Brandi Glanville apologizes for her racist RHOBH comments: ‘I’m not racist!’


Brandi Glanville is a racist. For real. But don’t let that label fool you – this is a teachable moment, potentially for Brandi and for all celebrities of every level of fame. The basic story is that Brandi said some really racist BS when she was drunk off her ass during Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That was bad enough – the fact that “in vino veritas,” Brandi says insulting, racist BS to someone’s face. But then in the kerfuffle that came after that incident, Brandi made it ten times worse by her half-assed, ignorant, ridiculous “apology”. She actually used the “I have black friends!” defense and she actually “apologized” using the incredibly offensive “I’m sorry you were offended” tactic. This whole thing is a racist disaster.

Brandi Glanville stepped into it again. On the Monday, Dec. 9 episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the outspoken reality star, 41, got drunk during a pool party with her bikini-clad castmates, and predictably said something she shouldn’t have — and this time, the insult wasn’t just ugly, but racist. After newcomer Joyce Giraud admitted that she couldn’t swim, Glanville quipped, “You’re black.”

Following a stunned silence, LeAnn Rimes’ nemesis explained. “It was a joke and my black friends would’ve laughed crazy, ’cause they don’t go in the pool because they will get their weave f*cked up . . .All my black friends can’t swim. Is that bad?

Giraud retorted: “Yes, I’m black. What’s your problem? Puerto Ricans are black, they’re Indian and they’re Spanish. So I am a mix of three cultures and I’m very proud to represent all three.”

Immediately after that episode’s broadcast, Glanville came under fire via Twitter from offended fans. Fellow firebrand Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta even chimed in. “Not all black women wear hair weaves, half the women on Beverly Hills Housewives are wearing some fake hair. Brandi could not be more ignorant.”

Well aware of her error, Glanville then called in to speak with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! to explain herself.

“I know what I said was definitely inappropriate, but I say a lot of inappropriate things. I’m not racist, I’m just inappropriate 90 percent of the time! It definitely was not sensitive and I apologize to anyone I offended,” the bestselling author said, though she wasn’t done defending herself. “But to be honest with you, my friends and I joke with each other this way and they’re from all different backgrounds. So I’m sorry and I guess TV’s not ready for the real Brandi, but should I censor myself? Is that gonna be exciting?”

Cohen wasn’t completely satisfied with that argument, and pressed Glanville further — asking her if she thought the remark was racist.

“I think it was definitely inappropriate,” she conceded. “I’m the least racist person of all time. I think the more you defend it, the more you look guilty, so I don’t really have to say that much more. I am very sorry with whomever I defended. Defended. Offended!”

[From Us Weekly]

If I was Brandi’s publicist, here’s what I would have written for Brandi: “Holy s–t, I was so drunk when I said that, I didn’t know what I was saying and I’m really and truly sorry. I’m going to STFU now, go ahead and yell at me, I deserve it.” I’m actually MORE offended at Brandi’s apology and explanation than I am with the inciting incident. This is more than “inappropriate” and more than “don’t censor Brandi.” She just comes across as offensively ignorant across the board. Poorly played, Brandi.

Also – it’s a peeve of mine when someone declares their non-racism just after doing or saying something racist. Declaring “I’m not racist” as a blanket defense for your previous actions means nothing. YOU don’t get to decide whether or not you, your actions and your words are racist. Other people get to judge your intent and your words for themselves and they determine whether you are racist. And right now, Brandi’s intent and her words are majorly offensive.


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  1. QQ says:

    Ugh This Drunk catfaced old asshole should KNOW better… But then again : Drunk Catfaced Asshole

  2. Grant says:

    Yeah, she’s digging herself into a hole. That being said, none of my black friends can swim either, nor do they like getting in a pool. I’m not saying this is the trend for ALL African Americans but literally all of my friends who are black happen to share this distinction.

    • kbomb000 says:

      totally agree. I don’t actually think she’s a racist, I just think she’s an idiot. this seems more like a “know your audience” kind of thing. my (black) boyfriend (can, but) doesn’t really swim, and we all (friends who are black, white, whatever) joke about it amongst ourselves. would I make a comment of any stereotypical context to someone who is black who i don’t have a relationship with who hasn’t made the joke themselves? never in a million years.

    • Side-Eye says:

      Lol unfortunately I’m a member of that stereotype. My brother and mom know how to swim and my sister and I were taking lessons, but thete was so much going on at the time we never finished. Now I like going to the beach but I dislike getting my hair wet, because it mats so quickly and I’m so tenderheaded.

    • Josephina says:

      Brandi knows, MAYBE, a handful of African American and made this statement base on RACE not CULTURE.

      And the statement is severely incorrect.

      Most people of African descent (Ah! I have widened the diaspora for a reason), especially those living on a coast or surrounded by water, like on an island such as in the Caribbean, India, Africa, Central and South America–CAN swim. And yes, they get in the water—all the time.

      Anyone STILL wondering why Eddie was continuously disrespectful towards her during their marriage? Who would want to be married to this fool?

      • Jessiebes says:

        You can’t possibly use this as a justification for Eddie’s cheating. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • emmie_a says:

        Agreed Jessiebes… And if Josephina is going to use that argument, the same could be asked about LeAnn.

      • Rooski says:

        Exactly this.

        I live on a lake in Uganda. Guess who most often goes swimming in that lake? Africans. Before that I lived in Mombasa, on the Indian Ocean. Again, guess who taught me to scuba dive? A Kenyan. Source of the Nile in Jinja, who was my rafting guide? A Ugandan.

        People who think Blacks and Africans simply ‘can’t swim’ are generally people who never actually hang out with Blacks or Africans. Or if they do, they hang out with a very specific subset based in America. Which– like you said, is a culture rather than a race.

      • Harriet says:

        @Rooski I think this is the problem. I find that people live in such a little bubble. Dear Brandi, look a little further out of your comfort zone aka the country you live in and you will see all sorts of people adapt and do everything people in the US can! I used to holiday a lot in Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu growing up and I’m telling you the local residents spent most of their day in the water. Especially the kids who swim like fish!

        And from a non racial point of view, swimming didn’t come naturally to me as a kid. I still have an inherent fear of drowning coupled with childhood trauma from a very nasty swimming teacher who left me in the deep end. A lot of people, race, culture or subset aside, just don’t like to swim!

      • LAK says:

        Rooski: Josephina specified race rather than culture.

      • Josephina says:

        @ LAK–

        No, no LAK. I was talking culturally speaking. And that is why I used the term African diaspora, to include the African Americans, Afro-Latinos, India, Hispanics, Philippinos, All of

        Central and South Americans, Afro-Native Americans, All of Caribbean, Aborigines, and of course, Africa. When someone of African descent stands before you, you really cannot tell who they are unless you observe their culture. Someone from Alabama is nothing like someone from Cuba, yet they may have the same hair complexion and hair type.

        I realize what U.S. Americans see the world in black and white as a result of the despicable American slavery system. HOWEVER, 80% of the world’s population lives OUTSIDE the U.S. Furthermore, the MAJORITY of the black population and hence, culture, is NOT represented by the U.S. cultural system.

        Rooski understood me perfectly well.

      • Josephina says:

        @Jessiebies and others-

        I was specifically alluding to the lack of respect and honor he had for Brandi. That relationship really was broken spiritually, which made it easy for him to lie and repeatedly deceive her on a whim. Yes, he did cheat often. However, the lying and being deceitful comes WAY before the cheating.

        My point was what was this woman adding as value to her marriage? Before the kids? What was the glue that held them together? What was she bringing to the table, a lifetime of embarassment? Brandi’s character is like a repellent to any trusting relationship, let alone marriage.

      • Jessiebes says:

        @ Joshephina. Again you are justifying Eddie’s behaviour and his cheating.

        If they were not happy in their marriage, he should have asked for divorce. Let’s not forget that Eddie didn’t want that, Brandi kicked him out when she found out about his cheating.

        You should be ashamed of yourself for defending his cheating. There is NO excuse.

      • Snarkweek says:

        I don’t agree. I think she was saying that Eddie stopped respecting his wife before he began to cheat on her. I don’t know anyone alive would justify cheating, but I think she is saying that he realized that she is an unkind person and therefore lost respect for her. Once that happens then it is possible to cheat or do other hurtful things. That makes him a jerk of course. I actually think they are both unkind, insensitive, self-centered individuals.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Jessiebies–

        I am very direct about what I say. My comments have always been focused on what was going down between Brandi and Eddie, NOT what the mistress says or wants.

        YOU believe that they ended mainly because of the cheating. Unfortunately for Brandi, she was simply unaware of how emotionally unattached and deceitful her husband was. In ADDITION to cheating, there were other problems as quoted by Brandi. She admits she should have left long ago, long before Eddie got sloppy with LeAnn.

        Brandi herself said it was a bad marriage and that she was willing to stay in her delusional marriage. (HER words on national TV.) Of course he wanted to stay. He had grown accustomed to having his cake and eating it too over the years. That is what all irresponsible, sneaky men want!!

        He did not want to do the right thing by her. THAT was MY point.

        If you have some insight as to WHY about this I’d love to hear it.

      • Lila says:

        I get what Josephina is saying. Watching her behavior I can see why someone wouldn’t respect Brandi, particularly if they had to deal with her regularly. If she said something like this on TV, there’s no telling what she says in normal life to people she barely knows. She is probably that mom at the PTA meeting who makes the comments and ‘jokes’ that everyone cringes over and has to change the subject right after. Or even worse- when someone annoys her at the mall or a restaurant.

        There is no justifying cheating but then I don’t remember Josephina ever mentioning cheating. And really, can we save the ‘you should be ashamed’ crap? I don’t come here to dodge the moral police.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Brandi made an asinine comment that she shouldn’t have. However, since her kids are half Hispanic, I doubt she’s racist and she doesn’t come off as racist to me. She comes off as someone who has no filter, and that’s not always a positive. Everything you think doesn’t have to come off your tongue. However, how in f—g hell does that justify Eddie cheating on her and allowing his new wife to taunt and abuse her? How does it justify what he put his sons through? You may not be a racist, but you’re quite the sexist.

      • Anon says:

        @josefina- get a map. Filipinos are not “African”. This island nation is considered an Asian country, located south of Japan and to the east of Vietnam. All of your attempted intellectual rambling is shot to crap when you incorrectly identify an entire nations ethnicity. -and yes, I am proudly Pinay.

      • betty says:

        I am a Black woman and a lot of BLACK women don’t like to get their hair wet. But since there are relaxers and weaves a lot of them The ones that wear their hair in a natural state don’t have a problem. We all have heard ethnic jokes, like, Black are superior in sports, Asians can’t drive, Hispanics are lazy etc, None of which are true. Jokes are jokes , If it was said to be insulting, I can agree, but it appears these backstabbing women can insult each other in other ways but this is more offensive. then the other things they do. PULEEZ!

      • Josephina says:

        @ Anon-

        Pinay? OK.

        In no way am I trying to offend you.

        Staying on topic, the hispanic culture does also include Asian roots as well. Pity that this is news to you. Some filipinos readily identify with asian culture and some identify with hispanic culture. Fact.

      • Josephina says:

        @Snarkweek and LILA–

        Thank you for understanding my statements. You got EXACTLY what I meant.

        @ Jennifer -

        If you have friends like Brandi, may God bless you.

        I see Brandi as a woman of questionable character. She behaves like a woman who was expelled from charm school. Between the drinking, drama, telling secrets, crass behavior, random hook-ups (Gerard Butler), potty-mouth- she is a piece of work. You may find her lovable, I think she is pot-stirrer, a troublemaker, and a never-ending source of embarassment. I don’t know many wives like this that are still married.

      • Anon says:

        Josephina,with a passive-aggressive OK right back atcha…. (What’s with your emotional investment in this thread…a little crazy!)

        Pinay = a term used by Filipinos to describe their ethnicity and filipino pride. Males = Pinoy. Fact: I am Filipino. We consider ourselves asian. The Philipines does in fact have a great deal of Hispanic influences culturally. Listen to one of our many dialects and you will hear spanish words. After all, the PI was a colony of Spain for hundreds of years.

        It’s obvious you are THE person that knows everything. About EVERYTHING. Enjoy that. Read the link someone posted here about racial microagressions. You fit the profile.

        Actually-I agree with you about Brandy. She’s wrong in so many ways. But when it comes to MY culture, identifying it incorrectly is offensive. And when you dismiss that-with an OK, it seems like you are Giving me the same treatment to the issue Brandi did.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        No, Josephina, I don’t find Brandi’s behavior at this time endearing. I just know women like her, who think they’re down and don’t get that they aren’t and that they’re white people who need to think before they speak. Brandi is honest and that’s great, but no filter is not always a good thing and she needs to learn that. I have no patience for drama, either. However, suggesting that she is somehow responsible for her husband’s endless cheating is revolting. Saying that he married up to a woman who humiliated her on twitter and tried to ruin her and lucky for him…. well, don’t worry about the friends I have. They’re not racist and they’re not sexist either.

      • Josephina says:


        The U.S. american cultural attitudes towards race has been strategically misleading from the very beginning of inception. If you are born here you are taught to identify people by race. And no, the purpose for which is not to compliment them.

        Back to Brandi- I do not think Brandi will change because she is not motivated to change her ways. She is just sorry that her fans are upset with her.

      • Jenny says:

        @Anon, if you are Pinay, as you say, shouldn’t you have heard the term Negrito? There ARE Afro-Filipinos, who were in all likelihood the first human inhabitants of the Phillipines. Not all people in the Phillipines are of the same ethnicity. You should probably know a little more about what you are talking about before you get all snarky with other posters.

        ETA: I also think it is a little questionable to attempt to speak to how all Filipinos self-identify. You should probably just speak for yourself.

      • TheSageM says:

        @josephina: “all of central and south Americans”? What are you on about? I’m Argentinian and like many of my county folk, I am of European descent. Same with a lot of South Americans. We are not all descended from Africans.

    • V4Real says:

      She’s stupid but stupidity doesn’t make you a racist. Her comment is what a lot of Black people say about themselves. Blacks constantly crack jokes about not being able to swim or I can’t get my hair wet. One Black comedian said that when Black people go to the beach, they will get in the ocean but once the water goes past their knees that’s as far as they’re going. Maybe she did get comfortable with saying it around her Black friends becasue that’s what they say. I was watching an episode of Hollywood exes when Jessica who is White called Shameka a hoodrat when they were poll dancing. She thought it would be ok to say that because Shameka once said jokingly that she was a hoodrat.

      If Nene Leaks or Joyce herself had said this would we even be discussing this right now?

      I’m assuming this is like the N word, Black people can use it as a term of endearment but if someone of a different race use it in that same fashion all hell is going to break loose. Seriously, where do we draw the line as to what is racist and what is not. I constantly hear Black people say oh that’s a fine White man or that’s a beautiful White woman but if it was said in reverse some people would have problems with that.

      • Jessiebes says:

        Because of history! White people have enslaved and suppressed people from other races for centuries, considering them less than human. Sadly this is still not over, equality maybe in the law, but still not practised everywhere.

        Anyway I’m white European and I was brought up in a little village with all white people. So I’m not the best person to explain this.

      • Rooski says:

        Well being stupid and being a racist is not a zero sum game. She can be both.

        Look, racism is different from prejudice because of their definitions. Racism involves using an inherent power structure that actually causes social harm. Prejudice is making general statements about a race that can be deemed rude or insensitive.

        For example:

        Making fun of a Black Woman’s hair when you’re white is racist. Why? Because often times to be taken seriously in American society (as dictated mostly by White America) Black women have to put chemicals in their hair to straighten it. Some do so by choice. But if a natural look was considered beautiful, how much money and how much chemical exposure would be saved? If you note the documentary Good Hair you’ll see a group of Black American college seniors, all women, who are discussing how without relaxing your hair, you can kiss that interview at the lawyers office goodbye. White women are not held up to these same standards. Our hair isn’t considered ‘bad’ or ‘unkempt’ in it’s natural state.

        Likewise if you travel to Africa you see plenty of women who do wear weaves. However, even more women wear their hair natural. Having your hair in its natural state is not considered ‘bad’. In fact, Janet Museveni, the first lady of Uganda, has her hair short and natural and her haircut actually has been termed ‘The Janet’ for its popularity. That level of comfort with black women’s hair does not exist in America. Where nearly all successful black women have some form of weave or chemically straightened hair so it can be deemed ‘pretty’ or ‘done’ by American standards.

        Which is not the same as
        “Well Bonny called my white hair ‘slippery’ and it hurt my feelings”

        The difference is power structure vs. mean words (i.e. racism vs prejudice). Mean words don’t actually impact your social standing. They suck to hear, and it’s hurtful on a personal level. But you’re not going to be denied a position at a prestigious firm because of your slippery hair.

        So no, it’s not the same when black people say something about their hair vs white people. Because of power structure. The same could be said for the N-word, which has been so abused by white people (often shouted at corpses hanging from trees after lynchings), it doesn’t have the same power connotation to it as when a black person uses it. I encourage you to explore further how racial power structures have impacted the life of you, and the friends you have around you.

      • jaye says:

        I think the “you’re black” comment was ignorant, but I’d be slow to call her a racist because of it. I’m black and I have white friends and we’ve ALL made self-deprecating comments regarding being white or black and we all know that they’re just jokes. Brandi made the mistake of saying it to a woman she didn’t have that kind of relationship with. Stupid on her part. I do agree with Kaiser that her “apology” was more offensive that the “you’re black” thing.

      • Josephina says:

        Very well said, Rooski!!!!

      • V4Real says:

        BTW I meant pole and not poll.

        @jessiebes I know the History. As a Black woman I would be ashamed to admit it if I didn’t.

        @Rooski thanks for your comment and while I do get what you’re saying, you’re still trying to justify that it is ok for a Black person to say it to or about another Black person. However a White person better not say it or they will be labled a racist. It’s like the argument that a Black person can’t be racist because they lack the power that is associated with racism.

        I saw Good Hair btw and Rock was making light of some of it. You’re explanation is breaking down the reasons as to why it is different when Blacks say things about their hair as oppose to Whites saying the same things. I get it. I know all about how things work in the job market and how Blacks try to aestheticlly change the masses opinions about them by conforming to what is accepted as beautiful. I know about the power structure. You don’t have to encourage me to explore anything, I know more than enough. But let’s face it, the hair thing now a days is more about vanity than getting a job at the firm. But that’s not my main argument. My argument is that Brandi (who doesn’t have power over any race) shouldn’t be labeled as a racist because she cracked a joke we make about our own race and in the manner she said it. Like I mentioned down thread I have a problem with any race being stereotyped if there was malice intent behind it. I don’t believe Brandi meant it with malice. She didn’t make a racist remark, perhaps a stereotypical one in a joking manner. If this was radio personality Imus who said this, I would take it as racist because I do believe he would be saying it in spite.

        Also as Black people maybe we should stop using the N Word then try to jusitfy it by saying it doesn’t hold the same power cannotation when a Black person say it to another Black person. It only has power if a non-black say it. Some Black people would beg to differ. I know racism and prejudices is alive and well. I know the struggle of our people, still I’m not going to beat down a silly woman who was making a joke about something Black people joke about amongst themselves as well as with other races. Now if it turns out that she is lying about the Black friend card she played, I might think otherwise. The question remains the same where do we draw the line on racism?

        If we are going to be offended that White people say these things about us then we should stop feeling justified in saying these things about ourselves. How do we expect another race to stop stereotypying us when we continue to typecast ourselves.

      • Jenny says:

        Somewhat tangential, but here in the NYC area it is pretty accepted for people of any race to use the “N” word in a congenial way as long as that person is “down.”

        I would not feel comfortable doing so, but I have seen many Hispanic and even some white folk use it and no one bats an eye.

    • LAK says:

      i have to ask, is it racist when Brandi says it and NOT racist if it is a segment in Chris Rock’s documentary GOOD HAIR and all the celebrity black women say it?

      What makes one racist and the other good humour?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think it’s because she said it around people who aren’t her (black) friends. If you and your friends use racially tinged humor (like my French teacher–in his fifties–used to be in the SEALs when he was younger–he served with blacks and whites–the black guys called the white guys “honkies” and the white guys called the black guys ‘”n*ggers”–that’s how they talked to each other), that’s fine. In YOUR group of friends. Don’t go up to someone, who you are even casually friendly with, and start saying stuff like that. Because even if they say it, they’re not going to think it’s funny coming from someone who isn’t in their group.

        I don’t watch the show–but I’m assuming these women hang out because of the show, not because they’re actually friends.

      • V4Real says:

        +1 Exactly LAK. I just want to add this:
        We know that there are Black people who can swim and so does Brandi. I get that she was trying to be funny by saying to Joyce “you’re Black” and I get why she said it because Black people say that about themselves and yes I laughed. She maybe dumb as a rock but I understood what she was saying at the time she said it. Had this been a Black woman saying those same two words there wouldn’t be a need for an explanation and there wouldn’t be a post about it.

        Martin Lawrence once generalized Blacks and Whites when he said you can tell the race of a person on the news just by the crime they committed. If they robbed a liquor store, they are Black, if they are a serial killer then they’re White. Are we to believe that there are no White people who rob liquor stores and there are no Black serial killers? I get that Brandi is not a comedian but to call her a racist for saying you’re Black because Joyce said she doesn’t swim is a bit of a stretch. She was just trying to be funny and it back-fired on her.

      • tc says:

        Because you’re allowed to say things about yourself and your “group” that outsiders are not allowed to say. I’m surprised you’re being so obtuse.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @V4real, that must have been where Nick Cannon stole his stand up act. It was something about how every race is prejudice because they make generalizations about other races. Then he goes on to say “black men are good at basketball and known for having big penises. Latino men are good dancers and good at oral sex. Asian men are known for being good at math but also being bad drivers and having small penises and white men are good at being serial killers.” The latter is the one is the only one I found funny.

      • Kate says:

        I can’t swim and when I read the article I laughed, still laughing. I think the term racist is overused on social media.

        I’ll admit when I board a plan I sit with the white people, in case the plan goes down in the water. Besides I read sharks are attracted to gold, no sir sorry I’m not sitting with my brothers and sisters.

      • V4Real says:

        @tc Because you’re allowed to say things about yourself and your “group” that outsiders are not allowed to say. I’m surprised you’re being so obtuse.

        You sound a bit simple-minded yourself. So you are saying I can say whatever I want about another Black person because I’m Black? LOL and you’re calling me obtuse.

        But it’s ok that Nick said it because he is Black. Yes, that is sarcasm.

      • ol cranky says:

        I’m not saying this is the issue here but there is a problem when black people say things like black people can’t swim and stupid/naive white people hear that and think it’s fact.

        white people also need to know that black people can get sunburn (and not argue with them when they do get it)

  3. Melissa says:

    I really hate that we live in a place and time where people like Brandi Glanville get to be famous and have the opportunity to amass a fortune.

  4. Sue says:

    Well I work with a doctor who says that when a person is drunk they let the barriers down and become who they really are and say what they really think. So……..down deep she probably is racist. This woman needs so much help. i just always feel so bad for her children having a mother like this.

    • nico says:


      Nobody made excuses for Mel Gibson. I’m sure some of her fans will find a way to blame it on Leann.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yep, that’s already happening actually.

      • blue marie says:

        OKitt, tell me you’re lying. How can you excuse that away?

      • Hootysgram says:

        Leann has her own alcohol issues as well as emotional ones! Brandi just needs to filter what comes out of her mouth. She’s getting a bit “out of hand” lately. I’m guessing she’ll be the target this season on the reunion show…they’ll all be hurling insults but I trust she can hold her own. Like the year she came off with the comment about writing a book so soon after that blonde’s husband committed suicide. OUCH..that came off razor sharp in a heartbeat…so Brandi can definitely take someone off at the knees in a split second! What I could have lived without hearing or seeing is her making out with the really weirdo, Carlton. What an ugly body in a bathing suit! If implants look like that…I’ll pass on those! Plus the interview with the close friends about their sexual preferences. OMG…do we NEED to know those things…seriously?

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I totally subscribe to this. Being drunk doesn’t make remarks like this ok because, deep down, it’s what you really think (but may be afraid to say without liquid courage). I can honestly say I’ve never said something drunk that I didn’t mean.

      As an aside, Puerto Ricans aren’t all African, European and Indian (as that other woman seems to be suggesting). The present population of Puerto Rico can be divided roughly into three categories: Whites, Blacks and a large variety of types representing various mixtures of Indians, Spaniards and Blacks. There are black Puerto Ricans, white Puerto Ricans and Puerto Ricans of mixed origin.

      • emmie_a says:

        Yeah I was surprised Kaiser’s alternate apology for Brandi mentioned being drunk and not knowing what she was saying… Maybe I’d give her a pass and let her use the drinking excuse if she was 20 years younger and new to alcohol and didn’t know her limits… But she’s a grown woman and using the drunk card is immature and isn’t owning your actions. Grow up already.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ITA with both Mort and Emmie.

      • Celebby says:

        I think you misunderstood what Joyce was saying, she said that Puerto Ricans are African, Spanish (Euro) and Indian, and that she was proud to represent all three cultures. She didn’t say everyone in Puerto Rico was a mix of all three as she is – though a large percentage, perhaps the majority are, to varying degrees. Also, the Puerto Ricans that I know, even if they look ‘white,’ don’t really consider themselves white. People in Latin America typically have some degree of admixture of something else. What they look like to you, is a different story – that still doesn’t mean they identify as a ‘white Puerto Rican.’ I guarantee you those so called ‘white Puerto Ricans’ you mention can still have a substantial amount of sub Saharan African markers in their DNA. I don’t consider J.Lo ‘white,’ for instance, Ricky Martin is more ‘white’ looking than Rosie Perez, but they all have some African genealogy I’d bet.

      • Amelia says:

        clebby..people don’t use the term sub-saharan is an antiquated colonial term.

    • prissa says:

      @ Sue – what you said +1000!!

      Off Topic – that frosted lipstick her friend has on looks horrible. I don’t know anyone who looks good in frosted lipstick. :o (

  5. Bernice says:

    Other people get to judge your intent???? How is that even possible? That’s crazy. Other people can say what they perceive, but no one else can judge anyone else’s intent.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree. If someone said something that wasn’t meant to be offensive, people should educate her and let her know why they were offended. If she apologized and said she didn’t mean to offend anyone, I think we should move on. If she offends again, then we’ll know she wasn’t sincere. I don’t think it’s fair to assume we know other people’s intentions and I think people should be given the benefit of the doubt when it’s a first time offense. I honestly think she does have black friends who probably joke around that they can’t swim so she was trying to show she was “cool” & “down” and she was just really stupid and inappropriate. I don’t think she was saying “white people are better bc they can swim and black people can’t”.

    • Jay says:

      Seems like semantics. Perception is implied by the word judge.

  6. AlmondJoy says:

    This kind of reminds me of the Julianne Hough situation.. where its more so a matter of her being a stupid idiot than actually racist. Not sure though, I could definitely be wrong.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I think she’s not very bright for sure..not sure if she’s a racist but “all my black friends can’t swim…’cause they’ll get their weaves f*cked up” is ignorant AT BEST (I’m feeling generous) and I don’t know anyone who would make a idiotic generalization like that.

      • V4Real says:

        I’m not jumping on the bandwagon to defend Brandi just to defend her but let’s look at what we have in front of us. She said “all her Black friends, not all Black people. How do we know that her Black friends didn’t say that to her or talk like that around her. It wasn’t a generalization of all Black People but of her Black friends. She was trying to be funny and it came out wrong to those around her. I will admit I laughed because I hear it a lot, from Black people.

        Most Black people know that we say things like this all the time about ourselves. We do say , hey you know Black people can’t swim or I can’t get my weave wet? It’s a generalization that we make about ourselves. We know that there are people of color that can swim, don’t wear weaves and can care less about getting their hair wet but we still crack the jokes. Think about the Black comedians such as Chris Tucker, Chris Rock , Dave Chapelle and Martin Lawrence who tell jokes about White people but White comedians tend to get bashed if they tell jokes about Black people.

        I wish I could remember the name of the Black comedian from long ago who was telling his son about when Blacks were taken from Africa. His son asked, why didn’t they just jump off the boat and the Black comedian replied, come on now son, you know Black people can’t swim.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @AlmondJoy-that’s very depressing but I can’t say I’m surprised.

        @V4Real-I really have no opinion about black peoples’ commentary on black culture. I’m not black so I just look at it as “none of my damn business” but I AM white and I DO have a strong opinion about ignorant stereotypes that white people say about black people and any other race for that matter. It reflects negatively on white people as a whole and I don’t want to be lumped in with the dumb white folk. Comments like the ones Brandi made embarrasses me. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does…

      • V4Real says:

        @TOK I understand where you’re coming from, I really do. I’m just trying to say that not every White person is a racist because they say something similar to what Brandi said.

        I have a problem with people being stereotyped no matter what race is being stereotyped when it is done with malice intent. IMO that wasn’t the case with Brandi. I have close friends of all races and I am around different cultures all the time. If we crack jokes about each other I know it’s not done with any malice in our heart. Perhaps Brandi should have realized the audience she was around and not say things that she might say to her real friends (not the fake friends on that show).

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “I have close friends of all races and I am around different cultures all the time. If we crack jokes about each other I know it’s not done with any malice in our heart.”

        …and I don’t doubt the truth of this statement-not for one second-but you’re not on a reality TV show, V4Real, and you don’t have kids that you need to set an example for (you don’t right? ;) ).

        What you say in private, among your group of friends that you have a level of comfort, personal history and understanding with is not the same as a white chick on television perpetuating a stereotype. I honestly think Brandi is not that good of a person and I’m tired of the “she just has no filter” excuse for all the dumb shit she says.
        Maybe she’s not racist (I don’t know) but she’s a grown woman and a mother and should know better than to make statements like that on a TV show. Eh. I feel like I’ve harped on this too much already…not trying to demonize Brandi, but I really just find her to be an insensitive dumbass who’ll say anything that could be perceived as inflammatory just to get her reality TV show paycheck.

      • claire says:

        I wouldn’t doubt it’s something that her black friends said in a self-deprecating or stereotyping, joking manner and she picked it up from there. It’s not something she should have owned as a joke she could repeat but she really doesn’t seem to have great judgment when she’s had cocktails. Judging from show previews and what’s she’s wearing, looks like the drunk, dress up around her boobs, photos are from around this time?

      • dena says:

        While it is factual that a lot of black folks cannot swim (see my post closer to the top), cross-cultural/racial “in-group / out group jokes” are a sensitive thing. You know? The thing is that I have worked with a lot of folks across racial lines who have made jokes about their own “group,” but I have honestly never thought they were funny cause in the back of my mind I would be thinking “What are you saying about me and mine?” Plus, I just think those types of jokes can be insensitive and too . . . disparaging, I guess. The litmus test is take out X race/nationality and plug in another race/nationality for that group. If the joke is still funny, then you’ve got a winner on your hands.

        Now, regarding black comedians, I got to say this: They can and often do say stupid a*s sh*t that don’t apply to all black folks. I am not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing or that they should even stop but what I am saying is that a lot of them aren’t even funny anymore AND that’s why they should stop.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      No, you are actually very right.

  7. Lauren says:

    Que LeAnn’s staged hanging out with her “black friends” in 3…2…1… “Look at how not racist I am! Don’t you like me more than Brandi now?”

  8. Patricia says:

    She’s such trash. And she is very unintelligent. I have friends of many different races, my marriage is interracial and yes, we joke around. Among each other, who have all been friends for 10+ years we joke around about race. I would NEVER allow this inside joking humor as an excuse to insult someone and I would never make a racist comment, joking or otherwise, and then try to justify it by citing the jokes among old friends. We know it’s inappropriate, I think lots of friends do this in private and realize that they can’t go saying crap to any other persons.
    She’s just so dumb. Hopefully this will be the last straw for people supporting her.

  9. GiGi says:

    Um, I’m pretty sure she said that sober. They were at the pool and everyone was talking about how they didn’t know how to order a drink. So I don’t think anyone had been drinking at all at that point.

    Also: racist.

  10. Dinah says:

    ( Sits back with popcorn, puts feet up…)

  11. Merritt says:

    The best way to show that you are not racist is by not doing or saying racist garbage. Not with a weak apology after you have been caught saying a bunch of racist stuff.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ha! I spoke too soon on that LR thread I guess…

    Yeah nothing says “I’m not racist” more than “..but, but all my black friends would find it funny!”


    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Like my mom says–Brandi’s trying to find out what kind of black people she’s hanging out with. Whether they’re the kind of person who’ll let you say racist shit and get away with it, or whether or not you’ll punch them in the throat.

      About a month ago, my mom went to a Bon Jovi tribute concert w/a few women from work, and their friends. Afterwards, they went to the bar, and my mom started talking to this woman who was there with them. She was from Georgia, my mom’s from Tennessee–we’re in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The woman said something, and then she said “I know I shouldn’t say this, but–” My mom cut her off, because she knew what she was about to say. She said “Don’t say it.” The woman ignored her and said “He’s (I think she was talking about a basketball player) my n*gga”–and my mom just looked at her and said “That’s your one–one more and I’ll punch you in the throat”

      I mean, honestly? This woman’s from GEORGIA–she’s not from an ignorant area i.e. where I live. She knew better–she was trying to see if my mom would find it funny like this woman’s little friends did (who may or may not be black).

      Brandi just needs to STFU. She’s eroding what goodwill I had towards her–she’s too old to be acting like this, uneducated or not.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “Brandi’s trying to find out what kind of black people she’s hanging out with. Whether they’re the kind of person who’ll let you say racist shit and get away with it, or whether or not you’ll punch them in the throat.”
        ^I definitely think there’s a lot of truth to that statement.

        It’s interesting you should bring this up because I briefly dated a guy over the summer who used that word in what he perceived to be a “joking way” as in “damn, n-word” not even referring to a black person or anything but still..I just. I don’t know. It bothered me. I just feel like white people really need to not use that word. EVER.

        I stopped seeing him after wasn’t just the fact he used that word (although that was the catalyst for sure) he was also incredibly short and had a small d*ck ;)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Kitten, you make me giggle–I agree. Like my mom, she uses the n-word–but she NEVER uses any other racial slurs about any other race i.e. cracker, wetback, etc….nothing like that. She does that deliberately, and she definitely doesn’t use the word in public, or around people who aren’t friends and family.

        Maybe your ex dated a black girl for a while–one of my cousins dated a white girl for a good while (like 5 years) and for some reason she thought because she was sleeping with a black guy, then that meant she was black too. Yeah–that didn’t go over too well at our family reunion. It also didn’t help that she was a smartass.

    • Vanessa says:

      Kitten, I was guilty of thinking the same thing earlier this morning when I had read about her racist comment on a number of other sites but not a whisper of it on here.
      I’m glad Kaiser called her out on her shit apology.

  13. FingerBinger says:

    I’m not going to say she is a racist,but she told an inappropriate and stupid joke that she thought would get some laughs. I’m not minimizing what she said,but it really does sound like something she’s said before,probably in front of Black people, and it got a few laughs.

    • Josephina says:

      She could not say that in front of me without a consequence.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @josephina, my husband owns a business and a customer came in complaining about how all the local cars were being robbed. His assessment was that “it was probably those sp-cs doing it.” This caused my blood to boil instantaneously. I told him I was one of those spics he was referring to and that I would appreciate it if he would refrain from using derogatory language in our place of business. His response was that I didn’t look like “one of them,” so I shouldn’t be insulted. You really are wasting your breath on these people when you try and educate them. They will find whatever reason possible to maintain their racist ideology. I fear it’s the same with Brandi. Anyone who attempts to excuse their behavior does not see the error of their ways and will continue to say and do offensive things under the guide of something else.

      • Josephina says:

        Thank you for saying this because my culture is Latino-Caribbean and I took offense to Brandi’s comments.

        And you are absolutely correct that most racists have no interest in changing their ways because they enjoy demeaning people by race.

      • Thiajoka says:

        @Mort: OMG!! And yeah, suck it up, ’cause you don’t fit the profile, LOL! Jackass, hope you at least eye-rolled him out of the shop.

  14. Greata says:

    Her calling in to explain herself to Cowen is a joke…He is… Dr. Frankenstein….she is simply one of his many “Real Housewives” monsters.

  15. Talie says:

    She was a real mess last night and such a mean bitch to Joyce for damn reason.

  16. BravoCueen says:

    She said it, it was dumb. I’m really not going to get my panties in a wad over it. Life’s too short.

  17. Shelley says:

    It’s time for her to stop drinking. Just stop it. Drunk people aren’t cute at any age. Racist and just plain stupid comments ditto. If she truly has black friends with whom she’d chuckle about this when poolside, so be it. That’s an entirely different setting than this public display of gross offensiveness. Why is ‘being inappropriate 90% of the time’ a point of pride?! If she thinks that ‘being inappropriate’ is synonymous with ‘being honest,’ she’s very wrong. Her ‘inappropriateness’ is a problem she and her children would benefit from her addressing.

  18. Aims says:

    That was a shity thing to say and I agree her apology has crap. I hate it when someone says something gross, then backtracks and says they have friends who are black so that makes everything ok. Really rude and she’s an idiot.

  19. Dommy Dearest says:

    THIS is an actual racist remark. All the other people and celebrities that claim racism on another should look at this and see what a real racist and ignorant comment is. It’d be one thing if she said it with her ‘black friends’ since they all apparently don’t care about that type of insult and think it’s ‘funny’ but that was just crass.

    All I ask is that the members here remember that Brandi was the one that said it and to not turn it into a race war here in the comments. Everyone just needs to come together and agree that this lollipop cheeked drunk is an ignorant fool.

  20. tabby says:

    I do believe Brandi is racist. Once the new lady JOYCE came on that show, Brandi is always saying something rude too her. I also believe she is jealous of Joyce because she is actually pretty. There is nothing attractive about Brandi not her face or her personality, she is an ugly individual. I also do believe Yolanda and Lisa are jealous of Joyce because she is pretty. Just can’t stand Brandi, don’t know why women defend her so much on here. She is too old to act the way she does, childish.

  21. bowers says:

    All those women seem sad and pathetic and angry.

  22. DreamyK says:

    I love everything about your post Kaiser. Thank you.

  23. Elaine C says:

    Joyce should have admitted right off that she didn’t want to get her hair was obvious. She said it was because she couldn’t swim..I didn’t see any of those women swimming…I like Brandi but she needs rehab..

  24. Lisa says:

    Irrelevant losers spouting disgusting opinions. Why are we listening?

  25. gg says:

    How long before this trick goes off the air and everybody stops hanging on her every drunken word?

    I’ll be over here …

  26. NerdMomma says:

    Hmm. About a year ago everyone on this site loved Brandi to pieces, and now she’s a drunk whore, etc. etc. I did not expect nothing but negative comments. Not commenting on the story, just that the tide has really turned against Brandi.

    • Jessiebes says:

      I agree. But a lot has changed since then, she has gotten a lot more exposure in the press and on this tv show. People saw more of her personality and some decided they didn’t like it.

    • Jessiebes says:

      Also, there are far more Leann minions on this site than a year ago.

    • littlestar says:

      It’s because Brandi has slowly been revealing who/what she really is to us over the past year. I used to be a big fan, now I’m sad and disappointed in her. She almost lost me after her drunken tampon hanging out escapade, now I just cannot believe what a f*cking ignorant idiot she is. I’m really tired of her “oh, this is WHO I AM, I’m outspoken and say the first thing that comes to my mouth, deal with it, this is who I am!!!” shtick already. At a certain point, using the excuse “that’s just who I am” to cover up your ignorant behaviour and words just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s sad that a woman who is in her early 40s still uses the excuse “I’m just an outspoken person”. Grow the F up Brandi, and learn some couth already. Learn to speak before you talk, sure it’s hard when your temper is flying, but after the past few months of getting in trouble for this, why haven’t you learned that maybe YOU need to change???

      • Jessiebes says:

        Never thought I would quote Gilderoy Lockhart, talking to Harry Potter in detention, but fame is a fickle friend!

        She chose to be in a tv show, write a book, she is in the public eye and watched by both supporters and not. I had hoped that because of that she would make wiser choices when she is seen.

  27. Tig says:

    I am not so sure that this bit wasn’t scripted- after all, with this version of RHW- what’s left? Drugs? Check- TMI re everyone’s everything? Check check- so what’s left? Throw in a racially charged comment, have it be said by the loosest cannon on the show- and Presto! More controversy, and then she phones in her apology to Andy Cohen???

    I hope this is a sign that this show is on it’s last legs- and that Brandi gets help sooner as opposed to later.

  28. Jo says:

    Her saying black people don’t swim is the same as black people mocking white people for their lack of rhythm. It’s a harmless stereotype. Calm down people.

  29. Anon says:

    Perhaps you can teach ignorance about racism, but at what time does Brandi stop getting a pass for being a drunken fool? Racism and drunkenness are a dangerous combination.

  30. Kellykat says:

    Brandi, it’s time to put down the bottle. Forever.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I agree that Brandi has an alcohol problem. In my opinion, she is an alcoholic. I think that is the source of many of her problems, but I don’t think you can blame her rude comments on alcohol. The comments are a reflection of the person she is on the inside, alcohol, or no, and it isn’t very pretty.

  31. dontbuyit says:

    She is a jealous catty woman. She thoroughly enjoyed her vicious attack on Joyce, you could see the glee in her face. She feels threatened because Joyce is smart, naturally beautiful, is happy and content with herself, unlike Brandi. I guess Brandi forgot how she was treated by the mean girls at game night and she treated Joyce so much more worse.

    I don’t think Brandi is racist but I do think she is very ignorant. Can never fully take responsibility for her actions, always a reason, an excuse behind the offense. She may have apologized for the ignorant remark, but seeing how she had such a dark evil smirk on her face when she saw how upset Joyce was, is enough for me to be done with the show. I used to watch because of her, but I don’t like her ego as of recently and the show has been getting stale.

    Onto Lisa, she can shove her blog quoting the turning tide, she found Brandi quite amusing and laughed at the barrage of insults. She’s another fake and who I think is very manipulative, the only reason I see her cozying up to Joyce now through her blog was because of her big fall out with Brandi.

    As for the idiots on Twitter last night, saying they used to like and support Brandi and are now team Leanne, what is this, high school. You do know you can dislike both people. There is no law stating you have to be on a side. If there was, it would be an easy choice. Teamkids

    Suddenly disliking Brandi does not take away from all the vindictive, swf, horrible things Leanne has done. Her slate is not wiped clean just because Brandi is becoming unlikable too. Leanne is a horrible creature, unlikable in the highest form when it comes to products of child stardom. Brandi might be mean and catty, but leanne is all those things too, plus more. Much more and worse. It’s quite scary, how her mind ticks from all the things you read and see first hand on her twitter.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Truth. Why does it always come down to a battle of Who’s Worse?
      They’re not terrible human beings but not very good people, either.

      I will never be Team Meanne NOR Team Brandi.

      • dontbuyit says:

        Given everything that is out there to see, which has also been provided by leanne through her own tweets, some of it being quite disturbing, people will compare the two in terms of who is worse. It’s a given.

        Brandi in my opinion will always be the lesser of the two evils, I can’t help but feel that. However, my dislike for leanne did not allow for me in the past to blindly support Brandi. Had this been leanne that said the ignorant comment, Brandi’s fanatics would soon be on the warpath to point out leanne is a racist. The double standards on both sides of this fued is unbelievable.

        Truth is, both are selfish, mean and immature. I pity the kids and wish all adults involved in this mess would clear their baggage, preferably together and grow up.

        The staunch followers on both sides that continue to fight each other on Twitter 24/7 arguing oppositon, should focus on using their time more effectively. A comment here and there if they choose, fine. Everyday, in and out is obsessive. I think Brandi and Leanne are enjoying the mess that surrounds them on Twitter. Keeps them relevant.

    • Mayamae says:

      I hadn’t been impressed by Joyce so far, but she handled this with dignity and grace.

      I’m no fan of Brandi’s. She benefited from the instant martyr ism that seems to happen to celebrities who are cheated on (add Liberty and Heidi). I think she’s a messy drunk with a constant mouth full of her foot. But I can’t judge her intent. I find that when white straight people have good friends so are not white or straight, they think they’re allowed to joke as if they are part of that community. How many straight people like to talk about “my gays”?

    • Jayna says:

      @Don’tbuyit, really great post.

    • Sal says:

      Agreed. I just cannot support Brandi anymore and it really hurts because I was Team Brandi since around 2 years ago. Her saying she “doesn’t see it (her not thinking before speaking) changing anytime soon” basically says that she doesn’t give a shit and is comfortable with blurting things out, and is lazy and can’t be bothered changing. Anyone can make an effort to *think* before speaking, its not that hard, its automatic. There is no excuse for her not to make an effort, but shes all but said she doesn’t want to make the effort to change. I think she has very VERY severe alcoholism. I should know, I’ve been around more than a few. Its a pity her friend Jennifer can’t be arsed to help Brandi, just as Brandi helped her. Jen needs to take her for a drive to the beach but take her to a rehab clinic instead. I know she said she doesn’t drink when she has her kids, but you don’t need to drink every day to classify as an alcoholic, binge drinking can do as much if not more damage as drinking 3 or more glasses each day. At the very least, she is a binge drinker and she is an alcohol abuser. I honestly believe that, like Sandra Bullock’s character Gwen in ’28 Days’ that if Brandi stopped for a week she’d be all tremors and showing signs of alcohol withdrawal. She clear has a hardcore VERY SEVERE alcohol dependency problem, and if Jennifer Gimenez was any kind of friend, she’d have her in a rehab clinic for at least 28 days. Brandi is an alcoholic and really, really needs a friend to help her get help.

      I don’t believe her personality is as it is, I believe her breakup and her problems with that psycho Leann is really twisting her into a person she is not, and the alcohol is making it worse. I believe she is a good-hearted person underneath, but the alcohol is killing her soul. That’s what its doing, its killing her soul.

      I will NEVER, on this planet or a distant galaxy in 387 lifetimes, ever support or defend Leann and what she has done to Brandi and her children. But I can no longer support Brandi, at all. She needs serious help, but unfortunately she, just like Leann, has no true friends that are willing to help her.

  32. Samtha says:

    She’s not even a hot mess anymore. She’s just a plain old mess.

  33. Aggie says:

    Ok so what’s the difference between what she said and saying that white people can’t jump/dance/run/whatever? Or saying that Asians are bad drivers? And I think what she said was stereotypical, not full blown racist. I’m so sick and tired of this kind of thing. People cherry pick what they want to be offensive and unleash helll on only certain people when they do something that has been designated as majorly offensive. If what she said was racist, then a lot of sports reporters are racist for making comments about white NBA players.

  34. AG says:

    Oh, the two-tiered self-defense of all racists.
    A) I’m not racist. B) I have black friends. Gross.

  35. MynameisPeaches! says:

    Of course not Brandi because some of your best friends are black. Yup that’s one of the benefits of having a black friend it gives people like Brandi a green light to say any racist thing they want.

  36. GeeMoney says:

    I don’t think she’s racist… she just doesn’t think before she speaks. Being that type of person on a reality TV show is ratings gold for the network, but if that type of person is not careful, it could be the nail in their coffin. Yeesh.

    Anyhoo, I get what she was saying about how she jokes like that with her black friends. As a black person, I like to crack silly jokes like that with my non-black friends. It’s all in jest, and they know it just as much as I know it. And just because you crack jokes like that doesn’t make you racist (maybe tasteless to a certain extent, but def not racist).

    The problem with what she said is more about who she said it to – someone who was NOT her friend. If you are a person who cracks jokes like that and you are meeting people for the first time or getting to know someone, you need to feel them out before you say things like that to them, b/c you never know if they will be fine with what you said or if they will be offended. Not everyone can handle “racial” jokes, and not to mention, not all people can handle people who have no filter.

    It’s almost if she’s not concerned with other people and how they feel… she just wants to be herself and if it costs her potential friends, then so be it. That’s not a smart way to be, and in time, we will see how being that way costs her (if we haven’t already).

    Honestly, I secretly wish that her, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian would all move to Antarctica and never come back just so we could be rid of their silliness, their drama, and everything else that comes with them. But it seems as if they aren’t going away any time soon, so we just all have to deal with them for now.

    Oh, the horror…

    • Josephina says:

      “..Not everyone can handle “racial” jokes, and not to mention, not all people can handle people who have no filter…”— Oh, really???

      So… If you had a few friends that were men, known to beat or verbally insult their wives, and they made inference to casual, eerie comments like “that’s why I had to beat her ass last night, hahahah!” You would laugh along with your male friends because, after all, you’re all hanging out at the bar drinking and you don’t wanna kill the mood of fun and laughs?

      Honey, draw the line in the sand and stand firm…

      • Linda says:

        Josephina, um, are you okay today? GeeMoney explained it perfectly and yet you come out of left field talking about men beating and verbally insulting their wives, huh?? Take a deep breath and relax.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Linda-

        Racist comments are abusive, sting, can cripple and leave a lasting memory. That’s why there are laws against it.

        I used the abusive husband as a more obvious example of apparent, and consistent, bad behavior. His mistreatment towards his wife is never a one-time occurrence. It is something you end up choosing to live with (see Brandi) unless you leave him.

        Some people unwittingly allow abuse into their lives, while others stand firm on keeping it out. GeeMoney makes you feel comfortable with jokes about race. She allows the unnecessary to occur.

        Imagine a true friendship where both respect each other based on character, not having the need to talk about race. You are not avoiding , you just know the that the love and respect for another has nothing to do with race. I have many friends that are white, not one of them ever felt the need to joke in my presence or vice versa. And no, they are not walking on eggshells. But you do have to move away from stereotypes because they are misleading. It is a choice of how you see the world – not through any prism of stereotypes.

        Now do you get what I am saying?

      • GeeMoney says:

        Oh, the snarkiness that could come out of my mouth right now, Josephina… I’m going to refrain.

        I’ve read some of your comments throughout this thread, and I think you are overreacting a little. Obviously you are sensitive to comments such as the ones that Brandi made, which is fine, b/c we are all different. You are entitled to your opinion.

        However, I stand by what I wrote, and I think I explained myself thoroughly. Thanks to Linda who backed me up.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        “Imagine a true friendship where both respect each other based on character, not having the need to talk about race. ” – Josephina

        I have had only a few women friends in my life who happened to be black. We sometimes talked about race, but only in a shaking our heads way in sadness over thoughtless, ignorant, bigoted people. Mostly we just had fun together or leaned on each other when times were tough.

        The point I’m trying to make is my black, white, muslim, young, old, overweight, thin, religious, or atheist friends and I NEVER made jokes about things that were hurtful and we NEVER made off the cuff thoughtless remarks. People who give a shit don’t even think of making lighthearted remarks about a friend’s husband’s infidelity, or tell a friend she needs to skip a meal, or say they’re too old to wear that outfit, or even make fun of how someone talks, or disparage an opinion you disagree with; you just don’t go there.

        Josephina is not too sensitive. There is everything right with saying you’re sick and tired of this stereotypical, racist, uncaring, kind of talk and you’re not going to take it laying down. I remember in grade school telling people to knock off their ignorant nasty ‘jokes’. We don’t make excuses for freakin’ Fit Mom, for Gawd’s sake, so why are we giving any kind of pass to a low life drunk racist? I honestly can’t believe some of y’all are not getting that cracks like Brandi’s are the last straw for A LOT of people, and this crap is not harmless, and it DOES add up.

        I’d rather err on the side of saying “Hey, cut that shit out!” than letting it slide.

      • glaugh says:

        Josephina, you are all over every single Brandi related post on this website. You obviously HATE her, which is fine, but you seem to spend a ton of time talking about her. I dont understand why you hate her so much. I mean, people are not just black and white (no pun intended)… a lot of the things you say about Brandi and how she deserved to be cheated on/hurt etc offend ME. Pretty disgusting comments. Just saying.

      • Josephina says:


        That’s your business if you live a life in an environment where racial slurs are acceptable.

        And I don’t hate anyone. These comments are certainly nothing to sweep under the rug.

        Haven’t you fans swept enough of her Brandi’s comments under the rug as it is?

        Maybe where you reside this behavior is accepted as norm. However, if you act ugly and it is offensive, there should be a conversation to resolve the conflict.

        If It is your choice to accept negative, misleading racial stereotypes, then surely you can accept my choice not to. Self-respect starts from within. Thank God Joyce had enough self-respect to speak up and defend herself.

      • glaugh says:

        @Josephina I am not just talking about “racial slurs” Brandi has made. I meant that you are in every single Brandi post, saying she deserved to be cheated on and is a piece of filth. Oftentimes your comments are in response to generic stories about her, stuff that shouldn’t upset you so much. What are your reasons for hating her? Honestly? It’s kinda weird.

        And as a so-called “fan” I’m not defending anything she’s done, personally. Just questioning the hate she gets from you.

  37. Sam says:

    The Brandi apologists are sad. I don’t even read the threads anymore because they seem so delusional. No matter what she does they manage to find an excuse or somehow mention Leannee. I only came on this thread to see what excuses they would make for her now and sure enough……..

  38. Janet says:

    Favorite line of every Southern segregationist: “Some of my best friends are colored.”

    • Josephina says:

      Very true!

      They think the way they think is harmless and natural. You know, like the good ole’ Southern times of segregation and Jim Crow laws! Oh my, those were the days…

      • Thiajoka says:

        Making bigoted blanket statements based on stereotypes is pretty much why we’re here. So, I’m from Mississippi. Still live here, in fact. Voted for Obama both times and wish I could vote for him again. And yeah, there is a lot of racism here, some overt, some coded, but then making blanket statements about all Southerners includes Southerners like me being labeled as the same and it irks me, frankly. Sort of like when W. was president and foreigners on political sites castigated Americans in general for voting him in–well, I didn’t. So backtrack a bit, please. Only a little bit, at least, to allow for less stereotyping or prejudice, whichever the philosophical aspect of this argument about Brandi’s inappropriate behavior has been decided in favor of. Frankly, QQ’s “Drunk catfaced old asshole” post still sums it up for me about Brandi, without having to insult everyone in the South in order to make a beleaguered point.

    • Tiki Bar Queen says:

      You know, i’m southern. and i’ve seen/heard/felt less racism here than in NY and Washington DC. People here arent hyper aware of race and overstepping/understepping racial lines. People just live and let live and get along. Maybe because its a rural community where everyone kind of depends on everybody to get through the farm and government dependent economies but theres a lot less racism here than I felt in big cities up North.

      • Josephina says:

        Most freedom fighters would have to travel down South to help and energize the Southern blacks subjected to Jim Crow Laws practiced in the South to fight for their civil rights. One of the those frequent visitors was Martin Luther King Jr. was who assassinated in Tennessee, which is part of the South. In fact, most lynchings occurred in the South.

        You must not be aware of the lack of political representation most blacks in the South still struggle with today.

        Maybe you missed the Zimmerman trial in FL that occurred in the South? Dude was acquitted after he admitted killing a black youth, and has been arrested 3 times since for aggressive behavior.

        The NAACP is still quite active in the South as we speak defending children’s quality education and fair employment.

        The South is where it all began.

        But hey, if you don’t see or feel anything going on…

      • mayamae says:


        Like Original Kitten said upthread, since I’m white I don’t have an opinion on the black community’s commentary on black culture. Having said that, I have a comment that fits in with your comment about racism in the south.

        After a lifetime in the Chicagoland area, I moved to the Atlanta area 6 years ago. I was expecting to witness more overt racism by white people than I was raised with – I did. What shocked me the most was the (what seems to be) acceptance of racism within the southern black culture. I work in a very large, very racially diverse hospital. So many times I’ve witnessed a white person saying borderline racist things, and there are black folks nodding right along. It blew me away. In fact, I was super gung ho on Obama’s first presidential race (I voted for him to be elected to the Illinois US Senator) so I proudly displayed my Obama/Biden button (a risky thing) and I was pretty good friends with a fellow nurse who was black. He found it a little shocking that I wore my button, and basically said it’s not something he felt comfortable doing. It was so bizarre. Sometimes it’s as simple as having no problem with the rebel flag, but goes as far as simply shrugging with a “watcha gonna do” attitude. To make very clear, I am specifically speaking of southern born and bred blacks. There is a huge number of black employees from Africa and Caribbean islands, and they are much more willing to call people out in these situations.

        Other than simply being born and raised in this culture, I think it can be argued that the younger generation is less invested in civil rights because they did not experience the height of Jim Crow laws. I’ve read that the same is showing to be true in South Africa. Whereas in the past, the Afrikaan language was seen by blacks to be the language of oppressors, the younger black generation was polled, and the majority now say they have no problem with Afrikaan. This is attributed to the fact that none of them experienced apartheid.

  39. grayze says:

    I wish people honestly took the time to think about what the word “racism” meant. Whenever someone gets called a racist or accused of racism, the response is always, “No, no! I’m a good person! I have [pick your race] friends! I was just joking/being inappropriate/teasing.” There’s this conception that engaging in racism or being racist means “unforgivable douchebag who wants all non-white people to die” and I think that’s why people kneejerk against the term so hard: “Nuh uh! I am NOT racist!”

    Racism is when you make judgments about people based on their race – when you come to an understanding of people and how they are based on their race. Relating blackness to whether or not someone can swim is a racist comment by definition, joking overtones or not – it’s a judgment based on race. People can be generally good and decent people and say racist things sometimes without realizing it. People can have friends who are not white and say racist things. Anyone at any time can say a racist thing. It’s deeply entrenched in our culture and our cultural identity. (Personal example? For the longest time when I felt cheated I used the phrase, “I got gypped” without realizing it was a slur – and when I found out, I didn’t use it any more.)

    The trick is to own it and be an adult about it. Instead of all this defensive BS, recognize – yeah, I did just make a judgment about an entire group of people based on race, and it’s inaccurate. Apologize for that. Don’t do it again.

    It doesn’t have to be this hard. I wish people could just own up to wishing they hadn’t said something, or recognizing it for what it is, and then go on from there.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “(Personal example? For the longest time when I felt cheated I used the phrase, “I got gypped” without realizing it was a slur – and when I found out, I didn’t use it any more.)”

      Oh my…I feel like a moron for not even making the connection to gypsies. Never even thought about it.

      Anyway, great comment.

    • H26 says:

      Great post. :)

      I had a co-worker let me know the origins of that saying years ago. I hadn’t realized either. He did in a completely non-judgmental way. ” hey did you know that saying is a slur against gypsies?” and hey no I didn’t. And so i stopped using it.

      • abby says:

        Thanks for the heads up. Totally guilty over here. Never thought about it before. But yeah, over the years there have been a few other phrases that have given me pause and I’ve now refrained from using. I think most people, once armed with such information, will make an honest effort to stop racist/prejudiced behaviors.

        As to this topic in particular, I would not have seen the humor in this “joke”, or at least it would have been lost on me. The sterotype is unfamiliar or not used here the same as in the US it seems.
        I am from the Caribbean and we blacks do swim (and even those who cannot swim will wade into the ocean during the summer days to cool off), whether the hair is natural, relaxed or weaved – we tend to keep the hairstylists busy I guess, although some clearly attempt to keep their hair dry or will use a cap.
        Many of the schools in my country have a required swimming course unless a student is otherwise excused by the parent.
        My mother never learnt to swim but that never stopped her from going to the beach (and into the water) and taking us with her. She demanded that each of us learn at very young ages so we never got a parental excuse to skip swimming classes. And yeah, if we forgot to wear our swim caps then we had to wash our relaxed hair nearly twice as often because the chlorine in the pool does not agree with a chemical relaxer but that extra washing causes the relaxer to come out faster. Yeah, those were the days.
        Granted, I know sometimes people simply don’t want to bother with the hassle of washing out the chlorine but that is simply a choice. It does not mean they cannot swim but rather they choose not, and perhaps for good reason as I hear some of those quality weaves are rather expensive, as is going to the salon regularly. So I guess for us, the “joke” if you will, is not about swimming ability and more about the extreme measures women, mostly, (of all ethnicities) wearing weaves/relaxers/perms, etc will go to avoid getting their hair wet, whether they themselves are in the water or not.

        I am natural. Rocking an afro since 1995. I swim at the beach, the pool, whatever, whenever, and wash, deep condition (my compact portable hair dryer – not to be confused with a blow dryer – does it in 10 min) add some hair product, air dry and I am pretty good to go with hardly a care.

        So yeah, this “joke” would have been lost on me because black people, regardless of hairtype/style will and can swim. Very much so. My friends from Jamaica and Barbados are also rather fond of swimming so I know it’s not local. I guess I am just not familiar with the experience/behavior that Brandi (and several in this post) alludes to, or at the very least, we see it differently.

  40. K-rock says:

    Wow she seems to really be going downhill fast. The booze and the fillers, she’s ruining her natural beauty. The upcoming clip from next weeks show kinda freaked me out when she was chugging wine from the bottle and Vander-dump was trying to get the bottle away from her, was scary to watch. I’m not trying to preach but her kids yanno? I don’t know. I’m no angel so I guess I can’t judge.

  41. msw says:

    Gah. I like Brandi, mostly, but FFS. It’s so uncool to objectify people the way she does. First it was “her gays” and now this. I’m starting to see a pattern.

  42. HK9 says:

    Brandi, put down the wine, your little racist mind is showing.

    The black lifeguard, without a weave.

  43. Asiyah says:

    What gets to me about her is that she will say anything for attention. You’re over 40. Those little ‘LOOK AT ME!’ games stopped being cute once she hit the double digits.

  44. kells-bells says:

    Here’s the thing, I don’t think she said it to be hateful of mean – I think she doesn’t think before words come out of her mouth and she was generalizing based on African Americans she knows. Nobody should make generalizations about race, or religion or gender – or politics for that matter, but people do it all the time – And no good ever comes from it.
    People think nothing of saying things like: All Italians are in the mob (Stereotype,) people who are Jewish are cheap ( stereotype,) all Republicans are racists (stereotype) all people with diabetes are lazy ( a stereotype that is not only wrong, but affects fundraising efforts for a type 1 diabetes cure,) all muslims are terrorists (stereotype) and so on. People get so desensitized to what the hell comes out of their mouths – Especially when alcohol, drama and vying for camera time comes into the mix.
    Was it a stupid comment with racist overtones, yeah it was – even if she didn’t mean it that way. She should apologize & learn from it & use it as a teaching tool – we all should.
    Words do hurt & all of us have to be more aware that what we say and how we say it, really does matter – regardless of whether the cameras are rolling or not.

  45. Bgirl81 says:

    Now let’s play Are You A Racist, A Moron, Or Both: Drunken Skanks Edition!

    Who says stuff like that?! *Sitting quietly for a moment* Seriously….WHO DOES THAT?!

    • kells-bells says:

      FTR, I don’t say or agree with any of those stereotypes I used as examples, but being of italian, jewish and irish descent, I’ve had the mob & the jewish stereotypes said to me more times than I’d care to admit. People say offensive crap without thinking all the time. .

      • Bgirl81 says:

        I’m half Jewish and half Italian (hey, girl!) and I totally get what you’re saying. I’ve heard a few doozies in my time too and there are times when people just….say something dumb. In her case, though, that was just painful to watch, am I right? I don’t think homegirl is actually a racist, I just think she sees herself as the “I can say anything and people will say, ‘Oh BRANDY…you are incorrigible!’” chick and fails to realize there are limits. It’s a shame that there weren’t any Jewish people there, because it was the perfect moment for someone to say to her:

        Gai kaken oifen yam!

        (For those of you who don’t know Yiddish, this translates to “Go s**t in a lake.”, appropriate, no?! :) )

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah..I’m not saying my friends and I are perfect but none of us would make any of the stereotypes you mentioned and if they did, I wouldn’t be friends with them.

  46. Cody says:

    There are nice drunks and mean drunks and Brandi is the mean drunk . I was watching last night a little of the show but had to turn it off, actually watched a football game with my husband . The show should be called The narcissistic wives of Beverly Hills .

  47. Ming says:

    It’s interesting how so many perfect people who’ve never made a mistake or said something ignorant while drunk come to celebitchy and comment.

    • Renee says:

      I’ve said plenty of dumb things when I’m drunk but never anything like that. Those things don’t come out of my mouth drunk or sober. As they say, “A drunken mind speaks a sober heart.”

    • bbb1975 says:

      Heres the thing, Most people have said things that have inadvertantly hurt or offended someone and later regretted it, BUT mature adults make sincere heartfelt apologies (not damage control/PR endorsed ones) and LEARN from their mistakes. This is not the first time Brandi has run off at the mouth and unless she stops drinking it probably won’t be the last. She thinks her antics are cute and, worse, funny. She needs to understand and learn, words can and do have the power to hurt. Its not funny or a joke. She is a 40 year old woman and mother, she needs to grow up and really own up to her actions and stop making lame excuses.

  48. LilyT says:

    I’m half black and HATE swimming. One reason is the hair, but i think many women of any race can relate to this one. The other is that i SUCK at it. When i force myself into a pool, its not so much that I’m “swimming”, I’d describe it as “flopping around desperately and trying not to die.”

    That said, i don’t think Brandi is so much a racist, she’s just an ignorant sheltered idiot. She just doesn’t know when to keep her overly inflated lips shut.

  49. neelyo says:

    She’s a reality show loser. Her words are meaningless. It’s the racism of some our lawmakers which is a real problem.

  50. matia says:

    Can someone send josephina a xanax please? That’s all I got after reading this thread.

  51. karolina says:

    Okay, I don’t understand the outrage. Yeah, she is stupid, but I thought that itis more or less a fact that MOST (not all!) black people can’t swim. No access to swimming pools or swimming lessons, parents don’t know how to swim, hair, whatever the reasons are. Google says tis :”USA Swimming–the national governing body for swimming–found that nearly 70 percent of Black children cannot swim;” Some things are just the way they are, no matter how pc it is. Of course it is ignorant to assume that every black person you meet doesn’t know how to swim, but stating that most black people don’t know how to swim is not wrong!

    • Josephina says:

      Please correct that statement and just talk about African Americans in the U.S. , which may represent the only the 4th largest population of blacks in the world and in culture, standing behind of course, the following:

      Central America/South America

      As stated before most blacks can swim. The smaller culture population of African Americans in the U.S.? … Now if you cannot stand up for your own, then who will?

      Furthermore, Brandi did not offer the snarky remark as a source of revelation and wisdom. She said it with the intent to insult Joyce.

      Again, stereotypes about races are misleading. You are usually judging from at a very finite, small sample pool size.

      You would have to be willing to open your eyes and realize that it is near impossible to track true data about a race of people that is global.

      Where I come from, everybody CAN swim. It’s really not a big deal.

      As said before, Joyce was right to let her have it.

  52. cinderella says:

    Whether you swim or whether you don’t, whether your hair is natural or enhanced…if you love yourself and believe in yourself, a drunk reality star’s ignorance is not going to wreck your day.

    If an employer is going to pass you over because your hair isn’t straight, they’re not the company to work for. This is 2013, and the people who are making it are not allowing morons to stop them.

  53. Norman says:

    This seems well beyond a Freudian slip, more like an unguarded statement of what she feels is true. She or her defenders can bring out the “political correctness” argument but what does her CYA statement “I’ve got black friends’ and empty “gee sorry you where offended” apology say about her? Brandi is deep in the quicksand and she is not helping herself with the CYA apologies and frankly I don’t think she gives a hoot.

  54. Jayna says:

    Big correction. Brandi WAS NOT drunk when she made the comment. She’s not racist but she is such an ignorant person on so many levels. This was earlier in the day. She was completely lucid. She had to go in and even get her first drink. I found her rudeness to the host the worst part, making fun of her name by pretending she couldn’t remember it over and over and over. She went after Joyce with her remaks never in good-natured fun. She was goading her.

    Her skanky drunk behavior at dinner was her lowest point. She was vicious and mean, and I should have just turned the show off. Her low-class behavior taunting the host and slurring her words is getting old. Brandi is a mean drunk and I don’t find her fun. She keeps telling people to F u c k off because she will let off steam when she wants to. There’s letting off steam and she’s way past that. The problem is she isn’t fun. A slurring, belligerent drunk who verbally attacks people is not fun to be around and definitely not fun to watch. If she isn’t bothered by all the clips of how trashed she gets, then I don’t know what to say. Nothing is getting through to her to dial it back a little. And her kissing that bag of bones, Carlton, who is scary looking, is so desperate. Come on, Brandi. You can do better than this.

  55. Twez says:

    “I’m not racist. I’m just a drunken asshole.”

  56. Az says:

    That Eddie Cibrian does have a type, doesn’t he? Stupid. The type, not Mr. Cibrian.

  57. Celebby says:

    First of all, let’s get real – the context was a table of women sniping at one another during a dinner ( with a few exceptions, like Joyce, the very elegant host).

    Brandy and several of the women were visibly irritated and annoyed at the beautiful new girl/beauty queen Joyce – just for being the new blood on the show that they have to accept (by the way that woman, Joyce, has the most luxurious mane of hair I’ve ever seen – not a weave, either).

    Kyle Richards was having a spat with that other blonde, David Foster’s wife, and Brandi who loves to kiss the latter’s azz was playing bodyguard. But before that, it was just drunken sniping on the part of Brandi while her enablers laughed and snickered.

    It was CLEAR to anyone with eyes and ears, when she suddenly out of the effing blue, used the ‘You’re black,’ comment at Joyce – not only did it not make sense, but Brandi did it like it was just one more insult (and she had had others nasty swipes at Joyce up to that point as well, which Joyce just brushed off).

    So THAT is but one of the ways she was being racist right there. When her comment was met with stunned silence devoid of snickers and hee hees, she got nervous and tried to backtrack by going the ‘all my black friends,’ route and the ‘they don’t want to get their ‘weave’ fk’d up.’ Well, it’s plain that Joyce had her number. SHe got up and left the table. She knows and insult when she hears one.

    Also, Joyce has no need for a weave, her hair is down to her behind and thick, Brandi’s stereotype about blacks are referring to a subset of a subset of black people here in the U.S. who historically may have come from landlocked non-coastal states, and because they historically did not wear their curly hair natural (to better fit in with white society), they needed to avoid water to maintain it staying straight. What does that have to do with Joyce, who hails from an Island in the year 2013.

    Does Brandi think Rihanna, who’s from Barbados, can’t swim either, despite seeing her in the ocean every other week – all over mags vacationing in water, on jet skis, etc.?

    Point is, her race comment was meant as insult, which is another reason, on top of the stereotype, why it was racist.

    So to all the people, being troll-ish and asking why white people can’t joke around and make fun of black people like black people may sometimes do amongst their own black friends and family — (and poor you, how are you ever supposed to know, that it’s different when you do it???…waaaah) – cut the crap! I’m sure you know gay people, or jewish people, or Italians, etc., who discuss their own culture irrerevently, but that doesn’t mean they’d abide someone outside of that group doing same. ..and it’s precisely for this reason: Brandi used her screwed up ‘knowledge,’ base, as an insult to a girl she was jealous of. It was not endearing, or affectionate. It was an insult. That is why people from outside a group can’t go there – because of racists like Brandi, who think calling someone ‘black,’ is a great way to slam them. Neither she, nor you trolls, are fooling anyone.

  58. Caz says:

    I watched my first whole episide of RHOBH and was gosmacked. Surely everything is scripted and none of what they say is real. No-one can really be like that can they?

    No-one here in Aus knows or cares about Brandi. She was portrayed as a nasty sloppy drunk with no redeeming qualities. And seems to court the attention. No wonder she inspires so much gossip site discussion.

  59. vvvoid says:

    I dunno, I don’t consider this to be racist as much as it was stupid to say on a TV show. Maybe it’s because all my friends/boyfriends of various racial backgrounds make comments like this to me regarding either my whiteness or Native American descent [for example: "lol, archery is a hobby of yours, how very white of you" or "keep that mixed blood wagonburner away from the whiskey!"] and I just laugh and it’s totally not offensive, and if I make a joke of a similar nature about whatever their racial stereotype is, they laugh and give it right back to me. Because it’s a joke, and we’re friends. I don’t see this as “textbook racism.”

  60. Amelia says:

    Brandi is a knnobbly kneed middle age drunkie. She is a mess because she is still in love with Eddie and can’t get over the fact that he has moved on. Eddie is a very smart man to have left this knobbly legged drunk.