Miley Cyrus gets her girls out for ‘equality’: good cause or a beg for attention?

Miley Cyrus

You’re looking at one of Miley Cyrus’ latest Twitter selfies. She’s also made some “Christmas cards” of questionable taste. They’re not particularly raunchy by Miley standards, but they are a nightmare of horrific clipart, so I’ve saved your eyes by inserting them at the bottom of this post (with and some pictures of Miley’s red carpet outfit at the NYC Jingle Ball).

As you can see, Miley is clearly not wearing a shirt or bra in this selfie. I appreciate that she covered the girls with hearts because she saved me the trouble of blurring yet another one of her photos. Miley tweeted that she was showing her rack for a good cause: “It’s not about getting your t-tties out. It's about equality.” She then referenced the @freethenips account, which is linked to an indie film that “challenges the disparity in U.S. media censorship when it comes to violence versus the naked female form.

The movie does seek to make a good point, and I know Miley considers herself one of the biggest feminists in the world. At the same time, Miley’s ripped off her clothes so many times for attention, so it feels like that’s what she’s doing here. For a good cause of course.

Something else happened over the weekend. Remember how Demi Lovato recently confessed how she couldn’t go 30 minutes without cocaine and smuggled it onto airplanes? Miley’s BFF/assistant/enabler, Cheyne Thomas, recorded a YouTube video to mock Demi. You can bet Miley’s on board with this tasteless trick. In the vid, Cheyne confesses, “I can only go 30 to 60 minutes without coke.” as he drinks a bottle of Coca Cola. Ooh, so clever. And rude.

Here’s some pictures of Miley shaking her thang at the NYC Jingle Ball.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Twitter & WENN

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    Oh just f**k off!

  2. jinni says:

    She looks like one of those One Direction boys in the first pic. Also her friend is really lame to make fun of Demi’s confession.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      I love how Joe Jonas comes out and names both her and Demi as potheads who egged him on to try it, and yet Demi is the one that gets lashed out at.

      I bet MY red sequin crop top and studded white booties that she called Joe and asked him to do it herself.

    • Tracy says:

      I always think that she looks like Bieber.

    • Arock says:

      Take away the caption under the pic and it’s a bieber pic. There has to be a photo mash where they come together as one person. Omg. What if they already are? What if they’re just getting the pieces into place and forming a shitty pop voltron? What then, people???!!???

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I thought it was Bieber when I saw that pic!

  3. Lisa says:

    good lord, my eyes! wtf is she wearing???

    • Dutch says:

      Your eyes? Look at hers, so bloodshot and red they could be considered light sources.

      • Paige says:

        And that COATED TONGUE…
        Can she not look at this pic and see how UNATTRACTIVE she is??
        When will she wake up and get EMBARASSED ?
        Maybe not for years?

  4. blue marie says:

    If it were anyone else I could believe it was done in help for equality, but going off her past shenanigans this was strictly for attention.

  5. mary simon says:


  6. Kiddo says:

    She looks good in the last photo. That’s all I’ve got.

  7. Patricia says:

    If I had my nips out on a cold day like that they would hurt for an HOUR due to the cold, I’m sensitive like that. So I gotta hand it to this little attention monster, she must have nips of steel.
    Also Demi puts her personal business out there, relentlessly, so she shouldn’t take it too seriously if she gets a little ribbing. It’s kinda funny, and not a big deal.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      I’m sorry but how is someone’s addiction problems funny or something to mock? Demi puts it out there for people to get some understanding of what she went through and for people to see that anyone can be an addict. Openly mocking her for that is not kind of funny at all.

      • Kristin says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Demi being honest about her addiction troubles is beneficial for other young people to see how it can happen to anyone. Ridiculing her for this is pretty despicable. Mocking someone for being open about their addiction troubles only sends the message to others that addiction is a shameful issue that should be kept secretive, unless you want to get openly made fun of for it.

  8. Aussie girl says:

    Show your little titties off but it’s not cool when your bbf/ assistant is mocking someone’s coke problem. She looks so stoned in that picture.

  9. Allie says:

    She looks like Justin bieber in that pic. Super tasteless calling out Demi, as I thought those two were friends?

  10. Shelby says:

    I thought it was pic of Justin Bieber at first, meh…interchangeable

    • Patricia says:

      I know! She should me more aware of how unsexy and laughable she looks when people can easily mistake her for the Biebs. Definitely NOT the look!

  11. Evi says:

    How stoned is she in that picture? Her eyes are so bloodshot.

  12. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    Okay, honestly, I’m bored now. I’m sort of surprised that it happened this quickly, but I’m bored. I totally defended her new haircut and more “rock” persona when she first started transitioning, but, oh god, it’s so over now and it’s only just begun. She’d best to reinvent herself mighty soon and learn the value of rehearsing before live performances. If she sang on key, people might accept her shenanigans, but absent singing ability, all she has is her schtick that was up fifteen minutes ago. The only thing more unforgivable than a singer with no singing talent is a singer who can sing but doesn’t care enough to do so because it involves twenty minutes of their time for a rehearsal before they get on stage.

  13. bowers says:

    Showing your nips not a particularly liberating move, nor helping any women that I can tell.

    • Gretchen says:

      If boobs served up for public consumption was an equaliser, women’s liberation would have happened by now.

      And since when is “violence versus the naked female form”, an issue? Did I miss something? The two often go hand in hand.

      Yes, censors are pretty lax with depictions of violence, but hell, all you have to do is look at shows like Game of Thrones to notice the disproportionate underrepresentation of the naked male form. Boobs are dime a dozen, dongs are much more difficult to get past censors….so, I don’t get it…..unless the project is going for non-sexualised imagery of the female form that embraces all shapes and sizes?

    • IzzyB says:

      Completely agree. If I feel like Im not being treated equally I get my words out, not my tits.

      These desperate photos and stunts she’s trying to pass off as feminism isn’t doing the movement any favours. Women fought for so long to have their intelligence and opinions recognized. This just makes me sad.

  14. Hannah says:

    I do wonder what the shtick for her next album is going to be. ‘Cause surely, this will have become tired by then (some [I] would argue it already has).

  15. betsy11 says:

    I don’t care about Miley, but “beg” isn’t a noun. There’s no such thing as “a beg for attention.”

    The word to use is “plea.”

  16. Hyena says:

    I don’t think it’s nice to make fun of drug problems but I have no problem with someone making fun of Demi lovato. Drugs and addiction to that girl are like food and weight gain to Jessica Simpson. I feel for them but am sick of their holier than thou attitudes and lying to the public.

  17. Duchess of Corolla says:

    Ugh, the tongue…again! What an idiot. Put your freaking tongue back in your mouth!

  18. GeeMoney says:

    Oh, the horror! My eyes are burning.

  19. Tracy says:

    Same nasty looking tongue, different day.

  20. swack says:

    “It’s not about getting your t-tties out. It’s about equality.” If it’s about equality then when it is warm and all those men are going shirtless, then Miley, you should go shirtless too. THAT would be equality. Flashing your boobies every once in a while is NOT equality. (Yeah, I know, hopefully I haven’t given her any ideas.) Seems like everything she does, good or bad, is for attention.

  21. DenG says:

    I want to see this weirdo do an interview with her tongue hanging out.

  22. Anna says:

    It’s super lame to make fun of Demi, but now it’s gotten to the point where I feel like Demi is just doing this all for sympathy and she needs new interview topics.

  23. Melody says:

    Am convinced at this point that she’s using foundation on her tongue. Mac, probably.

  24. Nicolette says:

    Is it wrong that I’d like to see her stick that ugly tongue to a flag pole in freezing temps and get stuck like “Flick” in “A Christmas Story”?

  25. vvvoid says:

    Lame. She was coked up as usual. Coke makes a lot of people feel like doing outrageous sexual things (some react the extreme opposite though) and so many of her antics reek of cocaine to me. Not weed, not molly (you can’t really do molly all the time and get high, it stops working and you have to space it out by several days at least to feel it again, not just increase the dose like with coke), coke. I would bet anything she’s a major cokehead this past year.

  26. gg says:

    I’m just as traumatized over seeing rubber jeans with a red flannel shirt.

  27. Ruyana says:

    Kind of stupid to blather about equality, Miley, when your every move makes you look like a blow-up doll. Female equality is not about getting naked.

    • Leila says:

      Then female equality also isn’t about dressing modestly and abstaining from overt sexuality.

      • Ruyana says:

        I didn’t say it was.

      • IzzyB says:

        Nobody said don’t be sexual.

        If she were on a sunny beach with topless men and took her top off Id defend her right to do that.

        What is she fighting for here? Our equal right to go topless in the snow?

      • Leila says:

        @IzzyB: To go braless and topless in general, if we want to, without it being a problem.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Which is why there are stores who sell things like Baby Genius in the boys’ section and “I’m So Pretty” and “So Cute” in the girls’ section. There isn’t nearly enough emphasis on girls’ looks, I guess. Not enough emphasis on women being sexual. What a relief that Miley is out there taking off her clothes and posing provocatively and furthering women’s rights.

  28. Alexandra says:

    “It’s not about getting your t-tties out. It’s about equality.” – As in “My t-tties are symmetrical” or what?

  29. emmie_a says:

    I’ve seen/heard things her assistant has said/done in the past and all I can say is these two are made for each other.

  30. Izzy says:

    Holy crap! I honestly thought that was Baby Biebee in the first picture…

  31. Lucy says:

    Well, she had to do something after Beyoncé put out her new record, right?

  32. ALJsMom says:

    She probably thinks how stoned she looks in cute.

  33. Eleonor says:

    She talks about equality after having mocked Sinead o’ Connor and her mental disease.
    Her boyfriend (or whatever he is) makes fun of Demi’s issues.
    Every day vulgarity. Dita was right.

    • Leila says:

      You’re right. If Miley wants to promote equality, she can’t use anyone’s mental illness as a silencing tool. But at the same time, if Sinead wants to talk feminism, she’s going to have to drop the whorephobia and rape apologism.

  34. betteboo says:

    I thought that was Justin Beiber in the first pic

  35. mkyarwood says:

    Okay, I seriously thought that was a photo of Justin Bieber. Also, fine, I agree that boobs shouldn’t be such a giant deal anymore. The reaction one has to a pair of boobs in public is either a)disgust or b) shock and goofball staring. I’d certainly like it if nudity wasn’t relegated to the world of porn and video games. However. Whatever, Miley. All you seem to be is tongue and tits, and that is more likely the Molly than the pent up need for equality.

  36. Jane says:

    She looks like bieber in that photo

  37. Faith says:

    No Miley you’re not being empowering you’re just being a twat please learn the difference.

  38. Leila says:

    The public is so used to Miley’s stunts that her supporting a cause like this one will be seen by most people as just attention-seeking. But she can use overt sexuality to generate press and at the same time be against modesty that is socially imposed on women. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

  39. Fan says:

    She and Justin Bieber should be dating and twerking at each other. I think they will look cute together.

  40. aquarius64 says:

    This wench. Seriously. Check out her interview with Barbara Walters; Miley gave her interview in a way she throws Liam under the bus; that she was the victim of that relationship.

  41. girlnbayou says:

    She wears the most unflattering clothes.

    This is the least ugly thing I can say about her.

  42. Emily C. says:

    I don’t care about her showing her boobs. I just want her to put away her tongue.

  43. Dommy Dearest says:

    I can go only twenty minutes without punching assholes with beanies and plaid. But that’s just me.

    Class act this girl is. So proud her parents must be. I bet Liam is just slapping his forehead repetitively going ‘DOH!’ for ever leaving the the years most influential person. Because we all know he stayed for that big round ass that makes even Kim jealous.

  44. snappyfish says:

    I really hope santa brings her a tongue scraper for christmas.

  45. Megan says:

    Somewhere in Australia, the Hemsworth family is thanking the good Lord that Liam had the good sense not to marry this jack@ss. My god, could you imagine your son bringing home this trainwreck. I don’t care how much money you have, she is disgusting.

  46. Caroline says:

    The posing is so reminiscent of Justin Bieber

  47. Nikki says:

    I agree- not very nice to mock someone’s addictions. However, barely a day goes by on this site when Lindsay lohan, or Amanda Bynes isn’t mercilessly mocked. Both girls with lots of problems/ addictions. So I don’t think everyone (especially celebitchy writers!) should be getting on their high horse just because Miley’s friend has lightly mocked Demi Lovato. Remember, all anyone seems to do on this site is mock or say hateful things about other people, why’s it so bad for Miley’s friend to? Let’s not be hypocritical…
    P.s. I’m just as bad as everyone else, yes I definitely enjoy the criticism of celebrities on this site!

  48. Jennifer12 says:

    Seriously cannot stand this girl and don’t get the feminist defense of her. Do what you’re going to do, but don’t try to put a girl power spin on it. It’s like Xtina back in the day, saying that talking about sex, posing nude, etc, was her way of owning her sexuality. You can own it without exploiting it, without using it as the one avenue toward success and without insulting other women who do the same thing, but you pretend you’re above it. Flashing your chest and then saying it’s about a documentary is less about the documentary- which you can hashtag or whatever- and and more about you using it to promote yourself. Its like saying Jenna Jameson is some feminist icon as opposed to a messed up drug addict making money the way she can. Miley dry humping guys in public isn’t a feminist statement- it’s deliberately titillating whom she thinks is in her audience or trying to tick off another group for publicity. There’s a huge difference in how someone like Helen Mirren uses nudity and how Miley does. Listen to Ellen Page or Emma Watson speak and then tell me who’s a feminist.

    • Leila says:

      @Jennifer12: Rebelling against sexual modesty can definitely be a feminist act. Nudity and overt sexuality are not exploitation in and of themselves. And we all know that sexuality was not Christina Aguilera’s only avenue toward success, or even the one that she is most known for. I don’t ever remember her saying that she’s better than women who dress provocatively or pose nude. You may value sexual modesty and see it as feminist. Other women may see sexual modesty as repressive and see it as more liberating and feminist to rebel against it. Everyone’s different. But just because one woman feels that way and you don’t doesn’t mean she’s not a feminist or that the modest women are better feminists, Feminism is not some exclusionary elitist clique that imposes dress codes on women, bans certain dance moves, and judges women based only or mostly on those things.

      Feminism is about creating an equal society where bodily and sexual autonomy are respected. As long as a person believes that, they can be a feminist, regardless of how modest or immodest they are. Feminism is not the modesty movement, and the modesty movement isn’t even feminist.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Yeah, um…. no. Sorry. I don’t give a crap about being sexual or naked, but it’s the way you use it. It’s implicit in everything Miley does and for a long time in what Xtina did. They both have repeatedly put down women who do the same thing, though Miley is more recent. Very easy to Google. They aren’t just being sexual or repealing modesty, they are blatantly attempting to titillate their audience. If you’re clearly attempting to sell a sexual image, it isn’t empowering. Aguilera did not have huge success until she began selling herself as someone obsessed with sex, naked all the time, etc. Both she and Miley complained about being held down by Disney. If you think being a porn star is feminist, that’s your business, but don’t try to sell that to me. It’s not about being modest; that’s condescending at best. It’s about not selling yourself as an object or letting yourself be packaged in a way that makes you palatable. It’s a shame that the true feminists of my day- Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon, etc- do not have counterparts now. Feminism is a strong belief in your own worth and not letting men control or sell you or tell you what your worth is. I remember you recommending reading to me, so I will return the favor: Lisa Palac, Under the Bed. Deeply sexual woman who did not let herself be treated as a public dildo.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        **Edge of the Bed**

      • Lavinia says:

        Yes, I guess because most people don’t find flashing tits and labia as particularly liberating or as a panacea for women’s inequality in, for example the workplace, Leila automatically puts us in the category of “pearl-clutching conservative schoolmarms.” Miley Cyrus is doing absolutely nothing earthshaking or original. Cher said it best, if she could put on a good show and sing her ass off, who cares if she comes out buck naked. Problem with Miley is flashing is her gimmick. So really she is cheapening the female body, which isn’t exactly what feminism strives for. I hope when Leila matures and gains wisdom she will understand better. For now we will have to put up with her constant trolling.