Gwyneth Paltrow tries to spread her Goop on Johnny Depp, ‘he’s so annoyed by her’


Believe or not, I really don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow gets offered that many movie roles these days. Sure, she takes partial credit for the success of the Iron Man franchise, and she books the occasional non-comic-book movie role, but I get the feeling that somewhere deep inside of her Goopy soul, she knows that she’s not being offered the kind of quality work that she thinks she should be getting. And perhaps that is one of the biggest reasons why we have Goop today – Gwyneth had the free time because very few scripts were coming to her.

So, about a month ago, Gwyneth got a job. It’s not a starring role or anything, but the movie did allow her to go back to her REAL home, dear old London. Gwyneth scored a supporting part in Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai, a period action-adventure film where Johnny plays an art dealer trying to find some hidden Nazi plunder. I have no idea who Gwyneth is playing or if she even has many scenes with Depp. But according to Star Mag, what time she and Depp have spent together has been very unpleasant.

Gwyneth Paltrow is driving her Mortdecai costar Johnny Depp crazy with her incessant “advice.”

“Gwyneth is such a know-it-all, she badgers him about everything from what he should be eating to where he should travel,” says an on-set insider. “It’s very bizarre how pushy she is with him. She literally follows him about like a walking, talking Goop post.”

Depp, however, already has one mother and isn’t looking for another.

“Johnny tries to avoid socializing with her at all costs because he’s so annoyed by her,” adds the source. “But Gwyneth doesn’t have a clue and thinks he loves their ‘conversations’.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

“She literally follows him about like a walking, talking Goop post.” I know it’s probably BS, but who else completely believes that Gwyneth is capable of doing this? That she’ll chance upon someone A-list and, in an effort to “make friends,” she’ll give them some nasally lecture about diets and juice fasting and summers in Madrid and the absolute BEST way to raise one’s children. And all I can think about is… remember how the tabloids tried to create all of that crazy drama between Johnny and Angelina Jolie? Now I really want to know if he and Goop get along whatsoever.



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  1. Eleonor says:

    I can totally see this happening.
    But most of all I imagine this:
    “OOOH Goop shut up I am going to get drunk with Keith Richards tonight!”

    • Bluebear says:

      Pretty much this. One of Johnny Depp’s greatest friends was Hunter S. Thompson. These guys drove through LA in a convertible with John Cusack and a blowup doll just for fun. They did an array of drugs together, and he helped to shoot Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon upon his suicide. Johnny has been quoted as saying, “Pretty much any drug you can name, I’ve done it” and readily admitted that he would “have sex with an aardvark” if Tim Burton requested it. I don’t picture him chumming it up with a woman who was quoted as saying “I don’t really have drunk friends. My friends are kind of adult; they have a drink… I find it very degrading. I think, oh, you’re really degrading yourself right now, to be this pissed out in public.” Let’s not forget that moment when Johnny Depp, totally trashed out of his mind, crashed to the pavement outside a bar and STILL got up to sign autographs (God I love this guy):

      On that note, Richard Gere and Debra Winger HATED each other and the chemistry in An Officer and A Gentleman is palpable. I’m sure the are professional, but I doubt that they are “chummy”.

  2. Evi says:

    I was reading in the newspaper that Gwyneth was annoyed that her co-stars [Depp and Ewan MacGregor] were speaking French to each other and leaving her out.

  3. Patricia says:

    It is beyond rude to give someone diet advice unless they have asked for it or are a very very close family member who is in bad health. My sister thinks it is appropriate to tell acquaintances what and how they should eat and it is incredibly off-putting and downright rude. When it comes to her family she demands that they hear all about and then try her latest diet fad. It’s so offensive and even belittling. Goop is out of her mind if she thinks it is her place to tell a coworker how to eat. People like this think that they know everything and it’s their calling to impart their wisdom to the poor souls who are uninformed!
    I can’t post this without saying that I adore my sis, she’s great but this behavior is one of her worst attributes!

  4. Bobbie says:

    She does seem to be a bit preachy these days……

  5. LadyL says:

    That’s precious. I hope they have a kissing scene and that Depp takes a bit bite out of a nice meat filled baguette before the smooch.

  6. ernie says:

    I can see this having some truth to it and Johnny not being into her schtick. But why isn’t anyone asking about her Beyonce BFF status?

    • Dorothy says:

      Because Beyonce quietly dumped her what, at least 6 months ago or so. Any and all contact is between Chris and Jay-Z. Beyonce is gracious but she caught on to GOOP’s mean girl snotty attitude and did not like it one bit. Seems to be a trend with Gwyneth…..Beyonce is so far elevated than Gwyneth as a human being….. and she is humble. Thank God. Gwyneth usually destroys the poor ladies after she is done with them (from Winona (sp?) to Scarlett Johanson, to Catherine Zeta Jones, to Madonna, to Faith Hill etc., some just temporarily and a little some to disastrous proportions). Beyonce like Madonna, just cut her right out and never has remarked on it. Beyonce is too well mannered to speak ill of others but she literally is disgusted by Gwyneth now and again has been….Goop’s only friends on any length are again family friends – nepotistic spoiled variety (though not as horrid as Paltry) eg Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson etc. or very trusting suckers, get high with her or connected for their benefit or care about her family. That’s why….another lovely Gwyneth story swept under the rug :-)

  7. jinni says:

    Well I know he’s friend with Paul McCartney (who is her friend Stella’s dad) and RDJ, who’s friends with her. Maybe she’s trying to get him into her crew and join her male fitness gym business that she got RDJ to be a part of .

    • V4Real says:

      I can agree with that but I also think it was RDJ’s wife who gave him the go ahead to join that business since she is also friends with Tracy Anderson.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Goop tries to take the responsibilty for the way Johnny has been looking lately. I’m sure she would say I told my friend JD to step up his hygiene a little and do away with the scarfs and get a haircut. Look how great I made him look.

      • jinni says:

        Yeah, I know that Susan does control who RDJ associates with and probably wants him to expand his brand like everyone else in HW is doing and what better way than to join her friend Tracy in a business venture. Plus, you are right Goop would probably start name dropping JD left and right and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate her making everyone think he was her” little project” that she “fixed”. He’s not Cammy D.

  8. Holly says:

    It seems like this would an incredibly easy thing to make up, which of course means that this is exactly what she would do ;-) .

  9. Birdix says:

    This seems wildly unlikely. They are at different point in their life though-he’s mid mid-life crisis with a younger woman, acting career going strong, she’s still invested in family with still young kids, acting career almost nonexistent. Wonder if either or both are judgy or insecure about their choices.

  10. lavinia says:

    Well considering she’s long since ruined the Iron man movies for me, I won’t be watching this one either.

  11. Robbie says:

    As if Johnny Depp cares….Goop wouldn’t dare before his coolness.

    • Some Chick says:

      Depp’s coolness dried up a long time ago.
      He’s now entered the era of the cliche!

      • Robbie says:

        What cliche? Just because Amber Heard is much younger….regressive. He’s still one of a kind…a decent generous gentleman by all accounts. Gossip sites have been trying hard to portray him as some sort of mid-life crisis douche but it hasn’t worked. Depp has just been himself whether it’s his privacy or music or love life or movies. Yes, he’s still cool.

      • Heather says:

        Totally disagree. I have loved Depp since 21 Jump Street, and I thought he was a completely different person than he has turned out to be. It is sad to see a beloved star turn out to be a cliche….and yes, it is pathetic when a 50 year old dates a 20 year old.

      • LOL says:

        Depp is still pretty cool and what did he do to be in the era of the cliche? dating a younger woman who loves him and care about him and his kids for 2 years? You can say he entered the cliche if he started going with different young girls everyday but he didn’t!

      • fresaryINsoup says:

        +1 Robbie

        Depp gets into relationships pretty fast. Happened with Vanessa after Kate Moss and now Amber Heard was just around the right time. That’s all. He’s been pretty decent about everything including his split and had nothing but great words about Vanessa. Even the tabloids have failed to paint him as some sort of a douchebag.

        He’s been a Disney man yet took upon his passion projects like the risky ‘The Lone Ranger’. And if one looks at his current movies one can see the variety. As always he’s still traveling his own path. What he did to Christopher Lee was really sweet. Gossip sites like Lainey were bitching about the blond hair, which was for a movie, yet conveniently left out his gesture towards Lee. Pathetic. What’s cliche is the tabloids and gossip sites trying to make him into a tabloid target. Like this story, for example. Would anyone buy the story that Johnny Depp can get annoyed by such things? Goop? Lame

      • lafrenchy says:


        Lone ranger was not risqué… lone ranger IS a disney project as 90% of his projects these days… real artists are not normally nickoleodeon staples…

        The fact that most of his projects are disney blockbusters has killed any credibility he use to have and the fact that he went for the talentless generic blonde that can be his daughter is just confirming that the great interesting artist he used to be is gone and replaced by an ageing insecure money grabbing hollywood cliché!

        His IMDB profile tells it all and his love life tells the rest!

    • Some Chick says:

      I didn’t say anything about Heard… Nor do I care about his personal relationship.
      But professionally, IMO, as someone who had been a fan long before the Pirates franchises, Depp has sold out. Someone who used to say he didn’t want to be a machine, has become exactly that. His creative spark is gone. He churns out mass produced, uninspired films.

      • Gillian says:

        Were Sweeney Todd, Public Enemies, The Rum Diary, The Libertine or even the odd Dark Shadows mass-produced uninspiring films? Rango, which won the Oscar?

        Unlike RDJ who sold out for a comic book character Depp’s Jack Sparrow was an original character molded by him and was considered his riskiest until it turned him into the biggest movie star in the world and won him an Oscar nomination. He had bad movies pre-pirates too . Just because they didn’t make much money doesn’t make them any cooler than whatever he did post-Pirates.

        It’s just he’s using the Pirates franchise as a safety net. Why not? Where was all the exposure during the 90′s for his ‘interesting’ movies? His collaborations with Disney have made him the superstar capable of building a strong fan-base which will also support his other more interesting projects.

        Depp has always had his own brand and is still cool.

      • Some Chick says:

        Sure all great points…
        Except when Depp was making independent films in the 90′s he was very vocal about the industry and the kind of actor he did not want to be. He sabotaged his own standing on a hit show (a compromised his colleagues in the process) because he said he didn’t like being made into a product. These are all things that came from his mouth. Point me in the direction where RDJ made the same criticisms of Hollywood and the film industry and I could say the same thing about him. But I don’t follow him like that, so I wouldn’t know.
        The fact of the matter is that Depp was the one who made public declarations, so could you fault those who paid attention at the time and now notice a disconnect?
        And to use the examples you’ve given:
        The Rum Diary sucked and was not true to the book. And Dark Shadows was a complete disappointment. They could have done so much with the source material, but did not.

      • frisbeejada says:

        the expressions on his face in those photo’s- seen the same thing before over, and over and over again, he’s so far into quirky, eccentric, British that he can’t seem to dig himself out of it now it’s become like a safety net to him. Can understand it in a way, he’s reputed to be a very shy man and is taking refuge behind these eccentric characters, can’t understand why the characters have to be so extreme though, I think he’s just got lazy, he’s forgotten that underplaying (which he can do beautifully – Donnie Brasco) can be just as effective as the over the top “almost bad acting” he once said he enjoyed so much and has now become a really irritating habit.

      • V4Real says:

        @Gillian You leave RDJ out of this; can’t you voice your argument without bringing in Robert. :)

      • Meredith says:

        @Some Chick
        I agree that Depp has lost his spark, so to speak. However, I think it’s rather silly that you are bitching about him not adhering to these views he expressed 20 years ago. Things change, priorities shift, etc.

      • Koko says:

        @frisbeejada I seriously don’t know how you judged his acting in a movie that you haven’t seen based on 3 pictures while filming. I actually have not seen this expression on his face before so i don’t know how you’ve seen him doing it many times before!

      • frisbeejada says:

        @ Koko Should have gone to Specsavers love…

    • Ally8 says:

      Winona forever! Maybe Johnny is carrying a grudge by proxy about Gwyneth’s alleged script-stealing ways.

    • Nina W says:

      I love Johnny, but he has lost “it” between that young girl he’s dating and the middle-aged paunch he’s just lost that spark for me.

  12. Kim says:

    This is same as the ‘Angelina Jolie got annoyed’ by her story. Same reaction. Johnny Depp wouldn’t give shit about her.

  13. Taylor says:

    No wonder Depp has been looking all annoyed with his blonde getup. Seriously though why would he give the time of his day to goop?

  14. The Original Original says:

    I havent heard much about him and Amber Heard lately. Is that still on??

  15. Thiajoka says:

    Ha! I could see this happening. And it’s one of the reasons I still like Johnny–no matter what, his women were unique, not pretentious assholes.

  16. Heather says:

    He doesn’t get along with her because she is a woman who is over 25 and is actually his age….much like Leo DiCaprio….these Hollywood d-bags don’t have any interest in a woman who is past college co-ed age…pathetic!

    • Kate says:

      But didn’t he get along very well with Angelina Jolie and Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz and Michelle Pfeiffer who were well past college co-ed age?

      • Nene says:

        There were tons o stories about how he could not stand Angelina as I remember it! But yeah he got along with his other co-stars but that was som time ago before he lost his mind and had to do the whole may-December romance thing that happens to lots of men as they get older. Saw my dad go through it and it made me feel uncomfortable to have his GF be closer to my age! ;)

    • fresaryINsoup says:

      He was with Vanessa till her late 30′s. Stop with the whole he ‘doesn’t get along with anything under 25′ thing. Ridiculous. He also became good friends with Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz. Goop is a pretentious asshole and this story is lame. Depp doesn’t have a pretentious bone in his body.

    • Carrie says:

      But Amber Heard is over 25 and “past college co-ed age” herself.

      • Nene says:

        She is 27 not so far from 25! The point is he has fallen into the same trap so many near 50ish men do – pretty young thing – to make them feel the flush of youth again…

      • Kate says:

        @Nene Yes a ton of false stories that were not true! And how exactly did he lose his mind? Just because he is dating a younger girl? You don’t know his reasons to date her so stop judging him and comparing him to other men. He and Amber have lots of things in common and that might be one of the reason they fell in love. If he just wanted to feel the flush of youth again just by dating “pretty young” things than why didn’t he just start dating someone new everyday? Why did he stuck with this one for 2 years?

      • lafrenchy says:

        @kate: the fact that he dates her for 2 yrs doesn’t change a thing… hey hugh heffner is with his last piece for longer and what does it tell about them ;) !

        In goldigging industry 2 years is nothing…

        He can be her dad and that is quite telling about him, plus the fact that she isn’t interesting and can’t act to save her life is not doing him any favor! he went for a generic bimbo not even an artist at least people would have be more understanding about the generational age difference. at the end of the day he just can be her dad and that’s it, and for him -for having been so different and great in the past- it’s even more loathable, he fell lower than all other cliché ageing actors for being better than them before. that’s why people loathe him now

      • Kate says:

        @lafrenchy What does what she does and her talent have to do with it? There is no work in love and relationship and people don’t date each others because of their talent or art! And please speak only for yourself and some of the gossip ppl here cuz the real people in the real world don’t loathe him but you are so deluded that you would think anything you say is a fact.

      • lafrenchy says:

        kate:the fact that he got her a nicer trailer than Gary friggin’ Oldman is actually quite telling on the nature of their relationship…. where apparently work and “love” are apparently fully related…

        and well i don’t know about who is delusional about people loathing him but a little reality check on people mocking him and all the blogs , websites and ten thousands of comments on them are way more accurate than your opinion… and the movies bombing are nothing less than really loud on how people now see him…

        oh and you shouldn’t be commenting under multiples identities … that is not accepted on this board…

      • Kate says:

        TLR made $260m despite all the negative press towards the film and the bad reviews only because of him and that’s telling that many go to see his movies even when they don’t sound good

        And you are the one who needs a reality check here because if you want to judge how the people see him go to Twitter or Tumblr and search his name and see all the love and he gets and don’t judge by bitchy bloggers and gossip comments who hate on everybody and you said this yourself. BTW i only see the loathing here from you. %97 of the comments here are not negative about Johnny.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @Kate: LOL Tumblr IS for fans who do only fanpage on it (type any celebrity name on it you would have the exact same ending)

        Oh and you should search for his name on Celebitchy not the thread you and some other delusional fans are monopolising here, and 99% on him are way worse than mine, same for any other people news site or magazine on line , the guy used to be beloved but now he is loathed and laughed at…

        OH and about TLR you shouldn’t be taking this movie as some kind of success :it made way less money than it has costed it is even considered for that reason as the worse movie of the summer 2013 , and that’s a fact stated by no less than Variety….

        Grandpa Johnny is on the downhill way. After his multiple comments regarding midwest america and how he now make money for his kiddies the last pinch of credibility he was still holding are gone.

        Now he is this sad old actor that used to be great and that is ageing like a living cliché.

        PS:oh and 95 % of the comments are negative here the only one positives came from you and 2 other commenters. the fact that you answering to all the bad comments does’t mean you are a majority

      • Kate says:

        @lafrenchy You are so deluded it makes me laugh. The only comments by me here is my respondes to you and if you think %95 of the comments here are negative about him then you are really way too deluded. And why are you still here? I thought you said you were going to parties or something like that? I guess you were dreaming. You are just a pathetic french fan of the talentless hack Fanessa Fassafis who is still butthurt about something that is over since ages (talking about you and not her).

      • lafrenchy says:


        Wow you know someone has no real reasoning when instead of backing their saying they just start to insult you….not realizing that instead of shaming the person they are insulting they are just stating loudly how short is their reasoning and how low they can easily fall…

        Not a fan of Paradis, Johnny was my favorite out of the two … before losing it and becoming a middle-aged deluded entertainer (instead of artist) with low standard in everything.

        Your whole comment is laughable, petty, misconstructed and absolutely out of touch. I have my opinion on JD (hugely shared by a lot of people regarding the comments section of every online magazine or gossip blogs) and I backed by facts why (daughter-like talentless bimbo, deceitful last decade movies and out of touch behavior…) where were your points? …. aw yeah you preferred starting insulting… how convincing of his “awesomeness” right?and what does that say about his fans too…

        ps: awesome parties…. not everyone is like you living life throughout low life middle-aged movie stars…

  17. Han says:

    I love this story, It sounds very entertaining. In fact i think Depp and Gwyneth should be cast in a remake of Shakespeares Taming of the shrew.

  18. Lem says:

    Wtf did they do to Johnny Depp?
    my goodness, that is a man who could make Keith Richards as a pirate innately sexy. This is not a good look.

  19. Lala says:

    Well, in the movie she is playing the role of Johnny’s wife who bothers him! (her character is even listed between the villains LOL) so maybe from this fact, these reports are coming…from their roles in the movie.
    Gwyneth speaks french, so the other report sounds as bullshit and even if she want to speak spanish on set, Johnny could bring his girlfriend (Amber Heard speaks perfect spanish) to talk with her and try to get along with Gwyneth (in the case if she were really unbearable)
    Johnny Depp is well known by avoiding conflicts and being a nice guy. Even if Gwyneth were a pain in the ass for real, I doubt he will be acting annoyed around her.

  20. Xeta says:

    Oh please! This is preferable over the usual weirdo make-up and weird wigs we’ve been getting for a long time now. Atleast we can see his beauty.

  21. Gillian says:

    I love Depp and this story is lame. Ofcourse goop would’ve been all pretentious but Depp is a lovely guy who wouldn’t make his annoyance so obvious.

  22. Debbie says:

    This is her thing, innit — criticizing her acquaintances (and judging strangers) about their unhealthy life choices. This is her religion and she’s trolling for converts.

  23. Kelly says:

    When did he become this saint like figure in the eyes of people? I mean, since his split with Paradis women don’t like him anymore because he failed to live up to their “perfect” man expectations. What utter delusional crap, if you knew anything about him from the 90s you were familiar with his famous bad boy antics.

    He’s never been a saint of any kind, he’s freely admitted to heavy boozing, drugs and partying, a reckless self-destructive lifestyle that he lived all out and only stopped because he suddenly had a kid. Then his kids grew up and he went back to his traditional party ways, him and Paradis fell apart, who knows why and no one’s business anyway, and now all of a sudden people are shocked by how disappointed he turned out to be?

    LOL, really?? I say he’s kept more to his traditional ways in the past two years than he has in the previous decade. He’s a great actor and a wonderfully interesting unique person, but a saint or prince charming he ain’t, and he never pretended to be one.

    • lafrenchy says:

      Yeaaaah…. but a 50 yrs old bad boy is non-sense, it’s even quite pathetic to still be trying to act that way at 50!

      And a bad boy who is mainly a disney boy for the last decade is everything…but a bad boy, he WAS a good actor once now he is just a middle aged delusional sell out!!! and if you add the bimbo who can be his daughter to the picture you finish with a not so bright result… far far away from a rebellious artistic bad boy…

      Old Johnny is just that, an aging egotistic sellout

      ps: there is no bad boy past 50…

      • Sara says:

        What the hell? When did Johnny act like a bad boy this year? What did he do? He stopped drinking and partying and he stopped doing drugs ages ago and he takes his kids everywhere he goes so does that make a bad boy?

        And how is he a mainly disney boy for a decade when he did only 2 movies for them out of the Pirates franchise? He has been nominated for the Oscar 3 times in the last decade and that means he did a lot of good work.

        Changing his career choices because of his children is not exactly selling out and does being so humble and nice to all of his fans make him egotistic? Hmmm.

        Do you know what’s pathetic? Hating someone you don’t know based on things you made up.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @sara:”And how is he a mainly disney boy for a decade when he did only 2 movies for them out of the Pirates franchise”

        Well let’s do count the POTC franchise …and it does make 7 disney movies! he is almost as featured in disney production than Mikey friggin’ mouse…

        “Do you know what’s pathetic? Hating someone you don’t know based on things you made up.”

        Oh dear… LOL … you shouldn’t be on a gossip website then … LOL very funny! Oh and IMDB is a very truthful source no need to make up anything!

        By the way do you know that the great great pieces of art known as Pirates of the Caribbean 5 et Alice in wonderland 2 are in pre-productions?? I can’t wait to see those very artistic risky masterpieces…

        When your IMDB page is filled with loads of disney sequels you know you are a true artist. NOT. old dude is the epitome of selling out!!

        Old, dried up lost and sugar daddy-ing…how sad!

      • Sara says:

        Alright then! 7 Disney movies including the Pirates movie VS 14 non-Disney movies!

        Oh so the 2 Disney sequels that are going to make billions of dollar are bothering you so much but you didn’t buy any attention at all to the amazing-sounding dramatic sci-fi Transcendence and Mortdecai and London Fields?

        I don’t know how only 3 Dinsey movies are filling his page but when your IMDB page is “filled” with Dinsey movies you know you are going to get millions and millions and millions of dollars!

        Old? he couldn’t care less. Dried up? He is at the top #39 in the IMDB starmeter and he is on the top10 list of the top stars of 2013 and is at #13 on the top100 sexiest man alive list so yeah he is so dried up! sugar daddy-ing? You mean he get to f#*ck a hot young girl who loves him and take care of him and his kids.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @sara: again you are shooting yourself in the foot: you are talking only about money … yes he does sell for millions… that’s what sellout exactly do! so you proved my exact point not an artist at all just a money grabber.

        and 7 movie on 14 for Disney oh boy he fell so low… as again you proved it yourself half of his career is in the hands of Disney… how artistic…LOL

        Oh he is 39 on the IMDB starmeter!! LOL how great!!!….You know you are great when you are rated under Liam hemworth right! LOL …. again you are proving my point , the once great Johnny Depp is now under the like of Jennifer Lawrence and Chloe Moretz… LOL how great he is right?

        And to finish you are again perfectly serving my point : yes he is fucking a younger girl…. who nobody knew before he started fucking her…. and that’s exactly sugar daddy-ing: fucking a talentless starlet and putting her o the map in exchange (providing her a trailer than way more better actors than her on a movie set is way more than revealing of this types of ” relationships”)…

        Wow you are so helpful in proving my exact points on how he is an old delusional dried up clichéd sellout. Thanks! truly!

        thanks again and have a nice week end ( I have a life and parties to attend)… but thanks for the laughs !

    • Haters says:

      He is back to his normal and well behaved ways after his split with Vanessa Paradis. She was the real reason of his booze and reckless partying and unhappiness
      Only haters seems to ignore how healthy he looks since the split and since he is with Amber Heard, how again he took the reigns over his drinking and even it seems that now he’s trying to reduce his smoking habits, and also, how he is the main care taker of his children who live with him in Los Angeles (because the mother, who is mostly in France, only visit them in LA)

      And now he is even doing interesting movies again (Transcendence)
      So what to hate?

  24. Nikki says:

    I don’t know why she takes credit for anything about the IM franchise. No one went to see her, they went to see RDJ. He IS that franchise.

  25. Dorothy says:

    Please totally believe it. This is total Gwyneth MO and just yet another example of her behavior since she was a teen. Just think about every single thing she has been involved with has been latching onto someone powerful. She uses then and usually discards and disses them unless they can be of further use or as in most cases, they catch on and ditch her.She is really running in high mode right now all over the place in LA with huge PR backup. And annoying? Of course she is. And just as or more so to other celebrities than she is to the public if possible. She is so egotistical and so desperate I have personally seen men who are not only annoyed but disgusted by her have to physically push her off them as she tries unsuccessfully to press on them many times. Her behavior with women is even worse though, she uses them, then when done (or if they resist) she tries (often successfully) to destroy their self esteem, bad mouths them and twists it all around so she an angel. Like I say, just look at her past to right up to this very moment….this is Classic Gywneth. It is so ugly and the sickest thing I have ever seen in my life. I will never forget how shocked I was when I first met and saw her, my friends and I just sat there speechless we were so stunned! It’s true and like I’ve said when a control freak egomaniac’s control and desirability wane (as hers obviously are) their behavior worsens. Frankly the Jennifer Aniston party PR bull was so funny – Jennifer was livid but ordered by their PR guy and every celeb there (except maybe Chelsea Handler) was disgusted. They like Chris though and so does everyone so that and her old family connections are all she has. And don’t call me a hater or liar please like some do whenever I or my friends that do know her (not well – I told her to f off the day after I met her in high school but have friends that work in her circles so subjected to her on occasion). we say lots of positive things about other celebs and never anything rude to any commentators….it’s just, seriously, Paltrow is a real piece of work and awful – the above is nothing :-) Would be so funny but feel for her family and she has hurt so badly so many women and not a good Mom… can’t really laugh that much. We are sp bummed about VF, this is one bad news woman – and even their big take-down was just going to be the tip of the iceberg with her. Have a happy weekend all! Way to go Johnny, I feel for ya!

    • evelyn says:

      @Dorothy Chris and her look very tight. And well, they have been married for 10 years. What is up with that?

      • Dorothy says:

        That my love is everyone’s speculation BUT they are still never together without a break from each other for more than a week. PLUS they live in huge spaces and are not physically a couple for about 8 years or so. He is emarrassed by her. Theory is he thinks best for kids but now doubting that – that’s why he and Blythe have stepped in and now doesn’t trust her with their welfare. He has planned to leave her every single year (papers drawn up, etc.) It is always scheduled to happen during the summer during children’s school break. It was an absolute done deal couple years ago (the July or whatever summer concert when he commended and kissed her at concert, said she was incredible, etc. and what he whispered in her ear when he ran to her was to the effect of okay just got the house in LA for you we can offiially live in seperate countries, share the kids, you get what you want etc. That is why he as a gentlemen made that (only) public gesture to her ever. Than again was supposed to be last summer yet she always manipulates him back into pretend marriage not real one. He clearly can’t stand her but she browbeats him into supporting her brand, etc. They are not strong at all!!! She was a total shrew about renewing vows – oh noticed how anniversary went unnoted by them and since nothing happened agent kept it shut up? She made the 10 year Ca $$$$ mark so Chris is thinking now he might finally get rid of her since the bulk of their fortune is his, and he does not care about it at all, just kids. She cares a great great deal about the $$$ so hopefully will let him finally publically go. Don’t count on it though, her image is all and he is her only cool factor (and nice one too) she has left. Bottom line he married here when he was young and she was pregnant and in his mind even though sepateded privately hesitant to go public with it. He doesn’t care for her and they aren’t strong again believe me. Just sad to everyone because he deserves so much better and the difference in him is night and day with her = utterly miserable, without her = happy: plain and simple.

      • jj says:

        @ Dorothy
        Your posts come across like delusional fantasy La La Land, LOL

  26. Skye says:

    A walking, talking GOOP post? Oh, great. Super. Just thanks SO much for that nightmare.

  27. Moi says:

    In my opinion, Johnny Depp can almost be “too” sweet to those who do not know him on a real personal level. So I can see him using avoidance with GP if she is being anything close to this way. I wouldn’t know, I literally ran away from him after acting normal for 2 minutes, then turning into the 13 year old who had a 21 jump street “teen beat” picture on her wall. But I always feel that these stories are rubbish anyway.

  28. Kellie says:

    Seriously, is there anyone in the free world that isn’t annoyed by Gwyneth Paltrow?? Sometimes when I see her name in print I want to punch her in the face…and that is before even knowing what the story is about. The woman could save baby kittens from being killed but there would be an angle to the story for her benefit. Everything she does is for the glorification of herself.

  29. Meridith says:

    Depp and RDJ are great friends. Did she get the job because of that? Anyway, go Depp, you rule!

  30. Laura says:

    Actually except for the gossip sites I really don’t see much hate him. Look at the comments on youtube, for example. He’s still widely loved. His Disney audience doesn’t care. After 14 years of private life with Vanessa he’s successfully diminished most people’s interest in his personal life. That is why Amber Heard isn’t famewhoring by talking about it. However his movies in the past couple of years have been less than good. He’s still a good-looking man and hopefully bounces back

  31. Nadya says:

    I love Depp and annoyed by goop but this story is funny. Plus I don’t know about others but I love his look here. Anything over the white pan-cake makeup ‘cos he is a handsome man.

  32. Kenny says:

    “I’m tired of gossip sites trying to turn him into some sort of a tabloid target. Depp has always been known for his own ways, becoming 50 is not going to change that. Besides he’s known to be an all-around decent guy so I don’t know why anyone needs to loathe him (I’m pretty sure it’s the same trolls under different names). Too many scarves and necklaces? It’s what these sites have been bitching about? There are lots of cultures around the world where people carry their character in the form of jewellery. Depp is known to be a curious soul so he probably went through that phase. Picking him apart for that? Lame.

    If there’s disappointment it’s over his movies. Nothing he’s done in the past couple of years seemed interesting. He needs to take break from the whole made-up eccentric character acting thing. That’s really why his popularity is diminishing. At least his face is visible here. Hopefully it’s a good movie for him to bounce back ‘cos I still like him.”


    • Melman says:

      I have great hopes for “Transcendence” and “Mortdecai” looks so funny, even if his character is an eccentric (high society but eccentric) it looks too fun to not be excited by it

    • Mandy says:

      I kinda find it extremely funny when people say he needs to take break from eccentric characters and working with Burton because that’s exactly what he is doing right now! NONE of his upcoming movies are directed by TB and he is playing normal characters in Transcendence and Mortdecai and London Fields.

  33. Shelby says:

    I totally thought the thumbnail to this post was Bill Hader impersonating some weird character .. I was confused.