Angelina Jolie in black Atelier Versace at the Governors Awards: gorgeous?


Angelina Jolie received her Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Oscar on Saturday night at the Governors Awards. These are some photos from the event! Angelina flew in from Australia (where she’s filming Unbroken) and I don’t know where Brad has been. Is he still in England, working on Fury? He still had his WWII haircut, which is why I ask. So, Brad came out to support his girl and OMG, Maddox came out to support his mom. Look at Maddox! God, he’s grown up so much.

As for Angie… well, my girl looked beautiful. She wore this Atelier Versace gown which looks wonderful on her, and praise Jesus it was not a sack dress. It’s black, of course, because Angelina loves black so much, but it’s a great dress and it suits her. Good hair and makeup too.

Since the Governors Awards are more low-key and less time-sensitive than the Oscar telecast, Angelina was allowed to give a longer acceptance speech when she received her award. They released video of her speech, and she talks about her late mother Marcheline a great deal. Angelina made me cry a little. Seeing Maddox’s pride made me a bit teary too.

PS… CB and I went to see 12 Years a Slave yesterday and I feel pretty strongly that Brad is going to win an Oscar for producing that film. So Angelina will have two Oscars and Brad will have one. Bless the Brangelina.






Photos courtesy of PR Photos.

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  1. Frida_K says:

    Her dress is gorgeous, she looks genuinely amazing in it, and her son is turning into a handsome, elegant young man.

    Her speech is inspiring and thought-provoking.


    • Liv says:

      She looks gorgeous! That’s how a dress should look like, absolutely love it!

      Her speech was very sweet. I’m curious if this is how she really is or if all the rumors are true that they stage pretty much everything. I tend to believe it’s true.

      • Lucinda says:

        I don’t know about the staging part. I think her speech really addressed her evolution as an adult from self-absorbed to looking beyond herself. I could really relate to her questioning why she gets to be so lucky and other women don’t. I loved that she talked about how fortunate we are to never have to worry about the most basic things: food, shelter, safety. Our worst is a dream life for so many others in the world and it is so easy to lose perspective. I admire her evolution and I choose to believe her speech was genuine.

      • Sal says:

        I’ve never heard any rumours about her staging anything.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Liv, who wrote: “Her speech was very sweet. I’m curious if this is how she really is or if all the rumors are true that they stage pretty much everything. I tend to believe it’s true. ”

        What do you mean by ‘staged?’

      • Susan says:

        I think you’re the one starting the rumors. That’s not very nice to say about a woman who just received an award for humanitarian efforts.

      • Liv says:

        Oh Susan, shut up!

        I’ve read that she and Brad are not a couple anymore but stay together to be the super powerful couple they are. Also Angelina would do her humanitarian work just for PR, not because she cares about it.

        Like I said I found her speech very honest and touching, I always wonder where the rumors came from.

      • Susan says:

        Please don’t say “shut up.”
        I’ve never heard those rumors, except from you or maybe a tabloid. Rumors are rumors and they are easy to start. Brad looks subdued here, I admit. I hope they’re okay. I wouldn’t wish breakups on anyone with children at stake.

        It’s an awful lot of work just for PR as you say. I don’t think you can fake her sincerity, countless time, money and dedication that she has put into it. She has shed light on some pretty important issues and that is more than you and I have ever done. So, please don’t judge… I would hate to do charity work and someone say I was doing it to look good. I don’t think you would like that either.

      • Liv says:

        You don’t get it, Susan, I’m not saying that she’s faking it! All I said is that I heard stuff about them on gossip sites and I always wondered why that is. If there’s any truth too it or all made up. I have no interest in starting rumors and I always thought that she’s a brave woman for using her publicity to call attention to refugees.

      • Susan says:

        Oh, sorry, guess I misunderstood… but I truly haven’t heard those rumors. It must be desperately difficult to do the job they do, but I guess they feel it is their responsibility to use their celebrity to shed light where attention is needed. To bring justice to certain parts of this world. I’m an idealist myself, and I applaud their work. We are all busy, working hard to make a living… and it’s a nice break to just do this celebrity watching… and in watching what could be a silly life, is a life that is very important and interesting.

    • Birdix says:

      she’s lovely and her son is adorable–looks like he’s grown on the outside but still has moments of being just a kid on the inside.

    • Rhea says:

      Yes! The dress even look much better when I saw it on the video than pictures. Also, her speech was really touching.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She looks stunning. That dress…I’m swooning, if people still swoon.

      • itstrue says:

        She looks beautiful….I do however wish she had gone just a touch smaller up top. I think the over large boobs are what is partially responsible for the looking so small.

    • Penny says:

      Not a dry tear in the house – least of all mine. Albeit rehearsed – still did not detract from obvious sincerity. Sometimes it’s worth noting that it’s respect and discipline that motivates rather than pretension. Loved this! She’s lovely and a much more evolved orator than 2002 as a new ambassador of goodwill.

  2. erni says:

    She’s so thin
    i’m kinda worried :( (

    • Jayna says:

      She’s not too thin at all. She’s slender, but look at the dress. It’s belted and she isn’t scary skinny by any means. Her collarbones aren’t stickng out. Her waist is nice, not scary tiny. She has always had thin arms, but they are’t scary skinny here. There’s nothing wrong wth being slender. It’s when a slender person drops too thin and it shows on their naturally thin arms or collarbones, etc. She seems to have actually put on a little weight, thankfully.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        I agree Jayna. I don’t think she’s too thin either. Honestly, the weight bashing has become beyond tiring. God forbid anyone spoke this way about a plus size woman!

    • doofus says:

      agree, erni.

      she looks beautiful, but a little on the bobble-heady side. her arms look so thin, and the way her elbow bone looks so large compared to the rest of her arm…she looks (as someone said below) a bit frail.

      read part of the transcript from her speech, and it sounds like it was a lovely one. and I can’t get over how mature her little man looks in that tux.

    • V4Real says:

      Erni is right Angie is too thin. Her frame is starting to look skeleton like. She reminds me of Rachel Zoe, another person who is much too thin but starting to look a bit healthier since pregnancy.
      As for Angie’s arm they didn’t always appear rail thin, especially during her Lara Croft days. Her arms were toned.

      Her face looks absolutely stunning here and that dress is to die for. It accentuates her small figure quite well.

      @doofus I was also thinking that she looks like a bobblehead. Her head seems too large for her tiny body.

      • cs says:

        Rachel Zoe? Oh come on. Angie is and was never as skinny as Rachel Zoe not even after her mother died. Besides she’s 5’7 to Zoe’s 5’1.
        She’s aging.. She made Lara Croft when she was 23-24 years old? no kids, no UNCR, no directing/producing films, no health issues. She has a full life. Like I said many times before Angie and Brad must be the only couple in HW that’s not allowed to aged. She’s been called skinny for the past 8 years now. It’s so tired now. Once again, miss the message in the speech which was much more powerful than what she wore or her weight.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        ‘Angie is way too thin!! I’m worried about her!! She looks like a walking skeleton!! (And my favorite nonsensical comment) “Her head is too big for her body … she looks like a bobble head!!!

        Oh give it up, already. I ‘know’ this is the only thing you guys have to pick at Angie with these days, but really, it gets more than a little silly when the woman is the same size–or larger–than many actresses working today. There isn’t a thing abnormal about how Angelina Jolie looks, especially since she has had the same arms throughout her film career. Anyone who isn’t wearing hate-tinted shades can see that for themselves.

        And if you won’t trust the eyes of others, trust your own. Just take an honest look at the photo of Angie standing next to Angela Landsbury and Steve Martin. Does the woman look outlandishly ‘skinny’ standing next to them … especially Angela Landsbury (who has never been a ‘thin’ woman)? No, she looks ‘normal.’

      • V4Real says:

        Oh please people get off you’re high horse about Angie. Yes she has always been thin but now she’s much thinner and she does almost look skeletal. Her head does appear as if it’s too big for her body. Lately her arms had been looking a bit veiny. During her Lara Croft days her arms were tone; not skin and bones.

        BTW who on this thread said anything about Brad and Angie not being allowed to age, don’t make stuff up to win a debate. As for your comment about being focused on her speech and not what she looks like or what she’s wearing, that’s very naive of you. In case you haven’t noticed posters constantly talk about how celes look or dress on C/B, no matter the topic of the post, why should Angie be any different. She is too thin and her boobs are too big for her thin frame.

        Why are we allowed to criticize any other celeb on this site but if we say something negative about Jolie the Angie fanatics accuse us of being haters or as one of you said the thin brigade? I’ll say it again, Angie is not exempt. I bet if this was Paltrow or Beyonce we were talking about you wouldn’t give a crap.

      • Cecilia says:


        I totally agree with you.

      • balehead2012 says:

        @Emma – the JP Lover
        Why do we have to wear ‘hate-tinted glasses’ to offer an opinion on the subject? I don’t think people are so emotionally invested in this subject as you seem to be, honestly. Kaiser asked us a (hopefully not rhetorical) question: Gorgeous?
        Well, my answer is that she is a beautiful woman, with an especially beautiful face and she seems like a very decent person, but I do think that she looks thin and yes, her head seems rather large here compared to her body. However, I’m not a hater, why should I hate her? I have just answered the question like everybody else here. With my opinion on the subject. Take it or leave it.

      • cs says:


        You say the same old Bull shit.. Angie is skinny.. Yes, she’s skinny so f’ing what.. We as fans see so much more in the person… But you probably have no problem with Melissa McCarthy being obese? Oh please… GF put your hatred aside for.. It’s getting the best of you.

      • cs says:

        Oh please.. Beyoncé and GP are they really on the same level as Angelina Jolie? Of course not.. your only true statement I don’t like either of them…

      • Esmom says:

        Saying she’s skinny is not expressing hatred. It’s expressing an opinion, which I agree with. The post talked about her appearance as well as her award, people are commenting on both. And I honestly can’t see how anyone can’t say she’s not too thin, she looks downright fragile to me, albeit as beautiful as ever.

      • Ennie says:

        Several people are referring to her Lara Croft days. It has been repeated ad nauseum that Jolie was on a special diet to gain weight, she was hitting the gym to gain muscle, on top of that, she used body enhancers, and as soon as she stopped doing that, she went back to her usual thin body.
        She has been veiny for year and years. I remember reading when she was first pregnant, how muchpeople criticized her arm veins, it was awful to read that.
        After the birthsof her children she did not get back to heweight, she stayed thinner. She was her thinnest after her mother’s death. Comparing her to that time, she looks OK to me. The main thing here, IMO, is the nice message she sent in her speech, and how, eegardless of our opinions, she is appreciated and liked by her peers.
        I loved seeing Brad and their big boy.

      • Janet says:

        She is very, very thin and I can totally relate. People don’t realize how hard it can be for a thin person to gain weight. Most thin people have small appetites to begin with. Couple that with an active metabolism and it can be almost impossible to gain weight. Believe me, I know from experience. I’m five feet six inches tall and until I was in my late 40s, I was as thin, if not thinner, than Angie is.

        But time takes care of almost anything, and it does in these cases also. Once you hit your middle 40s, your metabolism takes a nosedive. You don’t burn the calories nearly as easily as you used to. Your metabolism goes south and your weight goes north and you start piling on the pounds.

        I’m willing to bet Angie will gain between 15 and 20 lbs over the next ten years. I ballooned up to 141 and now I’m back down to 128. But even so, I have to watch what I eat now when back in the day I could eat like an elephant and never gain an ounce.

      • V4Real says:

        @Cs oh get over yourself with the we as fans. You’re not a fan you’re a fanatic. I bet if Angie ever met you she would run screaming in the opposite direction because of the way you would be drooling all over her. If I say the same old BS then I must believe it’s true and at least I’m consistent. Angie is too thin and yes Melissa McCarthy is obese and she would look better if she lost a little weight. But this post isn’t about Mel is it, it’s about Angie. So Beyonce and Gwyn are not on Angie’s caliber so that means it’s ok to rip them apart? That’s very shallow and immature of you. Like someone said down thread this isn’t a fan site it’s a gossip site. If you want to read all good things about Angie I suggest you visit her fansite and not C/B where all opinions good or bad are welcome.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @V4Real, who wrote: “As for Angie’s arm they didn’t always appear rail thin, especially during her Lara Croft days. Her arms were toned.”

        Her arms were ‘exactly’ the same in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” as they are today:

      • blue marie says:

        @V4… gurl, what did you stir up? and how did I miss it for this long?

      • V4Real says:

        @Jp that pic just proved what I said. Her arms look healthier in that pic. Her arm is also resting in that pic but when she flexed they look toned. Look at the post with Chris Hemsworth from today. We know he is muscular but with his arm resting we don’t see the tone. Check out the pic of him in gym clothes.

        @Blue and I wasn’t the one who started the responses. LOL

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Balehead 2012, who wrote: “Why do we have to wear ‘hate-tinted glasses’ to offer an opinion on the subject? I don’t think people are so emotionally invested in this subject as you seem to be, honestly.”

        And @Esmom, who wrote: “Saying she’s skinny is not expressing hatred. It’s expressing an opinion, which I agree with.”

        First let me say how simply ‘marvelous’ it is to have SO many Female First and Ian Undercover members with us today. You know, for a group of people constantly carping about how ‘mean’ people are to Jennifer Aniston, you certainly are hypersensitive and defensive … but then, that’s what the Mean Girl Bullies in Junior High were anyway.

        Wish I could comment on the whole ‘opinion stated as fact’ thing, but I commented on it down in comment number 72 below. But thanks for the attention! :)

      • Esmom says:

        @Emma – the JP Lover. OK, I’m the Mean Girl Bully. Got it. I love this site for its thoughtful, funny, civil discourse. Except for the AJ threads. You are insane.

      • Pam246 says:

        Haters like Vreal and Liv sound really stupid claiming that Angelina is too thin or anorexic based on the Lara Croft movies. It’s a known fact that she gained weight and worked out for those movies. I know they say this just to attack her but at least make your attacks make sense. You would think if Lara Croft was Angelina’s normal weight/figure people could name another where she looked like that.

      • balehead2012 says:

        Emma – the JP Lover
        OK, as several people here already said, this is getting beyond ridiculous :D You talk about “us” being aggressive/defensive, then you write in this aggressive manner to everybody who dares to express an opinion, even a civilized one, that does nor matches your own. I’m sorry, but you ARE way too invested in this, so I’m just going to leave it at that and keep my own opinion on the subject, which was simply this: I think Angelina looks thin in these photos. I didn’t say skinny, skeletal, waxy etc., I have never attacked her persona, or her children or her husband, in fact, I think this is my first ever comment on her.
        Regarding your ‘accusations’ that I’m a whatever ‘undercover’ I had to google those name out to even find out what they mean :) So sorry to disappoint you, but I have been posting here under this name for the last one year and this name alone. Regarding Jennifer Aniston, I couldn’t care less about her, the woman doesn’t interests me enough to even write a comment about her (and never have as far as I can remember).
        Honestly, I think you should just take a deep breath, chill a little and enjoy this site without barking up every tree. That’s what I’m going to do, anyway :) Have a nice day!

      • Liv says:

        I’m a hater now? Haha! High five, V4Real!

    • LAK says:

      the DM had a maddox/ AJ retrospective. Look and compare her arms from early 2000s and now. no difference. What’s changed is her face which has thinned out. Her Frame/limbs are still the same.

      • Toot says:

        Thanks, but the thin brigade don’t want to see those pics they just want to say how thin she is now and criticize her body. Angelina has only lost weight in her face, her limbs look the same.

      • Sullivan says:

        Thanks, LAK. Clearly, AJ has always been thin-limbed. She is an exquisite beauty, but she’s not perfect. Damn close, though.

        This woman is lovely. She treasures her family and recognizes her blessings. Her humanitarian efforts are tireless.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s what I noticed–is that her face thinned out as she got older. And so her weight was more noticeable, because her face sort of softened everything else. Another thing I noticed is that she got more boxy, in her torso, after she had kids. Because when she did Tomb Raider, and all the films after that, she did have a shape–her waist was high, but she still had one. Now she’s a boxier in her torso—same thing happened with Jessica Alba. After she had her kids, she wasn’t so hourglass anymore.

      • Gossy says:

        Look at this picture of Jolie with Condi Rice….her arms and legs look super thin and this was back in 2005 before she was pregnant and while she was still somewhat working out (doing weight lifting exercises).

        Also, nobody has ever called Taylor Swift anorexic but if you looked at the VS show, her arms and legs are the same size as Angelina’s.

      • LAK says:

        Virgilia Coriolanus -2 things:

        1. your waist becomes bigger after having kids. Plus you have natural thickening of the waist whether you have kids or not.

        2. She’s not a curvy girl. She’s always been rectangle with big boobs and thin limbs. The difference in how you are seeing her is that she’s not dressing in a way that draws focus on her tits like she used to do. She pretty much stopped dressing that way once she became a mother. Not that she was dressing in a pron style or baywatch style. Her style evolved to a much more mature ‘sack’ dress style of her previous bombshell ‘sack’ dress style. You start to notice the other things about her.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I agree that she is very thin but she looks really good here. The dress is super flattering IMO. Brad looks good as well. Maddox is just adorable.

      Off topic, I guess, but does anyone else here want to see a post on the other winners? I do particularly Steve Martin, I’m feeling him in silver fox way!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        YES! Count me in for Steve Martin. He is my most favorite. Ever.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I actually squealed when I read your comment! I so love Steve Martin!! I guess we’ll have to go fangirl on another site but thanks for the interest. Oh, he’s just so witty, so down to earth, so talented, and oh my is he looking good. Now that it is how to age!…..okay, feel better, am done (I think)!!

      • Katy-did says:

        Me too, Tulip and Kitten!! Steve Martin has always been one of my favorites!

      • Carol says:

        Love Steve Martin and his speech was all kinds of awesome! Didn’t expect to see him choke up when thanking his wife. So sweet!

      • chloe says:

        I loved Steve Martin’s speech, he’s one of my favorite actors. Congrats to all of the honorees.

      • Christin says:

        Co-signing on the Martin admiration! The man has so many talents and looks great.

    • KC says:

      I recently caught Lara Croft Tomb Raider on telly and have to say that is probably her best weight. Her head is just too big for her frame for me to believe this is her natural weight. I realise she has an unusual shape with the square shoulders, long arms and straight torso but even accounting for that, she looks off.

      Body issues aside, congrats to her for that Humanitarian award.

    • erni says:

      she’s definitely not in her best weight.
      my initial thought was that she might experience issue after her double mastectomy. maybe.. i mean it’s a big health procedure, and after effect always follows.

  3. lower-case deb says:

    Maddoxxxxxx!!! the boy’s all grown up. i feel old.

    i was a little taken aback when until the end of the speech she didn’t even mention Jon Voight, but i guess since it’s a humanitarian award andhe hadn’t really contributed much to her evolution as a humanitarian?

    did he sit with her or somewhere else? i’m happy that he turned up and supported her though.

    and Maddox!!! no words.

    he looks well put together, well behaved and calm. a credit to him and his parents I think.

    lastly, Zamperini! what a grand man he is. happy to see the standing ovation he received.

    And! Angela Lansbury. wow, she looks fantastic! why didn’t she get the award earlier?

    • Josephina says:

      Angelina is being real.

      Jon Voight is her father, but they have had a bumpy road much of the time. Her mother IS her inspiration, not her father. Her mother is her compass. Those are the facts. He is in her life now and hopefully, he will STAY in her life from now on.

      The role of being a parent should not be treated as an option. Consistency matters. This is what Jon has been missing. Both children, Jamie AND Angelina, have pointed this out before about their Dad. I am sure they love their Dad, but he is NOT a hero in their eyes. The parent that consistently gives their time, patience and understanding is the one children will adore. Unfortunately, he was not that type of father for them while they were children.

      Jon seems to like his role as Grandpa. Let’s hope he sticks around this time and doesn’t leave again.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I noticed that too. But I just can’t get over the things he said about her, to the press, no less. All that showed me was that he wanted to humiliate her. And he did it when she was bringing home his first grandchild–the kid right next to him!

      But what Josephine said–he’s not really been there for her evolution as a humanitarian, let alone a woman. Her mom tried to help her see the bigger picture, that things weren’t just about her, Brad supports her–he’s not egocentric about HER success. And instead of telling her that they both need to step back and focus on their own family (when they got together), he supports her. He takes a step back from his career to help her with hers, and vice versa.

      • zut alors! says:

        She did start out by thanking her family, then her love and finally Maddox and his siblings. I took her family to mean her brother and dad who were both sitting at her table.

        I have her book, Notes From My Travels and she gives some insight into how her family reacted when she was on her first UN trip. Of her mother and brother she writes the following, “My mom looked at me like I was her little girl. She smiled at me through her teary eyes. She is worried. As she hugged me good-bye, she gave me a specific message from my brother, Jamie. ‘Tell Angie I love her, and to remember that if she is ever scared, sad or angry – look up at the night sky, find the second star on the right, and follow it straight on till morning’. That’s from Peter Pan, one of our favorite stories”.

        Jon Voight on the other hand did this, “My dad attempted to cancel my trip. He called USA for UNHCR, but since I am an adult, he couldn’t stop me. I was angry with him, but I told him that I know he loves me and that as my father he was trying to protect me from harm. We embraced and smiled at one another”.

        Her mother and brother, while worried and concerned for her, respected her decision making. Her father tried to control her and bend her to his will. I suspect this has been an ongoing challenge for her where he’s concerned. I remember reading something about him saying he was feeding Angie info during the last election cycle as though his views were the only right ones and she needed to see the light. There is a reason why she did not tell him of her double mastectomy until she was ready to share it with the world.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        God, I just can’t imagine how it was for her to let him back into her life, even to see the grandkids. I don’t know if I could do that (and I may have to make a decision like that one day soon). My mom had to do this. Her father basically ignored her and her siblings. He used to leave them with his sister, who beat my uncles with extension cords, all the time–he’d just leave. The only time they knew he was staying for longer than a few days was if he bought actual food. Other than that, he’d buy them bologna, bread, and canned beans.

        But he was a good grandfather. He loved my older sister and me and my twin brother–he died when we were young. And I’m sure that he had regrets about that.

        Just like I’m contemplating that now. My mom told me that this past summer, my sperm donor’s been asking if he could meet me and my twin. The same guy who called my mom a liar, cussed her out, and told her that if she made him pay child support, we would never have a relationship. And he’s a total whore (he has 4, 5 kids with his wife, and another 10 kids, excluding me and my twin). So I don’t see how it would even benefit me at all to have him in my life. Plus I already have a dad. And I just don’t see how it would work.

        So I get how she feels, to some extent, about her dad. It’s even worse, because he’s tried to interfere in her life. Mine hasn’t at all.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @lower-case deb, who wrote: “i was a little taken aback when until the end of the speech she didn’t even mention Jon Voight, but i guess since it’s a humanitarian award andhe hadn’t really contributed much to her evolution as a humanitarian?”

      (Blinks) Why would she thank Jon Voight? She and her brother were raised by their mother. Whatever moral fiber/compass they have, they got from their mother.

      • emmie_a says:

        Sometimes questions are just that – innocent questions. Not insinuations, not statements. I too questioned why Angelina didn’t thank her father. I don’t know much about her so I don’t know her past or her family dynamics.

    • Lucinda says:

      We have to stop questioning people if they leave out a parent in their praise. They probably have valid reasons for doing do. This idea that a parent can be absolutely awful but once they start acting remotely human, we need to give them all respect as a parent, this idea needs to go away because it is so hurtful to the child who had to endure the awful parent. As an adult child of an awful parent, I completely understand and actually admire her willingness to leave out her father instead of caving to the pressure to forgive and forget as if it’s just all okay now.

      • Sloane W!yatt says:

        Lucinda, your comments are so insightful and full of wisdom!

        Denying entitled Johnny-come-lately noxious parents a do over is a natural, healthy reaction of adult children. IMO, these toxic parents are reaping what they’ve sown in their own version of ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’.

  4. Tapioca says:

    She looks like she always does on these occasions – waxy and skeletal. Maddox OTOH, looks very dapper indeed.

    Loving Brad’s “the wheel is turning, but the hamster’s dead” face…

    • Birdix says:

      Lol! Looking at that first photo, it’s easy to imagine them having had a fight before the show. AJ is looking apologetic, BP is looking like he’s putting on his proud husband face but would rather be elsewhere, and their kid looks like the whole thing is odd, especially since his parents were mad at each other 5 minutes ago.

      • Anna Scott says:

        Ha ha ha!! “Lol! Looking at that first photo, it’s easy to imagine them having had a fight before the show. AJ is looking apologetic, BP is looking like he’s putting on his proud husband face but would rather be elsewhere, and their kid looks like the whole thing is odd, especially since his parents were mad at each other 5 minutes ago. ”

        Awesome comment!!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I thought they both looked exhausted–like they had just flown in a few hours before, to get their hair and makeup done, and then came right away. And I think Maddox looks (tired) and nervous–this is the first time I’ve ever seen him at a ceremony. I think the only film events that they’ve ever brought their kids to, is when Angelina was doing the Kung Foo Panda movies. So if it was me, I’d be nervous and feel weird that there are a million photographers that want my picture.

      • Lol says:

        Pretty sure that’s pure jealousy seeping out of pittstains head. Hahaha
        Hello! This is a man that has campaigned his arse off for years to get oscar nominations and Angelina simply lives her life and she wins an oscar. Jealousy, I tell ya.

        Look at what he has to do for a box office hit. Travel to every theatre known to man and basically pimp himself for dat dolla + convince jolie to tell her mastectomy story right before the movies release. Now he’s gonna have to sell his cojones for an oscar that he’ll have to share with the REAL producers. It ain’t Ez being green. Haaaaa

    • Jillian says:

      Ha Ha! The hamster comment was nothing short of GLORY. I noticed the same thing, but figured he smoked a bowl or two or had too much to drink before showing up. I don’t understand why it’s seen as “spewed hatred” to comment on her weight. She has looked frighteningly skinny for YEARS now, and even some of her more level-headed fans can admit that. People argue against her Laura Croft days, but you CAN’T argue with MAMS. She looked beautiful in that movie. Healthy. Still thin, but with a softness that’s appropriate to HEALTH. Her arms had muscle, her legs had more muscle (especially the thighs. Holy crow, the thighs are twigs now), even her midsection had a little bit of a tire, and I don’t say that as a bad thing. She looked great. It’s not a big deal to admit that she’s bony and veiny and corpse-y now. She just IS. Don’t hate the people who have EYES. That said, I LOVE this dress, I LOVE her hair, and I think she’s either been tanning or she’s working a fake tan, and it suits her. The bone-white skin she sported for a while there did nothing to help with the “unhealthy” comments she constantly gets. This warmer skin tone looks much better. And the dress is so lovely. And it down-plays the porno boobs. They look almost normal in there. Great, great look, imo.

  5. Erinn says:

    Brad’s getting his hot back.

  6. epiphany says:

    Angie looks beautiful, and I really like the gown, but she is too thin and frail. I want her back at her “Tomb Raider” ass-kicking weight. Terrific that they included Maddox!

  7. Greata says:

    I totally agree. It was lovely to see her being given the award. As I watched I saw a woman who has finally found her place and who is truly fulfilling her potential. She seems to have also finally achieved a long sought for peace. I also liked that she acknowledged Brad’s support, and how impoportant that was to her.

    • Nicolette says:


    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I’ve never heard her refer to Brad so affectionately. It was very sweet. He and Maddox both looked like they were going to cry. I especially love that they brought Maddox–he was the start of a new chapter in his mom’s life. And I would imagine that every time she looks at him, she remembers how she was before he came into her life.

      • mayamae says:

        I had no use for Angelina before Maddox came along. It’s amazing how a child can change your life in a good way. It’s nice to see Maddox smiling in the pics. The kids usually either ignore or show some irritation with the paps, so I felt it was a big deal for him to be so gracious and smile.

  8. ANDREA1 says:

    She looked great but tired So also brad. But I can’t believe he is turning 50 next month he looks mighty fine for his age and to answer your question kaiser yes Brad is still filming and had to travel back immediately So also angie who said she had to be back on set of unbroken by Monday.. Am So proud of them as a couple and Angie as a woman and a mother! My Brange flag is flying high! Maddox is growing up So fast and am glad they brought him along So he could see his mama win award first hand for her humanitarian achievements and for him to lead a good path in life. Her speech was wonderful. Well said Angelina well spoken.. Long live Brangelina!!!!

  9. Toot says:

    Angelina’s speech was beautiful. I also liked George Lucas’s and Gena Rowland’s. Brad even looked teary eyed when Angelina was talking to him and about their kids.

  10. Andrea says:

    This is the best she has looked in a long time but my goodness….she is scary thin. I hope she’s healthy and ok.

  11. booboobird says:

    OMG, Angelina with Jessica Fletcher. yay!
    Angie looks very thin though. Maddox seems to be very proud. Brad…hmmm..nice suit. the face is off. is he playing a chipmunk in that movie?

    • Miffy says:

      I can die happy now. NO, I want Angela Lansbury to orchestrate a gritty reboot of Murder, She Wrote: Origins (a single movie, not the whole series -which is going to be a total train wreck) and have Angelina play a young her.

  12. blue marie says:

    She looks beautiful and Maddox looks quite handsome.

  13. Sal says:

    She looks gorgeous as usual. And good on her for this award, its well deserved. She is a person who does good things for people.

  14. MrsBPitt says:

    I was crying listening to Angies speech…it was beautiful and perfect…loved that Brad looked like he was tearing up and was so proud! And Maddox, looks like a very mature young man…I think she looked very elegant…loved the dress, the hair and the makeup…the three of them looked great!

    • linda says:

      Me too. I cried when I watched her speech, it really inspired me to do better, love more and give more.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @MrsBPitt, who wrote: “I was crying listening to Angies speech…it was beautiful and perfect…loved that Brad looked like he was tearing up and was so proud! ”

      Yes! I loved how Angie didn’t say Brad’s name … she just looked at him and said “To my Love” … and Brad smiled and looked all misty. Loved it! :)

    • guest says:

      this is the most beautiful circle jerk

  15. lisa2 says:

    I tell you I was glued to the computer. Waiting for pics.. and was not disappointed. She looked so beautiful in that dress and I loved the simple hair. Her speech made me cry. not going to lie. She had to catch her breath when she talked to/about Brad/kids.. MY LOVE.. my loonie heart just melted.. and Brad had tears in his eyes; and looked so choked up. It was a beautiful moment. I loved how she told Maddox that being the mother to he and his siblings was her biggest honor. And Maddox was such a pro on the Red Carpet and at the table. So mature. Shows how he and his siblings are being raised. He seemed very poised and so mature. He and his father were both working those tuxes.

    She deserved that honor and it was nice that Katherine Bigelow was the person that nominated her for this award.. that was a surprise for me to learn.

    It was a great weekend to be a fan. and I am so happy to say that I am of her and Brad both always.

    Congrats as well to Steve Martin and Angela Lansbury.. such Iconic figures.. I have loved them both for years. and was laughing and crying when they spoke as well.

    • Gossy says:

      I agree haha, excited to see what she would wear and she really knocked it out of the park. Her makeup was simple as expected but the dress was fantastic.

      Also did you notice how Maddox kind of rolled his eyes when Angelina was like “being your mother is the greatest honor” haha….and she was like “I’m not going to embarass you or your siblings” but she totally did.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        He’s 12. When I was that age, all I wanted to do was stay in my room as much as possible. It got to the point that I only left to eat.

        But they both looked like they were about to cry. I would’ve. I started tearing up during her speech (I cry whenever I see someone else crying, even in movies), so I know that if she was my mom and I was actually there I would’ve cried.

    • T.C. says:

      Really? I had no idea Katherine Bigelow was the one who nominated Angie for the award. I like that. The entire Jolie-Pitt family looked good. Maddox is such the handsome dashing young boy in his tux. Love the pic of Angie with Steve Martin and Angela Lansbury.

  16. Celebitchin' says:

    The speech was lovely.
    Brad is brutally hot.
    That is all.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Celebitchin,’ who wrote:

      “The speech was lovely.
      Brad is brutally hot.
      That is all. ”

      Amen! :)

  17. Annie says:

    Love angie, i was teary eyed with her speech. Amazing woman, one of a kind in HW. Madd looks chill, Brad was also emotional. Angie acknowledged her Dad when she said “my family”. She did mention her brother in passing but of course, she would single out brad and madd and her Mom. I think she still misses her and gets so emotional talking about her. Its understandable, her Mom died so young.

  18. Bex says:

    I think this is the best dress/looks combo she’s had in ages. I wonder if it is because she’s so passionate about her humanitarian work as opposed to promoting films. Even her skin looks less waxy.

    • Gossy says:

      She’s never gotten botox…she’s always been able to wrinkle her forehead (although I suppose you could say she gets her in between eyebrow area botoxed, but I think she just chooses not to frown)…she looks shiny/oily because she chooses not to layer on the foundation/powder so her skin looks more natural. Notice she doesn’t have that oily look at the oscars or golden globes, where she wears heavy makeup.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Sorry! I replied to the wrong post. (Blush)

  19. pretty says:

    what the f. i was like who is that randome dude between them. wow.

  20. Gossipfun says:

    I just love Angelina Jolie. Mad should be there . He awakened her mother and humanitarian feeling. Brad is a great support to her.
    I am Jolie’s fan, not Brad. But together they are a winning team. I hope that they would last their lifetime together.

  21. Blannie says:

    Beautiful speech had me tearing up immediately. Angelina is such a role model for everyone. So compassionate. Her mom must have been something to have raised such a wonderful daughter.

  22. Kim1 says:

    Brad is still filming Fury and the four older kids have been with him for three weeks while the twins are with AJ in Australia.
    Angie mentioned her family which includes Voight and her brother, James who was there also.She thanked her “Love”, Brad.She mentioned, Maddox and his siblings.
    I love that Angie is friends with George Lucas unbeknownst to the public.Also that Kathryn Bigelow nominated AJ for award.
    I will be leaving now before the comments
    about how skinny she is, how unattractive she
    is, how fake she is, how she only wears black,
    veiny , waxy…
    Im proud of her of being the youngest person to receive this honor and it was great seeing Brad and Maddox and Louis Z supporting her.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      +1000000000 to everything you said.

    • Mireille says:

      Ditto to all your comments …

      Beautiful woman with such a big heart. And a well deserved award for all her humanitarian efforts. Her speech too — moving, eloquent. Deadline reported how when they went up to Angelina to ask her how she felt about getting the award, Brad spoke up before she did saying that he was really excited for her. It was so cute. I understand that she has to be back in Australia by Monday and Brad too probably has to be back on set for Fury soon as well. They must be so tired with all that traveling.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I almost forgot about Louis Z! Such a cute old guy. He reminds me so much of my neighbor–they both served in WWII. I liked that he was there. So I’m assuming that they’ve known each other for years–I read that they lived in the same neighborhood. That’s so sweet.

  23. lenje says:

    Her acceptance speech is very heartwarming & emotional. I agree with what she says about how lucky we are. She speaks lengthy about her mom, it’s so endearing. She looks tired, but who wouldn’t after 30 hr flight?

    • Kay says:

      @Lenje,there’s something about the way you comment-negative or positive-on angelina’s threads(its the only one i read) that i absolutely love,its obvious that your comments are not out of love or hatred,you just say it as it is.You and EVE are very much alike,the only difference is EVE is a fan of Aj’s while you’re just neutral.You’re the only person on this site who says”i’m not a fan or hater” that i believe.
      You and EVE are my best commenters,you guys just say what you want to and leave.
      PS,i agree with your comment this time.

  24. Gossy says:

    Did anyone kind of feel bad/laugh that Angelina thanked the land of blood and honey crew, her UN friends, Brad, her children, her mother, and Zamperini (who she probably views as a father figure)…..and she excluded Jon Voight? Lol and he was in the audience too…ouch.

    • katesparrow says:

      Um, that’s not entirely correct. She thanked the cast of ITLOBAH the same way she thanked George Lucas and Gena Rowland, because they had spoken nice words about her before she got up to speak. Her brother was also there and she didn’t single him out too. Jon and James who were both seated at her table were included when she said ‘family’.

  25. pretty says:

    oh god! i wasn’t a reader of celebrity gossip and whatnot so i missed the whole triangle craze and angelina jolie adopting kids etc but i can’t help but sqeak browsing google images results of “angelina jolie maddox” . it’s too cute. he was sooooo adorable. oh my god. and she was really beautiful back then. just so cute!!

  26. serena says:

    Wow, she looks absolutely gorgeous!! Love the dress (thank god it’s not a sack). Anyway I’m really happy for her, she surely deserved it.
    Also it’s just so adorable that Maddox came to support his mom!!!

  27. TG says:

    Angelina looked gorgeous. The hair, the dress, the makeup. Everything. I love when she brings it. Also got ready-eyed listening to her speech.

  28. xboxsucks says:

    she indeed looks stunning here and it s sweet Brad was there for her but right now iam mad at her,her little speech made me cry:-(

  29. Maya says:

    What I love about Angelina is that she made mistakes in her past like a normal human being but she learnt from those mistakes and matured into this wonderful an giving woman we see today.

    Adopting Maddox changed her whole life – she wanted to help the world as much as possible so that her son would be proud of her. She joined the UNHCR and has been travelling to more than 25 countries to try and bring awareness to causes that otherwise wouldn’t get noticed. She has always acted in movies where her characters are all strong women and directed a movie about war time rape – she even co founded the war time rape campaign with UK and it has now been accepted as a genuine war crimes and will be taken into account during war trials. She is raising 6 children and also makes sure that her adopted ones would never forget their heritage – she has a charity in those countries they were born in the children’s names and she hopes that they will one day continue to run those charities themselves.

    It is good to see that she has also found a partner who allows her to be who she wants to be – it takes a strong man to be with a strong woman. Brad loves her enough to support her for whatever she wants to do and also encourages her to do more. Brad also got inspired to do more charity work after meeting Angelina and has done a lot of charity work in USA while Angelina focuses Internationally.

    Some really low people claim that Angelina only does the charity after getting together with Brad to try and save her image. Well those people should get their facts straight before attacking someone – Angelina joined the UN in 2001 way before Brad entered her life. If is was to change her image then she would have stopped doing and not continue for more than 12 years.

    The most of the world sees the true Angelina who works tirelessly to make sure that helpless victims are heard. She is a genuinely beautiful woman both inside and outside and everyone can see that.

    PS: I loved the speech she gave – it was really touching the way she thanked her mother, Brad and her children for making her become this inspiring woman. I hope she continues to do good and has a happy and fulfilling life with her family.

    • Sal says:

      Well said!

    • Simone says:

      Angelina got into her charity work because her people recommended she do it for her image due to all the wild press she had gotten with Billy Bob Thornton. Not saying she doesn’t give, but she has crafted this Mother Theresa image carefully and brings photographers with her to make sure she’s photographed and it goes out to the press when she gets a good deed. She wants to be a saintly figure like past icons like Audrey Hepburn.

      • Lena says:

        +10000 Good grief “my girl” from the writer of this? Is this brangeloonie central or what!! Funny nobody (from what I’ve read –all the gushing is turning my stomach and making my teeth ache) she went on and ON (after very briefly mentioning Brad and Maddox) about her mother. NOTHING about her dad even though he was there. Did anyone here her say his name at all, or did I miss it?

      • MooCowBS Simone!!! says:

        No one …. I repeat …. no one goes to Sierra Leone on their own dime or Tanzania to a camp where people who had been raped and/or mutilated — for two weeks to improve their image. All they have to do is go on OPRAH with a huge cardboard check.

        AJ was going to refugee camps for TWO years before anyone in the press actually figured it out She never did anything wrong with Billy Bob or denied anything about their marriage. She is still brutally honest and talks about her pride in having been his wife so your theory is garbage.

        AJ has made tons of trips you never have seen and she has funded so many projects over the last 12 years that have recieved bo attention whatsoever. AJ-Haters are such psychos. If she only does her UN work for PR purposes why is she still going to Turkey, Pakistan and etc NOW?

      • Maya says:

        @Simone: I have already written a reply to your comment further down. Do read that as I am not going to waste my time repeating myself.

  30. Josephina says:

    Angelina is simply a lovely woman.

    Her acceptance speech brought tears to my eyes as well. What she shares about her relationship with her mother is simply beautiful. She was holding back tears much of the time talking. You can tell she loves her mother so very much… and still misses her a great deal. You can tell she misses talking to her mother about life and sharing her experiences.

    I am very close to my mother and would probably be equally as devastated, as Angelina still is, should my mother cross over before I am ready to let her go.

    For all of the Moms out there, … if you have a relationship with your child/children in the manner that Marcheline had with her children (not everyone has this type of relationship), may God continue to bless you. Keep the courage to raise your children to be the best that they can be. Strongly encourage them to dream and to live a purposeful life.

    Brad ALSO teared up when she looked at him and called him “My Love.” Angelina truly is a humbled woman who understands the responsibility of being a parent. She greatly appreciates Brad and her children.

  31. Jackson says:

    It’s so nice to see her in a dress with a little style and shape to it – she looks great. Brad is looking dapper as well. And wow, I never really had this moment with a celeb child before but, wow, I remember when Maddox was a child. Time flies.

  32. lady mary. says:

    beautiful angie ,her speech got me teary eyed as well ,glad that among all the shit that goes on in hw ,they acknowlegde humanitarian works like that of angielina’s ,hope they acknoledge Mia farrow ‘s work too in future ,she is another one of my favourites jut like angelina

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s a great point about Mia – where is hers? She had a strong film career and now seems to dedicate most of her time to humanitarian causes.

  33. ANDREA1 says:

    Yes to everything you have said. This woman lives such a busy life!

  34. js says:

    Love Angie but she is too thin, I don’t know how photoshopped these pictures are but she does look skeletal. Wish she would gain 10 – 15 lbs. I wonder what else is up?

  35. Cecilia says:

    That last photo of the 3 of them looks pretty icy between the Brand. Maddox looks like such a composed young man. I like AJ’s dress but her head looks huge & odd — like it will snap off at any moment. Brad looks like he wishes he was some place — any place else. Angela Lansbury & Steve Martin look fabulous — love them.

    • Sal says:

      Oh please! No wonder people hate Aniston and her loons so much! You desperately look for anything, even if absurd, like your desperate rubbish above, to slander her. It is true. Anistonloons are as trashy as Aniston is. You really are pathetic, Cecilia. I honestly feel sorry for you.

    • Thea says:

      Thanks for making me laugh. You JPs haters are really trying everything you can to write something negative about this couple and their children. From a single picture you wrote a whole segment about how cold they seem towards each other etc. Her body is fine considering she went through a major surgery early this year and can a long time for the body to heal. You are showing your true inner ugliness for the way you attack another woman’s looks and health despite knowing what an ordeal she has gone through.

      Do you really think Brad and Angelina were going to do PDA infront of the media while their son was watching? They look like a normal family having their pictures taken at the same time making sure their child is the focus and not forgotten. Moreover have you ever heard of a thing called jet-lag? Brad flew to the ceremony with Maddox from UK while Angelina flew from Australia – normal people would feel exactly the same after having traveled for 12 – 16 hours.

      What really is pathetic with you haters is that for these past 8 years or so you have been praying and wishing for this couple to break up – starting rumors about a split, claiming that they don’t love each other and only together for the brand etc the JPs are getting stronger and stronger together. Many people who have actually met them all say how in love they look and how they take care of each other. That they feel envy of the love and respect Brad and Angelina have for each other.

      While on the other hand your idol Jennifer gets dumped by every single man she dates and seems to be destined to never have any children nor a life partner. This is what is called karma – the more you wish for bad things to happen to someone you hate – the more it is likely to happen to someone you love.

      • Sal says:

        +1 Well said Thea. Loons like Cecilia are spitting chips that Aniston is getting her karma back, she is in a fake engagement and she has to keep giving stories to the paps to stay in the spotlight. Its sad that small-minded embittered jealous loons like Cecilia have to rain on Angelina’s parade because they can’t stand that Angelina does GOOD for people and its recognised; all Aniston does is homewreck, spread her legs for men in 14 year relationships, talk about her hair and fake an engagement for people magazine, smoke and drink like a fish and do nothing with her superficial, shallow, Paris Hilton-like worthless life. Perhaps if they admired someone who was a *good* person, ie had a decent role model, they might have some morals and values.

      • Cecilia says:

        Look how nice Sal is.

        Like my comment warranted the above nastiness.

        My comment took note of an iciness between her & Brad & that her head looked huge. Just my opinion from looking at the pics.

      • Sal says:

        Sure Cecilia. There is no iciness in the pics, you had to reach for something nasty to say. Angelina looks like she is glowing, and Brad has this proud family-man-type look on his face. No one but you would see that as ‘iciness’. Don’t get upset when someone holds a mirror up to you and you don’t like what you see. Oh the irony!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Sal you don’t have to attack everyone who disagrees with you–even if you think they’re trolling. There’s no need to call someone crazy or a loon because they don’t agree with you. It’s getting a little tiring (on both sides) to see personal attacks.

      • Amanduh says:

        “Well that escalated quickly…”

      • doofus says:

        to Amanduh…

        “I mean, that really got out of hand fast!”

        nice reference, and totally apt!

      • Josephina says:

        @ Sal-

        I am glad that you are onto Cecelia and her catty ways. She is not the only one. And you are accurate on calling them out on their foolish and silly comments.

        A beautiful, talented, compassionate woman is getting a lifetime achievement award from her peers… and detractors wanna focus on her “thinness” when she has always been naturally slender ALL of her life.

        My girlfriend’s daughter, who is 14, gets the SAME EXTREME HATE as she is a beautiful teenager that looks like Angelina Jolie!!!!! And yes, she is very slim as well

        Angie’s weight did not get in the way of carrying twins, and has not gotten in the way of her accomplishing so much, all at the early age of 38! Gena Rowlands, a legned herself, said it all in her speech. Angelina is an example of what life could look like with REAL love and support in your life and generous heart.

        We already know where the hearts are of the shallow Henettes and trollettes who wanna talk about someone’s weight. And hair…

        Don’t worry, Brad will suck them bones dry if that day should ever come. Because he is CRAZY in LOVE with Angelina and it shows!!!!!

      • Holly says:

        @ Josephina
        Someone is CRAZY in love with Angelina, that’s for sure.

  36. Gi says:

    It is so nice tha was Kathryn Bigelow who nominated Angelina for the award….
    It would be so perfect if she directed Angie in Cleopatra
    Eric Roth was also there , saw that Angelina kissing him … then one more reason for Cleopata the screenplay is written by him …rsrs

    And what a surprise George Lucas handing the award and telling the story of how they meet,

  37. Aww says:

    HUZZAH! It’s not a sack! Vey gorgeous dress indeed.

    But on to more important things, I’m so proud of her. What a great achievement:) I wonder what kind of awards she’ll get twenty or more years from now? I mean, this is one of the highest honors and she’s only 38! Just goes to show you her extreme dedication. I honestly don’t even know where she gets the energy and drive. Her schedule must be insane. *shudders*

    Back to superficial things: brad is looking puffy, but I think that’s his age catching up to him. And also the weight gain for Fury.

    And, omg, Maddox! I remember him and Angie when he was just a duckling, and look at him now.

    Also, please, no more body comments. It just cheapens us celebrating her achievement. Yes, her thinness may be alarming to you, but now is not the place.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      AWW preach on sister people who don’t have anything negative on her winning this award will pick on her weight and body at this point I think that’s all they have on Angie. On another note I have been thinking also that this is the beginning of her getting such awards and she Is just 38! Wow what a remarkable achievement at that age..

  38. Dingo says:

    With the thin frame she likes to keep – I just don’t get why she got so huge knockers.

  39. The Original G says:

    I’ve never seen Angelina wear a sack to any professional or official engagement. She dresses down when she’s not “on” and I can’t fault that.

  40. L says:

    For someone who is touting her reformed life and family and who has made every attempt to show that she’s all grown up now and gets it, she should have mentioned her father who was in the audience and obviously proud of her. Even if they’ve had a difficult relationship, that would have been the respectful, mature thing to do. So, I don’t buy it with her. Never have, never will.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      You never need to get buy with her it doesn’t matter what matters is that she is well loved and respected and her achievements are recognised. Plus she thanked her family So I wonder where people are getting the opinion that she didn’t appreciate her father. Well this is Angie she can never win

    • katesparrow says:

      Hmmmmm, I thought he was included in ‘family’. He was seated at her table. Her brother did not also get a special thanks and he was there too seated next to her father.

    • Gossipfun says:

      What exactly should she thanks her father for?. His sperms?.

    • Sal says:

      Stop desperately reaching for excuses to hate, she mentioned her family, so she thanked her dad. Watch it again and see.

    • Nev says:

      Jon Voight in Ray Donovan is amazing!!!!! He will definitely win awards for this!

    • Maeve says:

      She did thank her family — what should Voight expect after he tried to publicly humiliate Angie on national gossip TV and hurt her career when she was getting over the death of her marriage and filming the LC sequel she was to open on her own? This after he had tried to ruin Maddox’ adoption. What do you psychos want from her any way?

    • TC says:

      Given that it was her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who was the instrumental parent in Angie’s growth and maturity by planting the seed of service and “of being of use to others,” it’s only common sense that she would speak of her mother as her inspiration…because she was. Jon Voight didn’t raise her or instill those values in her. It was her mother. So her mother gets the credit as it should be.

      With regard to the “respectful, mature thing to do,” Angie did this by reaching out to Voight after the death of her mother. She didn’t have to. She could’ve left him on his own or waited for him to contact her. But it was Angie who reached out to him to begin the difficult work of building a new relationship with him. She saw the importance of regaining contact with him since he was now her only living parent and she had begun to adopt kids and build her family with Brad. That takes an extraordinary amount of maturity to reach out to someone who has hurt you and maligned you, particularly in the national media. I don’t know if I’d be able to do what Angie did. Her words follow her actions and behavior. That’s why I have such admiration for her. She really does walk the walk when she talks the talk. She’s the real deal.

  41. Emil says:

    She looks amazing, but I still think her new boobs are a little too big for her frame. People are saying she looks too thin, but I think it’s her boobs that are throwing off her figure.

  42. lisa2 says:

    For people saying they look mad or icy at each other.. well it sure didn’t stay that way.. they were totally hugged up at the table. Brad had his hand on her the entire time, and Angie’s hand was either on his knee or leg or whatever. One photo is not the night. There are lots of pictures of them laughing and smiling all throughout the night..

    • Anon says:

      I don’t think they were angry at one another. No one looks good in every single picture of a long formal event. Also long flights for all of them and work for Angie and Brad, especially Angie round trip to Australia, that’s a long trip even today when it doesn’t take months to get there. I would have needed a nap.

  43. Nicolette says:

    Gorgeous, amazing, and stunning. I find her to be an incredible woman, a compassionate humanitarian, and just a beautiful person inside and out. Love her.

  44. Soccer Mom says:

    Her speech brought tears to my eyes. Seemed very genuine and she is right that most of us are so fortunate and don’t even know it. Her mom had a huge impact on her and it was so touching to hear her speak of her.

  45. Mew says:

    OMG Maddox has grown! Only now I truly realize he’s not anymore that little baby in mohawk showing tongue and wearing missmatched shoes! Also, Angie’s beautiful as usually, but quite thin. Her enormous rack takes the attention from the fact but her arms are just so tiny…

  46. Sal says:

    Her breasts look quite small in the above pictures.

  47. floretta50 says:

    The she is too thin is getting old, just an excuse to criticize Angelina Jolie. People are surprised that when they see her dressed up she still looks stunning and beautiful as ever, so it’s she is so thin thing, if you see her past stap shots she has always been very thin, at this point I think it’s a choice between her face and her body when Angie put on weight her face looks different she looks more like John Voight her facial features don’t come off as well her jaw line gets very big, don’t know if anyone remember when a few years ago she took a picture a few pounds heavier and nobody could believe that was her she looked awful, although she stays out of the lime light other stars are all over the place taking off their clothes and exposing themselves just to be seen when Jolie appears you are really glad to appreciate the real movie star look. some one wrote that Brad and Angie in their pictures seem strained but you have to remember they were among other older recipients like Ms Angela Lansbury and had to be respectful. in side that was not the case, Brad and Angie was all over one another very touchy feelie, kissing and what not, in my opinion they should have kept it toned toned down because it wasn’t all about them, and their son was right there, good lord they didn’t just meet yesterday they have been together for how long now?

    • Nev says:

      everybody else gets critized why is she any different?

      • Sal says:

        Not for petty and pathetic reasons though, like Angelina is.

      • Bea says:

        Try going into a Melissa McCarthy thread and calling her out for being too heavy and see the reaction. Funny how the same people who like to trash Angelina for her weight are the same to flip out when someone calls Melissa fat.

      • V4Real says:

        That’s not true. Saying someone is too thin is not petty. Some folks at one time was saying the same thing about Nicole Richie, were they being haters because they said so. This is a gossip site and people are going to have good and bad opinions about every celeb posted here, including Angie.

      • epiphany says:

        If I may, I think if you read the majority of the posts that mention her weight – mine included – it’s not offered as a criticism, but as a concern. Most of us think she’s terrific, and beautiful, but given her family’s health history, combined with her busy schedule, we want to be certain she’s okay. She IS too thin; now if she simply prefers herself that way, and she is otherwise healthy, then great. I just hope that’s the case and nothing else is going on.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think that she just doesn’t prioritize her weight. I’m assuming that she eats fairly healthy meals, but she’s probably just one of those people that need to work out a lot to put on weight. I saw this interview about the training she did for Tomb Raider–she hired this amazing celebrity trainer who had her working out for at least 3 hours a day (I think) and she was on a strict diet–I also read that she had to drink protein shakes and work out when she did Salt.

        I know this girl, from school, who is probably the same as Angelina. She’s shorter, but she is bone thin. I’m serious when I say that her arms are probably half the size of mine, and we’re the same age. I look like a whale next to her. She in no way looks to be unhealthy. But she’s 18. In 10 or so years, if she’s at the same weight, then her I can see that her face is going to sink in, and if you saw her, you’d think she had an eating disorder–and she doesn’t even have a fuller face like AJ.

        So I think that her weight isn’t something that really concerns her, as much as other things.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:


        Only to the Loons does “She looks completely gorgeous but a bit on the thin side” equal an inexcusable insult.

        Love Angelina but her fanbase truly redefines the term “fanatical”.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Nev, who wrote: “everybody else gets critized why is she any different? ”

        and then @Sal wrote: “Not for petty and pathetic reasons though, like Angelina is.”

        Or made up stuff, too.

        Most of the negative comments … “She’s SO skinny, she looks like a skeleton!” “She just had surgery to get implants!” “Her boobs are SO big, it looks like she’s going to topple over!” and my personal favorite “She looks so shinny and waxy!” (as if women haven’t carried a compact with pressed powder in their purses for centuries to combat the ‘shiny’) … are simply said just to have something, anything, negative to say, whether what’s said is true or not.

        Then, if you post a link showing how wrong they are, they just ignore it or pretend they didn’t see it and continue to say the SAME negative comment–whether it be Boob, skeleton, or waxy–over and over again, like a talking point.

        @TheOriginalKitten, who wrote: “Only to the Loons does “She looks completely gorgeous but a bit on the thin side” equal an inexcusable insult.”

        Yeah, right … keep telling yourself that. ;)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @JP Lover-
        I don’t have to keep telling myself anything. *shrugs* Nev, V4Real and others are making the point for me. Everyone gets criticized here, no celeb is immune. Just because you worship Jolie doesn’t mean she’s suddenly off-limits to the rest of the commenters.

        I’m pretty sure that Jolie herself would tell you that there are more productive things to do with your time than to argue with every person who has a differing opinion that you.

  48. Ravensdaughter says:

    Yes, lovely, because part of her look is from the beauty she possesses in her heart. A bit sappy, but true, in my humble opinion.
    LOVE the pic of Angie, Steve Martin and Angela “don’t-call-me-Angie” Lansbury-an Honorary Oscar for her after going without for all these years. Watch your health, Angela, those Honorary Oscars can be lethal!…

  49. BaronessOrczy says:

    Her breast reconstruction is stunning.

  50. Sandy says:

    I can’t fathom the negative comments about this woman in the thread. Whatever her foibles, she does good work, in film and in her work with refugees. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be dissected this way. People should just be happy for her and her family. And yeah, Pax looks great!

    • Sal says:

      +1 People are so bitter and so jealous of her, so they have to knock her down to make themselves feel better about their empty lives.

      • Cecilia says:

        always so entertaining to watch Sal blow a fuse & rage on Aniston but no one can say anything negative about Jolie.


      • Sal says:

        Lol truth hurts does it Cecilia? Funny how you get upset when anyone says one bad thing about Aniston, yet here you are badmouthing Angelina. You’re a hypocrite.

      • Cecilia says:

        LoL !!! Oh, the irony.

      • Sal says:

        Yep, just as I pointed out! The irony indeed! You’re pathetic.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Cecilia, who wrote: “always so entertaining to watch Sal blow a fuse & rage on Aniston but no one can say anything negative about Jolie.

        *giggle* ”

        Au contraire, ma petite cherie. It’s not that no one can say anything negative about la Jolie, it’s that the ‘negative’ is usually made up crap just to get the ‘Mean Girl’ out, without any hint of truth whatsoever.

        But it ‘is’ rather entertaining to witness your enthusiastic attempts to spin a ‘negative’ into a truth.

        We can’t help it if there is SO much more to rip on Aniston about than Jolie.

    • Holly says:

      Sal is feeling extra compassionate and kind today after watching Angelina’s moving acceptance speech. It’s always nice to see how Angelina’s humanitarianism inspires her fans to be better people!

  51. lucy2 says:

    I really like her dress, perfect for the occasion. I do think that her face looks too gaunt though. I saw a close up photo elsewhere, and it ages her. Just a few pounds would do wonders.

    Really nice that the Academy finally recognized Angela Lansbury.

  52. Ginger says:

    She looks more fabulous here that nice seen in a while. And look at Maddox! My how time flies!

  53. Vicky says:

    Amazing woman with such class. A very touching speech. If only all celebrities and rich people pitched in, the world would be a better place.
    She looks amazing. Stunning as always. Love the dress, hair, makeup.

  54. shannon says:

    I’ve never had a problem w/Angelina. Loved her in Hackers and Playing by Heart (great underrated little film). However, she is too skinny and way too tweaked. It’s only going to get worse until she puts a little meat on her bones. As Lainey says, as you get older you’ve got to choose: body or face.

  55. videli says:

    It was nice to see the emotion between Angelina and Brad during her speech. I’m a sucker for committed couples. Maddox looked so well-behaved. Not that I expected him to stick his tongue again and photobomb Steve Martin, but he really was a poised little fellow.
    Also, I’m getting mental calluses from all the ‘Angie is thin’ posts. Most probably her thinness is here to stay, and it’s her way of aging. Not much one can do about it.

  56. TC says:

    What a wonderful way to start off my week! Angie looked amazing at the Governor’s Awards on Saturday and her speech brought tears to my eyes. One of the many things I admire about Angie is her grace, elegance and humility. Her speech was thoughtful and moving, and I love that her mother continues to be her touchstone when she talks about her evolution. I was very close to my mother as well, so I always get a bit emotional when she talks about hers. She’s so deserving of this honor and I’m glad that Brad and Madd were able to celebrate this moment with her. Her references to them in her speech were very touching. I just love Angie’s evolution; and I mean the entire package: from Hollywood “wild child” to mother, humanitarian and philanthropist. When I imagine someone who’s living a life in full, it’s always Angie I see.

    And on a more humorous note, I love Gena Rowland’s speech lamenting how Angie does it all – acting, writing, directing, “…mother to 20 at last count, and still manages to “keep a smile on Brad’s face.” I just about fell over! Well played, Gena. Well played indeed.

    • EB says:

      Gena Rowland speech was full of awesomeness. I laughed out loud after her delivery. A true legend in her own rite. She is another great talent along w/ Angela Lansbury that deserves to be given an award for the work she is done in film. I know Angelina is probably honored to have her as a friend because I would be over the moon just to be in her presence.

  57. ja'imie king says:

    As I pointed out in an earlier post, and I don’t like either AJ or JA, but Angie’s whole humanitarian persona is only for the press! Sure she might donate to causes, but who doesn’t. She’s got good PR and that’s about it. Her relationship I don’t give a shit about. Anyone who has seen her in action, once the press etc have left know that’s when her true personalities come out to play. Crazy bitch, plain and simple!!!

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      If she only donated to causes, then she wouldn’t be receiving an Humanitarian Oscar–like you said, PLENTY of celebs cut checks all the time. And she doesn’t have a PR person–never has. And I’d love to hear what she does when the press leaves…..

      But go ahead, go on back to trolling….

    • Sal says:

      Oh please! Of COURSE others *donate*, its so easy to throw a cheque at someone, but Angelina helps out ON THE GROUND. She has done this for 11 years, has written a book, written Op-Eds, even her haters don’t call her humanitarian work a stunt because even THEY begrudgingly admit that she is genuine. Do you honestly think Nelson Mandela, the UN and the people who gave her this award are fools? They promoted her to SPECIAL ENVOY, for goodness sake! They’ve seen plenty of celebs come and go and use the UN for PR, so they know genuine and fake when they see it. I think they’d know more than a jealous and bitter person like yourself Jamie king. Ask anyone who is there with her with the press and after the press; they cannot laud her ENOUGH. Enough said. If Angelina is a crazy bitch, then I wish everyone was a much a ‘crazy bitch’ as her, then this world would be in a far better place. You really don’t know what you are talking about, research the work she does, then come back her and apologise.

    • manly says:

      hmhmhhmhmh…… PR for jolie,never has.check your fact!

    • TC says:

      Let us not forget the historic international law SHE brokered and announced at the G8 Summit in London that will now categorize war zone rape as a grave breach of the Geneva Convention.

      Angie is giving voice to millions of women and children (and men), who have been victimized in this way as a tactic of war. Thanks in large part to Angie, war zone rap is now illegal and the perpetrators will be tried in a court of law. This is an unprecedented step forward and Angie gets the credit for it, as William Hague has been saying for nearly the past year.

      You can’t make this kind of progress on an international scale – that amends the Geneva Convention – by “writing a check.”

    • Maya says:

      As someone who has family members who have worked with Angelina several times – I call this BS. Angelina is considered one of the nicest and most professional actress in Hollywood as she always smiles at everyone and stops to talk to them sometimes as well.

      Many journalists/reporters have also mentioned several times that she is a wonderful person to interview and never throws any anger fits nor gives orders to do what etc. That is why she always gets asked back to do interviews and magazine covers.

      It is actually Jennifer who is known as a bitch after the camera stops and she even got a journalist fired because he dared to ask her questions she didn’t like and put her on the spot – Jennifer is the one known to write a whole list of what they can ask and afterwards just behaves coldly towards the crew. (Google it the evidence is there)

      PS: I most say it must really bug you JPs haters that no matter what you say about them, they behavior, reputations and friendships – JPs always prove you wrong. They are well respected in Hollywood and outside of it – they are one of the most powerful couples in the world – they are praised by Hollywood & royals & politicians around the world for their humanitarian work – they have long-lasting friendships with several famous and non famous people around the world.

  58. nani says:

    She is so elegant and beautiful and sweet! Love her and her family!

  59. Lol says:

    Angelina looks lovely of course. Too bad pittstain had to be there to ruin it but hey he’s campaigning for his oscar that he most likely doesn’t deserve. “My love” could have been for one of her lovers for all we know. Hahaha

    Angelina looks so much happier without him when she’s in Australia. My goodness does his face look plastic. He got rid of his wrinkles and replaced them with bloat. LoL remember when Brange fans called Gerard butler bloatler. now there guy looks just as bloated. Haha from all that botox.

    • Janet says:

      Why are you so down on him? You never miss an opportunity to bash him for something or other. Does he remind you of the guy who dumped you back in the eleventh grade?

      • Lol says:

        Of course not. But it is sooooo like you brange fans to say “did he dump you” as if it’s not possible for someone not to like him because he comes off as an arse that gets his butt kissed for mediocre work. Sorry [not really sorry] but I don’t think he’s anything special. He’s not everyone’s cup o ‘ tea. Does that register with you?

        Does the fact that someone might be an angelina fan and not appreciate all the crap her fans have to put up with because of him register with ya?

        Plus, anyone who has been paying attention and is not biased will tell you he had work done on his face.

      • Sal says:

        Whamo, please, just stop. You are not fooling anyone.

      • Janet says:

        So he had work done on his face. So what? Name me one actor in Hollywood over 40 who hasn’t. It goes with the job.

        Continually calling him “Pittstain” does you no favors. It makes you sound like you’re thirteen years old.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m not so sure that he got work done to his face–his face is fuller. And for someone who goes out of his way (especially when he was younger and a pretty boy) to dress like a homeless person (remember that goatee with the beads??), I don’t see him being the type to get fillers. Maybe get facials or exfoliate–but not fillers.
        He’s almost 50. He should be allowed to age–but I am laughing that he’s getting his looks ripped apart, like a woman would be in his position. Same thing with Leo (although I think Leo is good looking–not so when he was younger).

    • claire says:

      Yes, it must be that he’s campaigning, not doing the total normal thing of being by his partner when she receives an award. Geez, tin foil hat much?

      • Lol says:

        Boo hoo janet. Continuously posting on this site makes you look 13. Gossiping and defending celebs is not exactly a thing a mature adult does with their free time. I fully admit I’m not mature. Lmao who cares.

        And tell that to the people making fun of nicole Kidman, bullock, cruise, depp, jolie and almost every other celeb that gets criticized for having worked done to their faces. pitt is the only one that gets a pass, ha.

        Sorry virg but pitt has been smoking since he was 8 years old & has been
        Photographed pre work. His natural face is wrinkled. Very wrinkled. Nowhere near as shiny , bloated and wrinkle free as it is now. Hehe

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Um, I’m not even going to give credence to your thoughts on his face, not after you said that he’s been smoking since he was 8.

  60. Lol says:

    Also it’s so cool to learn she’s friends with Lucas and Katherine bigelow thought she was deserving enough to nominate her. So much for the hatahs opinion that everyone hates her in Hw. Haaaaa

  61. lIA says:

    jON vOIGHT ” I made a lot of mistakes as a young father. I made a lot of mistakes as a young man. I paid dearly, and my children paid dearly.” ( Esquire)

    JON vOIGHT ” What’s your biggest regret? My divorce and all its ramifications on the family.” (mensjournal)

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Was that recently, he said that? I can just imagine. I kind of know how she feels–my sperm donor lied to my mom about him being married (and having kids), and abandoned her when she got pregnant with me and my twin. Fast forward 12 years (after having to put “unknown” on the “Father” line on my birth certificate because the hospital where we were born didn’t let you put a name down if he wasn’t there), he tells my mom that we aren’t his–so we get a paternity test–since she wants him to pay child support. He told my mom that if she did this (brought him to court), that we would never have a relationship with him. My mom said “oh well”.

      Guess who’s been talking to my mom about seeing us for the first time?

      Guess who I don’t want to see?

      And I’ve never even interacted with the guy–so I can imagine what Angelina feels and thinks every time she sees him. That’s all I think about when I think of my sperm donor–he didn’t want us, cussed my mom out for over an hour on the phone when the paternity test came back, AND said he didn’t want anything to do with us, because he had to pay child support.
      So Angelina would be a lot nicer than me—and I’ve never even had my sperm donor tell the world that I’m crazy.

      • Holly says:

        I’m sorry you guys had to go through that, Virgilia. Maybe he’s grown up and realizes what he’s missed out on. I’m sure he would love you both immensely if given the chance, not that he deserves that chance. Hope you, your twin, your mom and your biological father all find peace and growth in this situation. Hugs to you.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Thanks Holly–I don’t really see him as being grown up, because he’s a manwhore (he’s got at least 10 other kids, as well as 4 or 5 w/his wife), and just a jerk. So I do sympathize with her in that regard. I don’t think any should judge me or Angelina for not wanting to continue a relationship. I feel like I’m justified in having him in my life or not, and he’s not even said a single word to me.

  62. TerraInc says:

    Goodness how sickly and emaciated she looks here! She used to look beautiful, and now I actually feel that I worry about her health. I hope it is not one of those cases when they feel they need to award someone asap “before it’s too late”.

  63. SuSu says:

    her speech was great and the dress is gorgeous. Maddox is so cute!

    I like her with more flesh (she was so super-hot in Original Sin) but i don´t think she is too thin now. Her boobs are the same size as ever but she is thinner now than some years ago. That´s why her body looks unbalanced and people automatically think she is too skinny. Her back must hurt like hell sometimes :-(

    • TerraInc says:

      Considering her brest implants after the mastectomy she did not that long ago, yes, her cup size is the same. She looks dangerously underweight.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @TerraInc, who wrote: “Considering her brest implants after the mastectomy she did not that long ago, yes, her cup size is the same. She looks dangerously underweight.”

        And yet, for some reason she ‘does not’ look like a twig standing next to Angela Landsbury and Steve Martin. Funny that.

      • TerraInc says:

        Both Angela and Martin look healthier than Angelina. Funny that.

      • TC says:

        They all look healthy in my opinion. OZ clearly agrees with Angie as she’s showing a slight sun-kissed look on the carpet. The OZ sun is so strong, I suppose it’s hard to avoid even with big, floppy hats. She’s got a nice warm glow to her skin without it being overkill. It’s just enough. It gives her a perfect glow and I think she looks great.

  64. Cecilia says:

    I am all over Steve Martin. Intelligent, witty & an incredible musician. I love him!! Angela L. is a class act as well. Respect.

  65. ja'imie king says:

    Trolling………nice one! I have been on the ground with the UN, on more than one occasion, and seen many celebs come and go including AJ……but it’s only my observation, oh and that of some of my colleagues!

    • Sal says:

      Lol sure jaimie that’s why those there all contradict you and many from these areas she helped out in have popped up on here and told us how she stayed long after the cameras, how she treated them etc.

    • Sanja Damic says:

      I was on the ground with UN and met Angelina on two different missions (Kosovo and Bosnia). She was amazingly graceful and lovely and I have the best memories of her, and so do my colleagues.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I was about to ask, what does that mean–”come and go”? She’s not an aid worker. It would be one thing if she was expected to be doing a lot of physical work, and acted like Lindsey Lohan during her community service. But she’s supposed to bring the cameras with–

        Is Sanja your real name? It’s pretty :)

  66. Lucky Charm says:

    I can’t believe how grown-up Maddox is, he’s a young man now and not a little boy. Angelina looks gorgeous and happy. Brad looks so proud of his family. I will be tickled pink if he wins the Oscar for TYAS and during his acceptance speech, thanks his wife and family. If anyone can, these two can totally pull off a private wedding that no one knows about, at least not until long after the fact.

    On another note, it’s nice to see that she wears different hairstyles for different occassions. That dress is shown off to it’s full beauty with her hair pulled back. (Hint, hint Duchess Kate! ) :)

  67. E-v-E says:

    very nice and honest speech, it’s obvious how she painfully misses her mom.
    She’s beginning to look like Audrey Hepburn when she went full humanitarian, only Audrey was much older and later even sick. Also, I don’t like her in black dresses, even this is a beautiful and occasion appropriate, it’s just not doing much for her.

  68. Crash says:

    scary skinny.

  69. Hypocrisy says:

    Brains, beauty, maturity and humility.

    I just love Angelina ! She is like ‘feminine singularity’, a one of a kind in Hollyweird !

  70. lIA says:

    Angelina reveals: “I think sometimes you have to distance yourself from relationships you feel are unhealthy for you. But we have spoken and we are going to try to get to know each other and maybe try not to be this daddy and daughter, but to be there for each other as friends in the coming years.

  71. Mingy says:

    I think she looks gorgeous, as always. But damn, this isn’t an AJ fan-site, why can’t ppl have their own opinion without being jumped..jeez.

    • Holly says:

      I know, right? Sal just surmised in an earlier thread that Jennifer Aniston must have had at least one abortion while married to Brad, but posters saying that Angelina looks too thin just crosses the line ;-) .

    • claire says:

      I don’t know. People get worked up if someone trashes a celebrity they like. I’m more curious to know how many of the people up above shaming her for her thinness were the same people the other day throwing a fit when people were discussing Leann Rimes’ weight gain.

  72. V4Real says:

    Oh Cecilia haven’t you learned that you are not allowed to have a bad opinion about Jolie. Jeez you must be a jealous hater. (just kidding).
    Another poster made a similar comment about Brad and Angie demeanor further upthread, I didn’t take it as that person being a hater but just making a funny comment in her observation of a photo.
    Reading some of these comments makes me fee like I have accidentally landed over on the IMDb board where adults behavior and use of words would make an 8 hear old say WTF. Butthurt, trolls and loons, seriously? Why are you labeled an Anniston supporter if you say something about Angie that some people don’t like. What adult plays that Team Anniston/Team Jolie crap? Could it be that the IMDb folks have found their way over to C/B. We are all entitled to our opinions, you don’t have to agree with it. It’s a gossip site for crying out loud, not Time Magazine.

    • Sal says:

      When people are transparent, they’re transparent. And you are, V4Real and Cecilia. Give it up. When people make it more than obvious they are Team Aniston, it will be pointed out. Its not like random people are called out, only KNOWN Aniston stans on here. Such as Ceclia, you and Holly. Or whatever names you alternate between. Oh, and I have no doubt some are on here from IMDb. Hi, Break! :)

    • Violeta says:

      Thank You :-D

      I makes me LOL all the one-sided opinions, it’s like a fan-site or something… People have various and oppistes views of a public figure, and that doesn’t mean one party is wrong and the other isn’t, people can agree to disagree in a healthy manner and not have claws on their face because they disagree with the St Angie image… everyone has an opinion, everyone is different, and that’s ok. At least I thought it was?

      I mean what’s the point then? Because it’s Angelina Jolie she’s untouchable? You can’t expect sunshine on one post and shame other people into submission because they disagreed with you, it’s not fair. Oh well…

      • Sal says:

        Violeta, these people called out are Aniston fans who have gotten upset when their idol is attacked, but do the same to Jolie. And Jolie nor have fans have ever given out a ‘St Angie’ image, only her haters ever have called her that.

      • Violeta says:

        @ Sal funny enough you are the one who brought the Aniston word in the first place in your post, so you are assuming people who have a different opinion of Jolie are automatically Anistons fans. That it’s your opinion is one thing but to spread it all over the place asserting it as a truth is another. People gave an opinion regardless of it and so far you’ve been attacking them using the Aniston angle… Has it ever occured to you that there are other reasons they have an opposite point of view and not based on your assumptions? Either way, like I said, not fair.

        @ Emme “the St Angie gave it away”.. whatever floats your boat. But you certainly gave your character away when you call people crazy when they haven’t called you names in the first place, indeed the irony of reasoning.

        I’m simply calling out either sides, the pros and cons who seems to resort to attacks because one opinion differs from the other.

      • Sal says:

        Violeta, the reason Aniston was brought up because those I was replying to ARE Aniston fans and Angelina haters. Hence their snark on Angelina comes from the position of being Team Aniston. Hence Aniston being brought up. Get it now? Oh, and I only see you calling out ONE side – funny that.

      • Violeta says:

        Well thanks for confirming that it’s your opinion and not the asserted truth. You think they are Aniston fans, but it could also be that they aren’t, you just don’t want to think that’s also a valid possibility? So let’s agree to disagree then.

        Again, I’m calling both sides, but it seems like you just read whatever you want to read, check my 1st post again, I perfectly said that people can disagree and have opposite pov on a celeb without being unhealthy in their manners, it’s not fair on attacking people because you don’t like what they wrote you can disagree with them without being aggressive, and same goes for those who came with that opposite pov in the first place, thus no one is spared, and it ends up in a mess. But the ONE side so far replying here is you. Funny that indeed. Ah well…

      • Sal says:

        Violeta, Cecilia for one has said she is. I take it you are new here so are not familiar with the regulars. These people are indeed, Aniston fans. The other side still are replying and making snarky comments, funny how you don’t notice that. Then again, you used the term “St Angie”, which is a calling card and tell-tale sign of a person who is anti Jolie. So perhaps you are just mischief-making…

      • Violeta says:

        What makes you think I’m new?? Whenever a Jolie-Pitt thread comes up, I’m surprised you’re not the 1st to comment!. Again, assumptions… :-D
        Well perhaps you should expand you research, St Angie the pros/cons use it as either for fun or sarcasm and nothing serious, but clearly your mental gymnastics went there so you take it too seriously.
        Anyway, all different opinions are welcome, but you seem not to want to accept it. Because as soon as you read something you don’t like and it’s not necessarily that the other was wrong or else, you have to sweep in and try to assert your opinion and get the poster into submission, trying to control what you think is negative, funny how you don’t notice that indeed, especially when you probably let loose on one thread but want to be sunshine and roses in other threads like this one and expect the same out of others, just like they let loose on one thread and want the same sunshine on another, thus you are just like the ones you claim being Aniston fans. So there is enough space for everyone with their pros and cons.

    • Cecilia says:

      @ V4Real

      Oh Dear…I guess I haven’t learned my lesson & have been labeled something or the other & it has been pointed out to me by >>>>>


      *wringing hands*

      Whatever will I do?

      • Holly says:

        Oh, Cecelia. Sal is just trying to help us overcome our bitter-fatty jealousy. We just love Jennifer Aniston too much and it clouds our judgement so. We say such such horrible, terrible things and don’t understand how crazy we sound.

        Perhaps we could pray about this together in Cabo at this year’s JenHen Convention. Come find me – I’ll be wearing a bikini, a sweater that makes me look possibly pregnant, and a pair of wedges ;-) .

      • Cecilia says:

        @ Holly

        Whew!! Thanks for clearing that up & the JenHen Convention sounds divine. Bring your Rosary .

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @V4Real, who wrote: “Oh Cecilia haven’t you learned that you are not allowed to have a bad opinion about Jolie. Jeez you must be a jealous hater. (just kidding).”

      Nope, only if you present your ‘bad opinion’ as fact, and then refuse to relent when information is presented to prove you wrong … not your ‘opinion,’ which remains your own … just the ugly, mean spirited thing it became when you presented it [your opinion] as fact. At which point, it has evolved into something other than your opinion … right? Because an ‘opinion’ is not FACT.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What are you talking about???
        EVERYONE gives their opinion here about EVERY celebrity.
        Unless you know the celebrity on a deep, personal level, it’s always going to be opinion-based.

        Y’all know we’re on a CELEB GOSSIP website right? Do we need to revisit the definition of gossip?

        noun: gossip

        1. casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

        Now I’m leaving this thread before I catch the crazy.

      • V4Real says:

        @JP point out where I said my opinions are fact. Please don’t embellish just because you don’t have a valid argument. It’s an opinion and everybody is entitled to one, including you. TOK and I don’t agree on every post but we accept the fact that there are going to be topics we disagree on and we keep it moving. Im sure at some point I might have disagreed with Cecilia as well.

        You guys come off as fanatics not fans and that’s creepy.

  73. ja'imie king says:

    @SAL, I don’t know who can contradict me when I didn’t even mention dates or places I have met her. If others have had different experiences, that’s pretty normal depending on the situation/conflicts at the time. Doesn’t take away from the experiences either myself or others that have worked with the UN and NGO’s have had. Try it sometime, maybe not the UN, but there are some good NGO’s that can give you a reality check!

    • Sal says:

      Sure, roflmao. No one involved with the UN would insinuate they and Nelson Mandela are fools. She was honoured by the UN a year ago, a special do/gala just for her, with a big presentation for her and a Promotion to Special Envoy. As well as being a member of the INVITE ONLY Foreign Council. You don’t achieve all this through being ‘only for press attention’. Seriously, you gave yourself away when you said she was a fake for publicity. NO ONE involved with the UN would ever say such a thing, since they all know her and respect her work. Stop trolling, its transparent.

      • zut alors! says:

        O my gosh! Cliniqua, sorry, Sal, you have to stop the madness. I an Angie fan, but by no means do I think she’s perfect. Stop running all over this thread like a headless chicken putting out non-existent fires. I also think you might want to acquaint yourself with the phrase about “idols having feet of clay”.

      • Janet says:

        Cliniqua’s a Brit? Sal posted something upthread about “tossing a cheque”. Dead giveaway. Brits, Canadians and West Indians toss cheques. Americans never toss cheques, they toss checks. Sal and Cliniqua are both extreme to the max, but I don’t think they are the same person.

      • ja'imie king says:

        @Sal, I didn’t insinuate Nelson Mandela or anyone at the UN was a fool! I said maybe not the UN, meaning if you or anyone else were going to do any kind of aid work (not necessarily you, as you seem to have a full-time job on here abusing people for their opinion!), then there are some great NGO’s.
        And how can AJ possibly know everyone who has worked or deployed with the UN?

      • ja'imie king says:

        @VC…… I know highly inappropriate to shorten in your case, as it’s disrespectful to call you that, compared to those that have fought for the honour!! Plenty of celebs visit refugee camps etc., without the cameras. And you don’t get what come and go means? I doubt many celebs would do the aid worker stint anyway, too much like hard work!!

  74. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Angelina and Brad both looked gorgeous. Flawless. And AJ’s speech made me tear up, very moving. She also has a lovely speaking voice, no slurring or muttering there!

  75. Lol says:

    makes me want to Muahahahah even more when I think about the petition angelina haters/pittstain fans started to stop her from getting her much deserved oscar. Muahahahahahahahahahahha suckers.

    • Janet says:

      I cannot think of any fans of Brad Pitt who tried to stop Angie from getting her Oscar. They’re a team, whether you like it or not. Her acceptance speech should have made that abundantly clear to you.

    • Ennie says:

      How many votes did they compile? Was it seven or nine?

      I know thye did not even get ten signatures, and some of those were probably fake!

  76. CatJ says:

    Way back in the olden days of black and white tv, an actress, Loretta Young introduced a half hour drama show. In these shots of Angie, she looks very simlar to Miss Young.
    Stunningly beautiful.

  77. Happy21 says:

    I am not saying anything about how thin/skinny she is because I don’t care.’

    She looks better here than she has in a long time. Her colour looked great and that dress looked amazing.

    And her speech! Her speech gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. This woman is amazing to me.

  78. themummy says:

    In that first photo she looks markedly different….sallow, sunken-in face, old (older than her age, I mean, not old…she looks like she’s in her early to mid-40s…at least). Weird. She looks ok in the others, I guess (except waxy as hell in all of them). I think she is so striking–always has been–but, for me, her beauty is greatly diminished. I feel bad saying that because I know she hasn’t been well and has been and is going through a lot…but it’s not a judgment–just an observation. That first photo looks kinda grotesque, though (her face looks long and off somehow…maybe the photo itself isn’t quite right?). I absolutely adore the dress, though.

  79. Sara says:

    Beautiful but very frail. Love that dress.

  80. maggie says:

    One of my staff was living in France and befriended Steve Martin. She told me he was not a very nice person. She was also friends with Robert Downey Junior. Loved him but he was still in his drug days! She said he was lots of fun though.
    Angie’s dress is quite pretty but Brad looks so rough. Val Kilmer look a like! I don’t find him attractive but look forward to seeing TYAS. I see Sal is at it again.

  81. Carol says:

    I wish she had left her hair down; it looks a little too severe for that beautiful dress, IMO. And how much lovelier would that dress be in a rich color?!? She has definitely evolved; I admire her dedication to making the world a better place, and I am someone who can’t think of a single movie of hers that I enjoyed.

  82. Snazzy says:

    I love that she took a pic with Jessica Fletcher :)

  83. aang says:

    Many young adults become better, less selfish people with age. Many people who work full time jobs, raise a family with out nannies/cooks/maids, and live on a modest income devote time and money to charity. Many families adopt needy children, and many even adopt children with needs. They just do it with out recognition.

  84. Green_eyes says:

    She looked beautiful, while Maddox & Brad looked handsome. Her speech was a very good one & I loved it as she seemed to be speaking from her heart. Best speeches are usually those kind. She had me in tears as I felt her emotion. I wish her continued health & happiness. Wish there were more w/ pull & name recognition that would stand up and help those w/ no voices, homes, food, or raise awareness & funding for illnesses. Those that do amaze me w/ their tireless efforts & I sincerely respect them. (I am a nobody.. But have & still do my share & then some.. So I feel I have earned the right to make such a statement about those that don’t, yet have all the possible means be it name recognition, clout, or funds ).

  85. The Original Mia says:

    Loved the dress. Loved the speech. So heartfelt. Brad looks good and Maddox has grown up so much.

  86. Simone says:

    Angelina got into her charity work because her people recommended she do it for her image due to all the wild press she had gotten with Billy Bob Thornton. Not saying she doesn’t give, but she has crafted this Mother Theresa image carefully and brings photographers with her to make sure she’s photographed and it goes out to the press when she does a good deed. She wants to be a saintly figure like past icons like Audrey Hepburn. Look at her here trying to look all classy like Audrey Hepburn and showing off her son to earn extra points. I see right through her. It’s good that she gives at all, but make no mistake she is narcisistic and manipulative with her image. We all saw her arrogantly pose on the Oscar stage. This is the same woman who plays Mother Theresa when it’s convenient for her. She’s not the only one that gives. She just makes the most fuss about it. When is Mia Farrow going to get props for her incredible work all these years?

    • Lol says:

      Nice try but she didn’t have pr people until she got with the media savvy pittstain.
      He got her to sign with caa but she fired them after a year. Then After years of being agent less she signed with a woman that is now managing clients instead. Now she’s with Uta for directing and acting. She has an agent and a manager . Still doesn’t have a pr person.

      If you have a problem with her much deserved oscar take it up with katherine Bigelow the woman who nominated her in the first place.

      Once again, Muahahhahahahhaha

      • TC says:

        Wrong on both counts. Angie didn’t take on a publicist from CAA when she got with Brad. It was a talent agent and it didn’t work out after a few months, not a year.

        And when Brad got together with Angie, it was HE who dumped his publicist. Brad hasn’t had a publicist since. But then he doesn’t really need one. He’s A-list and repped by one of the best.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      For God’s sake–this’ll be the last time I say this–she’s a UN Envoy! She was a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. She’s supposed to bring the cameras with her. Her role is awareness. If the cameras aren’t there, then she isn’t doing her job (that she isn’t paid for). If this was an act, it wouldn’t have continued for 12 years. She has six kids–how many people, would legitimitely criticise her for stepping back and focusing on her family. Very few, in my opinion. The fact that she started her work when she was in her mid twenties (in Hollywood, no less), and continued on, never slowing down, never taking time off, shows me that she does deserve this.
      When it was first announced, I did think that she was too young for it. But then I also got to thinking–how many people, who won it before, started their charity work at her age. Serious charity work? And it’s not even just her volunteering–I think it was more that her work on In the Land of Blood and Honey, the fact that she helped make rape illegal in a warzone is what really brought the recognition for this award.

      And it’s not like she nominated herself for this award. As someone said on the upthread, Katherine Bigelow nominated her.

      • apsutter says:

        Seriously, just how long does she have to do good works before people stop thinking it’s some kind of act? 20 years? 40 years? I will never understand the hate for her. I don’t think she’ll ever stop her humanitarian work, it’s clearly a huge part of her being. She’ll be another Audrey Hepburn…out there trying to help until her last breath.

    • Maya says:

      Wow what a talent you have – you can see through all of Angelina’s games.

      Seriously I am so glad I am not a cynic and a judgemental person like you.

      You praise Mia Farrow for her charity work while at the same time you put down Angelina for her work. Mia did a lot of crazy stuff in her personal life – so why not accuse her of being narcissistic and fake and only doing charity for image building?

      Let me tell you something about two known humanitarian workers called Gandhi and Mother Theresa. Did you know that Gandhi was racist and that he is the reason why India & Pakistan is still fighting to this day? Yes he did a lot for millions of people but he was a racist who thought that Indians were the best. Now coming to Mother Theresa – again she helped millions during her lifetime but she also took bribes and never procecuted men who raped women and children at her orphanages because it could have damaged the reputation. Google these two and you will understand who they truly were.

      But having said that – what they did to help those millions was great and deserves to be praised. What I am trying to say is that just because someone is a humanitarian it doesn’t make them 100 percent good and at the same time just because someone made mistakes in the past and reformed and is doing charity work – it doesn’t make it fake either.

      One very important person I forgot to mention is Princess Diana. Her personal life was really bad with multiple cheating and scandal but no one questiones her humanitarian work. Why is that? She, like Angelina, separates her personal life and humanitarian life – one does not have to together to be praised.

      So why is that you only attack Angelina and call her fake etc? If you judge her for living her life and at the same time do humanitarian work then why not call George Clooney, Leo Di, Oprah, Bono, Bill Gates etc Narcissistic and fake as well?

      What really makes me angry is that some women attack other women who are successful and beautiful just because they don’t agree with what they do or did. Isn’t it bad enough that men attack and criticise us women on everything from looks to careers to parenthood? Why don’t you for once stop attacking a fellow woman whom you have never met and instead just praise her for her humanitarian work? While you are sitting on a computer writing your judgement and attack – she is actually out there fighting for women’s rights and children as well.

      PS: before someone attacks me and calls me names – I personally have worked with charities for 10 years and currently working towards a project that will help more mothers to work in the city without getting paid less and get the same responsibilities and respect as the men.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      “she has crafted this Mother Theresa image carefully and brings photographers with her to make sure she’s photographed and it goes out to the press when she does a good deed. ”

      You apparently aren’t aware of the PURPOSE of a Goodwill Ambassador – the U.N. sends their photographers along to take pictures and document, Angelina doesn’t invite them, lol! And the ONLY people crafting the Mother Theresa image are her detractors. Fans have NEVER once implied or stated she is trying to be Mother Theresa.

      But I know that it’s pointless and useless to reason with people who refuse to open their eyes and ears to facts and reality, so go on believing what you want. I and her other fans will continue to laud her for what she actually does, we don’t need to invent a false reality to make ourselves feel better.

      • Cecilia says:

        I guess you didn’t read that article in the New Yorker.

      • zut alors! says:

        @ Cecilia,

        The NYT Public Editor at the time had reservations about some of the allegations made against Jolie in that article.

        What I don’t understand, is why Angelina gets grief over something for which other celebrities pay publicists top dollar. They all control their images. She’s hardly unique in that regard, yet she is portrayed as being nefarious for doing so. I do have my theories on the timing of the original article and the “anonymous” sources quoted as well as who would have benefited most from painting her in a negative light.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Never mind zut alors! I read the article you posted–I agree. I don’t understand why it would be a bad thing to put a limit on questions, especially on a fluff piece about kids and family.

        And I also don’t get why she’s the control freak for having common sense.

      • zut alors! says:

        For some reason, people tend to over-react when it comes to Angelina. Things that are mundane and commonplace somehow get raised to high alert status when it comes to her. I will have you do one thing though. Google and see who was on the cover and subject of the New Yorker when this article came out.

      • Maya says:

        @Cecilia: I guess you didn’t read the article where the main editor of NY himself wrote that first article was a load of BS and nothing written was true?

    • Rena says:

      Err Simone I guess you can’t help trying to rewrite history as far as Angelina is concerned. You are a demonic acting person to harbor so much anger toward someone you do not know.

      Angelina has never had a publicist other than those hired by the studios that produced her films. She did not get grief over being married to BBT and need to carry out any cleanse using humanitarian “work” to change her image. When her marriage to BBT broke up 2 weeks after she returned from Namibia with Maddox when BBT walked out to go on some tour with his band, when he completely rejected adopting Maddox, she being the honest stand up woman she was picked up the pieces of her life and moved on. She moved full time to the UK and worked to support herself, her child, her Mom, and at times helped Jamie out. She is not go to any magazine stabbing BBT in the back, she did not whine for years about not being responsible for a marriage failing, she did what most people do, get on with their lives.

      Since I was and am also a longtime Brad fan, I was like many of his fans perplexed why he seemed to drop out of the film business after his marriage, why he seemed so pensive and morose many times in public, why the Brad of Fight Club and Kalifornia and 12 Monkeys disappeared into a house for like 2 years. All the signs of a miserable person were there no matter how much faux golden nonsense PR his ex’s most highly paid bulldog publicist paid to appear in the media. I watched his contemporaries make great films while he faded into the woodwork. Then when he work up, when signs of life reasserted themselves, I was happy. And his awaking only happened after he met a woman who cared bout him as a real person and thought like him and valued what was important to him, like a family and kids. And his ex and her BFFs all said he was honest with them as to having feelings for AJ, just as the ex you self identify with said in a moment of honesty that the marriage was over in 2003. Before he met AJ on a film set. But you ignore the truth and prefer to continue living in a haze of anger based on tabloid created lies.

      And it is obvious to anyone with any intelligence that he chased after what he wanted, AJ and Maddox, a family like his parents and most importantly his siblings both had. So why heap the blame on her?

      Now I have nothing against his exs, none of them. Relationships sometimes work and sometimes they do not. This is reality and for the life of me I can’t understand how you and the others who are linked to you continue spitting venom against Angelina for 9+ years exist. Life is not perfect. People who are supposed to be together stay together, period. You cannot control the lives of others, you are lucky if you can control even part of your own.

      Now as to this thread, Angelina looked her best as did Brad and Maddox, all looked tired but so proud and happy, and AJ spoke of love and hope from her heart. All 3 had flown in for the ceremony, AJ from OZ in a long 14+ hour flight, and she was presented her Oscar first as she had to go right back to OZ, Brad and Maddox in 10+ hour flight from the UK where the 4 older kids have been for almost a month (just as Brad had the twins for a month in the UK). The studio moved the start date of Unbroken from January to September and Angelina and Brad have made the most of what they were contracted to do for work as responsible adults and as loving devoted to their kids parents.

      All I see is a couple who love each other and their kids deeply and who want to do some good with all the gifts life has bestowed on them.

      Would that all try reaching out to be of some assistance to those less fortunate , and let cynicism and uncalled for anger toward those who have done you no harm leach out of their souls.

  87. bluhare says:

    As God as my witness, I will never complain about a Duchess Kate thread again!

  88. allison says:

    These are much better pics than some that were on the DM; in those pics her large forehead vein was very prominent. The dress is beautiful.

  89. Timber says:

    She’s a stunning woman, wearing a beautiful gown, and giving a very thoughtful speech.

  90. Anna Scott says:

    Regarding Jon Voight situation-whether you people like it or not, he’s her father. He’s the one who gave her last name and who financially supported her, her mother, and her brother. If it wasn’t for him, she would have a much harder time starting and staying in Hollywood. Especially considering her early antics. It is NOT ok to treat him this way. As far as that thing he said about her on TV millions of years ago- who knows? Maybe it’s true.

    • Lol says:

      Whether you like it or not she didn’t directly thank him for HER HUMANITARIAN OSCAR. It’s her day, her oscar, her choice. Suck it up.

      Voight didn’t seem to mind.

      • Anna Scott says:

        And there you have it.. She can talk the talk, but can she walk the walk?..( you don’t need to answer)

      • Lol says:

        Well, Anna Scott, maybe ANGELINA [you know the woman who was given the oscar] doesn’t think her dad helped her become a humanitarian. I mean, a father abandoning his children [or at the very least making them feel abandoned ] doesn’t really translate into someone who deserves a thank you for a humanitarian award that his daughter won, now does he?

        Honestly , I think pittstain is just another Voight. She hates her dad but had children with someone just like him.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        When has Brad ever abandoned his children?

      • Janet says:

        In what way is Brad Pitt like Jon Voight? He has never abandoned any of his children or refused to support them. Am I missing something here?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Are you serious? That because he paid his child support (which when her mom died, it was brought out that he still owed her child support), because he was her father, she should treat him like he’s been the greatest father ever?! And like the young up and comers today–his name may have opened doors for her initially–but she kept them open. She didn’t even use his name in her professional career–she’s always been “Angelina Jolie”. I’m not going to say that she didn’t act crazy and selfish early in her career (she says this in her speech), but she stayed in the business because of HER. Not because of her dad–it’s not even like he’s this amazing producer. From what I’ve read, he was very difficult to work with, and took many years off from films. So he was famous–but famous for roles 20 years before.

      I don’t think it’s okay to treat your daughter like that in public. Even if it was true, would you want your dad throwing out your personal business to the world without permission? If he had been really worried for her, worried about how she was going to be mentally able to care for his grandson–that’s something he should’ve taken up with the authorities, NOT the world.

  91. Faith says:

    She looks lovely and her speech was great,i love that she’s eloquent.
    I understand that people find her too thin,but i don’t,maybe because i’m also thin.I even think she looks better than she did in her last picture(the one taken when she went shopping with her kids),her breast don’t even look big.
    And please enough with the arguements,every one has the right to state their opinions,both the fans and non-fans.

  92. Janet says:

    OMG! Does Maddox actually have PEACH FUZZ on his lip?! He’s only 12!!

  93. jj says:

    She looks very thin almost haggard. Scary

  94. Andrea Yao says:

    Love Angelina so much, she’s my lifetime inspiration and guidance.
    The speech was beautiful and genuine, I cried like a baby when she told Maddoz that he and his brothers and sisters are her happiness.

  95. Wing Tsai says:

    What a remarkable woman. Respect from the bottom of my heart. And I believe that she will continuing doing good things to help others in need.

  96. vanass01 says:

    It’s scary how distorted your views of a healthy weight are. She has to look near death for you guys to admit she’s underweight?

    • Janet says:

      If she was seriously undernourished her hair and her skin would be dull and dry. They aren’t.

      I think she’d look better if she gained 15 pounds but that’s just me. She’s naturally thin but nowhere near anorexic.

      • Maggie says:

        That’s not quite true Janet. Many dancers are anorexic and yet are able to do a whole performance which is sometimes equal to running a marathon. I don’t know how they do it but they do. I’m not saying Agie is anorexic but it was my first thought upon seeing her picture. I’m not saying this as snark.

  97. apsutter says:

    They look fabulous!! Mad is such a handsome little devil and so big now!! Brad is FINALLY bringing back the sexy…thank the lord the man had a shave and I’m digging that haircut. Angie is beautiful as always but very thin. I’d love for her to gain a bit of weight because she looks so frail and it scares me when she’s that thin. On another note, I would KILL to be even a tenth as statuesque as she is.

  98. vanass01 says:

    LOVE steve martin’s speech btw !!!!

    Did you see Diane Keaton’s face light up when he was announced haha??! She’s BEAMING! I wonder if they ever got it on?

  99. Celine says:

    She’s my hero and my inspiration. Her speech made me cry my eyes out.

    I really wish more celebrities were like her. <3

  100. Lena says:

    They are never getting married.

    They will probably Break up within the year–it happened the same with Jennifer A. Months apart “working” when it was probably just a trial separation. Lovey dovey all the time anyway to throw everybody off – cause that’s how Pitt rolls.

    • Rena says:

      Brad has never rolled like that on anyone. He and his ex were not compatible, one is totally career driven and one is totally family driven. This separation was not a voluntary one as Brad’s for Troy was (his ex could have been on location with him but choose to stay home and decorate her words in an interview not mine).

      Angelina was to begin Unbroken in January 2014 after Brad completed Fury in early December 2013, and the family had plans to be together as usual. The studio (Universal)changed the Unbroken schedule to take advantage of the OZ financial incentives and because they see this film as a money maker and set it for release at Christmas 2014. Therefore because of contractual obligations Brad and Angelina have done what responsible people do. They manage to deal with circumstances as they must. The kids have spent time with both parents.

      But whatever floats your boat.

  101. meh says:

    Omfg the comments on this thread are CRAZY.

    Anyways, I thought her speech was lovely. She’s doing great work and trying to make a positive difference in the world and I don’t think anyone can fault her for that.

  102. Kim says:

    I think she believes everything she says in her speech and i think she lives it. The strain of working that hard to idealize your mother and idealize this sainted poor “other” though is what i find so grating. Everything has to be about sanctimony and this forced gratitude and faux humility. I don’t know, it just seems so…treacly. Really, your mother never said one critical word? Really. Does anyone buy this crap? The refugee would give a BETTER speech than her? Couldnt she just have settled for just as good?

    • lower-case deb says:

      with regards to her comment, i think i mostly get where she’s coming from.
      amongst my family, that’s through and through old-fashioned asian, my mother is often derided by the whole family for being “diplomatic”. she is like AJ’s mother, never having an “unkind” word to say about anyone. does not mean she doesn’t criticize, but she does it unlike most other critics. she just chooses the most diplomatic way, or avoid confrontation with family, choosing to discuss all the good parts instead. perhaps, in the eyes of a family with very very strong “dragon ladies” she can be seen as too soft.

      and maybe AJ also keeps the nicer memories and refuses to speak ill about such a beloved person who has long passed away.

      regarding to refugees who can do better…

      i have worked with internally displaced people in my country (before my marriage and before i had children). some were displaced because of natural disasters, but i have also dealt with victims of internal conflict (rebel/guerrilla fighting, localized fightings, etc, or even tradition-based conflicts; and during the tail end of my tenure, i worked with some refugees from other countries–who are sometimes derisively called “boat people”).

      before being refugees, they might be bright people, accomplished people. i’ve met people who are really and truly smarter and better spoken than i am. tempered also by their hard lives, they become more wise on top of their booksmarts. there are people who definitely speaks better than i can, especially with the delicate stuff with refugee relations.

      that’s why i think that it’s not farfetched that AJ claims to have found people who, given half the chance and half the voice, will do better than she.

      and that is why i support education in general and of refugee kids most of all. they’re some of the brightest kids i’ve met, their worldview is astounding (possibly because of their life experience? gosh nobody that small deserves the hardship some of them have experienced in their short lives) have some of the most admirable work ethic too. they just need the opportunity for that outlet.

      sorry about the long post. i don’t know how well to get my point across.

      • Ennie says:

        Beautifully said. How can she not have found brilliant people in her travels?
        She acknowledges people in her circle being lucky. As a woman in a so-so struggling western country, I consider myself lucky as a woman in general, especially when compared with the lack of liberties for women in many many other countries, or the lack of political freedom in some others, le aone the worse types of violence, which my country still has quite some, but it is still livable.

  103. Vera says:

    I’m no hater; I think the dress is stunning, and the hair and make up really work, but if she gained ten pounds and dropped a cup size, she’d be close to perfect.

    Going to run away and hide. TTFN.

  104. Moi says:

    Jeez some of the posters on here need to calm the H down. She’s healthy, if she wasn’t, her skin wouldn’t look like it does. Yet, everyone has a right to their opinion without “hater” coming into play. She does good things, good on her.

  105. lucy says:

    Not a big Jolie lover usually, but her speech was humble, generous and elegant.

    Some of her ‘fans’ should follow her example.

  106. Grant says:

    A lovely woman, I’m sure, but she doesn’t look like she’ll last through the winter.