Olivia Wilde shows off her baby bump in Cushnie Et Ochs: lovely & glowing?


Now that we know Ol’ Cockburn (Olivia Wilde) is pregnant, everything does make more sense. At least sartorially. Remember that awful Michael Kors outfit she wore a few weeks ago? It makes more sense if you think of it as “Olivia probably couldn’t fit into the outfit she wanted to wear.” Not that she’s really that much bigger. These photos are from last night’s 2013 International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage in Journalism Awards, where Olivia debuted her bump officially.

First of all, I kind of love this Cushnie Et Ochs dress. It’s really pretty, right? Simple, feminine, classy. I usually dislike most of what Olivia wears – I feel like she enjoys dressing up, she enjoys fashion, but she doesn’t really have the kind of “look” that she wants to achieve. Like, in her mind she’s a sophisticated woman who sometimes dresses (and pulls off) the princess look and the bombshell look and the avant-garde look, and really, she can’t pull any of those looks off at all. Maybe the pregnancy will change her style for the better? Here’s hoping!

I was going to say that I couldn’t even tell that Olivia is pregnant, but I do see a tiny little bump in profile. And her boobs look bigger too! I bet she enjoys that. I bet Jason Sudeikis does too. Also: Bedhead wants Olivia to stop with the ombre hair. I wonder if Olivia is just going to stop dyeing it full-stop? She should go darker – she looks better and younger with darker hair. I was getting tired of her budget blonde shade.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Ugh I get the feeling she’s going to overshare and gush on and on about this baby and Jason as a new daddy and bla bla bla. She is one of those women who talks like she invented relationships.

  2. AlmondJoy says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Olivia, but I LOVE pregnancy and I’m so happy for her! Her widdle bump is so cute! *rubs belly*

    • Huh? says:

      yuck that fetishing is how the kardashians manage to grift intellectually lazy celebrity worshipers. makes my skin crawl because it has very little to do with actual humanity.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        I can hardly see how a person likes pregnancy is a fetish much less how it earned Kartrashian worshipers. They earned that from their terrible reality show. I can bet AlmondJoy doesn’t have a shrine made of gum chewed by Kim that would in anyway celebrate the Kardashians. Most commenters here think she’s disgusting. So uh, move on.

    • meh says:

      Widdle. Ugh.

  3. T.C. says:

    Her career ain’t going nowhere so might as well play up the pregnancy for all it’s worth wearing body hugging clothes to show off the bump.

  4. Erinn says:

    I actually had nearly the exact same hair this summer. Brought her photo to my hairdresser and got some ombre highlights and the same length/layering. I’ve since added some color back over the ombre so it’s super subtly, and I find it brightens me up. It’ll likely be my only dip into the ombre trend though.

  5. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I’m happy for her, but man I agree with the first poster–she is going to overshare like crazy. And it’d be fine if she was a couple of years older than me–but she’s 29! She’s saying crap that I would be saying if I were in love for the first time.

  6. Miss Bennet says:

    She has the pregnancy glow already. I like her and wish her every happiness.

  7. Mia4S says:

    Oh dear lord, she will pimp this pregnancy and baby to scary degrees. Her movie career has been a spectacular failure so what else can she do?

    Honestly I’m soooo bored of baby gossip. Adult female got pregnant! Gasp! OMG! 😉 It’s biology, not an achievement. Call me when one of these women does something interesting. Or come back in 20-25 years if you’ve managed to raise an extraordinary or interesting kid. Until then…yawn.

    • mercy says:

      “It’s biology, not an achievement.”

      True, true. I do think parenthood is the most important job anyone can have and I am curious about some celebrities’ offspring, and thankful when they’ve shared, but this couple… nah. They’ve already shared way too much.

    • Huh? says:

      right there with you on the pregnancy/fetishing: even more disgusting as we allow children and mothers in usa to go to bed hungry each night.

      • Becky1 says:

        Agreed! Here in the U.S. there’s a huge fixation on pregnancy and lots of talk about being “family friendly” but when it comes down to policy we really aren’t (particularly compared to other first world nations).

  8. bns says:

    I can’t stand her and I have no idea why. She just bugs me. Congrats, though.

  9. mercy says:

    Can’t stand her or her man, but good luck with the baby.

  10. themummy says:

    Ombre hair has got to be one of the absolute WORST hair trends ever. It is ugly, and looks trashy and cheap.

    And that’s really all I have to offer here.

  11. Lady D says:

    Gorgeous dress.

  12. May cage says:

    I don’t see a baby bump. Gawd…… This is going to be a long pregnancy.

  13. AlmondJoy says:

    @Dommy THANK YOU.
    @Huh? Your name describes how I felt after I read your comment. As a woman who has had very rough pregnancies and experienced the loss of two babies of my own, I am ALWAYS happy when another woman becomes pregnant. Motherhood is beautiful. My feelings have nothing to do with a fetish. And I have no idea why you would bring the Kardashians into this. Once again, I’m happy for Olivia and I think she looks beautiful. That is a feeling that I have the right to express.

  14. Tiffany :) says:

    I am happy for her. She doesn’t bug me at all.

  15. Nicka says:

    “It’s biology, not an achievement.” That is probably the best thing I’ve heard anyone say in a long time! And I disagree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that choosing to be a parent is the most important job ever, in the history of the universe. Having children is a part of life, as is death, eating, sleeping, and anything else that has always been done since the beginning of time. It’s simply a way to continue your genes and to ensure that the world will continue to be populated. For those that cannot, or choose not to have children, their lives will not be less significant that those who do have kids. Having or not having children is not the be all, end all of the world.

    (Side note: I can’t be the only one who is like, “meh, babies. Meh, pregnancy.” I just can’t get all psycho over it. I am just not the type of person to be like, “Babies!!!!!! Yay!!!! Everyone needs babies/children!!!! Your life will be incomplete!!!! You get a baby, and you get a baby, and you get a baby!!!! Everybody gets a baby!!! Rub the belly!!! Rub the belly!!” …Ugh, no.)

    I personally would love to see a shift away from “bump watches” and the over sharing of famous people’s pregnancies. It should be a time that is special and important to them, their friends, and their families, not for the whole world. I personally dgaf, but hey, that’s just me. Celebrities are still going to pimp out the most trivial things and personal moments, all in the name of more fame and public interest. I’m not saying pregnancy isn’t special, I just don’t want to be subjected to 10,000 slides and 7,000 conversations about it, from the moment of conception through the time the kid turns 40.

    With that being said, Olivia Wilde looks cute, and I’ve always thought she’s a pretty woman.