Brandi Glanville says she’s not a racist because she’s banged ‘several’ black dudes


As we discussed a few days ago, Brandi Glanville is racist. I’m not even hedging about it – this whole incident (the inciting incident and everything that came after) has been textbook racism. In fact, Buzzfeed recently ran a great piece about “racial microaggressions” that minorities and mixed-race people hear on a daily basis, and guess what? Stereotypes about black people’s hatred of swimming is on there. As I said in the previous post, the RHOBH incident would have been bad enough but Brandi compounded her error but giving a bulls—t non-apology and even throwing out a “but I say that to all my black friends!” Well, Brandi is still talking. She wrote a RHOBH blog on the incident and now she’s basically saying that she’s not racist because she was once married to a Hispanic guy and she’s banged a bunch of black guys. Seriously, that’s her argument.

First and foremost, I really do want to sincerely apologize and say I am truly sorry for the insensitive joke I made about Joyce not getting in the water and to anyone of my friends or fans of the show I offended.

I generally tend to speak before thinking, which is something I wish I could change about myself. But it has been 41 years now and I don’t really see that happening. I generally feel like the more you protest about something the guiltier one usually looks, but after looking at social media (which is ruining all of our lives BTW) I guess I need to prove myself a little further.

To start off, I have been in several romantic relationships over the years with African American men and still have close relationships with those ex-boyfriends even now. For over 20 years now, I have had girlfriends from pretty much every ethnical background. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) these girlfriends and I joke inappropriately with each other. These jokes are clearly not ready for TV.

I married and have two children with a Cuban man whose parents were both born and raised in Cuba, and I consider my children to be multi-racial. I am not a racist and I apologize for my insensitive joke. The moment those words came out of my mouth I regretted them and felt like I just handed Joyce/Jacqueline the gift that she had been waiting for to have another go at me and give herself the attention she clearly was craving.

All of that being said, I hope you see that although it didn’t go too well, I was just trying to be funny — as I always try to be. Life is not worth living if you can’t laugh with your close friends. In the future, I will remember in to hold back with people who I now see are only looking to take me down so that they can have a something for themselves.

[From Brandi’s blog]

Well, she’s right, her kids are multiracial. They are half-white, half-Cuban. And I don’t doubt that she banged dudes who were every race under the sun. Does that make it better? Eh. The argument is still “I’m not racist, ask all the black guys I’ve banged!” And that’s not an argument. Also: I think it’s kind of rude to put this on Joyce (who, by the way, I couldn’t pick out of a line-up because I barely pay attention to these Real Housewives). Yes, it’s petty girl drama but don’t say something rude, obnoxious and racist and then say, “She’s only mad because she’s out to get me!” You did it to yourself, dude.

Also – all of the other Real Housewives are falling all over themselves to condemn Brandi. It’s kind of funny. Joanna Krupa, Kyle Richards, and Kenya Moore have all issued statements or tweets or what have you. Kenya tweeted that Brandi needs “rehab and penicillin.” YIKES.

Brandi also made a video before that episode of RHOBH even aired. Brandi knew that the sh-tstorm was coming and she tried to prepare her fans for it, saying: “I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on what’s about to happen. You’re about to completely hate my guts. Sadly, I’m a d–k in the next three episodes. However, I will say you don’t get to see the entirety of what happened because they can’t show everything they shot… You don’t understand why Joyce and I don’t get along, you don’t understand why I’m being a bitch to her it just looks like I’m being a bitch to be a bitch. I have to have a reason to be a bitch. I’m not just a bitch.” HOLY CRAP HER WHITE DOG IS NAMED “SUGE KNIGHT”. Okay, Brandi, now you’re not racist?!?!


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  1. Miss_anne says:

    Haha she’s just stupid. Stupid just falls out of her mouth.

    • Butterfly J says:

      Agreed. I really don’t think she’s racist. I think she is an ignorant person, and, as you put it, stupid just falls out of her mouth.

      Additionally *let me get on my soapbox… ahem… * if people of ANY ethnic heritage want to stop hearing dumb stereotypes, it’s prudent for them to lead by example and stop joking about the stereotypes amongst themselves. In reading the comments on this story yesterday, I became painfully aware that African Americans (some) make these types of comments (eg. can’t swim) among themselves, but cry racism when someone stupid repeats it. Seriously, just stop it, or expect to hear it.

      • Janet says:

        Stupidity is no justification for repeating it.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        I think she goes beyond ignorant.

      • Butterfly J says:

        Actually, I think that people who don’t know better can be excused from repeating it. I say this because, once, as a teenager I befriended somene who introuced himself as (spanish racial slur). I had NO IDEA it was anything other than a nickname, and was appalled to have used the term once a good friend told me what I had repeated. I never said it again. Anyway, all that to say, if you think something is offensive, don’t go spreading it around, even in jest.

      • Nina W says:

        I’m sorry to break this to you but she’s stupid and a racist. Her racism is fairly benign compared to the more virulent forms but it’s present and noticeable to anyone with antenna.

      • Blinky says:

        Butterfly, I think you need to take your own advice. How DARE you caution an oppressed, discriminated against, marginalized group with a painful past, to not attempt to laugh through the trauma of a shared, often painful history? Every ethnic group in this country has a communal bond, of shared normalcies, and dialects, and behaviors and practices and common experiences — they socialize and discuss and laugh at their same realities to bond and to release what has often been a hardship. If I’m a poor black kid in Chicago in the 70s who never had the experience of swimming in the ocean, and a water tank came around to the neighborhoods in the form of an 18 wheeler and we all got to take a dip — the memory of that with others, is often funny, awful and poignant. Guess what? You don’t get to dictate what blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Italian Americans, Greek Americans, Polish, Germans, etc., want to laugh about and joke about AMONGST THEMSELVES. You also can’t be STUPID enough to think that you NOT being a part of said group gets to laugh in their faces about the semi-truck swimming pool, or Jewish mothers, or Tiger Moms, or red beans and rice, etc. That is NOT your domain. So take your unenlightened racist azz somewhere else, your white privilege and advantages don’t extend to also being able to use the n-word (er or a), and make jokes about black people you insensitive POS.

      • Lauraq says:

        Blinky-How DARE you assume that she’s white? PS-Never, ever, use the term cracker, Mickey, etc, or you are racist :)

    • Luca26 says:

      Lashing out at someone by using their racial background as an insult = RACIST.

      Unfortunately there are a bunch of people who think anything short of wearing a white hood doesn’t qualify as racism IMO that is ignorance and cultural insensitivity.

  2. bowers says:

    She should never open her mouth.

  3. K-rock says:

    Well then case closed everyone! She’s not a racist!

  4. blue marie says:

    She needs to stop talking, she’s not doing herself any favors.

    • littlestar says:

      Agreed! Just shut the F up and everyone will move on to the next scandal. She’s just not bright and I almost feel bad for her because of that. Doesn’t she have a new book coming out soon? If she was banking on that to be a success like her first book, well, she really needs to start thinking before she opens her mouth. I’m actually really sick of hearing her “this is who I am” sh*t whenever she says something offensive. Maybe it’s time she look at who she is as a person if she doesn’t have enough maturity at the age of 41 to realize that you DO need to think before you speak.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Well, littlestar, you’re right.

        One of the great ways to hang on to being immature AND racist is to throw up your hands and say “I’m too old to change my ways!” It’s a neat way of denying any responsibility for your actions.

        She’s telling us she doesn’t need to change, and it’s our fault (and Joyce’s) for making her be a ‘bitch’ – her code word for racist. That’s why Brandi would never even consider reading a book like ‘How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving’ by David Richo or even be open to improving herself. In Brandi’s mind, YOU are the source of all wrongdoing, and nothing you can say is going to make her consider someone else’s feelings or opinions. Your opinion is of no consequence, because you are already guilty – not her, no matter what.

        Clearly, real talk is having no positive effect on her; she’s just digging in her heels. Impossible people do not listen to reason. They can’t (and even if they could, they wouldn’t). They don’t recognize (or if they did, wouldn’t try to improve) their flaws for a very logical reason; they don’t have any flaws. Maintaining a relationship with an impossible person is literally impossible.

        Her fans and the public now understand where Brandi’s coming from, so they’re already stopping watching her, stopping reading her books, and generally breaking up with her. Watching her income stream dry up may be the one wakeup call she can’t ignore or deny and quite possibly her only chance to redeem herself.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      But if she stopped talking, then people would stop giving her attention. See the conundrum she’s in? ;)

  5. Dani2 says:

    Agree with everyone else here, she REALLY needs to STFU, she’s making it worse.

  6. Aussie girl says:

    Her face!!!! Waaaay to much Botox & fillers. Also waaaay to much info on who she has banged. I really liked Brandi after stumbling upon her book, but she is starting to make it harder and harder to like her .

    • judyjudy says:

      Her modified face gets squintier and squintier. Maybe she’s SWFing Leann?

      I’m kidding. Seriously though, it’s a same what she’s done to her face.

    • kirsty says:

      I think she’s reverse Renee Zellwegering… for every inch that Renee’s eyes are wedged open, Brandi’s get a little more shut.
      And please, correct me if it’s me that is being as thick as a brush and not Brandi, but “my friends are from every ethnical background” – shouldn’t this just read as ethnic??

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        When you LOAD your face with fillers, your eyes disappear. They become small and tiny looking eyes in the middle of all puff and plastic. She really cannot move her face anymore.

        I notice even her friends here on CB haven’t been around lately to declare how she is all natural an was born that way. Brandi is a liar, she has always been a liar, she just managed to make herself look the victim for a little while before all her nastiness became so blatant.

      • Alita says:

        Yes Kirsty, she’s apparently only semi-literate. Hit that nail first go ;)

  7. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    God Brandi, SHUT UP! You’re making it a lot worse.

    And yes, just because you sleep with black guys doesn’t mean you’re not racist or ignorant. Example: Chelsea Handler.

    If I’m remembering my history right, Andrew Jackson was racist against Native Americans–but he adopted a NA son (I read this in Alex Haley’s book ‘Queen’ so don’t take my word for it).

    Or what about the thousands of slave owners who slept (raped) with their slave women, had children by them–they weren’t racist either?

  8. Tiffany27 says:

    RME @ anyone who thinks getting laid by minorities means you can’t be racist.

  9. Spooks says:

    I am confused. Isn’t Eddie white? I mean, he is Cuban, but aren’t there white and black people in Cuba? If he’s not white, are then Cameron Diaz, or Jessica Alba or Alexis Bledel white? I’m really confused every time this site covers something to do with race or uses the words like ethnic and exotic. I mean, recently someone referred to Turkish people as non-white. Could someone clear this up for me once and for all?

    • heidi says:

      Doesn’t “Hispanic” fall within the broader category of Caucasian? Yes, it does

    • Maria says:

      Yes, Latinos are technically white (with the exception of us who have an African, Asian, or indigenous background) but I loathe being called white.

      We certainly aren’t treated as such unless we pass and the majority doesn’t know, once they do find out, they don’t let you forget….

      As for Brandi, she’s gross (and an idiot).

    • Nclark6 says:

      @Spooks I want to add something that hopefully helps clarify the confusion. In the U.S. race is a construct that has undergone both social and political significance. We talked about this in my graduate class, if you go and look at 2000 U.S. Census forms right now under Race there is no place for Spanish/Latino/Hispanic (which for some is considered an ethnicity) (you can mark it separately in the question beforehand), forcing people in the Spanish/Latino/Hispanic category to mark something else or write-in in (not giving it a Category in itself with regards to Race will skew what people will mark) : either Black, White, etc., and it make explain the distinction in race among Spanish/Latino/Hispanic. A lot of Spanish/Latino/ Hispanic groups are offended by the way the U.S. Census does their classification and the thinking is that eventually you will be able to mark Hispanic on the form as a race (if for nothing else but for political reasons). I have no opinion either way but I hope this helps explain some of your confusion regarding why Race (particularly in regards to Spanish/Latino/Hispanic culture) is so confusing….

    • msw says:

      Disclaimer: i’m white and non-Hispanic/Latino, but live in a city where Mexican/Tejano culture is predominant. By legal definition, Hispanics and Latinos are “white,” but I don’t personally know anyone Hispanic or Latino who calks themselves white. part of my job was to ask people what race or ethnicity they identified as. from every Hispanic or Latino patient I had, I never got anything more committed than “well, my birth certificate says I’m white.”

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I am white and Latino and consider myself biracial. My grandmother would be classified as “white” Hispanic and my grandfather Afro Cuban. We have a wide variety of skin tones in my family (with me being lily white). A person’s look doesn’t always indicate their ethnic background. One is not simply white because they look it. Latinos are as varied as white, black or Asian peoples (sometimes they are a mixture of all of them).

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m biracial–I’m black, tiny bit of native American, and irish–my birth certificate says I’m black. I look white–I am lily white, though. I don’t even tan. I remember when I was younger, I was always confused when my mom would tell me that I was considered to be black–because I look white.

    • deehunny says:

      @Spooks– Ok… we are talking about two different things here. Race and ethnicity. The US Supreme Court ruled that hispanic people are considered “white” racially (this was when there was much separate but equal crap going on in the country and Mexicans were being forced to attend different schools, use different bathrooms, etc.)

      Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race in itself. There are many different races within hispanic– black, white, Indian ancestry.

      Now that I am off my silly soap box, I think that Brandi is simply crass and unthinking. I don’t think she is a racist because she made the black people can’t swim comment. She probably meant it as a crass joke but she doesn’t think of the media platform or implications.

    • Brigittte says:

      Hey ‘Spooks’ – How very ironic to ask for clarification about people grouping, and then when readers are kind enough to try to clarify for you, you proceed to call Americans as a whole ‘weird’.

      • Spooks says:

        But if the Supreme Court ruled on something, doesn’t it imply that the whole country holds such views?

      • Nclark6 says:

        Americans are a diverse group of people. We hold very different views on a lot of things. The Supreme Court is simply nine people that come to the court with their own preconceived views despite an oath of neutrality(they are appointed by the president who represents a particular political party), though they are less partisan than other branches of government (not that this is saying much). They have been on both sides of public opinion both yay and nay. When the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia in 1967 that interracial marriage was acceptable only 20 percent of people supported marriage between Blacks and Whites back then. So no, the Supreme Court can rule on something and it may be extremely unpopular with very few Americans supporting it, or many supporting it. The Supreme Court may determine law but that doesn’t mean citizens of the country will agree with it. Our election process is a better indicator, even though this is skewed too because a lot of people don’t vote. We have a dominance of factions here in this country because people in the middle don’t vote, which is why everyone says we’re so divided now (that and gerrymandering). Hope this helps.

  10. mia girl says:

    Cuban is not a race, it is an ethnicity/nationality. There are Cubans of all races, mix races, etc. I can’t speak for Eddie’s full background, but he looks like most Cuban white men I know/have in my family who racially are considered to be White (maybe he has a mix)

    Regardless, just because you married a Cuban does not in any way mean you can’t be a racist. I know some racist Cubans (in my own family as a matter of fact).

    But anyway, in my mind this post of hers makes things even worse. She still does not appear to have really reflected on what she said and basically admits that her biggest regret in saying it was because it gave her foe ammunition against her.

    • heidi says:

      I have read that mixed with his Cuban blood Eddie has some Eastern European heritage

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I have a funny racist story to share.

      My uncle (who is black) lives in Houston, with his wife–who is Mexican. Her side of the family has never had an issue with him being black (thank God), don’t treat him any different. When my aunt and uncle got married a few years ago, she moved out of her house (from a primarily Mexican neighborhood), and moved into my uncle’s house (which is a mix of blacks, whites, and mexicans). She rented her house out to this Mexican lady, for about a year.

      One day, my uncle went to go get the rent from the lady who was renting my aunt’s house, and she was just staring at him, like she was going to be sick or something. My uncle didn’t have a clue what her issue was, so he just went home. Later, he told my aunt, and my aunt laughed and said that the last time she went to collect rent, the lady spent the entire time telling her that she couldn’t stand black people–and now she knows that her Mexican landlady is married to a black guy.

      And another funny thing is that my aunt was very ‘green’ when she came to the US. She hadn’t really spoken to anyone outside of her own community/family in Texas–so when my aunt and uncle met, she couldn’t speak English. So they spoke through translators. She had a daughter, and so she asked my uncle if he had any kids. He said he had one (both of them are in their mid thirties at this point)–she said “Really? I heard black people had a lot of kids.” I died laughing. I said to my uncle (who was giggling too), ‘did she know that she wasn’t supposed to ask that?’ He said no–she was green.

      • mia girl says:

        Virgilia – this story sounds all too familiar! I won’t even get into some of the things I heard growing up.

        Still today, I am often having to point out how racist some people’s comments are. And most of the times, it’s the repeat offenders who just don’t get it. The most racist are the ones who think they are the least racist. It boggles the mind.

      • msw says:

        isn’t it funny how those stories often start with “I am the least racist person in the world, but…” followed by a bunch of verbal diarrhea?

    • Samtha says:

      There is no such thing as different biological races in humans anyway, so is it really important to split hairs over whether the term “racist” can include people of other ethnicities?

  11. NewWester says:

    So does Brandi put mustard or steak sauce on her foot before it goes into her mouth?

  12. DreamyK says:

    Is “I Bone African Americans” the new “I Have Black Friends I Can’t Be A Racist” excuse now?

    She’s a racist mess. Ugh.

    • Dani2 says:

      @DreamyK it’s Brandi’s version of it, yes.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Apparently so. I guess, according to this logic, Patrick Swayze was the least racist person in the history of forever, because he HAUNTED a BLACK LADY and TOOK OVER CONTROL of her BODY! Yeah, he was ALL UP IN THERE, Ghost-style! Suck it, Brandi! :D

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Racist Senator Strom Thurmond had a secret black daughter. Many who still recall his fiery, segregationist rhetoric say Thurmond often referred to blacks as “n*****s” and swore they would never be allowed to darken the doorways of public buildings.

      Brandi, you are in well known racist company with your “I’m not a racist because I schtup black guys”. You even qualify for the bulk discount.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oh God, I remember being shocked when I read about that. Because not only did he have a black daughter, but he gave her money, and they actually spent time together. So she wasn’t some ‘thing’ that was just far away, out of sight, out of mind–they interacted. Ugh–just gross.

        That douchebag reminds me of my own d-bag sperm donor. When my mom took him to court to pay child support, he said if she did that then we wouldn’t ever have a relationship–which I’ve never spoken to him, and have only seen pictures. But guess who’s trying to back track now?

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Take it from me Virgie, don’t give the bio jerk the time of day! People like this, it’s only about them and what they need. They are scorpions who act all put upon, and they are best avoided. Stay strong.

  13. Esti says:

    Yup, she’s a racist. And every time she tries to justify it, she says more racist stuff.

    I think my favorite part of this is the “I’ve said racist stuff for 41 years and if I haven’t magically stopped doing it by now, I’m certainly not going to actually put effort into not doing it.” Great defense.

  14. Violeta says:

    LOL, the never-ending excuse of White people “I’m not racist, I have Black friends/I slept with Black-Asian-Indian people…” is never not funny.

  15. Patricia says:

    She will never ever see what she did wrong. She’s the kind of person who will never grow and learn. How miserable. The saddest part is she has this forum to put her stupid voice out there. It would be nice if she were muzzled

    • emmie_a says:

      I agree Patricia. And I am sick of her excuses. Saying that she doesn’t think before she speaks — and saying that she doesn’t see that changing is insane. She’s basically giving herself the freedom to say whatever the hell she wants bc that’s just the way she’s been for 41 years. Sorry Brandi – but that is total bull. If you really wanted to grow-up and mature and take responsibility for your actions , you could learn to think before you speak. Most adults do it and actually most kids do it too. Stupidity is not a valid excuse, especially when it can be remedied.

  16. Tracy says:

    Zip it, Brandi… just zip it.

  17. RJ says:

    Cuban is not a race, it is an ethnicity/culture. There are white Cubans and black Cubans, most are a mixture as is most of Central & South America. of the 11 million slaves shipped out of Africa during the slave trade, only about 500,000 were sent to the U.S., so most people of color ended up south of the U.S. It’s a pleasant surprise how diverse Latin American countries (skin color is still an issue as it is in most countries, but far less so & differently than it is in the U.S.)
    Race is an arbitrary social construct because genetically there is more diversity within different racial groups than between.
    Brandi is a drunken jerk, I hope this latest antic gets her kicked off the show because she was vile in this episode. Sad how the “classy” ladies Yolanda and Lisa just sat there while Brandi dug her hole deeper with ridiculous slurred comments. Not funny, not attractive, not interesting.

  18. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she’s confusing being racist with hating people of different races. I believe that she doesn’t hate non-white people, but she clearly has racist views, such as “black people can’t swim.” My understanding is that any time you lump a group of people together because of their race and attribute certain thoughts or actions to them because of that race, you’re being racist. Calling it a joke doesn’t make it ok, and the fact that you’re trying to be funny doesn’t make it less damaging or serious.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Exactly. Lots of people think racism is racism when the stereotype is considered negative or harmful. But racism is simply attributing qualities and actions to people based upon race, so even if it is positive or “harmless”, it is still racism. She may not hate anyone, but she certainly makes all kinds of assumptions and “jokes” based on race.

  19. Christin says:

    I guess once you are 41 you cannot change? Seems like a lot of excuses. If she doesn’t care for the woman, then be polite but don’t engage her.

    Why was she insisting everyone take off their wraps and / or get in the pool anyway? It’s no one else’s business why the other woman chose not to get in the water.

  20. Lisa says:

    People who say they speak without thinking are usually also the types who call themselves brutally honest as an excuse to be an asshole. “I just speak my mind!”

  21. Lydia says:

    Get this trashy loser off of my tv.

  22. Jacqueline says:

    So her defense is that she’s a loudmouth whore with black friends? Case closed, I guess. Idiot.

  23. mabooski says:

    white women need to stop using this as proof of their non racism. FOR REAL. sleeping with black guys doesnt stop you from being a racist.

  24. Ginger says:

    I don’t really see her as being racist but most definitely insensitive. She really does need to check herself before speaking. Her behavior and speech is proving that she is really immature despite being a 41 year old mother of two. And I absolutely believe she needs to lay off the sauce particularly during filming. She truly is stepping in it and it’s all her own fault. I agree that to put the blame on others is not doing her any favors. It’s good that she apologized but I’m doubting the sincerity of the apology. It makes me wonder is she apologized just to save her own butt.

  25. Irishserra says:

    I think she’s an idiot who, like many people apparently, has no clue what it means to be racist.

  26. Marigold says:

    Why the hell is it so hard to just say “I messed up and said something stupid and racist. I wish I had known better. I wish I hadn’t said it. I have learned why it is wrong and I will not repeat it.”

    And not just this clown but everyone who makes these idiotic racist shenanigans happen. I know she’s in it for the attention but why can’t she want a little positive attention? Will it erase it? No but I would have just a tiny, tiny bit more respect for her.

    Instead we get long open letters and YouTube videos and Today Show appearances where everyone justifies and excuses their actions. It’s bullshit.

    • K says:

      Yes, this!

      I’m white. I fuck up sometimes, because like all forms of privilege it’s so entrenched it’s easy not to be aware of it. And when I do I try really, really hard not to compound that by refusing to just say, “Sorry, I messed up. I’ll try not to do it again and try to learn from it.” Saying a racist thing doesn’t make someone racist necessarily, it can be thoughtless failure to examine a racist trope because it doesn’t directly (adversely) affect you and you can be filled with embarassment when you realise your own fuckup, but refusing to accept that you did indeed say something racist? Uh, yeah. That does make you a racist, plain and simple.

      As for, “I’m not racist because I’ve shagged non-white people”, well, by that analysis no straight man can be a misogynist either. Um, just no.

    • Irishserra says:

      I think because she really has no clue what it means to be racist. A lot of people truly feel that if you don’t have a beef with people of another race, then you can’t possibly be racist. The reality is, you can be married to, friends with, parent of people of another race and yet if you think that their racial background is sufficient to lump them into a stereotype, then you are racist.

      Bigotry and racism are NOT the same thing; however, people often try to interchange them.

  27. msw says:

    Ugh. I’ve always liked Brandi for her candor, but no. she has exposed her chronic tokenism several times now.

  28. The Original Original says:

    OMG she looks like Joan Rivers in the last picture with the water bottle! Terrible! She looks beautiful in the top picture with Eddie. Strange.

  29. MynameisPeaches! says:

    A perfect demonstration of how to justify your racism by saying that you bang insert the group of people you’ve offended. Listen having sexual relations with a black person doesn’t mean that you can’t be racist – Strom Thurmond and an ex-boyfriend comes to mind. If you’re using your black friend ( if they actually exist) to justify your racism then you are a damn racist. Oh and does your black friend know that you are using them as ‘your get out of racism card?’ Also don’t think because your black friend laughs at your racist comments that they are OK with it.

  30. Dap says:

    “I can’t be racist because I had two kids with a white Cuban actor”. OMG, she is stupid beyong word. But what can you expect from an uneducated fame w**re who only got famous by getting cheat on?

  31. TheOriginalKitten says:

    This chick really needs to see Twelve Years a Slave.

  32. Tyler says:

    You can be racist and f*ck black dudes just as much as you can be sexist and still sleep with the opposite sex. Girl needs an education. Of any kind.

  33. marthe says:

    her kids are multiracial ? really ? for me they are multicultural and white. her husband is Cuban and white.
    I’m black and french and i am dumbfounded by all the reactions this stupid comment arouse. Think it’s very american ….AND VERY INTERESTING.
    Here, in France, i heard this and worse every day and nobody cares.

  34. Jayna says:

    “Ethnical.” LOL Brandi seems to have little redeeming qualities these days watching her on the show. She’s not racist. She’s just truly an idiot as the whole episode showed, drunk, mean girl, extremely rude to the host Joyce to the point I would have kicked her out, trashy bragging about being choked to the point of blacking out during sex to get a man off, on and on, 41 and kissing that horrible Carlton just for effect, and bragging how she kisses all of her girlfriends and what soft lips they all have.

    You would think her blog would have said, I watched the whole episode and pretty much am ashamed across the board, but, no, she did a semi apology about the “black” comment and then went on to blame everybody and everything else for the rest of her boorish behavior in that episode.

  35. Chrissy says:

    Keeping it classy as always…..

  36. Jayna says:

    @TheOriginalTiffanySays: “When you LOAD your face with fillers, your eyes disappear. They become small and tiny looking eyes in the middle of all puff and plastic. She really cannot move her face anymore. ”

    So true. I can’t believe she doesn’t see photos of herself and see the difference and that it’s not an improvement.

  37. Decloo says:

    Hhmm…Let’s think of a way to get some huge publicity..really get people talking about me…
    I know! 1. Say something racist, but not so bad that I can’t backtrack; 2. Say Adolph Hitler wasn’t really that bad; 3. Call out fat people and say they have no excuse; 4. Write an essay about how I can’t help it if I’m rich and the poors should just get over it; 5. Say it’s not my fault that I’m beautiful and the uglies should just get over it. Just think of the most outrageous and offensive statement and blurt it out! Works every time.

  38. MsDaisy says:

    Why would she say to Joyce though “You’re black”? Joyce clearly isn’t black. That is what I find really odd and makes the strongest statement of racism and ignorance to me. Brandi comes off as one of those white women who hate beautiful women of other races. Like seeing Joyce with her naturally tanned skin and real hair down to her butt drives those women crazy because they think they should have all that and not the minority person. That being said, Brandi loves drama but she choose the wrong topic this time. She knew it was coming she spoke about it months ago but she said she was talking about weave and water.

  39. BeckyR says:

    Brandi has a mean streak a mile wide. Her children must be so proud!

  40. dontbuyit says:

    Her famous catchphrase STFU and yet she doesn’t seem to take heed of it herself. The more she speaks about the incident the worse she is coming off I don’t think she is racist, but using
    ” I’m not racist because I have black friends or dated black guys”
    people need to stop using that card. Some people can have friends or even date from another race, culture and still be racist towards the culture, race of what the friends and bf’s are. It is possible and more common than we realize.

    It was nothing more than an ignorant remark, but Brandi needs to learn that remarks like that come with consequences. She has the right to not have a filter, but do so at her own risk and don’t cry foul when it come back to bite her in the butt. I’m tired of her excuse after excuse. She is like Leanne in a sense. Has no responsibility, always excuses for her actions.

  41. prissa says:

    Can this woman get any more crass?

  42. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Thank you for sharing that buzz feed piece. I hear “no you’re white,” and “why is your daughter so white?” While standing next to my mom. I also get “do you speak Spanish?” Which I do, but my mom does not and she is first generation American. Words hurt guys.

  43. Katie says:

    Not to say that what brandi said wasnt rude, because it was, and she was rude to joyce the entire trip, but has anyone notice that reza on shahs of sunset makes racial generalzations about white people ALL the time and no one seems to get this upset at him for doing so…

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Great point, Katie! *end invisible sarcasm font*

      Good job on deflection and extra points for correctly using a Red Herring.

      A Red Herring is a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue. The basic idea is to “win” an argument by leading attention away from the argument and to another topic. This sort of “reasoning” has the following form:

      1. Topic A is under discussion.
      2. Topic B is introduced under the guise of being relevant to topic A (when topic B is actually not relevant to topic A).
      3. Topic A is abandoned.

      This sort of “reasoning” is fallacious because merely changing the topic of discussion hardly counts as an argument against a claim. Better luck next time!

      • Katie says:

        Sloane i think you’re taking this a little to seriously honey, bless your little heart. Its relevant because they are both shows on bravo and both made statements that racially stereotype people, brandi made a comment about black people not being able to swim and reza has made comments about certain activities making him or others too white or being for white people. All i was doing was pointing out that everyones getting mad at brandi for doing things other people on the same network have been doing for a while now, neither of them are right for doing so. We are discussing a tv show not solving world hunger, take a xanax

      • Gretchen says:

        Nicely done Sloane Wyatt :)
        I can’t even deal with “But (insert race here) can be prejudiced too!!” arguments (much like “but men are raped too!!”), I tend to just employ an astounded and slightly disgusted glare, which unfortunately doesn’t work over the internet.

        ETA: @Katie, being condescending doesn’t make Sloane any less right. If you want to avoid serious responses, it’s probably best not to join a conversation about race, mmmkay honey?

      • Katie says:

        So because i have an opinion thats different then yours or said something you disagree with i’m not allowed to join in the conversation? Im not sure if the beginning of your comment was directed at what i said as well but your completely off on that too. I never said that, if you would read what i said and try to use your reading comprehension skills you would see that all i was saying was that i find it crazy that shes getting all this attention (it was on a crap load of websites) but that other people have said the same kind of things (regardless of what race the person is who says them or what race they say it about its still the same thing) and they didnt get any flack about it. I think what she did was very mean, not because of what she said, but because she was saying to insult her (not as a joke like she claims). But in the end, i have no dog in this fight so be as rude as you want but remember im allowed to have an opinion just like you are and since it and opinion, not a fact, your not able to tell me its wrong ;)

      • Sloane Wyatt says:


        I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’re white because complaining about the lack of outrage when whites are the subject of racist remarks constitutes the vintage white whine — “Hey, blacks (or POC) can be racist too ya know!” White people tend to point out random, very specific and individualized examples of “black racism” far more often than they point out individual or institutional acts of white racism

        The timing’s also revealing; white people usually point out “black racism” when they’re confronted with examples of white racism. This attention to “black racism” functions as a distraction, as an effort to deflect blame from white people. It’s ‘the everyone-does-it’ argument that we tried when we were eight. Our mothers did not buy it then and it does not work now –- except maybe for the morally blind. This New Racism is when someone who understands the talking points of Treating Everyone Equally, but minimizes the racism of those around her.

        We all have three options when confronted by racism: we can participate, we can tolerate, or we can fight. If our country ever wants to heal from the racism of our past that poisons our present, we’ve got to stop downplaying that it’s still a issue. We need to own it. We need to step up and start a national conversation about race. That starts by being honest. We’re not being honest when we excuse the racist attitudes of Brandi or ourselves.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Stands up and applauds Sloan for her insightful and on-the-nose points this entire thread.

  44. Lori says:

    Brandi and Leanne deserve each other. And it doesn’t say much about Eddie for his choice of bedfellows.

  45. MsAubra says:

    At most, she’s VERY ignorant. She’s shown how ignorant she can be ever since she made it onto the show, so it’s no surprise at all that she would continue to put her foot in her mouth. What makes it really grating is that she plays the “I have black freinds/I like black d*ck” card…quit it!

    This guy I know is dating this young girl who is TRULY ignorant, and this made me think of her. She tweeted that she has had it working with “ratchett black women who sit around and gossip all day”. Now this dingbat has black frenids, and no doubt having black frenid allows her to think its ok to be so ignorant. Not to mention this is why I think at most Brandi isn’t racist, just ignorant, they’re two different degrees and the latter I mentioned can be attributed to some innate hatred towards black women, whereas to what Brandi said, was just something silly, but it still doesn’t excuse her ignorance

  46. YEEESUS says:

    holy mother of Jesus, this is a mother of two sons. if she had any respect for them and herself she would reevaluate and STFU.

  47. EB says:

    No, she’s not right. Cuban is not a RACE for f**k’s sake. They are not multi-racial. They are MULTI-ETHNIC. It’s a big difference. Her kids are Caucasian, as is her ex-husband.

  48. HappyMom says:

    I was on here a few weeks ago criticizing Brandi for being her usual crass (and drunk) self-and I was attacked by her “fans” for being pro-Leann (which I am not remotely. She’s a lunatic.) I notice that they don’t seem to be here today defending her. Perhaps they’re finally seeing her true colors?

  49. homegrrrral says:

    When I was around my ex husbands ethnic group, I picked up their slang. If you are in that group you can use the slang. But when we broke up, I continued in the habit of saying these terms.
    Did not go over well.

    My comments were perceived as bigoted. But was I a bigot? No, hardly, it was exposure and repetition of communal jargon that was no longer atall funny when I became an outsider.

    Team brandy on this one. It can be an issue of feeling part of an ethnic group. Just pure habitual vernacular that is perceived as “evil” or racist when out of time and place.

  50. Emily C. says:

    She’s very stupid. That’s how Eddie Cibrian likes ‘em.

  51. homegrrrral says:

    When I was around my ex husbands ethnic group, I picked up their slang. If you are in that group you can use the slang. But when we broke up, I was in the habit of saying these terms.
    Did not go over well.

    My comments were perceived as bigoted. But was I a bigot? No, hardly, it was exposure and repetition, a communal joke that was no long eer atall funny when I became an outsider.

    Team brandy on this one. It can be an issue of feeling part of an ethnic group. Just pure habitual vernacular that are perceived as “evil” or racist when out of time and place.

  52. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    I feel like a lot of people use any term concerning race as a chance to get high and mighty on a pedestal which, like the overuse of “bullying”, cries wolf too many times so that the real instances get brushed aside.

    I’m biracial, my mom won’t go in the pool without her swimming cap because she “pays good money for some chlorine to ruin her hair”. She also didn’t learn how to swim until she was in her 40s.

    If Brandi hadnt been baiting Joyce and being flat out rude with the name issues during that scene, I would have thought she was funny because the whole stereotype of black people not being able to swim reminds me of my mom. But you cannot make a joke like that unless you are with your friends and thats an acceptable joke in your circle.

  53. Saffie says:

    She really needs to just STFU and stop commenting. It’s just getting worse for her and the hole that she dug for herself is just getting deeper. I know that she isn’t one to have much intellectual horsepower going on but she really comes off as trashy and ignorant. I always rooted for her but it’s obvious she has a substance abuse problem i.e. pills and alcohol and probably needs rehab. She also seems to have personality issues although I’m sure much of this is scripted or the concept and direction was created by the producers. I’ve about had it with this show anyway. When the show began, the women featured were much well off and it was interesting to see their lifestyle. The show seems very trashy and the women and the scenerios are budget.

  54. LakeMom says:

    Who hasn’t she banged? Being a slut doesn’t preclude you from being a racist.

  55. Leila In Wunderland says:

    She may not be racist in the sense of hating or disliking black people or other non-white people, but what she said was still stereotypical and ignorant, even if she was drunk. And her apologies don’t help. In her apology she could have just acknowledged that her comment was insensitive and racist, and she probably would have been forgiven. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to make a person’s race or ethnicity part of a punch-line.

  56. Amy says:

    I’m American and I can’t even begin to fathom what the race/ethnicity debate must look like to an outsider. Even I don’t understand it half the time because they are always changing what terms designate race and what terms designate ethnicity. The 2010 census confused me too much so I left the race part blank. And I am white (I hate the term Caucasian and I’m not sure who came up with it). I think other countries don’t include race in their censuses (I know for a fact France does not, it’s illegal). I’m not saying race is not an issue in other countries, it definitely is. However other countries aren’t as obsessed with giving everyone a politically correct label.

    What I do know is that Brandi’s kids are not biracial. Being of Cuban descent does not automatically make you biracial. Like everybody else has said, Cuban is a nationality. Her kids might be considered bicultural, but I doubt they even speak Spanish or even really know anything about Cuba in the first place (but I could be wrong, they could be totally fluent n Spanish and know all about Cuba).

  57. homegrrrral says:

    My sons stepmother is reading her kids, mine included, the original version of Huck Finn. My son (bi racial) said she sounded out the N word over and over. Her simple explanation to the 3 kids from age 5-9 is “that’s what black people were called in those days”.

    To me this is historical and racial insensitivity. This version of HF belongs in a civil rights university course, not in a modern bedtime for cacucasians library. (Her kids blonde blue eyed) I can’t abide her actions. I’m more than fuming and can’t form proper words.

    This is racism, am I right?

    • V says:

      There are people who will say that it isn’t racist and some who will say that it is. If you feel comfortable having that conversation with her, that’s your choice, but to me, the bigger problem is someone who thinks they should read Huck Finn to children who are that young, especially since she herself doesn’t seem to be capable of explaining it to the kids in a manner that won’t get them detention or beat-up. Either she’s a sucky parent or purposely messing these kids up. Or just plain dumb. Either way, I wouldn’t want her reading to my child if she’s not capable of making an informed reading decision for bedtime.

  58. Evi says:

    She has so much filler in her cheeks that she is beginning to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  59. Anon says:

    From what I understand of history, the reason for this particular stereotype of African-AMERICANS goes beyond physical abilities and points to the larger issue of decades of poverty and lack of access to neighborhood pools. In addition, most pools being built in the early part of the century were for whites only. And before that, in order to prevent slaves from trying to escape by swimming, a fear of water was perpetuated and encouraged by white owners. Broad race based generalizations = really bad. Broad race based generalizations that, even if true, are primarily a direct result of hundreds of years of systemic and institutional racism = REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. {For the record I am a middle class, white woman, so please correct me if I am wrong – I do not speak from personal experience.} I just thought this was germane to the discussion. It’s my perception that many people who toss off stereotypes of any racial group, are often ignorant of their history and the realization that one careless comment has once again, pigeon-holed their racial identity, an integral part of their identity as a person and fundamental humanity, into a purely negative context. If we could maybe realize this, and have a shred of empathy or even attempt to learn some history, perhaps we might keep our mouths shut a little more? I saw the buzzfeed article … it made me really sad. Just my two cents.

  60. This is simply Bravo’s way of editing and trying to create scenes that will leave people talking about it. They create a facade one season that makes one housewife really popular and then they take that same housewife the next season and edit her scenes to make people get really upset with her. Clearly it is Brandi’s turn this season to be edited in a negative way. She definitely speaks before she thinks and that is a dream come true for Bravo. Everybodys favorite words in America today are “bully” and racist”. Both terms are used way out of context quite frequently. The girl said she is not racist so great now let’s move on and quit making this huge thing out of one silly sentence.

  61. John says:

    Much ado about nothing. It was stupid for her to say, but fear of swimming and fear of dogs are familiar African-American cultural peculiarities– not ubiquitous but common– another example of what black people can say about black people but white people can’t, I guess. Like not all Jewish people have big noses, but enough do where it’s not exactly untrue or even an insult (and I’m Jewish).
    With all the *actual* racist affronts being bandied about, this airhead mentioning it at a rich-girl pool party should hardly be a blip.

    PS She and Eddie were a much more attractive couple than he and LR.