Did Justin Timberlake fool around on Jessica Biel when he was performing in Brazil?

Back when Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were just dating, he used to cheat on her all the time. I don’t even care enough to throw an “allegedly” into the mix. We all know he fooled around. He was photographed making out with backup dancers, he had a total situation with Olivia Munn (she practically sold her JT story to Us Weekly) and Justin would have loved to make Mila Kunis his girlfriend. So, there were always other ladies in the picture and Justin didn’t even try to hide them most of the time. But Jessica stayed with him and even agreed to marry him, even though the douche is strong with Justin. So this was inevitable –now there are stories that Justin still has a wandering dong. Shocking, I know.

Justin Timberlake has come a long way since his *NSYNC days – but has he grown out of his womanizing ways? While in Rio de Janeiro for the Rock in Rio Festival in mid-September, reports surfaced that JT cheated on Jessica Biel after he was spotted kissing married Brazilian actress Thaila Ayala.

Ayala, who wed actor Paulo Vilhena in 2011, added further speculation to the rumors after she posted an Instagram video of Justin performing at the festival with the caption: “A childhood dream – meet Justin and have him singing a foot in front of you.”

Pals say that the singer laughed off the claims but Jessica wasn’t so easygoing.

“She flipped out… she’s afraid that Justin is incapable of controlling his impulses.” After years of dealing with cheating allegations, the duo’s relationship will once again be put through the ringer when Justin embarks on his upcoming world tour.

“Jess is really worried. She wants to believe that he’ll be faithful, but it’s hard to tune out all the chatter suggesting otherwise.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yep. Sounds about right. I also read a story about Jessica desperately wanting to try for a baby right now but Justin telling her to wait until he finished touring. Basically, Justin married Jessica because…? And now he’s just acting like he’s always acted and Jessica just has to put up with it, I guess. I wonder if she signed a prenup.

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  1. Anna says:

    Why is she still with him? What a fool.

  2. Yelly says:

    Ugh, he should have never gotten married.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      Ditto. I never understand why people like him get married. If monogamy is not your thing and the wandering is one-sided, then don’t marry.

      • angela says:

        Well that’s the weird thing. He was faithful to Cameron Diaz, but he messed around on Biel all the time. So my guess is that he just never took her seriously / she lets him.

    • Liv says:

      And she knew it. Seriously, it happened before their marriage and it’s happening now. Even I know it and I don’t know him personally ;-)

  3. Erinn says:

    I have no sympathy for this woman. He’s been a douche throughout their relationship. That whole homeless person video – I honestly almost like him better just because she was soooo desperate to marry this douche.

    She signed up for this. If someone’s a douche before marriage, chances are a ring and a piece of paper, or even a baby won’t change it.

  4. Leah says:

    They are the most mismatched couple to me. I’ll never understand them together. They just don’t fit together.

  5. blue marie says:

    I don’t even need to read the story to say of course he did. She should never have married him.

    • Anna says:

      Why did HE marry her tho? I mean, she knew he was a piece of work, but he was also her Big Prize (or Big Love or both, whatevs). But he certainly didnt need to get married to someone he doesnt love and never planned on being faithful to.

      • blue marie says:

        I have no idea, this is one coupling that has always confused me.

      • Erinn says:

        Probably because he’s fond of her. Maybe he loves her. But he knows he can do whatever he wants and she won’t protest. It’s like being married without any boundaries.

      • Anna says:

        @Erinn – then I dont understand the appeal of it. Like, just dont get it. If you dont want boundaries, why get married? It’s not like they live the kind of lives where the little woman stays at home to do laundry and bake pies.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah what Erinn said, plus the iron-clad assurance that her career will never eclipse his career. He’ll always have the power and the upper-hand in that sense-he’s the bigger name, the bigger star.

      • lori says:

        He married her because no matter what he does…..she won’t cheat on him. same as as the Affleck/Garner set up.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    She strikes me as the kind of woman that when she opens her legs the furnace kicks on

  7. Lucy2 says:

    I still can’t figure out why he got married, but she had to know this would happen.

  8. Kate says:

    I don’t understand what he gets out of their relationship. I mean, he may well love her, but he sure doesn’t act like it and he doesn’t seem any more into her than any of his ex’s, so what made him marry her? This is one of those celebrity relationships I just can’t figure out. He get’s nothing out of it image-wise (in fact I’d say she has a negative effect, if any), while she’s benefited massively. He’s still young, a lot of his friends are single, so there wasn’t that pressure. I know his mom had/has a lot of involvement in his personal life. The only thing that makes sense to me is that she really pushed for him to settle down with Jessica.

    • Sabrina says:

      I completely agree with you. I have also always wondered why the two of them ever married. I guess he thinks it’s better for his image in the long run especially since he also seems desperate to win an Oscar. I’m also surprised that Jessica hasn’t gotten pregnant already.

    • angela says:

      Actually, most of Justin’s friends are married with kids. I think he married her because he was getting to that age, and he wanted his grandparents to see him wed.

  9. QQ says:

    Haha It was only a matter of time and available tail; seriously why did they marry for?

  10. DanaG says:

    She probably thinks it’s worth it. She can’t act so being with him gives her attention and cash of course. A baby won’t help things but if they divorce she get’s more. If he cheated before he will always cheat and since she is so happy to put up with it no reason for him to stop. I wonder if she cheats on him?

    • gritsngreens says:

      Dana G- This! ^^^ There’s a great blind about how she just likes being married to be married…and to spend his money ~ She totally knew what she was doing.

    • magpie says:

      Yes, being with JT is the ONLY thing that keeps her relevant.

      When they were on break her people tried to start that Gerard Butler rumor. That went no where. Either nothing went down or he hit it and quit it in 2 seconds.

      • angela says:

        There were some candids of her with Gerard on a bike. And then Gerard claimed she was supposedly the one that got away when they ‘broke up’ (which was totally a half attempt to promote their movie). Nobody cared. So, yeah.

    • Amory says:

      Maybe I’m a softie, but my guess is that she really likes him. She doesn’t strike me as an attention whore, and even the money thing doesn’t seem quite right since it doesn’t seem like they have a Will and Jada house, and they’re not off on amazing vacations all the time, and you don’t even see her shopping in Europe.

      He was probably her first real love, she can’t get over that even though she knows he’s a dog, and she doesn’t have the confidence to demand better for herself. This frankly describes lots of people.

  11. Happyhat says:

    Celebrity ‘arrangement’ marriages are just… weird. Like, I get the whole Ben Assface and Garner marriage. Both are mediocre, she needs marriage, money and babies. He needs a wholesome image to get anywhere near an Oscar.

    But this marriage? Actually, I don’t think it’s a celebrity ‘arrangement’ marriage. I just think it was a poor-decision marriage.

    Celebrities really need to think a little more carefully before they go and marry ‘hot person of the moment’ because inevitably that ‘hot’ person will turn out to be a dullard.

    • Dana says:

      I think they sort of see themselves as Affleck and Garner; he wants to act more than anything and I bet she is dying to join the mommy club and get papped like Garner and Alba, it is the best way to hold onto a “career” in H wood these days. The eventual family is I bet why he married her, no one else would put up with his crap and pop out a kid. Plus he will always be the bigger star in the relationship.

    • norma warner says:

      Affleck HAS an Oscar.

  12. Sadie says:

    some guys like a steady girlfriend to come back too even if they have some on the side. they have a number one that they decide is their wife. justin is like that. jessica already knew what he was like when she married him.

    • Valerie says:

      ^ This. The perfect example is Mick Jagger when he was married to Jerry Hall.

    • Violet says:

      Yep, that’s my take as well.

      I very much doubt that Jessica ever expected him to be faithful, even after she put a ring on it. Most celebs are simply incapable of fidelity in the face of so much temptation.

  13. Eleonor says:

    Of course he did.

  14. magpie says:

    I had forgotten about that story with Olivia Munn and am now reminded again why I don’t like her. She totally tried to PR shame him into becoming her steady.

  15. Ari says:

    He should have played it like Leo and stayed single for a very very long time or even like Clooney if you wanna go talk about playing in the big leagues lol

    • Pink says:

      I have so much more respect for guys like Leo and Clooney who choose not to marry than I have for guys like Justin who is married but is still living as a single man.

      • ctkat1 says:

        Me too- there’s no dishonest with Leo and Clooney. Guys like Affleck and JT, it’s just dishonest. I’ll allow that perhaps they have private agreements with their wives (although there certainly doesn’t seem to be evidence that Garner or Biel are ok with the cheating), but they hold themselves out as Happily Married Men who reap the benefits of being Happily Married Men in Hollywood, all while chasing skirts on the side.

        Clooney is already top of the A List, but could you imagine if he married someone like Sandra Bullock? He’d be a supernova. And Leo, if he had married Kate Winslet back in the day? He’d be so popular it would be insane. But Leo and Clooney, for all of their faults, aren’t willing to play that game.

      • lisa2 says:


        I don’t know.. I don’t think George/Sandra or Leo/Kate together would have generated any Supernova Couple appeal. I know people loved them in Titanic but even in that movie to me they looked so off as a couple.

        I think if they had gotten together as couples they would have all been super boring. Leo/George seem interesting more because of them being bachelors dating beautiful (well for lack of a word) women. I don’t see either of them as a Sexy daddy. Some men can pull that off and it is hot. I don’t see that ever when I look at George or Leo.

        and while Kate is very talented and Sandra Nice’ neither of them are going to create a frenzy..

        I just don’t see them being that kind of couple. It takes a lot to make a couple that HOT SUPERNOVA. It just happens out of the blue.

  16. janie says:

    I’m a loss with these two? I don’t see any chemistry between them at all. If he never makes a good decision again, this was the best one he ever made.. Cue the tears? This is his mantra? So what is it?

    • Vesta says:

      I’m the same, I don’t see any good chemistry there. It looks like an odd arrangement, that doesn’t make too much sense even careerwise for her since Justin just seems to shadow her completely.

  17. Mon says:

    She does not have to put up with it…

  18. HappyMom says:

    I think they have an arrangement. I think she wants to be a “star” and somehow thinks he’ll help her achieve that. I also think she’s gay or bi-so his cheating, as long as it’s not blatant, is not such a deal breaker. I think he also married her for his “image” and that way he could fool around on the side (and from blinds I guess he goes both ways too).

  19. angelialee says:

    Everyone needs to back off of jt cause his marriage isnt real its a pr stunt to try to make jessica look relevant. Most ppl know this is a business arrangement. I know cuz i looked up records and theres no liscense her id still says biel and she lives in brentwood. If i was w that my eyes would wonder too

    • Hakura says:

      Not to be a smart ass, but it’s a little naive to think that celebrity’s (accurate) personal/legal information is going to be that easily accessible to the general public.

      Most have more than enough money to throw around to get even the most basic info removed/altered if they feel like it. And a woman doesn’t *have* to take her husband’s last name. So I take everything with a grain of salt.

      Don’tcha think the magazines would’ve been on top of that ages ago, if it were true?

  20. irishserra says:

    Does a bear poop in the woods?

    Now I should probably read the post.

  21. eliza says:

    I get so annoyed by Biel. She was so desperate to land this tool, now she has him so enjoy! He never seemed that into her and their wedding was ridiculous! She cannot act either.

    I have never liked him either. The “nice guy” facade is all for show.

  22. Jayna says:

    It’s Star. I don’t believe it. Well, if you listen to his 20/20 Experience Part 2 it’s obvious she is the one that broke it off with him and broke his heart during their relationship. She said as much in an interview once about their breakup and needing her space,and yet everybody on here believed he cheated and she left. I think it’s more like she left and he hooked up with a woman or so after she left trying to get over her and then she wanted him back. Many songs on part 2 deals with her leaving him and his anguish and anger. Part 1 is all about his love for her and happiness and part 2 was about the dark side of being in love. Actually, after listening to his album I was moved how in love with her he is and he just put it to music, is all, instead of interviews. Believe what you want, but his two-part album is really love letters or a diary about his love for her.

    Part 2 is epic. I love it. Justin has put out a tremendous body of work with this two-part album unlike anything out there.

    Then he ends part 2 with a beautiful love song to her telling her he’s the one for her.


    • Whatwhatnot says:

      Actually I think the opposite. People were claiming Mirrors was about her when in fact it was about his grandparents. He said so himself. Part 1 was also pretty bad. Just a bunch of uninspired generic songs about lust, (except for Mirrors)

      The buzz on Part 2 is that once again, he drew his inspiration from the Britney relationship, which was what shaped him to be the type of boyfriend/husband he is today. In February of this year, when he performed Cry Me A River, he referred to her as a “bitch” which he then had to backpeddle on and say he didn’t mean it. The hidden track called “Pair of Wings” is rumored to be his response to Britney’s “Everytime”.

    • J.Jay says:

      Well, I live in Brazil and here these rumors are going on for a while. “Allegedly”, of course. So what I can say is that Star wasn’t the first to come up with this.

    • angela says:

      None of the songs are about Biel. He explained the process for each song on his website. ‘That Girl’ is about an interracial relationship, which the world looks down upon. ‘Mirrors’ was dedicated to his grandparents (its in the video and in his acceptance speech at the VMAs, which he never thanked his wife during or was even in the audience).

  23. Helvetica says:

    They have always seemed like such a mis-matched couple to me. Apples and oranges.

    And he’s cheated on her before, reportedly with Olivia Munn. No surprise he did it again (and again and again).

  24. Whatwhatnot says:

    Add to the fact that on his new album he included a hidden track that sounds completely dedicated to Britney.

    I think he just married Biel cuz he figures he’s not getting any younger, it was expected of him and she’s not a bad choice on paper. He may love her on some level, but he is not “in love” with her.

    • Jayna says:

      LOL To Britney? You have to be kidding. He outgrew Brit-Brit so long ago. And he’s not “in love” with Jessica? So nice to know by all the “in know” people on here. LOL

      • Whatwhatnot says:

        He may have outgrown her but she was his first love and what happened in their relationship pretty much shaped him to be how he is right now. Everyone has that one pivotal relationship. Not saying he’s still pining over Britney but she will always be his first true love and the one that scarred him. And years later one can still draw inspiration from the memories of how an old relationship made you feel. That’s what artists do when they write lyrics.

  25. Andrea says:

    I have to believe that he does love her which is why he married her. I’m just not sure his version of love supports a marriage.

  26. tubeyou says:

    Celebitchy….where everyone believes every single tabloid rumor no matter the source. Who is Jessica suppose to believe a tab or her husband who’s she’s been with for 6+ yrs. Some of you seem so angry over people you don’t know personally.So many assumptions to fit your narrative. All you know is what tabs tell you which you know tabs have a 100% track record

    • lisa2 says:

      I will say that there are many people that post here that don’t believe every tabloid rumor. I call BS on 98% of them I leave 2% to the celebs that actually give interviews and such to these rags.

      I don’t much about Jessica or Justin’s relationship. I’ve been reading the comments and some of thema are basing their replies to what they have seen or noticed. Not so much gossip.

      I don’t find either of them that interesting. I was never a boy band follower so never was a big Justin fan. I like some of his music and others not so much.

  27. Bucky says:

    You don’t even need to add the “while performing in Brazil.” “Did Justin Cheat on Jessica?” full-stop is fine. The answer is yes, always yes, and the location is irrelevant.

  28. Madriani's Girl says:

    I always thought he asked her to marry him just to shut her up and that he thought he could string along the engagement for as long as he needed to. I also thought then and still do that she is so desperate to be married to him she will accept any bad behavior on his part. Even her family was against this marriage for exactly those reasons but here she is and oh look, there HE is. Cheating. Again.

  29. Maggie says:

    I have a feeling that a lot of ppl on here think that when you get married your husband is suddenly faithful? Get a grip ladies. I live in a resort area where a lot of married men come on a guys weekender. Given the opportunity they cheat!!! It’s not just celebrities who cheat.

    • HoustonGrl says:

      I completely agree. I work in a similar place and I see it all the time. Who knows, maybe they have an agreement and she’s ok with it? I think a lot of men that cheat would never actually leave their wives, and maybe that’s enough for her.

  30. IceQueen says:

    They look so not in love. It’s painful to look at them together.

  31. diva says:

    I doubt Jessica cares. Justin is the only thing keeping her relevant. So she’ll hang out for as long as she can. She doesn’t have anything better going on.

  32. jojo says:

    i find it amazing in this day and age that someone can say ‘he was spotted kissing xxx’ and everyone takes it as gospel. Not one picture of it? no one got a cell phone pic/vid? What was the context of the kiss? cheek? hand? 30min kiss?

    My guess is, someone saw them talking and smiling, thought it was flirty, and he kissed her on the cheek goodbye or something (if that), and the bloggers worded it in a way to make them look important with some new scoop. Pics or it didnt happen.

  33. Amanda says:

    This has been going on in Brasil for a while. Its kinda old news already. Thayla is STUNNING and has amazing style, her husband Paulo Vilhena is also good looking,a bit of a bad boy and a former womanizer. He slept with almost every famous actress, model and tv personality in Brasil. He bedded all the famous hot girls, them he and Thayla married.

    He is also rumoured to be a cheater, by the way.

  34. GByeGirl says:

    I get the sense that they are both bisexual and have an arrangement. Not that this marriage is necessarily about just bearding, but companionship. I don’t get the sense that she’s upset about wanderings because I think that she has her own.

    I do think that JT and Cameron Diaz had a real thing going and that Cameron was full-on in love with him. I think Biel may have at first but decided to do an unconventional companionship type thing and just decided to go along for the ride.

    I don’t have issues with their relationship. Affleck/Garner weird me out, though. It seems like he is tortured being married to her, even though he “loves” her kind of. He never lives up to her expectations…etc. She should have married someone more like Tom Hanks, or John Ritter, but instead got the poor man’s Steve McQueen.

  35. Mandy says:

    I’ve always felt that she could have done better. I’m not sure why JT wanted to get married, either. I would imagine it was for the publicity. I have a feeling he thought their wedding was going to be a bigger deal than it was.

  36. lady_luck says:

    I can’t stand him. Have NEVER found him attractive, and he just gives over that mysogynistic douchebag vibe a million times over. I imagine him being irritatingly overly competitive with zero sense of humour.

  37. Norman says:

    Jessica Biel now Timberlake seems so out of place and unhappy, she practically has nothing going for her, no acting career left, no product line, nihilo. Is seems like she has given a hell of a lot for Justin, her career, her LA home, she even took the Biel out of Jessica Biel for Justin Timberlake. What is she getting out of this relationship?

    • moot says:

      I wonder if she couldn’t start her own line of—something. But then, there’s this underlying feeling that JT would try to control it, or try to out-compete with his own products. I don’t think JT is the kind of guy who wants his partner to do better than him at anything. My hunch for why he’s so gungho for an acting career. He doesn’t ever want to be Jessica’s +1 on an Oscar carpet.

  38. homegrrl says:

    She seems like a good colorado girl to me, wholesome, pretty smart athletic outdoorsy, conscientious.
    He’s so jaded hollywood, he probably feels she brings him back down, stabilizes him. She’s still sexy and urban, now, but doesn’t seem matched for the playah thing plaguing men like him.
    sad. she should take the money and run. what a miserable life for her. cameron diaz seemed more suited

  39. rea says:

    Except this isn’t true because during his time there he was being interviewed by a reporter, and Jessica snuck up behind him and hugged him. She was with him. He looked really happy when she did that

    • angela says:

      He looked really uncomfortable and awkward. And you can cheat when your spouse is nearby. He had already did that with Rihanna, on more than one occasion.

    • cate says:

      that interview didn’t happen in Brazil… I live in Rio, the city where he performed in Brazil, and Jessica wasn’t here, he was alone.

  40. SuSu says:

    Don´t get the hate for her. Has she personal insulted some of you?
    All she does is dressing up, visiting some fashion shows and making a few movies. How is she a famewh*re or a bad person? You can see her hardly in the news. She´s a good looking, mediocre actress who is married to a rich, mediocre musician. That´s all.

    • moot says:

      SuSu, the question you should be asking yourself is “why do I care what other people care about other people I don’t know?”

      Honestly. This is a gossip site. It’s a site to talk sh*t about celebrities. And to comment on the sh*t-talking. Basically, it’s a free-for-all for opinions that don’t need to be justified by more than what is seen in magazines, in interviews, and in pap photos.

      If it bothers you that other people have outrageous opinions based on flimsy evidence, my advice is to stop reading the comments. And the posts. Just look at the photos and click away.

      And really, don’t even bother commenting because the people who love or hate celebrities blindly aren’t asking themselves if they’re being rational. And they don’t really care.

  41. Jayla says:

    I’ve been a fan of JT for almost 15 years now. I’d say he has a history of cheating (he cheated on Brit-Brit, there was photo proof back when they were dating) and it’s followed him since. It’s 2013, I think if he truly was cheating as much as these tabloid rags say he is we would’ve gotten at least SOME photo/video proof.

    Even though I will never understand their relationship (He looked his happiest with Britney and with Cameron) and Biel does not strike me as anything but vanilla, but whatever. She seems to support him in all of his endeavors – even his delusion of an acting career so she has to be a supportive wife! And after listening to 20/20 Part 1, I believe his love for Biel. Look at the lyrics for That Girl for goodness’ sake. (“They all say I’m crazy, cause anybody even when your father say / That I can’t be with you, I don’t hear a word they say”; and “So what if you’re from the other side of the tracks / So what if the world don’t think we match”). If that isn’t about Boring Biel…

    • Slim says:

      The hell? Please there is zero “love” between these two it’s as plain as day.

    • angela says:

      That Girl is about an interracial relationship (on his website he said he drew inspiration after watching Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner). Jessica isn’t from ‘the other side of the tracks’; she’s from Minnesota, lol. The world not believing they match is a reference to society’s frowning upon interracial couples.

      Even without Justin’s explanation I thought it was pretty obvious, especially with the old soulful man introducing him and the Tennessee Kids before the song starts.

      I don’t think any of his songs are about someone real, he even says in interviews that he’s playing characters.

  42. Meanchick says:

    They got married because he thought it would redeem his douchiness and because she was desperate to marry him at any cost.

  43. Blanca says:

    Is so sad, specially for Jessica. You can even see in the wedding picture where the guy is jumping and she is like seating in the edge of a step or something HOW HE IS NOT INTO HER… that much. This douche is seriously f*** up.
    Why WE women have to put up with this? Double standards, always the same tune…

  44. mirs says:

    I feel like biel really just married justin for the fame. She has no talent, no career and on top of that she claims that her looks get in the way of her acting and that directors refuse to give her a chance because she is just too damn gorgeous. Bitch if you had ANY talent people would remember you for YOU, not for being Mrs. Timberlake. It’s obvious that she’s got him whipped. That ass is all she has to keep him on ground, honestly. Plus Justin will never be the same after Britney. I hate to say that such a hunk of a man who’s so extremely talented is so damaged in his love life as well.

  45. angela says:

    I don’t buy the Olivia Munn story. If there were really such texts, no way they wouldn’t have been leaked as proof.