Kevin Federline wants a spot on Dancing with The Stars

Kevin Federline is rumored to be the latest pseudo celebrity clamoring for a spot on Dancing with the Stars. This story originates with Star Magazine, and there’s always the possibility that it’s wishful thinking on their part, but it could be true:

According to a friend, [Dancing with the Stars has struck up talks with Britney’s ex to appear on their next season in March, and Kevin, 30, is interested. “Kevin would do it for the exposure,” one pal tells Star. “His career isn’t exactly where he wants it to be.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, February 2, 2009]

Federline is rumored to be pitching a reality show that will follow him on tour with ex wife Britney Spears. This is thought to be angering Britney, who may feel like she has no choice but to let him go ahead with the show if she wants to see their boys while she’s traveling. It makes sense that Federline would be interested in DWTS, but whether this rumor is true or not remains to be seen.

Another potential contestant on the upcoming season the show is Donny Osmond. His sister Marie was on the fifth season of DWTS in the fall of 2007 and finished third. Donny has confirmed that he’s “seriously considering,” a stint on the show. Maybe he’ll have some competition in the form of Federline. Although he’s hardly remembered for it, K-Fed used to work as a professional backup dancer and presumably has some coordination and moves to bring to the table. He has gained some “daddy weight,” as his ex Shar Jackson explained, but he would quickly lose it training for the show.

Kevin Federline is shown going out bowling with his girlfriend, Victoria Prince, on 1/8/09, credit: Bauergriffinonline.

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  1. dr.grrl says:

    my guess will be damned if he does dance or damned if he doesn’t. people will always think the worst of him.

    don’t get me wrong, he seems like a total slime ball, but i have to give him credit for stepping up and being (on the outside) a good parent while BS was going bananas. i actually feel kind of bad for him!

  2. perpetua says:

    Didn’t know he qualified as a “star”?

  3. Baholicious says:

    At least if he were on DWTS he’d be doing something of his own merit and within his area of talent. I also agree that he has stepped up in the parent department and that is commendable.

  4. stephanie says:

    dont you think his girlfriend looks to young for him. and going out and having a girl just is discusting. oh yeah using britneys spears money to have fun. cause he dont do shit. lazy bum!!!! he just hit the lottory with britney only. even her body guard didnt like him because he was only interested in her money. and wrong teaching the kids notty words. be a parent not just because you have to. come on husband support also he is so lazy. first he cant sing nor dance. i feel bad for what bs is going true. but thats how life is it teaches you.

  5. dr.grrl says:

    stephanie, is your anger against KF preventing you from spelling properly?

  6. rules says:

    none of the “stars” on that show are really “stars” now are they….
    and why is that show still on, its just a jiggle show for men.

  7. dr.grrl says:

    LOL Rules!! a jiggle show! love it~

  8. barneslr says:

    Don’t care about KF, but I’d love to see Donny Osmond on there. I bet he’d be really great!

  9. vdantev says:

    I’d like to invite him to ‘dance’ in the parking lot behind the studio with a few associates of mine.

  10. meow mix says:

    Stephanie- your weird rant gave me a headache.

  11. kelly says:

    “i have to give him credit for stepping up and being (on the outside) a good parent while BS was going bananas. i actually feel kind of bad for him!”

    Really? I don’t. You don’t get credit for doing what you’re *supposed* to do. (Cf. Chris Rock)

    Last I checked, those were his kids, too.

  12. Keekee says:

    K-Fed will do anything to keep his 15 minutes of fame going. Hey dude, you’re getting paid well to be Mr. Mom – enjoy it!