Hulk Hogan wants Chris Hemsworth to play him in a bio-pic. Sounds right.

Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to write about Chris Hemsworth after repeated badgering from several commenters. For what it’s worth, there hasn’t been a lot happening with Chris Hemsworth lately. He didn’t go to Comic-Con, he wasn’t in Madrid on Monday to promote Rush. He’s been working all summer on Cyber. Personally, I find his silence (and Elsa’s silence) particularly deafening. I feel like there’s something else to Chris’s lack of anything for the past few months. Maybe an affair? Something like that.

Anyway, somebody thinks it would be a brilliant idea to make a bio-pic of Hulk Hogan’s life. And somebody asked Hulk who he wanted in the role. He think Hemsworth would make a good Hulk. You know what? I actually kind of agree.

Hogan knows best? Hulk Hogan doesn’t want just anyone bringing him to life on the big screen — he wants Thor himself. Or at least the actor who plays him. Speaking about the possibility of a Hulk Hogan biopic somewhere down the line, the famed WWE wrestler tells Toronto’s Cape Breton Post that he thinks Avengers star Chris Hemsworth, 30, is the man to fill his red and yellow spandex pants.

“I think we need a serious, serious actor that knows what he’s doing. You know who I thought would be good? That guy that did that action movie Thor,” Hogan, 60, tells the paper of the Australian actor.

The reality star notes, however, that a biopic is still a long way off — despite any rumors to the contrary. “It’s not really true,” he clarifies of reports that he’s developing a movie about his life. “What happened was, I was going through LaGuardia Airport…and this guy asked me a bunch of dumb questions for TMZ, and he goes, ‘Eh, when are they going to do a bio about your life?’ And I said, ‘It’s already in development.’ So now everybody’s rambling like it’s a feature film already.”

“The truth is…two kids that are writers in L.A., hot young writers, they did a four-page treatment, and I’m telling you they nailed it — they nailed it like they were living in my shoes — and I gave them the green light to go ahead and write the first pass,” he explains. “But that’s all it is.”

If anyone can bring the Super Destroyer to life, though, it’s these guys, whom Hogan does not name. “They’ve got wrestling in their blood, [and] they were huge Hulk Hogan fans,” the WWE Hall of Famer says, “so they followed not only the smoke and mirrors that you see on TV, but they followed personally what I was going through: the divorce [from wife Linda in 2009] the car accident, all the drama, the eight back surgeries, the hip replacements, the knee replacements.”

Hogan has indeed had his share of obstacles to overcome, but he says he’s feeling “pretty good” about life these days. “I’m eternally youthful and I’m 60 years young,” he tells the Cape Breton Post. “I’ll take my shirt off in front of any 25-year-old and I guarantee I’m built better than they are.”

[From Us Weekly]

And then Elsa Pataky petitioned for the role of Brooke Hogan. The end.

Seriously, though… they’ll never make a Hulk Hogan bio-pic (although I might watch a documentary if it was tell-all). I wonder if Chris Hemsworth is bothered by this off-brand name-dropping? Chris is supposed to be the next big action star, the next big lead actor, the next big… Russell Crowe, I guess. And now people are writing stories about whether or not he should play Hulk Hogan? Still, it’s not like Chris is really out there doing any promotion for anything. Rush comes out at the end of September. Thor: The Dark World comes out in November. Will Chris come out to promote them at all? Or, more importantly, will Elsa come out to support them and will she bring her husband along, kicking and screaming?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. smee says:

    His acting skills would be perfect in that role.

  2. Anna says:

    Since when is Hulk Hogan worthy of a biopic?

    Re: the affair speculation – please, please no. At least please let not Chris be the one to do it. The demi-god cannot fall so low.

    PS – sorry for the badgering, but ‘you gotta do whatcha gotta do.’

    • blue marie says:

      thank you, why would anyone watch that crap?

      • V4Real says:

        Here’s the real problem with Chris staring in a biopic of Hogan. We would all have to believe that we once found Hulk Hogan to be attractive. They would really have to downplay Chris looks. Jeez just the hair along would be a tragedy; Hogan was always sort of bald in the middle even during his younger years.

      • Viv says:

        ROFLMAO I so agree.

        That’s exactly what I thought. The hulk wants this “beyond Handsome” man, to play him. What an ego? Chris is like a dreamboat come true in the looks department. The Hulk wasn’t faintly attractive.

        Sure, it will work if they make it a fantasy and some kind of alternate universe, where the Hulk’s mom bore a different beautiful son. LOL Sheesh.

    • Seany D says:

      I know most of Celebitchy’s audience doesn’t care, but as a male in my 30s, Hulk Hogan was a major part of my life and pop culture in general. Everyone knew who Hogan was in the 80s, and a good chunk of the 90s. He and Vince McMahon revolutionized an entire industry and bought it to the big time.

      I’m not a pro wrestling fan any more, but both of those guys deserve their due.

      On top of that, Hogan’s story is very interesting and full of the stuff that makes a good drama.

      • Anna says:

        Hm. I had to look up that other guy – never heard the name. I guess Hulk’s later exploits have eroded his legacy (or cheapened it?) – he was very popular in Russia, where I grew up, but now almost uniformly a has-been. Which…doesnt make for a compelling bio-pic material, esp bc it’s not like he’s been a mysterious recluse lately, what with the reality show and all.

      • Lucinda says:

        Exactly. In the 80’s Hulk Hogan was a huge name. He was charismatic and successful. He crossed over from wrestling into pop culture at a time when professional wrestling was still campy and fun. Anyone growing up in the 80’s probably has a different view of him than those who have only been aware of him for the past 10-15 years when he’s just tabloid fodder.

  3. Lindy79 says:

    Reading the rumours here that he’s fallen out with Marvel, it wouldn’t surprise me if he does the bare minimum for Thor but I can’t see why he would be the same for Rush?

    • Anna says:

      It must be the Cyber commitment. I think he wants to get the maximum possible exposure for RUSH bc it’s first Actor movie, and thus vital to establishing his talent bona fides.

  4. T.Fanty says:

    Note to self: don’t badger our illustrious leader into writing about someone she doesn’t want to write about.

  5. LahdidahBaby says:

    G’oh no, bwoops, Elsa’s left implant is showing. :-/

  6. MonicaQ says:

    I have nothing to add other than Chris’ pants did it for me. Man can wear some pants.

  7. Mia 4S says:

    This makes perfect sense to me…and I’m not sure that’s a compliment to Hemsworth. :-/ Sorry Thor!

  8. T.fanty says:

    Those last two pictures are phenomenal. He looks *so* good without the Thor weight.

    • Anna says:

      Oh I love the bulk. But really only on him. That shirtless scene in Thor 1 gets MY Oscar!

      • T.fanty says:

        Hahahahahaha! Doesn’t he spend half of Rush shirtless? And the other half in racing leather?

      • Anna says:

        I hope he does. Even tho it’s all hanky-panky scenes and I will be seething with jealousy.

      • Sixer says:

        Racing leather, you say? That tickles my fancy. Usually, I think he looks too nice (kindly, not hot) for Sixer appeal. But leather? I fancy Death’s bikers in Orphee.

      • CG says:

        That shirtless scene is when I finally realized that Chris is the hotter Hemsworth. Until then, I thought Liam was way better looking. But as soon as Thor showed up shirtless, I was all, “Liam who?” 🙂

  9. Jag says:

    Thank you for those Chris pics! 🙂

    If the biopic is a go, Chris should run far away from it. He needs to cultivate a good “action star” thought process in fans’ minds, and playing Hulk Hogan would be as bad as Arnold doing Kindergarten Cop and Vin Diesel doing The Pacifier. They both had a lot of hit movies under their belts, so they weren’t total career killers, but Vin had to go back to Fast and Furious to restore his career. (And now I see he’s even gone back to XXX, even though he had said he’d never do another one.)

    If Chris does Hulk Hogan, his career probably wouldn’t recover from it, imo.

    As for any affair rumors, if she cheated on him, he should divorce her and ask for full custody. His PR worth would go up even more as a hunky single dad, rather than being married to an alleged golddigger/famehound.

    • Anna says:

      I really wish Hems would pull an Emma Watson and release some statement a la ‘come on guys, who here thinks I’d really be stupid enough to do 50 Shades of the Hulk movie?’

  10. Shannon1972 says:

    I love Hulk Hogan. I met him at a hotel in Disney World – we were in an elevator together and he couldn’t have been nicer. Funny and self deprecating. Then I saw him again in the hotel lounge and he bought the whole room a round of drinks. He was just hanging out, having a good time. Great guy.

    As for Hemsworth, he is so gorgeous it is almost painful to look at him. I didn’t realize the woman in the top picture is his wife. I seriously thought it was Scarlett Johanssen.

    • Izzy says:

      And I had quite the opposite experience. He was friends with my uncle back in his bodybuilding days, and he was a womanizing, steroid-using, leering creep. I spent a few days around him on holiday once. Worst. Vacation. Ever.

      Chris Hemsworth is nowhere near enough of an a-hole to play Hogan.

  11. Bijlee says:

    He looks fantastic in the last two photos. Just beautiful.

    I kind of like the whole Hulk Hogan thing. Maybe if the movie was a comedy. It could have so much potential if they went in that direction. It could be a brilliant satire. And Hemsworth as Hogan would be awesome.

  12. Mandy says:

    I would watch a Hulk biopic and Chris would definitely be a good pick.

  13. Londongal says:

    Anyone see that Blind Gossip item a while ago about a pair of franchise stars with the male (married) compenent asking to be kept away from the female in he promotional tours as they were madly attracted to one another? See above comments!

    In another note. Hemmers……PHWOAR! Jesus Christ that man is so fit. Can’t *wait* for ‘Rush’. It actually looks great too.

  14. Marty says:

    Kaiser, I can’t believe your going make my fangirl show so hard, but here it goes…

    The reason Chris has been MIA is because he’s been filiming Cyber all summer, he’s literally not been anywhere else except southeast Asia. And Elsa had been with him at least the last few weeks along with his parents. I’m pretty sure he’ll do some promotion for Rush and Thor, but how much I’m not sure since he’s suppose to be filming his next movie in September.

    Ugh… I loathe myself for how stalkerish I sound…*goes back into cave*

  15. MissNostalgia says:

    He is working on Cyber with Michael Mann. It is smart for him to break away from the comic book hero mould and develop his talents in other directions. Hulk Hogan biopic is not a good career move, but then again……

  16. skeptic says:

    It’s amazing how delusional the
    “hulk” is. He sees himself as sexy.. I see him ugly with an over the hill, over tanned, nasty body. If I passed someone on the street that looked like him, I wouldn’t even give him a 2nd look. YUK!!