Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Garner at Beat The Odds event: holiday cute?


These are photos of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner at the 23rd annual “Beat the Odds Awards” for the Children’s Defense Fund. I’m throwing in some other photos from last night’s events at the bottom too. The Beat The Odds Awards honor young adults who have succeeded despite hardship, and grants them college scholarships and opportunities. There are some really nice videos on YouTube about the honorees. I just watched this video about a kid from the Bronx who grew up homeless with a single mom and who had to take care of his little brother. If you can watch that video and not cry your eyes out, you’re a stronger person than I am.

Ok, on to superficial stuff. Reese is showing off her new bob haircut (just like Jennifer Aniston and Reese’s good friend, Chelsea Handler.) I think it suits her. She’s also in a navy dress with a modern print and contemporary styling. I don’t have a designer ID for Reese’s dress, but I love it. I would wear that. Reese was at this event last year. She looks great, I really like her fashion and styling.



Jennifer Garner was in white lace and black Valentino. Like Reese, she’s dressed somewhat conservatively (for Hollywood) and in a dress that looks just right for the holidays. I love it! I also think her new bangs are cute, not a lot of women can pull them off but they’re the right length and style.



I’m adding some other ladies here at the end so we have more photos to look at. Here’s one of my favorite actresses, Emmy Rossum, in Oscar de la Renta. She’s at a benefit screening for August: Osage County. I think this dress is too fussy for Emmy. The print looks old fashioned and coupled with the fit it comes off as dowdy. With a different print, it could be cute and retro.

Emmy is with an actor named Jake McDorman. If you watch Shameless, you’ll know him as her boss on the show. She used to date the guy who played a cop on Shameless, Tyler Jacob Moore, but they broke up this summer. I wonder if things were awkward on set and if there was drama between Emmy’s suitors.



Here’s Christina Ricci at the opening night of the musical What’s It All About? Bacharach Reimagined. I’m including her because I love this look. She’s in a black and red windowpane print dress paired with a black jacket, black tights and boots. She looks comfortable and casual.



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  1. Flotsam says:

    Pressing queation: Has garner lost weight?

  2. blue marie says:

    They all look nice, Ricci is definitely the favorite though.

  3. aims says:

    Reese is ruined for me since she was a mess to the officer.

    • Arock says:

      Agreed. It wasn’t the drunk antics or even the arrest, it was, “do you know who I am?” Response to getting picked up for drunk driving. She can suck it.

    • heidi says:

      Me too

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Of course I understand that, and you have every right to feel however you feel, but I thought her apology was sincere and that she was genuinely embarassed by her awful behavior (as she should be).

      I have said things twice in my life when I was threatened and very angry that I wish I’d not said. I had a right to be angry, but in both cases, I went for the low blow instead of maintaining a civil level of argument. I was deeply ashamed of what I said both times, and I learned my lesson. I haven’t ever done it again. There was nothing I could do afterwards but sincerely apologize. I think it was my worst self, and I strive to be a much better person than that, and I believe I am. I wouldn’t want to be judged solely on those two events. I guess that’s why I’m willing to give her another chance.

      • Kate says:

        But that’s the thing, Reese wasn’t being threatened or provoked in anyway. She wouldn’t have even been involved in the situation if she’d just sat quietly in the car.

        If she’d been at say, a protest, and was being manhandled by an officer, well then I’d be inclined to overlook her playing don’t you know who I am card. But her husband was pulled over for drunk driving, which he was guilty of, and she had a hissy fit because as far as she’s concerned her husband should be able to drive drunk because she’s Reese Witherspoon and this is ‘Murica. There’s really no justification or explanation for her outburst other than the fact that she’s an entitled arsehole.

    • jj says:

      I never liked her, she always came across fake and mean to me.

  4. Audrey says:

    I love Christina Ricci. She’s always been so gorgeous

  5. Sullivan says:

    Reece has been looking good lately since she let her entitled bitch flag fly.
    Ricci looks great.

  6. Lipsy says:

    Looks like a politician’s wife’s hair, but I do like it. I love bobs on blonde hair, whereas I find it little plain on brunettes like me.

  7. mj says:

    Reece’s dress looks like Anne Taylor Loft. Actually, so does Jennifer’s. That is all.

    • emmie_a says:

      Agree. And for some reason, Jennifer always looks budget. I’m sure her clothes are super expensive but they never look it.

  8. Gine says:

    No, I refuse to look at more cute bobs, because it makes me want one and I forget that they make me look like Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men.

  9. Samtha says:

    Christina Ricci looks adorable–and ageless. She could pass for a teenager still.

    Love Reese’s look.

  10. Katie says:

    I’m torn between thinking Reese’s haircut is a total mom-haircut and wanting to run out and chop my hair off.

    Why does Jennifer Garner always look so frumpy? Reese has kids and she always looks put together.

  11. Blue Iris says:

    That’s it. I’m getting a bob. It’s perfect for summer (Southern Hemisphere) and I’m a sheep when it comes to Reece. Rich girl entitlement issues excluded.

  12. kimmmy says:

    Emmy’s boyfriend will forever be a douchey frat guy on Greek to me. I loved that show….brought me back to college!! :)

    I love Christina Ricci so much. I wish she was in more movies/TV.

  13. LB says:

    Jake McDorman used to be on one my favorite shows – Greek! I am not ashamed – it was a damn good show.

  14. MrsBPitt says:

    Not a fan of Reese, but this is one of her best looks…I think her haircut looks fab! And Jennifer Garner looks really good, too!

  15. themummy says:

    Reese looks great, top to bottom. They hair looks nice, the color of the dress works well with her hair and skin color, the fit of the dress is nice…overall, well done.

    I’m not sure why Emmy Rossum is even a thing. Boring.

  16. Jayna says:

    She looks younger with the cut.

    I saw Jennifer Garner on one of the talk shows not too long ago, and I have to say she looked beautiful. She has the most gorgeous skin and shiny hair, and her body is looking great. She was actually looking sexy in her dress on the talk show. She was funny, too.

  17. Henny says:

    I doubt Witherspoon is there because she is a charitable person. She’s just there for her image. When has she cared about someone other than herself? That arrest should’ve proven otherwise. I can’t stand celebrity entitlement. Her excuse-ridden “apologies” didn’t make her look good either, and remember when she wore a fake police cap? Disgusting excuse of a human being.

    • lucy2 says:

      Actually she’s been on the Board of the CDF since 2006, and active in a number of other women and children’s charities.

      I agree her arrest and behavior was terrible, but it doesn’t cancel out everything she’s ever done in her whole life.

      • Henny says:

        But how do we know that it’s genuine now? Ever since she said “Do you know my name?”, I’ve been doubting any kind of “charity” she did because it could possibly be for image. You’ve seen pics of her when out and about. She always goes shopping for the most expensive clothes and bags. She doesn’t even donate her own money to these causes. She just appears.

      • Lucy2 says:

        Neither you nor I nor anyone else here knows what she does or doesn’t give to charity.

        There are plenty of celebs who try to rehab their image with charity, but I think if she’s been closely involved with something for years, it’s safe to say her interest in it has nothing to do with what happened recently.

  18. Mona says:

    Both jennifet and reese are wearing dresses by Valentino

  19. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    Reese’s bob looks a lot more bob-y than Aniston’s.

    Garner’s bangs look good because they soften/compete with her masculine jawline. I’m the same way, and bangs really help differentiate me from my brother :(

    Someone give Christina Ricci MORE WORK. Her appearances recently have been stunning.

  20. Decloo says:

    For the love of god Emmy, white shoes in December? Love her in shameless but this dress is shameFUL and those SHOES? I can’t.

  21. Lucy says:

    I want Christina’s outfit!!!

  22. taxi says:

    Reese looks very good – the ombre hair is flattering, not wild about the rhinestone ankle straps though. Jennifer is always appropriately dressed & looks good.
    Emmy’s white shoes are hideous & Ricci looks like she’s going for the boarding school rebel-girl statement.

  23. I Choose Me says:

    Always happy to see my girl Christina Ricci. She looks great here. Marriage seems to agree with her. I wish she was in more movies though.

  24. jj says:

    I bet their conversations revolve around where the best spots in LA are to get papped with the kids and how to get the top spot in the next issue of Celebrity Babies.

  25. eliza says:

    Are Reese and Jen sharing the same stylist? And why is this stylist dressing them to look 15 years older than they actually are?

  26. Caroline says:

    Reese look haggard. Jennifer’s glowing.