Bethenny Frankel keeps trashing her ex: I did not marry the love of my life

Bethenny Frankel Picks Bryn Up From School
Bethenny Frankel talked smack about her ex, Jason Hoppy, yet again during one of her recent talkshows. She’s previously trashed him for staying put in their NY apartment, when she’s the one with means and could easily find other accommodations. She’s also complained several times about how hard divorce is. I don’t begrudge her an opinion on what she’s going through, but she’s a public person and should keep it under wraps. In her latest remarks, Bethenny said that her ex, Jason, wasn’t the love of her life and that she’s really pining for another guy but has learned to live with it:

Now involved in a knock-down, drag-out divorce and child custody war, Bethenny Frankel makes a shocking revelation Monday on her talk show: Jason Hoppy was not the love of her life and she knew that when she married him.

“I know who the love of my life is and I am not married to that person and I was the love of this person’s life to but we would not have worked in a marriage,” Frankel said.

“Did anyone ever see the movie, The Way We Were? Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, they were the love of each other’s lives but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work so do not spend the rest of your life fantasizing,” Frankel told her audience.

“It’s chasing the dragon, drug addicts do that, to chase that one original high, and you are never going to get that.

“You don’t have to marry the love of your life.”

Frankel and Hoppy, who have a daughter, Bryn Hoppy, have been unable to privately settle their differences. Their ongoing legal battle is now likely headed to trial.

[From Radar Online]

I’ve actually heard this before. I’ve heard someone call another guy she’s known for years, a married guy, the love of her life. In my opinion, if you’re not with that person or you weren’t with them for a significant amount of time, you cannot judge if they’re the love of your life. Does this sound dismissive of someone’s feelings? Maybe it is, but I also think a lot of women idealize relationships they can’t have. It’s easy to say that your ex sucks after you put up with his sh*t for years, you know him. If you have a guy friend or an occasional lover that you’ve never spent large amounts of time with, how can you consider them the love of your life? They’ve never committed to you. You’re never dealt with life’s problems together.

Oh and I think Bethenny is talking about that billionaire guy she keeps going on vacation with, Warren Lichtenstein. She’s denied that they’re anything more than friends, citing their 20 year friendship, but I think that she’d definitely like a piece of his wealth.

Radar has another story about how Bethenny’s talkshow is getting trounced in the ratings by Queen Latifah. Bethenny’s ratings aren’t rock-bottom like Kris Jenner’s probably-canceled show, though. She just has some fierce competition.

Here’s Bethenny talking about the “love of her life”
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Bethenny Frankel Takes Daughter For Stroll

Bethenny Frankel picks Bryne up from school

Bethenny is shown out with her daughter on 10-2, 9-23 and 9-25. Her daughter, Brynn, is adorable! Credit: and FameFlyne

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  1. ALG says:

    That’s her daughter’s father. She needs to shut it. I dislike parents who continually badmouth the other parent in a divorce.

    • strickchic says:

      +1000 Mature, unselfish people would never try to keep a child away from a good parent. It is unhealthy and just not right for her to bad mouth a man who is only trying to be a daddy to his little girl. I will never support anything she does because of this. Some of us single mothers would LOVE for our kids fathers to want to have something to do with our children. She is blinded his selfishness and it is very ugly indeed.

    • mom2two says:

      This is the truth. Her real feelings about her ex should be kept to herself for the sake of her daughter. My mom and my bio had a terrible marriage, in retrospect, my Mom would have had every right to talk smack about him, however she never uttered a bad word about the man around me. And the same went for him, he never talked smack about her.
      It can be done people!

    • emmie_a says:

      ALG: Great point! Everything w/Bethenny is all about Bethenny so sometimes you forget about the other people involved in her dramas. I read an article the other day about how much torture and agony this divorce is causing her and all I could think is that she is doing this to herself (and for publicity for her talk show).

    • mayamae says:

      If she thinks Barbra Streisand was Robert Redford’s love of his life in The Way We Were, that’s her first delusion. How sad if she’s been modelling her love life on this false premise. She needs to grow up.

    • sachet says:

      She is known for being a really NASTY person.

    • Kim says:

      Exactly. It shows that persons true colors when they bad mouth a man they chose to marry and have a child with. If she had any class she would shut it. Then again we are talking about no class Bethenny so….

    • Carol says:

      First let me say that i love Bethenny, however, I don’t agree with the comment that she made about the love of her life. I mean, she is free to say whatever she wants, but knowing that her very own daughter might hear it, is well, very sad. But that is who bethenny is, she says what she believes and is honest to a fault sometimes so why anyone would expect any different is surprising. I disagree about who the love of her life has been speculated as, I think that it may have been Jason, the first Jason, not Jason Hoppy. Although I seem to recall her referring to her husband as the “love of her life” at one point during her reality show.

  2. bammer says:

    She’s such an abrasive person. I’m happy her show is failing.

    • CG says:

      ITA! And didn’t the judge in their divorce case put a gag order on them anyway to keep them talking from the press? Or are they just forbidden from talking about specifics but can talk about generalities?

  3. Sandydc says:

    That adorable little girl looks far more like Jason then she does Bethenny.

  4. moptop says:

    Poor Bethenny. Some people are just literally never happy about anything.

  5. Kiddo says:

    She looks like the idiot saying, “I never liked you anyway”. She married the dude and not at gunpoint. She chose to marry him and have a kid. I still don’t understand how she became a TV personality. I don’t watch her, but from articles, she seems to have the wisdom and personality of a boil.

    • AnnE says:

      You can thank Ellen DeGeneres – she’s producing the show. I think the only reason it got picked up to start with is on the reputation of Ellen who makes money for stations and advertisers.

      • Kiddo says:

        Oh Ellen, Ellen….tsk, tsk.

      • Funtimes18 says:

        In Ellen’s (weak) defense, this talk show started awhile ago as the test run ran last year and got decent ratings. At that point, from the outside, she was a successful business woman, happily married with child and still had lots of fans as a sympathetic person from her reality show.

        Fast forward, her true colors are showing and she’s believing her own hype.

        I’m glad Queen Latifah is whooping her ass I’m the ratings. Give it to her, Queen!

    • StormsMama says:

      I know. It’s like- YOU MARRIED HIM!
      What does it say about you?????? That you married him and made a baby!!!! If he’s not your dream partner fine but no need to trash him. Just makes her look trashy. Gross

  6. aims says:

    You know, her daughter will grow up and read about the crappy things her mother said about her dad. I don’t know her from a hole in the wall, but her ex seems like a decent person and a good dad. I haven’t heard him talking to the press. He’s been low key. His mistake was getting her pregnant, then marrying her. Poor bastard, now he’s forever connected to this terrible person.

    • Kcaia says:

      I don’t know much about her either, at least never watched her shows, but it seems like what shes saying is true, because people said that about her when she first got married, that she just settled with Jason. Maybe he really had love in this and true emotions, and I hate to see anyone get hurt, but from what ive read it seems that her is the one making things as difficult as he possibly can for her, and that is really the most harmful thing to do, is to refuse to forgive and move on without vengeance. I think her comments aren’t that inappropriate considering she has a new show and people want to know about her divorce. I think she does feel bad about hurting him, but less so now that he is so determined for revenge.

      • Funtimes18 says:

        Sorry. But she’s the one out for revenge. She’s going for sole custody. Who does that to your child?

      • Kcaia says:

        People who can’t come to agreements together on their own. Plus ive read that it is a standard formality in this kind of nasty divorce. Im not saying she shouldn’t try harder to make things more amicable between them, just that he strikes me as the more vindictive party out of the two.

  7. MonicaQ says:

    I had an acquaintance call my husband best friend “the love of her life”…on her wedding day…as she married someone else.


    • Chicagogurl says:

      Yowzers! What did you do? The reception had to be interesting.

      • MonicaQ says:

        We just all kinda looked at each other like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” The supposed “soul mate” was the best man too at her request.

        She got the baby she wanted out of the deal…who she named after said “soul mate” as well.

    • Liberty says:

      Ha I went to a wedding with similar ridiculousness. Bride spent half the reception in her soulmate’s lap. Yup.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I would’ve looked like an angler fish the first time I saw that…and then got popcorn. Holy. Crap.

    • RHONYC says:

      they were f*cking and the baby is probably not by her husband. 🙁

  8. Belle Epoch says:

    This woman is a Gila monster. She will never have a “love of her life” because she is a lying greedy b*tch with no heart.

    • Diane says:

      This chick keeps talking about her divorce because it is the only thing keeping her in the news. HER TALK SHOW IS THE WORST!!

  9. Maria says:

    i have heard this quite often. the classic is the people who find their first love on facebook, leave their families for them and then wonder after a month why a relationships between two 35 year olds is different than their relationship at 15.
    its the typical “the grass is greener on the other side” and nostalgic feelings blinding them.

    • Kiddo says:

      The fantasy person who never leaves the cap off the toothpaste or neglects to replace a roll of toilet paper. It’s easier to find perfection in someone who you haven’t had to go through the annoying banalities of life with for any period of time.

      • Joy says:

        This all day long. It’s SO easy to romanticize a person who isn’t farting and snoring and leaving his shoes in the middle of the floor.

      • GiGi says:

        Absolutely, Kiddo!

        I know someone who engaged in an old fling and actually contemplated leaving her children behind for this guy – even though they’d had no real contact in years.

        Her marriage isn’t bad, maybe in a bit of a rut, as it can get with kids, and work, etc. She was just running away with a fantasy. Crazy.

    • bettyrose says:

      Teen romances can be so magical. You have tons of hormones, few responsibilies, and no shared chores/bills. Yep it’s easy to fantasize that the magic would’ve lasted forever with that person.

      • OutoftheLoop says:

        My teen romance went on for 10 years; probably should have ended after 2 though. The memories would be better.

  10. teehee says:

    I guess it all comes down to how you define it– if the love of your life is someone you are perpetually “in love” with, like in the beginning, then that is extremely rare and everyone should be so lucky as to have that- but if the love of your life is someone whom you can simply stand beside and be happy with, and who makes you happy, through all the drab and dull times, in the roughs and the highs, then, thats more probable…

  11. Laurabb says:

    I like outfit in the pic of her kissing her daughter, I want those shoes.

  12. Tiffany27 says:

    But wasn’t he the love of her life when she was filming Real Housewives? I don’t believe there’s just 1 person for everyone. I think throughout life people can have several “loves of their life”, but I feel like she just wants to trash her ex publicly.

  13. Cody says:

    She may have money and a TV talk show, but she demonstrates no class or being even intelligent. Actually, I hope they cancel her show, it is a waste.

  14. AnnE says:

    Of course you haven’t – they haven’t passed the marry yourself law yet!

  15. melmel says:

    I am watching reruns of the real housewives of NYC, where Bethenny is now with Jason. She sure was saying the opposite then.

  16. fabgrrl says:

    Is she 12 years old? Grow up, woman!

  17. Nan says:

    I have no idea who this woman is and where she came from but when I first saw the promos for her talk show I was horrified by her cheek implants. Creepy, creepy, creepy!

  18. MollyB says:

    My father was a real ass to my mother-cheated on her, walked out on her while she was a stay at home mom and no steady income. She hated him (rightfully so) but she never trashed him in front of us or tried to get us to hate him because she knew it wasn’t good for us and it wasn’t an honorable thing to do. Her daughter is going to read this crap one day that her mom keeps spewing. I feel sorry for that child.

  19. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    That’s really tacky to say of your (ex) husband–she chose to marry him, this isn’t the 50s.

    Jennifer Aniston 2.0–re “love of my life” comments.

  20. Frida_K says:

    She’s just so ghastly. And the way she yammers on in public* means that the only guys she’ll attract are the kind that think that women like her are the norm (which means she’ll attract creeps and enablers)

    *I’ve never watched her show and I only know of her through this web site but…what I have seen thus far bodes ill…

  21. HoustonGrl says:

    My mom badmouthed my dad the whole time I was growing up, and even though I can see past it now, it hurt my relationship with him in ways that I’m still trying to rebuild. Keep it classy, if for no other reason than your children!

    • Lyssa says:

      My mom did the same sh-t. It hurt my relationship with him and her. It also hurt my self-worth. She said she that made me feel like nobody cared about me. 20 years later I’m still having issues with that sh-t. She needs to grow up and shut the f— up.

      Obviously, she didn’t marry the love of her life. You can’t marry yourself.

  22. BeckyR says:

    Why is twit doing a talk show?

  23. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Isn’t she the one that had to have a bigger diamond engagement ring than the one he proposed with? And then when she filed for divorce she went on and on about how it was the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. She strikes me as a selfish, narcisstic and immature woman.

    The things she is saying about her daughter’s father will be very hurtful to her daughter one day, and keeping Bryn away from her father who clearly loves her very much, is a hateful thing to do. She only cares about herself, that’s obvious.

    I can’t stand her.

  24. frankly says:

    I liked her for about half a season on RHWNYC because I HATED Kelly so much, and Bethenny was the only one saying that Kelly was full of crap and standing up to her. I didn’t think she was perfect, but Kelly was just the worst. Where did that ass-kicking chick go? Pull it together, woman.

  25. Yelly says:

    Her kid is not very good looking.

  26. Megan says:

    Uhh I just need her and ALL THE HOUSEWIVES to go away (yes I know I am commenting so my fault), but seriously.

    I do understand hating your ex but he is her childs father so publically she should just STFU.

    • Stellax2 says:

      I agree. Andy Cohen should start looking at alternative ways to change Bravo into an viewing arena again. I highly doubt though while making money.

      I think Frankel should take the high road but now it’s too late. I think saying and doing certain things in this day and age will come back to haunt her with her daughter.
      She and her mom did not have a good relationship and was estranged from her father? They say history repeats itself. I hope for the child’s sake, it’s not the case.

      Regarding the love of your life comment, I’m in the Emma Thompson theory of perhaps there are several loves of our lives. There are people I know who have been married for decades and are going strong. I know some who have done the opposite.
      Personally, I was involved with a man on and off for over 15 years before marriage, after divorce and then some. There was not any cheating. I did not stay in contact while married at all. Whenever he appeared ready to make the full commitment, I wasn’t ready and vice versa. I came to the conclusion it was not meant to be. We are still friends and talk once a month. I don’t cling to the would’ve, could’ve and should’ve. It’s a waste of energy in long run for me. I’m happy with my partner. He and I work together and work through tough times when required.

  27. pnichols says:

    This chick is such a complete waste of space. Be quiet, for ONCE in your life. Cant stand her.

  28. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think it’s dishonest and unfair to marry someone while thinking of someone else as the love of your life. Unless, of course, she told Jason that, which I doubt. She just wanted to marry him for the TV show, I guess. He’s better off without her.

  29. Miss Melissa says:

    You don’t trash the father of your child unless someone’s safety is at risk. Period.

    As to the love of one’s life, yes the love of your life can be someone you are not with. It doesn’t happen often. And sometimes it happens when you don’t expect or want it to. And sometimes it is an impossible situation. So you take the high road.

    She apparently does not know how to do that.

  30. Andrea says:

    For starters, I believe you can have multiple loves of your life (some later in life etc), I have had four so far and I am 32.

    I have heard this from many friends. People who have kids with people they don’t love much less like. I have a friend who didn’t love her husband, had doubts before marrying him, but did anyway had a kid even though she didn’t want any and then proceeded to cheat on him. He stays with her, he is a very smart man so he either chooses to ignore behavior or really is naïve.

    I have other friends who had kids with men they didn’t love because they wanted kids and they were the nearest available sperm then trapped the men and would whine on how awful their life is now.

    And people wonder why I haven’t had kids yet. best advice my friend ever gave me: be very careful who you have a child with!!

  31. Maddie says:

    Bethany has turned into her parents! That is so sad I rooted for her on the housewives, but she has let the money, fame and her business success turn her into a b*itch.

  32. LahdidahBaby says:

    I have never disliked any TV figure more than I dislike Bethenny (and I’ve disliked plenty of them). She is a coarse, abrasive, greedy, self-serving, ambition-at-all-costs WITCH. I even like Ellen less because she’s promoting this ghastly woman.

  33. anon1 says:

    Bethenny got exactly what she wanted from Jason. A sperm donor and a story line (wedding/marriage) for her own show on Bravo. Jason was willing to be a part of all that craziness where the guy she was dating when Housewives started, wanted no part of it. (Probably the love of her life. barf)
    Having watched her behavior these past years it seems pretty clear that she is a perpetual “victim”. Nothing is ever her fault and all her problems are somehow caused by others. Her crappy childhood because of her parents, the other housewives were mean to her, Ellen won’t get her any really big name guests for her show, blah, blah, blah.
    She is a liar, a user and a manipulative shrew who will use and abuse whomever she can, to further her career.
    I feel sorry for her little girl and only hope that her father gets to spend enough time with her to undo some of the damage that Bethenny is no doubt inflicting on that poor child.

  34. aemish says:

    Ya, audience, listen to Bethenny. Destroy every relationship you are in until you’re in your 40s, then, in a panic, rope some sucker into being your sperm donor at the 11th hour (and 55th minute) of your biological clock, then ditch him sans any concern for the child you’ve produced or their relationship with truly loving, doting grandparents, demonstrate day in and day out what a disaster you are throughout their childhood both on and off national television, and then die old and alone on a cold tile floor. Great advice, Bethenny.