Frances Cobain takes a rare pap walk at the Chateau: (update: misidentified)

Frances Cobain

These are photos of Frances Bean Cobain at the Chateau Marmont on Friday night. She’s 21 now, which makes me feel super old. We haven’t heard much from Frances since her springtime feud with Kendall Jenner. Frances labelled Kendall “a f—ing idiot” and “self-involved,” and it wasn’t pretty. In fact I was a little bit irritated at Frances for jumping all over the least-Kardashian member of the Klan. Poor Kendall was like a startled deer in the headlights during that feud.

Anyway, these are pictures of Frances at one of Hollywood’s most notorious paparazzi hangouts. Is that a crushed velvet dress and a massive feather boa? How very Liza Minnelli. I’m assuming Frances wanted to be seen, which seems strange since she usually ducks under the radar. What startles me even more is that Frances would visit a nightspot where she could very easy run into dear old mom. That would be dreadful. Maybe she knows Courtney Love’s not in town. Otherwise I would imagine Frances wouldn’t take any chances in that department, and I can’t blame her.

Frances has been morosely tweeting lately, which is nothing new. She claims, “All I want for Christmas is a mummified cat,” which I guess is something one could buy for the goth girl who has everything. She also tweeted, “Sooo hungover & hungry. Worst state to wake up in, ever.” Eh. I’d say something negative about that, but I think that’s her age speaking. Tweeting about hangovers is what 21-year-olds do.

Update by Celebitchy: Our photo agency misidentified these photos as Frances. As many of you have noted, this woman doesn’t have the same tattoos so it’s probably not her. It looks just like her to me, and I thought it was her until the tattoos were pointed out.

Here are some photos of Frances with blonde hair on Halloween. She looks so much like Kurt in these pictures. Look at Elvira!

Frances Cobain

Frances Cobain

Frances Cobain

Photos courtesy of Frances Cobain on Twitter & Pacific Coast News

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  1. Leigh says:

    I can’t get over how much she looks like Kurt in some of her twitter pics!
    It’s haunting. These latest shots aren’t great but some of the others I’ve seen of her are stunning.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I was thinking the same thing! It’s really eerie, sort of like when I see Lise Marie Presley and can see Elvis there too.

  2. GlimmerBunny says:

    She’s beautiful! But thinking about how hot her dad was it’s really not that surprising…

    • Teg says:

      She actually got a lot of her mom’s not-so-pretty genes… If you look at her pre nose job and lip injections, she looks SO much like her mom (before she had surgery, too). I think she does look beautiful now, but her personality really puts me off. :/

  3. Lilyvanilli says:

    Looks like something Courtney would have worn in the 90s.
    How good does Elvira look ?

  4. Birdie says:

    Doesn’t look like her at all.

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    Poor little rich girl. That’s all I got.

  6. bns says:

    Is this even her? It doesn’t look like her and the tattoos are missing.

  7. Dani2 says:

    I think she’s SO beautiful but I don’t get that outfit in the top photo.

  8. TeresaGiudice says:

    Err, are you sure this is her? Either way,I’m surprised this girl even lives in LA and does the Hollywood scene. She’s not your typical vapid celebrity offspring. And kudos to her for calling out the Kardashians on their pointless, idiotic lives. . .

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    I don’t understand why someone who has two addicts for parents, would ever take a chance even taking a drink…Obviously, the gene is there…I think if that was me, I would NEVER EVER, take a drink or drug…I’d be terrified that I had inherited addiction…I realise she is young, but if I raised her, I would have been preaching abstinence from day one!

    • Rosa says:

      You win best comment of the year. Really. Alcohol and drugs destroyed both her parents. I thought she was raised by her grandmother and always hoped she would be taught to understand with two addicted parents she has an 85% chance of having the addiction gene. Francis, stay away from drugs and alcohol.

    • If she HAS the addiction ‘gene’ she will WANT to drink/use drugs. It will appeal to her. It’s not a switch that turns ‘on’ the first time you use. It’s something that’s always there. A person who is not an alcoholic wouldn’t want to do any of that crap. I’m thinking that’s you! Someone who is born an alcoholic is gonna want to do it early (early teens) and often! That’s how it works.

      • Rosa says:

        You are partly correct. Many alcoholics or addicts do start young. They want and crave it. However, there are also others like me who were raised by recovering alcoholics or addicts. My parents taught me and my siblings about the science of the addiction gene and the chances we would be an addict or alcoholic if we started using. We had a lot of AA influence so none of us kids started. For other reasons which don’t need to be explained, I am sure I have the addiction gene. However, due to my parents and the wonderful influence of AA, I never headed down the path.

  10. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    Boy, she really does go Kurt with the blonde hair, very much so. I dig the turban thing and the feather boa, but the dress leaves something to be desired. The overall vibe is unique though.

    • TG says:

      I know I love her whole look. Reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter. I always wanted to be an eccentric. The pic is funny though because she sort of looks like an old lady bent over a cane. I will believe she isn’t a famewhore if she stays out of the limelight and the tabloids for the next 25 years or so.

  11. Amy says:

    It’s rough being 21, and I can’t imagine it’s easy for a kid whose last name is Cobain and whose mother is ….well, you know….

  12. Tess says:

    She looks so, SO much like Kurt in the pictures where she’s blonde. Did she get her tattoos removed? They look like they’re missing

  13. Ginger says:

    She’s grown into a beautiful woman! I still vividly recall the mess around her birth and her parents were strung out. Seems like only yesterday. Now I feel old too.

  14. paola says:

    It looks like she inherited her mother sense of style. And it’s not a compliment.

  15. dahki says:

    So these pictures are definitely her? I follow her twitter and loved the Hedi Slimane pictures of her, and this looks like a completely different person. Most of the pictures she posts are filtered, and taken from the perfect angle, but seriously, I would not have ever guessed that this was her.
    Also, she reminds me so much of myself this age, which is probably why I have so much empathy for her. She doesn’t seem vapid at all to me, just young.

  16. PAgirl says:

    This looks kind of like Mae Whitman from Parenthood? Not sure, but that was my initial thought.

  17. Anna says:

    She looked so different before all the surgery, but I find her really pretty

  18. MsDaisy says:

    She has a history of attacking young girls. She did the same to Ali Lohan, when the poor girl did nothing wrong except for being Lindsays sister. I also think the reason for the attack on Kendall was pure jealousy, Kendall has the career she has always wanted.

    • JALorden says:

      LMAO WHAT? Kendall has the career Frances has always wanted? You obviously know nothing about Frances. She has stayed completely away from the celebrity lifestyle, and purposely. This girl could have done ANYTHING, given who her parents are. She had doors open for her that Kendall could never dream of. Frances doesn’t want a career for all to gawk at or she’d have it. You’re nuts.

      • MsDaisy says:

        Um no. She tried for years to be in the spotlight, she even wanted a Nickelodeon show with her being the star but got turned down because of her lack of talent. That’s part of why she resents her mom, Courtney couldn’t get her high profile work and she was in no way willing to start from the bottom.

      • JALorden says:

        You need to stop believing everything you read on someone’s personal blog and instead judge by actions you can see. Her mother attempted to get her into show business but Francis didn’t like the sexy manner of the roles she was offered so she turned it down, and never looked back. Her mother has told stories about how she was a “prude” while younger, doing things like covering up nude artwork in the house.

        I’m assuming you’re a teenager and therefore have no idea how big of a deal it is that her parents are who they are – how many opportunities that gave her and how she’s actively shied away from them for her entire life – and how the story played out and how fantastically she came out of it, considering.

        She has way better reasons to resent her mom.

      • Eleonor says:

        Oh please she resents her mum because Courtney is an addict mess . She went in court demanding to be emancipated at 16 (?), and a judge, after having checked all the evidences ,allowed her to do that.
        When she did that gorgeus shoot with Slimane she could have gotten all the covers she wanted, but instead she didn’t.
        She is a r’n’r princess no matter what she does, and I bet her father would be very proud of her.

      • Linda says:


        YOU are the one who needs to stop believing everything you read. Courtney tried to push Frances into show business? Really? Then how come this girl remained completely out of the spotlight until she was a teenager and old enough to make her own choices? Because COURTNEY protected her from the spotlight. If Courtney wanted Frances to be a child star she could have made her. The parent has the authority and power to push their kid into the business. Courtney instead kept Frances out of the spotlight and was the one wishing she never wanted to be in the business.

        Frances of course has a ton of opportunities to be a star thanks to her parents. She hasn’t taken many of them but lets be real, the girl inherited her mothers love for attention. She has a verified Twitter account. You don’t verify your twitter when you want to be PRIVATE. Many celebrity children have private accounts under anonymous names. Frances has her full name with a verified public account. So she does enjoy attention but only when SHE is calling the shots (where she can edit her comments and pictures how she likes them rather than being caught looking bad in candids)

  19. MickeyM says:

    I think the women in the velvet dress looks like Tom Cruise’s (and Nicole Kidman’s) daughter Bella.

  20. Onyx XV says:

    This woman is way too pretty to be Frances.

  21. Meg says:

    as soon as i saw these pics i knew it wasn’t her, either that or she had work done on her face

    • yoyo says:

      exactly, I was like: that is so not her unless she had the most amazing facial surgery ever (because they never turn out natural)

  22. Jane says:

    This is not her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The photos with blonde hair are though.

  23. mkyarwood says:

    Unless she had a major nose job and changed her face/jaw shape, this is not Frances .

  24. Jennifer12 says:

    She is almost the spitting image of her mom in the days when Hole kicked ass.