Somebody, anybody, please pay attention to Lady Gaga’s amazing art

You guys, Lady Gaga is just wilting away. She can’t believe that you’re still talking about Twerky McRatchet. Please pay attention to Lady Gaga. Somebody, anybody, please talk about her. If she doesn’t get attention, she will just get smaller and smaller until she disappears forever and ever. Do you want that on your conscience? PAY ATTENTION.

So, obviously, these are some new photos of Lady Gaga in London. The black outfit pics are the latest ones – the gas mask photos are from two nights ago, I think. Gaga is done with the pretty Beyonce wiglet. She’s now back to her goth wiglet. The one that makes her look like a healthier Marilyn Manson. PAY ATTENTION.

Gaga released a “teaser” for another new song called “Swine”. A sample of the lyrics: “I know, I know, I know you want me/You’re just a pig inside a human body/Squeal-a, squeal-a, squeal-a you’re so disgusting!” ART. PAY ATTENTION. I guess the video was shot during Gaga’s rehearsals for her iTunes concert.

Here’s a preview of “Manicure”.

What is that song? I mean, what was it originally? Because Gaga didn’t write that. She homage’d it.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Shannon says:

    She’s positively exhausting.

    • Babalon says:

      So much so that I snoozed while trying to read the story.

      Gaga, you are tedious. Girl, bye. Zzzzzz

      • anet says:

        I must say, this blogger on here…is just sweet. I heart you in a way. Sorry I stole some pics.

  2. swedish chef says:

    Must be exhausting to be in performance mode 24/7. What would be really shocking if she showed up somewhere in jeans and a T-shirt. I think she’s running out of ideas, just getting tired and desperate.

    • Lucybelle says:

      I said the same thing a month or so ago! She just makes me tired.

    • Bluebear says:

      It must be exhausting to be AROUND someone who is in performance mode all the time. If I’m getting exhausted looking at pictures of her, can you imagine the people who have to work for her?

    • Holden says:

      I was thinking the same thing, I think that pic of her in a sport coat with leggings on is as close as we’ll ever get.

    • Lex says:

      In a way, her being “on” a lot of the time makes her so much freer. She is anonymous in public as she never looks normal. If she turned up in jeans at the supermarket, noone would say a thing as noone would know it was her. Sure we see loads of pics of her dressed wacky but that isn’t to say she doesnt sneak ou5 al the time

    • Lex says:

      In a way, her being “on” a lot of the time makes her so much freer. She is anonymous in public as she never looks normal. If she turned up in jeans at the supermarket, noone would say a thing as noone would know it was her. Sure we see loads of pics of her dressed wacky but that isn’t to say she doesnt sneak out all the time doing normal shit

  3. Haley says:

    it’s weird that she was on top of the world once. now she’s just pathetic.

  4. Brooke says:

    For a minute, I thought it was Yoko Ono.

  5. Val says:

    This post made me LOL. Let her wither away! Please!

  6. Kiddo says:

    I might be able to take it more seriously if the silly pink art pop text wasn’t scrawled across the screen. That made me laugh. She’s definitely going through the late 70’s and 80’s music-wise.

  7. Eleonor says:

    The sound of desperation. Miley this is your future.
    I bet Madonna is having the last laugh.
    Something nice: her body looks great.

  8. MeowuiRose says:

    How is she walking around in heels all the time with her hip issue!? What a fake.

    • Shannon says:

      Hip issues was a cover for getting @ss implants and a facial overhaul.

    • Jessica says:

      She’s young and pretty fit, she’d recover fast (and be able to score as many painkillers as she likes). My 60 year old mother had both hips replaced a year ago and she’s gone from shuffling around in agony to strutting around in heels she hasn’t been able to wear in decades, so Gaga’s recovery doesn’t surprise me.

      She cancelled concerts and here’s no way in hell someone as reliant on attention and adoration as Gaga would have done that if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. I’d buy her hip issues weren’t quite as serious as she made out, but she’s had plastic surgery whilst in the public eye before, so I don’t get the conspiracy theories. She’s had some more stuff done recently, sure, but nothing that would have kept her away from the spotlight for nearly as long as she stayed away.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree, Jessica. Just adding my two cents:

        1. There is no way that her concerts would be allowed to be cancelled without legitimate medical reasons. Insurers will even call and speak directly with the doctor to get evidence that cancellation is necessary and that there is no other option to delay or reschedule.

        2. I also know someone who had their hip replaced, but in May of this year. They did it with tiny intstruments (I am spacing on the right word for it). They have a 3 inch scar and have been riding horses, going on international flights, etc. So it is “possible” that she had her hip repaired earlier in the year.

  9. Lady D says:

    Fur-lined boots? How freaking cold is it in London? I need LAK.

    • Chutzpah says:

      Its not cold – unless you hail from Death Valley.

      Im sat here in a tshirt she is just the worlds most tiring attention seeker.

    • janie says:

      I think her 15 minutes are up. She was novelty that’s faded. I do think she has a pretty voice, I think everyone is just done with the nonsense that comes with her.

  10. Mia 4S says:

    Heads up, the Hollywood Reporter is saying that Gaga’s old friend Lilo did not show up in Venice as expected. The director of her movie is at the press conference talking about how he is now “free”. So once again the Cracken who “just wants to work!” doesn’t show up to do her job.

    Sorry for the off topic but Gaga kind of bores me at the moment.

  11. Willa says:

    Her glasses never sit quite right.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    What is so wrong with her own hair that it can never be seen in public? Is her real hair refusing to be artful? I was never a huge fan if hers but with all the famewhoring I’m just over it.

    • Jay says:

      I think her real hair kept breaking from over dying it. Plus she likes to change her hair constantly. So wigs allowed her to be blonde (or whatever) without the commitment or upkeep. Her natural hair is about chin length and dark brown. So she must have also gotten extensions for her “dark” look.

  13. Melissa says:

    I remember when the media and certainly the fans couldn’t get enough of Lady Gaga. It seems like yesterday when everyone was all over her. As crazy and exhaustively theatrics most her antics were, it really felt like something natural…organic.

    Now, times have changed. Interests have shifted, so have the media priorities. That’s what happened when you use every trick in the book one after the other in a short amount of time; you run out of ideas.

    The edgier you are with your image, the more responsible you have to be. The next thing has to top the last, otherwise you’re simply not interesting anymore.

    • oliveo says:

      Spot on!!

    • pao la says:

      Plus she was boring and predictable to start with. She actually has a really good voice, she can play instruments..why she wants to be in the same file with Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna is beyond me. She doesn’t need all that crap.

      • Eleonor says:

        She’s got a decent voice, but as her latest album show nothing more. She hit it big with the Fame Monster, which was good, but after nothing. The world is full of decent singers who don’t last. Her ego will gonna have to face the truth at some point.

  14. T.fanty says:

    Miley, take note. This is your future. This is why you need *actual* talent to stay in this business.

  15. The Original G says:


    David Essex- Rock On

  16. mimifarrow says:

    Twerky McRatchet, you kill me Kaiser. 😀

  17. sarah says:

    She went too hard in the beginning now no one cares about her “shocking” outfits.

  18. Talie says:

    Yeah, she’s probably pissed that Miley Cyrus outdid her, but Gaga never did “sexy” well.

  19. Jesiebes says:

    Don’t care.

  20. Andrea says:

    I am So over Gaga well I was never into her at all So there it is…
    On another note People is reporting that Lamar Odom has been arrested for DUI… That’s quite unfortunate!!!

  21. Majicou says:

    I think it’s telling that there are so few comments on this article compared to the other articles on this site.

  22. houseofbeatrix says:

    I am all for the black suit.

  23. Londongal says:

    I want her to marry James Franco and for them to wank themselves into oblivion.

  24. Melissa says:

    Here’s an interesting article about some equally interesting comments about what we’re talking about.

  25. mia girl says:

    @Kaiser “What song is that? I mean, what was it originally?”

    At first listen…
    Missionary Man by the Eurythmics.

  26. Lucy says:

    I must say I’m digging both of those outfits…

  27. anon33 says:

    WOW pathetic. She’s copying Beiber with that mask?!?!?!?
    And I have to say as much as Miley annoys me, it delights me to no end that she took all the focus away from this annoying try-hard (who I used to be a fan of.)

  28. pao la says:

    Can she at least stick to a theme? Most of the times when i see her i say ‘OMG! WTF is she wearing?!’
    If she could stick to a genre/style/inspiration then yes i would probably pay attention but all she’s doing is messing with make up as if she banged her head in the make up case, wearing ensembles that seem to be put together by a blind person in a really dark room and wear wigs over wigs over wigs.
    Sack the stylist!

  29. Madpoe says:

    Cher hand-me-downs. Next!

    • Christo says:

      Exactly. She is trying to do the Cher-thing now. Ugh. These promotional videos for “Swine” and “Manicure” do not look encouraging. I could be wrong, but this album looks to be a disappointment.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. I actually liked her first single and was hoping it bode well for even better songs coming up. Then I heard Burqua and now this Pig song and I realize she still wants to be RockGaga.

  30. K-MAC says:

    Wow…I am pretty sure those are just an updated version of Madonna’s boots in “Desperately Seeking Susan.”


  31. houseofbeatrix says:

    I always thought I would like Gaga more if she did more rock inspired music. I believe that is what she meant to do before she was convinced to do pop.

    Swine and Manicure sound like she’s going in that direction.

  32. houseofbeatrix says:

    I always thought I would like her if she did more rock inspired music. I believe that is what she meant to do before she was convinced to do pop.
    Swine and Manicure sound like she’s going in that direction.

  33. LaurieH says:

    She looks like Frederick’s of Hollywood meets Morticia Adams meets gag sunglasses from Spencer’s circa 1982.

  34. Denise says:

    What’s the opposite of “inspired”? Lady Gaga.

  35. MissMoody says:

    Slightly off-topic but not…This makes me think back to R Kelly’s trial and how his album, the Chocolate Factory, still hit #1 on the charts even though there was so much “R Kelly peed on an underage girl” outrage. I read an article where an industry peep basically said that the album is #1 because the music is good. This is the album that brought us “Ignition” btw (that’s a plus imo). Point being, Gaga’s new music, thus far, kinda sucks. I think at the end of the day that’s what it boils down to: No one wants to pay for shitty music

  36. Julianthe says:

    Hmm,…as a “mama” to her monsters, you’d think she’d have more respect for her fans. But calling them pigs in a human body doesn’t seem very considerate despite how “crazy” loyal they are to her. Now as for those who dislike this narcissistic woman, “meh, your incessant demand for attention is boring.”

  37. duhitsme says:

    the thing is when she first came out she was alternative but still looked pretty with her blonde wigs and trim body , she apealled to everyone in a way. then she started to purposfully look ugly or anti-pretty to make a statement about her art and it bit her in her fake a$$. she cornered herself into a box by aligning herself with weirdos and then looking like a disturbed one since a lot of her initial appeal was that she was universally likeable for the most part . then she started the fat acceptance site all the while dieting herself down and failing to explain her plastic surgery .. it just comes off as phoney . i started disliking her tremendously after her assistant showed that her ego is not an act and that she is a horrible person . she is just yuck and her music is dull .

  38. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Grace Jones was more entertaining.

  39. Chutzpah says:

    Its like she’s faking a permanent hyper episode of Bi polar with no meds.

    Madonna knew to pace herself and her ‘reinventions’ that said im glad she is getting over the thrusty crotch leotard thing – she will still be knocking out tunes when this one is talking to her furs whilst her empire crumbles


  40. *asterix* says:

    I never understood the big hoopala about her in Bad Romance days. She seemed more of the same to me, just in weird outfits and amid an excited chatter about art that I just looked down on because I didn’t understand it. I suppose the public is starting to agree with that line of thought.

    I also just crack up about how she tries to sell herself as different, but always seems to be ‘different’ in ways that put her boobs on display. I have no issue with public boobs…but last time I checked, showcasing boobs for attention is, oh, EXACTLY what every other run-of-the-mill pop star does.

  41. Poopie says:

    Sounds like she is homaging joan jett

  42. Mayda says:

    really cool video of her banging on a crap set of drums while the real drummer does all the work in the background.

  43. Mika says:

    Am I the only one who thinks ‘Swine’ was written for her old pal, Perez Hilton?

  44. Mika says:

    Oops! I was not aware there was another user on this site named Mika…

    I’m not to trying cause any confusion or anything.

    The Accidental Mika.

  45. Jag says:

    Yes, I’d love that on my conscience. lol

    As for the song, it sounds like Joan Jett to me. Possibly “I hate myself for loving you,” but I’m not positive because I refuse to listen to more than a couple of seconds of Gaga.

  46. Mario says:

    After hearing how she treats her assistants and other hired help I lost a lot of respect for her. Like a lot of celebrities she’s only relevant if you pay attention, if you stop paying attention her career is over.