Miley Cyrus did a shoot with Terry Richardson & it is spectacular

Miley Cyrus

Words can’t even begin to describe my simultaneous elation and disgust at Miley Cyrus’ new photoshoot with Terry “Creeper” Richardson. First I laughed (because obviously), and then I cried (from the laughter but also because I can’t stand that starlets love to debase themselves for Uncle Terry). Once I recovered from “the feels,” I wondered whether Miley’s visit to Terry’s studio was a condition of Terry shooting Miley’s September feature for Harper’s Bazaar, which just so happened to make her look like the chick in a bad R. Kelly video. Because Miley didn’t get the cover, but getting a feature in a fall fashion issue is still pretty damn huge.

Regardless of the cause, Miley has willingly posed for disgusting Terry, and the product is utterly ridiculous. First, let’s please remember that we recently enjoyed a relatively civilized conversation about Miley and “black” culture, and then let’s endure these portraits from Terry. Warning: Each of these photos grow progressively “rebellious.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

That last picture is fairly impressive, no? Ahhh, the flexibility of youth. I left out several of the photos including the one of Terry and Miley miming a beej together. For the ultra-curious and masochistic types among you, you can just go to the source for that gem. Usually, I have no shortage of words concerning Miley, but I think these photos should just speak for themselves.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Terry’s Diary

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  1. bns says:

    Gross and embarrassing.

    And Rihanna’s Rolling Stone shoot last year is almost identical to this. Also shot by Terry.

    The difference is Rihanna’s actually hot.

    • Andrew says:

      Lol so true. I say this on every Miley post/ she’s trying too hard. If she wants be shocking, I suggest she dress appropriately (no diaper shorts), keep her tongue in her mouth, and not try to act sexy…if she does that people would take her more seriously AND she would still be sexy, but classy.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t care if they are hot or not, Terry Richardson is the most disgusting and creepy “photographer” ever! Ugh!

      • Bubbles says:

        All his photographs are exactly the same. Well, men are dressed and women are not, but still. I could do that.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I have to disagree. Out of the two Riri has a more exotic appeal but her antics and attitude makes her less attractive to the point I view her the same as Miley. Trashy and try hard in order to stay in the news.

      • bns says:

        I don’t think they’re the same at all. Miley isn’t embarrassing to me because of her trashy behavior. What’s embarrassing is that she’s pretending to be someone that she’s not for record sales. Just a few months ago she was indie folk and wearing Nirvana t-shirts and now she’s walking around in Tupac shirts with a grill in her mouth. Rihanna can be ridiculous, but I have always gotten the impression that she’s true to who she is and honestly doesn’t care if people disapprove of her.

    • wiffie says:

      I hate that disgusting side tongue. Makes me think of a banana slug.

  2. Amelia says:

    . . . If I wasn’t feeling queasy before, I definitely am now.
    Pass the brain bleach.

    • MegG says:

      How does this guy actually make money from this? He does nothing new.

      • Evie says:

        Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. What is so great about his images?! I just don’t get it. Give me some off camera flashes/strobes and I could do the same thing. His popularity in the industry is inexplicable to me.

      • RocketMerry says:

        He’s a disgusting creep, he’s so perverted words can’t even begin to describe it AND he is NOT capable of taking a good photograph to save his life. His technique is amateurish, at best.

        I don’t get it: why do magazines keep asking him for shoots? Is it because he has “celebrity” friends? But don’t celebrities only hang out at his studio because they think he’ll get them magazine shoots? Somebody please stop the vicious cycle.

        Ugh. When you guys are done with the bleach leave it to me, I’ll need to soak my entire body in it, if you don’t mind.

      • gg says:

        this stuff could be done by anybody with a dummy camera with access to a wall.

      • Moon The Loon says:

        I went to school for photography and dabbled in the fashion sphere for a bit. Basically, it comes down to who you know and how much bullshit you can talk. Being “edgy” also helps. In Uncle Terry’s case, I believe the story is that his dad was a photographer as well.

        Never met him personally, but I’ve heard from friends that he’s actually very personable. Doesn’t matter that his photos are shite, his daddy pulled strings and he can talk a good game. He’s actually ripped off his technique/style from another guy called Juergen Teller.

    • blue marie says:

      pass it on over after you’re done please, gah gross.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Pass it to me as well! It’s way too early to be subjected to Terry Richardson.

    • Marjalane says:

      Please- can I just ask right from the start here- Can we not have a bunch of posts that make apologies for Miley because of her age, and how everyone “acts out” and does crazy teenage rebellion stuff? This isn’t anything more than a skanky girl looking for more attention. It’s not edgy and shocking, it’s pathetic and immature.

      • blaize says:

        “It’s pathetic and immature….”

        Just like slut-shaming!

        Since she’s not doing anything wrong or that plenty of other pop stars didn’t do before her when they were her age, I don’t see why her age is a bad thing to bring up. Madonna, Xtina, Pink, and Gaga have had their time to be young and wild… why not let this girl enjoy hers?

        But yes, I agree that she’s being try-hard.

      • Marjalane says:

        Why is it slut shaming? I didn’t call her a slut- I called her skanky, and I think she is. And it’s only in Miley Cyrus’ dreams that she can be compared to Madonna, Gaga, or Pink- Miley’s new persona is all about attention; no talent involved.

      • blaize says:

        Don’t you know that skank is a pseudonym for slut?

        I agree that Gaga and Pink are more talented than Miley (but not Madonna). But let’s not pretend that all of these women didn’t party, pose nude, and wear wild or attention-seeking costumes and clothing when they were Miley’s age.

      • janie says:

        I have to agree… She is trying to hard & it looks skanky! Put your tongue in your mouth & your hands off your crotch! We get your an adult, enough!

      • snakecharmer says:

        cosign this comment. shes lacking in sex appeal which she seems to understand on some level, and severly overcompensates with skanky dress and attention grabbing antics.

      • Jenna says:

        @blaize: Age shouldn’t be used as an excuse or crutch with anyone. The ‘oh, she’s only 20′ can only be used so much.

      • blaize says:

        We’ve been socialized to think that certain clothing is off limits/skanky/for skanks. The whole concept of ‘skank’ is a myth.

        And I agree that age isn’t an excuse when something is WRONG. But when it’s just a harmless matter of personal choice- like clothing- the age argument is somewhat valid.

      • Cameron says:

        That’s your opinion.. But Gaga is mire talented than Madonna.. Madonna wasn’t known for producing or writing her own music.. Gaga does both plus play the piano..she and Pink are better singers.

      • Hank Jr says:

        Child a ho is a ho. Callin somebody out for it (male or female) is not wrong. If they feel shame from it then that on them baby! A slut is just that. Not negative unless you view it like that, but lets face facts here. Miley looks the part.

        “Ladies, if I wore a cop uniform and you came up to me asking for help, how would you like it if I said “Just because I’m dressed like a cop DOESN’T mean that I am one! You gotta understand, as a man- that’s confusing!”- Dave Chappelle

        If you are wearing the slut’s uniform- then don’t be surprised if people call you out. Peace

      • Bijlee says:

        @Hank Jr. Dave Chappelle is a comedian. Full stop. You cannot take something he says in a comedy tour as some sort of fact or divine opinion to justify what you’ve just said. It’s a joke. Yes, he says that but he also prefaces the entire thing with

        “Which is true, Gentlemen, that is true. Just because they dress a certain way doesn’t mean they are a certain way. Don’t even forget it.”

        He said that. Now why don’t guys ever point THAT part of the quote out?

        Also Hank Jr? You best not be taking Hank Hill’s name. That man would NEVER call any woman any of those things despite his very conservative nature. I tell you what.

        @blaize it is a synonym, not a pseudonym.

      • blaize says:

        @Hank Jr.: Bigots will be bigots, and that right there is certainly the logic of a bigot. Saying, “But males can be sluts and hos if they pose nude and have sex that traditional society disapproves of too!” does not make it ok.

        Slut-shaming is a serious issue because of it’s connections to gender, race, sexual orientation, freedom, and violence. If you don’t care about all of that and your attitude is “Well if people don’t want to be labeled sluts, they shouldn’t wear certain clothes or have certain kinds of sex,” then that just proves you to be intolerant, close-minded, insensitive, and puritanical. No better than Rush Limbaugh. The same goes for Dave Chapelle.

      • Tara says:

        Other artists were just as attention seeking and immature in their early days with or without talent. Madonna has always been a sghameless, no talent hack and the only reason she put on some clothes is because you couldnt pay the public to look at that 50 year old gristle now.
        You can say Miley dresses like a skank but you dont have the right to call her one based on her clothes. There is a difference. Slutshaming telks people that they ‘brought it on themselves’ which is utter misogynistic bullsh*t.

      • Jenna says:

        Eh…age can be trivial. If she’s 87 years old and still wearing fuzzy diapers and grills, then her age would be used against her because she should ‘know better’. Age is just fickle at a certain point.

      • Hakura says:

        @Bijlee – Omg, if you hadn’t commented, I was going to address Hank Jr. Asking- “Don’t you mean ‘good Hank’?” xD

    • mia girl says:

      I’ll also take that bleach once you are all done with it.

      Then as a preventative measure, might I recommend we each put on a hazmat suit to protect us should we happen to catch a glimpse of these photos again.

    • Andrew says:

      Blaize: I’m not saying she needs to wear an ankle length dress with long sleeves. Heck I’m ok with her showing skin, but there is a way to look sexy and still dress with freedom without wearing diaper shorts and barely there clothes. It’s like she only dresses this way to get shock value. I’m just saying if she really wants attention, then she should wear something that’s pretty, can still be sexy, but not trashy ‘I don’t care’ looking. I agree she can dress as she wishes, but it’s NOT attractive at ALL. And btw, I would never want to marry/date a TWENTY year old who dresses and acts like this…like a 14 year old who doesn’t give a crap. Sure she has freedom to do as she pleases, but again, it turns many people off. And I’d be embarrassed if I was Liam, but I’m not Liam so i’ll shut my mouth now.

      • Andrew says:

        Sorry to double post, but I have no idea how my comment ended up way down here. It was in response blaizes comment that Miley can dress how she pleases near the top of the comments. I probably hit the wrong thing…dear Lord I need sleep.

      • blaize says:

        Yes, I agree that a lot of her outfits are unattractive and her poses are try-hard. But I feel very strongly about a person’s right to do whatever they please with their physical appearance- especially a female person’s. So even if a person’s style is unattractive, I support it. Plus, I like seeing what these pop stars wear.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Of course people have a right to wear what they want, just like others have the right to have an opinion about it.

        Not everything is about *slut-shaming!!*, sometimes people just recognize that certain outfits are tacky and entirely UNsexy, when worn by someone like Miley, who simply doesn’t possess a lot of sex appeal OR maturity.

        Miley is still a girl and doesn’t understand that sexiness doesn’t always have to be in-your-face, grabbing your crotch and sticking your tongue out. Sometimes sexiness is subtlety-a toss of your hair, a skirt with a slit, or a glossy collarbone.

        She’s just too young to get this, that’s all.

      • blaize says:

        @TheOriginalKitten: I agree with most of what you said.

        It’s not about slut-shaming… unless the words skank, slut, whore, trash, tramp, etc. are used, or people bring up the whole ‘female role models can’t dress like that’ argument.

      • Lauren says:

        TOK – I am in agreement with you. It bothers me that this “slut-shaming” term is thrown about pretty much whenever someone criticizes an attractive woman. Just like people have the right to dress how they want, there is also freedom of speech.

      • blaize says:

        @Lauren: It doesn’t have anything to do with how attractive a woman is or the belief that attractive women should not be criticized. To me, Miley’s just average in the looks department right now.

        It’s about not determining a woman’s worth, character, status, destiny, etc. based on clothing and sex, (which also includes the mythical belief that you can guess a woman’s sexual history or future based on her clothes) and not using scarlet letter-type slurs against a woman based on sex and clothing.

        Freedom of speech means that the government will not arrest a person for the things they say. It does NOT mean that a person can’t be publicly called out when they express bigotry- be it racism, homophobia, misogyny, slut-shaming, whorephobia, transphobia, or anything else problematic.

      • Hakura says:

        @TOKitten – I agree that Miley doesn’t seem to understand the ‘subtle’ side of sexiness. Someone above pointed out that she seems to lack natural ‘sex appeal’ (at least in a way -we- can see), & is really overcompensating. I really believe that hit the nail on the head, especially when you think back to how excited (seemingly shocked & overjoyed) when she was named ‘sexiest’ in a magazine. (I’m not saying anyone wouldn’t be excited, but she plastered it everywhere for more than a week straight, this proving it was a huge deal to her).

        @Blaize – I agree, you have a point regarding the fact that countless other pop icons have dressed & acted outlandish purely for attention, playing a role that may have been completely different from their own personalities, preferences, & personal style, for the sake of marketing their product.

        I don’t like the way she dresses at all, & feel that her attitudes & overt (in your face constantly) sexual references are totally crass & classless. I didn’t act like *that* at 20 (not that im proud of all my fashion choices from back then), but you’re still figuring out who you are at that age, so it makes sense that (with her outgoing personality) we’re seeing every stage of evolving. She seems to jump into everything head first, which can be both good & bad.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      LOL give me a sip…

    • Babalon says:

      I think we’re long past the help of brain bleach…

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      We need a brain bleaching cocktail!

  3. Po says:

    Trying waaaaaaay too hard!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Really, is she wearing a sweatshirt that says “rap music” on it? And the tongue and the finger and the touching herself…so already done a million times and looking just as stupid now.

    • Stubbylove says:

      No doubt. We get it Miley – gonna get all crazy cuz I’m a big girl now so I’m gonna smoke, wear a rap sweatshirt & touch myself cuz I can! WTF. *Yawn* *Bore*

  4. Marianne says:

    Is that a photo of her….touching herself??

    Oh good god.

    • Andrew says:

      I think that’s the worst photo of the bunch just because she almost looks like a child with those jeans ridden up. Bleh. I’m now going to wash out my eyes with bleach and fawn over Cate Blanchett

    • Mika says:

      That coochie-grabbing just shows how desperate she is.

    • MBP says:

      It looks less sexy and more like she’s got crabs… (sorry).

    • Hakura says:

      @MBP – LMAO! God, it does

      I recoiled in horror when I saw that pic. Who the hell wants to see her molesting herself? (other than uncle Terry, that is.) I have no problem w/female ‘erotica’ or WhateverTF she does on her ‘off time’, but she just comes off so ‘UNnsexy’ that I can’t help but see it as gross & serious TMI.

    • Hakura says:

      @MBP – LMAO! God, it *does*!

      I recoiled in horror when I saw that pic. Who the hell wants to see her molesting herself? (other than uncle Terry, that is.) I have no problem w/female ‘erotica’ or WhateverTF she does on her ‘off time’, but she just comes off so ‘UNnsexy’ that I can’t help but see it as gross & serious TMI.

  5. paranormalgirl says:

    I used to stick up for Miley, but I can’t anymore. It’s all getting so out of control and ridiculous.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      +1. I gave up about 4-5 posts ago, when Miley’s tongue started becoming a regular feature.

    • Heebeegeebee says:

      Cosign. I think she is naturally very beatiful and I like her singing voice. I was so excited about her new direction but not now. What a disappointment. So much potential and no delivery, just posing. And I will never, ever support someone who promotes drug use.

    • lylaooo says:

      i can not understand why this man is called a photographer! i mean i can take better than him!
      and also I never really thought of me saying this but i really miss Kim Kardashian post! this miley thing is enough…she is gross i wonder why liam still dating her! she is embarrassing! she and Beiber need to go away!!!

  6. KatieD says:

    Billy Ray needs to lock this poser & her giraffe tongue in the basement for the next 10 yrs or so. Disgusting and embarrassing!

  7. QQ says:

    Can we get off this attention whory shitshow already? Please?…

  8. pao la says:

    in the 3rd picture you can see stains of lipstick on her thumbs right where she sucked on them. I feel dirty after watching this pics. it feels like a perv holding the camera for a too young girl who thinks these pics are artsy while they’re just gross. and honestly i’m so over her and her tongue.

  9. juststeph says:

    This makes me sad.

  10. crab says:

    What’s with her freaking tongue lately, she’s always sticking it out?? She’s so hard core (insert eyeroll here).

  11. Erinn says:

    Ahahaha, this is what Terry was meant to photograph.

    I know they’re obnoxious but I still almost like them. Not in a serious art way, I’m just amused by them.

  12. Nessa says:

    Where are her parents? What do they say about this? My goodness… I am officially getting old. These pictures just make me sad for Miley. :-/

    • NeNe says:

      I was just wondering the same thing. What do her parents have to say about this? My guess is that they fully support their daughter’s trashy wild side. At least that is the impression I got from reading one of Bill Ray’s interviews he did with someone (can’t remember who.) I understand she is growing up, but personally, I’m not really liking the person she is becoming. Not that I liked her too much to begin with.

      • Lassie says:

        I always felt in reading interviews about her and her parents that they were always about being her friend more than providing any type of guidance or discipline. Also, being the main source of income once the ‘Achy Breaky’ cash stopped rolling in and the State Fair Tours stopped calling probably equalled the relationship in the family.

      • jwoolman says:

        Lassie- Her dad is a rich man and has never lived on her income. He paid for her expenses, not the other way around. That’s why she’s swimming in dollars now- her money was set aside for her and not used by her parents. Her dad has money from both his music and his work as an actor and hasn’t wasted it so he still has it. Lots of it.

    • blaize says:

      How do the parents of MALE AND FEMALE stars feel about their adult daughters AND SONS posing nude and partying? I guess we’ll never know. Hopefully most parents are open-minded enough not to reject and publicly condemn their kids over something so trivial, even if the parent is anti-nudity and anti-partying.

      • Brickyard Ute says:

        Keep earning your payroll check Blaize!

      • Kcaia says:

        ITA, Blaize. I don’t know when a young pop star sticking out her tongue, and wearing revealing clothes became so damn shocking and controversial, but I think everybody’s getting their panties in a bunch about nothing. I’m almost 30, a stay at home mom of 4, and the most exciting thing I’ve done lately is cross the md line into va to illegally buy fireworks (illegal in md). But it wasn’t that long ago I was young, and Im not going to forget the things young girls, even good girls, do these days. Bc we no longer live in a world where a tongue, belly and thighs should be shocking. I have little 12 and 13 yr old girls.on my fb that are friends kids post things like, “like my post if you want to smash, comment if you’d pass!” all day, (and that’s the tame example) with mothers that swear their babies are still innocent and just saying the things the other kids say. I’m not saying every young girl is doing or saying these things, but I think some of you would be very surprised, considering so many find Miley to be shocking.

      • Hakura says:

        @Blaize – The tho g that’s been getting to me lately hasn’t been her clothes, but all the crude (constantly in-your-face) sexual gestures/positions/mimicking. I’m def not saying she’s the first or only one to do this purely for shock value & attention (many from Madonna to Rihanna/Gaga). It’s her prerogative to do the tongue/BJ mimicking, but to *me* personally, they look more like they belong in ‘Hustler’ than fashion mags.

  13. Canada Guy says:

    Hello Miley, This is Terry Richardson. Listen, I want to so something WAY outa the box here. I dunno, maybe take a picture of you twerking, did you ever hear of that? And to top it off, possibly one of you sticking your tongue out! Yea, that will really be different. Awesome.

  14. Barrett says:

    Agreed. Stop with the tongue…. You are grossing me out to no end!

  15. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Forget Miley here – can someone tell me why Terry Richardson is a thing? All of his photos shoots are practically the same: washed out, unflattering, pervy as all hell, and uninspired. I swear, each time I see a shoot, it takes place in the living room of whatever crack den he lives in. Ugh.

    • Kiddo says:

      I don’t get it at all. He’s a hack.

    • emmie_a says:

      I guess Terry is a thing for exactly the same reason Miley is a thing – they both try to be sexy/dirty or shocking but come off as gross and desperate.

    • Harriet says:

      Although I am not always a Terry Richardson fan I should point out he does plenty of very normal safe photo shoots for big brands and editorials which aren’t as stark as his personal studio shots and I don’t hate them. I also think that although its not exactly art, his style when it came out was a very original take and not so easily replicated. There are plenty of referential photographers with highly sexualised work who aren’t picked on because they don’t photograph as many celebrities. Plenty of them arent picked on even though they are high profile! Yes, some of the photographs aka Miley and Rihanna are just ridiculous, but I wanted to provide an alternative take on Terry. His celebrity photographs are awful because they subjects are people we love to hate! And this business about Terry taking advantage of people- I don’t know for sure- I wasn’t there- was anyone else?

      • Kiddo says:

        @Harriet, I beg to differ. I don’t hate Miley, at all. There were numerous accounts of Richardson’s perviness, do you think they were all made up? I mean, it’s not as if the accusers made millions on telling the story. So what was the motive for lying?

      • Harriet says:

        I understand where you are coming from but he has managed to photograph the president of all people! If such an image conscious important role model has given the all clear… Do you see what I mean? John Galliano isn’t touched with a ten foot pole, yet president of the United States is in contact with Terry Richardson! Look I know I’m not being popular with what I am saying here and again I don’t want to be a defender I am just more interested in the truth and not a one sided diatribe for once. Either way I don’t want to be seen here as defending an (alleged) paedophile or a predator and I apologise if that’s what this is sounding like.

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t think who, of any importance, that he has photographed, proves the assertions one way or another. Look at all of the people who stand behind Polanski, for example. I don’t believe Richardson has ever been charged with a crime, but that is not to say that he never committed one. But since no formal charges have ever been made, it may explain why someone like the president might okay a shoot. He has a lot of power and influence with a lot of people in the industry. Under-aged girls, who feel shame and coerced, probably could not prove their case. It’s a David and Goliath situation.

      • Harriet says:

        I have already seen the links thank you. And I was anticipating the Roman Polanski comments too. I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinions- mine are mine, I just like the occasional neutral commentary and I respect what you guys have said and have your own opinions.

      • Bijlee says:

        @Harriet Obama has to make deals with dictators. It’s the unfortunate part of his job that he has to deal with people he may or may not like or support for the “greater good.” So no having Obama pose for you does not constitute some sort of statement on your character. Terry’s a creep through and through. And it’s disappointing to see men and women who absolutely do not need him take part in his skeezy photoshoots.

      • ramonaflowers says:

        TR is the perviest perv to have such a vast influence on the fashion and entertainment world in terms of photography… I can’t imagine what that rachet Miley did to this nasty old man, it’s obvious.

        NSFW NSFW NSFW!!!

      • Harriet says:

        @ramonaflowers Okay I get it. I had not seen those pictures. And what has been seen can not be unseen. Shudder.

    • Nicolette says:

      IDK, I don’t get it either. He’s like a creepy pedophile with a camera, and his photos make me uncomfortable. Just sleazy as hell, and I can’t understand why all these celebs have photo shoots done with him, and act like it’s a status thing.

      This is just beyond bad taste. Don’t know which is worse, the one of her touching herself or the headstand that had the crotch shot that had to be blurred out. Didn’t even want to go to the link for the other photos, as these made my skin crawl enough on their own. And that damn tongue! Enough already!

  16. Bijlee says:

    Eww. Just eww. She looks perpetually 15 and this skeezy photoshoot doesn’t change that.

  17. Tapioca says:

    zOMG! Flippin’ the double-bird! Sticking her tongue out! Grabbing her crotch! SMOKING!!

    We’re crossing the Rubicon here people – prepare for the end of society as we know it, because there are no boundaries this maverick won’t set ablaze.

    • locheed says:

      Tapioca, you are awesome and right on the money! That’s what I thought, as well. What is the female version of a d-bag? That’s how I see her.

    • Evelyn says:

      Tapioca, your comment has made my entire day! @Locheed, jockstrap?

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      And what’s worse is that all over instagram, tumblr, and the like you have young girls exclaiming Miley, RiRi, K-Trash are their idols. I expect a wave of pictures that copy these photos.

      God, we as America don’t hold the bar above trash when it comes to young celebrities.

  18. Karen says:


  19. lady mary. says:

    go away miley and take Amber with you

  20. Kiddo says:

    High key photo shoots every time. Same pervy elements and Terry inserting himself into photos. Just, vomitous. Can’t stand him.

  21. emmie_a says:

    A few of those pics are downright disgusting. I never thought of myself as a prude but ugh – GROSS. gross gross. Enough Miley. We get it, you’re so grown-up and hard edged. Maybe when you really DO grow-up you’ll realize that you don’t have to show the world.

    I am jealous of her eyelashes though…

  22. Maureen says:

    She just makes me angry, really angry. No further comment.

  23. OriginallyBlue says:

    Is it me or do her legs look weird in the “rap music” sweat shirt? They look backwards.

  24. NM9005 says:

    At this point, you don’t even need to tell me that Richardson is the photographer. His ‘style’ is recognizable from 10 miles away. He’s shit. If that’s what it takes to be a photographer then I’m quitting my degree and sending my amateur pics around because that shit looks EASY.

    Oh and Miley is too much Try and my sympathy just dried up so I’ll end my comment with theses quotes:

    2009: I’ve never heard a Jay-Z song

    2013: Call it what you want. But I don’t see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out. #twerkmileytwerk

  25. allons-y alonso says:

    i just threw up in my mouth a bit

    • Marty says:

      But why?!!! These photos are SO hardcore and sexy! Especially that one that looks like she’s trying to go to the bathroom in outterspace!!! SO sexy!

      • Hakura says:

        Either that, or positioning herself in a kinky way for uncle terry to ‘insert himself’ into the picture. *cringeshuddergag*

    • Happy21 says:

      Really? Cause I just threw up A LOT – like everywhere ;)

  26. NeNe says:

    What’s supposed to be spectacular about this? In my opinion, she has become way too trashy. She certainly is no longer a role model to young girls that’s for sure!

    • blaize says:

      Yep. Good female role models for young girls dress modestly and abstain from nudity. It’s about being a ‘Good Girl’. Cuz the naked human body is evil and destructive.

      And I completely forgot that it’s the responsibility of 20-year-old celebs to set the standard of appropriate dress/behavior for 5-year-olds. What’s wrong for 5-year-old Sally is also wrong for 20-year-old Susie. Because if these pop stars don’t raise our children, who will?

      “But where are those good old-fashioned values
      On which we used to rely?” :) ))

      • Bubbles says:

        No, good female role models are in the industry because they have talent, not because they have a hot body and a good publicist.

        And she’s older than me so it bugs me a bit that every silly thing she does is apologized for with her age.

      • Jenna says:

        Did you ever take into consideration that maybe she’s talking about more than just her poser image?

      • blaize says:

        @Bubbles: So if she had a voice like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, you’d feel differently?

      • Bubbles says:

        Yes. Because as ridiculous as she is, Mariah got where she is because she can sing her butt of. She sold records because of her voice. Miley sells them because she has a good publicist.

      • Hakura says:

        @Blaize – She was talking more about her recent behavior in general, as opposed to her manner of dress. we usually agree where Miley is concerned, but lately she’s been doing so many things (& doing them to the extreme, no less) that definitely puts her closer & closer to Rihanna on the ‘bad role model for kids/teenagers scale.

        No, it’s definitely not her job/responsibility to raise anyone’s kids or protect them from bad examples & age inappropriate actions/behaviors. I just agree that the continued promotion of drugs, suggestive gestures (re: fondling herself ect), means kids & teens are being influenced & shouldn’t consider her a role model, that’s all.

    • msw says:

      It’s not up to Miley to be a role model. That’s what parents are for.

      Sorry, I just really don’t like this argument. It’s up to parents to raise their kids, not celebs. If parents see celebs behaving badly, they should use it as an opportunity to discuss it with their kids, and more importantly set a good example themselves. And don’t buy their crap if you don’t want to support it. All this pearl clutching over bad celebrity role models has gone way too far, IMO.

  27. chloe says:

    This girl is going to be the next Lyndsay L., her parents should be proud. They just did a story on her this morning on the CBS Morning show talking about how she’s promoting a club drug in her new song and the hosts were not kind about her actions or dress (or lack of it).

    • blaize says:

      Yep. Every female in Hollywood who ever wore revealing clothes and tried drugs ended up like Lindsay Lohan- hard-core drug addiction and alcoholism, fights, in and out of jail and court, and shoplifting. And how dare a singer include a drug reference in a song.

      • Andrew says:

        I think everyone has a right to post their mind, but you’re either a paid Miley rep or you’re trolling on these Miley threads. I’m being blunt and harsh, but Miley is honestly just trashy

      • blaize says:

        Neither. Just calling out the slut-shaming and pearl-clutching. Plus I’m a fan. :)

        Aren’t reps only paid to defend celebrities against rumors?

  28. Merman says:

    Same old, same old.

  29. Tiffany27 says:

    I feel like my laptop just caught HPV. Sit Down Miley.

  30. Jennifer12 says:

    This guy shoots every girl like they’re in a 70s porno in his basement. Miley WOULD think they’re rebels. And how are these pictures any different from, say, Lindsay Lohan’s set? Though, thinking about it, Miley and Terry are perfect for each other.

    • Hakura says:

      @Jennifer – The only thing missing is a VW Bus in the background, & a disco ball for her to bend over for another ass-shot… After seeing the god-awful pics someone linked above, I can say w/complete confidence that Uncle Terry found a more…productive…use of that tongue. (shuddergagpuke)

  31. Velouria says:

    ugh, I wouldn’t even put those glasses on my FACE…he’s so nasty.

  32. Faye says:

    I can’t get over her rich white girl privildge atm. Someone needs to tell her to stop twerking not because she is white but because she has no arse to twerk!

  33. Jane says:

    I think I need an exorcist to rid myself of this child. Lord have mercy she is so out of control. I almost literally cannot go anywhere without seeing that demented face of hers.

  34. Lucrezia says:

    I actually kinda like the twisted-lip derp-face one. (6th one down.)

    However, I wandered in here directly from the Annie Leibovitz/Cumberbatch post. Talk about contrast. I should’ve taken it slower, stopped off at the JA post first or something. I think I’m suffering from visual whiplash. It’s possible that my current approval of the derp-face is purely shock. I may change my mind when I come to my senses.

    • Amory says:

      I agree – that one picture alone is somewhat interesting and fun. The rest show that a once talented man has hit rock bottom. The pics are so unoriginal and amateur and rely on cheap shock value for interest. And besides, she always looks and acts like this- how about showing her in a different light if you want to be interesting.

      • MiniKitty says:

        True. What really stands out to me about these photos is that I feel like there’s nothing new or interesting. In every pic these days, MC has her tongue out—so how are these photos any different? No interesting clothes, poses, lighting—just nothing. Sad.

  35. Applapoom says:

    She is probably going to regret this phase of her life. I did really embarassing things at that age but nothing which is permanently on the internet. This photo shoot looks so awful and this tongue thing needs to stop. Like, now.

    • Hakura says:

      @Applapoom – I think *that* is (1 of the) main negatives of the internet these days. Before, embarrassing pics would be in a disposable camera, hiding under your bed (or Polaroids shoved in a drawer/closet/ceiling panel) for all eternity.

      Teens & young adults don’t seem to understand the concept of ‘Once it’s out there, it’s out there FOREVER. Until the end of time or technology. (This goes for celebs alike, pics will haunt you throughout your whole career). What if potential employers decide to Google you? People just don’t think. I wouldn’t want 1 drunken snapshot of my ass, or playing ‘porn star’ & fondling myself, to ruin my life.

  36. eliza says:

    Seriously, a “rap music” sweatshirt?! Touching herself picture?! Tongue pictures? This is the saddest thing she’s done and she has done plenty. Run Liam, ruuuuuuuuuuun@

  37. aquarius64 says:

    Going to a photographer with a rep of making his female subjects looking like hoochies in the photos. A sure way to break from the Disney image, but it’s not a way to get a Grammy nomination. That takes talent and musicianship. Sorry Miley gets headlines for being skanky and ratchet more than being an musician. That’s hard to take anyone seriously under those circumstances. Dollar bet Miley throw a hissy fit like Bieber if ARAS doesn’t nominate her next year.

  38. eliza says:

    P.S Enough with. “Twerking” . Gah! I wsd over that when my neighbors daughter started doing it by their car every morning before school last spring. Don’t ask! :-X

  39. Adrien says:

    Everytime I see Miley all I can think about is Lory Petty De Generes.
    The tongue? Is that her trademark thing now?

  40. Littlebowbee says:

    Omg. Put that tongue away. Does she really think that is sexy?

  41. mimi says:

    I wish this girl would put away that nasty looking lizard tongue once and for all. It’s not ever a good look on anyone.

  42. JL says:

    You realize I read this while eating my breakfast don’t you?
    she looks like an eighth grader trying to act grown up.

  43. Mandy says:

    YEEZUS! Why so try hard, Miley??? We get it, you’re a “GROWN UP” now.

  44. CC says:

    This just looks stupid to me. And why the hell a loser like that guy have a career? His work sucks.

  45. Mrs.Darcy says:

    And Norman, not my little Norman (Reedus)! ugh depressed now :-(

  46. JudyK says:

    The jean pic is both offensive and repulsive. Whole shoot is making me feel nauseous.

  47. Gretchen says:

    I’m starting to have dark fantasies about cutting her tongue off. I. Can’t. Handle. Any. More. Tongue.
    For the love of god PUT IT AWAY MILEY!!!!
    It’s more overexposed than Anne Hathaway during her damn oscar bid.

  48. blaize says:

    What a misleading headline! I expected spectacular photos and got THIS?

    I’m very adamant about a person’s right to wear whatever they want and do whatever they want with their own physical appearance. I’m also very much against slut-shaming and believe that in the 21st-century, we should all be over our ancient, prudish, socially-ingrained need to scarlet-letter people for posing naked, regardless of the gender of the subject. A picture of someone naked should no longer cause anger or pearl-clutching.

    But these photos aren’t even attractive or interesting. They’re try-hard and boring. Miley’s new We Can’t Stop image is also try-hard. The try-hardness is harmless, but it’s also getting annoying. Hopefully she’ll end this phase quickly, because I miss the Miley of 2011 and the first half of 2012. That’s the Miley that I really liked.

    • Bijlee says:

      The headline isn’t so misleading as it is tongue in cheek. Terry has a reputation around here (a VERY bad one) and pretty much anyone that does a photoshoot with him disappoints people. It’s spectacular in a different sense not that these photos are actually good but more a spectacular mess. At least that’s what I got and expected when I saw terry and miley in the same headline.

    • JGL says:

      I wouldn’t say ‘try-hardness’ is harmless.
      It’s almost everywhere and I get the overwhelming urge to punch the monitor whenever I see it.
      I can’t go anywhere without this ‘try-hardness’ shoved down my throat

    • Tapioca says:

      And I am equally adamant about a person’s right to look at Miley’s desperate attempts to be credible and edgy and laugh like a drain!

      If there was the slightest hint of originality in anything she’s doing I’d say more power to her, but everything is so, so contrived that you can almost see the strings being pulled by the corporate suits. What was the first thing Christina Aguilera & Britney did to try and shake off their Disney roots? Oh yeah – take their clothes off and get someone to rap over the bridge!


      • blaize says:

        @Tapioca: “What was the thing that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera did to shake off the Disney roots? Oh yeah- take off the clothes and get someone to rap over the bridge.”

        With Christina I honestly believe that she was/is wearing whatever she wants to wear (whether it’s attractive or not! :o ) and performing the music she wanted to perform with Stripped and Back to Basics, Disney past or no Disney past. With her attitude she doesn’t strike me as someone who would constantly wear things she hated, take photos that she didn’t want to take, and sing songs that she didn’t want to sing for years, just because somebody else told her to do it. She’d throw a fit.

        Britney comes off as softer, and I think she was mostly doing what she was told to do throughout her career (although I think some of it was the real her).

        Miley seems to be somewhere in between. She wears what she wants whether others are ok with it or not and uses her reputation as a ‘controversial girl’ to wear whatever, but lately she’s also been try-hard to promote her new album (since her last one flopped) and her people are encouraging it. Her attitude about her work seems to have changed from 2011 to now. Before she didn’t seem to care that much about working and was just doing pilates and going on vacations. Now she’s all over the place promoting and trying to be an ‘edgy artist.’

  49. Susie Q says:

    I’ll bet Liam is kicking his butt right now for dumping her :/

  50. nuzzybear says:

    Bravo! A true meeting of the minds between artiste and muse! These two should always collaborate… and keep the results to themselves.

  51. postaldog says:

    Lolz! Poor Terry, Miley’s hair was too short for him to do that ridiculous pose where he pulls the girl’s hair over his head and mugs for the camera.
    Unimaginative hack.

  52. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Uh I posted one long comment and then a short one, it deleted my first comment boo! Basically Uncle Terry is a creep. And it makes me sad that cool actors (not hipster twats like Franco)like Michael Shannon, Paul Rudd, various others will work with this guy when they have families and stuff. His “art” is exploitative of young girls and creepy whichever way you look at it imo. Miley, you don’t look sexy or rebellious to me, you just look tragic. Posing for Terry is a cliche at this point. What ever next, Playboy? You are kind of a goofy looking young girl who got very lucky with nepotism and child stardom. You are not a sex bomb, find something else to do, like Grow Up.

  53. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    I can’t tell if Miley thinks she’s really so cute and hot, or if Miley knows she is crap and is trying to pretend to be cute and hot but knows she is failing at it? These pictures send mixed signals in her expression. Overall, though, they send the unified message: “Hold your nose, Uncle Terry’s in the room, and as always, he looks about ten seconds away from dropping his pants.”

    • Susie Q says:

      I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s hot and anyone who doesn’t agree is just jelly..didn’t I read something along these lines recently?

  54. Ruyana says:

    Miley is overexposed in every possible sense of the word.

  55. K-rock says:

    Ummmmm o_0 That upside down one. Ummmmm…

  56. Rachel says:

    I always thought she wasn’t a very pretty girl… Now I know it. Everything she’s done since she lost weight has been varying degrees of repulsive.

  57. Eugenia says:

    Of course!

    I actually don’t mind Miley all that much, but these past 2-3 weeks I am finding myself embarrassed for her.

    Her thirst has now become uncomfortable to watch. I want to hook the girl up to an IV to restore her fluid and electrolyte levels because homegirl is past dehydration. Rhianna, Gaga and Katy make it look easy and effortless.

    Miley’s thirst has become so palpable that it has become an entity unto itself which deserves a name and its own SAG card. That name would probably be Rhianna, since it seems apparent that is who Miley wants to grow up to be. I just can’t with her anymore.

  58. goddesslove says:

    I love Miley she is awesome. This must be an old lady site (reading the comments) LOL!

    • Bijlee says:

      I guess my reply to you was eaten, it’s too hard to write it again. No dude, not old ladies just women with opinions. There’s quite a few of us that are young and/or near miley’s age and still find her lame and try hard.

      • MaryBeth says:


      • Shannon says:

        And I find Terry a pervert!! I’m far from an old lady or a prude. Dude is nasty and if you were to look at an “old Terry” tumblr like I did yesterday you would probably have the same opinion. All nude girls and him with his c*ck out. Not appealing.

      • Bijlee says:

        @Shannon How do I keep forgetting Uncle Terry?

        @godlesslove Yes ALOT of us near Miley’s age, older than Miley, younger than Miley, more conservative than Miley, more liberal than Miley, (what have you) find Terry Richardson absolutely disgusting.

    • sunnydaze says:

      No, not a site for old ladies…a site where people can exchange some snark and (more often than not) some real, meaningful information. If you want a site that caters to blind celeb worship and a target audience of young girls ages 12-16, you’d love the E! site. Or stick around and learn how to insult others without looking like you just entered high school.

  59. Lexi says:

    What a gross and disgusting photoshoot! Just nasty! She is sooo gross now with her nasty tongue always hanging out!

  60. Kiddo says:

    The sweatshirt photo looks like it’s straight out of an American Apparel catalog. In fact, they all do. Pervs of a feather, I guess.

  61. Asdfg says:

    I made a promise to myself yesterday that I was done reading about Miley but then this photoshoot happened…. :lol: And while Terry Richardson is a creep. I know the poses are all Miley’s doing and THAT I find hilarious. :lol:

    I was browsing pictures of Miley’s 2012 style and photoshoots yesterday and I didn’t come across 1 – ONE photo of her posing with her tongue hanging out. What did that tell me? Her new image requires her tongue to be out of her mouth at all times. It’s sexy. In her mind the tongue = sex appeal!!!!! :lol:

  62. Shannon says:

    I saw a tumblr yesterday of old Terry photos. Most of them were nudies of him and young girls. One was him getting a BJ from 2 girls. To say I was disgusted would be an understatement. Why so these celebs work for him? Even Oprah and the president have taken pics for/with him. He’s a f*cking legit pervert. I don’t get it.

  63. Jenna says:

    Eh. At this point I can only roll my eyes and shake my head at her. Carry on, Miley.

  64. Green_eyes says:

    Not defending cuz .. ugh! Good things she’s young and hopefully pass thru the trying too hard phase

  65. MaryBeth says:

    Three letters describe this shoot and her at the present time:

  66. Jaded says:

    She’s pathetic – the badass, try-hard, aren’t I the sexiest thang evah crap only shows that she’s got some serious self-image problems if she has to resort to a constant stream of this crap. Go away and shut up Miley.

  67. Eleonor says:

    Madonna did it better.

  68. Teeny says:

    Terry Richardson is absolutely letcherous, and viewing the entire photo gallery made me feel queasy. He’s so perverted and his work just doesn’t appear to be innovative at all.

    As for Miley. One day she will learn to be comfortable with herself, no matter who that persona is, but for now she just comes across as being lost and try-hard… Very much like many of her peers.
    I will give credit when credit is due and she really does have an awesome toned and defined upper body.

  69. Teeny says:

    Terry Richardson is absolutely letcherous, and viewing the entire photo gallery made me feel queasy. He’s so perverted and his work just doesn’t appear to be innovative at all.
    As for Miley. One day she will learn to be comfortable with herself, no matter who that persona is, but for now she just comes across as being lost and try-hard… Very much like many of her peers. I will give credit when credit is due and she really does have an awesome toned and defined upper body.

  70. Teeny says:

    Terry Richardson is absolutely disgusting, and viewing the entire photo gallery made me feel queasy. He’s so perverted and his work just doesn’t appear to be innovative at all. As for Miley. One day she will learn to be comfortable with herself, no matter who that persona is, but for now she just comes across as being lost and try-hard… Very much like many of her peers. I will give credit when credit is due and she really does have an awesome toned and defined upper body.

  71. Mimi says:

    Sex appeal is something someone either has or does not have….Miley does NOT have it at all and it’s the TRY of it all that I think most people find do annoying about her.
    Miley also does NOT have the ass that is required for twerking so it’s just embarrassing to watch.
    Speaking of embarrassing, Liam must be so embarrassed or ever having anything to do w the joke Miley has become

  72. Teeny says:

    Terry Richardson is absolutely disgusting, and viewing the entire photo gallery made me feel queasy. He’s so perverted and his work just doesn’t appear to be innovative at all. As for Miley. One day she will learn to be comfortable with herself, no matter who that persona is, but for now she just comes across as being lost and try-hard, very much like many of her peers. I will give credit when credit is due and she really does have a nicely toned and defined upper body.

  73. Amanda says:

    LOL @ the chorus of straight girls claiming she has no sex appeal

  74. lisa says:

    sorry but how is this any different from the new pics we get of her every day? they are all the same, they are all terrible

  75. msw says:

    OMG. I want to yank her stupid tongue out of her mouth. Miley has become insufferable.

  76. Madriani's Girl says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall the day she grows up and cringes at how stupid and ridiculous she looks now. The tongue is not sexy, never was, and needs to stop. Richardson seems to have a thing about his subjects posing with cigarettes and it is not hot. Her “orgasmic” pose is beyind desperate.

  77. gg says:

    Good gosh, what is the meaning of the constant tongue?

  78. Vampi says:

    I went to the other link. “Terry’s Diary”

    and under the pic of Miley with the glasses grabbing her crotch, he titled it: “Miley Cyrus as me #2″ UGH!

  79. Dommy Dearest says:

    If someone has to remind her the color of her skin wouldn’t that be the definition of try hard? Micheal K nicknamed her Miley RiRi Cyrus and I can’t agree more.

  80. Emily C. says:

    Terry Richardson needs to fall off the face of the planet. I think Miley does photograph well, and with an actually talented and non-creepy photographer, she could get something pretty great. Not Terry. Never Terry.

  81. Alexandra says:

    Youth the possibilities are endless as well the missteps.

  82. swag says:

    What does Liam see in her? Can anyone see Miley discussing the economic problems in the US and Obamacare? And what impact will the fall of Mubarak have long term over the Middle East and Egypt? Now if asked those questions would Miley a. smoke a blunt or b. stick out her tounge?

    As for creepy Terry, he is whining because he has to turn over 142,000 pictures in a lawsuit filed by Lady Gaga’s former assistant for unpaid wages. Now creepy Terry made 58 million from selling his pics last year, AND NOW because the 142,000 are part of the public record of the lawsuit creepy Terry gets NOTHING becuse each picture is considered public property. Anyone can go to the courhouse and copy the picture and use it!! I guess karma has caught up to Terry!

  83. Ally8 says:

    These two should get married. They have so much in common now.

  84. LaurieH says:

    What a little skank she turned out to be. Eww and eww. Not edgy. Not talented. Not cool. Just skanky.

    • blaize says:

      I know, right? Nudity is immoral and for skanks. The right to wear whatever you want is also for skanks. It’s all so very, very, evil. Like, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, right? What a Jezebel/Hester Prynne this girl turned out to be. You spread Nutella, not your legs.

      • LaurieH says:

        She has the right to do whatever she wants. And I have the right to say she looks like a skank. Don’t like it? Too bad, so sad.

      • Cirque28 says:

        LOL! I’m totally stealing your ironic use of “you spread Nutella, not your legs.”

      • blaize says:

        @LaurieH: Yes, you definitely have the legal right to call a person a skank and all manner of slurs. I totally understand how being the Mean Girl version of Rush Limbaugh makes you feel Moral and Good. You don’t have to be tolerant and open-minded if you don’t want to.

        Just don’t be surprised if you get called on your puritanical bitchery. :)

    • dorothy says:

      Agree. Skanky is the perfect description of this girl.

  85. K-Rock says:

    Thing is, she’s got perfect skin, a bangin’ bod, she can wear pretty much any hair style and any style makeup and look amazing. What I don’t understand is why she goes out of her way to look like trash. And for gods sake and the rest of our sakes, PUT YOUR TONGUE BACK IN YOUR MOUTH WHERE IT BELONGS! I mean, one or two off the cuff pics with a tongue out or making a silly face is one thing, but PLEASE not in EVERY photo shoot and video. And yes, we know and believe you have a vagina. No need to spread it open wide and constantly remind us. She is exhausting.

  86. Ginger says:

    PWC…perv with camera

  87. Hannah says:

    She’s not going to make it. I see a bald head, an umbrella and a paparazzo car in her future followed by a number of rehab stays.

  88. Carolyn says:

    Miley=Terry=match made in heaven. this photo shoot was always going to happen and it was always going to turn out like this.

    Billy Ray & Tish would be so proud.

  89. dorothy says:

    Not doin it for me. Tacky, cheap and embarrassing. Don’t understand the fascination she has with her tongue. See this one headed to rehab not too far in the future. Sad. She used to be interesting.

  90. Cirque28 says:

    I hope all of you who used to object to brunette, mellow, slightly chunky, weed-smoking Miley are happy now.


  91. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Way to stay classy, Miley. Way to stay classy.

  92. Teeny says:

    My comments failed to post before, but now I see that they ALL posted. Sorry about that!

  93. bettyrose says:

    I don’t know if I’m more grossed out by those high rise 80s jeans or her grabbing herself in them.

  94. Nikki says:

    He’s the most uninteresting and formulaic photographer I’ve seen in a long time. He even wears the same clothes, constantly. He needs a new schtick.

  95. HiHa says:

    ..& it is spectacular, filthy.

  96. shanti says:

    Giraffe tongue that’s exactly it.. ive been trying for weeks to think what that awful tongue reminds me of….I thought it was this really gross escaped tongue beer ad we had in Aus…. no its a giraffe tongue.. but on them it looks fine… on try hard chipmunk Miley not so good I really wish she would keep her mouth closed and go away

  97. Mabs says:

    She reminds me of Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor in the second pic.

  98. Shopgirl says:

    Holy Hell NO!!!

    Oy… she just needs 2 go away for awhile.

    With her truckface, and ass-hat ways + she thinks her nasty bod is hawt?


  99. Joseph says:

    Miley is always copying Selena Gomez. except Selena’s pics were alot classier