Zoe Saldana: ‘I’m a lady,’ not a ‘skanky, coquettish, giddy little girl’

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana covers the January issue of Flare magazine to promote Out of the Furnace, which looked really good (great cast including Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson) but bombed at the box office. This photoshoot is basically “Zoe posing weirdly with various chairs.” She’s a beautiful girl, but the angular poses she chose for this shoot are a little awkward looking. Maybe the photographer wanted her to pose this way.

Before we get to the interview, I wanted to mention a discussion that Zoe did with Collider that’s been itching at me for a few weeks. Zoe went off on a rant about awful blockbuster movies are compared to indies. She said, “There’s a lot wrong with doing blockbusters. Let’s be real. And I’m a part of a lot of them, but these are stories that are great.” Zoe was attempting to talk up her roles in low-budget films that are “artistic” as opposed to “entertainment.” Still this is the same actress who starred in Avatar plus Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, which fit the very definition of “blockbuster” and cumulatively earned over $3.6 billion. Zoe doesn’t mind taking blockbuster-sized paychecks, does she? She needs to sit down.

Zoe’s similarly full of herself in this interview with Flare. I appreciate her points about being a strong woman, but the way she says things rubs me the wrong way:

She’s a lady: “I’m a lady. My mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother raised ladies. We don’t breed skanky, coquettish, giddy little girls. We breed women.”

She lost her dad at age 9: “My mom was sad a lot. Losing the love of your life when you’re young, and you have three freakin’ kids…At the end of the day, that warmth that fills your bed is not there.”

On girl power: “Women aren’t wimpy. They don’t complain all the time. They can open up jars! They can f—ing save the day! They can support their whole family. They can support their men. Half of my friends make more money than their male partners.”

Stop whining, ladies: “Women who are very whiny annoy the f—ing crap out of me. It’s impossible for my sisters and me to hold a conversation with a woman who is incompetent. It’s one thing to be uncertain, a little insecure and scared, and another thing to be lazy. I can’t deal with mediocrity and incompetence. And you see it in people’s eyes.”

Don’t take work home: “I’m an artist. I love going to work — researching and conceiving a character with my director is my favourite time — but as soon as I get home and open up that bottle of wine or sit down with my family, I’m not talking about work.”

Standing up for herself on set: “You’d see all the boys together, and they’re discussing the scene and what’s going to happen. You just go, ‘Yeah, but…’ and they say, ‘Oh, but we already discussed that.’” There are three possible reactions, she says: rolling your eyes, “because men think they know better”; laughing; or, she says, “sitting and watching while everybody feels uncomfortable around you, and feeling really good about yourself because you stood up for yourself, you mattered, you voiced your presence.” Saldana has no problem pulling a mentor or male authority aside, she says, laying out for me her usual plan of attack: Her “heart racing and sweating buckets,” she declares, without blinking, “I’m not happy.” And then she states her case: “I understand everything you’re saying, but these are the terms we agreed on, and that is why I got on a plane and came out here, and I decided to have your back, and now I don’t feel like you’re having my back. This character is invisible. She’s completely irrelevant, and she should be more.”

On criticism: “There’s nothing anybody can say or think about me that I will give a sh-t about. Honestly.”

Her Nina Simone movie still has no release date: “It’s very abstract. It was sort of like a love song to Nina. At the end of the day, no matter how the movie is received, I’m not going to regret anything.”

On New Year’s resolutions: “I stopped doing them It’s like heading to a party and telling your friends, ‘I’m not going to drink, you guys.’ Meanwhile, you’re the one who blacks out! Let’s be real. Oh god, it’s usually me.”

[From Flare]

On the point about women earning more than their men, I assume Zoe is referring to her own quickie marriage to artist Marco Perego. I think it’s great that Zoe earns more than her man, but she needs to realize that in a lot of professions, men still earn more than their female counterparts. That’s just a reality. It sucks.

Zoe’s remarks about not caring what other people say arrive after the journo mentioned criticisms of her Nina Simone role. I think Zoe does care because who wouldn’t? Especially when one is such a sensitive “artist.” Oh well. It will be interesting to see if the movie ever sees the light of day.

She has a point about New Year’s resolutions though. They never stick.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Photos courtesy of Flare

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  1. JenD says:

    That interview didn’t sound very ladylike.

    • bowers says:

      No it didn’t; it sounded bitchy.

    • Miss M says:

      My thoughts exactly, thank you!

    • V4Real says:

      Zoe says “Women aren’t wimpy. They don’t complain all the time.
      Then she says in the same interview “Women who are very whiny annoy the f—ing crap out of me.

      Zoe my dear some people consider whiny and complaining the same freaking thing.
      She’s another one that I just wish would STFU and go away.

      • Faith says:

        @V4Real,i missed you-well your comments-where the hell have you been?

      • V4Real says:

        Getting my ass handed to me on other posts. LOL!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @V4Real-I know! I’m surprised that other people didn’t pick up on the contradiction there. It really popped out at me to the point where I had to re-read a couple of her answers to make sure I understood her correctly.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I get the sense she’s one of those women who goes around declaring that all of her friends are guys because most women are uncool – not her, of course, all those other women.

    • QQ says:

      And Zoe legendary foot in mouth disease continues unabated

    • endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

      Totally. Sounds liek she has a chip on her shoulder the size of Montana.

      • Maureen says:

        She reminds me of Jada Pinkett. Lord, that woman can give one hell of an angry interview. And it’s in a similar vein as Zoe’s interviews: I’m awesome; I take care of my man; I’m independent; all these other women SUCK DONKEY BALLS; my mother/grandmother/sisters/aunts are all strong women; other women ARE SO DUMB; I make as much money as my man; I’m strong/independent/can open jars; other women are SO SILLY; I’m a ball-buster; I don’t take any crap from anyone; I keep these men in check on the film set; I CAN OPEN JARS!

      • Nympha says:

        To Maureen:
        Lol! Perfect description.

    • Meredith says:

      Did her mother and grandmother teach her to say f**k? I doubt it. Honey, you can be a strong woman without profanity, IMO.

  2. bns says:

    I can’t stand her.

    • Dani2 says:

      Neither can I and this interview made me dislike her even more, she sounds arrogant as fuck, and I feel like she wants us to think of her as this artsy, groundbreaking actress when in fact she’s as basic as they come. She needs a reality-check.

    • JALorden says:

      She’s so negative and so vocal, all the time. She has something bad to say about everything. I bet she’s a joy to be around.

      • Maureen says:

        She comes across as a bit rough and angry, doesn’t she?? I don’t mind someone being opinionated and sometimes negative — god, I’m one of them! But she sounds so ANGRY while talking about how amazing she is. It’s a strange combination. I bet she’s a real handful to deal with.

        And am I the only female who’s tired of hearing us defended with “we can open jars”? We can do so much more than open jars. I’m tired of hearing about opening jars. If you’re a feminist I would think you could come up with a better example of empowerment than “we can open jars!”.

      • JALorden says:

        Maybe something a little more relate-worthy… I, for one, most of the time cannot literally open jars.

      • Maureen says:


        There’s a trick. Hold it upside down and smack the bottom, then turn it back up and use a butter knife (or spoon, or whatever) to firmly tap around the sides of the lid. It loosens the seal. A trick my country Grandma taught me years ago when I was a kid. Never had a problem since. Twisting the the lid off (after the smacking and tapping) with a damp cloth is also useful.

      • littlestar says:

        I get my husband to open jars for me often. I have weak wrists and he is incredibly strong *shrugs*. I don’t feel like I’m less of a woman or a wimp because of that. Zoe Saldana sounds like a real complainer to me.

      • Snarkweek says:

        I used to use this method into my science teacher told our class not to do the tapping anymore. Tiny shards of glass could go into the food as a result. Instead we were told to run the top of the jar under very hot water. Then we were supposed to use a damp cloth to open the lid. It really works and sometimes it seems as if The lid just pops right off LOL Hot water makes objects contract which in this case would be the lid and a small air chamber is created between the lid in the jar which allows it to come off more easily when twisted with a damp cloth. I also love those round rubber grippy things that they selling the grocery store. Elderly people often use it to open jars, as well as people with reduced strength in their hands. I love them! And when all else fails I have this amazing 5’8″ jar opener sitting on the couch ;)

      • Maureen says:

        Hot water sounds fine, but the bit about the tapping and shards of glass is your science teacher being a micro-managing nanny. I’ve tapped for 20 years and never have shards of glass get in my food. It’s weird to me that your teacher said that! It’s so random. Like, don’t step foot outside either because you might get hit by a car. And OMG, what if the hot water burns your fingers? (rolls eyes) It’s a bit too much, teacher. The tapping is supposed to be very light and firm. But yeah, hot water does make things contract. Frankly, I don’t feel like wasting water like that. I do that when my honey or maple syrup jars get stuck. Works like a charm.

      • Moi says:

        You know those sturdy grip rolls/pads for lining drawers, cabinets, etc? Just cut those into hand sized squares and you can get any jar open, no problem. No hot water or tapping needed. ;)

  3. Ginger says:

    “She needs to sit down” I suppose that’s what all the chairs are for! :)

    • melior says:

      yey comment of the day. She sounds like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. What’s with the anti whiny woman rant. And how she and her sisters can’t stand incompetent women? I’m sure she meant something by it just not very sure what …..

    • littlestar says:

      Good one, Ginger :) .

  4. Maria says:

    Sigh, I’m finding her more exhausting with each interview she gives.

    She needs to take several seats and, at the very least, realize that her “love letter” to Nina goes against the very essence of Nina’s message: when you have to darken your skin and wear a prosthesis, you’re miscast.

    As for the blockbuster shade, I guess I should be grateful she acknowledged her role in it…

    I’ll just disagree with the great story telling on Star Trek.

  5. paola says:

    Bitch please.

  6. glaugh says:

    Wow… she comes off as a major azzhole in this interview.

  7. Violeta says:

    “Women who are very whiny annoy the f—ing crap out of me. It’s impossible for my sisters and me to hold a conversation with a woman who is incompetent. It’s one thing to be uncertain, a little insecure and scared, and another thing to be lazy. I can’t deal with mediocrity and incompetence. And you see it in people’s eyes.”

    Er… I’m lazy and procrastinating as phuck but that doesn’t mean I’m mediocre or incompetent, there is a difference between “I can but I won’t” and “I’ve never had skills to start with”. My friends are mad at me because of my skills but I won’t use them to the potential maximum, but they aren’t any less my friends and deal with it.

    And I can’t with people calling themselves artists… As if Avatar, Losers, Star Trek franchise and Guardians of The Galaxy were for the sake of “art”… it’s sheer entertainment, take a seat!

    • Lisa says:

      Most people who procrastinate are perfectionists. If I can’t do something perfectly the first time, it’s so hard for me to start.

  8. Lydia says:

    I’m going to pretend that the “little girls” comment was directed at Bradley Cooper’s little girl, Suki Waterhouse.

    • mercy says:

      That was my first thought. Her ex’s relationship with a 19-20 year old creeps me out, but so does her use of ‘skanky’ and ‘little girls’ in the same sentence. Little girls can be described as a lot of things, but using ‘skanky’ or other terms with sexual connotations is plain nasty. Shame on Zoe.

    • Maureen says:

      You could be right! If she thinks she’s super awesome and is a very arrogant and entitled woman it may have made her enraged that her boyfriend chose a sweet, young (possibly giddy and coquettish) girl to take her place. She may be carrying a lot of residual anger just because her man chose someone who is so opposite of her. She certainly doesn’t sound like a woman who likes other women — except for the ones in her own family.

  9. AlmondJoy says:

    What in the world is she so angry about??? She comes off as extremely judgemental and grouchy… makes me wonder whether she’s being general or aiming her comments at a woman she’s angry at. Rudeness is not “ladylike” at all, Zoe.

  10. lourdesdx says:

    If many people start to hate your movies Zoe,then the movies won’t sell many tickets.You will become a box office failure and you’ll stop getting jobs.Are you sure you still don’t give a feck about our opinions?

  11. Not says:

    FcUk, Zoe ?

  12. Ner says:

    I don’t know ladies, but Zoe Saldana sounds like an arrogant arse…do you think she knows?

    • Violeta says:

      Well I doubt she gives a sh!t because she’s too high smelling her own sh!t and probably doesn’t even sh!t out of her arse anymore, considering the sh!t coming out of her mouth…

      • Jill says:

        “probably doesn’t even sh!t out of her arse anymore, considering the sh!t coming out of her mouth”

        That is the best string of words I’ve read anywhere this month.


  13. D says:

    I actually like her better after this interview…I guess I’m the only one. When she said “skanky, coquettish, giddy little girls” it made me think of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift etc.

  14. Gen says:

    If you have to try to convince people you’re a lady, then you’re not.

    • mercy says:


      I also find it funny that she uses it to put forth this image of a strong, classy woman but the comments that follow undermine the image she aspires to. Even the term lady is considered antiquated, bordering on sexist in some quarters.

    • MisJes says:

      +1, Gen. As my father always says, “Self-praise is no recommendation.” Insisting you are a lady does not necessarily make you one, Zoe.

  15. Alexis says:

    Never cared for her. She seems unpleasant, she even looks mean, IMO. Lately she’s been talking a lot about being an “artist”. Sorry ho, your job is not THAT serious. I’ve seen some of the movies you’ve been in…

  16. MynameisPeaches! says:

    What a disagreeable woman! That is all.

  17. allheavens says:

    So Zoe can see mediocrity in their eyes? Well she better not gaze into any mirrors let alone any pools of water in the immediate future.

  18. MissMoody says:

    I don’t mind her as an actress but everytime she opens her mouth…smh. She should have dialed back on the interviews after that one where she claimed to be so “androgynous” that she could raise a child with another woman. I wonder if she knows what that word really means now? She should look up “ladylike” while she’s at it. I’m not seeing it.

  19. Dawn says:

    I can see where she is coming from on some of her statements. Let’s face the world of celebrity in today’s world is not filled with what I would consider women who have a ton of class or who act very lady like and those who are the ladies do not get press often enough. So I am for once not going to judge her too harshly until I know what the questions were that these statements were derived from. I think she is a very good actress and yes many very good actresses consider themselves to be artist. I wish more artist or celebrities or whatever you’d like to refer to them as would act less like street walkers and more like ladies.

    • Lisa says:

      But what’s class? What’s lady-like? Crossing your legs and being demure? This isn’t 1870.

      • Dani2 says:

        @Lisa Thank you so much for commenting. People around here throw those two words around so much, it feels like I’ve just stepped into a Regency novel.

      • mercy says:

        According to Zoe, a lady is not a ‘skanky, coquettish, giddy little girl.’ She’s hard working, stands up to men, self-sufficient, etc. That’s all very cool in my book (save for the ‘little girl’ reference, but I’ll assume she meant immature.) But what about qualities like kindness, thoughtfulness, and confidence? She comes off as unnecessarily harsh, like an insecure person who constantly needs to build themselves up by slagging others.

    • Leila says:

      But what really is a lady? And what really is a tramp?

      Neither of these things exist. They’re just prudish, sexist, metaphorical patriarchal concepts invented to keep women repressed. This virgin/whore dichotomy has nothing but restrictive, emotionally abusive, and violent results for women and girls. A woman who was really strong, classy, and about empowerment would not be promoting this.

      Women have the right to make our own decisions about our own physical appearance and sexuality, as the sole owners of our bodies. Whether or not we choose to submit to sexual modesty- in dress, in dance, or in actual sexual activity- does not determine our value as human beings or whether or not we’re good people. Just as sexual orientation- and how that orientation is expressed- doesn’t determine those things either.

      • Emily C. says:


      • Snarkweek says:

        I agree with almost everything you said except I do not believe that lady or tramp are just social constructs invented by a patriarchal society to define and control ideas of virtue and worth and women. Some women truly are ladylike and behave that way. Some women do not. But both groups are worthwhile and valuable and have a voice. I don’t think we have to shade one in order to exonerate the other.
        For example I do not feel comfortable unless I have on my pearls and my Talbots slacks, and I don’t even work. But when I go out and especially for Halloween I don’t feel comfortable unless I have on the tightest, skimpiest outfit I can find LOL. And I do consider myself a lady, so, I don’t think we need to throw out the baby with the bathwater so to speak.
        And I went to school with a lot of girls who were trampy. They used their bodies and the sexuality to get what they wanted from boys. They had no intention of maintaining a real relationship with them. In my opinion that is not what made them trampy, but rather, the fact that they were stringing these boys along and making them think that they were going to have a committed and monogamous relationship with them while using other boys in the same way. I think that is totally trampy.
        Again just my humble opinion but I think ladies exist and tramps exist and a whole multitude of different types of women exists in the middle.

      • Leila says:

        @snarkweek: So you mean they’re users. That’s a more accurate term to describe a person of either sex who leads someone on, and it takes the sexism out of it.

      • Snarkweek says:

        Yes I agree with you. Users is a good word but I guess my point was more general then specific. In other words if we do away with the word tramp then we have to do away with the word lady. And I just don’t think that makes much sense. There are ladies out there and there are tramps out there. I just think it is too political to say that it is wrong to call someone a tramp if they behave like a tramp. I feel there’s a difference between slut shaming and calling a spade a spade. If a woman sleeps with countless men and is sexually liberated no one has the right to call her tramp, whore, slut or anything in a similar vein. If she is the author of her experience then there should B no judgment made about that. I would rather change the conversation and therefore change the definition of what a lady or a tramp is.

  20. grace4853 says:

    I saw Out of the Furnace yesterday and thought it was a fairly good movie. She is very good in it. I think it would have received more attention if it had not been released in the midst of so many much better movies and just before lots of highly anticipated movies.

  21. Peetalimbs says:

    For all her faults, I do appreciate the fact that she hasn’t succumb to plastic surgery. I doubt many other minority actresses can say the same.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Or actresses PERIOD. Many actresses get plastic surgery, whether they’re minority or not. But from what I know, Kimberly Elise, Gabrielle Union, Santa Lathan, Angela Bassett, Nia Long and Regina King are just a few that have not gone under the knife.

    • mercy says:

      What about all the non-minorities and men? To be honest, actors are scrutinised so much for their looks that I refrain from judgement unless it’s excessive. Being born with features that photograph well is sheer luck. And almost everyone does something, whether it’s cosmetic dentistry, colouring or straightening hair, etc.

  22. Jaded says:

    Another insufferably arrogant thespian who thinks every word out of their mouths is a gift to the universe. She actually sounds like she’s got a huge chip on her shoulder and the way she expresses herself is anything but ladylike. STFU Zoe.

  23. Andrea says:

    I can see where she comes from with the whiny little girls comment. Dominicans are very hardworking people.

  24. MelissaMelissa says:

    “There’s nothing anybody can say or think about me that I will give a sh-t about. Honestly.” People who make statements like that usually care and very much. Also, what a lot of the starlets may not want to understand, if you are an actress, your entire career depends on people’s opinions about you starting with the casting director and ending with that person who spends $12 to buy a movie ticket. That is why you are doing interviews all over the place because you do give a sh!t and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

    In the midst of trying to sound confident, actresses forget that it is, we the people’s opinion, that put them where they are. Also, it is so grossly hilariously ironic that Zoe is giving these types of statements to a MAGAZINE, another outlet also run by opinions.

  25. Han says:

    She comes from a hardworking dominican family where the mom encouraged her to be independent. I think that explains a lot of her statements. I actually like her in live interviews where you get a sense of her personality, maybe it sounds different in print.

    • Nan says:

      Agree with your comments. That’s what I think too. Why are we attacking a working woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t sugarcoat? It didn’t sound like she was attacking anybody here so why the bee swarm on her?

      • Lisa says:

        I like that she’s not into the whole delicate wifey thing, it’s just the whole “I’m not like other girls!” proclamation that is a little grating.

      • mercy says:

        Maybe they don’t think her words are very ladylike and they’re giving their unvarnished, sugar-free opinions in return? I think she’s getting what she puts out there. If it’s not possible for her to speak her mind without coming off as arrogant and hypocritical, maybe she should take a closer look at her own behaviour. I’m all for strong women, but in my experience women operating from a base of strength don’t present themselves this way.

      • Leila says:

        Because of her virgin/whore complex.

      • Emily C. says:

        Because she’s a sexist jerk.

        Also, I’m pretty sure we’d “attack” anyone who said they never listened to any criticism.

      • Nan says:

        Ok, I see, Mercy, that makes sense — anger and criticism about other people certainly will attract anger and criticism from other people so yeah, she’s probably getting back what she puts out there. I didn’t take her comments personally in the slightest and think many commenters here are guilty of the same angry critical rants about celebrities, so it seemed weird to me that she got swarmed. She didn’t specify WHO she thinks is wimpy or incompetent, just that some women are (and so are a lot of men — hopefully wimpy and incompetent men get her just as riled???)

  26. Algernon says:

    I get her point about “lazy/complainy/whiny” women. I just don’t think she articulated it well, and I think that happens to celebrities a lot. You know she’s thinking of someone specific when she said that, but she can’t give the example that would illustrate her point because then she’s being a bitch who tore down someone, and also starting a “feud.” But I can give an example of how I interpreted her remarks.

    There is a woman in my workplace who is in her late thirties, plenty old enough to know how to do her job. She is an administrative assistant, and while AAs often get called on to do incredible amounts of work, she does not. She is there largely so that our executive director looks impressive, with his assistant who answers his phone and orders his lunch. (Note: in my office, managers share AAs, the ED is the only one with a personal AA, which is a status thing.) She has the easiest job in the office, but she is entirely helpless. She can’t remember how to schedule conference rooms for meetings, the receptionist makes sure to double-check her catering orders because she consistently orders the wrong thing from the wrong people, she can’t use the travel planning software, and a few months ago we upgraded our phone system and now she’s incapable of transferring calls. I’ve tried to be so patient with her, because I firmly believe you never really know what’s going on with a person and what they could be dealing with in other areas of their life that affect them at the workplace, but I’ve had it. It’s been years, and she’s still as helpless and incapable as she was the day I started work. She just does not want to learn to do these very basic and simple tasks. I would call that lazy. It’s one thing if you’re like, I’m a good painter but I don’t want to be a painter, and maybe some people think you’re not living up to your potential or whatever, but you don’t have to use every talent you’re blessed with. Being so willfully terrible at your job, though, is, to me, inexcusable.

    As for whiny and complainy, well yes, she does do that a lot. The old guard who tolerated her for so long has mostly retired (like my former boss), and she’s not finding much sympathy with us younger people. So all she does is bitch and moan about us being so mean to her, when really, this is the extent of my interaction with her: Her: “Can you help my with the conference room planner?” Me: “I’m sorry, I’m on my way to a client meet. Email one of the interns and they’ll take you through it.” I don’t engage with her, but I try to be polite about it. But this makes me a horrible monster because I don’t risk being late to client meetings in order to show her how to do a task she should damn well know how to do.

    So yeah, I’d call that lazy and whiny and I have no time for women (or people in general) like that. I have a feeling Zoe Saldana probably has one or two similar stories packed away.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Ok yeah, but how is her gender a factor in this?
      My BF is constantly complaining about incompetent (male) coworkers who are simply lazy and have no real work ethic nor do they possess a desire to learn.

      IDK…I just don’t see this issue as gender-specific really.

      • Algernon says:

        It’s not, really, because anyone can be crappy, regardless of gender. But…this lady, she’s hanging out for an MRS. I didn’t want to believe it at first, because I refused to believe there were really people like that in the world, but that’s what she’s doing. She’s simpering and helpless and “oh poor me” (my grandmother would have called her a “die-away ninny”) whenever there are men around. Our office brings in a lot of politicians and high society types, and you can absolutely see her crank up The Act whenever a guy in a nice suit is in the vicinity. She’s borderline surly to other women, including those of us she works with and expects to do her work for her, but she can’t smile fast enough or wide enough at men.

        Horrible people are everywhere, but I suspect Saldana has a specific person, who is a woman, in mind when she made those remarks. But she’s not in a position to give the example, so I did, because a lot of these comments are like, “She’s horrible for pointing out that sometimes women suck”. And I think, as in the case with this AA at my work, when women suck in this particular fashion, it’s because they’ve been made to believe that it’s attractive to men, which is where the gender factor comes in.

      • mercy says:

        Yep! Incompetence knows no gender. And truth be told, I value kindness even more than competence. If someone shows gratitude for help and understanding when I don’t have time, then I can deal. If they’re inclined to take it out on me, then I have no time for them.

  27. Jacqueline says:

    She is vulgar.

  28. Nanou says:

    How ironic for someone who’s made most of her career doing blockbuster movies. I really hate it when actors bash on blockbusters, they forget those are the ones that help bringing money for the “artistic” movies. It’s because of blockbusters that she can afford buying Calvin Klein clothes and Louboutin shoes. Sure, being TI’s love interest in Takers is so artistic. Give me break ! She probably thinks she’s on the level of Kate Winslet because she worked with James Cameron. Lmao !!

  29. Louise says:

    Anyone who has to repeatedly tell us what they are or are not, comes across as insecure deep down. If Zoe were comfortable and happy, then she would have no motive for those snide remarks.

  30. Maureen says:

    She LOVES to talk about herself.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  31. Lisa says:

    Ooh, I’m not like other gurls~~~

    Though I do agree, you can tell if someone has a weak personality by looking at them. And I don’t like women who play up the ‘tee hee, sweetie, I need a footballer to open this jar!’ thing.

  32. tabby says:

    I never liked Zoe but now I do. I can’t stand when women get upset that some women want to act like ladies and have self respect, than being all out there and not having any discrete. Its alright that some women want to be ladies.

    • Lisa says:

      As opposed to being… men? Or alpacas? I want to be an alpaca.

    • Leila says:

      A woman’s self-respect is not determined by her dressing modestly or her sexual purity, Tabby. If a woman wants to dress more conservatively and hold off on sexual activity, that’s perfectly fine and it’s her choice. The problem comes in when she, you, and others promote the idea that one woman’s choice to dress conservatively and hold off sexually makes her in any way better than the woman pursuing sex and rejecting modesty.

    • Emily C. says:

      Defining your “self-respect” by what you wear and how and when you choose to have sex makes me think you don’t have much self-respect at all. Defining yourself solely by what you look like and what you do sexually is really pathetic.

  33. manta says:

    I like what she says about how things happen on set. I think it’s an honest statement about how the boys club still act .
    Any other actress pointing out this kind of machism on set and insisting on standing for herself would be applauded. Interestingly, the only parts people focus on are the “lady” and “whiny” parts.
    Having only watched her in Colombiana, I haven’t got any opinion about her skills as an actress, one way or another.

    • mercy says:

      That was the most interesting thing she talked about, but it was sandwiched in between a lot of other… stuff that could make a person question whether it was just another opportunity to show off at the expense of others she has deemed ‘mediocre.’ I tend to believe her, though.

  34. Megan says:

    I thought I was beginning to like her (not as an actress, but as a person. She’s still a mediocre actress) but now I’m just back to finding her insufferable. Everythime she tries to come off as smart, or wise, or a role model it does the total opposite. She sounds like a rude, arrogant, snob. Why, Zoe?? I was trying so hard to like you :(

    Also, Nina is going to bomb. It’s been doomed from the start and you need a real powerhouse actress to play Nina, not an average B-list star who only THINKS she is a powerhouse in her own mind. Nina Simone deserved much better than what this movie is gonna give her.

  35. Jayna says:

    I understood and agreed with some of the points she was trying to make, but, basically, she just came off strident and judgmental and arrogant as far as the tone of the article.

    I hate whiny women, women that make a habit of it and play the victim (LeAnn anyone). But guess what, sometimes my friends and I just want to whine, and we indulge each other because it’s not a habit. And it feels so good sometimes to just whine to each other and get it out and laugh about it. Zoe needs to laugh more I think.

  36. LilyT says:

    I get the feeling that underneath this steely “strong woman” exterior she is really just pissed off about something. She comes across as angry and defensive in this interview. It’s likely how she responds to feeling hurt.

  37. abbizmal says:

    Ladies don’t say “f—ing” this and “f—ing” that, especially in public or in interviews. She has her head up her own ass.

  38. Sam H x says:

    Must have been that time of the month for Zoe lol

    If she was a lady, she wouldn’t make a dig at her ex’s young girlfriend (that’s IF it was aimed at Suki) and rise above it or swear. She sounds awfully angry.

  39. HoustonGrl says:

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  40. MsAubra says:

    She talking about Suki cuz she got dumped for her LMAO

  41. Leila says:

    Sorry, Zoe. but you’ve lost all of the ‘feminist strong woman’ points that you’re desperately trying to score with your catty, narcissistic, anti-feminist, puritanical commentary. As someone who has posed nude and taken on a sexualized movie role, you’d think she wouldn’t be so quick to start slut-shaming. Your drivel about being a Lady™ doesn’t actually elevate you over any other woman (like you obviously hope it will). It just puts you on the level of people like Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingritch.

    Ugh. Now flushing any respect that I might have had for this ‘person’ straight down the crapper.

  42. Emily C. says:

    Yuck. Translation: I’m so much better than other women, I’m so superior to women, I will spit on other women over and over again. Do I win yet, patriarchy?

    No, Zoe, you lose. Hugely. And you’re part of the problem.

    “There’s nothing anybody can say or think about me that I will give a sh-t about. Honestly.”

    When someone feels the need to say “honestly” after a statement like that, they’re lying their butts off. Wow, what a thoroughly unpleasant person she is.

    • Gretchen says:

      Emily C.
      “Yuck. Translation: I’m so much better than other women, I’m so superior to women, I will spit on other women over and over again. Do I win yet, patriarchy?
      No, Zoe, you lose. Hugely. And you’re part of the problem.”

      This, this, this!

  43. mrsmc says:

    This woman is full of it. She talks all that strong women stuff but she is the one who married her hippie super fan months after breaking up with Bradley Cooper, unlike (Kerry Washington (who got married around the same time she did is genuinely happy you can see it in Kerry eyes.)
    Zoe doesn’t look happy, at first she was always trying to hide her wedding ring and she seems uncomfortable being photograph with her hippie husband who doesn’t seem to be her type in first place. Rebound marriage I think so.

  44. Naddie says:

    She’s killing my lady-crush, for real. I’m so tired of this self-bragging, could this be a disease around the world? Damn!

  45. Peetalimbs says:

    Hasn’t it already been established that Kerry Washington got secretly hitched because she was already knocked up and needed to protect her fake goody two shoes image? Let’s leave her out of this, please.

    Personally, I’d prefer to Zoe to Kerry. Everything about Kerry Washington just reads fake and contrived to me. Plus, all that plastic surgery.

  46. blunt talker says:

    Don’t worry people this actress probably won’t last much longer in Hollywood. She hates other women because if she had to stand next to many of the starlets in Hollywood today, she would be easily forgotten. I think she is very angry and jealous of other females that outshine her on screen and off screen. That is one of the reasons she likes to be the only female lead on the set if possible so she doesn’t have to compete for male attention on the set. When she tried to downgrade black women work ethics in the movie business, I knew she didn’t give a damn about other women in the business, but herself. She has an evil heart and mind towards other women. Other women in Hollywood better be wary of dealing with this person. She would stab you in the back and eat out your heart if she could. Be very careful an mindful around this person. Maybe someone should look at her family and their background to get a better vibe about them. I wonder if Zoe is doing charity work to help her home countries Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in any way. She so busy walking red carpets and trying to stay in the media spotlight. When a person is not confident and self-assured in their own right, they strike out at others to inflict hurt. I personally will glad when Hollywood wake up and smell the stank from this woman and move on to someone else.

  47. Jasmine K says:

    Super bitchy