Tom Cruise cuts off Katie Holmes’ high end shopping sprees

Have you wondered why we haven’t seen dead-eyed Katie Holmes browsing through racks of high priced designer goods at Barneys lately? Her expensive habit, a vain attempt to escape her fishbowl life surrounded by Tom’s family and cult cohorts, has been curtailed by the pint-sized movie mogul. Word has it that Tom’s people are telling the boutiques that call with news of sales for Katie that she’s “too busy” to spend her husband’s money. No wonder they looked like they were fighting the other day:

Has My Favorite Alien forgotten his solemn Scientology marriage vow – penned by Xenu Guru L. Ron Hubbard himself – that decrees: “Now Tom, girls need clothes and food and tender happiness and frills… a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat. All caprice, if you will, but they still need them.” That’s your fearless leader himself speaking, Tom – so why can’t YOU lighten up and pamper your pretty baby-momma? One saddened shop owner told My Spy: “Katie was first on a VIP list to be informed whenever anything new and exciting came in. We’ve called several times and been told she’s ‘too busy.’”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker's column, March 26, 2007.]

As author Mike Walker points out, even Tom’s freaky Scientology cult preaches the benefits of keeping women placated with aimless shopping, so maybe he’ll relent.

This could be a non story and the people from that store just might be bugging Katie by calling with news of sales or new shipments every few days. I know if I had the cash I’d be all over that though. Or maybe I’d just tell them to stop calling and to update their website if they wanted to get my coveted attention. A girl can fantasize about being a shopping VIP and wielding influence.

Update: photos removed by request.

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  1. countrybabe says:

    I know she’s mad, that the only thing she hooked up with him for, that was working.

  2. Jenna says:

    So I guess that Tom’s big plan for her is to have her sit around the house doing nothing? He won’t let her work, he won’t let her have any friends, and now he won’t even let her shop!

  3. julie says:

    Perhaps the Scientologists were concerned that the amount of charitable donations he made has been decreasing with all of her shopping.

  4. just me says:

    He wont let her work? or let her have friends or go shopping?! I don’t think so. I would not let a man have me tied down like that. I think maybe she doesn’t want to work and wants to stay home with her baby. That doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea to me.

  5. pu says:

    Tom has moved his mother, a sister and her few kids, and a cousin into their home. That along with all of the pressures of being inducted into a cult has to be enough to break a person….Tom must spend all of his (non) free time at the $cientology Celebrity Centre fine tuning his OT8 fake powers and plotting to see who they can hunt down as their latest cash cow.
    Katie is stuck big time, because if she even questions Tom, the jesus of $cientology or their practices and views, she gets labled as a Supressive or SP and must go in for these auditing sessions from hell that brain fuck her until she is left weeping and sorry for not submitting to the $cientology assholes.
    I think that the statement about $cientology being pissed that they aren’t getting a bigger chunk of money is true. $cientology is all about money. That evil cult mindfucks thousands and thousands of people, destroys families, and leaves once perhaps idealistic followers in a state of almost irreparable nervous breakdown / meltdown. In brief, katie is up shit creek without a paddle.
    ( tells the truth behind the cult.)

  6. ouch says:

    did you see the picture of kate and tom at the son’s basketball game…..the one in which they look like they just had a fight…tom is holding his head with a pained expression on his face, and katie is looking the otherway looking angry and hurt, her eyes looking soo very sad.
    that is the real picture of their marriage.

  7. dina says:

    i think that concerns about whether kate has been shopping at barneys lately is the very least of her problems.

  8. someone says:

    Doesn’t Kate have any money of her own? Or did he donate all of her money to Scientology…She did work on Dawsons creek, and she made that Batman movie, and some other things…

  9. nick says:

    If you didn’t think there was a problem in this marriage before, this story would give you doubts. First, let me say, you are never “too busy” to shop especially when the store calls YOU with deals.

    And if I were Katie Holmes, I wouldn’t spend my money. He has much more than she does and if he loves her so, as he as proclaimed, let her shop. Who knows? Maybe she will convert some of the sales people.