was like to be a teenager, like, at all? She has grown some t*ts and wants to show them off….. Same as like 80% of other teenage girls. This is what teenagers do. And they want to do it all the more when you think its ‘inappropriate’. Ahhhhh old people…. Now I shall await the “I never did this when i was 17” Whinge whinge.

  25. Really? says:

    Yeah, attack of the booty shorts this summer…it takes an exceptional figure to pull this look off, and girls of every size and age are wearing these shorts that look like diapers, sometimes i almost want to gag when i see these young girls walking by…it makes me think about how stupid i must have looked when i was young and some of the ridiculous crap i wore – once even wore a bolero with nothing else but a bra!