Neighbor claims octuplets’ mom used a sperm donor

The grandfather of the octuplets arriving home with 3 of his other grandchildren yesterday.

This past week Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets, who are all doing well – seven of the eight are breathing on their own. Negative information has come out about her family. Nadya is single, and already has six young children. She lives with her parents, who appear to be supporting her financially. According to CBS, her parents ended up having to file for bankruptcy and lost their home, and as a result moved into the house they’d bought for her.

A neighbor of the Sulemans is speaking out – and she claims the father of the octuplets is a sperm donor, and is also the same man who donated for Nadya’s first six kids. She also believes he’s unaware that his sperm is still being used and doesn’t know about the octuplets. The neighbor says Nadya is a “professional student,” and even hints that she may have used her student loans to finance the fertility treatments.

In an effort to try and find out more about the woman who gave birth to octuplets earlier this week, we went to the home she shares with her parents and six other children in Whittier, California. What we learned is that her whole neighborhood is buzzing about the possibility that the 33-year-old mother used the same sperm donor to conceive the octuplets AND her other six children.

In an exclusive interview with momlogic, one neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed that the very pregnant young mom was THE hot topic of conversation at the neighborhood Christmas party. He says, “From what I heard, she likes kids, she wants a jillion kids. She even lied to the doctors who impregnated her.” The grandmother of the octuplets told the LA Times she never expected fertility treatments would lead her to conceive her eight babies. Neither doctors nor family members have commented on whether or not she used donor sperm.

When asked if he knew who the father of the baby is, the neighbor said, “She is single. She used a sperm donor, someone she knew, who donated sperm a long time ago. He donated the sperm for the first six kids and she used his frozen sperm for these ones. I don’t think the sperm donor knows about these eight kids. He was not involved.”

According to the neighbor, the parents are very supportive of their daughter and even lost their own home in an effort to support her. “The parents lost their house supporting their daughter,” the neighbor went on. “They actually bought this house for her, but then they lost their house supporting her and her kids and they had to move in with her. And now her father has to go back to Iraq to earn more money to support her. Her father either works as a truck driver or an interpreter [in Iraq].”

As to whether the mother herself works, the neighbor says: “She’s a professional student and I want to know where the money’s coming from to do this. Maybe she’s using her student loans to do it.” The family is very private: “They stick to themselves and you can always hear the grandma yelling at the kids because they are so rambunctious.”

[From Mom Logic]

Angela Suleman, Nadya’s mother (and the octuplets’ grandmother) admits her daughter has been obsessed with having babies since she was a teenager. Angela also sounds like she’s utterly exhausted and fed up.

Angela Suleman told The Associated Press she was not supportive when her daughter, Nadya Suleman, decided to have more embryos implanted last year. “It can’t go on any longer,” she said in a phone interview Friday. “She’s got six children and no husband. I was brought up the traditional way. I firmly believe in marriage. But she didn’t want to get married.” …

While her daughter recovers, Angela Suleman is taking care of Nadya’s other six children, ages 2 through 7, at the family home. She said she warned her daughter that when she gets home from the hospital, “I’m going to be gone.” Nadya Suleman wanted to have children since she was a teenager, “but luckily she couldn’t,” her mother said. “Instead of becoming a kindergarten teacher or something, she started having them, but not the normal way,” he mother said.

Yolanda Garcia, 49, of Whittier, said she helped care for Nadya Suleman’s autistic son three years ago. “From what I could tell back then, she was pretty happy with herself, saying she liked having kids and she wanted 12 kids in all,” Garcia told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. “She told me that all of her kids were through in vitro, and I said ‘Gosh, how can you afford that and go to school at the same time?'” she added. “And she said it’s because she got paid for it.”

Garcia said she did not ask for details.

[From CBS News]

Nadya’s father – whose name hasn’t been stated – claimed she wasn’t trying to have eight more children, just one. CBS also noted that she has a degree from California State University Fullerton in child and adolescent development. As of last spring she was studying for a master’s degree in counseling. Angela Suleman says all the babies have the same dad, and according to The Associated Press, the birth certificates of the first four children all list a David Solomon as the father.

This story is obviously a minefield, and there are so many complex ethical, moral, and practical questions involved that it’s not even possible to go into all of them here. On a day-to-day level, I’m wondering how Nadya is going to cope with 14 children. Angela Suleman says she’s not going to be around once Nadya gets back from the hospital. From all the articles I’ve read, it’s clear she was not supportive of her daughter’s most recent pregnancy, and has made that clear to her all along. Nadya’s father is going back to Iraq to get work to support his daughter’s enormous family – as well as his wife and himself.

Clearly Nadya’s parents have made huge sacrifices while supporting her “obsession,” as Angela Suleman puts it. The father is not in the picture at all, and it’s reasonable to assume he didn’t know his sperm would be used so many times. Obviously Nadya is going to need help – and I’m eager to hear what her plan is.

Here’s the grandfather of the octuplets arriving home with 3 of his other grandchildren yesterday. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. kiki says:

    maybe the grandfather is the father?

  2. Leandra says:

    I wonder if she’s like the Duggar woman, not happy unless there is a baby in the house even if it means pumping one out a year, or in this case 8 in one year. Maybe someone will build this single mother a new house and she can get her own reality show.

  3. vdantev says:

    She needs 14 kids like a fish needs bicycle. How is life still sacred when it is founded in a petri dish like an 8th grade science experiment? I know this flies in the face of all the freedom junkies out there, but just because a person wants something doesn’t mean they should have it.

  4. Canadian Fan says:

    I wonder if this woman is mentally stable enough to have *any* children. It sends alarm bells off for me to read how obsessed she was to have babies from such an early age..

  5. Sauronsarmy says:

    I wonder if she realizes that these cute little babies are going to GROW UP. Its all fun and games when they’re young but I can’t imagine having 14 teengers in one house. And if she is that “obsessed” why not adopt? Or are those not good enough for her? Also why are her parents helping her? If shes capable of birthing 8 kids then shes capable of working.

  6. audrey says:

    It really seems like a sickness to want that many children. And unimaginable that she doesn’t work, she lives with her folks WHO SOLD THEIR OWN HOUSE to support her and then had to move in with her after declaring bankruptcy to support her and her SIX kids.. I think it’s beyond irresponsible. And then she goes and has a LITTER of kids!

  7. caribassett says:

    I am very curious about the doctor involved. He really took a risk implanting her with 8 embryos so soon after the delivery of the twins, and she has had many children close together.
    I wonder if he will answer to a review board, because this could have gone horribly wrong.

  8. KDRockstar says:

    This is a known psychological obsession that is similar to alcohol or drug addiction. The mother (usually) gets a high off the attention, but as the child grows older (less cute, less attention), she wants more babies.

    This does not bode well for the rest of those kids. I’m no psychic, but I see child services in your future.

  9. lunachick says:

    This is just horrible on so many levels…from those poor kids saddled with premature birth and so many siblings, to the taxpayers in California who will no doubt be supporting the family’s schooling and other needs, to the costs already incurred by the health system (unless someone thinks she’s picking up the hospital tab on her own? ha.)

    Too bad the woman didn’t get professional help prior to birthing all these children, so she might have channelled her obsession in a positive way. If you love children so much, be a foster parent! I doubt she’d be allowed to adopt so many children, but you can be a foster parent of several children and yes, be paid for it.

    This woman just sounds like a disgusting leech to me. She leeches off her parents, off society, and doesn’t care how her actions affect others’ lives (her children’s, obviously, but also other people who won’t get medical care because she hogged Cal’s scarce resources.)

  10. Kathy says:

    Maybe the Mormons who donated to the campaign against Prop 8 will step up. They stand for large families. It’s at least a more practical use for it.

  11. ER says:

    Leandra – the Duggar’s had their house BEFORE their reality show, and they were debt free BEFORE the show as well. This lady is single, with no job, and expects tax payers and her parents to foot her bill.

    Leave the independent Duggar’s out of it.

  12. Feebee says:

    I’m no expert in how advanced in/fertility issues are conducted but is there no psychological testing done? God, what a mess. To top it off one of reports said her three year old son was autistic… just to add to the stress.

  13. elisha says:

    In the article I read it was her mom who said she used a sperm donor. So it’s probably true if both her mother and neighbor say so.

  14. Leandra says:

    It doesn’t seem this family is capable of caring for all these children. The mother I suspect wants to have even more children. What a mess. It would seem inhumane to have them go into separate homes. No easy answer here other than get that woman sterilized.

  15. chartreuseoak says:

    I can’t believe that any ethical doctor would implant one egg in this obviously mentally unstable woman much less eight of them. They should find out whoever did it and revoke their license.

  16. OXA says:

    I am with Canadian fan on this. This chick needs a hysterectomy and a lobotomy. As a tax payer in California I am outraged at this whole disgusting mess.

  17. Layna Torgerson says:

    This smells like the Casey Anthony story on so many levels. This grown woman living at home, manipulating her parents to get what she thinks she needs at the expense and sacrifice of all others all while being completely unaware of the pain she is causing the rest of her family, parents and children. There are families that just allow their “princess” daughters to ruin and run the entire household well into the adult years. This is unacceptable. It KILLS me to see these kids raised this way.. I have two empty rooms in my house (can we say empty nest syndrome here?) I would LOVE to be able to raise those children. I hope she gets help in many, many ways.

  18. Renee says:

    Disembodied baby foot freaks me out a little.

  19. Ling says:

    vdantev, watch out, that was a bit of a contentious statement (the “petrie dish” one). You imply that a child has less status as a person because of being born in a petrie dish. However, if your intent was to say that clearly this woman’s desire for children is selfish, unhealthy and cruel towards the children, then I 100% agree. She wants pregnancy and babies, not children.

    My heart goes out to the children. I can’t help but feel their grandparents’ feelings toward them will be inevitably begrudging.

  20. tess says:

    sauronsarm: i know i am going way off topic, but i wanted to let you know that it isn’t that easy to “just adopt”.

    adoption is an expensive and lengthy process, whether you choose domestic or international.

    i am not trying to be contentious/obnoxious and from what we read of this nadya she probably had no desire to adopt, but there is a huge misconception about how easy it is to adopt, and the reality is so very very different.

  21. Tia says:

    vdantev I am surprised at you. You normally are so fair and right on with your comments. Invitro is a very real procedure for thousands and thousands of couples every day. Don’t confuse this situation with one where people want one or two children and have true fertility issues.

  22. MT says:

    I blame the doctor who helped a 33 years old, mother of 6 (!) have fertility treatments.

    This woman is extremely selfish and exploiting her parents and social security funds.

    I am not ruling out the posibility that she is sick, but a doctor should make sure BEFORE he starts giving her such treatments, that she really needs that kind of help.

    I blame the doctor, and her of course.

  23. MT says:

    It sounds like the authorities should have checked on her a long time ago- as the neighbor hinted that she stole funds that were supposed to help her through college.

    Perhaps in her own mind, she figured out another system to get money and funds without having to work.

  24. elainebenes says:

    How could this doctor not have known that this insane woman already has six children? Has he heard of “Medical Records”?? After having 6 babies, it hardly qualifies her fertilization. And eight embryos?
    I feel for the innocent children who suffer for the selfishness of adults.
    The doctor has to be accountable for this mess. After, hopefully, losing his medical license, whatever job he does get, he should also be held financially responsible for the babies. Not the woman’s parents & not the taxpayers.

  25. allison says:

    um…WHY is this neighbor butting in??? what does it matter??? the lady has octuplets for christ’s sake, doesnt she have enough to stress about? what a b*tch of a neighbor. well, what goes around comes around.

  26. orion70 says:

    Was reading about this here this evening

    A David Solomon has been listed as the father of the four eldest.

    I can’t help but keep shaking my head at this whole mess. Her parents sound like they’re at their wits end.

    I expect to see this on Intervention any day now.

  27. hmm says:

    But haven’t we become a society that rewards people for having multiple births? I mean the parents from Jon and Kate plus 8 have been unemployed for the majority of their children’s lives and everything they possess was acquired through their children’s existence. Hell they just moved into a million dollar home and neither of them has a job. Obviously this woman has a serious problem but who is the doctor who implanted at least 8 embryos into a woman with six existing children?

  28. orion70 says:

    Just another note hmmm..while I agree there should have been some background checks…from other reports i’ve read, she also lied to the doctors. This is someone who’s whole existance appears to revolve around getting pregnant. Probably wouldn’t be too much she WOULDN’T do.

  29. mE says:

    I wouldn’t say he implanted “at least” 8 embryos. Embryos can split spontaneously (like with identical twins).

    But I do think the doc who helped her get pregnant should definitely stand in front of a medical board for review.

    Maybe with her background in counseling, etc. she was able to forge medical records but that seems kinda suspect to me.

    As far as I know, most reputable fertility clinics require some sort of sign off from a mental health expert. Clearly someone dropped the ball here. The mother’s life and the lives of her babies was but at grave risk so she could supposedly have just one more.

    I cannot imagine being one of those first 6 kids. And those grandparents share in the blame for enabling her.

  30. mE says:

    wanted to add: The doc pretty much defnitely transferred far to many embryos as the likelihood of one or two splitting that many times is almost nil.

  31. lulu says:

    to: Sauronsarmy
    It’s her right, she didn’t ask anybody for help, we have no right to tell someone has to adopt if she can conceive & prefers to use her own eggs, just because she wasn’t lucky enough to find A HUSBAND OR A PARTNER(otherwise you wouldn’t have said that) so she’s doomed not to have any kids of her own, she has done excactly what a lot of other women have done but hers happened to be eight by accident, so stop blaming this poor woman & have some compassion for her just because she loves kids & prefers to have her own rather than adopt.

  32. lulu says:

    and for people from that country is pretty much normal to have a lot of kids in a family it’s not like here, so calm down don’t make a big deal of it, jeez.

  33. marie says:

    Even if she’d only had ONE with fertility treatments, that would have brought the total to seven, and clearly, the family was having some financial troubles.

    So when and where do her rights stop? Never? Should she be allowed to have even more, even if it means she’s a drain on her family and on the system? Is that what freedom means? Because freedom should also mean responsibility, and she’s not accepting hers if she has to take aid for these children.

    I can understand someone who wanted to have a child, who couldn’t, and who sought treatment. That’s one thing. It’s another to continue to seek aid to have children when you don’t even have a job and can’t handle them yourself. That’s irresponsible, plain and simple.

  34. NotBlonde says:

    lulu 14 kids doesn’t seem normal in any country. 5-6 yea. 14…no. And even if it is normal in whatever country they are from, it isn’t normal here. Having 6 is plenty. I have no right to force her to not have any more kids, but I do have the right to say that I think it is wrong and irresponsible for her to have done this.

    Jon and Kate plus 8 came about from one show they did about them years ago about how difficult it is raising all those kids at once. Once it aired, a lot of people called and wrote to TLC talking about how they loved that family and they are so cute and blar blar blar. So they got their own show. Jon had a job until I think the second season when they were no doubt getting paid way more to do the show.

    Kate stopped after the 6 came out at once. This woman seems like she wants to have her own football team.

  35. lulu says:

    but she didn’t mean to have 8 kids at once, the 2nd time around it happenend by accident(otherwise it would have been 7 all together) so it’s not like she got pregnant 14 times.

  36. NotBlonde says:

    She was using fertility treatments and everyone knows that using them increases your chances of having multiples.

    Her family claims she was trying to have just one…there are too many conflicting stories and the whole thing seems really weird and suspicious to me.

  37. lulu says:

    yea having multiple but who imagine getting 8 of them that was a record braking(no one knows about the outcome of it) & nothing suspicious about fertility’s outcome that no one has any control over.

  38. minx says:

    ONe word: CRAZY!!!
    on every level…

  39. bwoz says:

    WHOA — where’s my earlier comment??? This woman is charging the state of CA and all its taxpayers for her and the babies care! YOU are paying for her family and will likely continue to do so with her welfare…..

  40. Jane says:

    Independent Duggars? They freaking live off of the support of a congregation from a church in a different state from where they live. That’s just like welfare to me.

    Anyhow, this whole story is full of rotten fish and I hope the doctors who have been facilitating this woman go up against a ethics review. Implanting 8 fertilized embryos when supposedly only 1 child was desired seems totally out of normal practices.

  41. JustV says:

    I would never suggest that the state or any external entity be allowed to control a woman’s body as far as whether or not to have kids, but I knew that something was probably very wrong with this woman when they reported that she already had six fairly young children. It’s one thing to get pregnant on your own after six, but to pay for fertility treatments while you have six other young kids at home is clearly a sign of madness.

  42. Gigohead says:

    Seems to me like this is situation where the more we find out, the more unfavorable it has become. I feel bad for the grandparents who are stuck raising this nutty daughter’s kids. She should have a pysche evaluation before any of the babies are sent home.

  43. sissoucat says:


    Strangely that crossed my mind as well.

    That lady has shitty righteous neighbors. Think what you think, but don’t go to TV to sully your neighbor. Even if you’re right…

    Hope the best for the kids.

  44. orion70 says:

    I find it somewhat disturbing that this woman has a degree in child and adolescent development, and is studying (when??) to be a counsellor some time soon. I say when again, because I have no inkling where anyone with 6 kids, let alone 14 would find time to attend college. Is this part of her masters thesis or something? The whole “because I got paid for it” makes me very uneasy.

    Seems to me like this is someone who likes being pregnant and having kids, but what about raising them? What is she going to do when Mom and Dad aren’t around to help her? I would have all the sympathy for this woman if she just got pregnant and gave birth to octuplets…but she went out of her way to pay through the nose for in-vitro and voluntarily got EIGHT embryos implanted, this was not a fluke simply from taking fertility drugs.

    On a side note, I have a Psychology degree, and one very unfortunate consistant theme noted with many of my Psych professors was that their kids were all messed up (mental institutions, drug abuse, etc ). I was alarmed that people who should be “experts” in child rearing would mess it up so badly.

  45. Linda says:

    Maybe Angelina can step in and save the day by adopting some of them – she seems just as obsessed about collecting children.

    I’m also sure that Lifetime Network is already working on a contract for yet another reality show for this woman.

  46. cheetahstripes says:

    OXA: Exactly! WTH??

  47. Rita says:

    Linda, so adopting kids and having kids is “collecting” kids? I have both adopted and given birth to kids just like Angelina (and Brad as he is fully on board with wanting many kids also) and many other women and you are insulting me and them. I love kids as does my spouse, and we both came from large families. We knew we wanted like 8 kids and that is what we have. My spouse is adopted and also wanted to adopt and so we adopted 3 kids and had 5 kids by birth. So for you to call us “collecting” kids makes me angry. We both work and support our family, our kids are all now in school, but there was a time where we had 4 in diapers as we had a set of twins after we had adopted 2 siblings aged 1 and 2. I suggest you think before making the type statement you did. Now as to this situation, this woman lacked both the family support and financial resources to have 14 kids and it sounds as if she has some mental health issues that need to be dealth with. It is also very easy in our mobile society to lie to a physician who has not treated you so why place blame on a physican until all the facts are known. In reality the state of CA and its taxpayers will end up supporting these kids.

  48. Don says:

    Sad situation all around for all involved. Wonderful for all 8 to be alive and doing well, but worry about the future of all 14 children. Grandmother sounds fed up and worn out. Don’t blame her. Everyone is talking now and this is just the beginning of this debate. I am one of 7 kids, have only 2 kids myself, but would like more if I could afford them as I love being a father. But 8 at one time is way more than I could deal with. Hope all of this works out well but I don’t think it will.

  49. hatsumomogirly says:

    shame on you!How can you compare the Duggars to this woman? The situation couldn’t be more opposite.
    1. The Duggars are married. That woman isn’t and no mention of a partner.
    2. Dugggars are also self-sufficient and employed. That woman has no job.
    3. They live in a house they built. that woman lives in the house her parents bought for her.
    sorry for going off like that, but really, only an idiot would compare them based on the size of their family….

  50. lrm says:

    actually,14 is normal in MANY countries. My Grandmother was one of 13 in Canada [granted,an older generation],but a classmate of mine in Kenya [who is Kenyan]was one of 12. In rural or less developed areas [such as my grandmother’s at that time,and my friend’s now],mortality rates are high! My grandmother lost a few siblings either in babyhood or childhood to accidents or illness. And my Kenyan friend had already lost an adult brother to an infection from a leg wound,and a younger brother to HIV. So,large families are common where children are required and necessary for survival [ie,to help out,to ensure continuity,etc.] OH,and my husband is the youngest of 9,although his father was an only child and his mother one of 2,and they both had college degrees. [From CA]…I think it’s a bit presumptous and ignorant to state that it’s not common,and/or ‘6 is plenty’. To each his own—the outrage is really over whether or not fertility should be upping the ante on multiple births;and over who’s going to pay for these children to be raised.

  51. lrm says:

    Meant to say ‘fertility treatments’…in previous post.

  52. DLR in Canada says:

    I think the finger should be pointed at the doctors for implanting eight embryos. There needs to be a limit on the number of embryos implanted, I would say a maximum of four. I also am quite shocked at the fact this woman already has six kids, and there’s no father around, and that this was possibly a sperm donor thing. Oh goodness, there has to be a better way to regulate infertility treatments so things like this are investigated more thoroughly.

  53. sonya says:

    are u serois how can the grandfather be the father i mean it is possible he could be.. but most likely no!

  54. sonya says:

    are you serious how can the grandfather be the dad i mean dont get me wrong its possible…. but most likely no cause it is probaly a sperm doner cause were is the dad? the dad could have divorced her but dont you think it would have said that well bye… ~sonya

  55. sonya says:

    are you, serious how can the grandfather are, be the dad i mean dont get me wrong, its, possible…. but most likely not, cause it is probaly a possible,sperm doner cause were is the dad? the dad could have divorced her but, dont you think its, would have said, or it could have been the, neigbor, haha well bye..~ sonya m morris 2-1-09

  56. orion70 says:




    ….put down the chardonnay

  57. Diva says:

    LMAO @ orion

  58. Yadira says:

    Linda, why bring Angelina into this? She can afford all her children. This other lady clearly has no idea about reality. She is having the taxpayers finance her baby production. She isn’t supporting them or herself. Her parents whom are looking tired are paying for her and still making sacrifices for her and her bright ideas.

    And Kiki, I also thought the same bothersome thought about her father being the father. In this crazy world, you just never know!

  59. kiki says:

    sperm donor must have given a gallon of sperm . Grandfather being the father is not unheard of its even a story in the bible.

  60. Diva says:

    It’s a shame that in this society it’s the first thing some people think of, though.

  61. Dee says:

    Children are God’s gift to man ! ! ! Let there be NO doubt with this fact. Raising them should be joyous, meaning you as a COUPLE should be happy do this. Mentally, emotionally, financially, etc the two of you get ready and make it happen. Why in the world would someone bring 14 children into this world and not be able to have all of their needs met ? If you require help from your parents (require being the key word) and the state, you cannot afford them. Someone will go without . . . . unfortunately.

  62. Obvious says:

    I don’t agree with Dee that it always needs to be a couple. My friend was raised my her mother only and she is a fantastic young woman and very smart and successful, what you need is a loving and stable environment, if you can get that with one parent/guardian then more power to your family.

    To say that two parents need to be present is wrong.

    That being said, She needed another kid (or 8 more) like a hole in the head.

    Also leave the doctors alone. She paid for it, and she probably lied. And it’s not uncommon to plant as many as 10 embryos in hopes that even one will catch. When they found out 7 were developing they asked is she would consider terminating a few of the fetuses and she declined and lo and behold they were all surprised when she had 8.

    This woman is crazy and easily capable of lying, it’s not the doctors fault. It’s her. And I hate that I am now expected to pay for the upbringing of her family.

  63. Rosebudd says:

    I haven’t read the rest of thread yet, but, have to say to KDROCKSTAR and LUNACHICK, yeah! right on target.. This sounds like a form of mental illness that needs to be addressed immediately. Even if she were married and had a combined income of over $210,000.00 a yr., still unacceptable to do this. My husband is an atty. w/ very middle class salary. Only income in our family. I have been going thru papers, bills, etc. up to my arss for weeks. Making pymt. plans & trying to sell items to pay med. bills. We get no break. Bottom husband pays mnthly. for PPO ins., high deductible, over 30% on med. bills. I was sick throwing up one night last year & as last resort after 4-5 hrs., went to E.R.. For 4 hrs. of service, my portion was $4000.00. I’m devastated. We pay & have always PAID our own way, but we are paying for the next 5 irresponsible people who walk into E.R. w/out ins. & drive into E.R. w/ their big, gas guzzling SUV. We are paying for her ignorant obsession and/or sickness! I AM ANGRY THIS GOES ON. We still take care of our 2 emancipated kids because they are good college students. THIS NEEDS TO STOP ALL AROUND.

  64. gg says:

    Wow. Great planning ahead on all their parts. Idiots beget more idiots.

    If YOU can’t feed em, DON’T breed em!!

  65. mel says:

    I just read that the mother wants Oprah to pay her 2 million for a interview. Yeah I would say she’s using those kids to benefit herself. I feel sad for the kids.

  66. adrseq says:

    even if she does get a job in the future, it will cost more to pay for childcare than to go to work each day. unless she has government subsidized child care… which is using taxpayer money… so she really closed doors for herself to become self sufficent. And think of the cost to feed 14 everyday, clothe them, etc. She will clearly be on welfare. she does not have a job. these children need medical insurance. So california taxpayers will be paying for it. Maybe the only real possibility is if she has some kind of counseling proactice out of her home, and someone would still have to watch the kids while she is with clients. just some thoughts.

  67. MaryMcG says:

    Hopefully, this misguided soul gets some guidance and places the infants up for adoption — she sounds like too much of a princess but it’s a true act of love to let them go have a decent life with families who can provide for them and who will love them.

    The doctor involved may not have been aware of her prior medical history. A woman can tell a doctor they’ve had two or twelve children and can lie about their marital status and just about anything about their past.
    The doctor may have implanted fewer than eight embryos. The implanted embryos could have split given all the hormones she would likely have received for the fertility treatments.
    Pray that the children are given a fair chance and placed for adoption not suffering with no resources and on welfare with these rough living conditions.

  68. JJ says:

    Why the hell does she lie about things that are so obvious and detectable.
    It is so obvious that she’s mentally ill and needs serious help!
    Can’t the govt. make her get a mental evaluation to see if she really has a problem or not?
    I’m a single mother with two children and I can proudly say that I never got help from the taxpayers. Instead I pay my taxes even though I know they use them on unnecessary bs.
    How is this woman going to take care of 14 children? 8 of them being the same age? I don’t even know how she took care of 6 children to start with!
    I have so many comments… Just don’t have the time to write them all…
    It’s just a shame that there really are people like this…

  69. krysta says:

    Maybe she thinks Brad Pitt will come to her door and sweep her off her feet. Or maybe a Brad look alike.

  70. Donna says:

    I’m really surprised that someone would compare Nadya Solomon to Michelle Duggar. Michelle Duggar is married, they are self supporting, not on Welfare, and Jim Duggar knows that he is, and is very happy to be the father of their 18 children.

  71. Amy says:

    I am just wondering, how come we never see her with all her kids at once? I am always seeing her alone or maybe one or two kids with her when she goes anywhere, and might I add, she stays gone all the time.

    Every once in awhile we will see her at home with her babys for a brief moment, I guess to show the media she is a mom? lol

    Ive never meet anyone as selfish as her, its always about “me me me, & money” She just uses her babies to achieve her goal in life, Fame & money.

    She doesn’t really want to be a mother to those kids. If she did she would be there for them 100% and do what mothers do……taking care of their kids. (which I’ve never seen her do, its always someone else)