Denise Richards can’t use her kids on her reality show anymore


Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have been fighting an epic war of “Who’s the craziest person,” for the last few years. And the funny thing is – for the most part – they’re both winning. Sheen has been trying to prevent Richards from featuring their daughters on her reality show, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” for fear they’d be exploited. The courts have sided with Denise, and the premise of the show was a young, hot, single mom looking for love.

But Sheen has finally won and E! has given in – now the show will have to take a new – and equally innovative – direction.

Watch for BIG changes on the second season of the DENISE RICHARDS reekality show, “It’s Complicated.”

Thanks to interference from dad-on-patrol CHARLIE SHEEN, two faces will be noticeably absent, their daughters SAM, 4, and LOLA, 3.

After protective dad Charlie threatened exec producer RYAN SEACREST and E! TV with everything from baseball bats to legal action, they finally caved to his insistence that the girls shouldn’t be on-camera and on-set endlessly.

Ryan finally bowed to Charles-In-Charge, and now the show will focus on Denise as a dating single mom.

Ryan promises a hipper story line focusing on Denise’s bosom…er, bosom buddies and her, shopping, bopping and gallivanting to Vegas on girls-gone-wild forays.

[From the National Enquirer]

It still sounds completely unwatchable. Charlie and Denise have so much vitriol for each other that it was always hard to tell who the crazy one was. Clarification: crazier one. But it seems to me it’s probably Denise. Their kids always look so miserable in photos. It was a big deal the one time a photographer caught them smiling. The last thing they need is the pressure of performing on camera. Yeah it’s a reality show, but let’s be real – most of it is staged. Those two little girls need as much privacy and normalcy as they can get. And I really doubt their absence will make the show noticeably worse. Mostly because it was impossibly bad to begin with. Why drag little kids into that mess?

Here’s Denise cruising through Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival on January 18th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. HEB says:

    The girls are hardly even seen on the show anyway. Even older more exciting kids couldn’t make this show any less boring than it is though.

  2. mica says:

    i hate her mouth.

  3. vdantev says:

    Did she just age 15 years in a month, or is the light plus her expression just playing hell with her looks ? She was so much prettier when she was just this anonymous red-headed model I fancied in my sister’s teen magazines. Wow, what a train wreck.

  4. jess says:

    its funny, because i ALWAYS just felt like she was the crazier one, regardless of his past. im glad he won this battle.

  5. Ruby says:

    Her face looks like it’s migrating south.
    I never got her – she was eclipsed by Neve Campbell in Wild Things, and *completely* eclipsed by Dina Meyer in Starship Troopers. And I can’t even think of anything else she’s been in.

  6. Mr. T says:

    It’s complicated? Who wastes their time watching this garbage?

  7. Ash says:

    Show looks awefully painful, but love the coat.

  8. Annie says:

    I love the coat. Hate the woman.

    Why would you want the children on the show anyway??? I mean, being the daughters of these two people is insanity enough, let’s put ’em on film? Pfft.

    Mother of the year award right there.

  9. Ned says:

    Perhaps 30 years ago, being a gold digger was something you could not be totally ashamed of, but today?

    As for the children’s exploitation- what’s crazy about wanting to protect your children from being (further) exploited so that their mommie would get her TV show.

    Charlie is right 100 percent.

  10. r says:

    I love how just because Charlie has a hit tv show, people forget the kind of man he has proven himself to be! With a love for prostitutes and having had his daughter on HIS show he is truly NOT ONE TO TALK!!!!her kids were hardly on the show!

  11. Doc says:

    I thought the show was canceled.

  12. NJMDPS says:

    Love Charlie. Hate her. Leave the children alone.

  13. JUDY says:

    Aww poor thing, she cant use her kids to draw an audience because that is what she needs, she is one of the most boring women I have ever met. Those poor kids seem so unhappy, seeing them smile is very rare although I saw some pics of them laughing and having fun with their fruitcake dad.

  14. Keekee says:

    I can’t believe the court allowed the kids to be on the show in the first place! Maybe she wants the attention but they didn’t have a choice.

    (She did mention in an interview years ago that she used to be called Fish Mouth or something like that.)

  15. Cha Cha says:

    I never watched the show, nor care to. I don’t think her kids probably played a part either way in the popularity of it. But it was wrong to put them on there.

    Btw, I think in about 10 years she’s going to look like Leona Helmsley.

  16. Gin says:

    I can’t believe they are bring her back for a second season! I mean, how desperate do you have to be to watch this narcissistic woman?

  17. Sunnyjyl says:

    Good. They didn’t look all that happy about being on camera.

  18. Lenneke says:

    That guy from Run DMC had his kids on the show, why was that not a big deal?

  19. Ohforf says:

    Having met both of them in the course of my work, I’ll say as much as the NDA I signed will allow. Charlie is off his frigging NUT and no way is he the better parent.

  20. r says:

    oh yeah..RUNDMC had all his kids on the show, Kimora Lee Simmons had hers, Snoopdog, you name it. You can even see the bachelor’s son on his show! MOST IMPORTANTLY Charlie had Sam on 2 and a Half Men when she was a baby!!!The judge said it was ok because CLEARLY Charlie was doing it out of spite!!

  21. Ned says:

    If both parents give their consent to exploitation of children- it’s pretty sad, but we can’t do anything about it.

    While in this case- Chalie objected and did the resposible thing and wanted to protect those children that have gone through enough with the divorce.

    He has every right to protect his children and do the right thing.

    There is also a huge differentce between playing a tiny part in a film/show and being on a trashy reality show that is “supposed” to depict your private life and bring cameras into your home.

    The children did not make that choice. They have a right to privacy.

  22. kelly says:

    “…a hipper story line focusing on Denise’s bosom…er, bosom buddies and her, shopping, bopping and gallivanting to Vegas on girls-gone-wild forays.”

    Wait for it, wait for it…

    Ok go: “What a terrible mother she is! I can’t believe she parties so much when she has kids! Who’s taking care of her kids! She should be ashamed!!”

    Denise, file this under the “can’t win” category. And quit whining. Because as a fame whore, this is the price you pay for a pathological need to be on camera, with children or without.

    But let’s not be so binary about this, people. Charlie’s just as much of an incompetent parent. It IS possible to lose the parent lottery on both counts, ya know. (CF. how K-Fed became a respectable parent only when compared to the train wreck that is Brittney.)

  23. Bu says:

    She never used her kids in the show. It was handled very well on the rare appearance of them. Charlie Sheen is a brat.

  24. frewt says:

    Its funny because she’s stereotypically pretty but the crazy just shines through don’t it?

    Charlie Sheen is a grade A douche as well. I maintain that they’re perfect for each other.

  25. Renee says:

    If you need a license to drive a car, cut hair, install plumbing, fly a plane, practice law, or operate heavy machinery, why oh why in God’s name don’t you need a license to have kids?

  26. Renee says:

    If you need a license to drive a car, get married, cut hair, fly a plane, install a furnace, fix the plumbing, practice law, dispense medications, or operate heavy machinery—-then why oh why don’t you have to have one to have kids? I mean come on…….really!

  27. cheetahstripes says:

    You know your career is down the tubes when you went from being in a decent movie (Wild Things) to starring in an extremely bad reality show about your boring life. Wowza.

  28. Grandizer says:

    Don’t forget she played a Nuclear Scientist in a Bond film…

    All women Nuclear Scientists wear shorts when at work.

  29. Sleepy says:

    The biggest reason that Denise shouldn’t have her kids on the show is her LANGUAGE. Using the occasional cuss word around a kid is one thing, but NO child should be subjected to that level of verbal vulgarity. That shrew can’t say three words in a row without one of them being vulgar. When listening to her spout off, I always think of the phrase “do you kiss your kids with that mouth?!?”

    Denise Richards is the epitome of white trash.

  30. JMC says:

    Sheen runs around with hookers and is called Father of the Year.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Oh, yeah, misogyny!