Justin Bieber made his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China: diva?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s tour of terror has landed in China. These are some new photos of Justin Bieber onstage at his Bejing concert. I’ve been giggling because it looks like Biebs had to hold onto his pants during certain dance moves. Otherwise he would have flashed his little hiney to the crowd. Can you tell he’s been working on getting stacked in the chest area? That’s a gross thought, but no matter how buff Bieber gets, he’ll always look and act like a 19-year-old manchild. Oh god, I see a happy trail. That is so wrong.

Justin Bieber

Bieber did the tourist thing before his concert, and of course he acted like a little brat. (These tweets are from a Bieber fanclub account.) First Biebs skateboarded down the street and made his bodyguards chase him.

Then he decided he was too lazy to walk his own ass up the Great Wall of China, so he made his bodyguards carry him all the way.

What I’m gathering from this nonsense is that Bieber should pray that Scooter Braun made these guys sign nondisclosure agreements ahead of time. They’re the hardest-working bodyguards in the business. They fight his fights in nightclubs and lift him into his carseat. They probably change his diaper pants too.

Vanilla Ice sent a shoutout to Justin via TMZ with some tips on how to avoid the Ice fate. I hope Bieber is listening.

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. T.fanty says:

    I was hoping that they used a baby backpack, but the picture is even greater. God bless Toddler Bieber.

  2. DailyNightly says:

    Oh why did they not toss him over the side? I can’t wait til this little a**hole’s 15 minutes are done with!

  3. Anna says:

    Can he be more pathetic? I’d like to say that the limit has been reached, but this dude might have limitless potential for lameness and a$$holeness at once.

  4. Jules says:

    His level of douchebaggery and self entitlement is staggering. How can anyone possibly like him?

  5. Trillian says:

    Too bad I don’t have a daughter so I could forbid her to listen to his “music” or go to his concerts.

  6. DanaG says:

    He is such a douche and he is going to fall hard. He won’t listen to Ice he can’t even walk by himself. Is his time up yet?

  7. blue marie says:

    does he have those pants specially made for him? they are horrible.

    as for him sitting on his bodyguards, everyone knows toddlers can’t walk that far without getting tired.

  8. Frida_K says:

    They did it because his diaper was full, there was no place to change him, and he was being whiny and fretful.

    Poor baby!

  9. Rudgies says:

    I have never posted here before, and I am kinda mad at myself for wasting my words on the Biebs, but what an entitled dbag. Can he please get run over by a car…and they back up and do it again? Send him to the show Scared Straight, let him see where he’s gonna end up!

  10. NerdMomma says:

    I’m so confused! Why on earth did his bodyguards carry him up the stairs? Did he post those pictures himself?

    I grew up in a religion that involved instilling a lot of deep shame and I try to parent in a way that frees my kids from shame…but a little bit of shame is healthy. One has to at least be ashamed of behavior like this.

  11. Lady Satan says:

    I can see little baby Beebs going the way of Kevin Federline in the not to distant future. He’ll be a fat ass has-been, but without Federline’s sense to stay *out* of the spotlight.

  12. Buckwild says:

    Hardest working bodyguards in the business.

  13. teehee says:

    I find this outright human/labor exploitation. Under nearly no other circumstance would a person be expected to carry someone up stairs on their shoulder- let alone THAT many stairs and let alone perform all kinds of OTHER physically demanding duties (such as running alongside his skateboard). Add to it that this is just pure lack of consideration for the well being and strain this puts on his “servants”, and I’ve got one massive hate for this little clown.

    • Liberty says:

      Exactly. What a sad little feck he is. Ah….I would love a Tina Fey SNL bit with her as the head of Baby Bieber’s bodyguard/servants.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. Not to mention his urinating in the mop bucket at a restaurant so the workers had to clean up after that. This little brat has no regard for anyone else. I can’t believe he made them carry him, and I can’t believe they did it.

    • Emily C. says:

      I agree. I wouldn’t be physically able to climb up those stairs, so I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t ask other people to carry me, even if — no, ESPECIALLY if they were my employees. Employees would feel they had to do it or lose their jobs, which is exactly the position Bieber put his bodyguards in. They’re bodyguards, not bodyslaves.

      This little douche is 19 years old and in perfect bodily health, and he expects other people to do this for him. What happened to people at least PRETENDING to be good people in public?

      • Hakura says:

        @Emily C. – “What happened to people at least PRETENDING to be good people in public?

        When he saw that all his fans are a combo of pre-teens (who are in denial whenever something negative about him comes out), & nutjob adults (with no grasp on reality), he realized that being a douchebag-jackass-little bastard was *just as lucrative*, ‘why waste the effort having to ‘pretend’ to be good, when I can be myself & still get the money & worshipping adoration from idiots?’?

        He *has* visited sick kids in the hospital, which is wonderful. But I can’t help but to suspect it was just to make him look good, especially after the thing with his making sure there was a pic of him giving that homeless woman a few coins.

  14. Greata says:

    Maybe if we all think good thoughts, Miley, and the Biebs might elope along with Shia to a land far , far, away.

  15. Elisabeth says:

    I was hoping he would be in a stroller
    and the bodyguard pulling him up backwards one step at a time
    click, click, click

    “are we there yet? I’m hungry! Can I have some bah-bah?”

  16. Nicolette says:

    Really? Lazy little s**t.

  17. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Hey, where is the pic of him being put in his car seat by his bodyguard?

    I’m not saying I actively wish for his downfall. I’m just saying that I’ll be interested to see him five years from now.

  18. Madpoe says:

    Well at least the guard carried him and not nurse him that’d be odd. lol

  19. logan says:

    I can’t find the word to describe how I feel about this idiot. Too bad the Chinese didn’t kick the entire group of them out. They have no respect for anyone or anything. He is a total embarrassment to our country. Imagine if another “celeb” from a foreign country came here and acted like that at one of our historical sites. American’s would be screaming their heads off. Who raised this kid? Evidently no one!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gwenhamara says:

    What a twit. Maybe a swarm on those killer hornets will find him…

  21. LolaB says:

    Michael K referred to him as King Joffrey Bieber in a post today. Sounds about right.

  22. Jaded says:

    He’ll never grow out of being an entitled little prick. He’ll be forever stuck at a spoiled 16 and, as Lainey says, “…even when he’s losing his hair and nobody cares, he’ll still have the perspective of a kid with a pimple fixation who masturbates until his dick is sore.”

    We in Canada say sorry for unleashing him on the world :(

    • littlestar says:

      “masturbates until his dick is sore”… Hahahaha so wrong and yet so funny! And so so true. He has entitled *sshole syndrome – Lindsay Lohan has it, so does Miley, and apparently it is an incurable disease. Once you have it, you have it forever.

  23. Mia4S says:

    Back in the 1980s, a wonderful Canadian wheelchair-bound athlete named Rick Hansen wheeled around the world raising millions for spinal cord research. In China he WHEELED HIMSELF up the Great Wall.

    In 2013 a Canadian loser named Baby Beiber had others carry him up.

    For the good of my nation I demand this idiot’s citizenship be revoked. :-)

    • Bella says:

      Proud Canadian mama here and I don’t apologize for the Beebs. Is he a douchey lil punk? Sure….but, sadly, so are most 19 yr old man children! I judge the kid on his positive deeds, like the fact that he has visited more sick and dying children in the past few years alone than ALL other celebrities combined! Plus, he donates MILLIONS to charity, which cannot be said of your Miley’s, Rihanna’s, Katy Perry’s or any other young artist today who is making crazy bank from your/my kids!

      • Emily C. says:

        Most 19 year olds are not one bit like this. And most of them give back to the community as they are able. That this baby douche is unjustifiably rich and therefore able to put a bit more change in people’s cups does not make him a better person at all.

        Most 19-year olds do not pee in mop buckets that some underpaid employee is going to have to clean out, nor do they start bar fights, nor are they good friends with infamous drug dealers, nor do they drive at unsafe speeds through residential neighborhoods, nor do they blame everything they do wrong on a black kid, nor do they make people they have power over carry them places. Most 19-year olds are decent people. This little piece of excrement is anything but.

      • Adrien says:

        Bella, I know Katy Perry donated a huge sum to the flood victims in Manila and even helped in distributing relief packs. That was before she became a huge star. Miley supports animal welfare groups.
        Anyway, even if the Biebs didn’t exist, you still have to apologize for Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback and Canadian Bacon.

    • Jaded says:

      @Mia4S – Thank you for putting this whole Bieber mess in perfect perspective. He’s an obnoxious little twat and needs to be brought down about 100 pegs. Also, is it just me or does it look like while he’s being carried like an Egyptian princeling he’s texting? Texting whilst being carried up the Great Wall of China. *SIGHS AND SHAKES HEAD*

  24. Ag says:

    Douchy little boy. His parents certainly raised an a-hole.

  25. VioletCrumble says:

    Oh, geez… Just when I think this little twat couldn’t possibly get any twattier, he out-twats himself. Again.

  26. Feebee says:

    He has no clue. Neither do his “people”. They must know how this would play.

  27. Lauren says:

    Since most of Justin Bieber’s teenage years were spent in the spot light I would imagine it would be hard to seperate himself from his diva like lifestyle, even if it involves being carried up the stairs of the Great Wall of China by his body guards. I am not justifying the bratty acts of Bieber however, no one should be surprised by the way he has been acting, especially since he has been deemed one of the most famous people in the world.

  28. Amanda says:

    I’m a chubby 28 year old woman who has hip and back problems and I climbed that damn wall like a champ. It was exhausting and some of the stairs are huge and hard to climb with my short legs, but I did it. You can’t tell me a fairly physically fit teenager couldn’t do it. Part of the thrill of climbing it is being able to say that you did it.

  29. Amanda says:

    I used to love and almost idolize Justin Bieber, as a singer and a role model. But ever since he started getting his tatoos, dating and breaking up with other celeberties, and becoming bigger in the music industry ive come to hate him. Hes become a version of self absorbed brat i thought hed never be. My love for justin bieber has dimished along with a lot of other peoples as well. He started off sweet and has become sour thanks to his ego.

  30. H26 says:

    Epic Entitled Loser! calling him a baby is insulting to babies

  31. Dommy Dearest says:

    Kick him off the side.

  32. Izzy says:

    And this just in, from the Not-So-Much-a-Fan Club: “I would never run, but if Justin Bieber was skateboarding I’d run him over…”

  33. Jenna says:

    I’m honestly and seriously confused here – did Bieber post these pics? Or rather, did he okay these to be posted? Because if someone NOT part of his group snapped the photo and posted it up to shame the twit, that I would understand (in the “Look at this entitled jackass who can’t even walk his own backside up the steps” kind of way). But it looks like its from something ‘officially’ connected to him and why on earth would that be done? Didn’t ANYONE think this was going to make him look like a pathetic brat? Not strong enough to carry his own weight up, so spoiled he needs to be lugged up, and the shot from behind make it look like he has his head down so he can play with his phone or something so… even on one of the wonders of the world, he doesn’t have the mental faculties to take in his surroundings but instead needs to be placated with a round of Angry Birds while the adults take photos to prove he ‘was there’.

    There is being totally self-absorbed and there is begging to be crucified by the public and I can’t help but feel like he ran headfirst into the latter a while ago…

  34. Emily C. says:

    At 19 years old, I was always embarrassed to need any physical help at things that weren’t ridiculously out of my league. The boys I knew then were more so. How much someone was able to do physically was a measure of sex appeal. If they were flat-out unable to do the physical stuff, that was okay. But if someone of whatever gender was able to do something physically and simply chose not to because they were too lazy? And then made OTHER people do it for them?! Forget sex, they wouldn’t even have any friends.

    This isn’t a rant about “kids these days” because I suspect kids these days are by and large the same now as we were then. But how does this particularly baby have any fans at all?

  35. Lucy Goosey says:

    The leather diapers comment just made my day and possibly made tomorrow too!

  36. Garrett says:

    What a pathetic narcissist.

  37. Liza Jane says:

    Believe me, those of us in Canada are already red with shame that he is viewed as our greatest talent and export! We have thousands more decent Canadian entertainers for you to watch and enjoy! This kid is a total embarrassment to the country!
    Entitled, rude and unmannerly, badly brought up, obviously extremely dumb and stupid! All that is wrong with entertainment and fandom!
    You have your Miley’s and Rihanna’s , our cross to bear is Justin Beiber!
    He goes from strength to strength in bad behaviour! He is a gross National embarrassment!
    Not my fault but apologies!

  38. Claudia says:

    This kid has no shame. At his age (and still, at 27) it’s part of the fun to push yourself and really earn that picture “at the top”. I didn’t get a chance to go to the Great Wall when I was in China (I know, I know), and I really regret that. But I wonder about this pathetic idiot, when he looks back years and years from now, what will he think of his very abled-self getting carried up the steps of one of the wonders of the world, in his saggy diaper-pants? He treats his bodyguards like slaves.

  39. Au de toilet says:

    Mmm…the biebs is looking better and better as the years go by..! Yes Bieber! Work it…for mama..!!.all of you jealous haters need to stop immediately with the hatin!!!

  40. Relli says:

    I am not convinced that he owns a mirror. There is no way he is looking in the mirror at these leather man-leggings, thinking, “YES these really do emphasize my man pecs and ARE the LOOK.”

    Oh god are these the Leather Jogging pants that got Kayne got so excited about?!?!?! HAHAHHAHA, yeah OK I wouldn’t take credit for this fad K.

    • Bitca says:

      Hahaha. YES–that was my 1st thought: “Omigosh! ‘Ye’s infamously rejected-by-Fendi ‘Leather Jogging Pants’ found a buyer after all!” (owwie, was THAT interview painful. Love Yezzus & earlier releases, but wish Ye’s manager forbade all interviews, & clapped a big piece of Gorilla duct tape over his mouth whenever he steps out in public. Man sounds like he’s bipolar or something).

  41. jwoolman says:

    There has to be a story behind this, he’s physically able to climb. Somebody lose a bet? Goofing around? I thought I heard he skateboarded on the wall (homage to Bart Simpson, I assume, who did it in an old Nintendo game).. Saving himself for that? Can’t be just a twit move.

  42. Sprink says:

    Here’s how it works: he hires bodyguards to protect him; he does what he wants; the bodyguards (probably better paid than anything else they could do, or they’d do something else) protect him. Even if they have to run behind his skateboard. Gee, tough job.

    If nothing else, let’s not rag on Justin for going on a skateboard, ffs. He’s not POTUS, after all.

  43. Caroline says:

    So what?
    The bodyguards are probably paid like 100,000+ per year, COME ON

  44. eatingpie says:

    No…I’ll give you a pass today Bieber. But only because Miley is grossing me out a million times worse than you right now.

    Geez…how is that even possible?