Johnny Depp gave Amber Heard $50,000 of jewelry on xmas: c’mere, Johnny?

Johnny Depp

By now, you’ve probably seen these wacky photos of Johnny Depp with his pants around his ankles on the Mortdecai set. I am guessing Johnny enjoyed filming this scene more than his on-set time with Goop. That’s a no-brainer if there ever was one. I’m still not warming to Johnny’s awful blonde hair for this movie, but Johnny can’t act without a disguise. He just won’t do it.

Lately the tabloids have taken it easy on Johnny and his artist lady love, Amber “Knowledge is My Religion” Heard. With Christmas having just arrived, news of Johnny’s presents to Amber were bound to be revealed. Now we’re hearing about how Johnny splashed out $50,000 on jewelry alone for his hot young thing. Lucky girl, right?

Johnny Depp sure knows the way to a girl’s heart!

Life & Style has learned that the 50-year-old actor recently splurged on some sparkly baubles at Neil Lane for girlfriend Amber Heard, 27, whom he’s been officially dating since April. “He got her diamond drop earrings set in platinum — about two carats total,” an eyewitness tells the mag, on stands now. “He said they were for Christmas.”

But The Lone Ranger star didn’t stop there. “He also picked up a diamond pendant necklace,” the eyewitness adds.

The grand total? Nearly $50,000!

[From Life & Style]

This isn’t even the first time Johnny’s spent this much on jewelry for Amber! We heard in December how he blew $50,000 on earrings to make her happy. Will these grand gestures work in the long term? Who knows, but I’m sure Amber isn’t complaining, and I can’t blame her one bit. She might be presumptuous, but she’s not dumb. Amber’s got a sweet deal, and she knows it.

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

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  1. lisa2 says:

    Not sure if the tabloids are taking it easy on Johnny and Amber. I think it is simply stories of their relationship doesn’t sale. I don’t know if anyone is really interested in them as a couple. This should have been a huge deal; considering Johnny is a big star. But it is one of those things in that you forget they are a couple until there is a story posted to remind you.

    • teatimescoming says:

      Probably because we see this as sorta sad: guy implodes a decent, long term relationship and his family for opportunistic younger woman. At some level, we all know this is not going to last. It’s like watching a midlife crisis on a very public stage.

      • Santolina says:

        Exactly. Once he destroyed his “family man” brand, he lost a lot of cred, I think. This is not the way to get it back.

      • Boodiba says:

        I remember when it seemed like Johnny was going to be cool forever. He lost his cool when he revealed he’s every bit as sad, grasphing and pathetic as the average, insecure celebrity.

      • Bluebear says:

        Seriously, he didn’t lose any cred with me. People divorce all the time. In Hollywood, younger women get the jobs while older men are still seen as aging like a fine brandy. For that reason, how is it at all shocking that just like 50% of marriages, his long term relationship ended? He himself came from a divorced home. This is the opposite of news; this is everyday life for half of American’s.

        So, the male actor on a set, meets up with the younger actress on the set (because that is the way Hollywood has set it up; directors hire men they want to be and women they want to sleep with) and the two of them hit it off. They start dating and suddenly a man who was seen as funny, “cool”, and a decent family man is reduced to a caricature? A dirty old man living out his mid-life crisis with a shiny, new, younger model woman while abandoning his family and rejecting the mother of his children. Where is the evidence that any of that has occurred other than the beautiful younger woman on his arm? This is all conjecture.

        Johnny Depp appears to be the same man he was two years ago, except that (exactly like half of Celebitchy posters once married) he is now “divorced” and moving on with his life. How dare he! Apparently he should have stayed in a failing relationship, subjecting children to a loveless set of parents, all so that his “fans” would think of him in a certain way.

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        I like u Bluebear

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yeah, I don’t like that people are semi blaming Amber for the end of his relationship–that’s not fair to her. We know that they stayed friends after they filmed Rum Diaries, and for all Amber’s pretentiousness and seriously non acting skills whatsoever, she’s growing on me. If she’d stop talking about how she’s such an ARTISTE, then I’d like her more. But I like that she’s been private about the relationship–except for that one phone interview–and seems to be going on with her personal life and career. I read that she really likes vintage cars and knows a lot about them, so I can see him going for her–not just looks.

        And again, I don’t think it’s fair to blame her for the end of the relationship of Johnny and Vanessa. I read that Vanessa said the relationship had been in trouble for a long time, if I’m not mistaken, they both traveled and were apart for long periods of time in the last few years of their relationship–so don’t blame Amber for that. If anything, you should all be talking trash about that hack job that Johnny’s publicist did on Vanessa with PEOPLE–pretty much blaming the end of the relationship on her. I sincerely hope that his publicist went off the reservation for that one, because that was a shitty thing to do to the mother of your children. Is she still his publicist–I can’t remember if I read that he fired her or not–I think he did.

      • KB says:

        BlueBear, I think you need to consider the context in which most of his fans have seen the whole thing unfold.

        He spent a decade feeding these grandiose lines to the public about Vanessa and his domestic bliss in France. He romanticized every aspect of his relationship, from when he first met her, to how she changed him forever, to how their love was undeniable, then the same thing with their home life, how their isolated home in the south of France was so perfect, and they had a garden and drank wine, and didn’t own phones. He was so content with the simple life, just being with his wife and kids.

        People bought the image he shoved down their throats all those years, and then seemingly out of nowhere the stories became about him going through a mid-life crisis, getting too close to Amber Heard and Eva Green, partying in Los Angeles, etc. Then, shortly after it’s announced he and Vanessa have separated, he takes up with the 26 year old costar he was supposedly chasing after the year before. I think people have such strong opinions about his breakup/new girlfriend, because it’s all in such stark contrast to everything he had been presenting about himself.

      • Bluebear says:

        KB: I can see how people could think that he had some kind of blissful, abnormally perfect relationship because that is what his publicist, and the tabloids fed. He made a comment in an interview (amongst hundreds of comments) and they ran that one and omitted a bunch more. Would we rather have had him moan about his palatial mansion in the south of France; whine about how abnormal is marriage was with all the time spent away from each other due to their careers; complain about how strange this life is and how much he “just wished it were normal”? I certainly wouldn’t have cared for that guy… I don’t care for those celebrities already.

        What made him refreshing is that he was real about life (children are like little drunks) that me made mistakes (The US is like a dumb puppy) and he was sincere in his apologies and (best of all) humble. Maybe he did realize that he had a pretty damn nice life, and he was thankful for it, and sadly, it ended. Maybe it wasn’t just him who changed, but her as well. Instead of growing together, they grew apart. How is that hard to believe for anyone? Again, it is all conjecture since no one knows what went on in their marriage but them. Would everyone feel less cheated if the insanely private man had badmouthed the mother of his children for a year or two before the separation was announced? I don’t think anything he said in the past was a lie, I think he did feel that way about Vanessa Paradis, and his family, and his life, and what they had… and it changed. He admits to being a huge romantic, having watched Wuthering Heights multiple times and tattooing “Winona Forever” on his arm out of love and adoration. He wasn’t pulling the wool over our eyes, he was being honest, but something changed and the relationship ended. It happens every day.

        This is a guy who admits to having done every drug imaginable with Hunter S. Thompson. A guy who was arrested for destroying a hotel room in the 90’s. A man who took swings at the paparazzi for taking pics of his children and a man who stuck out a relationship for over a decade when his Hollywood peers were marrying and divorcing like it was going out of style. He is also a man who has photos of him pushing a Graco stroller (not some $1,000 pram), wearing the same boots and hat for at least the past five years, and donning jewelry made by his children. He is such a nice guy that even drunker than a skunk (in the midst of his relationship deteriorating and the paparazzi running every negative story they could about him) he stopped outside a bar to sign autographs. He was knocked over, slammed to the ground, got back up and continued to sign more autographs! He seems like a genuinely nice, down to earth guy who went through a divorce. People do dumb shit when their marriages fail. We shouldn’t judge them on how they handle that one point in their life, but how they handled everything leading up to it and everything following. My point is, he still is all of those things, the focus simply shifted.

        His relationship ended. This is not shocking. He drank a bit when it happened, and again, this is not shocking. He is dating a new woman, why is that shocking? This is as common as the seasons changing in this world. There weren’t many photographs of him with his children before (because he doesn’t like the tabloids taking pictures of his children) and the same is true now. He didn’t abandon them, he simply is the same protective father he always was.

        This will blow over, these types of smear campaigns always do, and when it does we will hopefully still have a great actor who does fantastically funny interviews, makes enormously entertaining movies, and is someone to appreciate for what he is willing to share with the world.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Um, KB maybe we’re not remembering the same timeline–but he and Amber were linked together by tabloids–not themselves. I don’t even think they were photographed together–I know that they were friends—the only thing I heard between the two of them was that they went horseback riding in New Mexico on his ranch (and this might be total tabloid bs, I can’t remember). They were not pictured together, until earlier (like in January 2013), at a Rolling Stone concert–up until then no one knew if they were together or not.

        So no, this wasn’t a case of him going straight to Amber’s arms (publically at least)–Amber was still with her girlfriend, when he broke up with Vanessa. And I’ve heard good things about it–I can’t remember what movie it was, but one of her costars during that time said that she wouldn’t go out for drinks afterwards with the cast and crew, because she was in a relationship and wanted to respect that. I think the girl is a non talented actress with a slight touch of famehoish-ness and pretentionism (not even a word, lol)–but so far I’ve liked her in this relationship. If she could act, I’d be a fan. But all she’s done is played the hot, sexy girl–hopefully she shows she can do better than that. All I remember about the Rum Diary (that movie was BORING), was the very hot sex scene between them.

      • KB says:

        BlueBear, just because it is common for people to quickly jump into new relationships after old ones end doesn’t make it any easier for some people to swallow. I think the now disgruntled fans wanted to see him take some time after the separation. He may have completely been done and over with that relationship and ready to start a new one, but by jumping into that (with such a conventionally beautiful and young girl, especially,) people never had the chance to adjust to “single Johnny” and then “dating again Johnny.” I’m not saying he owes them any of this, but i think it explains why so many people have turned on him. He never gave them the time to adjust to post-Vanessa Johnny.

      • KB says:

        The naivety runs strong with you Virgilia

      • Bluebear says:

        KB: Why does anyone, least of all Johnny Depp and his publicist, give a hoot how hard it is for you to swallow his post-realtionship life? Your ego, and by extension the “fans” you are speaking for, is quite possibly the largest ever on the Celebitchy site (and I’m lumping that one in with the massive head of James Franco).

        How dare Johnny not notify the tabloids of EXACTLY how much time was spent between relationships! That is simply outrageous! You, as a “fan”, have the right to know that he and Vanessa separated exactly 953 days before he shared lunch with someone new.

        I have no “f”ing idea how long they were separated for, it could have been quite some time before they were ready to admit it was over to themselves, let alone the world that was bound to run salacious gossip on the cover of ever trashy magazine and pick apart every bit of them from the clothes they are wear “post breakup” to the friend they are sharing lunch with; all well within the eyesight of their two children who would run into those covers at every newsstand, grocery store (not to mention hear it from all their friends and schoolmates). I find it far easier to assume that he is a sane, thoughtful man that he always was than that he became an Alec Baldwin wannabe overnight.

        Why should we need to “adjust” to “single Johnny” and then “dating again Johnny”? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? He is a human, not a teddybear meant to comfort you and shelter you from the reality of divorce and adult relationships. The entire reason I commented is that everything that has turned these “fans” against him is all CONJECTURE; created, printed, and sold by tabloids who’s income depends on the scandal, not the reality. The reality is that men and women simply break up and life goes on, but that wouldn’t sell. Clearly you have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker, and you are being reeled in.

      • Santolina says:

        Interesting convo. I think some of us are speaking from the perspective of Depp’s PR and image, and others from the perspective of the man and his life choices. The life choices aren’t that unusual but they’ve diverged from the image, which has a tendency to persist in people’s memories longer.

    • Jen34 says:

      Johnny hasn’t been interesting since he left the stability of his family, and nobody knows who Amber is. Now he is a cliche.

    • frisbeejada says:

      I agree with teatimescoming and Jen 34, the main phrase that struck me in the article was “sweet deal”, it’s really sad that a man who used to be so attractive (or maybe just had brilliantly effective PR) has turned into a sad middle aged cliche with a girlfriend who is probably calling the tabs all the time

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Um, you don’t have to like his girlfriend–but she has NOT been calling the tabloids or the paparazzi at all. We haven’t heard anything about her or Johnny in MONTHS–I think the last time they were photographed together was when he was promoting The Lone Ranger in Russia (????)–when she wore that red silk dress, and her and his kids were seen boarding a plane. Other than that, we saw pics of both of them (on different sets) filming in London. So beyond that stupid phone interview (where the interviewer could hear Johnny on her end, telling her to come back to bed), she hasn’t really fameho’d this relationship at all.

    • Lala says:

      Life & Style, disagree with you. The story was the most read for most of the week
      These two are too private, that’s why tabloids can’t do a big deal with them

      • lisa2 says:

        just because someone is popular on a gossip site does not mean they are going to sell magazines. There are a lot of popular people on this site, doesn’t mean they generate tabloid sales. Not the same thing. Gossip on line is free for the most part. But will people take out their cash to buy a magazine with your face on it. the answer regarding Johnny and Amber is no.

    • Seán says:

      I agree with Bluebear. Depp never had much cred with me because he always struck me as annoyingly pretentious and overrated as an actor. He’s certainly talented but certainly not the best actor I’ve ever seen…and that was a very unpopular opinion a few years ago. Everyone loved Johnny Depp but now I think he’s starred in a few flops and has a sort of worn out shtick and people are bored. That said, I think it’s a bit presumptuous to assume she’s some massive gold digger and he’s a clichéd middle aged man with a mid-life crisis. Relationships and marriages end. It’s better that they went their separate ways than being in a miserable relationship. Amber Heard isn’t some dumb blonde either. She’s intelligent and clearly gorgeous!

      I’d have no problem making fun of Johnny Depp for his whining about critics being to blame for The Lone Ranger flopping but it’s a bit presumptuous to assume that this is a mid-life crisis/gold digger deal when we simply don’t know the whole story!

      • Lucinda says:

        Many great actors and actresses have starred in groan-worthy films. Depp is what he has always been–a great character actor. He shouldn’t play the romantic lead because it isn’t what he excels at. But not many people could have brought Edward Scissorhands to life the way he did. Benny and Joon. Don Juan DeMarco. Even Chocolat. There are many more I just don’t want to list them all but his best performances are always characters that are a bit off of the mainstream. He really does run with them and make them bigger than life. I think his career started to stall out when people tried to make him carry the film instead of surrounding him with a great ensemble. He’s not that kind of actor. Does that make him a weak actor? I don’t think so. There are very few actors who can carry a film by themselves.

      • Kenny says:

        I’ll never understand why some people find Depp pretentious. Just because he has his own brand and is occasionally not afraid to speak his mind.? He’s at times prone to verbal diarrhea but other than that I’ve never found a pretentious bone in his body. Infact he’s not a good interviewee because he’s careful not to come across as pretentious. He just gets by by being humble and with a dry sense of humor. People who work with him have always talked about how unassuming he is. Guess some people don’t like when something isn’t a usual kind of product.

        It’s a different story with Amber Heard though although I think she just doesn’t know how to handle all this attention now and is trying too hard to be impressive.

        And I agree with Lucinda Depp is a great character actor who can carry a film on his shoulders but needs to be surrounded by other great actors or leading men for his best to come out (Ed Wood, Finding Neverland).

  2. Kiddo says:

    Is $50k all that much for a guy who owns an island? I have a difficult time putting these things in perspective.

    • nebi says:

      No, it’s not. This is the kind of presents I can expect from my husband, whose Job is well paid but not in terms of multiple millions per year.

      • Spooks says:

        Seriously? It would take 5 years for my dad to make that kind of money. I don’t think I would spend that much money on jewelery even if I did earn millions. Just like million dollar engagement rings. Who needs such a thing? It’s too flashy. And I would be scared to wear it around.

      • Kiddo says:

        I think it’s kind of a lazy present, in a way. Unless she asked for jewelry, it doesn’t seem personal, but a go to default gift for women. That’s just me. I could think of a million other things I’d rather have.

      • nebi says:

        @Spooks. Well, first of all jewelry is something that you can wear but at the same time it will last forever. In our case it will be part of our legacy to our three daughters.
        Second, in times of economic crisis jewels keep their value better than other things. Much better than a crocodile bag or a number of stupid things of any price that one receive at Christmas time and last only one season.

      • Spooks says:

        I know, but still. I wouldn’t spend money on designer clothes either. looks like I’m quite frugal, lol.

      • Kiddo says:

        @nebi, I didn’t intend to insult you, it’s clear that you like getting jewelry and your husband knows it. I was just speaking in general terms about how some guys assume it is a woman-thing without much contemplation.

      • TG says:

        If your husband is giving you $50K worth of jewelry on a regular basis how is he paying for it if he isn’t making several million dollars a year? Unless he had a huge trust find. I just over Depp. I don’t know how Hollywood folks can just let every man or woman they are dating meet their kids. It seems none of them ever put their children first. I remember Kste Hudson letting every man she dated put her son on their shoulders until she had settled, for the time being anyway, with this latest guy. Same goes for Johnny.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      To be fair, they are saying the jewelry was just part of his gifts to her.

  3. Meredith says:

    I just keep thinking that for someone like him, $50K isn’t a lot of money.

  4. Thinkaboutit says:

    That’s what i was thinking. My ex was highly paid but far from celeb rich and he would routinely buy me jewelry in the $5-10k range just because it was Tuesday…

  5. Talie says:

    I was reading an article that said she actually auditioned for the role Margot Robbie got in Wolf of Wall Street.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      I dont get why shes a a thing even.. She’s only average pretty, and I dont think she’s that great of an actress. She’s just very meh to me..

  6. rep says:

    I used to Love, love, love Johnny Depp, not even interested anymore, and I do not recognize Amber. Also, 50k is cheap for Johnny, I would have been insulted. I would have expected a house from him.

  7. Dena says:

    There’s no fool like an old fool, as my Grandma would say.

    And she makes him look old.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      That’s the thing, isn’t it? Middle aged men (and, less often, women) who take much younger partners may do so in the belief that it makes them look young and fresh. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Their partner’s youth actually emphasises their age and makes them look tired and slightly pathetic. Of course, there are age gap relationships which are genuine and where both partners seem to thrive. This, however, does not seem to be one of them.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Completely agree with you guys.

  8. skins says:

    $50K is not really a lot for somebody making 20mil a picture or so. Some might even call him cheap. On another note, he really is not aging well

  9. jinni says:

    Seeing as it was a Christmas present. The jewelry could have been for some other person, like his sisters or mother. I’m just saying. Anyway seeing as it’s from Life and Style I don’t really believe this (I doubt most would believe it if the story was about another actor). Plus why is he always spending $50,000 dollars? Can the tabs come up with a new number in their fairytales.

    • Erin says:

      Does anyone realize this is tabloid gossip and nothing has been even remotely verified? Taking a piece of gossip (originating from Life & Style, really?) and then discussing it in detail as if it any validity? Huffington Post said they were waiting for verification from his agency? They honestly think anyone close to Johnny is going to “verify” personal information on something he may have purchased? I realize this is a gossip site, that loves to hate on people, but it would be more interesting if there was at least a tiny bit of truth.

  10. Jacqueline says:

    I think they call that “straight for pay”

  11. Shannon1972 says:

    Used to love him…sigh, he was my absolute favorite actor. When my son became obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, I happily watched it repeatedly (like a million times) with him. Amber looks like she could be Johnny’s daughter, which is definitely not a good look for him. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with an older guy and younger woman if they are happy together. But she seems to make him look even more uncomfortable than usual in front of the cameras.
    He really should take a page out of the “Brad Pitt Gorgeous Guy’s Guide to Aging Gracefully in Hollywood” book. Brad is still absolutely smokin’ at 50 and owning his age – a perfect case study of how it’s done.

    • IRONIC says:

      as they are private about dating, tabloids pay for lies and sell for imbeciles.

    • No says:

      In what planet is Brad looking better than Johnny?
      these are Johnny’s latest pictures, even with the awful blonde hair, he looks younger and better than Brad
      In London a couple of weeks ago

      Also in London a personal picture with Amber

      In LA the past week

      This picture it’s from December 24. he was with Amber’s dad in the car

      And not even mention to how happy he looks recently 😉

    • Maggie says:

      I don’t find Brad Pitt even remotely good-looking anymore with his bloated face. Johnny is far more attractive in my books. Plus he’s a much better actor. I just dont get all the Brad Pitt comparisoms.

      • lisa2 says:

        Maggie please you would post a negative about Brad or Angie compared to anyone.

        and you may not get the comparison but you sure are quick to bring Brad up and compare anyone and everyone to him. LOL..

      • Maggie says:

        I have a right to my opinion as you do yours. I didn’t bring up Brad, I simply responded to another comment. Do you really think Brad even knows you exist or appreciates how you defend him? He wouldn’t give you the time of day! Save your outrage for something that benefits your life versus living to take anyone to task who doesn’t see eye to eye with you. Soooo weird!

      • lisa2 says:

        maggie you need to calm down. I’m not outraged. seriously your comment is not that major to create outrage.. and just as you are quick to say Brad doesn’t know I exist; the same can be said about you and your hate for him and Angelina. You are a fascinating piece of work. You get so upset when someone disagrees with you. I as you have said have a right to my opinion. And I responded to you based on my opinion. I hope you take your own advice when it comes to celebs you obviously adore. But I don’t see that happening.

        and yes your reaction is weird to me as well.

      • maggie says:

        Lisa your over the top comment speaks for itself. Please back away from the screen and take a couple of deep breaths. No one attacked you for your opinion. Perhaps it’s best for you to stick to a fan site were only the nicest of things are said about Brad.

      • fernbrook says:

        I agree. Johnny Depp, even if he looks ridiculous in his outfits, is still obviously way more attractive than brad pitt. brad looks old, bloated and just plain gross.

  12. Melman says:

    ahahaha! haters and jealous people here I see.
    I can’t think of his gifts for her, I only can see his legs! wonderful legs I have to say
    I don’t care about the rest, I’m waiting for his new movie
    Stop complaining about his personal life it’s not your life…it’s HIS. and the only thing we have to care about are his movies. And “TRANSCENDENCE” looks awesome
    About his life, he looks better now than years before. If his -alleged- midlife crisis means he looks better again, and start to doing interesting and diverse movies again, then WELCOME MIDLIFE CRISIS TO ME as his fan
    And if Amber Heard has something (anything) to do with those changes, then she deserves the jewelry, the horse, the island and whatever he want to give to her in my book

    • no no no says:

      I have to disagree, i’m a fan and i’m not jealous because he’s dating this woman But he doesn’t look better now!
      In pics taken on set he looks ok with all the make-up on, in close ups from those pics, not so good anymore and in pics taken in a more “private” environment he looks old and sometimes even sick, his eyes appear lifeless. Sorry, just my observation, maybe i’m wrong and he is happy and i can’t see.
      By the way, he did credit his children for the changes he made.
      When it comes to his movies, i guess time will tell if they really are as good as we hope for them to be.

    • bluhare says:

      If you don’t like complaints go to his fan page.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Exactly. I think a celeb gossip website is probably not the best forum to chastise others for being interested in a celeb’s personal life.

      • Suze says:

        It amazes me when people come to a celebrity snark site and are outraged to find snark.

    • jj says:

      The transcendence trailer looks terrible and Depp isn’t even trying to give an interesting performance. Sorry he is just a greedy idiot with a blond bimbo GF, young enough to be his daughter.

      • LOL! says:

        Now, you’re just hating. No one can say that the transcendence trailer looks terrible!

      • Anna says:

        Terrible? Are you sure you saw it? Johnny looked great and seemed to be giving a great performance in an interesting role.

  13. IzzyB says:

    I couldn’t wear any of it knowing it cost that much! That’s over double what I make in a year.

    How the other half live, eh.

  14. KeepRocking says:

    You people here are really mean about him.Why does it matter so much to you anyway?I have never read a single bad word about him.Everyone says he is an extremely nice and humble person so I am going to believe the people that actually have met him.Plus that he has some amazing movies coming out the next year so there is not a single reason for me to dislike him.As for him and Amber the only thing I know is that they are very very private and they have been dating for more than 2 years so believe it or not they like each other.Look at the private pictures of them and you’ll see.Lucky her if this story is true.Johnny has always been an amazing person and continues to be but some people always want to point out the opposite.All of you who ”dont like him anymore”tell me honestly, have you ever hear or read anything bad about him from people who met him?NO!So your hate is out of place.Sorry for the long post but I think that what you write is completely unfair.

    • silly says:

      “As for him and Amber the only thing I know is that they are very very private and they have been dating for more than 2 years so believe it or not they like each other.Look at the private pictures of them and you’ll see.”

      How come you know that? Unless you know either one of them personally you don’t know anything.
      It’s kind of pathetic how her fans try to promote this relationship and paint Amber as an angel. They don’t respect the privacy of this oh sooooo private couple and spread even pics of his children on the net.
      Believe me, his fans don’t doubt for a minute that he’s the same nice and humble guy he’s always been.

      On the jewelery topic, he was rumored to have bought her earrings worth 50.000 already in September, now he bought a necklace too and the total again is 50.000. AAHHHHAAA!!!

      • resti says:

        First I am not a fan of hers.I am a fan of his and I am ok with this relatioship.Secondly I respect their privacy and I never shared personal pictures of them.Yes no one can really know what’s going on but some things are pretty obvious by now.But indeed still not confirmed.But you are wrong on the last one because he lost many so called fans because of the rumours about his personal life.That’s pretty obvious.It’s the true fans who never doubt about him..And I never said that the gift thing is true.I just said that she’s lucky IF it’s true.But most likely it’s not.

    • Han says:

      Dating for more than 2 years? He only separated from Vanessa last year so basically he was cheating on her for over a year? And wasn’t Amber with that photographer 2 years ago? So they both cheated? They sound like a charming couple. Eyeroll.

      • resti says:

        No you are wrong.Johnny and Vanessa separated probably September-October 2011 which is obvously more than 2 years.Neither you or me can say if he cheated or not but he and Amber are dating for 2 years and 1 or 2 months.

    • Gene says:

      You’ve never read a bad word about him?

      Hmm, I guess you never saw the disappointment & disgust aimed his way after his vocal support for Roman Polanski or his idiotic comments comparing doing photoshoots to getting raped.

  15. miriam says:

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with Amber Heard. She’s just there. Depp is the one I have seriously begun to dislike. His career is a joke these days and he’s just become sad and pathetic.

    • guest says:

      have you seen the Transcendence trailer?Centairly not a joke

    • Carla says:

      His career is a joke? Oh yeah starring in amazing-sounding/looking high profile projects is such a joke. he’s become sad and pathetic? Um do you know him personaly or what? He looked happy and full of life in all his recent pictures.

  16. Lala says:

    Amber’s the catalyst to all the hate for him. You post news about his new movies, and it’s all good comments and leave him alone, etc. etc. But it’s a matter of the name Amber Heard appear and then he’s in the longest midlife crisis ever, he looks bad and blah, blah. And if you add her name to some gift he gave to her, and then he’s not even talented and to stop drinking alcohol it’s the worst thing he did in his life and he’s the worst man ever. That’s called jealousy and envy. The good thing it’s I doubt Johnny or Amber care about your (or my) opinion about their relationship when they are cuddling together on their bed looking to her new jewels

  17. Helvetica says:

    Vanessa had him at his hottest

    • ann says:

      and he had her at her hottest.People get old.Nothing bad about it

    • No says:

      And left him looking at his worse.
      That woman had a very bad hand (or she’s really bad at sex)

    • Kate says:

      He’s actually been looking much better than he did with her in the last few years recently. Anyone who says that he looks bad haven’t actually seen how amazing he looks as of late and just saying that he looks bad for the sake of it.

    • lisa2 says:

      I never ever understand when people say that.. she/he had this one or that one at their hottest.. how about their best.

      their best self. Best place in their lives. Their happiest.. I would rather have that person; because the other is all superficial. no substance.

  18. pirategirl says:

    I don’t care for Amber as an actress, and her interviews are boring, but I still love Johnny and will watch all his movies until he retires. Had a crush on him since 21 Jump Street. Don’t get the hate on this website for him. I’d still do him if he was 80.

  19. Promise says:

    I don’t get it when people say he’s super “private” but then post many “private” pictures of him.I’ve got nothing against Johnny but I think he’s lost his sex appeal and thats ok because he’s getting old.

    • Same says:

      I was thinking the same thing.
      He’s so private, yet his personal life and his children have never been this exposed before! Never really knew what Johnny’s children looked like before, and now you see another woman hanging all over them in public!

  20. India says:

    That dress is way too short for those Loubitains

  21. Mala says:

    She seems to be very supportive and caring with him and even with his children (it’s not a secret anymore that she seems to have a great relationship with his kiddies) and that’s why she’s winning over many of his fans, like me. I don’t think she’s a saint, but who is it? (Surely not Johnny and not Vanessa either) and I’m not her fan either, but Johnny looks so much better since she’s with him that you have to be blind to not to see it!. And that’s what she does, to be with him!! It doesn’t matter the place (london, new mexico, japan, moscow or los angeles), for a guy who seemed so alone most of the time it has to be healing to have his woman at his side all the time. And if he thinks she deserves all the diamonds he can buy, maybe what he’s getting from her it’s far more important to him than the money he has (and i’m not talking about sex. No relationship could be sustained only in lust for two years).

    • JD says:

      Mmmmmm didn’t Vanessa do all of that when she was with him for all those years being supportive & caring looked after him followed him were ever the job was etc listen I don’t care about Amber at all am just a johnny Depp fan but don’t be painting Amber to be this hero for johnny who changed his life ect the only woman who did that Vanessa & his children.

      • No says:

        No, it’s been years since Vanessa was most interested on her own career than in Johnny. If you care for the truth you could see that Vanessa has been working more than Johnny (more films, her albums and touring) since 2007 and that’s why they were always apart. Her work is in France. She spent too much time in France and they spent too much in different sides of the world and even she said it in many interviews and she justified it as it were part of why their relationship worked.

  22. dorothy says:

    I will be so glad when Johnny’s mid life crisis is over.

    • Lol says:

      Do you mean the mid life crisis that the tabloids created with their made up stories? Because the man is just fine and happy.

  23. michele says:

    As rich as he is, and as much as she sleeps with him, $50, 000 is an insult.