Teresa Giudice freaks out over fraud charges: ‘Why is this happening to me?’

Teresa Giudice

Teresa and Joe Giudice will appear on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live to speak for the first time about their 39-count indictment and federal fraud charges. You can see the advance video clips on Radar where Teresa breaks down crying. Joe looks like he thinks it’s all a joke, but the denial is strong for this couple. Maybe reality is finally hitting Teresa, and Joe is slow to catch up. I think she’s just putting on a show. Like she knows her ass is likely to do some hard time, and it’s time to dance.

To recap, Teresa and Joe face 50 years in prison if they are convicted for multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. They falsified loan applications and committed bankruptcy fraud in 2010 by hiding assets from creditors. At the time of their bankruptcy, they were $11 million in debt after splurging out regularly on vacations, dinners, pointless riff raff like a suit of armor and a gaudy mcmansion.

Of course both Joe and Teresa have pled not guilty to all charges. Teresa even had the audacity to beg fans to fund their legal defense. This is a couple who simply decided not to file taxes for years all while falsifying income for loan documents so they could continue their lavish lifestyle. I can see how reality television acts as an incentive to appear wealthy, but these people seem to act like they’re entitled to everything. Teresa honestly doesn’t seem to grasp that what she and Joe were doing is wrong. She’s asking (via RadarOnline) why it’s all happening to her. To her!

Joe and Teresa Giudice are putting up a united front despite their 39-count indictment and fraud charges, and during an emotional appearance on Watch What Happens Live Teresa revealed she will stay strong for her daughters, but questioned why this is happening to their family – and RadarOnline.com has your sneak peek.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple have pled not guilty to the charges, but face 50 years each in prison if convicted.

“I can’t fall apart, Andy,” Teresa tells host Andy Cohen.

“I have my daughters. I mean, they mean the world to me.”

It’s the first time Joe and Teresa have spoken publicly about their legal battle.

“Maybe out of all this…I don’t know, I mean there’s like…you go through things in life, I mean I don’t know why. I’m asking like, why is this happening to me?” Teresa tells Cohen as she gets choked up.

“So maybe something my daughters can learn from this is, my mom was really strong through all this, she was there for us, and I hope they always have that there with them.”

When I heard that these charges carry a maximum of 50 years in prison…” Cohen said.

“I thought it was 100,” Joe chimed in, appearing to take the situation lightly.

[From Radar Online]

Oh lady. “Maybe something my daughters can learn” is “my mom was really strong“? How about “Don’t commit fraud” or “Don’t spend more money than you actually have”? This isn’t a simple case of reality stars assuming the gravy train would never run out on their existing salaries. They didn’t even try to live within those salaries in the first place. If Teresa cares about her daughters like she says, then she’ll strike a deal with the feds and testify against Joe. She could choose to remain loyal, but I think the lesser of evils here is to make sure her girls have at least one parent.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice

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  1. aims says:

    It’s happening because they’re a bunch of con artists. People who live honest lives, don’t get federal charges against them. They wouldn’t know honesty and truth if it bit them in the ass.

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      She’s a sociopath sc*mbag who has no sense of remorse, she shows a complete lack of responsibility. Most things happen due to bad decision making. She and Joe are disingenuous and deserve to do time. It amazes (and it shouldn’t) how stars including the lowly reality stars become megalomaniacal with just a little fame. Scary.

      Unless you’re a TreTroll you side with this ignorant attention slore no matter how abhorrent her behavior is ON EVERY EPISODE which is why I stopped watching.

    • Cheryl says:

      Sometimes, Teresa, bad things happen to bad people.

  2. Ellie66 says:

    Geez put in jail already they are ick ick icky people!

  3. Ctkat1 says:

    She’ll take a deal for sure- that woman isn’t going to federal prison. Her husband will do some time. This has been coming for a while, and I think she’s stayed with him the last few years knowing that he would need to take the heat for these charges. My guess, she’ll write a few books about being strong while he’s “away” and then quietly divorce him when she can’t monetize the situation anymore.
    It’s pretty gross, since clearly she was in on the fraud and she spent money like a drunken gremlin on that show. However, I can’t advocate for those 4 children to have both parents in prison, even knowing that there is family who would care for them. I work in child welfare, and it is incredibly traumatizing for children when a parent is incarcerated.

    • Nick says:

      I get what are saying, I really do but she is still very much responsible for this. She cant play the babe in the woods routine either. This was not a tiny fraud – this was massive. They both should do significant prison time. Unfortunately for her children their mother and father were selfish beyond belief.

      Breaking Bad spoiler

      Their situation is similar to Walts on BB. Teresa and Joe probably thought they were giving their children the best life possible but instead the children are going to be left penniless w-out parents. Walt thought his selling meth would set up his family but instead they were left penniless with no father. In both situations, the children are in a far worse position.

    • Josephina says:

      You are assuming that Teresa has some level of self awareness which she does not. She loves her husband as he is. He loves her as well with all of her nonsense. They just have this jacked up version of entitlement and will do ANYTHING…including lie… to live a life of abundance. Plus, she is impeccably rude and nasty.

    • emmie_a says:

      Just because she takes a deal doesn’t mean she won’t go to jail. These are federal charges and there are multiple charges and some pretty damning evidence against them. I’m sure they’ll offer her a deal but I highly doubt it will be a get out of jail free card.

    • holly hobby says:

      Except the innocent spouse rule hardly disqualifies the spouse from prison. Uncle Sam doesn’t care what she knew or if she knew. She willingly signed those documents. She willingly didn’t pay her taxes – come on they were paying for years when they stopped so don’t tell me you don’t know you have to do this!

      She’s going into the slammer!

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      She should have thought of the trauma to her kids before she committed criminal acts. So, she should get out of time because she’s a mother? Where is the logic or justice in that? What about the damage to her kids in teaching them that it was no big deal and that she’s the endless victim?

    • Lindsay says:

      She already tried to throw her husband under the bus. It didn’t work. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/16/teresa-giudice-plea-deal_n_3767009.html

      Her signature is on numerous documents. The Federal Government isn’t going to believe she was totally in the dark about all of it.

      Hopefully who ever takes the kids actually parents them. Her oldest is already acting as spoilt and entitled as she is. They were already parents when they did all this so they knew what they were risking.

    • Ok says:

      Don’t know why you don’t think she will do time. IRS is involved. She will do time

  4. Alexis says:

    The delusion is strong with these jags. I don’t have sympathy. I hope the judge makes an example out of them and throws them in jail for a long time. Maybe the girls will stand a chance by being raised by an honest and hardworking relative?!

  5. doofus says:

    ugh…living beyond your means whether out of some sense of entitlement (“well, THEY have a Range Rover, I should have one too”) or because you want to APPEAR wealthy (a la White Oprah) is nobody’s fault but your own.

    why is this happening to you? because YOU COMMITTED FRAUD, you dumb b*tch.

  6. Bridget says:

    The evidence against these 2 is just so overwhelming, it’s astounding that she’s not grovelling for forgiveness. $11 million in debt is an awful lot of people who will never be paid, who will have to eat the cost of these selfish a-holes. I hope they have to sell that giant house and every songle item of furniture to have to pay resitution for their ill-gotten gains.

  7. Jo says:

    Reality television gives these fools – Heidi and Spencer, Kate Gosselin – the belief they actually have talent and that talent will keep them in the spotlight for their ‘fans’ forever. Unfortunately, people just like to watch a train wreck. Do you have a favorable opinion of any person who gained attention by appearing on a reality show. Name one. I cannot.

    • TQB says:

      Good question. Best I can come up with is David Giuntoli, who is Nick on Grimm but was on Road Rules. And it’s not like he got “famous” on RR, it just probably got him a better agent, who got him a good audition.

      Thus, my research supports your conclusion.

    • lucy2 says:

      Only the shows that require some sort of talent or achievement. The ones where people are famous for nothing at all, absolutely not.

    • emmie_a says:

      Jo: Good point — And in addition to talent I think reality shows have these people believing that they are superior (or I mean, why else would they have their own show with millions of people watching), which leads them to think they deserve everything – and that they can get away with anything.

    • Nina W says:

      I have a favorable opinion about most of the contestants from the Biggest Loser but I’m hard pressed to think of another reality show that I feel that way about. But to be fair I don’t watch too many reality shows.

  8. DanaG says:

    They seem to have enough evidence and don’t need her to flip on him. Besides they both did the fraud, both spent the money and both knew they were doing wrong. Just cause she has kids doesn’t mean she get’s a get out of jail free card. What punishment should she get? Her kids would do fine with being cared for by people not defrauding everyone. I wonder if they would have done this if not for the reality show. Probably!

    • Christine L says:

      They did some of this before the reality show. They did not file tax returns for the years 2004 through 2008 before the show began. It was extremely stupid of them to go on television and spend the kind of money they did after committing fraud.

  9. Holden says:

    It’s happening because you and your husband repeatedly, obnoxiously and not even cleverly committed fraud to keep up your frivolous lifestyle, next question?

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I hate it when people ask that question when there’s a very clear explanation of why.

    You did it to YOURSELF, woman–action meet consequence. I just can’t with this chick. Ugh.

    • Kiddo says:

      These people are ridiculous. They are caricatures of bad film portrayals of dumb, greedy and self centered mafia family members. They are so off the charts, it’s almost inconceivable that they exist as real people. They are so one dimensional, it’s nearly impossible to find any redeeming qualities at all, and if they were actually characters in a film, I’d have a difficult time experiencing suspension of disbelief because they are so villainous, they defy multidimensional humanness .

  11. janie says:

    I’m shocked by the gall of these people! It appears she’s still living above her means? Part of their probation is not leaving where they live? Every weekend they are flying all over the country? Their court date has been moved to next year! Once again they skate on charges.. I’ll be surprised if anything come of these charges!

    • Lindsay says:

      The DOJ claims a 90-95% conviction rate for federal fraud. It just takes time for a case to be tried.

  12. Madriani's Girl says:

    I think they’ll give her some kind of probation and he’ll go to the slam so that their kids will have one parent. They both deserve to go away but I bet she gets off.

    • emmie_a says:

      When a couple are sentenced to jail they will sometimes stagger the jail sentence so the kids have at least one parent. Like Teresa would go first then when she got out Joe would go.

      And I would hope that just because Teresa does have kids doesn’t keep her out of jail. How is that fair? If she were single they would definitely sentence her to jail but because she is a mom she gets to stay home? No way.

    • Nina W says:

      Being a parent will not shield her from responsibility for her crimes.

  13. Nicolette says:

    You play, you have to be prepared to pay. But I guess because you’re a ‘reality celebrity’ you should get a free pass right?

  14. Mel says:

    Eww, these two are scum. I cannot comprehend acting like this when you have children to care for! Adults acting like this! I remember when I was young thinking that there was a difference between acting like a kid and acting like an adult, and then I became one and realized most people don’t grow up. It’s so sad for those girls who from the few episodes I ever watched are already out of control.

  15. yuck says:

    “This isn’t a simple case of reality stars assuming the gravy train would never run out on their existing salaries.” The fact is, they were running up unimaginable debt through fraud well before reality TV came knocking. This show started in spring 2009, and they filed for the $11mm bankruptcy in October 2009. They weren’t in debt to “keep up appearances.” The fraud was their way of life for years before we ever saw their mugs on TV. Both sets of grandparents have benefited handsomely from the crimes of these two. The kids will stay with them and be just fine, better off than many many kids whose parents have to do time. Teresa needs to go to prison. Period.

  16. GreenTurtle says:

    God, that hairline freaks me out.

  17. Quinn says:

    I can’t stop staring at her hairline long enough to read about their stupidity.

  18. Susanna says:

    I’m all for justice and honesty in this situation, so I should point out that one of your points/links is incorrect. She did not beg fans to fund her legal defense, it was the staff of the Maliblue Oyster Bar who had the not-so-bright idea to turn the meet and greet into a benefit for her. Teresa then tweeted that the workers there just wanted to support her, but that if anyone wanted to donate money, to please donate to a charity like NephCure.

    I just don’t understand how they thought they could get away with all of that especially when they’re living their lives on TV! What’s done in the dark will always come to light.

  19. RN says:

    I do hope that Bravo takes a hit from the despicable behavior of these Neanderthals. I’m just so tired of seeing people with no talent other than being rotten human beings profit from their misbehavior.

  20. Green is Good says:

    Why is this happening to you, Teresa? Because you and your troll hubby are freaking Grifters.

  21. Shiba says:

    What is wrong with all of you? The banks have ripped off this country of BILLIONS of dollars. The Guidices would pay all of the money + fines that they owe, back.
    They are parents with children. Humans, imperfect, like ALL of us.
    What’s with the mob mentality? Let’s have some compassion. If they pay the money back, plus fines, isn’t that setting a good example?

    • Jules says:

      No. Just no.

    • lucy2 says:

      They knowingly committed crimes, including screwing over a lot of people they owed money too, all while living it up. There are punishments for those crimes.
      The banks are terrible, definitely, but how does that excuse another person’s criminal behavior? All it means is that both should be punished.

    • Kiddo says:

      First, this article wasn’t a comparative study of the Guidices and the bankers, and yes, the bankers should have gone to jail. But definitively no, the Guidices are not setting any type of good example.

      Mob mentality is a little bit of a pun here, isn’t it?

    • emmie_a says:

      So it’s ok to knowingly, willingly commit a crime as long as you have some sort of pay back plan?? That is absurd.

    • anne_000 says:

      It’s simple. They don’t want to pay back all the money they owe. They spent years choosing not to. They even tried to get a judge to side with them on this.

    • holly hobby says:

      You try mounting that defense with Uncle Sam. You’ll get clobbered. We are talking about bankruptcy FRAUD (yes they defrauded their creditors by claiming they are flat out broke while they continue to spend spend spend); tax EVASION and falsification of legal documents.

      Sorry but no mercy here.

    • kiyoshigirl says:

      If they paid the money back to who? You’re not understanding the charges brought before them. This isn’t about their bankruptcy filing. They withdrew that and are still responsible to pay those creditors. Above and beyond that the charges include, but are not limited to them allegedly lying on the forms they filed for the bankruptcy, withholding assets, forging documents, falsifying W2 forms, not filing Federal tax returns, etc. So who do you propose they pay back? If they file long overdue tax forms and pay the taxes for those years they have still committed the crime of not filing tax returns. Do you understand that? If you don’t file your tax returns you would also be in trouble. This is not a simple case of them owing people money. What you are proposing is the equivalent of someone robbing a bank and giving back the money. Even though they have returned the money to the bank, that does not forgive the crime they committed by robbing the bank…get it? Maybe not.

    • NeNe says:

      Many people have families, but know right from wrong. They know it’s against the law to do what these two losers did, and then would think otherwise. I hope they fry!!! I hope they get the full 50 years, and then some. No mob mentality here. Fair is fair. You steal from the government you should be forced to face the penalties. That’s just how life works.

      If anybody thinks they should not be forced to face the consequences that makes me what to judge their character, or should I saw lack of character.

  22. Jules says:

    It’s called Karma, my dear miniscule foreheaded, table-flipping mobstress. When you lie, cheat and steal enough that the Feds get involved, you probably get what you deserve. YOU IDIOTS!!!!

  23. lucy2 says:

    Because she is a CRIMINAL.
    If their daughters really meant the world to them, they’d have done everything possible to raise them WITHOUT the risk of both parents going to jail. They’re gross and greedy.

  24. Mia says:

    Gee, Teresa maybe it’s because you and your husband are a couple of inveterate thieves and liars? That you engaged in tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and identity theft? I hope these two are sent away for a long time. If anybody else pulled all the crap they did, they would have BEEN in jail already.

    • NeNe says:

      Hey if the put Lauren Hill, and Wesley Snipes for tax evasion, then these two sleaze bags better do some time. I think they have more than enough evidence if they obtain all of the role from the show. I think I read someone that that’s exactly what the feds are doing. Who knows… I hope they both get the max!

  25. Stubbylove says:

    If one has ever read the book “Inside the Criminal Mind” (FBI profiler Stanton Samenow wrote it – an amazing read for the layman if interested in the psyche of criminal behavior), you’ll understand how the Giudices are textbook criminals.

  26. holly hobby says:

    Bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion, falsification of documents – that’s why it’s happening to you lady!

    They should just settle with the govt. The sentence will be reduced but they will still have to pay a hefty fine and there’s prison time.

  27. Montréalise says:

    Strike a deal with the feds and testify against Joe? I don’t think the feds need her testimony; from what I’ve seen, they’ve got more than enough evidence against both of them to send them to prison for a long time. Their lawyers already tried to strike a deal where only Joe would go to jail and the feds response was no, sorry, not interested.

    • holly hobby says:

      The kind of deal isn’t to testify against her husband. The govt would generally agree to a reduced sentence (not 50 years) if they would admit to guilt, pay the fee and sit in jail for a couple of months. They don’t do immunity for tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud.

  28. Sara says:

    Wow, this woman needs a spinoff reality show called “We don’t live in reality.”