People: Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones have unofficially separated

I’m sad to say that I called this exactly just two days ago. For the past few months, the tabloids have been endlessly saying that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were about to split, but over the past week, those rumors reached a fever pitch and legit news outlets were even reporting it. And I said on Monday that we would know something by Wednesday, because Michael and Catherine are old-school, and they would work out how they wanted to frame it and then they would issue a statement to People Magazine. And that’s exactly what has happened. Zeta and Michael are done. Their split covers this week’s issue of People.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones haven’t been photographed together since April 22. They’ve walked red carpets solo, vacationed separately with their kids, and in recent days, Douglas has been relaxing on a yacht off the coast of Sardinia – with Zeta-Jones at home in New York.

So what’s really going on with one of Hollywood’s most celebrated couples? In this week’s new cover story, two close confidantes tell PEOPLE that they’ve decided to take time apart: “They’re taking a break,” one source says.

Neither star has filed for divorce or moved toward a legal separation, sources say.

The A-list pair, who wed in 2000 in a lavish celebration at Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel, have faced more than their fair share of ups and downs over the last three years – between Douglas’s 2010 cancer battle and Zeta-Jones’s struggles with bipolar II disorder. “The stress has taken a toll on their marriage,” a friend tells PEOPLE.

Douglas, 68, and Zeta-Jones, 43, who have two children, Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10, together, decided to spend time apart soon after he came back from the Cannes Film Festival in May. Zeta-Jones had recently returned from a scheduled second round of treatment to monitor her bipolar disorder.

Those close to the couple hold out hope they can work out their differences. Says one family friend: “They want the best for their kids, no matter what happens.”

[From People]

Well, I thought it would be a statement from one of their reps, but I think we can safely say that this is official enough. Catherine and Michael wouldn’t have let People run this cover without a wink and a nod from their reps. So, they’re laying the groundwork for another cover, maybe two or three weeks from now, when Michael files for divorce or something like that. My gut says that it’s not really about infidelity (although Michael has that reputation, so God knows). My gut says that she has mental health issues and he had a major health trauma and after dealing with all of that, they just didn’t come out of it stronger. If you saw them on the red carpet at the Oscars in February, you know what I’m talking about. He seemed annoyed with her and she seemed… fragile. It’s sad.

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  1. V4Real says:

    Like I said on the last post about them; I was not surprised because I thought the news of the split was already out. I saw something about their divorce a couple of weeks ago on another magazine. Perhaps that was just early speculation about their divorce but if it was that mag got it right. Oh well, too bad.

    • Anna says:

      Is it naive to hope they still find a way to work it out? Yes. But I still do hope.

      • V4Real says:

        I wish they could, I never had an opinion about their relationship. Maybe it was because I was a fan of Douglas and I used to like her in films as well. Entrapment was one of my favs. Douglas had some good ones but Falling Down comes to mind when I think about his body of work.

      • Diana says:

        Me too, they’ve been through so much together and made a great couple. I do hope against hope they find a way to work it out and stay together

      • Anna says:

        I love her. I love that she is such a queen. I loved them together.

      • V4Real says:

        I also recall Brad and George saying that Cat was a hoot on the set of Oceans 12. George said she could drink them under the table and was a joy to be around. On the other hand Julia Roberts was a jealous moody bore but maybe that’s because she was pregnant and couldn’t have as much fun. No, on second thought Julia’s just a bitch.

    • Xtrology says:

      I think it’s him and not her. Men like this drive their wives to the edge of the cliff and push them off. And then blame it on them. He is Charlie Sheen difficult. No woman is safe around him. But until she gets completely away from him, he will still on some level control her.

    • Kk says:

      Sad but, once he blamed oral sex on her (who else) for his throat cancer, things weren’t gonna go very smoothly :/

      Wish her the best though, being bipolar is very tough on everybody involved.

  2. brin says:

    Yep, you called it, and if People says it’s over, it’s over. Sad.

    • Liv says:

      Indeed sad. They had to go through some really tough stuff. I hope they can work it out though.

  3. junegorilla says:

    Noooooo! I hope that he was cheating vs her going completely off of the rails. Sad

    • Minnie says:

      If she has gone “off the rails” then I truly loathe Michael for doing this now, or even at all (assuming the separation is his doing). Bipolar is manageable and walking out on your spouse because they are in a bad space at the moment is as disgusting as leaving your spouse while he battles throat cancer.

      Adultery wouldnt be much better but better to be a disloyal dick than a disloyal ungrateful dick.

      • LAK says:

        Having dealt with both situations ie a person with cancer AND a person who was mentally unwell, I would support whatever the carer chose to do even if they chose to walk away.

        It’s hard being a carer and not everyone has the capacity for it or the patience.

        Those that stick around are to be praised, but we shouldn’t demonise those that can’t stick with it because it is a tough thing to do.

        And from my experience, it’s better to have a carer who wants to be there as opposed to someone who has to do it. Their resentment will make them unkind to their charges and that is a worse outcome for the patient.

      • SageM says:

        Plus I do remember reading (around the time they got married) that they have a cheating clause in the prenup (as in: if he cheats on her, she gets paid a few million extra). Can’t blame her for asking for that, as he had been in rehab for “sex addiction” shortly before they started dating.

      • Linet says:

        “For better or for WORSE”.

        I have no sympathy for a man who dumps his wife at her lowest when that same wife stuck with him at HIS lowest.

      • Jayna says:

        Wow, I highly doubt he has walked out on her over her illness. Their breakup is far more complex than that, and she hasn’t seemed happy for a while in the marriage.

      • Mindy says:

        Dear sisters,

        The likelihood for divorce when the husband has a serious illness is 2.8 percent.

        The likelihood of divorce if the wife suffers a serious illness is over 29 percent.

        One in three of us will be disposed off, if our bodies dare fail us. Catherine is yet another casualty of this sick twisted phenomenon so spare her a prayer, you could be next!

        I wish you all only good health or atleast outstanding and honorable partners.

      • Tammy says:

        I believe those stats. A friend who used to facillitate a support group for cancer patients and families said something similar. She said something like half the families where mum was sick headed to divorce. Infact a smaller sub-support group had developed organically for those women dealing with divorce traumas in addition to the cancer.

        Honestly, how selfish can you be to not atleast wait until your spouse is in better shape to leave her. As if she doesnt have enough on her plate!

      • Dubois says:

        I remember thinking that she seemed detatched during his cancer ordeal (might be due to her own illness, I don’t know), then she was behaving erratic and there were coke rumors – and bizzare behavior at an awards show. Again, could be her illness. This split has been a long time coming.

      • krat says:

        I have breast cancer and am plagued with mental illness as well. I would NEVER condemn someone for not being able to handle either of those things, and I don’t think anyone should.

      • Rosie says:


        Sorry to hear about your illness. I disagree though. As someone else said, your partner may not love you anymore but he has a duty to be a decent humanbeing. That means not piling on while you are in the worst hell. Timing is everything.

      • Shanie says:

        Truth. So you find your partner icky and unloveable now that they arent well, fine. Great. Theres a seat in heaven especially for ya. But do you think you could wait for her inbox tray to empty abit?

        Especially when you are a millionaire for whom carer means providing moral support and not say cleaning up your now icky wife or anything.

      • Claudia says:


        Don’t forget that it’s Bipolar Disorder, it’s been 13 years of many low points. That’s just how it is. As a friend of someone whose sister has bipolar disorder (with the entire family working to help manage it) I can see what a huge impact it has on people– physically and emotionally. My friend’s family just all seem forever beaten down, and my friend resents and intensely dislikes her sister. I don’t fault her for that, we’re all only human. Some of us are able to handle and endure more than others, and I’m not going to knock those that finally decide they can’t. Not everyone has the same capacity to handle and endure the same things, and I think Douglas tried… but compounded with issues we probably don’t know about, plus his own emotional/physical/mental stress regarding his health woes, it got to be too much.

      • Keri says:

        Blind item about Michael that he got frisky with aseat filler at the oscars.

  4. dorothy says:

    I really hate to see this.Very sad.

  5. lucy2 says:

    As gross as the tabloids can be, sometimes they do get it right.
    They’ve both been through some tough times, hope this goes as easily as possible for them.

  6. Amory says:

    I think the age difference also comes into play at some point. A 43 year old woman is just coming into her prime in many ways — there is a great confidence and energy that comes with the 40’s.

    My guess is that they’ll handle it with class.

    • janie says:

      I hate this and it’s so very sad. They are one of the last Hollywood Glamour couples. I hope they work something out. I wish them the best.

    • Ok says:

      Armory — I was thinking the same thing. There is a 25 year gap between these two. I will bet that they have little in common. He is winding down. She is not.

  7. Nev says:


  8. Anoneemouse says:

    I guess the recent comment he made about wishing he had divorced his first wife 10 years earlier is starting to make sense now.

    • Ellen says:

      Yeah, that’s really got to sting for Zeta-Jones, right? Talk about sending a strong signal about your intentions.

      I’m sorry, I really hoped they’d work it out.

    • Cazzee says:

      Ouch. Yes, that’s a good point.

      Also, this is harsh, but…I remember that when they got married, CZJ insisted in their prenup that she gets more if he cheats. (Which is understandable given his previous marital history.)

      Michael Douglas might be walking because it’s better to leave sooner when things are over, and also because it will be a lot cheaper as well.

      • Meredith says:

        When they got married, I remember a story that she got 10% of his estimated wealth on their wedding day as a substitute for any later property division if the marriage failed. He was worth around $220 million and she got $22 million. If this is true, then there shouldn’t be a property settlement now – unless the cheating clause is true.

        And $22 million invested properly 15 years ago should be a lot more now. Still sad news for them and the kids though.

      • Cazzee says:

        Really? That’s a fantastic way to handle things – it also seems to be the way that smart rich people do it.

        If you give your spouse the settlement money up front, then there’s no lingering questions about whether they’re with you for your cash or not because they’ve got their own. It’s a win-win: if you stay together the money is basically still yours because you’re married to this person, and if the marriage ends, there is no ugly court battle about a contested prenup (which is what is about to happen with Rupert Murdoch).

        On the morning of his wedding day, Bill Gates signed over $40 million of Microsoft stock to his now-wife. She is now worth several hundred million in her own right. It just seems like dealing with the money up that way is so much more seamless, I wonder why more wealthy people don’t do it. Maybe the lawyers advise against it because it means less work for them.

  9. Lemony says:

    Oh that’s sad 🙁

  10. blue marie says:

    we’ll that’s sad for them

  11. chloe says:

    Didn’t this site guess Wednesday as a the announcement date, right on the money. As for these two hopefully they will keep their children’s well being ahead of all the divorce shenanigans that I’m sure will happen.

  12. Jessica says:

    Not surprising, they haven’t seemed ok for a long, long time. I thought they were going to end things years ago, there were so many stories about them living separate lives, but then Michael was diagnosed with cancer and I guess they tried to keep it together after that.

    Catherine’s always come across as extremely high maintenance. That might have been exciting a decade ago, but at almost 70, having barely beat cancer…it’s likely the relationship’s become a burden.

    • Tara says:

      He battled a devastating disease but so did she. They both suffered and unfortunately they were not able to maintain their marriage. But having a mental illness is as sad as having a physical one and I don’t think that counts as high maintenance. I remember stories of her making special smoothies for him after his surgery. The whole thing is pretty sad.

  13. Leni says:

    This is really quite sad. Bipolar 11 is mainly depression with some hypomania usually so it is not like a typical mania which means I think he was not willing to not be the center of attention and take care of her. Depression is a very isolating illness and his ego is rather large from what I hear. Its even possible she is getting too old for him-not keeping him on a pedestal. I wish the kids peace.

    • sharron says:


      he had a very serious illness, and hers is ‘distracting’ (whether that’s media attention, or energy, who knows) from his recovery.

      Harsh but true, I think.

    • phillkatt says:

      You’re right, I know a great deal about this disease, as I was diagnosed with it when I was in my early twenties. Most people with it get “hypomania” which is a milder form of mania, but it still disrupts your life. I know my disease put a great deal of strain on my marriage and also on my children — I had to be hospitalized for a long time and I knew they had abandoment issues. The media seems to romanticize bipolar disorder, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        My heart goes out to you phillkat.

      • Hakura says:

        @Phillkatt – Thank you for sharing that personal experience. Like @UsedToBeLulu said, my heart also goes out to you.

        While I’ve not suffered bipolar disorder, I have dealt w/severe depression for many years. But I’ve had close friends who have had very severe bipolar conditions. It’s so *hard* to watch someone you love/care for going through that, feeling like you can’t help them (which, even though you know better, makes you feel inadequate & useless).

        From those experiences, I can understand how relationships (of all kinds) can be strained & broken due to such conditions. I know how immature this sound, but it’s one of those (many many) things that just.. doesn’t feel fair, to happen to someone & their family.

  14. Talie says:

    I wonder if she always had mental health issues or something triggered it. She was always kind of reclusive, which surprised me. It’s a shame to see them end, but I’m sure they’ve worked it out.

    • TinyTurtle says:

      Bipolar disorder usually shows up in females around 18-20ish then when your 30-35 it can get worse or you get another aspect of it.

      Like for me I was bipolar II til I was about 32 then I also became Bipolar I. And I have the worst type to treat, mixed episodes with rapid cycling with the occasional bout of mania.

      A friend of mine was always the more classically thought of bipolar I, Highs and lows. but when she hit 30 last year she is now also mixed episodes.

      A lot of times women are diagnosed wrongly as just depression til the mania kicks in when they hit their 30’s.

  15. Jegede says:

    Catherine married him for the come up. She dated the director Peter or John? Evans for a while (he introduced her to Spielberg who cast her in Zorro) and Evans made it clear in an interview she wanted to marry a Hollywood big wig or risk becoming like the endless British expatriates who sunk when leaving home for La La land except for at the time Kate Winslet.

    She was a young nubile thing, Micheal was game and I think she was already pregnant before he had divorced Diandra?

    Having said that I would have thought after going though all their health trials far from splitting it would only make them STRONGER especially after 10+ odd years. “In sickness and in health” and all that.

  16. Ann says:

    What 43 year old woman wants to be married to a 68 year old man? In terms of sexuality alone that’s gotta be a bummer for the woman! Don’t know why people think this was such a great marriage? I think marriages where men are your father’s age are a horror show.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m with you. 25 years is a BIG gap.

    • Tara says:

      Maybe but you are looking at them now, not as they saw one another at the time. Men with wealth can afford the physical upkeep and casual lifestyle that often makes younger women forget just how old they really are. Or at least until the prenup expires. I don’t know but I always thought Catherine married Douglas because she wanted someone sophisticated and self-assured.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. He was a very handsome older man when she met him and very interesting and a very charming man. I think people discount the power of charm from an accomplished man. Women love it, and many man don’t have a clue how to really charm and really pursue a woman and the power of it.

        I see why she fell for him. Plus, she always dressed and carried herself differently than most 29-year-olds, her age when she started dating him, I think. She always said people thought she was older. She had a classic style and demeanor.

      • Tara says:

        Exactly this. Not all young men are immature but for a lot of women a handsome, debonair older gentleman is preferable to a smoking hot, confident guy their own age. Not judging the choices of others but I can see this with this couple. I personally get it. And when you are in love their is no eww factor. That comes later, despite the age difference. Just kidding. Not really.

      • MacScore says:

        I remember reading AGES ago that CZJ admitted in an interview that she’d always had a “crush” on MD ever since she saw him on British TV in the series “Streets of San Francisco” and that she had, in effect, set out to get him. Reminiscent of Katie Holmes having posters of Tom Cruise on her wall and telling friends “that’s the man I’m going to marry!” And we all know what happened _there_. I feel sorry for CZJ’s mental illness, I really do; but she always struck me as an extremely ambitious social climber from the depressingly boring provincial town of Swansea (I know what I’m talking about), and she set out to improve her lot in life. MD was part of that equation.

    • Ok says:

      A 43 year old that wants a husband worth $220 million, that’s who.

      With that kind of money, you can both live your separate lives in separate
      luxurious homes.

  17. Jayna says:

    Several hard life events like this hitting you at once can either make you stronger or tear apart a marriage that might have had a few cracks already. Very sad. But he does seem too old for her now. What might have worked when he was still a virile man in his 50s, might be far different than a man close to 70 and she’s still in her prime in her early 40s. He’s really aged, but he will always be one of my favorite movie stars of all time. He has done many great movies.

  18. bettyrose says:

    RUN CATHERINE, RUN! Oh girl, now that you’ve escaped the iron clutch of your granpa, take a good look in the mirror. You.are.gorgeous. You can have any – and every – man you want. And you have years of manfun to catch up on. Get started.

  19. CC says:

    someone I know met her in person at the airport. She is very nasty…

    • Kiddo says:

      Yes, I’ve heard multiple accounts of her being a complete asshole. I know people like to toss out, “But she has a mental illness”. That may be true, but there are nice people with mental illness and spoiled assholes with mental illness. She is the latter. He is no darling either.

      • phillkatt says:

        I have bipolar disorder and I am pretty nice (well most of the time)!

      • someone says:

        I agree. While we should all have compassion for those with mental illness at some point a mean person is a mean person. It’s not fair to say you have to stay married to a mean person because they are ill.

      • alex says:

        @phillkat and @kiddo – yea I agree. Having bipolar disorder or any mental illness isn’t a pass to act mean or however you want. I have bipolar disorder and I hate when people just use that diagnosis as a crutch. “oh sorry I just did this or that, but you should understand becauses I have bipolar disorder.” when they use it as a crutch for everything!!
        There are genuinely sometimes where people need to be understanding to the disease but when people overuse it…it just get ridiculous.

    • themummy says:

      By a strange twist of life, I actually know her a little. My ex-husband is related to her, although not close to her. She is a bit reclusive. Anyway, I met her when we first got married and briefly a couple times again near the end of our marriage. She didn’t seem nasty to me at all. She seemed distracted, very shy and reserved, and uncomfortable around people. She wasn’t rude in the least, though. I never met her husband. She gave us a lovely wedding gift. It was towels, but they were absolutely gorgeous–multiple full sets of towels for the bathrooms and for the kitchen. So soft. And a “Bride’s Cookbook.” I never did use the cookbook. Anyway, I think she gets a bad rap for seeming aloof or whatever, but she’s just very self-contained and I get the feeling people scare her a little.

      • Kiddo says:

        Well that may be the case, I don’t know her personally, I just heard from people and read articles where she came across as someone thinking that she was better than everyone else and treated those other people accordingly. I can’t find any links at the moment and don’t want to waste the energy on it.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Thank you for that insight. I was starting to despair at all the less than stellar comments!

        I know, that in High School, I was VERY shy – frightened even, of the other students. I was also pretty (it happened suddenly over one summer when I lost weight and started wearing some makeup), but I didn’t know it then. So I got labeled as b*tchy and stuck-up because I was quiet and didn’t respond to the boys’ overtures (I thought they were making fun of me à la Carrie!) So I can see how that might happen to someone like Catherine.

      • Mel says:

        What a lovely story!
        I like the way you told it, too. ; )

      • fabgrrl says:

        I’ve heard now, that people used to think I was snobby in high school and college. Not in the least! I was painfully shy, socially awkward and very quiet. I still am to some extent, in real life that is.

      • Kiddo says:

        The interview(s) and stories that were relayed to me were some time ago, so I can’t bring forth specifics. However, it wasn’t shyness or introversion, I get that, it was nasty elitist things that she said to other people, coupled with a great deal of conceit. I haven’t heard from some of these people in a while so I can’t ask for a refresher.

      • Penguin says:

        When I was doing my personal training course in Trowbridge Cardiff 8 yrs ago. a couple of dudes in my group had been golf caddies 4 md & czj @ Celtic manor hotel in Cardiff 4 a golf tournament & they both said how nice & normal they both were. Apparently Charlotte church was vile & entitled brat.

  20. Joan says:

    I don’t care about their age difference (since at 30-something Catherine was certainly not a naive, impressionable woman anymore and she’s never been), but after going through a lot together I find it sad that it didn’t make their relationship stronger, but probably was too much for both of them.
    I just hope for their kids that their separation is going quiet and smooth.

  21. Kiddo says:

    I think I’m the only one here who doesn’t care for either of them.

  22. Mrs.Darcy says:

    I’m not hugely shocked, he did an interview with the Sunday Times (UK) promoting Behind the Candleabra a couple of months ago and the tone of it was very telling. It just felt like he was not in the midst of family life, seemed alone in his NY pad, etc. He made a few wistful comments while looking at family photos, I think this has been over for awhile. It’s sad they couldn’t make it work as they have young kids but they have both been through a lot so it’s understandable. Half of all marriages don’t survive a partner having cancer, on top of all of the other stuff dealing with her bipolar issues, it’s a shame though. They were married around the same time I was so maybe that’s why I feel more sorry for them than some others.

  23. Cody says:

    I hate to say it but it could also be the age difference – she is only 43 and may want a different lifestyle than him or maybe the sex is not so great and they are bored with each other. I am in my 40s and would not want to sleep with one of my fathers poker buddies.

    • Cazzee says:

      I think it might be the age difference as well, but I suspect it could be about something besides the sex. After all, you get used to your partner and you both age, plus he still has his Cialis prescription I’m sure.

      Maybe it’s because I just turned 44, but in the last two years I have noticed myself taking less sh!t from people. I just won’t take it. If I can do it socially I’ll just cut them off and change the subject, or if I can’t I will make my excuses and leave. I’m just not up for putting up with other people’s BS as much as I used to be, and I think this might be a developmental thing that happens to a lot of women in their forties.

      In your forties you get more self confident, you get more self assured, and you have learned that your own experience is a good guide to how people behave so you’re more likely to see BS coming from a long way off.

      If their previous relationship dynamic had been that he’s “older and wiser” and she could count on him judgement-wise and now she doesn’t need that anymore, then that might have contributed to things falling apart. Who knows. Hopefully they’ll keep it cordial for the kids’ sake.

  24. Kim1 says:

    Too bad especially for the kids.I havent liked him since his comments about Brad and Angelina ‘s relationship and their kids in 2005 GQ mag interview.Calling Maddox and Zahara ” orphans” and saying “How long do you think that will last? referring to their relationship.Those are comments you make in private about someones family not in an interview.Now he can hook up with the woman who gave him HPV thru oral sex

    • Stella says:

      “I don’t know about Brad Pitt leaving that beautiful woman to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean how long is that going to last?”

      He later said he was misquoted though:

      “I did not make that statement. It was a lengthy article. I probably spent more than 20 hours with her with a tape recorder and all of that. I asked her to play back the tape for me and she said that she turned the tape off at that time. I consider him a good friend (Brad), and she (Angelina) does wonderful work for the United Nations, which is what I’m also involved in …There’s just a lot of pressure on the print media and they get to kind of exploitative quotes to try to attract people for their circulation, so it was unfortunate.”

      I remember this but I always thought it was Donald Trump who said it. However I think all is forgiven since both couples were pictured together at the Golden Globes in 2011.

      • Kim1 says:

        Yeah right so the interviewer just made up that comment? GMAFB So if he was misquoted what was his comment or the correct quote?.Apparently he never said he got cancer from HPV ,another misquote,I supppose.

      • Samtha says:

        Celebs are always “misquoted” when people call them out on their douchebaggery (which is totally a word).

    • LL says:

      So true. That comment is what I think of him when someone brings him up.

      But I think him having cancer might’ve changed him a little bit I think. At the GG in 2011, him and Catherine took a picture with Angie and Brad.

      • lisa2 says:

        I have never liked him since that comment. Don’t wish him harm, but never liked him and won’t watch him in anything.

        and that Brad/Angie statement was not a misquote. The interview had him on tape. He backtracked because he got negative responses. And he sent Brad/Angie a gift and note of apology.

        I think he should STFU about other’s relationships. Especially considering he cheated on his ex wife. Wonder how he would react if someone said how could he leave his wife who has some mental issue. Yeah.

    • m says:

      I actually think it is quite good that he supposedly said his HPV was from oral sex. It’s true that it can cause cancer and HPV is rampant, in fact the CDC states that most people will catch it at some point in their lifetime. There should be no stigma attached to the infection and it is good that he can educate people about the risks.

      I hope they can reconcile.

  25. Shiba says:

    She is a huge narcissist & alcoholic. He is who he’s always been. Neither is a hands-on parent. Hollywood dysfunctional family to the MAX.

  26. snappyfish says:

    he is a great actor, but he has made many movies that are kind of sexist (“fatal attraction,” “falling down”, etc) so that’s a bummer. I haven’t seen too many of her movies, but she was fantastic in “chicago.”

    they seem like high school mean girls; separately not too bad but when they are together they are really nasty.

  27. notcreativeenoughtohaveausername says:

    I remember reading in People during his cancer treatment that she was not around during his chemo because it upset her too much to see him like that. I would imagine that was hard for him at the time. Not taking sides, just pointing out that there are probably issues going in both directions.

  28. Leslie says:

    There’s a 25-year age difference, which must have been a factor in the sex department.

  29. Fan says:

    I think it’s about time. Maybe that will help her bipolar problem or maybe it will go away.

    • Amelia says:

      If you have been correctly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it doesn’t just go away. It ebbs and flows but you are never cured.

      But again, bipolar disorder is horribly over-diagnosed with only around 2% of the population truly having it. Maybe CZJ has it, but maybe she’s not been properly diagnosed.

  30. St says:

    It’s their business. I can’t even take sides. They were too long together by Hollywood standards anyway.

  31. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I’m not a big fan of them as a couple/or him, but it’s still sad news. Especially as they have a family/kids.

  32. Marybel says:

    Very sad. Vows mean nothing anymore anyway.

  33. Fan says:

    I think she is very conflicted rather than having bipolar disorder.