Joe Manganiello: ‘Once you become famous, being single becomes a liability’

You know I’m not a huge fan of Joe Manganiello. It’s not that he’s done anything to piss me off in particular, and he’s overwhelmingly harmless, I think. But I just don’t care for the big, beefy meathead type. Joe has a feature in this month’s Elle Mag, and it’s kind of interesting. Usually his interviews are just humble-bragging and grunts, but I actually stopped to enjoy some of these quotes. I think he’s promoting his new role as Stanley Kowalski in the Yale Repertory Theatre’s revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. Anyway, you can read the full Elle piece here and here are some highlights:

On his first crush:
“Princess Leia from Star Wars. I actually met Carrie Fisher a couple of years ago. When I told her that she was my first crush, she insisted that we get married and have a reality show about it. I’m lucky to have made it out of that weekend without getting married.”

On appreciating what women go through after wearing a thong in Magic Mike:
What’s funny is that male strippers don’t wear thongs anymore. They wear flat backs. [Laughs] I don’t know what was going on with wardrobe, but whatever. Yes, they’re insanely uncomfortable. But women do a lot of uncomfortable things for men—and I appreciate it all. I appreciate high heels. I appreciate thongs.

On playing a part in Magic Mike named Big Dick Richie:
“Hell yeah, women ask for proof. That’s one of the reasons you take the part.”

He’s never comfortable with nudity:
“No. I play characters who are comfortable naked, but that’s something you work up to. I did a play off-Broadway in New York when I was in college. It was full-frontal nudity. It’s nerve-racking… Doing theater is like walking a tightrope without a net. This was like walking a tightrope without a net—with a giant fan blowing at you.

He’s a relationship guy:
“Once you become famous, being single becomes a liability. In the age of camera phones and screenshots and Twitter…. At the end of the day, I want to share my life with somebody, you know? I want picture albums. I want to look back at our time together. And I also want kids. And if you want kids, then you want marriage.”

On being underestimated because of his looks:
“All the time, but it makes it easier to know what they’re about. And I can use that [assumption] to surprise the audience. These characters I play? The shirtless dude doing pull-ups in a park? It’s a chapter of my career. I did Ibsen and Chekhov for years. Obviously I didn’t get the kind of recognition I have now. Somebody once told me, “You ride the horse the direction it’s going.”

[From Elle]

And if you want kids, then you want marriage” – is that condescending? Obviously, plenty of people have kids without marriage. At first I read it like he was saying “a woman would only agree to have my babies if I put a ring on it” but it’s open to interpretation, I guess. Maybe he’s just a traditional guy and he believes in marriage. Also, I think it’s hilarious that Carrie Fisher tried to force him into marriage. Carrie must have been thrilled to learn about his crush!

As for Joe’s continued insistence that he’s a “real actor” – the “I did Ibsen and Chekhov for years” section of the interview – do you think he was any good at Ibsen and Chekhov? While I think it’s an interesting part of his bio that he and Matt Bomer were part of the acting program at Carnegie Mellon, let’s be real here – Joe Manganiello is always going to typecast as a big meathead. He’s like a big-boy version of Kellan Lutz.

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  1. Jen says:

    All I think of when I see him is that a girl on twitter (who was 18 at the time) wrote out this whole story about she and her friend almost had a threesome with him but then stopped because he was being creepy. Ugh wish I could find that again.

    • LadyIce says:

      Well, do you at least remember any of the details? For a guy that’s a sex symbol there’s absolutely no gossip about his love life.

  2. RN says:

    My goodness, are we really going to start sniping at a person who would like to get married before having children?

    • bbb1975 says:

      Right? I thought that was a nice thing for him to say, showing he is a pretty traditional guy. He wants to be married, have kids.
      Why the snarky comment?

    • lafrenchy says:


      But let’s not do this too to people who don’t want to by implying it with snarky remarks…

    • almondey says:

      This exactly. I thought it was just a statement of his belief system. God, not every single statement ever is deserving or open to snark!

      • Brittney says:

        When you’re a celebrity and you’re giving soundbyte-y quotes to the press, then yes, everything you say is totally open to snark from celebrity GOSSIP blogs. He has a right to state his beliefs, and Kaiser has a right — make that a job requirement — to dissect those statements as she wishes.

  3. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Why doesn’t he stop talking about how much better his acting is than the big meathead types he generally plays, and go out and DO something about it. I recognize that he’s trying to do that, with this Tennessee Williams play–but man, shut your mouth!

    I like celebrities that go out and DO the things that they talk about. Take Blake Lively. She’s said for the past few years that she wanted to get married. Well that’s what the majority of young celebrities say, for years, some of them. But she went out and did it–AND played my favorite modeliser like a DOG.

    Or George Lucas. I just watched a documentary on him a few weeks ago. After he got a divorce, he decided that he wanted more kids, so he adopted two more. He didn’t do any of that bs where he went around saying he wanted a wife and more kids. He just did it. Same with Angelina. I wish that I was old enough to see her when she first adopted Maddox. I imagine THAT was a shock to people who followed celebs. Especially since she was what? 26? And then was single for another three years–no guy on her arm for red carpets/premieres.

    But yeah, werewolf dude on that stupid show, shut up and do the work if you’re so great. Any appeal that you had through those muscles is gone now.

    • Organic says:


      Just wanted to say that at the time Jolie adopted Maddox people thought it was a publicity gimmick to sanitize her image (and boy did she have image issues). I remember there were even mainstream articles about wealthy white women using brown and black kids as accessories. And ofcourse you had stormfront freaks ranting about ‘why cant she adopt a white kid’.

      To be honest, I was very cynical myself. I know her early years have been mythologised now but back when we were watching them she just seemed out of control and entitled. Her list of scandals was long. But to her credit she was able to turn it around, it took years though. This is why I go easy on todays starlets. If Angie could turn the corner so can
      Kristen, hell even Lindsay.

      And that concludes todays history lesson

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oooh, I can imagine. I imagine her being a kind of poser when she was younger–which I think she realized too, through her humanitarian work. Because she hadn’t really gone through anything HUGE, have a loving mom–unlike Lindsey (girlfriend never had a chance). She had issues with her dad–but I think her drug use was just her feeling sorry for herself. So I’m glad that she grew out of it.

        And God, I can believe the whole “why can’t she adopt a white baby”–who the fuck cares is my question. It’s a baby, not an accessory.

        But I still wish celebitchy had been around for that–the articles would’ve been…interesting…to say the least.

        And I would hope that the rules for adopting a kid would be a lot more stringent, especially overseas.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      As you said, he IS doing something about the quality of acting roles by returning to theater and doing a classic. I don’t understand what your complaint is in that regard.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well I mean besides saying that he went to Carnegie, etc–he hasn’t been doing much until recently. I don’t know how long he’s been doing True Blood, I’m going to assume at least a few years–so he’s got money, maybe not a lot in Hollywood standards, but regular people standards he’s probably raking it in.

        If he wanted to perfect his craft, do more than be the hot guy, then I’m sure that there are a lot of small, independent films that would love to have someone with his name recognition–if he’s as good an actor as he says. Not just talk about it. I get the sense he’s trying to be a high roller–maybe he should get into producing…

      • Dr. Zoidberg says:

        He likely agreed to do “Streetcar” because he’s played Stanley twice before and the film offers are not coming in.
        If he really wanted to be a known as a serious actor, he would stop pimping himself out with all the beefcake stuff.
        He should hook up with Chris Hemsworth’s people.

      • Oscar Mal says:

        The role of Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire is described by Blanche DuBois (another character in the play) as “common, ape-like, subhuman…”

        So, he turns to the theater to show off the acting skills he picked up at Carnegie Mellon and lands a role as… a “big meathead” type.

        Go figure!

    • Helena Hand-Basquet says:

      “I like celebrities that go out and DO the things that they talk about. Take Blake Lively. She’s said for the past few years that she wanted to get married.”
      I get what you’re saying, but marriage is a bad example for the “Just Do It” mantra. It’s not like you can hit a drive-thru and order up a spouse. Otherwise, you’re advocating people get married just for the sake of getting married rather than waiting for an appropriate partner. Hmm, that attitude might explain the high divorce rate.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I get what you’re saying too.

        I meant that she wasn’t talking about marriage while dating Leo i.e. she wasn’t out dating the biggest playboys in hollywood, while spouting off that she wanted to get married and have kids–which I wouldn’t have had a problem with, being that she is very young. If she’d been in her thirties, then there’d be something to talk about.

        But I get it. To me, it’s just one of those things that some celebrities say to look good. That’s all and well, but it gets old after ten years.

  4. Arock says:

    Another McDonalds step and repeat…. It’s the 5th or 6th ive seen, how many people were actually at this thing.

    • neelyo says:

      I know! What event was this that was sponsored by Mickey D’s Mighty Wings? That’s the kind of thing that makes a bad backdrop. Nothing says budget like the golden arches.

  5. QQ says:

    Um is he confused about the meaning of Liability tho?

    • Helena Hand-Basquet says:

      I’ve always thought being single is a liability and not just when you’re famous. Take politics. How many single presidents or members of Congress have we had? And in Hollywood you can be “cool” like George Clooney and Leo Dicaprio for a while, but eventually everyone turns on you and labels you a douche or a pathetic playboy.

  6. Babalon says:

    His scarf is pretty.

  7. StormsMama says:

    He sounds sincere to me…

  8. Bizzyb says:

    He looks like a man. I like that.

  9. bettyrose says:

    Yeah big beefy meathead… thanks for helping me understand my own lack of attraction to this guy.

  10. shannon says:

    I wouldn’t hit this w/a hammer. I’m sure he’s harmless also, but I do NOT get the appeal. Doesn’t seem to have much going on upstairs. Mabye it’s that head tilt thing he does is every single photo I’ve seen of him.

  11. Nell says:

    I don’t even know who this guy is and care nothing about his relationship status.

  12. cr says:

    from the article:

    “He’s the 6’5″ he-man with cobblestone abs who brought a massive hit of feral masculinity to HBO’s True Blood as the werewolf Alcide Herveaux. Initially hired for just six episodes, Manganiello elicited public approval so loud the network couldn’t let him go.”

    Hah! Apparently they’re not actually reading fan comments regarding the wolfpack story.

  13. mia girl says:

    I have a different perspective on him because I knew him first from his character on How I Met Your Mother. He was actually really funny. I thought he had talent.

    So while I do not like Alcide at all, I try not to hold that against him too much.

  14. Vesta says:

    Nice body, that I can occasionally glance over. That’s about it. Sorry Joe!

  15. sassy says:

    Good you guys don’t want him! Less competition for me!! 🙂

  16. Bridget says:

    Normally I’d say meathead… But he was so funny during all the press for Magic Mike that I kind of have a soft spot for him.

  17. Oscar Mal says:


    ELLE: Your engagement a few years ago was called off. Did you dodge a bullet?

    JM: I’m hesitant to talk about that. My goal is not to harm her. But I’m the happiest and most fulfilled I’ve ever been. And if I had stayed in that relationship, that wouldn’t be the case.


    ELLE: If I asked all the women you ever dated to agree on something about you, what would they say?

    JM: Oh, man. How do I answer that? Let me put it to you this way: There’s nobody that I’m afraid to run into on the street. I’ve always tried to make sure that I left them in a gentlemanly way. And left them better off than when I met them.