Catherine Zeta-Jones’ tips for DIY home beauty treatments

Catherine Zeta Jones, who claims to be 39, has some very economic beauty treatments to recommend. The dark-haired beauty raids her refrigerator when she wants to whiten her teeth, condition her hair, and smooth her skin. She may have a lot more resources than most of us, but she’s not wasting them on overpriced creams and potions when natural alternatives are just as effective:

‘I rub a mixture of honey and salt all over my body to moisturise and exfoliate,’ she says.

‘You wash it off and your skin is gorgeous. Also, I love to eat an apple after a meal, just to cleanse my teeth – they always look polished afterwards.’

If there aren’t any apples in the fruit bowl, a strawberry will suffice.

‘The juice or pulp of strawberries contains malic acid which serves as an astringent and can lighten surface stains,’ she explains. ‘ Pineapples work the same way.’

However, while her rather unusual beauty regime appears to have its benefits, she admits it has its drawbacks too. ‘I do condition my hair with honey and beer.

‘I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards but it’s very good for the hair.’

[From The Daily Mail via OK! Magazine]

I used to use Origins ginger body scrub, but it costs $31 for a jar of salt and oil. Sure it smells good and uses salt that comes from the dead sea, but how much better is that than other sea salt you can buy for $3 mixed with some virgin olive oil? Are those benefits worth over $25 when you consider the cost of cheaper replacement ingredients?

At least once a week I’ll put on one of those single use face masks, I love those, but if I run out there are always eggs in the fridge and whipped egg whites are a good mask for combination skin.

Good for Zeta-Jones for using all natural at home beauty treatments. When there are harmful ingredients like parabens and chemicals in cosmetics, and natural alternatives like Keihls are so expensive, it’s nice to remember that you can do it yourself and save money. It’s also good for the environment.

If you’re interested in seeing the safety ratings of the cosmetics and body treatments you use, the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” website has a searchable database that assigns a risk rating to thousands of products.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are shown at the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards on 1/24/09. Credit: WENN

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  1. KateNonymous says:

    I’ve never gotten the whole “claims to be” about her age.

  2. KDRockstar says:

    She should put out a newsletter called “POOP.”

  3. Ash says:

    Well, she looks around that age? I don’t understand the ‘claims’ either. Beer in your hair? Woof.

  4. barneslr says:

    I’ve never heard that she fudged about her age?

    Besides, why would she lie about her age…next to her husband, she’ll always seem youthful.

  5. daisy424 says:

    My sister used to set her hair in curlers using beer in the late 60′s, it made her hair super shiny.

    For exfoliation try baking soda, works fabulous and is super cheap.
    Pepto-Bismol has malic acid, when used as a mask, your skin will be super smooth.

    You don’t have to spend alot for the same results.

  6. Lisa says:

    39 or 49, she looks fantastic. I never got that whole age thing anyway, she looks near to her late 30′s. I think it stems from Hollywood’s obsession with age. Pathetic, really when you have a gorgeous woman such as Catherine and she is picked apart.

    Good for her for not spending a load of cash (when she easily can). Not to sure about putting beer on my head though.

  7. raven says:

    CB, thanks for that website. It looks great. I got into making my own bath salts this fall with real essential oils. Now these are all I use.

    As far as CZJ, the claim is that she is actually ten years older than her stated age. These days it’s almost impossible to tell, except that she’s a smoker. That will age your face quicker than anything, so I think if she were really 49, we’d see it on her.

  8. lilirose says:

    I know for a fact that CZJ is 49 years old, it is quite a well known fact in Hollywood.

  9. geronimo says:

    @lilirose – Proof please, if you ‘know for a fact’.

    I have never heard this and since she still hangs around with old schoolfriends when she goes back to Cardiff, I think someone would have said something about it publicly by now.

  10. Jen says:

    Liar, liar, pants on fire! Why not just admit she uses Botox and Juvederm and had her teeth capped?

  11. VoR says:

    The “England and Wales Birth Index” is open to the public. So if you want to know when her birth was registered just go to and search for Catherine Zeta Jones. You’ll find that the answer is December 1969 in Swansea, Wales.
    And that, “lilirose”, is what a real fact looks like.

  12. Cath says:

    Honestly, the only time Catherine ZJ does home beauty treatments is when her Botox agent drops by after lunch.

  13. Ana says:

    Everyone always tells me I look like her.
    Now I am wondering if they mean older than my age…

  14. Zoe says:

    Wow ana, lucky you, she’s gorgeous!

  15. hmm says:

    The rumor was that she visited the White House and had to use real documents to get the security clearance and it was revealed that she was ten years older than what she claimed. I also know that people dug up old video of her working in the 80′s and she appeared to be older than a teenager.

  16. Keekee says:

    She’s absolutely had work done, no one that age has a completely wrinkle free forehead. I think she’s cool, she’s one of those celebrities who keeps her family out of the limelight the majority of the time Even though Michael Douglas is a reformed bad boy I’ve always dug his movies. I don’t know about her beauty tips, I’m a Skinceuticals type of gal myself.

  17. lilirose says:

    She did a french movie(I am french myself) in the 80′s, and my uncle worked with her.Her birth date was 1959 (It is written in her legal contract black and white), so she was already in her mid twenties at the time.
    She is still beautiful through.

  18. VoR says:

    Show us a copy of that contract then?
    The record of her birth is here:

  19. geronimo says:

    VoR – thanks for that. CZJ has always looked older than she is.

  20. Granger says:

    Keekee, I’m 38, have never used Botox, and my forehead is as wrinkle-free as CZJ’s.

    When CZJ was 33, I thought she was MUCH older. Maybe because she married an old dude, and started living the life of the Lady Who Lunches so early, but I always felt that she tended to act rather matronly. Now that she’s 39, she looks much more her age to me. It’s like her real age has finally caught up with her maturity level/actions/rich-lady-lifestyle.

  21. Jag says:

    Ok Granger, what do you use on your face then, please? I’m 39 and have been considering botox, but went with a natural serum instead that seems to be helping at least a bit.

    I think CZJ is so gorgeous, and if she’s really 49, it’s even more remarkable how good she looks.

  22. Keekee says:

    Granger, you are one of the lucky few! :)

  23. Play-Doh says:

    I went to the British website, and this is written at the bottom of the page:
    “We make no warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy or completeness of the FreeBMD data.”

    So how can one call her 1969 birth year a “fact” when the source itself does not? CZJ insists she is whatever age she claims, and simply sues any news org that states she isn’t.

    Her bio claims that she started “clubbing” at age 12, dropped out of school at 14, toured England for two years playing the lead in The Pajama Game at 15, and starred in 42nd St. in the West End at 17. Impossible? No. Highly unlikely? Definitely.

  24. Boxy Lady says:

    Hold up a second. It’s been widely reported that CZJ and her husband have the same birthday, September 25. So why does that link from VoR say that she was a December birth?

  25. VoR says:

    FreeBMD is a free service, providing transcriptions of the official data. The people doing this might, of course, make errors and don’t want to be made to pay for that. But what you’re suggesting is some conspiracy on the part of those people to specifically alter the birth date of this one person to be different from the pulic record. And, really, that’s just silly.

    But with the details provided you can go to the relevant register office and look it up yourself.

    There are also other sites for this information, but they require a paid subscription or at least a registration so I couldn’t link to them. Try it, though. Go to, set up a free account and do the search. And see what you find.

    None of this changes the fact that this information IS publicly available and that the tabloid press would love to run a story like that, had it been true. It just isn’t.

  26. lilirose says:

    CZJ is born in 1959, like many well known hollywood actresses she lies about her age.
    If you ever see her in person, it is obvious (look at her hand)…but she look good in pictures and screen (with tons of makeup and good light),it is slightly different when you meet her.
    Someone who truly look amazing is Cyndi Crawford! never lied about her age.

  27. Skin says:

    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff

  28. People have been trying to get away with not buying expensive beauty products for years. She just has great skin because her only job is taking care of herself.

  29. She has such a natural beauty, and looks great for her age! I wish I will look like her when I’m that old.

  30. GAG says:

    She is at least 50 years old according to the White House clearance reports. I think I actually saw the documents online I will post if I find them again.
    She does not look late thirties. I remember her when I was a little girl and she was doing the BBC show I was tenish? She was 18 at least it was a sophisticated sexy role so I doubt she could have been much younger than that there is no way she is only two years older than me she looks ancient did you see the Tony awards? She is definitely in her 50′s.

  31. smarts says:

    you people are crazy. There is no way she was born in 1959. That would’ve made her 30-something in the early 90s and 40(!) when she acted in The Mask Of Zorro. She did not look 30 in The Darling Buds Of May, she looked like a teen.
    And she definitely did not look 40 in The Mask Of Zorro. I mean, have you ever seen a 40-year-old woman with such glowing tight skin, full hair, and firm breasts? Don’t think so.
    She just aged quite rapidly after her 30s, possibly because she also had 2 kids, which takes its toll on a woman’s body.