Rihanna is still on vacation in Barbados & posting a ton of bikini pics


Rihanna has been firing up her Instagram app even more regularly than usual lately now that she has been spending some time in her native Barbados and basically living in a bikini. Because you know, RiRi can’t put on a bikini and simultaneously resist sharing it with the entire universe. Also, she’s still showing off her cute new hair (which probably won’t last long since she loves weaves on a Beyonce level) and that tacky AK-47 grill while generally having a grand old time on various beaches. Note: I have left out some of the more gratuitous photos of Rihanna showing off close-ups of her tush (including a strategically sand-jammed crack photo), but you can go to the source for those gems.

While Rihanna unwinds, a new story in this week’s issue of Star would have us believe that her employees are enjoying some time off as well because she’s reportedly a nightmare of a boss:


Talented, edgy, and stylish are all words associated with pop prince Rihanna. But so are ridiculous, demeaning, and nightmare, according to one long-suffering member or her entourage. “Rihanna hs never been easy to work for, but since she and Chris Brown broke up, she’s been beyond horrible,” admits the exhausted staffer. “She’s in a bad mood 24/7 and takes it out on everyone who works for her.”

Among her appalling antics? Sending an assistant on a fool’s errand for Mexican food — in Sweden! “Rihanna wouldn’t go onstage until she got carne asada, but by the time he returned — from an hour away — the food was cold. Rihanna threw a fit, like it was his fault!” fumes the source, adding that obscure meals are just the beginning. “We’re always sent on some errand to the middle of nowhere just to find something trivial, like the ‘right’ ice bucket or color notepad.”

Rihanna’s party habits aren’t helping matters either. “She’s so rude, always snapping at people, and she’s a nightmare to be around when she’s hung over,” the source coninues. “I can’t even remember the last time she said ‘please’ or thank you.'”

[From Star, print edition, August 19, 2013]

Honestly? This sounds like typical entitled-pop-star behavior. Not that it’s any excuse for that behavior, mind you, but I have no trouble believing that Rihanna would get a kick out of making her employees sweat. At the very least, she should be more careful with those who handle her food though, or else they’re liable to seek a little bit of revenge. Never mess with anyone who touches your food.

In related news, Rihanna is reportedly upset about her bum, which she has decided is far too “dainty.” As such, she has decided to load up on Bajan specialties including fried plantain and dumplings in an effort to gain a few pounds after her “grueling” world tour. I’m actually not terribly surprised at this news because Rihanna complained last year about her slimline, size-0 figure and said “I want my old butt back!” Of course, that booty is the same as it was then, and truth be told, it looks enviably fantastic no matter what RiRi has weighed over the years.





Photos courtesy of Instagram

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  1. SmokeyBlues says:

    My god she’s so in love with herself. Yes she’s beautiful but so are lots of ladies, so am I for that matter haha! And I am not posting dozens of “look at me” pics every single day. It’s all about her, all the time, for everyone around her. How completely exhausting.

  2. Anna says:

    All the recently-skinny stars always complain about wanting their old booty/ boobs/curves back. And yet none of them ever go and get them back. Not like it’s hard… Oh Celebrity, Hypocrisy is thy middle name.

  3. QQ says:

    Im here for gratuitous Rihanna body pics, if i looked like that in the ass, Id be prancing about naked daily for free

    • MCraw says:


    • andi says:

      Haha! Same here, girl.

      (If y’all have such a problem with Rihanna and she’s that *terribly* disgusting to you, don’t open the gossip article. It’s not hard.)

    • Kath says:

      I do think that Rihanna has the most beautiful face of any pop star/celeb. Look at that last picture.. taken in the back of a car.. no artificial lighting or photoshop in sight!

      I don’t believe she can be as hard-living as she claims, because she looks ridiculously healthy.

  4. Anmelt says:

    Her body is amazing, have to give her that.

  5. Rikki says:


  6. Lulu86 says:

    Gosh i think that Rihanna takes the prize for the most self absorbed celebrity out there, i think its a toss up between her and Kim K, so unattractive. And is that a beer bottle next to her under age brother, whats the drinking age in Barbados wouldn’t be suprised if its 12.

    • shedakat says:

      its 16 but nobody checks for it. its more every parent check ur child kind of thing here

  7. Sophie says:

    Such a shame that she’s covered her beautiful body in so many awful tattoos…she’d look so much better without them.

  8. Harriet says:

    If there was a mass exodus of Instagram followers, maybe she would stop being encouraged to upload this rubbish and inflict it on the intelligent world! I could just not click on posts like this but there is actually no escaping a Rihanna bikini so you might as well land on it and bitch!

  9. j.eyre says:

    Oh my goodness, I love that lilac flowered suit. They say it will be hot in LA through November, maybe I can still find it…

    … and her ass to wear with it so I look like that in it. Plantains, you say? I could indulge in plantains.

  10. jessica says:

    insane figure

  11. Nicolette says:

    She’s beautiful and has an ass to envy, but her self-entitled crap is ugly. Why is it that when people become famous they think it gives them carte blanche to treat others like garbage? Why do they think because they can sing or act it makes them superior to the rest of us? I don’t get it.

  12. Reese says:

    Ick. So over her now all I can do is roll my eye when I hear her name. I miss early years Rihanna, not this self obsessed whatever.

  13. MissNostalgia says:

    I am beyond tired of this woman. Seriously.

  14. Mar says:

    There was a time when she was putting out so many hits that I could tolerate her craziness- now she seems miserable and on hard drugs all of the time

  15. Ok says:

    These photos are the real cause of Chris Brown’s siezures…….wow, she looks amazing

  16. Relli says:

    Erratic behavior? Flying off the handle at everything? Snapping and demanding….

    hmm sounds like someone enjoys a little skiing on the side of all that bikini time.

  17. Amanda says:

    Does she do anything else?

  18. S.C says:

    Ok, I have to say it– I completely CANNOT stand Rhianna. I mean really — who the F*CK cares about your every movement or picture.
    Someone needs a time out from their phone