Patrick Stewart, 73, marries Sunny Ozell, 35, tweets best wedding pic ever

Patrick Stewart

Sorry ladies (and gentlemen), but Sir Patrick Stewart is officially a taken man. He got married over the weekend! The 73-year-old bald buster of ovaries married his 35-year-old girlfriend, Sunny Ozell. Patrick took to his Twitter page as he often does for important announcements such as his first slice of pizza. This time Patrick did not elaborate much but simply wrote, “Yes, married.” He spared no words because he was busy getting it on, right? Patrick also posted a cute photo of himself and Sunny in what looks like a Chuck E. Cheese ballpit. Did they get married there, or is this a photo of the honeymoon?

Ugh, my OCD is going wild with the thought of rolling around in that ballpit. Those plastic balls never get cleaned. Now I’ve got you thinking about it too. Maybe Patrick and Sunny have their own private ballpit at home. That would be so cool to have a pit where no one else can spread their germs.

Patrick looks so, so happy in photos with Sunny. I really think she makes him feel young. These two crazy kids have a great time together if Patrick’s recent quadruple take acting reel is any indication.

Patrick’s rep confirms the marriage took place. If you were wondering whether Sir Ian McKellen officiated the wedding, Ian posted this photo on Facebook: “I did my part.

Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Amy says:

    Mazal Tov!

  2. It'sJustBlanche says:

    I love him but naked he’s still a 73 year old man and she’s still very young. I can’t even imagine.

    • ds says:

      Yes, but he looks amazing for a 73 year old.

      • Gine says:

        He does look incredibly good for his age. I had no idea he was that old.

      • lafrenchy says:

        yes he looks amazing for a 73 years old…but for a 73 years old…so inoff said.

        The age difference is absolutely creepy and as much as I love him the fact that he went for women young inoof to almost be his granddaughter is quite tellig about what he values in a woman…

      • Jayna says:

        He’s an interesting and charming man and so talented, a real presence about him. But out of his tux, I can’t imagine looking at his body and wanting sex at the age of 35 with his 73-year-old self. But it works for them and two adults, so I have no problem with it.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What Jayna said. He’s sexy and seems so fun, but at the end of the day he’s still an old guy. That being said, they look like they genuinely have a blast together.

      • MaiGirl says:

        Yeah, I’m a little disappointed in a 38 year age difference. They seem into each other, but such a huge age difference, and the fact that he was so clearly on something in that “quadruple take” video, kind of smacks of vain Hollywood aging dude.

      • DrM says:

        He looks fantastic! And happy :)Mazel Tov indeed 🙂

    • BW says:

      She looks like his daughter. Not age wise, but they actually look alike.

      Anyway, congratulations to them. They both look very happy.

      • madchen says:

        I noticed the resemblance between them as well. It’s sweet. While they don’t have the years together, they’re sort of like an old married couple who begin to look alike after a few decades.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        Actually, there’s something Natalie Dormer-ish about her looks to me. Must be hallucinating or something.

    • Random says:

      Sadly, they don’t pass the half+7 rule.
      It’s a rule to determine your dating range (i have no idea where it came from, but it works quite well to determine when an age difference is creepy or not)

      He’s 73 so the youngest he can date is 73/2+7 = 43 (ill be nice with the rounding off)

      Still wish them happiness though. I guess sir Pats looks and awesomeness make up for it or something. Or Ian McKellans blessing for sure makes it okay.

      • YuYa says:

        I’m almost 46 and there is no way in hell I am going to date a 73 year old, much less sex him. Patrick is a handsome man, but, nope.

      • Lafrenchy says:

        Actually regarding the supposed /2 +7, it´s not a rule or a saying. It´s the quote of a very mysoginistic french Writer from the 50’s named Sacha guitry. He said that he has finded the perfect mathematical rule to keep a man interested in a woman he should date a woman young inoff to hold his interest and by him /2+7 is the perfect mathematical rule to this purpose. This man though also that woman should be groomed like pets to be to comply to her man every expectations and that Even of he finds women to be adorable creatures they shouldn ´t make their Own decisions… Let one working….

        And what amazes me is that people repeat the awful sayings of this man and Even condider it a rule!!! And the fact that women use it as a dating rule make me deeply sad… This is not a rule it was just an awful saying from an awful man!

      • claire says:

        That’s a real thing? I thought it was just something made up on Parks & Rec.

    • Trillion says:

      The age difference is less creepy to me since she is squarely adult age. I’d view it differently if she were in her 20’s.

      • All Mark says:

        Whatever, she just hit the goldigger lottery. She just needs to lay back and think of England for a couple years until he croaks…

  3. T.fanty says:

    Mostly because of that pic, I love Ian McKellen way more than Sir Pat.

    ETA: any time I write “Ian McKellan” I just want to write “sir ian sir ian sir ian sir ian sir ian, WIZARD! YOU SHALL NOT PASS! sir ian sir ian sir ian.”

  4. Erinn says:

    Ahaha, I love everything about this. Amazing. Stewart is very attractive for 73- I actually can’t believe he’s that old.

    He’s got such a contagious grin.

  5. Mauibound says:

    What has always made him a sexy beast to me is the way he carries himself and his confidence. Love him and his charity work. Just an interesting man period

  6. brin says:

    Congrats….love him!

  7. QQ says:

    God I love em!!!! That T-Shirt is ROTFL

    Naturally Yes Yes Id Hit

  8. KinChicago says:


  9. fancyamazon says:

    Congratulations, Sir Patrick!

  10. A says:

    I hate to be that person but if she was 73 and he was 35….

    • Frida_K says:

      Thank you.

      And, since I tend to be snarky, I’m just going to go right ahead and say it: she looks like him enough to make the declaration “She looks like she could be his daughter” that much more icky.

      There, I said it.

    • binturong says:

      And why is this “cool” and Johnny Depp at 50 in a relationship with a woman who’s 27 not? Please people, be fair.

    • fingerbinger says:

      That’s almost a 40 year difference. Kind of creepy.

  11. j.eyre says:

    Congrats. How long have they been together?

  12. E-v-E says:

    for some reason I don’t find their age difference creepy, there is something about their photos that looks as if they’re soulmates or really good friends at least. Best of luck to them both 🙂

    • whipmyhair says:

      I know right!?

      Almost any other couple with the same age difference I would be throwing shade, But Sir Patrick? I just want them to adopt me. They could take me to pizza and drink out of tiny soda cups.

      It would be fantastic.

    • Enny says:

      I agree. He’s young at heart, she’s young but seems to have an “old soul.” Somehow, they work.

    • Gretchen says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. If this was pretty much any other couple I would find it gross and creepy, but Stewart just seems like such a decent man, not at all pervy and he speaks so eloquently and openly about respecting women and against domestic violence.

      • Nono says:

        If a man doesn’t speak about domestic violence and respecting women, he’s creepy? Cool. Nice to know what you think of men in general.

    • StormsMama says:

      I can totally understand this. He is super special and amazing and she is wise enough to see through the age stuff. They love each other. It happens.

  13. lower-case deb says:

    Congrats, Captain. so glad that Gandalf made it so for you.
    or is it Magneto and Xavier?

    anyway. for some reason, Patrick & Sunny doesn’t make me feel odd like Doug&Stodden, Clint&Dina, Woody&Soon-Yi.

    maybe it’s because Patrick looks like he’s a little kid at heart and Sunny looks very mature albeit in a fun way.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Those photos are too cute.

    She’s a year younger than me, and I can’t even fathom 73. But they seem really happy, and it probably helps that she looks older and he looks younger. Best of luck to them, hope they have a wonderful marriage.

  15. Miss Jupitero says:

    Good God they look so silly, sweet and happy! Congratulations to all!

    And yes, Ian and Patrick WIN EVERYTHING hands down.

  16. GeeMoney says:

    So happy for Jean-Luc Picard and his new wife… but I must ask… isn’t a 35 year old woman a little young for a 73 year old man???

  17. Abby says:

    This just made my morning. All kinds of awesome.

  18. Tig says:

    Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade- but 73 is still 25 odd years older than her- however “young soul/old soul” you spin it. I enjoy his acting, he seems like a good guy, so it’s disappointing to see him go down cliche lane. So remains to be seen (1) how his health holds up, and (2) what her reaction is when the decline sets in. For both their sakes, hope they have many healthy happy years together.

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      Bless your heart. There’s so many things wrong with your comment, so let me just address a few of them.
      1) 73 is not 25 odd years older than her. It’s actually 38 years older than her. This is easy mental math, since everyone should know that 7/2=3.5, so at the least you should be able to guess he’s more than 2x her age.
      2)Let’s say you’re the one person in the world who is over the age of 10 and doesn’t know that 7/2=3.5. There’s a handy dandy calculator on every device you can use to post on the internet. It’s not like you’re living in a goat shed on a mountain. It’s included as a feature.
      3) He doesn’t seem decrepit or pervy. Perhaps she will make the last few decades of his life as fun, inspiring, and energetic as the first seven. (Remember, 7*10=70, so he’s lived at least 7 decades.)
      4) Try to find a little happiness in your soul for a couple who is experiencing joy, instead of displaying your poor math skills for the purpose of judging their decision.

      • Tig says:

        So being generous on the math side gets you going? As far as being happy for them-read my last line- your reading skills must be on the same level as my math skills.
        Clearly, I struck a nerve- but unfortunately, have some sad personal experiences with how “70 is the new 50” can change pretty quickly. Again, hope they are both hale and hearty when he is 90 and she is- oh, you do the math! LOL

    • TG says:

      More like 38 year age difference. It is yucky to contemplate but if both of them are happy I guess it doesn’t matter what I think.

    • Peanut says:

      Uh, 73 is 38 years older than 35. He’s more than double her age. It’s too much. Although I will agree they look happy together.

      I’m 31 and I seriously can’t imagine being with someone so old. My partner is 11 years older than me as it is – a pretty significant age gap.

    • kct says:

      HA! Bravo, Tig, for second comment.

  19. Kim1 says:

    Very interesting my uncle became a grandfather at age 38.So Patrick is old enough to be his wife’s GRANDFATHER.Enough said

  20. Bex says:

    They seem happy together so who am I to judge. I could never see myself with someone that senior but I’m not in their relationship. Don’t know anything about her side of the equation but he does seem to flourish with her.

  21. Ann says:

    38 year old age difference? Creeps me out no matter how “young at heart” he is and how “old of a soul she is”. Still, I have to confess the bride looks like she’s knocking a few years off of her age.

    They are still low hanging 73 year old balls. And it really isn’t any different as if a 73 old woman married a 35 year old man.

    It’s not a marriage, she’s signing on for the will. You have to wonder about old men marrying women that much younger, I always think they are a little messed up, never mind the women who marry men that much older.

    • themummy says:

      Yes, indeed. He should not find love because his balls might hang low. Once our bodies begin to show age we are undeserving of age unless it is with someone else’s whose collagen and elastic have started to fail them.


      I’m 36 and my husband is 50. He’s the most amazing human I have ever known and his balls are lovely, thank you. I mean, truly lovely. A fine, fine specimen, and that says a lot because, you know…balls…they’re just not that lovely. However, when they do start to hang–hell, if they start to scrape the floor when he walks, I will love HIM, the person, for who he is as a PERSON, until the end of time. The fact that he is ridiculously sexy had to do with him as a person–they gorgeous exterior package is a nice, but temporary (as it is for all of us) bonus. The status of his “ball hang” won’t ever be on my radar.

      So shallow.

      • Ai says:

        This! If both ADULTS well into their life choose to enter a marriage; the big age difference is not a big deal. True the age gap is big, but a 35 year old woman can make her own decision about her groom.

      • Ann says:

        Okiedokie, because a 73 year old man marrying a woman young enough to be his granddaughter is not shallow.

      • Jayna says:

        You’re comparing a 14-year age difference, which really isn’t that huge in a mature adult relationship, to a way more than double that age difference, a 38-year age difference and acting offended? No comparison, so I don’t know why you are offended. A 73-year-old man is far different than a 50-year-old man marrying a woman a little younger than you. When your husband is 73, you will be about to hit 60, not the 35-year-old she is. I don’t really care if it works for them, but really has no bearing on your relationship age difference. I didn’t see anybody on here calling a 50-year-old man old and balls hanging. Liam Neeson at 50 was one of the hottest men on the planet, still is at 60 and would hit it in a heartbeat like most women would. At 73 the 38-year difference would show up and my mid 30s self couldn’t go there.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @ann: Totally agree!

        @themummy: so he at 73 can be consideredbeing sexy just because him as person… but the woman he wants to marry has to have youth and the firm flesh of someone that can be his granddaugter.

        If it was a woman not matter how amazing she is even if it’s Meryl strip she would have been ripped appart!

        I am always amazed by women who fight tooth and nail to ensure the prevalence of the patriarcal system.

        He can be his grandfather so ‘hanging low” balls are a reality. and not sexy

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Thank you!! It’s just a number; don’t get hung up on the dark ages paradigm of old=useless, used up, and no more life or vitality to offer. IF they are happy together and in love it REALLY doesn’t matter what their ages are, nor do they need ANYONE else to sanction/approve their difference.

    • StormsMama says:

      Ugh you DO NOT KNOW of what you speak 🙁
      She may not care about “a will”
      And clearly if she’s been with him 5 years she’s in it for real and for love. Gah I worked for a guy his age when I was about 33 and he was SO CHARISMATIC everyone who met him fell in love with him. And he was a quadrapalegic!!!! If he’d been able to walk and dance and f@ck I just know I would’ve dated him. As it was, he was my best friend for the 2 years I took care of him.
      Don’t be so quick to judge.
      Especially where love and happiness are involved.

  22. Deb says:

    Ages are just numbers. If two ppl want to be together then I saw bless ’em. Sir Pat & Sir Ian are the best BFFs ever

  23. fabgrrl says:

    You know, I LOVE Patrick Stewart more than just about anything. But I think he’s a bit of a cad when it comes to ladies. He was married to the same woman for, like 20 years, and then when he became super popular with Star Trek, he dumps his wife for a woman 20 years his junior (the lady who played Vash). Since then he had several marriages/relationships with women in their 20s and 30s. It really disappoints me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Ugh. When you put it that way…

      See, I don’t know…I want to wish him well but the old-man-married-woman-half-his-age narrative is just so tired.
      Eh. I guess to each is own, but reading what you wrote here does make me love him less.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Stewart is a creeper.

    • Tara says:

      I guess I am happy for them but I just hate the double standard when it comes to May/December romances and gender. When a woman dates a somewhat younger man she is called a cougar. When a man dates a younger woman he is called lucky.

      I also think this is part of the reason that some women are sad about the thought of aging and losing their looks. The value placed on youthful beauty makes them feel they will fade into obscurity/irrelevance as they get older. So unfair. Men are considered to be distinguished and still desirable.

      • Really? says:

        I like and agree with your observations…however, i for one would like for we women to not give in to this societal misconception…if all of we women didn’t believe in and support this falsehood, then there would be a shift in perception and power. Sadly, we women support this mentality

        That being said, i’m not sure that i would want to date a man 38 years younger than me…what on earth would we have in common other than sex and Star Trek re-runs?

        I don’t think it’s cool at all…but i assure you that there are plenty of Viagra-popping pedo-poppies that will…ugh.

  24. LAK says:

    I always snark on significant age differences, but it also depends on what age the younger partner is. 35 is not 21. That’s not to say the older partner won’t be controlling, but 35 knows their mind unlike a 21yr old.

    That said, I am genuinely shocked he is that old. I thought he was decades younger.

    • lafrenchy says:

      Yes 35 is not 21… but 35 is not 73 too… way way far from it in term of everything

      • LAK says:

        You are missing my point entirely.

        A 35 year old is going to make better decisions and have enough life experience to handle whatever the older partner, even if he is 73, will throw at them. They are grown up. End of.

        In as much as I disapprove of such a big age difference, I also recognise that at 35, she’s should have enough life experience to not go into this as some sort of ingenue in the way a 21yr old would.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @LAK: I totally got your point.

        Mine was that between the age of 35 and 73 there are lifetime experiences and maturing to do….huge life steps actually.

        I am just annoyed that everyone assume a woman don’t need other life experience or maturing past her 20’s and that she can be with whatever old man for that…(this is not intend for your comment just me being annoyed ;))

  25. Megan says:

    Can we get a copy of Sunny’s birth certificate? She looks a lot older than 35.

    • themummy says:

      I’m a year older than she is and I look much younger (at least ten years, I’d say), but I wonder if that is because she just looks mature somehow, like a “real grownup,” whereas I am in jeans, tank tops, and pony tails every day looking younger than I should but most likely quite unsophisticated. Her skin is amazing–even for a woman ten years younger, but somehow she looks a little matronly (tho still gorgeous! Matronly and gorgeous are not mutually exclusive).

      They make a very attractive couple. Can’t believe Sir Patrick is 73. Good work, sir! I wish them the very best.

  26. Belle Epoch says:

    Ordinarily I’d be snarky about the age difference – like making cracks about Catherine ZJ changing Michael Douhlas’s diapers – but in this case HE IS AN AWESOME AGELESS MAN! I’d definitely take him! She is a lucky woman.

    And yes that friendship is the best!

  27. I Choose Me says:

    Congrats! Sure there’s a significant age gap but everyone’s consenting adults so no side-eye here. Plus, they look really happy together.

  28. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Aw, Sunny loves her Grampy!

  29. phlyfiremama says:

    Make it so, Number One. I hope they have a happy, healthy life full of love and laughter together!!! Huzzaw.

  30. Jess says:

    They are so cute. I don’t know why he can get away with this when any other old man would seem skeevy, but he can. Adorable!

  31. Lflips says:

    Gross. I love him considerably less now.

  32. Ginger says:

    He has always seemed far younger than his actual age! Congrats to the happy couple! Keep posting cool photos 🙂

  33. H.D. says:

    Back in January Patrick Stewart’s twitter avatar was a photo of him in profile in a ball pit. Either he is REALLY into ball pits, or this dates from that time.

    I’m a trekkie, but I’m rolling my eyes at people gushing about this wedding. This is his third marriage because the other two ended after he had affairs.

  34. lenje says:

    Congrats to him and Sunny (interesting name, btw). Their age difference still makes me raise my eyebrows, but Sir Patrick is totally awesome, so probably his companion matters more to her than the, ahem, balls.

    PS. And I’m still surprised he’s 73. Seriously, I thought he’s 60 something. It’s a shame, actually, cause Star Trek: TNG is my forever favorite series.

  35. Vl says:

    Love Sir Patrick Stewart, and that dress his new wife wore to the opera.

    As for the age gap, one could argue that he’s a youthful 73 and she’s a mature 35, being a jazz singer perhaps does that, what do I know.

    Or one can just sit back and enjoy the awesomeness that is Sir Patrick Stewart and not give a fuck about who and when he marries.

    I’m going to go with the latter.

    Hope they’re happy, looks like it.

    Make it so.

  36. IrishEyes says:

    Yeah, the ball pit photo is a re-do of one with just him smiling from Twitter.
    However! My six-year-old self is in mourning. After watching Star Trek with my father (way back when), I promptly told my mom that I would marry him when I grew up. *sigh*

  37. nicegirl says:


  38. Ag says:

    Congrats to the clearly very happy couple.

  39. Norman says:

    Full of Win.

  40. Nubiahbella says:

    Have you noticed how women who date/marry older men tend to look a lot older that their age ( or start to look way older after some years) almost like they want to catch up with their husband looks (e.g Catherine Zeta Jones, Sunny Ozell etc..)!

  41. Lisa says:

    Oh. So… he’s not gay.

  42. EscapedConvent says:

    This is sweet & they look very happy together.

    Maybe we could let up a bit on the age difference horror?! Does it really matter if two people find each other & they fit beautifully together?

    I just find that it doesn’t matter to me at all. Finding a simpatico person in this big wide world is pretty hard to do. We don’t always find them in the same age bracket.

    Congratulations to them!

  43. sundaygal says:

    He supposedly has the biggest penis in Hollywood. JUSS SAYIN’!

  44. Dirty Martini says:

    OK I’m happily married to Mr. Dirty Martini. I’m 55, he’s 64.

    But what is freaking me out is that even if I were to kick Mr. Dirty Martini to the curb…..

    I am 20 years too old for a 73 year old Patrick Stewart.


  45. Stubbylove says:

    Lovely – Sunny is one lucky gal.

  46. Dommy Dearest says:

    They look alike.

    Congrats Professor X!

  47. Stacia says:

    I like him but I can not imagine a roll in the hay with grandpa.

  48. Lovereaction says:

    I think I am an alien, having sex with someone over 50 years old is not happening and I am a couple of years older than this woman.

  49. St says:

    35? Couldn’t he find at least 47-50 years old woman? No. It has be young pretty face. True love. Right. You can take bets that if he would be poor ordinary guy and she would be 35 years old actress then she would never marry him.

  50. Tiffany :) says:

    I LOVE his eyes. They are so adorable and cheerful. I wouldn’t want to get naked with him, but I am sure she has many smiles ahead of her being his companion!

  51. d says:

    in the end the only thing that matters is between the two of them and f they are happy. that’s being said, I generally don’t think highly of large age gaps in relationships and this is a huge one. personally I think 10 years would be my personal limit of an age difference for myself. I feel I can relate more to people around my age, growing up at a similiar time and being in a similiar stage of life, and I have never been attracted to men significantly older than myself ever.
    but I think more than around 20 years age difference usually doesn’t work well in the end for most couples. sometimes it does, but for most couples I think that much of an age difference catches up with u as the older partner get older.

  52. ParisPucker says:

    *flashback* to the Sex & the City episode where Samantha dates a 70+ sugar daddy … and can almost do it until she sees his 70+ ass as he walks naked to the bathroom… the visual is what you think it is. Could. not. do. it. Even though Jean Luc Picard is sexy/hotness…but back in the 90s! Could she possibly be a gold-digger/fame-whore? He is fabulous. But also up there. Respect, but I sniff f something off…

  53. crazydaisy says:

    You guys crack me up.


  54. Helvetica says:

    Ian McKellan rocks. Love everything about his pic, his hair, the doctor of divinity plaque and his “I did my part” quote. HAHA Love him.

  55. Helvetica says:

    Ok so how old is too old? What do you guys consider?

    15 years too old?

  56. Daniel Owings says:

    Sir Ian and I got ordained online at the same church – I have the same black minister t-shirt he does! Fun story, wish I could have been at their wedding…I bet it was a blast. I guess I need to go get knighted now.

  57. Green Is Good says:

    Hope Sir Patrick got a Prenup.

  58. It makes me sad to see how many people here are focusing so much on the age difference. My girlfriend is 14 years older than me (albeit that’s not as big a difference as Patrick and Sunn here but still); if two people are both adults, they love each other and make each other happy who are we, who’ve never met either of them, to judge?

    Further I think, not knowing either of them personally, it’s unconscionably unfair to make broad assumptions about “what Stewart values in a woman” solely based on the age difference.

    Love is not a number. As The Borg might say, age is irrelevant.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Well, I’m glad you’re not one of those guys that goes for the “hot young things”, as it were.

      I tend to judge age differences, depending on what I know of the couple. She’s not a young girl; she’s a grown woman. If she wants to marry a 70something year old dude, more power to her. She’s not a fameho–I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, in fact I might’ve thought that he and Ian McKellan had a little somethin’ going on–that’d be hot to imagine.

      Third, they seem to just be genuinely happy. She’s not famehoing it up like Alec Baldwin’s wife (Miss ” I didn’t even know he was a famous actor”-my ass she didn’t know), and he seems AWESOME. That picture that accompanied the tweet that he put out to say they’re married says it all.

      A lot of other age difference couples don’t really seem to have this–maybe the last one was Annette Bening and Warren Beatty–most involve the younger partner famehoing the older one’s fame. Except Madonna’s boyfriend. I only know his name (I think it’s Jesus or Brahim, whichever one), because someone on here said it–he wasn’t going up to Ryan Seacrest with a movie star smirk and glasses (yeah, I’m side eyeing J.Lo’s “Beau”)….

      On a happier note, I’m glad to see more guys coming on this site–it’s great to hear a different take on a situation.