Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 is pregnant, still doesn’t have custody of son: disaster?

In case you don’t know who Jenelle Evans is and/or want to kill some time, you can peruse our past stories on her. The Teen Mom 2 star has multiple drug arrests, an assault arrest, multiple stints in rehab, and volatile relationships with a string of boyfriends that she plays out on Twitter. The last time we reported on her, her boyfriend was being arrested for DUI and her explanation was that they were trying to have sex, I assume while the guy was driving.

So now Jenelle is pregnant again, for real not for drama’s sake (she did that), with that same guy who got a DUI. I’m surprised she’s been with him a whole few months. Earlier this year, she got married and divorced within six weeks. (Not to her child’s father, to another guy.) Jenelle has a son, Jace, 4, whom she lost custody of to her mother. Here’s more on this story, thanks to US Weekly:

Jenelle Evans is gearing up for baby No. 2! Multiple sources confirm the Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith. The reality star already has son Jace, 4, from her past relationship with ex Andrew Lewis.

Evans, 21, and the part-time underwear model have been dating for several months. Although the star doesn’t have custody of Jace (her mother Barbara does), the couple often share pictures of themselves and the baby boy together. In October, the three smiled big for a Halloween snapshot via Twitter dressed up as superheroes — with Evans wearing a tight-fitting leather Catwoman costume.

One month earlier, Evans and Griffith got in quite the predicament with a North Carolina police officer. According to the Huffington Post, the couple were pulled over on Sept. 7 when the trained MMA fighter was caught driving erratically. Their response to the behavior? “Honestly, we were trying to have sex,” Evans replied.

Evans — who broke out on MTV in season 2 of 16 and Pregnant in 2010 — has been arrested nine times in three years. Her most recent arrest occurred when she served 48 hours in jail after failing a drug test. Evans smiled for her mugshot after being tested positive for marijuana.

[From US Weekly]

I hope she’s sober and stable, but given her record I doubt it. Still, we haven’t heard about her in a whole three months, that’s something. She also insists, on Twitter, that she has changed.

In related news, Teen Mom 3 was just canceled after one season while Evans’ Teen Mom 2 seems to be soldiering on. Rumor has it that Teen Mom 3 didn’t have enough drama for the audience to stick with it. I guess we know how young moms like Evans end up on television.

Also, Jenelle just got a puppy, she posted it on Instagram. The commenters are yelling at her, with one woman pointing out that Jenelle gave one dog away and put another one down recently.



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  1. Gabby says:

    This girl should not have a puppy, let alone a baby.

  2. Dani2 says:

    Wow, I feel so sorry for her kids – they’re the innocent party in this, they haven’t done anything wrong. If she loves them at all, she’ll do one of two things – a) get her life together for real and be a good mother or b) give them up for adoption – there are plenty of good, stable adults out there that would give anything to be parents.

    • Mika says:

      I agree with option A..but regarding option B, I’ve heard a lot about how fucked up the adoption process in the US (I’m not from the US) and many ended up with either worse parents or spending their life going from one orphanage to the other. I just want someone to clear this up for me. Is this even true?

      In my country, it’s a hush-hush business.. I don’t know about the legal ones but I’ve seen how one of my aunts did it. She couldn’t have her own children so she actually searched for a pregnant woman who’s willing to give up her baby for a certain price. The woman that she met was pregnant with her 6th child and she was only 23/24 while her husband is 50 something. They were poor (I heard that her husband gambled a lot) and they live in a house which has no flooring at all, just dirt, and their only water source is the well behind their house. My aunt supplied her with all the stuff that she needed, supplements, baby clothes etc and paid about 6000 MYR to them. The pregnancy went well and she had a healthy baby girl and my aunt registered the baby as hers and that’s it. Kinda weird, isn’t it?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Babies get adopted rather quickly from what I understand. Sadly, it’s often the older children who languish in the foster care system.

        I hate to say this but almost any alternate scenario is better for Jenelle’s baby.
        This woman is a danger to her children.

    • Decloo says:

      I firmly believe that young women with multiple arrests who cannot adequately care for their children should be forced to have their tubes tied until they can prove they have been stable for several years.

  3. Froggy says:

    MTV should make sterilization or at least birth control part of their contracts.
    I feel so bad for the babies.

  4. teehee says:

    LOL…. thats what instantly came to mind…. and thats all that comes to mind…. really the most unfit people do have the most kids, cos they do the least preparing and reflecting before ‘deciding’ to have a family. This is just accidents and irresponsibility—- but the unfortunate result is a child that has to live with the parents’ ignorance. There are so many lovely couples who want nothing more than to have their own children, and have everything ready, but are infertile. I fear for the future…. :P

  5. Mika says:

    It’s sickening that people pay problematic girls like her to be on a show instead of actually helping them.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      This moron is intentionally using innocent (and not so innocent) people around her to create drama and secure ratings. Apologies to any of you who watch this trash, but only an idiot would call this entertainment. Shame on MTV for encouraging such ridiculous people to parade their lives for the cameras when they have no morals or know no shame.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Nauseating. This makes me so angry.

  7. blue marie says:

    Just because you can have children, doesn’t mean you should..

  8. Joy says:

    And she has tons of followers who think she does no wrong. She should have been spayed.

  9. Jessica says:

    I’m sure this sounds cruel, but she looks like a psycho. Getting pregnant is her only *talent* so she’s exploiting the crap out of it.

  10. GeeMoney says:

    I can’t believe that I’m single and childless and she’s not. What the hell am I doing wrong?

  11. heebeegeebee says:

    i find this talk of sterilization and spaying of a human being really disturbing and inappropriate. I understand where its coming from but I don’t think we should be so flippant. I agree she should not be allowed to keep her kids though.

  12. Oceansoul89 says:

    BIRTH CONTROL!!!! How hard is it to go to the nearest clinic and get the pill, shot, condom, IUD? Most places offer free condoms! The college I went to has a free birth control program! Pure laziness on her part.

  13. Audrey says:

    She makes forced sterilization look appealing

  14. Kiki says:

    I understand that addiction is extremely hard to overcome. I know she had a problem with heroin, which is so hard to kick and has a high relapse rate. She should have gotten an IUD to ensure she isn’t bringing a baby into this world when she is not healthy.

  15. DreamyK says:

    I was told once by someone who was a sponsor for an addict friend, that newly sober people should see if they can keep a houseplant alive the first year of their sobriety.

    Jenelle is a plant killer.

  16. jelynn says:

    She’s actually still married, with no immediate plans to divorce.

  17. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    This is making me stabby. THIS is why I want to adopt foster kids–because of f-kwits like this girl right here. I’ve seen this so many times in my family, that it’s not even funny. Almost all of my female cousins are like this girl (not drug addicts). The majority of them don’t have a good job, and aren’t even in school to *try* and get a good job to better provide for their kids. Their guys don’t stick around for very long after they have the babies–one of my cousins actually did have a good guy who tried to do the right thing by his daughter (child support, arranging custody), but she ran him off–won’t let him see her. I have another cousin who is fully supported by her dad and mom–she doesn’t have a job, she goes to college online–paid for by my uncle, has a kid, has FREE babysitting by my aunt and uncle, and she is pregnant again (and she announced it on Thanksgiving to the entire family–my aunt and uncle didn’t even know and she’s due any day now).

    Irresponsible. I just can’t believe that in an age where you can go and buy yourself condoms and birth control (or probably get them free at a Planned Parenthood) without parental permission, WHY people feel the need to have unprotected sex. My mom doesn’t understand it either. She’s almost 50–when she was a teenager, if you wanted birth control under the age of 18, you had to have a note from your parents or they had to go with you to get it.

    Ugh–the kids are the ones who’ll lose in this scenario–always. I just was at my grandma’s and I watched a doc. on the ‘Half Ton Killer’–the woman who weighed 800 pounds, lost 600, and confessed to killing her little nephew on accident–but it was the sister. Her sister was in prison–and she still had her parental rights. WTF is that about? This woman’s kids are in foster care, she won’t sign her rights away to her sister–God. And she’s saying stuff like “I’m not dead, I’m still alive, I’m their mother”–yeah. You’re in prison for KILLING your youngest kid. Why on earth would she still have her rights?

    This is really pissing me off right now. I can’t read these posts or the ones about Brooke Mueller/Charlie Sheen anymore. They’re all shitty people.

    • nicegirl says:

      VC, I have read lots of your comments, and I wish you the very best the world has to offer. It really seems as if you care deeply for others and have a big place in your heart for children. I sure hope you get to adopt/care for the kids you hope for and plan for in your future. Best wishes to you, VC.

  18. HumanRightsApplyToChildrenToo says:

    Anyone who’s had their child(ren) removed from their care should be forced to be sterilized or at the least forced birth control. Having and raising children is not a right, check the charter. My “Parents” were horrible, neglectful and abusive in every way etc, my sister and I were repeatedly and finally permanently removed from there care. 20 years later the same issues repeated themselves with my brother. We have costs society exponentially having grown-up in the system and needed its support in lieu of having actual parents. They would not remove my brother from her care after interviewing my sister and I, determining we were just “bitter adult children” and the time gap resulted in our files being destroyed so no “concrete” evidence exists of our mistreatment (no apparently being wards of the state doesn’t count, go figure). My brother in 11 years has already tried to stab more than one person, and pushed someone into traffic and my mothers on permanent disability.

    Basically what I’m saying is violent offenders aren’t allowed to own guns, pedophiles can’t hang-out in parks, why should child abusers be permitted to have as many children as they want?!?!

  19. Jennifer12 says:

    Can someone either hold her down and burn her tubes or offer money or cocaine to do so? What a waste of life. I can’t believe she can get pregnant whenever she wants and others struggle for years and are unable to. I feel sorry for whatever carbon based forms of life she attempts to raise.

  20. Norman says:

    Another MTV success story. There are so many wonderful and loving couples who cant have children naturally and what does Jenelle have, a string of criminal activity, a history of bad relationships with men and fighting with women, drugs and now she can add baby factory in perpetuity to her inability to maintain custody of her first child to that villainous resume that is Jenelle Evans. Her second baby like the first deserves a wonderful family, a loving couple, someone to love and care for the little girl or guy, not a hellhole that Jenelle can only offer like she did the first and will without doubt provide the second. Don’t let Jenelle keep the second.

  21. Shan1983 says:

    I say this with no apology- anyone who watches these kinds of shows is directly supporting their actions. We can’t count on MTV developing a conscience, the only thing they understand is “ratings up or down”. This goes for any show (looking at you kardashians). We need look no further than the people tuning in to see who really supports and enables this crap.