Justin Bieber shows off his newly ‘ripped’ & transformed abs: hot or hilarious?

Justin Bieber

At this very moment, I’m laughing about the absurdity of writing a post specfically dedicated to Justin Bieber’s bare chest. Who would have thought we’d ever be in this position together? It’s kind of an uncomfortable position, but it’s funny all the same.

Biebs has been Instagramming his abs with much delight. He posted the above shot of himself with his trainer. When I first glanced at the picture, I thought, “Why is Jason Statham standing next to Biebs?” The poor trainer looks pretty sheepish like he’s thinking, “Yeah, those abs are not that great, but they cost a lot of money, and daddy has bills to pay.”

What do you think of Bieber’s new abs? He’s awfully proud of them. I’m sure he’s working out plenty and downing protein shakes, so he probably smells awful and unlike his usual Eau de Baby Bottom scent. He still can’t walk his own happy ass up the Great Wall of China, so those abs mean nothing aside from narcissism. I’m thinking he’s had some “contouring” help done by way of a spray tan. It happens. Just ask Robert Pattinson.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a shirtless Biebs on the beach in 2012.

Justin Bieber

Justin now with the aid of Instagram filters:

Justin Bieber

Justin on the beach in 2012 with Selena Gomez:

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Justin Bieber on Instagram

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  1. paola says:

    I was wondering when this kid will hit puberty.

  2. Eve says:


    *sings Hot Chocolate’s “Sexy Thing”*

  3. Syko says:

    My opinion: no matter what this little turd does, if he grows a 10-pack, if he spits diamonds on his fans, if he sang like Caruso, if he became as charitable as Mother Theresa, he will never, ever, ever be “hot”.

  4. Quinn Parker says:

    GROSS. Somebody please make this kid go away.

  5. RobN says:

    Why does he appear to be pointing at the other guy’s penis?

  6. jinni says:

    Well, I guess, but what do the legs look like? So many guys focus so hard on their upper bodies and completely forget their legs which than gives them wonky body proportions. Anyway, he can work out as hard as he likes because no matter how muscular his body looks, it’s his face that makes him look underage and nothing but time or drugs/alcohol will change that.

  7. missmerry says:

    he still has a babyface, so especially that first picture, it looks like a kids head was put on an adult body.

    good for him for being healthy or something, but again, this is a kid, he’s what? very early 20′s…that’s a time where lots of guys are starting to experiment at the gym, but it’s not in the public eye, so if you look awkward or like you’re trying way to hard, you don’t have millions of people seeing you at that awkwardly-new-at-being muscly stage.

  8. pretty says:

    i feel bad for saying this because women also get judged a lot on our bodies but guys with small body-frame like this guy looks just comical when they put on muscles. Unless your body is like swimmers who have broad shoulders and chest, it just looks…very unflattering.

    Google Ryan Gosling shirtless. He also has narrow shoulder and he looks weird. huge muscles on small body.

  9. missmerry says:

    also, the grandpa hats do nothing for him. lose it.

  10. Obvious says:

    Can i just say I prefer baby beiber? the look went with his personality. now he looks like a roid-baby. and no good can come out of roid-baby-beiber.

  11. Abbicci says:

    Hey! Where’s the picture of Baby Biebs being taken out of his car seat by his bodyguard? I feel as if I have been cheated.

  12. Feebee says:

    It looks like they photoshopped his head on someone else’s torso.

    Otherwise it’s just a sign of him becoming a man… scratch that…. an adult… scratch that… um, his body is responding to gym workouts.

  13. Juliette says:

    Hilarious. His abs/chest area remind me of one of the plastic ones you can buy at the costume shops for Halloween.

    You know the ones where people can dress up like cavemen?

    He’s so little and fem looking, all the muscles in the world won’t help his baby look.

  14. Thinker says:

    This makes me laugh because its such obvious narcissism. Although, I stopped laughing because it reminded me of a horrible moment when I ran into an Ex at the airport and he PULLED UP his shirt to show me his new abs, telling me “since we broke up I’ve been taking great care of myself, what do you think of the results?”

    Poor Selena Gomez. I feel your pain, girl.

  15. missmerry says:

    although I agree with what I can only assume is 100% female comments, should we be careful in judging his body/body type/new exercise regiment?

    Even though males have been shaming females for 240404 different reasons throughout the ages, doing the same thing back isn’t going to help anybody (as Malala said “I would be just as bad as the talib throwing a shoe at them as they are for wanting to hurt me”)

    the body-shaming thing is a slipperly slope, yes the commenters (including myself) are not attracted to this guy and we will take every chance we can get to put him down, but isn’t that the same as bodyshaming a woman who we don’t think should be doing this or that with her body because of her body type? or because her face doesn’t match her body (again, I know I made that comment, but now that I think about it, I’ll watch what I say and publish next time).

    or is it just opinion and not a big deal?

    • Florc says:

      Body shaming is up to interpretation the way some of these posts are written. Sometimes it’s just plain obvious. Here I think is a good mix of both. He’s a brat who is often rude and disrespectful to others because his megalomania. He’s reaping.

      My issue with him on a purely physical level is he’s got defined muscles, but they look very out of place with his still child-like face. His body looks like it came from resistance training on machines with little focus on free weights and supporting muscles. That’s why his body looks off and I might be wrong, but that’s not body shaming.

    • Ennie says:

      He should be showing off his education (if he were getting any).
      This showing of (look how hot I am) is just laughable.

  16. moon says:

    That photo looks like someone photoshopped the biebs head onto another body. By someone I mean Justin.

  17. Mary says:

    He looks (or looked) so much like my cousin who is the sweetest, kindest guy ever, so I always feel so weird looking at pictures of Bieber. It’s like cousin Fred possessed by a douche-demon.

  18. Ag says:

    BUT – can he change his own diaper? If so – swoon.


  19. Itwillrain says:

    I prefer his pre-musclebound look, actually.

  20. Summer says:

    I can’t decide which one I hate the most. Justin’s stupid giant hat or Miley’s snake tongue?

  21. Redheadwriter says:

    But he still can’t stand up straight. Kid has the worst posture around.

  22. Jane says:

    If he so fit how come he didn’t walk up he Wall of China himself instead of being carried by flunkies.

  23. elo says:

    I call total photo shop on the second picture, isn’t the tattoo on the wrong side?

  24. wonderwoman21 says:

    Ewwwwwww. That’s the most mature reaction i can give.

  25. Duchess of Corolla says:

    The great abs didn’t help him climb the Great Wall of China. What a doofus.

  26. VioletCrumble says:

    Yeah, hot. In the same way Donald Trump is “hot”. So……Not.

  27. C. says:

    Justin Bieber makes my skin crawl. Do not want. Do not want ever.

  28. Jayna says:

    He’s on steroids or something. I like his swimmer’s physique better in the photos below that.

  29. eliza says:

    This explains his temper tantrums- ROID RAGEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  30. Lempicka says:

    why is there even an option to hilarious?

  31. Sheila says:

    Looks photoshopped, but whatever muscles he has is more likely from steroids than working out. Plus that would explain the tantrums,yep, think the Biebs has ‘roid rage!!

    That open-mouth look he does, ugh!! And does he an extra-short or NO neck, is that why he does that weird sticky-outty-head posing, thinks it makes him look taller?? HORRIBLE POSTURE he has!!

  32. Nicolette says:

    If he strains himself any more to show his ‘muscles’ he’ll likely shart himself.

    • Hakura says:

      …I’ve never heard anyone use the tern ‘shart’ before. Brilliant. xD

    • Hakura says:

      Something about him just inherently irritates me. I guess it’s a testament to how long ago my own teenage years were, when boybands were a huge fad that I got swept up in during middle/early high-school. It took years before I looked realistically at the guys in these boybands, & I think it may have taken said boyband members even *longer*, once the bright limelight was out of their eyes, to really see ‘themselves’, & not a flawless, universally wanted, persona created for image.

      I see now that it’s the same for Pissbucket, here. The limelight is too bright, so when he looks at himself, he’s seeing ‘after image’ blotches over his flaws & sense of whats truly important. Then he’s surrounded by people who’s only goal is to profit from him, who all nod & smile, agreeing w/all his grand delusions. Same currently goes for Miley.

  33. Brenda Bond says:

    I can’t help but have compassion for this kid. I know it comes from being a mother to two sons about the same age. Some of his issues are just being young and are completely normal. A lot of his troubles stem from too much money, too much time on his hands and the wrong group of “friends” in which he associates. I hope he grows up and gets away from these bad influences before he becomes an addict. I think he will get worse before he ever gets better.

  34. elle224 says:

    ew, ew, ew, ewwwwww. that is disgusting. why do girls my age like this guy? im gagging

  35. Talie says:

    I have a feeling he was one of those people who could legally use roids because he was low in the count on something. This boy didn’t get that body from just working out and diet. He looked like was 11 when he was 17.

  36. Madriani's Girl says:

    I wonder if anyone makes Douche Repellant?

  37. umyeah says:

    He looks like a little boy.

  38. MissNostalgia says:

    No matter…..he still looks like a 12 y/o girl.

  39. dorothy says:

    He’s just a little girly man.

  40. JustLurking says:

    Okay, after I stopped feeling like a pervert pointing and laughing at that child trying to be an adult, my analytical mind told me the way Justin looks has to be a result of a two-week binge of steroids and fake ab-contouring (like the stuff done in those Twilight movies) along with some serious photo-shopping. Look at those pictures you posted on October 1 of Justin in China (where he had his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall). How did he get like that in just 8 days? What do Justin’s legs look like? If his arms look like that his legs should be as freaky.

  41. Baskingshark says:

    He may well be roiding it up, but in the pic, he’s just clenching and flexing for all he’s worth and because he’s freakin 19 he has very, very low body fat so his not-that-big muscles are much more clearly defined. Plus: spray tan & instagram filters.

  42. Shanarabelle says:

    Both pictures contain one significant error… The tattoo of a tiger/lion and the roman numeral ones are not positioned on the same places on his body in the two ‘ripped abs’ pictures. They are, nonetheless, both featuring Justin standing in the same position, facing us. It’s fishy at best.

  43. skuddles says:

    Great, a tantrumy pipsqueak on roids. This should end well.