Is Prince William about to get married to his girlfriend?

Hunky Prince William, 24, might get married soon to his longterm girlfriend Kate Middleton, 25. It sounds like speculation to me, but the news reached British Parliament and lawmakers were discussing the marriage plans of William, second in line to the throne behind his father Charles.

British royal photographer Arthur Edwards was speaking to The House of Commons select committee about a recent intrusion of Ms. Middleton’s privacy. She was hounded relentlessly by paparazzi around her 25th birthday in January, and MPs want to work on a new privacy law that will protect royals and celebrities.

Photographer Edwards said “She’s in love with Prince William. I’m sure one day they’ll get married.”

Just because a friend of the family thinks it will happend doesn’t mean it’s imminent, though. William himself has said he has no intention of getting married until he is 28 or 30, and it is thought that he will finish his duties with the Armed Forces first. He has two more years to serve. A spokesperson for the royal family has countered that he has no plans to get engaged.

Kate, an assistant accessories buyer at a High Street department store, was dating another guy when she lived in a student home with William in 2001. They both attended St Andrews University. They started to date in secret in late 2003 and their romance went public in 2004 when they took a ski trip together.

Kate lives in an apartment in London’s Chelsea neighborhood, where William visits her on the weekends. They also have weekday date nights on Thursday night, as she has off from work every Friday. William and Kate will have a long distance relationship when he takes a six month training course in Dorset in Southern England. William will take the same Troop Leaders course his younger brother Harry completed last fall. [Some Information from Hello! Magazine print edition, February 22, 2007]

Prince Harry will join his regiment in Iraq in May of this year although it is unclear how long he will stay. Britian has announced a phased withdrawl of troops that is likely to ensure that William will not be deployed to Iraq.

British news outlets were all over Kate and William’s recent appearance together at the Six Nations Rugby Tournament between England and Italy, which is where these pictures were taken.

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  1. Pecarrie says:

    I dunno, but Im not so thrilled with these two together. I guess I expected higher or better; but that might be Diana’s shadow.
    They both just don’t seem very mature or aware somehow…?

  2. Kolby says:

    I am a bit confused about this. Is William permitted to marry whomever he chooses, regardless of societal standing or royalty?

  3. gg says:

    I think they look adorable together, and I’m thrilled he goes for and intelligent brunette rather than another dumb blonde.

  4. Charity says:

    Is it just me or does she look like a pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes?

  5. Kiwi says:

    Harry looks excited.

  6. miss luigi says:

    Pecarrie – from what I understand, they are both very aware of the problems surrounding royal marriage and public scrutiny etc. I think they’re handling it well – they’ve been keeping things hush-hush and I don’t think they’d marry until William is older. If anything, I’d say they’re secretly engaged. Kate Middleton seems like an OK girl, and I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a flake like Diana. If she is allowed to marry William, that is.

    and gg – WTF. “Intelligent brunettes?”

  7. frewtloop says:

    I’m thrilled people automatically assume blondes are dumb, I mean really! How to offend a large proportion of the population in one ill informed sentence. Most, if not ALL of the most famous ‘dumb blondes’were actually fucking brunettes naturally. What an idiotic statement.

  8. frewtloop says:

    BTW ‘accessories buyer’ hardly equates to rocket freaking scientist does it now?

  9. empress hannah lee says:

    i think that the bohemouth (hate kate) is a cow. moo moo. he’s a horse so how is a cow and a horse going to mate? look at his mouth. i think that he needs to move on or i think that england should not play games anymore because imagine the poverty she (the bohemouth) will bring to our england. she has spent enough of england’s money in making herself look bohemouth and she needs to pay her due. she has soaked up enough of england’s time and wealth. her parents were just poor impoverished postal workers but now they own a million dollar house. stop playing games with england. get rid of her. let him start over. -empress hannah lee….