Miley Cyrus: ‘I just stick my tongue out because I hate smiling in pictures’

Miley Cyrus

You didn’t think the world (i.e., Larry Rudolph) was done with Miley Cyrus’ unholy union with Rolling Stone, did you? We’ve already covered much of Miley’s warring statements. All at once, she was not trying to be sexy at the VMAs while also doing her best impression of “a creepy, sexy baby.” RS has now made the skydiving video available. Yes, that’s right. Miley got a tattoo and jumped out of an airplane all for the sake of one try-hard interview.

There are even more Rolling Stone quotes if you can believe it. I’ll get to those in a second, but first I want to mention a Page Six item that follows up on Miley’s professed love for molly. Pals say Miley took the drug before twerking all over Robin Thicke’s crotch at the VMAs. Her friends are worried because she pops the drug all the time. Page Six notes how Miley’s “white-coated tongue [is] a telltale sign: People who take molly often become dehydrated, leaving them with a dry mouth.” Dehydration also leads to the “stringy spit” displayed in the “Wrecking Ball” video. I don’t know much about molly (except that it causes holes in the brain), but how often would Miley need to do the drug to become so chronically dehydrated? Here are those other RS quotes:

Miley Cyrus

On racism & pop music: “Me and [producer] Mike WiLL were talking about it. He said, ‘For me, my biggest achievement has been working with a white girl–but for a white girl to work and associate with black producers, you’re being ratchet.’ He’s like, ‘Why am I on the come-up if I work with you, but if you work with me, it’s like you’re trying to be hood?’ It’s a double-standard. I didn’t really realize it, but people are still racist. It’s kind of insane. Like if I had come out [at the VMAs] with all white-girl dancers, and done the f— ing “Cha Cha Slide”– same outfit, same everything — it wouldn’t have been bad. But because of who I came out with, people got upset. Because they were girls from the club. They had thick asses. They were twerking. That’s what I want, though — I want real girls up there who can really party. The Baker girls [her backup dance crew, the L.A. Bakers] don’t give a f— about me. They love me, but they’re not kissing my ass. They’re just excited to not be dancing at the club.”

On civil rights: “When my kids are around, there will be no one on this planet who was alive when there was segregation. Like, my grandma was around when there was real segregation, when there was no intertwining. For her, for someone that was born in the ’30s, it’s kind of shocking to have a black president. My grandma didn’t have a f*ing phone even in her house. It was like Gone With the Wind. Calling long distance was like the craziest shit ever. Now my grandma’s like, ‘What do you mean you can watch a video on your phone?’ It’s gonna be the exact same thing with my kids: ‘What do you mean gay people couldn’t get married?'”

On the outrage: :I think it’s all marketing. If a website is like, ‘We love Miley’s performance!,’ I don’t think people are gonna click on it. ‘Miley’s cute performance with teddy bears!’ – no one is gonna click on that. So I think it’s the media riling up the people, rather than people riling up the media. And what makes me kind of sick is, Trayvon Martin’s trial didn’t happen more than two months ago. It got talked about a lot — but it still got done being talked about a lot quicker than the VMAs. And that’s really sad. For about two days, it was on Twitter and everything, everyone had their pictures as Trayvon — and then two days later, where was it? Who cared anymore? It slips your mind. We go on to the next thing, our next problem. It’s like, ‘Why are we not still dealing with that? Why are we not still mourning that loss?'”

On the tongue: “I just stick my tongue out because I hate smiling in pictures. It’s so awkward. It looks so cheesy. Now people expect it — like, ‘Put your tongue out!’ It’s just easier that way. Taking pictures is so embarrassing. But there’s also something about it that I think is cool. Every other girl is so serious — like this is my moment on the red carpet, I’m in my ball gown, looking pretty. There’s something empowering about what I’m doing right now. Especially having ‘short hair don’t care.’ I think it’s empowering for girls. Because there’s not one thing that defines what beauty is.”

On Bangerz: “It’s coming out soon, so right now I’m listening to it 20,000 times to make sure it’s perfect. I have to make sure every detail is perfect. There are albums that people still are listening to, like Michael Jackson’s Bad, because it’s so f*ing dope. I want people to listen to my album like that. There’s a line Ludacris says on my album that goes, “If I die before my time, at least I’ll still be living through my music.” That’s something I’ve said over and over again. Like, I have one Pixies record that is a time for me — from the time I was 16 until I was 18, the Pixies is all I listened to. And I’m going to be that artist to so many people, so I want to make sure my record is the best it can be. I’m trying to set a new standard for pop music. So it has to live up.”

[From Rolling Stone]

Did you hear Miley on that last point? She’s going “to set a new standard for pop music.” It would be fine if Miley admitted she’s only interested in making music for fun, fame, and fortune because that’s exactly what the outcome will be. Unfortunately, she’s about a millimeter away from describing her music and stage shows as ART.

I do see what Miley’s trying to say about racism, but I think her point is lost in the humblebrag about Mike WiLL elevating himself by being associated with her. The part about her tongue being empowering is silly — especially since it’s now viewable as evidence of dehydration. Miley can say whatever she wants about why she sticks her tongue out, but you know she does it for the attention.

* If you’re curious about what Bangers actually sounds like as an album, all of the songs can be partially streamed here.

* Miley announced she’s been booty-tweeting Liam Payne of One Direction: “Hi Liam.” Oh brother.

* Liam Hemsworth was papped in NYC on Saturday. He looks like a different person, right? Maybe he was excited about his People-sanctioned breakfast date with his bros.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Rolling Stone

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  1. tifzlan says:

    I thought she had no idea who One Direction were? What a loser this chick is.

    • Eliza says:

      Just how she said she didn’t know who Jay Z was, or the fact that she didn’t listen to hip-hip along with knowing any hip-hop artists…

      • tifzlan says:

        Exactly! Poser, poser, poser. These are the only words i can think of to describe Molly Cyrus.

      • skyler10 says:

        Yep! Now she’s all “homie” and namedropping Kanye West.

        No Miley, you stick out your tongue because it’s so cool and edgy.

      • anoninternettroll says:

        people change. she is older now. doesn’t make her a poser. she is an entertainer and inspiration can easily come from all sources.

      • gg says:

        True, but what she changed to is far worse than what she changed from.

    • Tanguerita says:

      I always assumed that Liam was the douche in their relationship, but can you imagine to live with this little delusional twat?

  2. anne says:

    A sad product of marketing.

    • Liv says:

      A sad product of the media.

      This is a really dumb girl. Does she have any education? She sounds like 16 or 17 years old. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

      • Amory says:

        She is not the product of the media. She is the product of her and her parents’ exploitation of the media. They have actively, aggressively pursued this direction, and the media is mostly along for the ride.

      • Liv says:

        I think I expressed myself wrong. I meant she’s a product of Hollywood and Disney and studio bosses. She’s addicted to attention, which she even admitted (if I remember correctly). The media and paps just contribute to it.

      • eatingpie says:

        Ha! While I agree, I must say that comment is just degrading to all 16 or 17 year olds. My younger sister who happens to be 14 is millions of millions of millions of millions times smarter and more articulate than Miley.

  3. brin says:

    So much for “Smiley Miley”.

  4. Eliza says:

    Her delusions of grandeur are astounding. And she still seems to be f-cking clueless about her racism during the VMAs. Oh, and her album sucks – surprise, surprise.

  5. amelia says:

    This is a spectacularly entertaining level of stupid.

    • Liv says:


      Can’t believe how delusional she is!

    • dorothy says:

      Really, she’s so deep and philosophical.

    • blue marie says:

      ha, agreed. all I could think while reading it was how delusional she sounds..

      And why do all the artists (use the term very loosely) now refer to pop as art? Do they not realize what Art is? Humping a Care-Bear is not Art..

      • Jayna says:

        That’s what I keep saying, the pretentiousness of these pop tartlets about art. Stairway to Heaven, a masterpiece for all time, that’s art. Yet you didn’t hear Led Zeppelin talking about their art. Instead, you got to hear a great story about how the song was written amongst songwriters and musicians organically.

        I do consider some of Madonna’s work art because of how she married some artistic, brilliant iconic videos to her music, such as the Express Yourself, Vogue, Justify My Love, Deeper and Deeper, Frozen videos, elevating the music almost. A music video can be art married to the music, but too often all pop stars throw the word art around and it becomes meaningless and pretentious, even Madonna these days. It’s freaken’ pop songs, people, not Mozart.

    • JJ says:

      Entertaining??? – I am actually completely annoyed and tired of her. I REALLLLY wish she would GO AWAY!

  6. LakeMom says:

    The more she talks, the more obvious what an idiot she really is. I mean I’m willing to give someone that young a pass sometimes for the stupid things they say but she’s getting more immature with each passing day.

  7. Jinx says:

    Huh? What does she mean that people only talked about Trayvon for a couple of days? What kind of people does she hang out with and when did they become Everybody?

  8. Merritt says:

    She is so incredibly stupid. People have died from overdosing on Molly. But she and other stupid people talk about it, as though it is somehow safe.

    And her comments about segregation are incredibly uneducated. In theory she could have children in a few years. Does she expect everyone who was alive in the 1960’s to drop dead before then?

    • Joy says:

      Maybe Molly distorts history a bit???

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “In theory she could have children in a few years. Does she expect everyone who was alive in the 1960′s to drop dead before then?”

      I know right? This poor moronic child doesn’t even know basic math.

      • Cyndi says:

        Dear Dog! Guess imma goner?!
        Goodbye cruel world. (and I had *great* vibes about going into open heart surgery here in the next week or two). )o’:

      • Hakura says:

        @Cyndi – Are you… Really having “open heart surgery“?? I only ask bc i can be a bit dense, & completely miss when someone is being sarcastic. If so, you obviously know Miley isnt the best at time, or she wouldve realized her 15 mins were over about 4-5 years ago.

        If you *are* going through this life challenge, I’m sending nothing but good thoughts & prayers for your quick recovery! (& maybe some of us here at CB can hunt down your fave celeb to tie up in a bow & stick in a ‘get well soon!’ gift basket 😉

    • renie says:

      This. ITA on both your excellent points.

  9. Tracy says:

    A creepy, sexy baby?? What???

  10. Lexi says:

    Liam looks sooo cut and happy in those photos, i have never seen photos like that

  11. Crabcake says:

    I see what she’s trying to do here but its just too contrived, sorry Miley.

  12. Ninks says:

    In all the candids of Liam recently, he’s been smiling. It’s so weird, like I didn’t know he could smile. I think she’s trying so hard to win the break up by convincing everybody that she dumped him and she’s so ‘f*cking happy’ (like that wasn’t the most passive aggressive tweet ever), and all he had to do was smile a couple of times.

  13. marina says:

    Everyone is comparing her to Beiber but she sounds like the new Kanye she’s such an egomaniac. Wow, you have short hair – you’re so edgy.

    “Every other girl is so serious — like this is my moment on the red carpet, I’m in my ball gown, looking pretty.” So, I guess she’s too badas$ to wear a dress on a red carpet? She needs to look like a big wh0re so no one thinks she’s “normal.”

    She really thinks she’s cutting edge, doesn’t she? Everything you’re doing has already been done sweetie – and better. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Rida says:

      Well kanye does have the talent to back up all the stupid stuff that he says. Miley doesn’t. And at least bieber can actually sing,

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Well, I don’t love the tongue, but she does have a point, with short hair and without duck lips she is fairly unusual on the red carpet…

  14. Dommy Dearest says:

    That one picture of her ‘cry’ face above makes her look like a wet Bieber. Crossed with a rat.

    She’s the standard type of girl who thinks she’s worth more than she is. Liked more than she is. And just needs a parent to hug her and treat her like a daughter and not a sex object that brings in money. Can’t stand Miley but as a parent it’s a bit heartbreaking to see these Dina Lohan type parents raising the adults of today, and I’m only twenty-four.

    We’re doomed.

  15. Kate says:

    Miley and her antics aside, MDMA/ecstasy/Molly does not put holes in your brain. That is a total myth. Also, it would have been completely obvious if she had been on it while performing, but her pupils weren’t even dilated. It’s impossible to do daily and still have it affect you in the same way- it has to do with levels of seratonin in the brain. No need to misinform. It can have terrible effects, but also has therapeutic benefits. No need to misinform just to bash Miley.

    • Amory says:

      “The DEA notes that MDMA can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, and drug craving. The drug also can cause muscle tension, tremors, involuntary teeth clenching, muscle cramps, nausea, faintness, chills, sweating, and blurred vision. “High doses of MDMA can interfere with the ability to regulate body temperature, resulting in a sharp increase in body temperature (hyperthermia), leading to liver, kidney and cardiovascular failure.”

      And you’re nitpicking about how the effects of the drug are described? Get real — this is serious business, and people have been concerned about Molly long before Miley’s attempts to glamorize it.

      • Kate says:

        I never claimed that people weren’t concerned about MDMA before Miley. I’m not nitpicking either. I simply said that it doesn’t put holes in your brain (which is an indisputable fact) and that it’s unlikely Miley is using it as much as everyone says she is. I admitted it can have terrible effects, I never said otherwise. You’re reacting emotionally. Also, quoting the DEA website is like asking Fred Phelps for honest information about gay marriage. You don’t think the government agency that has marijuana classified as a schedule I drug could possibly be disseminating biased information? Don’t kid yourself. MDMA actually has a low rate of injury and death compared to other drugs, both legal and illegal. But everyone is too busy sensationalizing and hating to be objective and reasonable.

    • Amory says:

      And I might add that there is no reputable, scientific evidence that there are any therapeutic benefits, so please don’t misinform.

      • Brooke says:

        There are a number of therapeutic benefits, in fact; please do your research. “MDMA was first classified as an illegal substance in 1985. By the early 2000s, public officials nicknamed Ecstasy “Agony,” and warned that MDMA use could lead to Parkinson’s disease, a lifetime of depression and “holes in your brain.” Those claims have since been disproved, according to Dr. John Halpern, a psychiatrist at Harvard who has conducted several MDMA studies. In recent years, the Food and Drug Administration has approved studies looking into whether MDMA can be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety in terminal cancer patients. And Dr. Halpern has found no evidence that the drug impairs cognitive performance. “A drug that actually does kill brain cells — which MDMA doesn’t — is alcohol,” he said.”

      • GiGi says:

        See below – my dad has worked for 40 years as a biochemical researcher for a very large big pharma corp. And he’s manufactured both LSD and MDMA in his time there because they are, indeed, useful for people with very deep seratonin receptor issues.

        So, to be factual, these types of drugs are used clinically and therapeutically. However, Miley is obvs. talking about and condoning seemingly heavy recreational use of street drugs. Which I find a bit sad.

    • Umila says:

      I’m in agreement with Kate. Yes, drugs are ‘bad’ boys and girls. However, it is ridiculous to perpetuate something that isn’t true. Holes in the brain? How the hell is that still going around?

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Alright. MDMA while literal holes do not appear it causes the brain lose certain areas of activity. It causes all of the above that Amory detailed. So if it loses something that means it’s missing right? Right. Actual holes you can stick your fingers through, nope. However continued use of MDMA causes the brain to have high damages to the neurotransmitters. And oh my, your brain needs those. How MDMA can be therapeutic I’ll never know other than it allowing time to hide from problems through the use and not dealing with them. So if you’re all for this little artist to inform the masses of Molly which can give them influence into trying it (Hey, Miley hasn’t died yet)then whatevs, that’s you.

      And also, she could have very well been on the drug while performing. I doubt with as many flashing lights that are on her it’s going to make her pupils dilate or not. People can function (and I mean Miley’s screaming and flailing) on MDMA. Brain surgery no, but the simple task that is lip-syncing and moving to per-rehearsed chicken dances yes.

      • Kate says:

        Treatment of PTSD. Look it up. I didn’t mean therapeutic for all the little raver kids. And I never said I supported her. Way to twist my words.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        If you don’t clarify something that sounds like a negative people are going to take it as a negative. And there are other treatments for PTSD that doesn’t involve further deteriorating neurotransmitters that actually does more harm than good.

    • PL says:

      I came here to say this too. MDMA does NOT cause holes in the brain, that’s a completely untrue rumor that frankly I am shocked that people still believe. I admit that I do Molly about once every month or two (when I see live music) and have been for about 5 years now. I have a great job, lots of friends, and a close relationship with my family. I am not depressed or have anxiety. I do not have memory loss or a decrease in intelligence. My tongue is not white, I’m not constantly dehydrated, and I don’t have weird spit.

      I have done research on MDMA and the effects. The key, just like with most things, is moderation. Now I’m not saying that people don’t die from it or have bad effects, and I feel terrible for those that do. I’m not condoning this or telling people to try it. I’m just saying my personal experience with it (since a lot of people have either never done it or seem confused by it) is that if you are careful with it, aware of drinking water but not too much, ect., that it is a fun party drug. It does make you happy, make you want to dance, and makes you feel close to those around you. I think the issue with people getting sick or dying from it or having other serious effects is that they are taking way too much. I see it sometimes with younger people at concerts and I’m the first one to offer someone water, ask if they’re ok, ect. That’s when it gets dangerous, especially if you don’t have friends watching out for you. I feel like these kids have the need to “one-up” each other, hence taking a lot of Molly/MDMA in a short amount of time, which can definitely lead to the ill effects described. When you mix that with alcohol or other drugs is when it gets dangerous.

      Once again, I’m not condoning this drug or trying to make it sound like something it’s not. Just trying to explain a bit to people that don’t understand.

      • kelly says:

        Thank you!!! I’m sick of everyone commenting on Molly like you are Hank from Breaking Bad. As long as you don’t pop it everyday you are good. If you do it three days in a row it doesn’t even work because there is no serontonin left in your brain to release.

      • Lauren says:

        So your “research” is using MDMA?

      • PL says:

        Lauren – my “research” is from a myriad of books and websites about the subject. I may use MDMA but that doesn’t mean I’m too stupid to do a little reading. If more people researched things they didn’t understand then things like “MDMA PUTS HOLES IN YOUR BRAIN!!” wouldn’t be such a widespread belief. And yes, personal experience factors in as well, but that’s not what I’m entirely basing my statements on.

    • GiGi says:

      Psychotropic drugs absolutely have theraputic value… to those who need them. Which are patients with deeply involved psychosis. MDMA and LSD cause reverse effects in these people, much like Adderal for a person suffering from ADD.

      I’m no MD, but I’m pretty sure Miley isn’t using MDMA as a treatment for her schizophrenia. The trouble with MDMA and the like is that you never know what you’re getting. No one batch is exactly like the last and you have no way of knowing what, if anything, it’s cut with. Back in my day it was often cut with heroin. That being said, I know people who used to do it daily and had fully functioning lives and probably still dabble. But it is dangerous.

      And people can die from it the first time they use it. I find it absolutely shocking that she would promote a drug like Molly. Pot and coke are so much more benign by comparison.

      • Evelyn says:

        I would say the biggest danger is that you’re NOT getting Molly most of the time. It’s incredibly easy to cut drugs, I’ve seen people do it, and you never know what you’re getting. You’d have to be pretty experienced with high quality Molly to know what it was before you took it. I’m all for cutting a little loose sometimes with stuff like Molly but you have to know your source, and be with people who are experienced at dealing with people having a bad reaction. She should advocate for responsible use but she’s making it sound like it’s smoking a joint or drinking a beer

      • TrustMOnThis says:

        Coke? Do you mean the soda? Because coke is way way way less benign!

      • TinyTurtle says:

        yes Evelyn!
        I was going to say this too

        and who gets there molly/MDMA from the pharmacy? No one, you get it from the drug dealer or a loser at a rave.

        It is ALWAYS cut with stuff, if your lucky it’s with something that won’t poison you.
        It is almost always cut with other drugs as well, meth, coke, heroine and you ask for the blend you want.
        So what blend does miley use?

        This is in no way a safe drug because of how it’s made and that you never know what it has been cut with.

    • GByeGirl says:

      Well, not holes in the brain, but long term use can cause brain damage. Brain CT scans of MDMA users are comparable with brain deterioration from old age, early dementia, TIAs, etc.

      Holes in the brain tend to come from parasitic infections and things like “mad cow disease”.

      MDMA, in the right circumstances can be therapeutic, but not as a party drug.

      Source: I do brain scans on people with dementia, strokes, brain injury, and drug abuse.

    • Jdog says:

      She didnt sound delusional at all. She is absolutely whacked. She can’t track intellectually from one sentence to another. She is debilitated. The tongue? I believe she does it for attention.
      And whats this “misinform just to bash Miley,” nonsense? Ecstasy leaves so many intellectual holes in cognitive thought that to rail on an obvious fallacy and keying it as the entire argument against this train wreck of a human being is truly sad if it weren’t hilarious.

  16. Trillion says:

    Being surrounded by coddling yes-people who are dependent on her success is short-cirucuiting her brain function. And if she’s doing a lot of X, that is just making it a zillion times worse.

  17. Leah says:

    I feel like… as others have said… in 5, 10 years or whatever, Miley will have her “sit down” with some talk show host (Oprah?) and talk about how out of control she was and how miserable she was, and how she was just so lost and trying to find herself and blah blah.

  18. Nola says:

    I’ve been trying to stay out of these Miley posts but that soundbite about not smiling is such a bold face lie that i can’t ignore. I hate when people lie about small things like that. I make everything about them seem very inauthentic.
    Why can’t she just say that likes sticking her tongue out bc she thinks it looks “crazy”?!

    Plus Isn’t her fans called “smilers” or something? I know that’s not supposed to be ironic.

  19. Marty says:

    Yes Miley! Thank you!!! What would us “big butt” black girls do without you?! Our homie! You saved us from twerking in the club all by ourselves, we are just so happy to out up that club!!!!

  20. sashavice says:

    Wait, didn’t she change her name to Miley, because everyone called her ‘Smiley’? Doesn’t she have some sort of hick name?

    • Syko says:

      Yeah, I think her real name is Destiny or something equally horrible.

    • Christin says:

      Birth name: Destiny Hope. Nicknamed Smiley. Trivia: She was born 8 months to the day after Achy Breaky was released. And her parents married 13 months after that. Oh, the tabloid stories back then…

  21. Christin says:

    And the script keeps being rewritten with her.

    She must be confident of having children when she’s a senior citizen, because there will be people born in the 1960s (her own daddy’s generation) around for a few more decades.

  22. margo says:

    PLEASE PLEASE stop putting pictures of this girl’s lizard tongue on the front page. I’ve been a reader for years and I hesitate to open Celebitchy anymore because I know it’s waiting for me. Keep her tongue for the photos inside the stories so if anyone cares about her (and I guess someone must…) they can see the grossness when they open the file.

    I can stand the Kim Kardashian or Lohan, but this prehensile tongue really has to stop, guys. Please!

  23. Mindy says:

    What a stupid woman! Does she really not get why PoC were pissed about her stupid VMA performance? It wasnt because she had black women on stage, it was the manner in which they were placed to underscore her whiteness (which was being sold as superior). The black girls were there to be a friggin spectacle, remember whe sticks her face into one girls butt then slaps it? Objectification doesnt even come close to describing that sh*t.

    And does this dumb ass really think we are daft enough to believe that she is incorporating black people in her act because she is some kind of white female MLK and not because she thinks its the quickest way to detach from Hannah Montana image? Shes only doing this to appeal to racist stereotypes ie black people = edgy, dangerous.

  24. Stacey says:

    Getting an ugly haircut is empowering for women? Yea ok

    I cant stand her because she breathes through her mouth!

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t consider it an ugly haircut. I actually love her hairstyle for her short hair during this record promotion and video era (Wrecking Ball, etc.) I didn’t like the short cut last year at all, though. And I can see younger girls experimenting with shorter hair because of it, and that’s not a bad thing to emulate regarding Miley, better than emulating her love for Molly.

      Empowering? I don’t get how. In fact, she said in an interview a while back she was growing her hair out and couldn’t wait. I guess the haircut working this promotion record era and the attention it got has changed her mind.

  25. Syko says:

    It’s a good thing she wasn’t trying to be sexy, because she wasn’t.

  26. Jayna says:

    Well, it doesn’t help that Miley has black producers like Mike WiLL and others on her team putting out this new album telling her what she’s doing is great on the video and performance, not seeing it differently, and then she has Kanye West calling her telling her she was amazing at the VMAs, blah, blah. So they help perpetuate her belief she’s not doing anything offensive racially and, in fact, validate what she’s doing.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I agree with this 100%. I also have a slightly feeling she’s bouncing around on the laps of producers and Kanye alike.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Yeah, it’s not like these particular black men are supportive of black women or even give a rat’s ass about their personhood vs. being caricatures.

      Miley’s blithely perpetuating the ugliest of racist stereotypes; in popular culture, black women have been portrayed as ‘hypersexual deviants, pitiable exotics, cannibalistic savages, childlike buffoons, obedient servants, self-loathing victims, and menaces to society.’ Miley is in fact fanning the flames of racism with her outright minstrely use of black women as props. –

  27. kim says:

    She thinks she’s so deep and mature it’s hilarious. No…It’s sad. She doesn’t bring anything interesting or new to a conversation that’s for sure. She needs life experience other then club or hanging out.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Some education wouldn’t hurt, either. I’m sure she has NO IDEA that a lot of superior artists and musicians have lived and died for thousands of years before her.

  28. claire says:

    Oh God. Is she seriously comparing her album to Michael Jackson’s work? What is wrong with this girl?!

  29. Eleonor says:

    She talks about racism and sexism, and she looks for little people on her stage…

  30. briargal says:

    Liam looks so much happier now than he did while with The Tongue! Bet he and his family are breathing a sigh of relief!!

  31. Jayna says:

    Well, her album has quite a few songs about her relationship ending and this album was done many, many months back, so she wasn’t blindsided by Liam just officially pulling the plug.

  32. Leila in Wunderland says:

    Her entire Rolling Stone interview has been really interesting.

    She doesn’t understand why people found her performance culturally insensitive. To her, it’s “Why should the race of these girls matter?” She thinks people are saying that she can’t have any black back-up dancers.

    That’s not it at all. It’s that it seemed like she was using them as accessories or part of her performance specifically because they were curvy black girls. Their whole performance was about them twerking and their butts, so it was objectifying and reductive. And her performance came right after two white male politicians- one was Bill O’reilly, and I forgot the other guy’s name. Some republican GOP guy- said something really offensive about African Americans.

    I know that The Baker girls are all adults and it was their choice. They have the right to dance however they want, with whoever they want, and my attitude about dance moves are very liberal. But Miley has shown herself to be a girl who is mostly ignorant of her white, able privilege on more than one occasion. I wish she- and other celebs- was more educated about social justice issues.

    It’s good that she said what she did about her conversation with Mike Will Made it, because I’ve heard that about the music industry before and I’ve always suspected that to be a racist truth about the music industry. Obviously she’s aware that prejudice still exists in America, but I think she’s a little to optimistic about the future. I highly doubt that racism and homophobia will be just whispers of America’s distant past by the time she has kids and they’re old enough to ask these questions, even if she ‘doesn’t plan on having kids any time soon.’

    That last part about her music: Please Miley. There is no way that you’re going to be some kind of legend or icon of the music industry, no matter HOW HARD YOU CONTINUE TO TRY. You’re not talented enough. Britney isn’t talented either, and she’s enjoyed icon status for 15 years, but I doubt Miley’s music career will last nearly as long, even if she does sing a little better than Britney.

    I like her Rolling stones interview though because it’s been very revealing about where she is in life. Right now Miley is just an immature girl trying so hard to be the Madonna of our generation, and delusional enough to think she’ll succeed. She also has this deep-seated need to figuratively (and literally) moon every pearl-clutching critic she has had since she was 15. That all sums it up about Miss Cyrus. It’s really interesting.

  33. Suzy says:

    At what point does she shut the f up??

    Also **Chris Crocker voice** LEAVE LIAM PAYNE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jolene says:

    That first picture of her is awful.. She looks ILL. 🙁 Molly is a BAD drug. My mom’s friend’s daughter died from taking ONE pill.

  35. catching a fly says:

    She’s trying to catch a fly, the ugly little toad.

  36. themummy says:

    “When my kids are around, there will be no one on this planet who was alive when there was segregation.”

    This girl is a moron. So I guess she doesn’t plan on having kids until after 2057 (I say after because some people do live beyond 100 now!). She’ll be 65 in 2057. hahahaha. In 1957 Little Rock, AR, famous integrated their schools…although there’s probably segregation even beyond that point. I try to chalk up her idiocy to being young, but when I was her age I was neither that young or that stupid…or that uneducated. Blech.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      She once said that she doesn’t plan on having kids for a long time. So let’s say she has her first kid at 30. That would put everyone who was at least 10 by 1960 at 73. People who were teens and adults during that era would be a lot older. A baby wouldn’t be asking questions about segregation, racial equality, and marriage equality. A kid will probably start asking those questions at around 10. That would put everyone at at least 83- again, the teens and adults would be several years older. The average American lives to be about 77. So not everyone will be dead, but most probably will.

      Miley will probably have a kid before 30 though. I could see her career slowing down at 24, and I hate to say this, but I could see her deliberately getting pregnant for extra media attention.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      Well now that we all know that she is addicted to (at least) fame, then getting pregnant for PR purposes doesn’t seem an impossible idea when it comes to this idiot.

    • Jessika says:

      Actuly, there’s a school that ended the annual segregated Prom in Georgia THIS YEAR!

  37. themummy says:

    I used to take a lot of ecstasy in the 90s during my rave days. A lot (I would estimated that I did it anywhere from 250-500 times in the course of a year or two). That was around 1995, and now, with no signs of mental illness prior to that at all, I am severely bipolar and have aspergers (diagnosed with both in 2007 when I was 30) that is so bad that I can’t even make friends, socialize, or always get facial expressions right so I avoid verbal conversations with everyone except my husband and child. I have no idea if my MDMA use had anything to do with it or not, and I’m not anti-drug or anything (although I don’t touch drugs now and haven’t since 1995, except pot because it helps my anxiety and racy thoughts and inability to communicate with people verbally in any meaningful way), but it’s possible. I also have permanently shaky hands. I used to make jewelry for a living, but now I have a tough time with it, so I got a PhD and teach literature instead. So who knows. I wish I’d never touched it, personally. There are a lot of propaganda scare tactics out there that are ridiculous, but still, we really don’t know what this does to our brains, so why risk it… I wish my 18-yr-old self had the common sense to figure that out then.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Sympathy to you but kudos too because it sounds like you really have your shit together. Some people with or without drugs never get themselves on track or gain perspective. Sounds like you have done both so congratulations!

    • hammygrl says:

      Hi there, I’m sorry for your struggles. Hugs for you! I have close family who are bipolar, and one had a severe problem w/shaky hands. It got better when their meds were adjusted. Lamictal and Lithium are some of the worst offenders. Dosage changes can help, as can Inderal (Propranol.) My loved one used Inderal till the shaking got too bad to be controlled by it. The combo of Depakote & Lamictal increased the Lamictal in the blood btw, and thus the shaking. Changing meds stopped the shaking. Talk to your psychiatrist and tell him you’re concerned about the tremors. I hope your condition improves, and as a child of a bipolar parent I applaud you getting treatment. 🙂

  38. Kosmos says:

    I just completely agree with what I saw that one TV news station finally said….NMM….meaning NO MORE MILEY references on their show. AGREED ! If we do not entertain her, or show interest, she can’t do much….gosh, this is getting sickening.

  39. Liz says:

    Please stop covering her. She’s so gross.

  40. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    I’m confused. Can somebody young and hip (or ‘any age’ and hipper than me) help me out here?

    When I was a teenager 1,000 years ago, a certain kind of speed was known as ‘Black Mollies.’ Is ‘this’ what Miley means by ‘Molly?’ Help?

  41. Nikki says:

    Really? no one on the PLANET that has experienced segregation? Apparently she’s never heard of apartheid…which ended in 1990/1994. I guess we all just need to bite the dust before she starts poppin’ out little Mileys.

    ETA: Good news! She was born in 1992…soooo… self fulfilling prophecy?

  42. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Liam looks so happy! Good for him. I bet he is happy that the charade has finally ended.

    As for Miley, well I hope she can look back on all of this mess one day and learn from it. What an idiot. smh

  43. Stubbylove says:

    I’m sorry but remind me why are we pouring over/analyzing what a 21 year old is talking about?

  44. Jayna says:

    I just listened to her free streaming of her new album. There’s a song referencing catching Liam texting someone and him lying. I guess the January Jones stories were true.

  45. Norman says:

    In the second picture she is really going for the hardened look.

  46. Elisabeth says:

    do you think Mama Helmsworth is reading this story with a cocktail in one hand saying ‘Thank God you didn’t knock her up’

  47. Nudgie says:

    Why in the Hell does anyone even talk about her? I don’t care and I don’t read about what she says. I have to scroll all the way down to tell people to just leave her alone and she’ll go the way of her father.


  48. Jenny says:

    I don’t think you can be *chronically* dehydrated from molly, but if she takes it and is then photographed and her spit is stringy or whatever, she could easily be dehydrated from that particular dose. Molly also hasn’t been definitively shown to be a neurotoxin(re: the holes in the brain thing). However, it has been definitively shown to deplete serotonin levels when it is used more than a few times a year. “Safe” use usually constitutes once every three to four months. Miley seems like she takes it a lot more often which could have something to do with her cutting issues, depression, general instability, and serious need for attention.

  49. moon says:

    Miley, I don’t really care if you want to do your thing and not give a damn about what people think. But please don’t talk about it like you’re ’empowering women’ or doing something big and nobel for feminism and society. You’re not.

  50. Sara says:

    She’s a typical 20-year-old–convinced she knows far more than she actually does, obsessed with proving how “grown-up” and “mature” and “sophisticated” she is, and still figuring out who she wants to be. I think back to some of the idiotic shit I said when I was 20, and I cringe. She’s in that phase of her life, too.

    The problem is that she’s surrounded by people who tell her that everything she does is fantastic, so a) she can’t conceive of the possibility that maybe she’s just making a total ass of herself, and b) she constantly has a microphone shoved in her face, so all of the idiocy that she utters is instantly all over the Internet for everyone to see. Most stupid, immature 20-year-olds don’t have that.

    • magpie says:

      I agree and unfortunetly the yes-people have been there all her life. Her parents being the worst offenders.

      I do give props to Miley for taking a year off and deciding what she wanted. I think she got bored and needed to be validated. She’s doing things on her own terms now (of course with a heavy hand from Rudolf, but she wanted that).

    • Jayna says:

      When you’re sure of yourself, you don’t brag about yourself in interviews, and she shouldn’t be pushing Molly in interviews as the best, most happiest drug. But I think her album sounds fresh and fun and reflective of a 20-year-old but it is surprisingly heavy on the demise of her love throughout. The album is country meets urban and actually works. There’s some duds, but here’s a pretty ballad about being in love and how the album starts out. Miley is still in there, just going through trying to break away from the Disney image at 20.

      Adore You –

      • Jayna says:

        Never mind. They sped this track up so it wouldn’t get pulled down, so sounds like Minnie Mouse.

  51. Blanca says:

    Man, that tongue needs its own publicist by now. I prefer to think of her as in the backyard sessions, I don’t know who this person is.

  52. Anne says:

    Miley has changed so much. I believe she is trying to get out of that Hannah Montana image, but she went to the extreme. She’s trying to get out of that certain fan base, but i think she went a little too far. I personally don’t like her new hair cut, but i feel like she was trying to cut Hannah out of her life, so by going blonde and short she was no longer that girl. If i were her I would not be bragging about popping a molly. I get that pictures can be awkward, but it’s classier to smile than stick your tounge out.

  53. Vinton Bonner says:

    I have a feeling that in the next 15 years or so, when she becomes an adult by actually acting like one, she will look back at this experience and her present behavior with great regret. Just waiting for the news story of some 12 year old overdosing on molly while listening to Miley. I predict we are looking at a future resident of ”Celebrity Rehab”. What a complete waste.