Rihanna doesn’t like her new size 0 ass, says she’s skinny because of stress


Earlier this week, Kaiser covered Rihanna “look at my nips” outfit in New York City and concluded that while Rihanna is pretty damn narcissistic, she also needs to take a break from everything. Let’s face it — the girl is in need of a long nap (among other things). Rihanna herself has given a new interview where she discusses how her fluctuating weight — higher last summer and lower just a few months later — and how she ended up in the ER after the Met Gala simply because she didn’t get any sleep the night before. Allegedly, Rihanna’s weight loss is also all down to stress, but unfortunately, she says that her schedule will not let up anytime soon. Riri’s got two more movies scheduled before she starts touring again next year. Also, she claims to hate her new size zero ass:


Rihanna is running herself ragged.

The unattached, “Where Have You Been” singer, 24, is at work on her seventh CD — and trying to squeeze in some more zzz’s! Recently, she opened up to Us Weekly about her jam-packed calendar — and the effect it’s having on that famous beach bod.

Recently, the pop diva made the leap from the recording studio to the big screen with her star turn in Battleship. “I want to do two more [movies] before touring again next year,” Rihanna gushed to Us of her filming experience, even though, “My schedule is crazy!”

So crazy, in fact, that the Barbados-born beauty was hospitalized for fatigue following her appearance at the Met Ball last month, where she stunned in a black, reptile-inspired Tom Ford gown.

“I got no sleep [beforehand],: Rihanna explained. “It’s harsh on your body!”

Her hospitalization — and her shrinking bod — have some fans fretting that she’s dealing with something more serious, though Rihanna assures Us her nonstop schedule is the only thing to blame.

“I’m a size 0 — and not happy about it!” she says. “I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!”

[From Us Weekly]

If you do a search for Rihanna’s height on Google, the immediate answer that pops up is 5’8″ — which is one inch shorter than my height. I’ve never been a size zero and cannot imagine how little one would have to weigh to be a size zero at this height. In fact, at my very lowest weight, I was a size four and about 115 pounds, and my relatives honestly wanted to commit me to an eating disorder clinic based on appearance alone. The fact of the matter is that, while I obviously wasn’t an international pop star, I was tearing my hair out over graduate school (and other circumstances) and food just didn’t appeal to me. Sooo … I get the notion of stress as a (sometimes unintended) method of weight loss, but I don’t think that’s the case with Rihanna. Earlier this year, she was tweeting photos of her hot personal chef, who presumably whips up low-cal meals for her on the road. I also honestly don’t think that Rihanna is a size zero now. She’s small, yes. But she’s not emaciated.

To recap Rihanna’s butt situation, here it is last August in Barbados.


And here’s Rihanna’s butt in January in Hawaii. There’s a definite difference, but I don’t think she was a size 0 at that point, and I don’t think she is now either.




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet, Rihanna’s Facebook, and WENN

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  1. Maguita says:

    Yyyeaaaah, no.

    Saw her on TMZ yesterday walking around in NYC flashing her nipples, she’s more of a size 5-6.

    Her nipples might be a size zero though.

    That girl is losing it badly. She needs time out in a “spa” for at least 3 months.

  2. Jenna says:

    Sure, she’s a size 0. And Kim K is still that size 4.

    I can understand weight loss as a result of stress though. I lost a scary amount of weight recently during my last semester. She really just needs to stop for a year though.

  3. spinner says:

    She doesn’t like her smaller arse??

    Then lay off the cocaine, honey.

  4. Dominic says:

    I’d say bacause of crack.

  5. Trish says:

    ok, she’s 24….for the next few years of her young life, her weight will go up, her weight will go down..and on it goes. That’s the part of growing up…overeating, undereating…over drinking…hormones…over exercising, under exercising…that’s life. She could easily get her butt back if she went back to eating a bit more, reduced her stress, and cut out alcohol/drugs…..
    it isn’t rocket science. She, like Miley, is experiencing what happens to the bodies of women, not teenagers.

  6. Eleonor says:

    Yes she’s lost weight, but when I think to someone with a size 0 I think to Victoria Beckham.

  7. Happymom says:

    “Stress” is a euphemism for drugs, alcohol, awful guys, constant travel and no sleep.

  8. lisa says:

    I have seen a 0. She is not a 0.

    my niece is a 5 and is smaller than Rihanna. I have to say I don’t understand Celebrity sizing. So maybe she is a 0 in Celebrity land. But in Real people land she is a 6

  9. Sm says:

    Too much drugs! And size o is vanity sizing anyway

  10. bns says:

    We can trade if you want, Rih!

  11. fabgrrl says:

    So smoke one and have a sammich or two, Rihanna.

  12. marie says:

    I don’t think she’s a size 0.. So, she’s not actually scheduled to film 2 movies?

  13. Katie Too says:

    I think she may be a 2 based on that first pic. Maybe she was just exaggerating.

    Sizes are weird though. I’m 5’10 and, if I had to guess 140 pounds and a size 4. I think it’s where you carry your weight. And with vanity sizing, I could see her being a 0. But designers don’t really vanity size, do they?

  14. ladybert62 says:

    Just another reason for her to get attention! Attention-whore is what she is.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Of course not a real size 0. Only in celebrity land, which is the only place where people are hospitalized for “exhaustion” or “fatigue”. Everyone else just GOES TO SLEEP.
    She was probably on some bender and her team got worried she was going to OD or croak so they hauled her to the hospital.

  16. johnnybadboytapia says:

    what the hell is “VANITY SIZING/ SIZEING?” im 5’3″ an 135 and im a size 7 sometimes a 9 depending on the brand. i cant go into the store and ask for a 4. do desingers alter labels for celebs to make them feel good about them self. are know alot these women are delusional aka kim and kristy about their size. but do desingers cater to that. ( this is like the epesodie of seinfield where jerry lies about his jean size)

    • Katie Too says:

      When I referred to vanity sizing I was referencing normal chain stores moving most of their size labeling down 1 or even 2. Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Gap. A holes, that make it impossible to shop online. Grrrrrr!

    • normades says:

      Vanity sizing is what happens when brands made their clothes bigger to flatter the buyer. When this happened they had to create the famous size “0″ because skinny girls who were once a 4 or 2 were pushed off the scale.

      This is why when people say Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, it’s total bs. A size 12 40 years ago is like a size 6 now.

    • thumbellina says:

      Totally agree.

      I’m 5’3″ and 105 lbs. In Gap sizes, I wear a 4 in pants and a 2 in tops. Size 0 pants are so small that I can’t even pull them all the way up.

      It’s like Jennifer Love Hewette saying she’s a size 2, lmao. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling.

      • uh uh! says:

        I’m 5’2″ and 100 pounds and the size 0 pants at Gap are TOO BIG for me. i should add that i’m very athletic. i work out 6 days a week and am lean but strong. it all depends on body types. if two women are 100 pounds they could still wear different sizes…

  17. HotPockets says:

    DUH! with everyone else. She is small and petite,but definitely not a size zero. The thing with being a zero is that you cannot have ANY hips or any hint of an a$$. I’m 5 6′ and 110 pounds and could not squeeze my pancake butt into a size zero pant, that size wouldn’t even go over half my legs and I have chicken legs. What is with these celebs and their vanity sizing?

  18. Launicaangelina says:

    Okay, what the hell is up with her fashion?! Forget her size – I think we all agree it’s not a 0 – but the horrendous clothing! I’m at a loss for words. Her outfits look like she got them from a box at a garage sale. The hoodie and Converse shoes with a pink, frilly dress are atrocious! Okay, my rant is done…

  19. Maggie says:

    She is a size 0…….in Kim K’s world. Just saying.

  20. ok says:

    She’s in great shape, but not a size “zero”…no one should be a size zero ! Also, her dad did an interview just a few months ago where he stated he told Rihanna she was gaining too much weight and was happy she decided to get in shape and shed some pounds…so it’s wierd she’s saying she lost the weight due to stress…really she just went on a very relaxing vacation a few months ago. I haven’t been on a real vacation in 9 years. She seems to be photographed shopping and partying at clubs a lot…so hmmm maybe it’s not her work schedule that’s stressing her out???

    • really says:

      Like I said above, I used to be a size zero, and I was quite athletic. I had a very small waist and narrow bone structure, but muscular legs and arms.
      This is partly because sizes have changed (as others have noted). What used to be a 2 is now a 0 in many stores.
      I am now a size 2 (sometimes 4) and the only real difference in my body is a little more flesh around the waist/hips. :)

      • ok says:

        I think some of these hollywood women are probably smaller than a size zero, I have heard of the term “double zero” as well…it’s all getting way out of hand. Rihanna is thin, but if she is a size zero then what on earth is Victoria Beckham or the Olsen twins? I guess size 00000. It’s so crazy…this madness has to stop.

  21. Mccoy says:

    you people must not have seen what a 5-6 looks like in a photo. She is not a zero i do agree more like a 3. I am a thick girl but all my friends in school were small and wanted to be models. That’s why models are so thin because when that body is in print it looks bigger. Kim K’ waist is a 5 but her butt and hips are an 8.

  22. mewmow says:

    I have kids and have missed MANY nights of sleep, in a row, but never once did I have to go to hospital for it. Lol If one night of no sleep puts her in the hospital, yikes. ;-)

  23. Alexis says:

    I believe her. Vanity sizing has taken over most stores. I’m 5’9″ and a size 0 (in dresses). I’m very thin but not anorexic looking…I still have hips and butt. I think I’m ACTUALLY a size 2-4 because I definitely see girls who are thinner than me, but the sizing has changed to make women feel better.

    • Colleen says:

      Agreed. Also, it really depends where you carry your weight. Someone who has a small waist (the most important measurement in sizing) could fit into a size zero dress even if their arms/legs are somewhat fuller. Frankly, a lot of women of African and Caribbean descent are slimmer in the torso than caucasian women. Also, the beach photos are 5 months old, so don’t necessarily reflect her weight right know

  24. NerdMomma says:

    I would have believed a size zero if she was five feet tall. Being 5’8″, there’s no possible way. As HotPockets says, at 5’6″ she is very thin yet not a size zero. I just don’t think zero is an attainable size for women of height. Victoria Beckham is 5’4″ and she could blow away in a strong breeze.

    Rihanna is losing her damn mind. Poor girl needs a good long vacation.

  25. Chickenlishus says:

    Her style is dumb and ugly. Maybe tacky is a better word. Barf.

  26. Meanchick says:

    I don’t think she’s on anything harder than alcohol and weed. Her touring/recording schedule is crazy. I’m sure it adds stress, not to mention that little “argument” she had a few years back with CB. I’ll bet she never got counseling either. I feel sorry for her. I’m not a fan, but she is running herself ragged and that IS stressful.

  27. Ycnan says:

    her ass is awesome! i don’t care what size she is.

  28. PrettyTarheel says:

    I find it fascinating that we all post our heights and weights in response to someone calling Rihanna a size 0-and we judge whether or not Rihanna is a size 0 from pictures we see. It just seems like another instance of women competing with each other to be the slimmest, and therefore, the most desirable, even though it’s an internet forum and no one has any obligation to tell the truth about their height and weight.
    As long as she is healthy-her weight and her size are her own business. Just like her choice of sexual partners.

  29. emily says:

    She NEVER had a butt!!! Just big thighs! Skinny or not her legs are still huge

  30. HappyJoyJoy says:

    I buy stress; considering she smokes weed like if it were a Bob Marley train. Or maybe she smokes so much it doesn’t make her hungry anymore…. who knows. Either way, cover up, girl.

  31. palermo says:

    She skinny cause she’s on “that stuff”

  32. gijimenez5 says:

    First time commenting even though I read everyday.

    But on to why I am here, I am a size 6 Rhianna is much smaller then me so I believe a size 0.

  33. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Size zero..not a size zero..WGAF?
    I think, as women, that we all know and understand that sizes are arbitrary and irrelavant. As long as you feel good and healthy..
    Which begs the question-why is she even talking about what size she is? I don’t mind her (not a fan either) but I wish she wouldn’t perpetuate lies. She does women no favors imo.

  34. cannonball says:

    No way a 0. That girl is still plenty healthy.

  35. pj says:

    why isn’t she happy at her size? She looks healthy and in great shape. She doesn’t look scary thin like some celebs do.

    About the whole size zero debate, I don’t know anyone in real life who is a size zero, but what measurements would one have to be to be a size zero? Just curious.

    • janie says:

      I used to be a size 0 in high school, and my measurements were 32-24-33. Now at a size 1 my measurements are 34-25-35. I’ve gained a decent amount of weight and curves but my size hasn’t increased much. I can see Rihanna being a size 0.

      I think it has a lot more to do with your frame size and bone structure than body fat. I don’t think I’ll ever be larger than a size 5 because my hips are very narrow. On the other hand, a good friend of mine has recently become so skinny that her bones were jutting out, and she still wears a size 6 even though she has almost no body fat (yes, I’m worried about her).

      • pj says:

        hey there, thanks for the info. Very interesting.

      • Cheesecake says:

        You’ve made a really good observation. I’d have to agree – with thinner individuals, sizing depends a great deal on bone size and frame. For example, even at my skinniest (when I was fighting anorexia), I was never smaller than a size 4 torso because my rib cage was just that big, period. On the other hand, my friend who has much larger breasts and more flesh on top is a size 2.
        It’s similar with pant sizing. I have small hips and have never been above a size 3/4 at my biggest. So if Rihanna’s hips are small enough, I believe that she could be a size 0 pant.

  36. Lizbet says:

    My brother’s girlfriend is a photo model and has one of those ectomorph body types: long, thin, and curve-less.

    She is 5’8″ and 104 lbs and a size 0. I don’t think Rihanna could be a size 0 unless her bones were sticking out all over her, because her skeleton alone would hardly fit into a 0; it’s all about bone structure and distribution of weight.

    • Carpe Diem says:

      A zero is more about frame size than weight; 0s can’t wear regular women’s watches or bracelets because your wrists are too tiny (you have to have them altered at jewelers). Rihanna is not a 0.

      Tip for zeros: buy your belts and accessories in children’s sections. Much cheaper than (and same size as!) 0s in women’s departments.

  37. pj says:

    the part where she says “I went way too far” pretty much proves she was trying to lose weight on purpose and that it simply wasn’t a bi-product of stress. She looks good at any weight, she’s never been out of shape. She looks great now and she looked great last year as well. Not sure why she’s not happy with her body.

    As a side note, if she has time to party in clubs, then she has time to sleep…she needs to get her priorities straight.

  38. Katie Too says:

    Stating heights and weight here is just a good way to establish a reference point before opining
    I feel like such a Rihanna defender, but the hospitalization could have just been hydration issues (speaking from experience). Not to say she hasn’t been partying up a storm…

  39. pammi says:

    She’s consistently shown partying in clubs all night, and she is always getting her nails done and hair colored (literally every other week). how does she not have time to schedule some sleep? She probably suffered from dehydration and exhaustion. But she did go on a vacation a few months ago in Hawaii, that must have provided some rest and relaxation which most of us can only dream of.

  40. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Atleast she is saying she isn’t happy with size zero. It’s a positive message.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I read it as a bit of a humble brag. I think she could have just said that she’s unhappy with how thin she’s become and that she feels better with a couple of extra pounds. However she had to put it out there that’s she’s a “0.” I also think it strange that she said she was happy “chubbier.” She was never chubby to begin with. This may be reaching, but I know people with unhealthy issues with food who speak similarly. Perhaps her father’s comments about her weight were a trigger that sent her down an unhealthy path.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree that it was probably an off hand comment, so I don’t see why it has to have a message of positivity attached to it. This goes for most celebs, btw: I think a lot of them make comments that are innocent at best and people decide they’re being a good/bad influence. Do people really listen to celebrities *that* much?

  41. annaloo. says:

    Someone with a size 0 brain will usually get it wrong about their ass size too, I imagine… She and J-Love Hewitt should hang out.

  42. Feebee says:

    I don’t care what size her ass is, I’d swap mine for hers any day.

  43. KardASSian Butt ~formerly known as ZenB!tch says:

    I was wondering why her thighs were looking almost human

  44. Anon says:

    I guess the shelf life of useless info about a celebrity that some core people hate lasts 12 months (10 months to go); I hope it ceases long before she dies. In the meanwhile Rhianna, get your arse from Twitter; you cannot control your press; live your life and STFU about everything; make money and go home to Barbados to get some property so that the foreigners will in turn stay their asses home and not go there. I suspect that some of the hate is Xenophobic in nature.

  45. novaraen says:

    She’s skinny from drugs…but that is no size zero ass. I am also 5’8″ and got down to a size 4 at one point and looked horrid with no hips and ass at all. A size zero would make her practically a skeleton. Liar liar pants on fire!

  46. Aurelia says:

    Ri Ri has lost weight cause she’s a druggie. Not stress.

  47. faye says:

    5’8 really? She doesnt look like she’d be that tall.

  48. jesstar says:

    If she ate her meals instead of drinking them, she might fill out a bit

    • Dogmama45 says:

      I believe she is a size 0-4, which is pretty darn small. When I was 41 and going through a divorce and super stressed my 5’7 frame was carrying 118 lbs. I was a size 0-2 in every brand I bought on the bottom, and a size small-medium or 4-8 on top. Looking at her pics at her height I would say she is definitely on the small side and depending on the brand, is likely fitting into a pretty small size. I would like to know how she drinks that much alcohol (as reported) and keeps so thin!

  49. jwoolman says:

    More likely she has the Lindsay Lohan type of “exhaustion”. If she avoided the booze and the drugs, drinking water instead (not vodka in a water bottle like Lindsay), she could handle her schedule just fine. In my 30s, I had to stay up once working for 3.5 days straight. (The deadline was so tight that I was afraid to even take a short nap.) I have had too many days since that go well past 24 hours due to work. I’ve been so sleep-deprived that I’ve fallen asleep at the computer. Not once has 911 been called nor have I ever checked into a hospital for “exhaustion”. Of course, I go to bed when I’m done working, not to a bar. And I wake up fine after a few hours.

  50. RiChimpa says:

    Her IQ is zero, and she has a pug face.

  51. Shaishai says:

    A friend of mine back was a size XXS at The Gap and even SHE wasn’t a size zero! I can’t even imagine how tiny you have to be to be a zero.
    I do remember Jada Pinkett once saying she wanted to do a clothing line for women like her who are smaller than a size zero. With her tiny bones, I can see how she could be a zero or less. She’s barely the same height as her 11 year old when she’s wearing 6 inch heels!
    However Posh (Victoria Beckham) is a good few inches taller than her and bigger boned (I’ve seen pics of them side by side). For Posh to keep that size zero must be WORK! That’s no natural size on her.

  52. Lisa says:

    When in doubt, talk about your body. Or replace “in doubt” with “without talent.”

  53. leslilly says:

    Unless manufacturers have cut all sizes to be larger, I do not buy that she’s a size zero. I think celebs are just obsessed w/saying they are a size 0 or size 2. I went through anorexia & bulimia years ago – just under 5’4″ and shrank to 98-102 lbs. All boobs, no ass, no stomach, tiny hips. At THAT point, I was a size 2 & had one pair of size 0 pants. I had no flesh on my bottom half, total stick..and only then was I a size 0. So, I don’t buy this shit w/healthy, curvacious women claiming to be those sizes. I believe it in re: to Donatella Versace’s daughter…but very few are actually that size, IMHO

  54. Evie says:

    Rih definitely looks better with curves. . . Hope she gets her drug habit under control. I don’t want her to end up like lohan. . .

  55. Penguin says:

    I find us sizes quite large though. I’m a size 2 – 4 in uk sizes but when I buy clothes from us I can easily fit into a size zero.

  56. Hunnie says:

    I saw her last year when she was “bigger” and she was skinny as all hell so yes, it is probable that she is a zero. The camera adds 10lbs and that is no lie in her case – more like 20lbs now. Height really has nothing to do with it and your bones don’t have to be sticking out to be considered that small. She can be healthy and still a zero. People forget that your metabolism plays a big part in your weight fluctuation. If your metabolism is very high, you will be smaller regardless of age/height but as it begins to slow down, you pack some weight on.

  57. beatrice says:

    No riri, don’t you go and scoff your face with junk food, just so to put on weight. A little fat won’t ruin your figure, but not the curvy look you are yearning for now!!!!!!

  58. Itwillrain says:

    Look people, if Rhianna tried on one piece of clothing labeled size 0 and it fit, that automatically gives her the right to call herself a size 0. I totally believe that she’s a size zero based on that rule of thumb. ;)

  59. A Fan says:

    As far as I’m concerned, all this girl ever had going for her was her good looks and great figure. The one and only interview I ever saw of her showed her to be incredibly dumb and incredibly full of herself. Her music is overshadowed by her massive self-importance and inflated ego. And another thing, put some f-ing clothes on.

  60. Aud says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. She is very pretty. The only unfortunate thing about her is that she has a tendency to accumulate idiotic tattoos.

  61. Me Too says:

    Size 0 in the states is an 8 or maybe a 6 in the UK. Great way for clothing companies o sell more clothes to teens and narcissists like Riri.

  62. Jayna says:

    She is the sexiest pop star out there. I always love seeing what she is wearing or photoshoots.

  63. bootsie says:

    Maybe it’s vanity sizing? I’m 5’2″ & fluctuate between 125-130 lbs & somehow I’m a size 4 in all my clothes. While I don’t see myself as fat, I’m certainly not skinny. Perhaps clothing companies are generously undersizing? That being said, I think she, like myself, looks better with a lil more ass!

  64. lizi says:

    Definitely not a 0, she looks like a 6 or a 4 if she wears her clothes very tight. LOL.