Jennifer Garner won’t work with Ben: ‘there’s no mystery, people are sick of us’

Jennifer Garner covers the September issue of Allure Mag. The photoshoot is pretty – it’s not like they were trying to break any new ground with Garner in particular. It’s mostly outdoors, with Garner styled to look feminine and pretty and naturalistic. If you’re forcing me to nitpick (why do you force me?!!), the only bad thing I can say about these pics is that Garner’s lips look out of control. People have debated the naturalness of her lips before – some people think she gets lip injections, some people say they’re natural. I don’t really know, but I do think they look fuller and plumper in these photos than they usually look. There’s some Kardashian happening here. Anyway, you can see the slideshow here and here are some highlights:

Jen doesn’t want to work with her husband: “Really, you don’t want to see a couple onscreen. People see paparazzi shots of us together all the time. There’s no mystery . . . People are sick of us.”

She doesn’t want to get in shape for a role: “There were times I had to watch every calorie that went into my body. Doing something like that again…it’s not exactly on the top of my list.”

She doesn’t want to walk the carpet with Ben either: “Sometimes it’s a pain because my heels are so high and it would be really nice to have his arm. And he’s such a great date! But it can be too much. I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become ‘wife of,'” she says.

Her workout regimen: “I’ve been working out with Valerie Waters for 13 or 14 years. I’ll do different things. I did Spin for a little while, and I like yoga. I’ve been doing Pilates with this woman who was trying to get my abs back in shape after the last baby kind of did me in.”

Skincare: “I’m starting to use more stuff that has things like alpha hydroxy [acid] or retinol. But I really don’t believe that your skin-care products have to be the fanciest things in the world. I like drugstore products, especially sunscreen, because I use so much of it. I like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid sunscreen SPF 70.”

She’s always wanted to be a mom: “[As a kid,] I had a baby doll tucked under my arm everywhere I went,” Garner says. When she was a young teenager, “my friend and I ran a babysitting service, C&J Babysitting. I think we made $2 an hour. If you’d said to me, ‘You could be a mom or you could be anything else in the world,’ I would have been a mom.”

Her mom: “My mother has the healthiest lack of vanity I’ve ever known. No layers, no perms, no colors.” No ear piercings, either. “Look,” she says, pointing out her unpierced lobes. Does she have any tattoos? A flash of shock streaks across the actress’s face. “Oh, my gosh, no! Garner girls don’t have tattoos.”

She had a clothing allowance as a kid: “We had a clothing allowance of $200 twice a year, and that had to buy our winter coat, our underwear, our shoes,” she says. To this day, Garner says she’s thrifty, although she prefers to call it “having common sense.”

On the possibility Ben will run for political office: “Right now [Ben] feels like he can do more good for people politically from outside the system,” she says. “Would I be surprised if one day he did go into politics? No. But not now.” And he would have her support. “I’m along for the ride,” she says.

[From Allure]

Can you imagine all of the gossip that will come out if Ben really does run for political office one day? Although Jennifer Garner would be the perfect “political wife” – and perhaps she’s more suited to political office than Ben, quite honestly – I think any campaign Ben would wage would be a hot mess. The stories of his past indiscretions would come out and it would be… amazing gossip.

I’m side-eyeing Jennifer’s comments about walking the red carpet with Ben, though. “But it can be too much. I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become ‘wife of.’” But isn’t that the exact game Jennifer and Ben played to get him his Argo Oscar? Then she was more than happy to be seen as the ‘wife of’ and I think it’s too cute by half for Jennifer to now act like it’s all about her feminist principles and being seen as a separate person. She has happily played up the Mrs. Affleck role when it suits her, and when it suits his Oscar campaign.

Photos courtesy of Allure.

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  1. Macey says:

    Her lips are anything but natural. They are definitely inflated. You can tell by the upper lip..always a dead giveaway.

    • Manchurian Global says:

      Here’s a good side-by-side. She’s definitely been getting injections for a long time:

      • Amberly says:

        Apparently that side by side isn’t real and the real picture is floating around somewhere. Her bottom lip is definitely real because its huge in her high school yearbook photos. I don’t know about her top lip. But honestly, if I had that small of a top lip naturally and such a big bottom lip I’d get injections too.

      • Ok says:

        Oh wow they ARE fake. I did not know.

        I actually really LIKE her lips. I think she looks so pretty.

      • Noodles says:

        My lips are similar to her natural one, without the high gums.

        She has had work done on her gums, as well as her top lip.

        As for “having your lips done if they looked like that naturally,” that is pretty rude. If we all had plastic surgery to look “perfect,” the world would be a very boring place.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I think they were natural up to some point, and then in the last 8 to 5 years she started getting some light injections, to try and contrast the age-shrinkage/wrinkling of the upper lip. When you’re used to pretty plump lips, it can suck to see them get thinner as time goes by.
        This also explains why, when she was younger, she could smile widely and her upper lip would get very thin (even if when not smiling the top lip was big and full): now she cannot do it because of fillers.

        I don’t really mind too much, although I think she’d look much better without the injections as sometimes they look too obvious.

        STILL love her. She’s adorable and very relatable.

      • amilu says:

        Amberly, if that side-by-side is Photoshopped, what about this —

        or this —

        It’s the same thin upper lip.

        (Totally unrelated, but, in trying to find a picture of young Garner, I found this picture of a young Rooney Mara. Is that really her?! I can’t even see it.)

      • Interesting says:

        Funny, when I first saw her on FELICITY, I thought wow, that girl has a gummy smile. But she really blossomed. I never thought she’d make it big. Later, I loved 13 GOING ON 30 movie. Anyawy, I forgot about that gummy smile until you did the side-by-side picture. That’s the girl I remember from FELICITY! I wonder what kind of operation she did for that.

    • LoL says:

      I think they are natural. Her son has the same lips.

      • emmie_a says:

        There are good pics of her before she was famous & she had almost no upper lip. Her current lips are not natural. The upper lip is an implant and maybe injections too. I think her lips look too big in that 2nd pic.

      • Macey says:

        Nope, they’re not. Check out that pic above too, very obvious there.

        fake lips are easier to spot than fake boobs. I dont know why women do that to themselves. I was born with very full lips and believe me, aside from some snide comments from men, they dont do anything that thin, natural looking lips can do. I hope this fad goes away soon, its beyond distracting. I cant even watch certain actresses b/c of their fake lips. Lifetime movies are loaded with celebs that do this.

      • Downton fan says:

        How can someone still say her lips are natural when there’s plenty of photo evidence? Just do a google search for Jennifer garner lips. It isn’t like it’s something subtle either.

      • Tia says:

        I am currently watching an Office rerun and cringeing everytime they have a close up of Pams face. Sweet actress but thin lips can kill a face. And hint at a moustache even if there isnt one.

        So if you need to plump those babies up, do it damn it.

      • Mayamae says:

        Wow Tia,

        I guess my face is dead then. Thanks for telling me.

      • Sabrine says:

        I don’t think she’s done anything with her lips, just tricks with lipstick. Baby Samuel has inherited her massive lips as he certainly didn’t get them from Ben.

        If she has had injections, whatever, I could care less. It’s her deal. Why do people care so much?

      • Greenieweenie says:

        I think they’re real because I remember her as Hannah on Felicity and she was so young, then. Her lips were huge. They stuck out like a sore thumb…it wasn’t cool to have big lips. She looked weird. So no, I don’t think she was using injectibles then.

        And she comes from a family that thinks getting “layers”–as in layers in your hair–is a thing. As if this were 1994. If layers are a thing for you, then I don’t think you’re out getting lip implants.

        Really, just because a certain look is fashionable at a certain time doesn’t mean everyone who happens to have that look has purchased it. Her look–the big lips–wasn’t fashionable way back when, and she had it then, too.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        It’s not obvious, btw. in that second pic. She’s smiling differently. In one, she’s only somewhat smiling, and in the other, she’s smiling much more broadly so her upper lip is stretched out. My upper lip does the same thing.

    • Kate says:

      She has a lip implant in her upper lip and get’s injections as well. It ok front on because her bottom lip is naturally full (that’s where Nicole Kidman went wrong), but you can sometimes see the tell-tale ridge in candid pics and from the wrong angle she has major duck-lips going on. It wasn’t that obvious a few years ago but now that she’s getting older her face is thinning a little and the lips are starting to look silly.

    • Rhiley says:

      I agree they are anything but natural. They look particularly jacked in this photoshoot. It kills me when people with naturally beautiful lips mess with them. Also, I kind of side eyed all the speculation that she is pregnant again, but there have been recent photos with Violet, and Jennifer definatley looks pregnant.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Bottom lip natural, upper has had some help.

    • Florc says:

      The upper lip not proportioned to the lower lip = injections is a bunk line of reasoning. Some people’s lips are not proportioned. And Jen is pregnant many of the photos we see of her. Puffy pregnant lips can and do last for weeks and even months post birth.
      Her lips seem fine and if she is injecting it’s not overdone and still looks natural, but we need to keep in mind… These photos are touched up/photoshopped. They also got rid of her wrinkles. Should this mean she’s getting botox as well?

      • mynameispearl says:

        Actually I think her upper lip is natural, it just looks like she has had good orthodontic work done. She used to have a really gummy smile as her lip rose so much when she smiled, she’s probably had her gumline fixed and maybe a stitch put in to stop her gum rising so high (check out Kate Beckinsale, and Miley Cyrus before and after photos too). I’m convinced they’ve all had their gum fixed… jealous as I’d love to have it done!!

      • Florc says:

        I’ll buy that. Her smile has improved as far as less gum.

      • emmie_a says:

        mynameispearl: Did you look at the picture in the link above? There is no way you can chalk that up to orthodontic work. Unless her orthodontist is also a plastic surgeon.

      • Florc says:

        Some doctors and specialist are incredibly skilled. They don’t have to be plastic surgeons to have great cosmetic results. Just because she had a great cosmetic procedure done does not mean a plastic surgeon did it.

    • Hakura says:

      Re: Lips – I really don’t keep up w/Jen’s early career, so I’m not sure how far into her career this appearance was:

      Jennifer Garner In ‘Law & Order’ That Aired May 22, 1996 (With Benjamin Bratt)

      But her lips look pretty plump, there? But maybe she already started having injections before this. No clue.

    • Lisa says:

      She has always had big lips. I remember back when she was in Alias she was performing some stunt and got a swollen lip while doing it. She joked in an interview that her lips were already big to begin with.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Why is she on the September cover. September issue are a big deal in the mag world. Was this the biggest get Allure could find.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Remember as Matt Damon told us, she sells to the housewives in the Midwest. Not because of selling her role as a mother and Ben Affleck’s forgiving wife of course! No of course not, it’s because of that thing she was in….you know that acting in that thing she was in that one time. 😉

  3. Decloo says:

    For a minute I thought she was Kim Kardashian on that cover photo. Same jawline.

  4. Hm says:

    I just can’t stand her. So affected and smug in her Gee-Gosh-Gollyness. I think she’d be really rough to be friends with let alone married to for the judgmental personality alone. YMMV.

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      I find it especially fake considering the serial trading up she did with her boyfriends/husbands. And its funny that she mocks couples doing films together ou since Ben had a monstrous flop when he did Gigli with JLo.

      • Miss M says:

        Wasn’t she on “The dare devil” with him? I guess she learnt her lesson, ha!

      • Tia says:

        She MET him on DareDevil. They werent a couple when they signed on. Besides, Ben deserves shade for that mess of a film with Jlo.

      • Miss M says:

        They met on Pearl Harbor (2001). When she was promoting that awful movie “Electra” in 2005, she said she missed him on the set as the dare devil…Last year, during one of the awards, he said they were celebrating 10 Christmas together… either he made a math mistake or they were “together” before he ended things with JLo. None of my business, but since you mentioned they weren’t a couple, I brought up dates because she’s had a crush on him since Pearl Harbor.

    • Kelly says:

      Plus one

    • Hakura says:

      I don’t know why, but I totally feel the same way. It’s sort of like she’s trying to be the least offensive (to anyone) that she can possibly be, which really becomes annoying, & comes off as pure BS, after a while.

  5. Manchurian Global says:

    I’ve never been much of a fan, but this interview makes me like her more. The “Garner girls don’t have tattoos” comment is priceless.

    • Andrew says:

      I love her and Ben. People act like they’re attention whores but I think it’s just that the media is obsessed with them. What do you expect when they are a Hollywood couple with big movies/oscars/etc under their belt? I like both of them and they just seem like a happy couple who live their life while being successful. Anyway, these pics are great. I’ve always thought that she’s had big lips though, and maybe she’s had some work on them but I don’t think they’re gross looking.

      • cs says:

        I never understood the “They are taking photos together as family/or couple to win an Oscar”. When most Oscar winners don’t fit the “all American family” category. Not even back in the 60’s when Liz Taylor won.
        But, I have to say.. it does seem weird that most photos of them are either grocery shopping or buying coffee. They don’t seem to own a coffee machine and buy enough groceries to last longer than a day.

  6. brin says:

    Even though I’m giving her the side eye, I still like her.

  7. TWINK says:

    Lol at her shilling of Neutrogena. She’s such a snoozefest.

  8. Trek Girl says:

    I like this interview. It’s nice and refreshing, and what she said about the baby doll tucked under her arm all the time and wanting to be a mother was very cute.

  9. Jayna says:

    I took it to mean walking the red carpet for her little movies she does like that Butter movie last year, meaning it would be nice to have his arm there on the red carpet with her but then it’s about them, not her and her movie, and I took it to mean walking too many red carpets with him is tiring. God knows he’s been on a ton lately, but in that case, she is the wife there supporting him.

  10. Rhea says:

    I wouldn’t know it’s Garner if only looking at the first picture. Perhaps it’s true that her lips seems different now.

  11. shelley says:

    She is gorgeous and effortless. So jealous she got both Scott Foley and Ben Affleck *grrr*

  12. RHONYC says:

    “Garner girls…”

    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

  13. LoL says:

    I like her. I think she’s super pretty but those photos are not good.

  14. Tia says:

    I love Ms Garner. The Oscar campaign was about making Ben relatable. Thanks to that dumbass music video he made with JLo, he is stuck in the collective psyche as mega douchebag. And ofcourse gossip mavens know him from his gambling issues and dalliance with ratfaced Blake Lively.

    JGarner did him a solid helping rehabilitate that image. I’m certain it won him atleast a couple of those indecisive Academy votes. And once the campaign ended Jen stopped posing with him even though she could have milked it for the whole year.

  15. F5 says:

    Just you, Jen..

  16. Kate says:

    She’s been ‘wife of’ ever since she married Affleck, and that’s the way she wants it. The only notable thing she’s done since Alias was Juno, other than that she’s just played ‘forgettable girlfriend of’ in mediocre crap like the Arthur remake and had an occasional lead role in movies 6 people saw. Without Affleck she’d have faded away into obscurity years ago, and she certainly wouldn’t be landing any magazine covers without his movie star sheen. She’s been shamelessly riding on his coattails for as long as she’s been with him, which is fine, seems like it suits both of them (she’s still famous, he get’s to play family man when it suits), but don’t pretend the connection is some kind of burden you’re trying to overcome.

    If she actually wanted to be known as something else, she’d either retire, stop calling the paps and live a private life, or get her career back on track. Instead she bases everything on being photographed with the spawn of Affleck (because let’s face it, Affleck brings 99% of the star power to that relationship. If she’d stayed with Scott Foley or Michael Vartan and had kids no one would be the slightest bit interested in how she parents or pictures of her kids) and talking about her marriage.

    • Amberly says:

      That’s not true. The first few years of their marriage, she was actually the more famous one and the one who was still continuing to work. She was definitely not “wife of” back then.

      As for her career now-the reason she doesn’t work much now is BECAUSE she’s a mom. She’d still very much so have a successful career without Ben, she would not have “faded into obscurity”. She was one of the biggest up and coming actresses when she got knocked up. She was getting praise from people like Spielberg, she was the lead on a hit tv show where her performance was critically acclaimed and she was the “it” action girl. The timing of her pregnancy really hurt her career. If anything, without Garner, BEN would have faded into obscurity.

      As for the paps, I really don’t think she calls them. Ben, Jen and Matt Damon have all said that every morning their are 6-8 photographers outside their home and they just follow them. Plus things like school, karate, ballet, etc are easy to figure out the schedules. Have you ever noticed the Afflecks are rarely ever papped at night? I think it’s because the paps know they have guaranteed shots in the morning and afternoon of them because they follow them and know their schedules but they don’t know their routine at night or where they’d be going so they are able to avoid the paps.

      • Lucy2 says:

        I agree, she was a big star for a while, but has chosen to step back and focus on motherhood- which is her choice. Plus Ben’s career then took off when he started directing. If it works for them, great.
        I think you can be supportive of a partner’s work without becoming the “wife of”, especially for those famous on their own anyway.

      • pk says:

        I agree with you Amber. If I remember correctly, Ben’s career was stalled when they got together. If anything, I think marrying Jennifer helped HIS career. People are definitely interested what she is up to with their kids. Maybe Allure was one of the magazines Ben was referring to that “he had never heard of but the midwestern moms buy”.

    • Jay says:

      Nonsense. Jen didnt get work because of Ben. Hell, for a long time Ben couldnt get work because of Ben.

      Until two years ago, Ben was tghe talentless famewhore who took undeserved credit for Matts script. Jennifer was the reliable mid-tier actress with name recognition and solid fanbase.

    • Bridget says:

      Ben was the bigger star (even though it wad quite tarnished) when they got together, but HE gets way more out of the relationship then she does. She rehabbed his image, and without that he’d still be clawing his way back up. Ben Afflek, Family Man, is way more successful amd respected than Ben Afflek, Douche.

  17. Shelby says:

    omg…she read our minds

  18. DH says:

    I thought it was funny when she described herself as thrifty –anyone else notice she is always shopping? those kids have bags of toys every week. I could pay my mortgage with their American Girl collection. Her eyebrows are over done in these pics.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I see what you mean. But really, who wouldn’t spend too much money on their little girls if they had it? It doesn’t seem that she spends any of it on herself.

      IKR re the eyebrows? Between the eyebrows and the white line every makeup artist draws above the woman’s upper lip, I am getting fed up with all the dolling up a woman’s face ‘must’ go through for a photo shoot. Plus the lb and half of mascara. Bleh.

  19. chalkdustgirl says:


  20. Pixie Witch says:

    i just want to know what Fall’s Sexiest Haircut is.

  21. NerdMomma says:

    I’ve always thought Garner was really pretty but she looks weird here. What’s up with her mouth? It does look kind of fake and weird. I almost didn’t recognize her. Also, why is she getting a magazine cover?

  22. Gine says:

    She is so deeply boring.

  23. Katie says:

    I don’t know what makes me laugh harder – Jennifer’s faux modesty and her desperate attempts to seem relatable, or the people (who have apparently just fallen off the turnip truck) who fall for her shenanigans.

    Hey, Jennifer – if you were that concerned with people being “sick” of you, you wouldn’t call the paps and you’d move to a different, more private area of LA (if you and Ben are insistent on living there). Preferably you and Ben do this soon before he has a chance to ruin “Live By Night.”

    And I hope Violet and or Seraphina have a sleeve (or two) in 20 years. Judgmental Mary Sue.

    • Tiffany Mae says:

      That’s funny considering she’s in Sacremento as a I type this testifying before congress at the state capital trying to get a bill passed to stop papping celebrity kids. But she calls them and all! *eyeroll*

      As for her tattoo comment, she’s speaking of herself and two sisters. She was raised in a very conservative household where she couldn’t even get her ears pierced so its not shocking that they don’t have tattoos. Her daughters are Affleck girls and their father has tattoos. You’re the one being judgmental by spinning her quotes into something entirely different.

      • g says:

        Even if she isn’t calling them, she sure does nothing at all to avoid them. Does nothing at all to protect her kids.

        She has the most photographed kids in the world I think! Rarely does a day go by.

        The Jolie-Pitt family has been in LA all year, go out and are never photographed.

        Brad and Angelina were in a twitter pic a few days ago at the museum without paps.

        If they can avoid the paps, so can Jen.

        Also ,they had zero problems with the paps during awards season….parade their poor kids.

      • Tiffany Mae says:


        It’s kind of hard to avoid them when they sit outside your house everyday and follow you. But just go ahead and ignore what I wrote about her testifying today before congress to pass a bill that will prevent celebrity children from being papped. Clearly she does not want this so stop pretending like she does. As for the Jolie-Pitt comment, I’ve seen fans posts pictures of Ben, Jen and the kids out places in LA with no paparazzi present. They just can’t avoid the paparazzi in the morning and during school, karate etc because they’re easy to find if the paps know their schedules.

    • Tiffany Mae says:

      That’s funny considering she’s in Sacremento as a I type this testifying before congress at the state capital trying to get a bill passed to stop papping celebrity kids. But she calls them and all! *eyeroll*

      As for her tattoo comment, she’s speaking of herself and two sisters. She was raised in a very conservative household where she couldn’t even get her ears pierced so its not shocking that they don’t have tattoos. Her daughters are Affleck girls and their father has tattoos. You’re the one being judgmental by spinning her quotes into something entirely different.

      • g says:

        They could easily avoid the paps, don’t be so naive.

        They are seen multiple times a day, everyday.

        You can’t complain when you go to pap hangouts like the farmer’s market, Brentwood country mart etc.
        Plenty of areas in LA have no paps, which is where the good celeb parents go to protect their kids.
        If Jen did not want her poor kids photographed they would not be. FACT.

        Paps know where Brad and Angelina live as well but they manage to leave their house and not be photographed. So it can be done.

      • Tiffany Mae says:


        Why did you feel the need to respond to the same exact comment twice? It just double posted. Not even one word is different yet your response is.

        And as I said before, how can you avoid them when they follow you out of their driveway? How can you avoid them when they know your schedule for school, karate, basketball, ballet, etc? And should they not be able to go to the country mart? The paps aren’t even allowed in the country mart which is why it’s so popular among celebs. They only have to deal with them in the parking lot but they’re fee from them once their past the entrance. As for the farmers market, it’s once a week. Why should they not be allowed to support local farmers and get fresh fruit and veggies?! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

        If the Jolie-Pitt kids actually stayed in one country for a long period of time instead if living all over the world and if they weren’t homeschooled and did sports and activities they’d be papped a ton more. “FACT”.

      • Kim1 says:

        Tiffany Mae 1 You dont know what activities Jolie Pitt kids are involved in 2 Do you think Garner Afleck kids are the only celeb kids with extracurricular activities? Paparazzi wait outside the gates of Jolie Pitt place also thats why they use decoy vehicles.Why are there pics of Garners kids almost everyday? I dont see Reese’s kids five days a week or any other kids of an Alist celeb family.Why?

    • g says:

      ACTUALLY Tiffany Mae….

      The JP kids do tons of activities that B&A have mentioned. Karate, soccer, art etc. The paps also sit right outside their house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just because they are not photographed doing them does not mean they do not do them. B&A just do a great job protecting their kids from paps and finding pap free areas of LA. They do not let their schedule known.

      And FYI, the family has been in LA all year and avoid the paps just fine. They travel where their parents work so they all stay together!

      There are also lots of Farmers Markets that are pap free…..where the non fame whores go.

      And what does Jen even do with the veggies she buys???? They eat at restaurants everyday it seems and seem to have no coffee machine or oven.

  24. Baskingshark says:

    Please post a link where we can donate towards carpal tunnel syndrome rehab for the poor airbrush artist who must have spent about a month and a half on these pictures.

  25. Why says:

    But why would Mr.Garner visit CrackLohan in rehab?

  26. Bijlee says:

    I hate when celebrities want to go into politics. Neither Matt nor Ben should go into politics. Sorry. I would like someone intelligent and willful not the elite 1% on either side of the poltical spectrum who think they get it and have no idea how to work in politics beyond the campaign and PR image. Sorry. This is why I can’t with Damon and affleck.

  27. Amory says:

    I find it interesting that people complain about her being fake. To me, she’s always been exactly the same, and her interviews are consistent. She’s always had the ‘aw, shucks” thing going, and has always presented herself modestly. If it’s all fake, she’s awfully damn good at it.

    As for being boring, not sure how that is a sin considering she’s not out there trying to drum up work or presenting herself as the life of the party. Lots of stay at home moms could be described as boring.

    Just can’t figure out the hate except that apparently she’s hated for her marriage to Ben.

  28. Jen is a good example of a not so new surgery for a ‘gummy smile’. The upper lip is sewn to the gum which prevents it from rising as high as before. Following this procedure not only is the gum line no longer over exposed but with the limited vertical space more of the lip is exposed by pressure. She looks great. This is not a ‘huge’ plastic surgery and that is likely why she calls it all natural.

  29. Kristine says:

    I have a thin upper lip and a full bottom lip. I am a bit self conscious about it. When I smile my upper lip pretty much disappears. If I had the money I might get plastic surgery to correct it.

    No one has ever teased me about my thinner upper lip. I actually get compliments on my lips from men. It’s just something I have never liked and would like to change if I could.

    There really is nothing wrong with that.

    • Jayna says:

      Why plastic surgery? Go to the dermatologist and get a little injection. Not everybody overdoes it with fish lips. I have friends who get a little collagen or filler or whatever it is they put in lips and put just enough in to fill out the shape your natural lip and looks fine. I guess they have to do it every six months or a year. Not sure how long it lasts.

    • Noodles says:

      I have a thinner upper lip. It really isn’t a big deal, especially combined with my full bottom lip.

      Definitely NO to plastic surgery! Be who you are!

  30. Mar says:

    I think she has done a good job of being classy, fashionable when she has to be, a doting mother and wife, and movie star.

    She seems to know her place and understands the game without getting caught up.
    I guess that means I like her?

  31. Kahlia says:

    I have very full lips that are pretty similar to hers in size. I was very self-conscious of how big they were growing up, so I trained myself to smile with my top lip rolled up against my gums so it would look like my top lip was thin. I still do it slightly whenever I smile. I feel like Jennifer might have done the same thing and then was told her smile was too gummy and that she needed to fix it. At first, I thought she might have gotten lip injections early on, but if you google pics of her when she was still with Scott Foley, you can see pics of her going from having full lips to almost no upper lip at the same event. I’ve found some recent ones with her with Ben as well. She might have still gotten some injections lately, though. I swear her lips have gotten bigger, but maybe it is just pregnancy? Huffpo has some great pre-Ben pics:

  32. Nev says:

    She’s HARDCORE.


    hahahahha I’m serious though.

  33. mmd575 says:

    What no Gigli 2?

  34. Carolyn says:

    That’s a rare honest comment. I pray for the day a Kardashian publicly utters these words.

  35. Guesto says:

    I’m always wary of clicking on a Jennifer Garner thread in case she sends me into a coma … oh no!! too late!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. Dani says:

    Look at her children´s lips and you will tell if her´s are natural or not!!

  37. Lola says:

    They can live anywhere else and not get pap’d. They choose to live there. No paparazzi hanging out at the piggly wiggly in WV- go there and be private. If I got harassed every time I went to Starbucks, I’d find a different Starbucks or …get a coffee maker.

  38. Randaleese says:

    She is beautiful. Deal with it..

  39. PinkyTuscadero says:

    I’m struggling so much to be a good mom right now with my job and everything else in my life. I don’t have time for Jennifer Garner and her stupid baby doll under her arm and her appeal to us “flyovers” in Middle America and this whole dream she’s selling. I’m not buying, bubble lips. I hope this is all a lie and she’s butt banging Matt Damon on the side and they get caught when Damon moves up the street. Not that I want mean things for her kids; I’ve just had it with the pressure.

  40. PinkyTuscadero says:

    And I just read “Oh my gosh, no! Garner girls don’t have tattoos.” For crissake. This is too much.