Drunken depressed dishelved Vince Vaughn disturbs diners

Vince Vaughn was out at a Japanese restaurant recently looking his normal dishelved mess. He was pounding saki and talking loudly about how lousy his life was and how he can’t score with women. He was flailing his arms around and disturbing everyone else’s dinner, and a diner at the restaurant snapped a cell phone pic and sold it and the story to The Enquirer:

“Vince was talking so loudly about how terrible everything is, how dissapointing women are, and how crazy the movie business is,” a fellow diner at Katsu-ya in Studio City, Calif., revealed to The Enquirer.

“Every five minutes or so he went out to smoke a cigarette, and then came back and ordered another bottle of saki. He was so hyper and loud – driving everyone in the restaurant crazy.

“He was talking about 120 miles an hour, and it was complaint, complaint, complinat.

“Vince looked horrible too, as if he hadn’t slept in days. His eyes were puffy, and he looked unkempt. He kept throwing his hands inthe air, like he wanted to hit someone.”

At one point, a 10 year-old asked him for his autograph and Vince rolled his eyes, said the source.

“Vince mumbled something to his friend, like, ‘See what I mean? What am I supposed to do – refuse him?’ He signed the autograph but didn’t look too happy about being approached.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, March 26, 2007]

It’s not like this is huge news since Vaughn basically looks like his liver is failing even when he’s cleaned up and presentable at an event. He has a kind of pasty yellowish hue to his skin. Hearing that he’s rude, loud and drunk in public is kind of like “oh well, figures.”

Vaughn was filming Fred Claus in London up until a couple of months ago. He is said to have delayed production significantly with last minute script changes. He will also appear in upcoming film Into the Wild this year and will soon begin filming The H-Man Cometh.

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  1. someone says:

    Perhaps he can’t score with women because he looks like crap! Thats probably why Jennifer dumped him, he looks nasty! It seemed like he was looking pretty good for a while, when he was with Jen, but I think he likes being a drunken mess…

  2. Anastasia says:

    I’m starting to think maybe Brad was just lucky by getting out without being destroyed. Public Service Announcement: this is what Jennifer Anniston’s vadge does to you, men. Stay far away.

  3. Sorceressss says:

    Oh poor Vince, if he hates the movie business, he can always get a real job in the real world like the rest of us…. Yeah, like that will happen!
    Quit your freaking whining, bitch!

  4. someone says:

    Anastasia you are an ass, if any one is going to destroy Brad, its going to be mentally unstable Whorelina.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Aw, someone is a BIT too heavily emotionally invested in the love lives of celebrities. Defensive much? ROFL.

  6. MM says:

    Come up, the guy is having a good time. Depressed? Disturbed? Are you jealous or what?

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    Anastasia–Forget it, girl…you can’t fight the Brangeloonies or the anti-Brangeloonies. They are all C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!

  8. Earmuffs says:

    And yet, I still find Vince strangely attractive…Oh that’s right he’s GOT A BRAIN and isn’t a vapid, vacous carbon copy of every other HWood actor.
    He should watch his drinking though!

  9. erika says:

    I WILL forever have respect and luve for vince vaughn.
    one word; “swingers”

  10. Mr. T says:

    Ditto’s to Anastasia. The curse of the Maniston strikes again.

  11. kailie2 says:

    In a battle of craziest fans, JenJen fans win, hands down. I’ve never seen anyone else attack someone’s children or question their parents’ love for them.

  12. Iva says:

    How is this Jennifer’s fault?

    It seems that Vince has gone back to his hard partying ways…boys will be boys and it seems he’s reverted in his maturity…

    Personally, I like Vince a lot more when he’s acting more grown up and a lot less boozing.

  13. Catherine says:

    Why is his boozing Jennifer Aniston’s fault? Geez. Get off her back. So tired of hearing about how ugly she is, etc. She’s better looking than the haters out there. Would LOVE to see what they look like when they’re almost 40…leave her alone already.

  14. someone says:

    I totally agree with Catherine. All the Brangeloonatics blame Jennifer for everything. Shes moved on very well IMO..so should you guys. Vince was only a quick fix in Jens life..not a permanent fixture, he went back to being the womanizer/boozer he always was.

  15. m.a. says:

    Yeah, Vince, maybe all of those lame fans SHOULD stop asking for your autograph. Those jerks! They should also stop going to your movies, if it’s SO HARD for you to deal with the TORTURE of being famous. Boohoo! You poor thing! Geez, I hate it when famous people, who CHOSE to be famous, always whine about how bad it is. You knew that would happen(if you ever had plans of “making it big”), so quit your bitchin’!

  16. Anastasia says:

    OMG, seriously, it WAS A JOKE. You’d think people would be able to recognize a joke about a woman’s vadge ruining him for life, as it’s so outlandish, but I guess not.

    Tell you what, I think maybe SOME people need to get a grip and a sense of humor. Seeing as this is a celebrity gossip site, I doubt we have to be careful about any celebrities’ fee-fees getting hurt. What is she, your best friend or something? Give me a break.

  17. aneurysm says:

    haha. anatasia, it was you who first shot out at aniston. who’s emotionally invested? another brangeloonie on the loose. it gets old going to blogs to read some good ol’ fashioned gossip & having to run into the brangeloonies & britney fans on every thread that isnt even about them. nuts i swear.

  18. IM says:

    why the hell did the little boys parents allow him to approach a drunk idiot?

  19. Caz says:

    Aneurysm – well said.

  20. sake kitty says:

    sounds like a manic episode.
    no fun.
    please, making jens and vince’s private hoo hoos into these vengeful raging cartoon characters on a mission is going to give me nightmares. i better keep my glowing saber sword under my pillow just in case.

    chit, i dont know this dude…but i would totally hate it if every tom dick and mary saw it as their right to use their handy dandy cell phone cameras to film and sell some non- story to the national enquirer for money.
    (psst…wait!! how much did they pay that chick?? really??? oh yeah, i can top that one….roflmao)

  21. Mr. T says:

    It’s all good fun people. Relax, it’s just a gossip site.

  22. nut says:

    Everyone has a right to get frustrated and feel sorry for themselves once in a while!! People always bitch about celebs complaining about all the attention like they have no right because they chose their career. Have any of you ever complained about your life? What gives you the right, the fact that you make less money, or would love to switch places w/celebs? Live ans let live, they’re just human, like the rest of us…just better looking….with more money….better stuff…

  23. Tammie says:

    It’s spelled Sake 🙁

  24. m.a. says:

    Exactly, I don’t like to hear them complain, because I would LOVE to do what they do. I’d put up with the publicity or stay home. I am one of those people that can be happy at home, though, some people can’t. Most well known actors/actresses make enough money to have anything they feel like, but people always give them free stuff. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. So, anyway, yeah, that’s why I get annoyed to hear it. They have it good and need to realize it.

  25. gg says:

    Mostly, celeb or not? Don’t be a loud drunk.