Tom Hiddleston does impressions of Miss Piggy & Kermit: amazing or twee?


You know what’s funny? Editors of magazines are now sending us promotional tips about Tom Hiddleston. Like, we’re one of the Hiddleston-loonie sites I guess. Personally, I like Tommy but you know I don’t get as crazy over him as many of you do. Mostly I just like to cover him because he’s very quotable and he’s so very EXTRA. But that “extra” quality can manifest itself in the most amazing ways. Like his ability to mimic literally anyone or anything. Who knew that Tommy can do such an amazing Miss Piggy? Oh, Tommy!

Tom did that impression for Shortlist Mag, and you can read the full Shortlist interview with Tom here. Some highlights from the piece:

On his Thor promotion in Asia: “I guess I found myself in more situations where people ask me to do things, so I was in Sydney and they asked me to do the Owen Wilson thing, and then I was in Korea – and Korea’s pop culture is alive and well – I mean, this is the land of Gangnam Style. They asked me a question and they said “what body part are you most confident in?” and I thought of many wrong answers to that question, and I said “my feet actually” because I love running – I’m slightly geeky about it, I’m a big runner and if I didn’t have my feet I couldn’t run – and also, if I didn’t have my feet, I couldn’t dance. And they say “so now we have to see you dance!” and so I was like “oh God, I walked right into that one!” But, you know, it’s nice to be in situations where people are up for a bit of a laugh.”

Kermit the Frog is not a diva: “No, he’s a sweetheart. Very generous, y’know, life and soul of the party, not a diva at all – doesn’t take many takes. Bless him. I was a bit starstruck when I worked with him actually, like my first take, he was on camera before me and I walked into the shot and I had a moment where I almost forgot my lines because I thought ‘I’m on camera with Kermit the Frog. I’ve peaked. It’s all downhill from here.’”

Will he feel left out when The Avengers 2 goes into production? “Yeah maybe! Maybe I’ll be like, ‘are you guys still having dance parties?’ There was one particular occasion – it was an amazing occasion – where Chris Evans – also known as Captain America – sent a round-robin text message at about 8 o’clock on a Saturday night, we were filming in Albuquerque in New Mexico. Because it was a bit of a relay race – it was quite rare that we were all in town at the same time, and this weekend we all happened to be in town, and no-one had any plans, and he just sent a text message saying “I’m at a bar downtown. Come and join me in half an hour. Avengers Assemble!” and then sent a follow-up text saying “yes I did”. And so of course we all flocked to this place and it was just a very normal bar in Albuquerque with the residents of New Mexico having a dance and a drink on a Saturday night and there was a birthday party of a guy there, and he was the big VIP of the night in that club, and I remember looking at his face as he turned around and saw Scarlett Johnasson and Chris Evans and Jaimie Alexander dancing in a little circle next to him and he sort of did a quadruple take. We were all on the normal dance floor – it was very, very funny indeed, it was a good time.”

His favorite Twitter account: “My favourite twitter account at the moment is Very British Problems (@soverybritish) – and it makes me laugh out loud. They’ll tweet a problem like “sitting down on the train and hoping no-one joins you in your carriage so you can eat your sandwich silently in shame” or “doing your best to help in a shop when someone asks you where the biscuits are, even though you don’t work there”. I love that.”

[From Shortlist]

He was asked his favorite body part and he said his FEET? Why not just go for the dirty answer? Is it because he’s so twee and eager to please? I think most men would (honestly) name their dongs as their favorite body part. Or they would name their arms or something. But their feet? Gross.

PS… Here’s Tommy doing a NSFW impression of Samuel L. Jackson playing Loki. It’s NSFW because Tommy drops a “motherf—ker”. Which you have to do if you’re doing a motherf—king impression of Samuel Jackson.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Miss M says:

    WHat a great day: Tom and single Chris Evans.
    I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks, CB!

  2. Eve says:

    “You know what’s funny? Editors of magazines are now sending us promotional tips about Tom Hiddleston.”

    Hmmm…my guess is that Creepy Windsor might be behind this.

    • Sixer says:

      I think creepy Windsor has some affiliation with GQ magazine, certainly. It’s all incestuous!

    • Abby says:

      Creepy Windsor LOL but that sums it well.

      The way Luke and Tom are always together creeps me so much

      • Eve says:

        I wouldn’t mind if they were a couple. It’s the 32-year-old man being babysat that freaks me out.

        Plus, I think he (Windsor) does a piss poor job as his publicist. Hiddleston’s famewhoriness should be toned down, not amped up (for the sake of his career — if he also wants to be a respected actor, that is).

      • Abby says:

        Agreed completely. I wouldn’t mind them bring a couple either (if Tom is homosexual) but as you said him babysitting Tom is downright freaky.

        Yes I feel he is bad at his job too….wonder why Tom an Emma Watson still stick to him???

        Tom is a try hard to be very honest and he just cannot hide it.

      • Anna says:

        LUKE REPS HERMIONE?!?!?!?

        Well, at least she hasnt let him screw up HER press. She is definitely not overexposed. I love my Ems.

      • Sixer says:

        Anna – Luke is the PR man for advertising deals and magazine spreads. Emma was GQ woman of the year. Tom is Sir Magazinealot.

        While I find his constant photobombing weird and borderline creepy, I think he’s doing a better job with PuddleTom than he gets credit for.

      • Anna says:

        Sixer, I dont mind Tom’s overexposure (more for me!) but what needs to be better managed is Tom’s process of getting the roles, whether he publicizes how much he wants a part (Crow, Marvel: Loki), or looks like he’s getting someone’s leftovers (Cumby’s?). Even tho there’s nothing wrong with not being the first to get called (think how different Django would have been had Will Smith taken the role), the way these casting stories have been circulating, it’s making Tom look like everybody’s backup, no one’s first choice.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Abby: thousands of pounds worth of designer swag, plus the potential for licensing deals. This really is what TommyAnnE wants more than he wants to be a serious actor, and there is a lot of money in that. He’ll be selling scotch in Japan in no time, just wait.

      • Sixer says:

        @ Anna – I agree, but I think that’s an agent thing not a PR thing.

        @ Miss J – exactly.

      • Anna says:

        Miss J – not fully sold…I think he wants to be an Actor and also a Big Franchise Star (or big Star, period), I think he’s a fame & acclaim chaser much more than paycheck chaser (which is what those endorsements are about). But if you turn out to be right, please sh00t me in the face so I dont have to suffer 2nd hand embarrassment.

        Sixer – getting those parts – yeah, that’s the agent’s job. But I am talking specifically about how that process gets played out in the media. The Crow thing didnt have to become public at all – he didnt get the part, it became embarrassing, but nobody had to know in the first place. ‘Everyone’s 3rd choice’ is harder to control but still possible, it’s been done with other actors/roles. But Tommy’s starting to look desperate for anything even if it’s NOT the case.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Anna, I would never shoot you in the face! Ha! I just see TommyAnnE pursuing those magazine shoots like his career depends on it. He always courts the fashion houses and their reps. This is primarily what Luke does, and Luke spends a lot of time on him. The only reason to do all of this is to get licensing opportunities and all the $$$ that goes with that. He wants it.

      • Sixer says:

        I see your point, Anna. Although I do think the choice of Private Eye as his PR agency suggests Miss J is right.

      • Abby says:

        Miss J….your theory is certainly applicable in this case. He wants cash rolling and endorsement deals are the best way to quick cash.

        His second aim is to be part of big movie franchises so he gets constant attention and fame with a bigger fan base. Is his idea was to balance it with indie projects that can let him show his talent in full potential….he would have signed something like that by now.

        I don’t know if he isn’t signing these indie movie because he simply isn’t interested or he isn’t getting an offers in the first place

      • Angel May says:

        I think all celebs get baby-sat to an extent but creepy Luke should learn to stay out of camera range. Maybe he’s afraid Tom will be lured into a fan girl van.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        And AHEM! If magazine editors are contacting Kaiser about TommyAnnE (meaning LUKE is behind this), they would do well to contact us directly!

        WE ARE CHEAP! Send the designer swag DIRECTLY to us, and we will sing the praises of TommyAnnE, Thor the Dark World, and anything else you please.

        We might even let TommyAnnE have Bunny back.

      • TommyAnnE says:

        It’s all about Bunny! Luke! Make them give Bunny back!

        *sobs into apron*

  3. Sharra55 says:

    He really is just so extra….you just want to squeeze him!

  4. Erinn says:

    I just don’t get the appeal – he’s ALWAYS on. It’s tiring. When women try this hard people tend to comment about them being attention whores – what’s so special about this guy?

  5. Not says:

    I just want to do things to him, so he lookes a shamed…I want him to look ashamed at me.God just….YES!

  6. CaribbeanLaura says:

    Kaiser, before he said his feet he said he thought of many wrong answers to the question, we were dicussing it yesterday on the Thor thread and apparently mister hiddles is packing a serious hammer down below, if you know what I mean.

    Wait, what are those things sprouting on my back, wings?

    I’m turning into a dragonfly!!!!

  7. GiGi says:

    You know the longer this goes on, the less I want him in any sort of lusty way… but the more I’d like him to sit in my kitchen and have a chat. He’d be the dinner party guest who’d charm your granny, right?

  8. ag-UK says:

    Don’t be so mean to him. He is sweet and polite he def. probably thought of a different answer but decided not to.

    • Janeite says:

      I will never been mean about him. I adore the man. I love his eagerness to please (what the detractors call “neediness”), his kindness to fans, the fact that he’s not afraid to look like a complete dork, and yes, I even love that he talks a lot and quotes Shakespeare to ducks. I feel badly that I used to be put off by him because of the insanity of his Tumblr fans. And I freely admit to not being a fan of superheroes in general so the whole Loki thing was lost on me.

      But then I saw The Hollow Crown and I realized that the guy is a damn good actor. And he makes a lot of people happy, and we could all use more of that in our lives. So it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Abby says:

    Did you guys see Alan Rickman telling BC and Tom to get it accurate (their impression of him) on a Josh Horowitz interview (MTV).

    Hehehe oh Alan is like this school teacher telling them to shut it. I have to say though that BC nails the impression whereas Tom is just meh.

    Here’s the YT link

  10. Sixer says:

    These are the worst orange foundation pictures of PuddleTom that I have ever seen.

    He needs to come to my de-cosmetic boudoir, where we can get it all off. Double entendre intended.

  11. drea says:

    Aw, he’s precious. I can take his kind of cuteness in moderate doses. However, it does get to the point where everything he says starts to sound like “Love me, please!” to me.

  12. Ncboudicca says:

    He should wear a tux everyday. Or nothing.

  13. Lindy79 says:

    He’s actually done a fairly decent job of those impressions!
    He needed to throw in a HIIYYYAAAA for Piggy though.

    I really want a Hiddles and Cumberbatch remake of this scene

  14. Elise says:

    Ugh, I always catch myself smiling like an idiot whenever he does impressions during his interviews. Damn you, Tommy, for firing up my biscuits!!

  15. browniecakes says:

    TH is so Twee. His Piggy is better than his Kermit, hmmm. He found the velvet jacket for Paris Thor TDW promo yesterday. Natalie should get another Oscar for not cringing visibly at his French. He asked someone how to translate ‘deep down’. He is extra.

  16. Janie says:

    Dude, you’re burying the lede here: Tom’s dorky impressions are one thing, but Chris Evans sending out dorky Avengers texts in Albuquerque is literally the best thing I’ve heard all week.

  17. blue marie says:

    I can’t believe I listened to the impressions and laughed, I blame you guys for this..

    Smarmy Cat 1
    Me none

  18. Algernon says:

    Amazingly twee.

    Tweely amazing.

  19. flower says:

    Dance Thomas Dance

    *throws coins at him*

  20. FW says:

    aha Kaiser covered this! all the wrong answers~~~BTW, I just read the full spoiler of Thor2 and it sounds hilarious, at least the Loki part. I’m now getting a bit interested in the movie now:)

  21. Jcamp11 says:

    I love him. He is EXTRA and earnest and dorky. And I just love it all.

  22. serena says:

    God, I just love him. He’s so funny, and geeky and swwet. sigh
    I’m going to follow that twitter account too.

  23. serena says:

    Lolled at the promotional tips you get. Let’s all become Hiddleston-loonies!

  24. Maria_Spain says:

    goshh…he is adorable :’(

  25. Miss Jupitero says:

    I am taking his as PROOF that TommyAnnE reads CB by the way.

  26. Mary-Rose says:

    What outfit do we want to see TommyAnnE in next? I’m going to start with leather ….

  27. icerose says:

    Anna “”he publicizes how much he wants a part (Crow, Marvel: Loki), or looks like he’s getting someone’s leftovers (Cumby’s?”
    My impression was that it was the Crow production side who leaked Tom’s interest in the role to gain publicity for the Crow. But honestly he was well out of it from the rumours that were flying around re the script.
    Benny has just picked up a Tom Hardy crumb. I think musical role casting happens quite a lot. I do feel that Tom is a better fit for the Crimson Peak as his instincts on small innovative films seems to be spot on.
    As for being taken seriously “Only Lovers Left Alive” has had an excellent reception on the film festival circuit. Tom had admitted himself that he turns down roles his agents say would be good for his career because they do not interest him. Taking corporate goodies makes me smile. My impression is that money is just not his thing. He has said himself he does not deal with the money side.

  28. icerose says:

    Miss Jupitero Tom was asked and now sits on a UK fashion promotion board which may go along way to explaining the abundance of fashion shoots. Plus build wise he makes a great clothes horse. I do hope he got to keep the £3000 pound jacket from the last shoot but suspect that’s not the case.

  29. Naddie says:

    Twee and amazing. If he ever get famous like Matt Damon, I’ll be jealous like “he was mine before he was yours” and shit like that.

  30. lc says:

    I saw this image today and I felt like weeping:

    Who took this gorgeous boy and turned him into a weird grasshopper-like, vest wearing, orange-tinted creature?
    I miss his style from his pre-publicity days. Not high fashion, but it had an relaxed and sexy feel to it..

  31. Catriona says:

    How do you fellow Celebitchers (?) deal with this perfection?

    My toes were literally curling due to my heart being aflutter, I mean, geezus, I didn’t know impressions, of Ms Piggy, Kermit and Samuel Motherfucking Jackson, no less, could be such a turn-on. <3

  32. Delorb says:

    LOL No. That was NOT Samuel L. That was just some dude trying to sound American using swear words. And did he wear a tux to the premiere of Thor?!! Its Thor you ijit!