Wonder Woman shortlist revealed, and it does not include Jaimie Alexander (ha)


When Jaimie Alexander flashed her beav on the Thor 2 red carpet several nights ago, that beav came with a price. The price was “believe that this beav could be the next Wonder Woman.” Jaimie timed her red carpet exhibitionism just right, because she had just planted the seeds of casting rumors for the “Wonder Woman” role in Batman versus Superman, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. The problem? Variety reports that there are three women auditioning for Wonder Woman. And none of them are named “Jaimie Alexander”.

Is Warner Bros. closer to finding the woman who could play Wonder Woman in the untitled “Batman-Superman” pic?

Sources tell Variety that “Fast and Furious” actress Gal Gadot, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” thesp Elodie Yung and Olga Kurylenko have or will test for the female lead, which appears to be the role of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Sources stress there’s still a possibility this role could be Bruce Wayne’s love interest, but the casting description of “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic” also matches that of the Wonder Woman character in the comics.

WB had no comment.

Schmoes Know reported earlier in the week that Kurylenko had auditioned, and sources add there is a possibility a fourth actress could be added to the list. Recent reports suggested “Thor” thesp Jaimie Alexander would be up for the part but Alexander’s obligation to future Marvel pics takes her out of the running since it’s a DC comics property.

The Wonder Woman rumor has been kicking around for some time, and insiders believe the plan is to have not just Batman and Superman in the film but several members of the Justice League as well. It’s unclear which members, but Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and the Flash are said to be locks to make an appearance in some fashion, whether that’s a significant role or a cameo.

Being directed by “Man of Steel” filmmaker Zack Snyder, the Batman-Superman feature opens worldwide on July 17, 2015, with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill co-starring.

[From Variety]

So, that’s a “haha, you flashed your beav for NOTHING!” at Jaimie because this is DC Comics’ way of patting her on the head and saying, “Nice try, Marvel girl.” As for the other ladies being mentioned… the only woman I knew off the top of my head was Olga Kurylenko, because she was a Bond Girl and because she’s dating Danny Houston, who is much, much older than her. I think Olga is really beautiful, but she’s really thin and I’m not sure I would believe her as an ass-kicking superwoman. Let’s see about the other girls…

Here’s a photo of Elodie Yung. She’s French and pretty. I believe that Wonder Woman should be cast with an authentic brunette, and Elodie fills that requirement. She’s also studied martial arts and such. But I don’t know… a Frenchwoman as Diana Prince? No.


And here’s Gal Gadot. She is Israeli and she’s very cute. Look at that face! She’s adorable. I’m not sure she has the curves of who I would want for Wonder Woman either.


You know what? Now that Olga’s name has been mentioned and it got me thinking of Bond Girls, you know who they should audition? Gemma Arterton! She’s curvy, beautiful, talented and cool. I would love to see her in the Wonder Woman ensemble.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Dani2 says:

    Ha! I knew Jaime wasn’t going to be mentioned. The ladies here are gorgeous but I don’t know if I see “Wonder Woman”, hmm, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • T.C. says:

      I think they are trying out for Bruce Wayne ‘s love interest. Wonder Woman is not supposed to look thin or exotic. She is the female version of Superman so more all-American Midwest look.

    • Grant says:

      She’s Mediterranean but–if we’re going all rabid fanboy–she’s supposed to have black hair and BLUE eyes.

  2. bettyrose says:

    Wonder Woman is not a stick figure. Any contender without natural curves needs to step back.

    • Nola says:

      Right! These women are beautiful but not a good fit WW.

      The most interesting part about the article is that Olga is mentioned. According to a lainey blind she had a thing with Ben Affleck during the shoot of To the Wonder. To keep her quiet about the hookups, he gets her name in on casting sheets and small roles.

    • Bridget says:

      Its frustrating, because they cast these extremely thin, fragile women and expect us to believe that they can legitimately kick butt. Here’s my suggestion: stay away from any fashion model, try to find someone with actual muscle.

    • Nina says:


      I was just coming here to say that!

      • MissCherokee says:

        Wonder Woman is a warrior princess of the Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) and is known in her homeland as Princess Diana of Themyscira.

        Wonder Woman is more an equivalent to Woman NBA player. Over 6 ft tall and not small boned.

    • Grant says:

      She doesn’t even need to be curvy, necessarily–just muscular enough to look like she could trade blows with Superman and not be pummeled into smithereens.

  3. blue marie says:

    I dunno, these women seem too small to me. I picture the body type (not her obviously) of Stacy Keibler.

    • V4Real says:

      I do love the idea of Gemma Arterton, she’s tall enough and has the right curves. She’s also very beautiful. These women, though beautiful, dont quite fit the character.

    • ag-UK says:

      Exactly she has that body that looks like hell yeah I work out and probably can kick your a..s. The Fast and Furious girl is cut but she is a stick, I can’t imagine her fighting anyone and actually surviving to tell the story.

    • MissMary says:

      These women are lovely but I always pictured WW as more muscular, too. Not like scary muscular like she’s on steroids but athletic and strong.

  4. Renee says:

    People will scream at me but I think that Jessica Alba would make a good Wonder Woman although I know she can’t act or Katie Holmes…(see the phrase proceeding her name). Or else they could just not cast someone. No one will be able to come close to Lynda Carter…NO ONE.

    (I know that Lynda Carter wasn’t necessarily an amazing actress but she was just so beautiful and likable and I am a seventies/early eighties child with a bad nostalgia problem.)

  5. Gossy says:

    Lol no Gia Carano despite how hard she was pushing for it.

  6. Gine says:

    Wow, Elodie Yung is gorgeous.

  7. Alexandria says:

    Methinks the only ‘curves’ intended for this new Wonder Woman to have will be breasts…

  8. GeeMoney says:

    Gemma Arterton is a crap actress. I just saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and she was awful in it. Anyone but her is a good choice at this point in time.

    • V4Real says:

      Well you don’t have to give an oscar worthy performance to play a comic book superhero.

      I liked her in Hansel and Gretel and her acting is not bad.

    • Rice says:

      The entire movie (Hansel and Gretel) was bad IMO. In fact, I didn’t even enjoy Man of Steel. Henry Cavill was so boring as Superman and the movie sucked. How on earth it made so much money is beyond me. On that note, I can’t even think who Wonder Woman should be at the moment, except Linda Carter.

  9. j.eyre says:

    Can’t Linda Carter still play it? She is the only one I really want.

    I have very strong feelings about Wonder Woman, I will have a strong opinion about her casting.

    • Gine says:

      Linda was so absolutely perfect for Wonder Woman that it’s really hard to see anyone else in the role.

      • danielle says:

        I was just thinking cloning Lynda Carter is the only real option

      • Mauibound says:

        Lynda Carter was on two and a half men last night, which I watched just for her and she looked amazing! That woman doesn’t age!

      • Gine says:

        It would be kind of awesome to have her still be Wonder Woman. I don’t know if WW ages like a normal person in the comics, but it would be so cool to have an older female superhero. Like, maybe she retired and lived a normal life for a while, but then something happened and she knew everyone needed her help and was like “Okay, fine, but I’m not wearing the bustier again.”

      • j.eyre says:

        Totally agree with you, Gine

    • brin says:

      Lynda Carter will always be WW!

    • Stace says:

      Agree 100%

    • j.eyre says:

      Thanks for the correct spelling of Lynda. I didn’t review the autocorrect changes before I submitted.

      And they are probably going to give her some cheesy cameo as a wink and a nod. The premise of a superhero is their powers should still exist so why can’t a mature woman play the role. I know its not going to happen but, a girl can dream.

      • Marty says:

        *whispers* Pssst, Miss J, we’re going to have to talk about how TommyAnnE admitted to seeing Chris naked in an interview yesterday.

      • j.eyre says:

        Nobody else will talk about it with me! Let’s give kaiser a few more posts to post it first and if she doesn’t, we will pick an unpopular thread to chat about it. A size comparison? A SIZE COMPARISON!!!

      • Marty says:

        Yes! Please let’s talk about it because Tom kinda weirded me out with that story, I don’t know what he was trying to say!

    • blue marie says:

      So who do you think would be a good choice J?

      • j.eyre says:

        I am going to have to think about it, Blue. Nobody comes to mind right now. Honestly, I am probably going to look at 30+ actress instead of 20 year olds. I will think on it and get back to you – do you have someone in mind?

      • V4Real says:

        I’m hijacking your thread just to say if Lucy Lawless was a bit younger she would have been perfect for Wonder Woman.

        Tom saw Chris naked and sort of bragged about it. I don’t know if I should be turned on or freaked out. Oh who I’m kidding, im turned on.

      • blue marie says:

        Not really J. I would like them to stick to the Lynda Carter body type. maybe they should go for an unknown? Cause no one comes to mind although there have been some good suggestions. (not fond of the 5’6″ actresses though, need to be taller)

        @V4.. Lucy Lawless would have been perfect actually.

    • Maria_Spain says:

      When i think of W.W , Linda is the only one for me …so the new one must have curves, dark hair and blue eyes :D

  10. Amory says:

    None of them seem right. I actually like Jamie better than any of the three mentioned. I know nothing about any of them – just going on looks.

  11. QQ says:

    Hmm they are all very beautiful worldly looking ladies that Do Not look strong or sturdy enough to be Wonder Woman… LULZ At She-Who-Showed-Snatch not being anywhere near mentioned

  12. Rose says:

    I think jamie fits more for the part. If I was Jamie I’ll say screw Marvel and head to DC. It’s not like she has a big role a Sif anyways. She’ is also top choice amoung some movie sites and the fan boys. I doubt marvel will let her go tho.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      She’d be wiser staying with Marvel. She has one more movie which will be Thor 3 and then it’s done. Snyder is directing the movie and it’s just a joke at this point.

  13. Angie says:

    Wow! Elodie Yung and Gal Gadot are gorgeous.
    And I like Gemma, she is very pretty and lovely but I don’t find her talented as an actress.
    I think there was a rumor about Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko having an affair on the set of the Terrence Malick movie. So, It should be interesting to see the two acting in a movie together, again…

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      According to some extra reports on IMDB,it was fake and Garner often was there
      When theyfilmed in USA (i followed the filming ontwitter and IMDB message board)

  14. jinni says:

    If I had to choose from the three, the first lady’s face has a look that makes me believe she could seriously kick butt, the others are too soft and cutesy. I would hope they’d hire someone with presence, someone who is solidly built and could believable command attention from others. Those last two women are not that at all. I’m not saying I want Carano (sp?) and I doubt they’d choose the first lady because she is obviously half Asian and the racist fanboys are most likely going to complain about that. I just hope they don’t screw this up.

    • Grant says:

      Wanting the long-awaited live action depiction of a popular, iconic super-heroine to be true to her original genesis in the comic book medium is not racist. It would be like casting Storm with a white actress–it just goes against years and years and years of continuity. it’s kind of offensive to be so blase about this stuff, or to equate an appreciation for an established character’s canon with racism. Further, it would make literally no sense to hire an Asian (or a black–I’m looking at you, Beyonce) actress to play WW when she’s supposed to have Greek origins.

  15. Vicky says:

    Megan Fox in my opinion is the only one that fits this role.

    • bettyrose says:

      Bwaahahaa! Megan Fox as a strong, intelligent, advanced being from a proud tradition of warrior women…LMAO. Good one.

      • Vicky says:

        Men would love her to be Wonder Woman. She’s stunning and has the face and hair for Wonder Woman. I can’t imagine anyone else.

  16. MonicaQ says:

    Like they’d pick someone in a Marvel movie to play a major character in a DC movie. Girl was delusional.

  17. Anna says:

    Did anyone else notice that variety just speculates arounf these 3 names and the casting call.They say it maybe is WW …but the casting call can very well be for Mercy Graves.And variety also says that Jaimie is not a possibility because she is playing sif on a Marvel property.But after Natalie Portman,Antony Hopkins,Ryan Reynolds,Hugo Weaving,Halle Berry,Ben Affleck(obviously),Chris Evans,James Marsden,Mark Strong,Samuel L. Jackson,Scarlett Johanson,Tommy Lee Jones,Michael Fassbender…i’m sure Jaimie won’t have a problem.For what is worth,i don’t think WB would reveal the plot and some infos to Alexander,so important that the moderator was shocked with what she reveald off stage,if Alexander was not a fronrunner(or even already has the part).But i will agree…Gemma Arterton is the ideal WW.Damn she is gorgeous.Hope WB will ask her to audition anf eventually cast her.Alexander is skinny,

    • Amy Tennant says:

      Now, Mercy should really have some muscle on her, I think. I’d love to see Michelle Rodriguez. As anybody really. In anything.

      Jaime would have been great. I hope if she was passed over because of her Marvel ties, that means they give Sif more to do.

      I can’t remember the name of the actress who was attached a few years ago to be Wonder Woman, but she was a good choice.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Adrienne Palicki, that’s who I was thinking of. And Pink would be an awesome Mercy, too.

      • Harley says:

        Oooh, this is the first time I’ve heard anything about Mercy being in this movie. I would love to see her! She’s such a BAMF. And I second Pink as Mercy – I lurve her and would love to see her as Lex’s guard.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Alexander was one of my hopefuls for WW actually. She rocked as Sif.

  18. dahlianoir says:

    You want kick ass ? Bipasha Basu.

    “Wonder woman is a white girl from greece you french fool!” Katniss Everdeen wasn’t supposed to be white and yet, we had Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Gine says:

      Wow, she’s stunning.

    • Amory says:

      She’s got a great look.

    • poppy says:

      ita. there are PLENTY of natural brunettes in all shades of skin that would be a better fit.

    • blue marie says:

      I’d have no problem with her being Wonder Woman, she has a decent height although I would like someone a little taller.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I’m honestly biased to keeping characters what they are but having said that it angers me Lawrence was Katniss. I had no idea her character was a different race! Should have kept it like it was as I would have rather seen someone else in that role.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I’m not sure Katniss was supposed to be a different race. I never heard that, and that wasn’t my impression upon reading the book. If someone can show me evidence to the contrary, I’d appreciate it. She’s described as having an “olive” complexion. I have an olive complexion, and I’m Scots-Irish.

  19. Kelly says:

    What about Antje Traue from Man of Steel. She was awesome and gorgeous.

    • Violeta says:

      YES!!!!! Just wrote it below didn’t see your post… hahahaaaaaa great minds think alike! :D

      Plus she can act!

  20. Pants says:

    I could totally see Gina Carano as Wonder Woman, personally.

  21. bammer says:

    None of them appeal to me. How about opening up the box and really trying someone fresh and interesting.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      It’s a Zack Snyder movie, he couldn’t do interesting and fresh if his life depended on it. Superman would have flopped if he didn’t have Nolan producing it.

  22. Dana M says:

    Nobody can really replace Linda Carter ( she is Hispanic BTW). She is a one-of- a -kind beauty. And still stunning these days.

  23. Violeta says:

    Thing with Gemma is she is too sensual. Not saying she can’t put fierce but even in Hansel and Gretel (a funny mess but I enjoyed it) she was still overly sexy beyond anything else.

    Olga well she can pull cold, vulnerable, fierce and sexy at the same time when the directing is good so may be, and I say may be because still unsure…

    Eh, very blah about Elodie or Gat….

    Urgh too bad Antje Traue already played Faora UI in Man of Steel already, unless they can pull a Chris Evans in Marvel… she was the best female badass I’ve seen in a long time on the big screen! I wouldn’t mind a Faora movie as I said on another post. She’d be amazing as Wonder Woman… imo :D

    The other one I’ve always pictured as WW was Gina Torres but hey, one can dream…

    • Amy Tennant says:

      <3 Gina :) And Joss Whedon always saw Morena Baccarin, although tbh she always seemed too tiny imo

    • Musey says:

      Gina Torres! She’s the most Wonder Woman-like actress I can imagine. Morena Baccarin is gorgeous and curvy, yeah, but Gina Torres is an honest-to-God Amazon.

  24. aquarius64 says:

    Wow. Jaimie has egg on her lady business now. Two days of “overexposure ” – all for naught. Next time Jaimie needs to promote her body of work – not her body – if she wants to be considered for career-changing roles.

  25. Cazzee says:

    Gemma Arterton is the only one of these actresses who is strong-looking and curvy enough for the Wonder Woman role. She has the sweet wholesomeness, along with the ability to kick ass, that is an integral part of Wonder Woman’s character.

    (BTW, when Jaimie Alexander flashed her privates on the red carpet, that was the end of her getting the WW part – Wonder Woman would never be so desperate.)

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Yep I can see this.

      And my inner birch is happy and humming that all that beav flashing from Jaimie led to nothing.

  26. Amy says:

    Is it too much to ask that they hire a real actress for this part? And not some model/actress who will basically do nothing more in this movie than wait for Superman and/or Batman to save her? Gah.

  27. GIRLFACE says:

    WOW all those women are stunning especially Elodie Yung??? Honestly. I think Olga is a great fit. It’s kinda fun that JA went to beav town for nothing.

  28. Miss Jupitero says:

    I have a Lynda Carter bias. This role needs a friggin’ TALL, built, strong athlete with dark hair and beauty, but please please no bolt ons or size 0 issues. Among other things, I would love to see a departure from the usual Hollywood bobble head actress. She needs to be able to do the macho thing and not be dainty or too exotic. No bond babes. A brunette version of Gwen Christie. Come on guys, throw us a bone here.

    • blue marie says:

      I completely agree with this, I have to be able to believe that WW can kick butt. If they go with a smaller, thinner actress there is no way I’ll buy it. I really want this movie to be good, heck I can’t even begin to remember how many times I dresses as Wonder Woman for Halloween. (I once accidentally smacked the snot out of my brother with a jump rope trying to tie him in the Lasso of Truth.)

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I third this! But it’s a Snyder movie so I don’t even take this franchise seriously anymore. He’s ruined DC canons.

    • Cazzee says:

      Oh please God no bolt-ons on Wonder Woman…please.

  29. Myrto says:

    I know nothing about the canon of Wonder Woman but isn’t she American? So if a Frenchwoman can’t play her, neither can an Israeli or a Brit, right? Or you know, an Ukrainian (Olga Kurylenko), if we follow that logic. Besides, I don’t get why there isn’t a proper actress being considered. Someone who can actually act and look the part, not someone who’s just pretty.

    • Roe says:

      Wonder Women is not American. She is an Amazon princess from Paradise Island.

      • Maureen says:

        Diana’s MOTHER, the Amazonian Queen, specifically gave Diana an American persona, and sent her to serve and protect America and its people. For this reason, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince absolutely, for all intents and purposes of her royally-mandated mission, is American. Diana/WW is also very, very clear and direct in her love for America and its people.

  30. poppy says:

    the burberry dress olga kurylenko is wearing is amazing.

  31. nicegirl says:

    CELEB-thces, UNITE!!

    MEKIA COX, ftw, please!

    I have worked in background for several years, and I worked “with” this lady on TNT’s Leverage. (As much as background works WITH any real actors, LOL!). She is American, a dancer, brunette, and awesome. She played the hairdresser in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, and she has great energy, in person and on camera.

    Check her out, folks. She looks a bit different than our gorgeous Lynda Carter, but I think she would work, well.

  32. wolf says:

    Lynda Carter was part Mexican so why not a French WW?

  33. toto says:

    The best wonder woman shall be Jennifer Lawrence
    she fits perfectly . shape, face, attitude and acting .

  34. Dommy Dearest says:

    Yeah uh how about none of those up there? Wonder Woman for one has blue eyes and isn’t tiny. She’s a effin Goddess and has the muscles to prove it. Linda Carter pulled it off but these women- NOPE. At least Marvel actually gets actors and actresses who look like they the characters they play. YOU ARE SLACKING DC.

    Oh wait.

    It’s Snyder, none of his work is to be taken seriously.

  35. Bridget says:

    Here’s my prediction: they’re going to go with the actress who’s agent pushes the hardest orwhom they owe a professional favor to, andit will be appalling, a la Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, or Blake Lively in the Green Lantern.

    • Maureen says:

      I fear this, too. Because Hollywood is not about art, and thus is not about integrity. Hollywood is about business and making money. Most people involved — from the writers to the stars to the producers — couldn’t give one hoot about art. Look at the names being bandied about. Why can’t the new WW be an unknown?? Why aren’t the studios looking for her??

      I tell you this: if the-powers-that-be in H’wood CARED about art and CARED about the legacy of such a huge American icon as Wonder Woman they would right now be carrying out MASSIVE nation-wide casting calls from every walk of life. They would not care if she is a known or whether she has any acting experience. They would look everywhere. She could be a school teacher or a waitress or a model or a college student — she could be ANYBODY. And they would find her. And teach her what she needed to know and train her and make her Wonder Woman using the charisma and intelligence and looks and charm she would already bring to the table. They would make her AMAZING and have a huge hit and everyone would make tons of money while delivering a movie to be really proud of for decades to come.

      But that won’t happen. Shame, really.

  36. anon says:

    Nadia Bjorlin should be Wonder Woman!

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I love Nadia, but if we’re going with Days actresses, I’d dye Ali Sweeney’s hair black first because she has some arm muscle and would kick some butt

  37. madpoe says:

    They’re all very pretty. But I don’t like ‘em. I guess I’m still hooked on Linda Carter, y’know.
    I kinda wish Lucy Lawless was tapped for this though.

    • TriedTru says:

      Yep – in my mind, Lucy Lawless FTW. Surely there must be an up-and-coming Lucy Lawless type in the wings of Hollywood, no?

  38. mark says:

    If we can have a black human torch we can have a ‘stick thin’ wonder woman

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      ……….. Seriously? They changed the Storm siblings race? Getting real tired of Hollywood taking liberties just as they did with Katniss (read that up thread). I won’t be watching the Fantastic Four reboot nor this disaster of a movie no matter who they cast as Wonder Woman. I just give up with Hollywood. Next thing you know they’ll be casting a white man to play Black Panther or Jon Stewart in other movies.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Hell, they changed Nick Fury– but that race change happened in the comics first.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Nick Fury was black in the Ultimate Universe. Marvel gained his (SLJ) approval for using his likeness as Fury. So it’s still canon and thus doable.

  39. idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

    Do people really care this much? They have been discussing this wonderwoman casting for years, and the general consensus is always the same: There is none, and usually people just agree that Lynda Carter was perfect and thats it.

    I see most feel quite strongly as to how they envision the character. Frankly I cannot relate, ( I mean its a fictional character for crying out loud, nobody will look exactly like how the drawings were, or being a princess from Amazonia……) but there will be will be people left dissappointed no matter who gets cast.
    On a separate note: Am I the only one sooo tired of only prolonged franchises and superhero movies being made these days? The whole “hero” concept is something I really cannot fathom.

    I appreciate from a “feminist” perspective that people want to see a female superhero, but tbh, why do we have male superheroes to begin with and idolize? :S

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Because when comics were created the females were nothing more than supporting characters while the men were the big names. Since it was a male audience at the time. That’s why- or at least that’s the most plausible reason I have as to the number of male superheroes.

  40. TriedTru says:

    None of these women seem “tough” enough to me… WW needs a woman who is a cross between the elegance of Lynda Carter and the force/strength of Lucy Lawless (i.e. Xena). WW is Amazonian/greek so the “exotic”-ness of the actress doesn’t really bother me. It’s the embodiment of strength that I want and really, none of the women mentioned in this article seem to have that.

  41. TriedTru says:

    This has sparked an office discussion and I’m throwing it out there for comment… Michelle Rodriguez?

    • Amy Tennant says:

      Yeah, I said her somewhere else in the thread– Michelle for anything and I’ll watch it :) (She’d make an awesome Mercy)

  42. Whatwhatnot says:

    I haven’t watched the WWE in a long time. Are any of the current crop of female wrestlers being considered? They definitely would have the build and agility for the role. ANd they are actors (though most are basic). But so many male wrestlers have parlayed a successful career as an action hero (See Dwayne Johnson) why not a female?

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      NOOOOO. I watch it now and ALL of the Divas can barely act their way through a match let alone a script. Actress needs to just take the Thor route and buff up for the part. Seriously, eggs act better than any of the WWE divas.

  43. Megan says:

    None of them seem like Wonder Woman material to me. I mean they’re all gorgeous, but something’s missing.

    Also I hate being THAT person, but would it be too much to ask that the actress be American? Only because I doubt Olga or the French actress could pull off a believable American Accent. If they can, than that’s different. But an actress like Olga has such a heavy accent I just don’t see how.

    • Maureen says:

      YES. Wonder Woman should be American. This is not a standard role like a Brit playing a character with an American accent or something. This is a character who is an American ICON. Like, her nationality is hugely central to herself as a person and as the actions she performs as a Superhero.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        No, Wonder Woman should be a Themyscyran dangit! I will accept nothing less than a pure Amazon!

        Yes, I’m kidding

        But I think it would be cool if she were Greek

  44. Lindsey says:

    Megan Fox looks the part, if she could act.

  45. Fan says:

    Elodie Yung came close to WW. Not sure about her body.

  46. lyka says:

    My vote’s forever on Bridget Regan (http://goo.gl/oiMOlc)! Her Google Images page literally shows mock-ups of people fantasizing about her as WW.

    I know it won’t happen because she doesn’t exactly have a ton of marketplace cache, but she’s tall with a strong body, brunette, beautiful, and an actual actress. Plus, she was a total butt-kicker on Legend of the Seeker – a silly show, but fun with some surprisingly major production values.

    Or…let’s just get Anna Torv in a brown wig and call it a day.

  47. anon2 says:

    Nadia Bjorlin should be Wonder Woman!
    Google her pics!

  48. Novaraen says:

    Don’t like any of these choices….they aren’t athletic enough and Wonder Woman has bright BLUE eyes. and if they are planning on using contacts to make them blue….UGH! no!

  49. Maureen says:

    Gal Gadot is lovely and adorable, and I tend to love Israelis in general. BUT, I think Wonder Woman should be an American. PERIOD. Yes, I’m getting prejudiced on this issue and I won’t back down. WW is an American icon and should be played by an American.

    • Stacy says:

      So was it wrong for a British director to direct “twelve Years A Salve” and British Actor to play a American Slave.

    • Maureen says:

      @ Stacy and @ Amy

      I don’t think you understood my point re: the difference between a character BEING American (and then played by a non-American) and a character that was CREATED and WRITTEN specifically as an icon of a certain nation/nationality who fully represents (or “serves” might be a better word) that nation/people. See my other comment about Diana’s mission as given to her by her mother the Amazonian queen.

      But yes, ANY actress can play WW. I’m certainly not saying ONLY an American can. I’m saying it is my personal opinion that only an American SHOULD.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        No, Maureen, I get it– I understand what you’re saying, and I definitely respect your opinion. I concede territory to you as the bigger WW enthusiast as well. I can tell that you know where you’re coming from and feel passionately about it, where I have more of a casual interest! There might be something ineffable about being American that would carry through to the role, perhaps?

      • Maureen says:

        Thanks, you are so nice. Yeah, I guess I feel that someone from inside the culture with an innate understanding and love (hopefully!) and affinity for the people/land would be most beneficial. But then again, you know what? It all depends on the script, doesn’t it? It all will be at the mercy of how she is written in the new version. I’m so beholden to the Lynda Carter incarnation that it’s hard for me to feel passion for WW in any other way. Ah well, at the rate this thing is going you and I might be in a wheelchair wearing Depends by the time anything happens.

  50. Karen81 says:

    Gina Carano.

  51. LadyS says:

    NONE of these women make a convincing Wonder Woman! I actually thought Jaimie had the look, but alas she f–ked it up! I’m not too excited about this movie at all. The whole Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne bit is just the worst of things. It sounds like casting for this film is sucking hairy old man balls!

  52. St says:

    Gemma Arterton has no presence, no good acting skills and looks the same basically in every movie she is in.

    From those three I think they should go with Olga. Because she is known actress, has name recognition, face recognition, is very pretty, already did action movies like Bond one, Oblivion, she was also in Centurion with Michael Fassbenber, Was playing some crazy bad ass chick who wanted to kill Fassy.

    I like Olga. I would be fine even if she would be cast as love interest for Bruce Wayne. It’s a big movie. Good PR for her career. Even this rumor helps her career. Because this news today in on every movie and gossip site. Great job from that person who leaked that information to Variety. No one would remember those other two tomorrow. But now Olga would always be “the one who almost got Wonder Woman role in Batman and Superman movie”. Even if she won’t be cast anywhere.

    Also Olga already played love interest of Ben in To The Wonder. They looked good together,.

  53. Christina says:

    Any actress can get into the shape need for the movie. Look at the transformation of Henry Cavill! Anyhow, none of these chicks seem that great. I think they should attempt to get a good actress. The height is important obviously. I was thinking maybe Charlize Theron. She has the height and the beauty, as well as the acting chops. Some hair dye and training with Mark Twight and I think she could pull it off.

    • Maureen says:

      It is very, very special to be able to embody the strength and femininity in one person that is required of Wonder Woman. She is strong — and physically big, such that by her height she is meant to literally look a man in the eye — morally and physically and integrally. She’s also highly intelligent and possesses wisdom and good judgement. But she’s also very soft and gentle. Charlize Theron can’t pull that off. Not with everything she could muster. Soft has NEVER been anything she’s good at. The closest I can think of right now is Jennifer Lawrence, but her height could be an issue. I really feel this movie needs an unknown actress. Someone who hasn’t been found yet, but I doubt that would happen. Hollywood loves “names”.

  54. INeedANap says:


    Tall, great presence, kick-a$$. Get a wig on her and we’re in business.

  55. stinky says:

    no one is saying Katy Perry ??
    (if there was one role that shrew should play, its Wonder Woman)

    • lunchcoma says:

      Good lord, no. She might have the look for it, but if we’re forced to endure her acting in one movie, I’d rather it be one I don’t want to see.

    • St says:

      And to make competition for Katy harder producers should totally invite Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears to audition too….

  56. Dorky says:

    It would make me really happy if they would cast Gina Carano. She was EXCELLENT in haywire – those action scenes were SO kickass. If you see that movie, you will totally understand, she is perfect for Wonder Woman. The look, the illegitimate toughness. She does her own stunts and is not at all stick thin. Nice and muscular yet feminine.

    However, I still would have a hard time watching it, because: Ben Affleck. Lol

    And speaking of: that makes me thnk of Jennifer Garner. She could totally do he role; has the wholesome thing down, and of course we all know she can totally kill it on an action scene. Blue contacts for either of these babes. Why not?

    That said, my dream would be for Lynda Carter to do it. She’s still hot as hell, tall, etc. Do it, Hollywood!!!

  57. Miss M says:

    I like Gemma. What about Ashley Scott? She played the daughter of Catwoman with Batman on tv.

  58. V says:

    I hope none of those women are up for WW because I just can’t see it. I also (probably due to Lynda Carter) can’t see a really young woman in the role either. In my house, the WW contenders (by looks alone) are: Daniela Ruah, Adrianne Palicki, Andrea Parker, Milla Jovovich and (my mom’s fave) Bridget Moynahan

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      They did a pilot for Wonder Woman with Adrianne Palicki and it flopped big time so I highly doubt her name would be anywhere near Wonder Woman. I did like her in Supernatural as Jess though.

  59. Angelduster says:

    Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls would be perfect as Wonder woman.
    She seems like the type who could kick your ass and she is gorgeous.

    Pity she us a tv actress

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      She plays Darcy in the Thor franchise butttttt DC hasn’t had a problem with signing Marvel stars. However I don’t think Marvel would let her out of her contract which is a bummer. Kat could be a good contender and I hadn’t even thought about her.

  60. Jen says:

    Ooooh, Gemma Arterton! I absolutely LOVE that idea!

  61. Wondergirl says:

    Poor Jaime….showing her entire crotch didn’t seem to get her anywhere.

  62. Flower says:

    Did you know that Gemma Aterton and Prince Harry were hot and heavy for a quick minute, but she started blabbing about the intimate details to friends and got the boot PDQ.

  63. inkomation says:

    Gemma Arterton.. I love it I can wait for this.. I loved the Wonder Woman series and the theme song was bananerz…

  64. Mandy says:

    What about Cote Del Pablo? Ziva from NCIS

    • St says:

      Cote Del Pablo went to “where are they now” category the next moment after she quit NCIS for no reason. We will never hear about her again. She may resurface few times as guest star in some CSI or other tv show. But that is it. She will be extremely lucky if she will ever score supporting role in some new tv show that will have low ratings and then will be canceled. It was very stupid for her to leave that cash cow NCIS. She had job. She won’t have any now.

  65. Harley says:

    No one will ever top Lynda, IMO. That said, I could’ve seen Gabrielle Reece in this role a few years back. She looks like she could go toe to toe with Supes.

  66. George says:

    Stana Katic from Castle, tall, beautiful,brunette and strong looking. Or Daniela Ruah from Ncis Los Angeles would be a convincing/believable ww also. I thought Jaime would’ve been good too.