Ashlee Simpson calls focus on sister’s weight ‘embarrassing, belittling’

Jessica Simpson had people talking earlier this week when photos came out of her looking like she’d recently put on weight. Jessica’s minor weight gain wouldn’t have been so obvious if it wasn’t for the the incredibly unflattering outfit she was wearing. She’s a beautiful woman with a normal, sexy figure but she chose to wear a tight blank tank top, a bizarre stacked leopard print belt with gold buckles and tight high-waisted jeans that emphasized every pound.

Commenter brianne pointed out that it looked like Jessica was “dressing with the mindset that she’s still superthin,” with an outfit that would have looked fug on anyone.

Jessica’s younger sister, Ashlee, and her former trainer, 5 Factor Diet author Harley Pasternak, have spoken out against the media’s focus on Jessica’s figure. Ashlee got indignant and was surprised that people even talked about it while Pasternak said that Jessica looks great.

“She has curves where a woman needs to have curves. We all go a little bit up and a little bit down. But she’s healthy,” Pasternak tells Extra…

But Pasternak says “she’s still sexy. She’s still a beautiful woman. And I have no problem with the way she looks.”

Adds the trainer, “I think if more people looked the way she looks now, the country would be a lot healthier.”

[From US Magazine]

Pasternak is absolutely right and Simpson looks beautiful, notwithstanding the outfit, and is by no means overweight. It’s nice to see a celebrity who isn’t starved to some warped ideal of perfection. Now if only Jessica could learn to dress well, and could quit oversharing, she’d be all set.

Ashlee Simpson didn’t handle the criticism of her sister’s weight as well, and that’s understandable. She sounds like she’s been ignoring all the tabloids that her family has been courting for the past ten years, though, and considers it some great injustice that her sister’s weight is even mentioned. She blogged that she was “disgusted” by the coverage and said that we would never say the things that were written in the press about her sister to the women in our lives:

Since when did a woman’s weight become newsworthy…

I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister’s weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman’s weight or figure as a headline on Fox News.

All women come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and just because you’re a celebrity, there shouldn’t be a different standard.

Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend?

I seriously doubt it.

How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size 2 figure?

Now can we focus on the things that really matter.

[From Ashlee Simpson's blog via People]

Ashlee made the same argument that Jennifer Love Hewitt did and made a reference to a size 2 while trying to address criticism of small sizes in general, not her sister’s particular size. She’s right and it sends a very negative message to young girls especially when we focus on celebrities’ weight. Jessica Simpson appeared on several magazine covers in her Daisy Dukes when she got super fit for her “Dukes of Hazzard” role in 2005. Her diet and exercise plan were featured all over the press and she encouraged it. Now that she’s gone the other way, the press is going to point it out. They don’t need to be nasty about it, though.

Jessica Simpson has issued a statement, that “Going from a size 2 to a size 8, that’s not fat. If I weren’t Jessica Simpson, no one would care.” That’s true, and many people don’t care anyway.

Photo credit: WENN

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  1. Megan says:

    I agree about the outfit, the ‘mom jeans’ are really not a good look, for anyone. It’s not just the outfit though, her arms are looking pretty beefy. But Jessica is beautiful, she can pull it off well. Just not in that outfit.

  2. luckystar says:

    Come on, she is in the public eye so she can be scrutinized. I see she is much heavier, but goodness put on a very flattering top and some regular jeans. Not even a beanpole thin person looks good in high-waisted ANYTHING. Just as she gets praised for looking trim, she gets criticized for looking overweight. I honestly think being overweight is bad for your health in general, for anyone. Your frame is made for an ideal amount of mass, and if you go over that by a good bit you’re going to look bad and feel bad. Sorry, not going to cater to overweight people.

  3. Susan says:

    She could’ve chosen a better outfit for sure. The tight tank top, mom jeans with the skin tight double belt(???) only accentuate her weight gain bigtime.

  4. rules says:

    this is stupid, she is NOT fat, she is still thinner than most women I know. the media needs to just lay off the focus of women’s weight. and how come I havent seen the story of how “fat” jessica is reported anywhere else but here? you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, furthering the myth that women need to be stick thin!

  5. MSat says:

    I can’t believe it, but I am agreeing with Ashlee Simpson. Earlier, I saw this headline at the NY Post: “JUMBO JESSICA PACKS ON THE POUNDS.” Wtf??? That is just plain mean, not to mention completely ridiculous. Even if she has put on a few, there is no way in hell she is “JUMBO.” Just appalling!

  6. rbsesq says:

    Actually rules, I think most of the people on here are saying that a woman (in this case Jessica Simpson) needs to know her body and dress it appropriately. No one’s saying she has to be stick thin, just that if she’s not, she shouldn’t dress like she is.

  7. Wonder Woman says:

    Is it really a surprise that people will focus on her weight? the media is obsessed with train wrecks, because guess what IT SELLS. the same women that look down on the readers who give a crap about this are the same women who will buy the magazine with bold lettering “jessicas the fatty” so please spare the “you women should be disgusted of yourselves” talk and get off your high horse.

  8. czarina says:

    I, too, agree with Ashlee Simpson.

    It is not “catering to overweight people” to say that it is degrading to all women that when a woman puts on a bit of weight it should be front page news.
    How many MALE stars out there put on weight and have NEVER incurred nasty headlines in the NY Post (MSat–I was amazed and appalled when I read that!!)
    I have a daughter who is ten.
    I do not want her to grow up judging her body by impossible standards, or thinking that how she looks is more important then the kind of person she is.
    I understand that Jessica Simpson has chosen to be in a field that focuses on looks and that, having made that choice, she can’t expect people not to say anything when her looks change. (especially if she dresses so badly).
    However, comments do not need to be belittling or vicious…she isn’t a murderer serving time in prison, for goodness’ sake!
    She is a harmless piece of fluff!

  9. Susan says:

    rbsesq – Ditto.

    It is absurd to call her “jumbo” — I wish I looked like her. But, if you’ve put on a few pounds don’t go to a PUBLIC PERFORMANCE (where you KNOW cameras are waiting) and wear skin tight clothes.

  10. Polkasox says:

    @ luckystar –

    A-she isn’t overweight. She’s heavier than she used to be, yes, but I’m sure her BMI is still well within normal range.

    B-”I honestly think being overweight is bad for your health in general, for anyone.” Very insightful, really.

  11. luckystar says:

    I don’t think famous women or men should have more scrutiny. I think John Travolta is looking wretched and Alec Baldwin is gross. It’s across the board. America doesn’t seem to care if it is fat and unhealthy. It’s sad because we’re a beautiful mix of people/cultures/heritages. There is just so much fast food and sugar everywhere you look…it’s cultural. But back to Jess. She’s gorgeous but had on a crummy outfit. :)

  12. RaeJillian says:

    okay – it’s not the weight – it is the clothes. she looks like a damn log. not a sexy, round, healthy girl, not in that outfit. that outft says LOG.

  13. luckystar says:

    Come on polkasox. She is overweight. Don’t attack me, I’m just stating what any doctor or trainer would say. And anything I say is not meant as new insight. Just thoughts. Ah, you have bi*chy blogger disease.

  14. Will says:

    She is huge looking. Sorry men are shallow but she looks very fat. Men don’t go for fat. By the way Ashlee Is looking chunky. I guess they will be hitting the gym soon. Should not have taking Ashlee this long to lose that pregnancy fat.

  15. czarina says:

    luckystar–Agree about Baldwin and, to a lesser extent, Travolta. It just underscores what I said before: I don’t see any NY Post headlines saying: “BLOATED BALDWIN PACKS ON THE POUNDS” !!
    I agree with you that overweight is unhealthy across the board, but there IS a double-standard (in the world of celebs and non-celebs) that focuses much, much more on women’s weight, demands a much more exacting standard of “acceptable” weight for women and a much more vicious attitude to women who do not meet it.
    That is what makes me angry (as a woman and a mother).

  16. czarina says:

    Will–so, how do YOU compare to Tony Roma???

  17. czarina says:

    I meant Tony RomO (we really do need that edit button back!!!)

  18. Tia says:

    Let’s face it, in our society fat is looked at as a very bad thing. So that is why it is all over the news when a major star looks fat. The funny thing to me is she keeps turning around showing her butt.. um, hello you a** looks super flat and wide in those pants.. lol.. she must have looked in a different mirror. I am so embarrased for her in this video.

  19. voodoobetty says:

    czarina – Im sure Will is going to answer you as soon as he puts down his 13th Hot Pocket and wipes the powdered sugar off the keyboard.

  20. Trillion says:

    Ashlee and her fake nose imploring girl’s to love themselves the way they are?

  21. J-Lin says:

    I wouldn’t call her fat, but she has really packed on the pounds. If Ashley wants to help, keep her away from McDonald’s.

  22. Asiont says:

    awful outfil – she looks like peggy bundy :/

  23. boomchakaboom says:

    I don’t get it. Jessica is the one who spent untold hours working out and squeezing herself into incredibly revealing outfits to showcase her figure in order to enhance her image splashed all over the place. If people were commenting on how svelte and superfit she looks, would her sister come down on everyone for even noticing it? I think not. The ‘problem’ is, obviously, the horrendous clothing she wore to the event. Her weight has gone up and there’s nothing wrong with that. Really. But, people will comment and I resent being talked down to by anyone for making comments about her freakin’ weight just because it could be construed as negative. Actually, only the Simpson camp is deeming it to be disgusting, which must be a real downer to J.Simp. She’s still talentless and annoying, and her weight gain looks pretty good on her, but it is still a weight GAIN. I haven’t really read a lot, if any, comments about her being disgustingly fat or anything. She needs to just dress herself better and move on.

  24. The thing that Ashlee forgets is that Jessica made her career on being a sex symbol. For better, or for worse Simpson was a “pop-princess” and she “earned” her “stardom” based on her looks and her mediocre singing. Take away the singing, and she’s just an attractive woman with a killah-dillah body. That’s how she sold tickets. That’s where her appeal lies.

    So yeah, people are going to notice when a former sex-symbol puts on the pounds. And yeah, some people aren’t going to be as sympathetic as others. (The “jumbo” headline is way out of line!) That’s the b*tch about fame, people notice – especially when you’re famous for something as superficial and fleeting as your looks.

    And even though I agree with Ashlee’s basic argument about self-esteem, I find it rich coming from someone who’s had some very noticeable alterations herself. That, coupled with the countless eating disorders her sister Jess helped to inspire in the late 90′s . . . I’m sympathetic to a point, but the righteous indignation is uncalled for.

  25. barneslr says:

    She is lovely and curvaceous, as a woman should be. But she really needs a stylist, as that outfit is not flattering.

    It is refreshing to see a performer with the body of a REAL woman for a change. Instead of her losing weight, others should emulate HER.

  26. Sauronsarmy says:

    Funny how people said Lindsay’s to skinny and now Jessica is “huge”. I guess you just can’t win.

  27. Holly says:

    Let me ask y’all this:

    if we start loosening the reins on how fat our celebrities are “allowed” to be, then where does it stop? Can you honestly tell me we’re going to deny all basic human instincts and buy albums and watch movies from fat people? Really? Because celebrity culture is based on celebrity worship, from our innate desire to admire those who are better than us. Are you really going to start watching movies loaded with whiney fat chicks or bloated bald old men? Really?

    If they’re not better than us, then why should they be celebrities? If we loosen those standards then the whole thing falls apart. If we suddenly decided that we were going to publicly embrace people of all sizes in the entertainment media, what do you think would happen?

    Well first, you’d see a wave of unprecendented talent rise to the top, some of which we may have never seen. Then what would happen a generation later? Those very same people who might have been great singers but less than sightly will realize (as all their generations before them) that they could really get ahead if they were more attractive than their rivals. Then they will hit the gym and the plastic surgeon’s office to get ahead. Its called one-upmanship. That concept will never die so long as money is involved.

    People don’t get to be celebrities without fans. You get fans by being someone others would want to be like. You don’t get that by not being better than the general public. If we pull this thread, the whole thing unravels.

    I just don’t see why this entire nation has to go on a fat acceptance crusade and insist on everyone looking Just Like Them so they can have some frickin’ self esteem. Its called SELF esteem. If you feel that threatened with how another woman looks, then maybe you have some issues with insecurity that you need to deal with.

    You should be able to feel happy with your body without insisting that everyone have as much body fat as you. That’s not self esteem, its called limiting the options. And that’s not progress. Its being overbearing.

  28. Holly says:

    Oh and to anyone who says it isn’t done to men…I’d think again. With the way our society is headed with more open and liberal attitudes towards sex, the male physique has definitely come into question. Both because of gay men and vengeful ladies who want to turn the tide.

    I’d watch the headlines a little better, especially the ones with Mickey Rourke, Val Kilmer, Steven Segal, Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, hell, when’s the last time you saw a post with some bloated and paunchy ex action star that wasn’t fillllllled with nasty comments? George Clooney and Brad Pitt get a lot of flack for their pornstaches. Blake Civil Fielder and Pete Dougherty get called out for being pale and lanky and gross looking, and Brandon Davis gets called Greasy Bear. His brother they call Gummi Bear because he’s so fat! And tons of male stars get ridiculed for being short. Trust me, if there aren’t enough headlines yet, then there will be. Men get targeted too.

    The fact of the matter is, women long have used their feelings toward a man to determine whether or not she’d sleep with him. And for men, it was the looks. (This is changing but on a basic level that has been more or less true) So we’ve got a La La Land filled with men who seem strong and family focused, and tons of beautiful thin women. Surprise? NO! They’re trying to appeal to what they think will tickle your no-no parts, because they want your money. That’s why “men getting fat didn’t matter”. But now that women’s attitudes towards sex are becoming more selfish, you see the standard reversing. I think in the next few generations, as woman stop depending upon men for security and stop raising their daughters in that mentality, then a lot of this trend will reverse. As more of us start to look at sex for mere pleasure and not in pursuit of security, only then can this standard change. Until then, they’ll promote men on personality and women on looks. Until we change our MO.

  29. Embee says:

    What an emotional chord this has struck! The facts are pretty benign (a girl wore an unconventional outfit to sing in public) but the response seems to bring out strong feelings for people on both ends of the weight spectrum.

    The media has really tapped into our reactions on this one, haven’t they? They’ve really pushed our collective buttons and taken our attention/energy (me included). That makes me sad.

  30. czarina says:

    Holly: I’d find your (wow, really long) post here more worthwhile if you were talking about, say, drugs or driving drunk or whatever.
    THIS is what you think our standards have to be raised about?

    Celebs being drunk, drugged, abusive, etc. are not a big deal to you (and certainly no reason to be criticized) but heaven forbid they GAIN WEIGHT and they should absolutely lose their celebrity status, no matter how talented or what good people they may be? (Should Jennifer Huston just be escorted by police out of California?)

    Are you boycotting Amy Winehouse, so that others can live up to a better standard? Oh, no, I forgot–she’s thin enough to be acceptable to you (never mind that she is a junkie and killing herself and her career with drugs).
    And if you get your headlines from TMZ, then sure, EVERYBODY gets burned…my question is when did you last see the NY POST write a nasty headline about a male celeb who had gained weight? The last People cover? When???
    We are not talking about grossly obese here–we are talking about NOT being a size 2.
    I really hope my daughter grows up with enough common sense not to listen to anyone who thinks that acceptance of human beings is based on their weight–anymore than their race, religion or whether they are gay or straight.

  31. Mandy says:

    Didn’t Ashlee used to have an eating disorder? That, combined with the fact that it’s her sister who is being attacked, is probably why she’s so sensitive about the issue.

    Has anyone asked Jessica if she’s comfortable with her body after the weight gain? If so, then she doesn’t need to lose a ounce, provided that her weight doesn’t become a serious medical condition (and she’s nowhere near the size where that should be a concern). Like Ashlee with her nose job, the important thing is that Jessica is happy with her looks, even if she achieved them through plastic surgery.

  32. Jag says:

    Will, you have some very high standards for appearance regarding women. I hope that the women in your life can attain your unrealistic ideals, or they will suffer the consequences, eh?

    I do wonder how closely you resemble any of the Spartans in the 300, though. If you don’t, perhaps you might want to lower those standards a bit.

    As for the people who feel that only being fat is unhealthy, you’ve obviously not been reading about the new studies citing visceral fat – even in skinny people – being what we should be monitoring regarding health. Visceral fat is the scary fat – not “thunder thighs.”

  33. prissa says:

    I hadn’t seen the pics yet and was listening to the Sports Junkies describe Jessica Simpson. By their description you’d think she was the size of Kirstie Alley or something. I was shocked to finally see the pics and realize she isn’t that big at all! What a weird concept of beauty we have in this country. Shame…

  34. guest says:

    seriously, it’s like a before & after only backward. she’s bigger than she’s ever been, but not certainly not obese. what’s wrong with admitting you’re fat when you’re fat? weight should always be in proportion to you’re height, but that’s easier said than done.

  35. Annie says:

    Wow. You know, I was going to write this huge thing, but I must say. Holly. You hit it on the nail!

    I agree with Holly +10.

    And I want to reiterate that you DO see judgment regarding men! Remember when Harrison Ford went from Sexy Indy to flubster Mcgee? EVERYONE took note and everyone scrutinized.

    And to little Ms. Ashlee Simpson’s remark about “Would you tell that to your sister/mother/aunt etc?” YES. YES I WOULD. That kind of rapid weight gain isn’t healthy.

    When my sister came back from Europe looking like a beached whale. I told her. I laughed, pointed, and told her. (Flame me all you want, but shit, she couldn’t even walk up a hill without becoming winded, when before, she was running miles.) So what’d she do? She ate healthier, and works out a couple of times a week, just to gain her stamina back up. She’s fitter, happier, and she still eats just as much food as she likes and enjoys desserts, bbq, you name it.

    Oh, and now she can run from class to class on campus without getting winded and tired.

    Think about THAT.

  36. vdantev says:

    Interesting, considering if it wasn’t for her big sister she’d be no one.

  37. czarina says:

    I’m always amazed when people actually think they are doing a favor by hurting other people’s feelings! If you are concerned for someone’s health, you can say so kindly (especially if that person is a relative or friend).
    Being cruel and making fun of them, then having the nerve to be all self-righteous about it as if you did them such a favor, just makes you a total jerk.

  38. Annie says:

    Rofl. That’s my sister, evidently you don’t have siblings.

    Listen. Sometimes, truth hurts, but I’d rather someone be truthful to me than mollycoddle me. I’m a grown woman and so is she.

    Now obviously it’s a different matter when children are involved. But Jessica is what? 25? Get a thicker skin and stop stealing bites of the chili.

  39. Jessie says:

    Ashlee with say anything to make sure she stays relevant. Why won’t they,Simpsons, all just go away!!!

  40. boomchakaboom says:

    Czarina, I’m in agreement with you regarding Holly’s thesis. Talent is what sets stars apart from the rest of us, not body weight. For chrissake, Aretha Franklin would be a nobody, I guess, under Holly’s guidelines. Being a “celebrity” is amazingly simple, see Kardashian, Kim; Hilton, Paris; Davis, Brandon; and the list goes on and on. Being famous for your amazing talent (that’s not related to sex tapes or being a spoiled brat of Biblical proportions) is a little more difficult.

  41. Ana says:

    This is coming from Ashlee who got super skinny and once admitted she had an eatting disorder. So obviously weight matters more to her than she wants to admit.
    I heard a rumor a while back that the diet Ashlee was on to get super skinny was to get hooked up to an IV and not eat for about two weeks…

  42. NotBlonde says:

    OK so…lots to cover here:

    I do not believe that there is any kind of “starved” ideal at all. Most of the successful female celebrities you see are of a healthy, slim weight. They don’t look starved, they don’t look gaunt, they don’t have bones sticking out everywhere, they don’t have poor posture and they don’t randomly pass out (as you would if you were starving yourself). If they did, no one would watch them.

    get a grip, people. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems with weight. The reason why people are commenting about her weight is because it seems to have come out of nowhere. Like she was thin and then now she’s not AND wearing a horribly unflattering outfit. No one talks about how Jennifer Hudson is fat because duh she always has been on the heavier side.

    People aren’t talking about Alec Baldwin either because he’s been big forever, as has John Travolta. A comparable woman would be Judi Dench. No one says anything about her being fat because duh, she’s always been a bit heavy and that is her image.

  43. NotBlonde says:

    Also, I hate hate hate it when people whine about how “we’re not all a size zero” or “we can’t all be a size zero”. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to be a 20 and whine about how the media doesn’t represent your body type.

    I would think that it would be massively irresponsible on the part of the “media” to constantly show images of unhealthy, fatter people. Showing people who work out and look like healthy humans is fine to me. Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway, the two biggest female stars at the moment considering their awards are not “scary skinny” or “starved” looking. They both look perfectly healthy. And Anne doesn’t faux tan either.

    To reiterate: they are focusing on Jessica Simpson because she created that image of perfection and then disappeared for a little while and then came back having gained a noticeable amount of weight. It’s not because she’s “fat”. It’ because she’s gained a bunch of weight really quickly which, by the way, is extremely unhealthy.

  44. czarina says:

    NotBlonde–there is a lot of distance between 0 and 20.
    Is Jessica Simpson, right now, obese? At an unhealthy weight? I would say no.
    And what exactly do you mean it would be irresponsible for the media to show fatter, unhealthy people? You mean like a lot of people on “reality” TV?
    Like a lot of politicians?
    And this does not address my point that there is a very blatant double standard regarding the judgment of men and women.
    Women are judged on looks first, then (hopefully) talent and ability. Men are judged primarily on talent and ability and if they have that, thier looks become a secondary issue (Micky Rourke springs right to mind).
    THAT really bothers me, because what is really sad about it is that other women perpetuate that attitude.

  45. NotBlonde says:

    Jessica Simpson is of what i would call a normal weight. However, 66% of this country is over weight and about 30% is obese. She is nowhere near the “average size”, which I think has climbed to a 14 at this point.

    Jessica Simpson should be the normal weight, but she isn’t. She looks healthy but she has a look that is attainable for the average woman.

    reality shows have a vareity of folks but the most popular ones feature thin, fit or healthy looking people OR in the case of the Biggest Loser, people attempting to get to a healthy weight in a healthy manner.

    Politicians aren’t expected to be in great shape because they have a high-stress job and work in a high-stres environment. Not only that, but politicians are old. People don’t expect someone 50 and up to maintain six pack abs. The politicians I’ve seen look to be at healthy weights for their age group.

    Women and men are judged by their looks in the entertainment industry. The entrainment industry is pretty much all about image and selling that image. Most people go with sex to sell their image. A sexy woman is one with typically long, shiny hair, a small waist, medium to large breasts and a generally fit figure. I don’t see anything wrong with that being an ideal. Men are also expected to sell sex but not to the same degree because women aren’t as shallow as men. Sure there are hotties like Ryan Reynolds and Gerard Butler running around but a woman is far more likely to respect a male actor because of his acting rather than traditional good looks i.e. Paul Giamatti.

    Your beef is not with the media but with how men see women and how women see men.

  46. NotBlonde says:

    To make my first point more clear, I think looking at Jessica Simpson as the ideal is a great thing because she is what the average woman should look like.

    However, in this country, for whatever reason, people who are fat demand that I call them “average”. The “average” woman in this country is 5’4″ and 152 pounds. I cannot imagine what I’d look like 30 pounds heavier. I pretty much look like Jessica Simpson-big boobs and fairly slim everywhere else but when I gain weight I get it everywhere all at once and it doesn’t look cute. 30 pounds on me would look like I was having a baby and that is gross.

  47. Aspen says:

    If she had done that show in a nice V-neck that FIT HER and some regular mid-rise jeans with some boots…no one would’ve noticed her weight gain.


    Then again, if we hadn’t noticed the weight gain, the tabloids wouldn’t have reported on her this week. Let’s face it…without the “ZOMG SHE GOT FAT” story…no one covers a singer at a chili cookoff.

  48. Aspen says:

    NotBlonde…Yes, you’re perfectly right, but you make this point pretty frequently…and you do it in inflammatory language each time. I have no argument with the purport of your opinions about weight and health. In fact, I totally agree with you.

    But damn. Can you lighten up with your disdain? Hurting people isn’t supposed to be fun, and I truly hope that’s not what you’re trying to do.

    A woman at 152 lbs and 5’4″ would be a size 10 or 12 at most. That’s not an obese woman. That’s a chunky woman whose doctors probably wouldn’t even mention her weight.

    It’s not healthy to be fat and it’s not okay to be fat…but what did that have to do with this woman here who is probably a size 6 or 8…taking crap for it.

  49. NotBlonde says:

    I’m passionate about the subject…my mom is trying to lose weight and she has a lot of fat in and around her organs and it’s killing her.

    I don’t want that for other people. I wish other people would take responsibility for themselves and quit trying to blame everyone else and stop kidding themselves into thinking that they are healthy or normal when they aren’t.

    My mom isn’t Biggest Loser heavy but she’s about 5’4″ and weighs in the area of 170 pounds. She hasn’t been able to shake her belly fat from having me and my sisters…she had breast cancer and then her mom died and then my dad cheated and she got a divorce and then stress eating all in a span of maybe 5 years…a lot of factors went into it. But she knows her health is in danger from gaining a bunch of weight really fast because of these events and her trouble with eating while stressed and she’s making healthier, FREE choices to lose weight.

    So it pisses me off when there are people who blame some entity that has no direct effect on them (unlike the death of a family member) for their fatness. It isn’t about the media or the mythological “ideal”; it’s about them.

  50. NotBlonde says:

    Oh, and I said that Jessica Simpson is a good weight. She looks about a 6 or an 8 which should be the average size as opposed to the 14 that it is now.

    I wish people would look at her and say that’s the ideal because her look now is attainable for most people unlike the super-lean trainer and nutritionist-assisted hotness that most female celebrities have.

    She’s beautiful and looks healthy.

  51. lurker says:

    I think one of the issues surrounding this story is that Jessica Simpson is known less for her talent than for her looks and personal life. That being said, when you build your career based solely upon your looks, you can’t ask people to ignore this area when it no longer applies. Now I don’t believe Jessica is fat, (she is a horrible dresser though,) but it’s a little hypocritical of the family to be discussing ‘normal looks’ and being happy with them, when they clearly didn’t have an issue with the positive attention they were receiving regarding their appearances. (And as others stated, have undertaken drastic measures to change them.) It’s a bit like Paris Hilton complaining about the paparazzi when she courts them.

    Also, I seem to remember Val Kilmer being blasted for how much weight he’s gained (some stories referred to him as a beached whale). Although, I do agree that women bear the brunt of the criticism.

  52. vdantev says:

    To all you ‘normal weight’ self-conscious hags; then why does it looks like she’s smuggling tennis balls in her cheeks?

  53. Keekee says:

    I think the outfit is unflattering but come on, this can’t really be considered “fat”! She’s channeling the 80′s with the hair/makeup and clothes, not a good look for her.

  54. hello says:

    I really like her for saying that she went from a 2 to an 8. Unusually honest for someone under the control of Joe.

    The biggest issue is the jeans…those make EVERYONE look bad.

    However, I do have to take issue with people being pissed because someone might be a size 2. Yeah, that is probably not the best for a person who is 5’9″, however, I believe that Jessica Simpson is 5’2” as I am, and I am a 2. I am not sick. I do not have an eating disorder. I do not deserve to be made to feel like an outcast just as women who are obese/overweight/whatever you want to call it. It’s like reverse discrimination. It’s not right and it still isn’t promoting a healthy body image. Think about that sometime…

  55. t says:

    Years ago, the Simpsons hired a powerful and relentless pr machine to to market Jessica as an object to be ogled and to get the public to focus on her body.

    Now that their pr campaign has worked and the public does focus on her body, they sound like hypocrites complaining about the fact that people have noticed that there’s more of her on which to focus.

  56. bwoz says:

    OPINION (protected speech) — this chick and her sister and her dad are dumb as boxes of rocks — so, now she’s fat, too? Who cares?! Her star burnt out in the whole chicken vs. tuna age….