Producer says Christina Aguilera slept around, ended up w/ his assistant Jordan

Atlanta producer Dallas Austin made headlines last year when he spent over a month in a Dubai prison after being caught at the airport with just over a gram of cocaine by authorities. He was sprung from what could have been a four year’s sentence with help from senator Orrin Hatch and singer Lionel Richie, who had performed in conservative Dubai twice that year. Hatch, Richie, producer Quincy Jones and some high-powered friends with contacts in the Middle East made calls and vouched for Austin’s character to help obtain his early release.

Given the latest video interviews from Austin with, his friends may have spoken too soon. The guy might not have deserved years in prison for a gram of coke, but he does talk a lot of smack about female artists.

He says that 19 year-old British soul singer Joss Stone goes into the studio looking for attention and sex. He claims “all these bitches [like Joss Stone] want to f*@& for tracks.” He says she was sleeping with her 43 year-old producer Novel and quickly moved to 40 year-old producer Raphael Saadiq. He said once she started sleeping with Saadiq she wanted to take Novel’s work off her record.

And he says he was sleeping with Christina Aguilera, and that she cheated on him with both his best friend, JoBar, and his assistant, Jordy (who is her now-husband Jordan Bratman), and three of his other friends. They pranked her by having Jordy tell her that JoBar and Dallas got into a fight over her once they figured out they were both screwing her. All three guys were sitting around a table when Aguilera called all of them in turn and tried to make it up to them. Dallas says that Christina told him she wanted to have a threesome with him and his best friend JoBar.

Dallas goes on about how Christina loved him and how his assistant Jordan (again, the guy who is now her husband) kept telling her that Dallas was serious about her even though he maintained he didn’t want a relationship. He says that Jordan brought Christina to a club one night and that all she did was look for him. He also says that when Christina heard he was at some guy’s house she jumped the fence and broke in looking for him! He tells a long story about how she threw himself at him after Jordan encouraged her.

He says she screwed “five of his friends and told all of them not to tell me.” He also claims he told producer Scott Storch that he was going to score with Christina for sure and that he was incredulous, but that she screwed him too the first day she worked with him.

He says Jordan Bratman, who ended up marrying Christina, used to be his good friend but never calls him back now that he’s married to her. And at the end of tape he reveals why he’s saying all this – Christina got him barred from Clive Davis’ Grammy party:

You know, I’m kind of inclined to believe this is at least partially true. The guy seems like a dick and he certainly shouldn’t be blabbing like this because it’s going to hurt his career. He may have loved Christina though, and could be be pissed that she slept around on him instead of her chasing him like he makes out. Maybe she left him for his assistant and that still hurts him to this day.

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  1. miss luigi says:

    Anyone who brings illicit drugs into a strict Middle Eastern country deserves to have his ass thrown in jail for stupidity. Too bad his rich friends managed to get him out, though it sounds like it was a big effort.

  2. Pecarrie says:

    All these guys are no better, because they slept with the woman for tracks.
    ? Get it?
    There are TWO peopl involved in these kind of actions, do NOT ignore the men’s wrongdoing in this.

  3. celebitchy says:

    Pecarrie I agree and if you read what I wrote I just reported on what that guy is saying, tried to speculate as to whether it was true, and did not say anything disparaging about the women. Not once did I call them names or pass judgment on their supposed actions. It’s more of a he-said piece than an editorial.

  4. Freeky says:

    Excuse me,but dont hate on Dallas!! I dont know the XTINA situation but i will say he has a point with Stone.She was ALL OVER the uk tabloids flaunting around with Novel,and she didnt deny it then.Also NOVEL is signed to Dallas’ label,so Dallas is still making the money from the Stone album!!
    Dallas said he told Novel NOT to sleep with her,cos she would use him to get the tracks..SHE DID,and then tried to give his tracks to Saadiq.ITS TRUE and i’ll tell u something else,she had her ex Beau write on there,and once she got the tracks,she also told HIM she was gonna have Saadiq re-do them.SHE THEN proceeded to put the track as only a hidden track,in effect making NO production/album credits for Beau!!

    AND before Novel/saadiq she dated Beau,and used his famous family name to hook her up with legendary artists in USA,once she had done tht she dumped him too.SHE ALSO has been saying some very bitter stuff in all press about him [of which he didnt respond].SHE also started the Dallas stuff herself,by blasting him on!!

    DONT HATE the man for speaking truth!!
    ALSO STONE’S ppl REFUSED to DENY,they said simply she will be sad her life is being aired..NO DENIAL

  5. nobodys-perfect says:

    When her striped album was released, she gave an interview to Blender magazine. In this interview, she went on and on about how she was in a relationship with one of her producers and he lied and cheated on her. She also claimed he manipulated her and how she had all of his tracks removed from her cd because of his behavior.

    If he did sleep with joss he shouldn’t admit it because i think she would have been only 16 at the time.

  6. Pecarrie says:

    I’m not really targeting Celebitchy with that comment, more like I was foreseeing what bloggers would say… typically they trash a girl who makes a headline like that. I’m just a defensive person! LOL :)

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    Newsflash! Female performer sleeps with producer to get ahead.
    That’s like a once in a lifetime occurrence.

  8. Fabiola Thing says:

    In the final analysis, I’m sure Jordan will make a better husband than Dallas Austin.

  9. Maybe Its True says:

    I really think calling someone the “N” word no matter what they say and what you disagree with is wrong and I think Celebitchy should “try” to censor some of what these racist a-holes have to say. No matter what you think of Dallas Austin and his drug problems…he did put Christina and a lot of other singers on the map while he produced them.

  10. Biscotti says:

    Wow, this guy is just a spectacular slime bag.

  11. Miri says:

    I have met Dallas before and I thought he was pretty nice. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised that what he said is true. These things DO happen! I am a Christina fan,too. Now, is it wrong for him to make these things public? Yes. But, I don’t think it’s cool to wish him dead and to call him the “N” word.

  12. nina says:

    the “N” word is completely unnecessary and shows just how weak-minded the person who uses it is. I think no matter what ethnicity it’s unacceptable and disrespectful not only from the words origins but its connotations.

    it sounds like there is some truth to what Dallas is saying, Stone looks a little crazy these days. but Dallas just seems like a bitter rat for talking all this smack in public. for shame!

  13. MaiGirl says:

    I agree with what Pecarrie and CB are saying about how equally culpable both of them are in this travesty. If it’s true, neither of them should have done what they did.

    I just hope that all of the young girls who idolize these women are paying attention. If you do make choices like this to get ahead, besides the private price you pay in self-respect, you will pay publicly because idiots who accept your “favors” rarely have the sense to shut the f*** up about it. They brag to their buddies. It isn’t fair, but women always pay the heavier price. I can totally see Dallas and his friends sitting around a table comparing notes about her, waiting for their turn to hear her grovel.

  14. celebitchy says:

    I do try censor and block racism you guys. Hate speech, The N word, and wishing someone dead is not tolerated at all and does show weak-mindedness as Nina mentioned. I cannot monitor the comments in real time though and some racists are bound to slip through. I do not think Haloscan has a word filtering option but I will look and add the N word to if it does.

    If you read the comments on this post about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape (sorta NSFW) you will see that I do not stand for that crap here. I will delete that ridiculous comment and block that person.

    That said, thanks to Miri for saying Dallas was a decent person when she met him. I still think he’s talking too much crap, but it seems that the British readers know more what’s going on with Joss Stone and that there’s a lot of truth to what he’s saying.

  15. whatwhores says:

    Seriously, Joss and Christina are overrated and try WAY too hard to be black sounding. They suck. STOP BUYING THEIR SHITTY ALBUMS AND WE’LL NIP THIS PROBLEM IN THE BUD. Although a slut will find a way to be a slut regardless.

  16. Blah! says:

    That man is NOT a gentleman. Shut your piehole, you coke-sniffing dickhead.

  17. sob says:

    he can talk now, but scumbags who talk crap about women usually narrow down their options so to speak. i hope that the coke has shrunken his weiner to the size of a coctail weiner. that SOB should have done his time in Dubai cleaning up camel shit. what a loser.

  18. sob says:

    oh btw, they used to call that,
    “the casting couch”
    which is just as if not more active than ever.

  19. versace says:

    It’s not like he said no christina, I don’t want to have sex with you let’s keep it proffesional. I radther get paid by you than get fucked by you. So, she did pay for the tracks. She was a better negotiator than you. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

  20. kimmi says:

    I know I’m commenting late, but Dallas Austin in a real cock (I wont say pussy, cause they are nice, beautiful things :) ). What kind of ass-wipe goes around telling people who he slept with?
    His must have a tiny dick…