Alyssa Milano to Jay Mohr: ‘So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me’

Alyssa Milano

As I’ve mentioned before, Alyssa Milano was a total girl crush for me during my tween years (and a lot longer than that). I totally wanted to be Alyssa on the pages of Bop! magazine, and I was so jealous that she was BFF with Corey Haim. He used to be so dreamy. Shush. You know it’s true, girl.

Alyssa’s not the most diverse actress, but she has managed to carve out a lifelong career in television. Not too shabby for a former child star, right? She also does occasional public appearances including the Nascar awards ceremony photographed here in early December. Comedian Jay Mohr (who has very little going on these days in the way of a career) hosted the ceremony, and now he’s bashing Alyssa for her … post-baby weight. I don’t get it. Alyssa gave birth to son Milo about two years ago, and she looks amazing now. She always looks good no matter what, but Jay Mohr doesn’t think so. He’s even calling her out in public! What a douche:

Alyssa Milano is a class act when it comes to being the target of a cheap joke.

The gorgeous actress, who at 41 looks better than most women half her age, found herself on the receiving end of a low blow by comic Jay Mohr after the two attended NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series awards ceremony at Wynn Las Vegas on Dec. 6. Mohr had hosted the event, and Milano presented race car driver Jimmie Johnson with his championship award.

Afterward, where Milano was spotted looking stunning in a rose-red, one-shoulder silk dress, Mohr did a radio interview where he called her “Melissa Milano,” then made fun of her “gut” and some problems she had while on the air.

“She was one of the presenters. … She’s very tiny. In height,” he said. “It seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s—’ … I read it on her gut.”

Mohr, who has two kids of his own, one with current wife Nikki Cox, went on to say “Melissa what’s-her-name” was very nice but didn’t look so great.

“Somebody sat in the director’s chair and was not wearing Spanx and I was like, ‘Jesus Christ,’” the admitted comedy plagiarist said.

Mohr wrote in his 2004 book Gasping for Airtime that he lifted a joke from New York comic Rick Shapiro and turned it into a Saturday Night Live sketch. NBC later settled with Shapiro.

Who’s the Boss star Milano, meanwhile, responded to Mohr’s mohr-onic talk with a tweet, writing: “@jaymohr So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”

The actress’ Charmed co-star Rose McGowan jumped in, retweeting Milano’s tweet last Thursday and adding, “What?! Do I need to kick someone’s ass?”

[From NY Daily News]

Geez. Jay Mohr is a complete a-hole! I know he’s supposed to be a “comedian,” but that remark wasn’t funny at all. He was simply being mean, and there’s no excuse for saying something this tasteless about a woman’s figure. Alyssa handled herself with pure class in response, and I love that Rose McGowan jumped to her defense. If I were Jay’s wife, Nikki Cox, he’d be sleeping on the couch forever.

Jay Mohr

Alyssa Milano

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  1. Spooks says:

    Jeez, if he’s like that at home, no wonder his poor wife messed with her face.

    • Mika says:

      That’s what I thought too. If he’s talking shit about a woman whom he had never met / made any kind of social interaction to, imagine what his wife has to face on daily basis. His mouth is full of misogynistic crap.

      • Eleonor says:

        sometimes an a-hole is only an a-hole without being a misogynist.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Eleonor, misogyny often surfaces in workplace struggles over women’s role, and you can tell because the control of women becomes personalized, intrusive and often sexualized. In this case, Mohr hosted the NASCAR event, with Milano presenting race car driver Jimmie Johnson with his championship award.

        Moonface was not just being your garden variety asshole because his problem was that he had a woman (Alyssa) being his coworker, and in an obviously hostile manner he attacked her womanhood. Remarks of how she should look after pregnancy and insinuations that women should wear girdle like devices to make their bodies more acceptable to the male gaze are classic misogyny.

        The dictionary definition of misogyny is the hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. Less is Mohr, without question, displayed his dislike of Alyssa Milano’s womanhood by purposely calling her the wrong name, insulting her weight, and implying she was overtaxing a Director’s Chair with her unspanxed bulk! Insulting a woman’s perfectly fine figure is the epitome of misogyny by itself; add in the rest of his garbage and you have a textbook case of misogyny.

      • MaiGirl says:

        You are on fi-yah, Sloane Wyatt. Such a great analysis of the misogyny of his statements. Thanks for pointing out that this was essentially a workplace incident–I really hadn’t thought about it that way, but you are absolutely right, which makes his comments even more unprofessional. He’s like the douche lowest on the fraternity totem pole, trying too hard to prove he belongs by using his little bit of power to take someone down.

      • HH says:

        @Sloane – I always love your comments. LOVE THEM. Spot on! I’m going to pretend we’re friends in real life, K? Bye. Haha!

      • Mika says:

        Thank you Sloane!

      • Juliette says:

        Amen, Sloane Wyatt. Said everything that needs to be said about this loser.

      • Meaghan says:

        I’d like to give Sloane a round of applause!

        Who is this comedian? I’ve never heard of him. And am far too lazy to google .

      • littlestar says:

        Awesome, Sloane :) . I always enjoy your comments too.

      • LilyT says:

        @Sloane PREACH. Very well said.

      • Sticks says:


        God you are good! Absolutely, this guy is one a-hole mysoginist. Without question!

      • Rosemary says:

        What an A-hole. I’ll be avoiding his douchey work from now on.

    • Samtha says:

      I thought the same thing about his poor wife. I also think that was what Alyssa’s “beautiful wife” comment was alluding to.

      • Sullivan says:

        I hope Milano wasn’t alluding to how his wife messes with her face. That would change the tone of her response. Why passively-aggressively insult Mohr’s wife? The wife didn’t say those mean things. No, hopefully, Milano took the high road.

      • Meredith says:

        I wasn’t thinking that Alyssa was cosmetic surgery shaming Jay’s wife. I thought it was just an exaggerated pleasantry/compliment. And I love that Rose McGowan came out as wanting to kick his ass. That shows you that Alyssa was a real class act on “Charmed”.

      • Joy says:

        Not for nothing, but his wife WAS gorgeous then went surgery crazy. He has NO room to talk about Alyssa as it is, but in light of how his wife looks…….he needs to have a seat.

      • decorative item says:

        I took it as Alyssa supporting his wife by telling her she is beautiful. Basically saying that women should stick together, while calling Mohr out at the same time. It’s quite clear that if he feels he can insult a complete stranger publicly on her body, he must be a real treat towards his wife privately. Let’s face it, we put on our best face in public, so I can only imagine what his wife gets to deal with on a daily basis.

      • littlestar says:

        I read it as, “Your wife is a beautiful person because she puts up with your a-holery on a daily basis, bless her heart.”

        Edit: I Googled his wife to see what she looks like, and yes, she’s had obvious cosmestic work done to her face. So now I’m 50/50 on this…

      • springingforward says:

        Yes, she was snarkily shading his wife Nikki. He insulted Alyssa physically so she insulted his wife’s physical shortcomings. Insecurities abound all around.
        It would have been better if she had said nothing.

      • jaye says:

        I don’t think Alyssa was shading his wife, I think she was taking the high road.

      • Florc says:

        It really is so sad what’s happened to Nikki Cox. Mohr strikes me as utter poison. I’d body shame him a bit, but that would be going down to his level.

      • CleverScreenName says:

        I’d never heard of Jay Mohr or Nikki Cox until this story. I Googled her because of all the talk about her alleged facial tweaking….

        I’m sorry, she was beautiful, but now looks rather grotesque.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      My first thought as well. And anyway, I don’t see an ounce of fat on Alyssa’s body.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      That is EXACTLY what I thought. She butchered herself but now, I’m sure we know why.

    • ncboudicca says:

      My first thought was that his wife was too skinny the last time I saw her, never mind her face. I really hope their home life isn’t as bad as I now imagine it to be.

    • Bubbles says:

      It’s such a shame. Nikki Cox used to be so pretty, and she seems like such a nice person. But her lips are truly awful.

      • Caz says:

        Was nikki on the Las Vegas series? Her husband is a very unattractive man inside & out. Milano looks gorgeous!

    • dev says:

      People shouldn’t shame Nikki Cox’s “beauty” either. I think sometimes people age a little, get surgery, and we expect them to look like they did when they were 22. The way Nikki looks now shouldn’t be degraded. She is still beautiful, but I do feel bad that she is dealing with her husband’s ridiculous comments on other women. He should NOT feel so entitled to comment on other women’s bodies. That would make me very uncomfortable as a wife. I also think no matter how strong you are, such comments on other women do make you feel a little insecure.

      Alyssa Milano is a cool woman. So is Nikki Cox. The jerk is this Mohr guy.

  2. T.fanty says:

    Really? Jay Mohr is going to criticize someone else for having a gut?

    That’s such a second-rate comedian trick. Someone who can’t tell the difference between a joke and a put-down.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      If there is going to be an ass-kicking, count me in. I’ll bring the steel-toe army boots…

    • Mark says:

      From my earlier post please don’t put words in my mouth, i never claimed to be persecuted and how is it anti woman to point out the double standards of this website? What was so MRA about my post anyway?

    • Move On says:

      I used to date a guy who started doing that to me- insulting me and then saying, “Just kidding.” No- you’re just being a dick. See ya.

    • The Wizz says:

      Jay is the pot calling the kettle fat.

  3. Mark says:

    Wow this site is so hypocritical, so it’s shitty to say something bad about a woman gaining weight but when its like Dicaprio or Val Kilmer it’s just snarky gossip? So you can’t pick and choose when ‘fat shaming’ is offensive.

    Where are these women coming out of the work the ‘eat a sandwich’ comments are made 24/7 by 90% of women on the planet?

    • Red32 says:

      On what planet is the woman above fat? It’s about the different standards women are held to. Then men you mentioned had to reach literal obesity before anyone said anything. Alyssa Milano appears to be a healthy weight and looks good, IMO.

      • T.fanty says:

        Don’t worry about him. Poor Mark is a freedom fighter for the poor, persecuted male, threatened by all of the double standards and raging women on this site.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ T. Fanty-Zing!

        DiCaprio is such a horrible, awful choice to illustrate Mark’s false perception of a double standard. Dude is still dating supermodels and still gets prime acting roles. Nobody is making his weight a topic on radio shows or in comedy routines so please try again, Mark.

        Also, when was the last time Dicaprio gave birth? Just curious….

    • Spooks says:

      People here called out Jennifer Lawrence ( the holy cow of the universe) for fat shaming Val Kilmer.

      • Bubbles says:

        Exactly. And you know you can’t touch the mighty Lawrence.

      • eliza says:

        Isn’t Lawrence always bitching and moaning about people discussing HER weight? What a hypocrite to talk about Kilmer’s. I had not heard that. Good to know she isn’t the sweet little thing that everyone thinks she is. Typical Hollywood double standard. I hate being the target of weight stories but I will talk about the weight of others since Weinstein can buy me an Oscar again.

      • When did she call Val Kilmer fat?

    • Erinn says:

      “‘eat a sandwich’ comments are made 24/7 by 90% of women on the planet? ”

      Never said it in my life. I think you’re exaggerating just to exaggerate at this point.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Plus people on here don’t appreciate “eat a sandwich” comments. They are disrespectful to the thin body type.

      • Brittney says:

        Yeah, this was the first site (and still the only gossip site) where I actually saw people actively pointing out the body-shaming double standard when it comes to thin women. “Eat a sandwich” has no place in my life, and I can’t remember the last time I heard it in real life.

    • Missed the point Marky-Mark…the point is that he was saying these things about a woman who clearly has *NO* weight issues at all. If you can look at those pictures above and say that Alyssa looks ‘fat’ then you might want to get help for *your* body dysmorphia because that would be *your* problem. Not some made up persecution of your precious manhood by us raging Feminazis. Now go back to the Funky Bunch.

      • bluhare says:

        Well, that was rude. Take his points and trash them, sure. But using names to belittle? Not so much.

    • Jaded says:

      Ummm, Mark, talking about a woman’s weight in a pejorative manner (“It seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s—’ … I read it on her gut.”) is contemptible. Moreso because Alyssa Milano looks gorgeous. They were in a professional situation and he turned it into an unprofessional and juvenile attempt to be funny. It’s not us CB commenters who are dissing people who have weight issues, we’re the ones to rally against it (read some of the posts about Melissa McCarthy and “Fit Mom”). Jay Mohr should be loudly stupid-shamed.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Good call on the fat shaming of Leo and Val – they do get fat shamed quite a bit and I never thought of it that way before. This site is interesting because of so many viewpoints on a topic – the discussions on these matters rock!

  4. Kiddo says:

    Dude looks like he shops the boy’s husky section himself.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Really. They can both lose weight, but he’ll still be ugly. Inside and out.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      You beat me to it, Kiddo.

      Moonface Mohr’s girdle was probably too tight, so he was jealous of Alyssa’s spanxless tight body and snapped.

      • Zimmer says:

        I think this is the classic case of a misogynist who wants to hurt a woman he knows he’ll never be able to have. Alyssa looks super, both my husband and I think so. Guy can’t be anything but jealous he’ll never get her. Apologies to the wife for my humble opinion.

      • springingforward says:

        Zimmer nailed it. Alyssa looks great and he knows she would never give him the time of day. Jealous he would never get her.

      • mary simon says:

        I was thinking the same thing – he looks uncomfortable, like he’s wearing man-spanx, he’s ugly inside and out, and no amount of weight loss will change that. Also, he was never funny, is not funny and will never be funny.

      • mayamae says:

        He’s been married to a model and dancer/actress, so I don’t think he’s attacking Alyssa because he’s insecure. I think he’s a jerk who probably has a problem with all women, not just the attractive ones. God knows what he would have said about a less attractive woman in this situation.

  5. David99 says:

    I think he needs to hit the gym. What a dick head.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Speaking of, does anyone else think Jay’s head looks too small for his body? (or is it his body that is too big for his head?).

      Either way, I just want to poke him with a stick…HARD…

  6. klue says:

    Because he’s such a hunk?

  7. Arock says:

    Jay mohr is a stunted person and weak entertainer at best- like an unsuccessful jay Leno. Just pat him on the head and turn him home.

    • tracking says:

      +1 I was shocked when at one point people were trying to make him “happen.” He’s always been like this.

    • bella says:

      Is it me or is Mohr EXACTLY the character he played in Jerry McGuire?
      Crude, sleaze, backstabbing a**hole.
      AM is lovely and yes, misogyny at its best…
      He has to cut her sexuality/attractiveness because she played a more important role at the awards than he.

    • Liberty says:

      Maybe he’s jealous because she has her career and Touch clothing business, which creates popular league-endorsed team logo clothing for women, which was her own idea that she put together and sold to the NFL etc., changing the business totally. She already has the last laugh at this tool.

      I too feel sorry for his wife. I don’t think Alyssa was shading her. I think Alyssa was letting her know that she IS beautiful, in case Jay is giving his wife the same sort of rude nonsense at home.

  8. Faye says:

    Alyssa’s response was measured, but I almost wish she hadn’t said anything. Mohr is clearly a loser, has-been troll looking for attention, and now he’s got it.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Actually, I’m glad she did respond, because her classy handling of his put down makes it even more clear what an unfunny ass pony he really is. He went HAM on her for no reason–not true, and not funny. It’s astounding that some ugly men feel entitled to come for women whom they could never be with in their wildest dreams.

      Okay, forgive my little tar heart, but here goes: did anyone else, for juuuuust a second, think Alyssa was shading his plastic-surgery jacked wife in her statement? I mean, at first I read it as sincere, but upon second reading, and thinking about Nikki’s face, I started to wonder….

      • Lucinda says:

        I didn’t think it was shade at all. I thought it was sympathy. Also, I didn’t know about his plagiarism so her responding brings attention to that as well. I’m glad she responded.

      • springingforward says:

        Yes, unfortunately she was shading Nikki. At first it seemed to be killing with kindness, but you have to remember that this is hollywood and the stepping off point for all of these celebrities is insecurity. So I would say it would have been better for her to say nothing.

      • jaye says:

        springforward…how do you know she was shading Nikki? Did she tell you that herself?

    • Gen says:


  9. Becks says:

    Has Chubs looked in the mirror? What a douche! No wonder his wife has messed up her face. Ugh. Just shut up asshole.

  10. Blackbetty says:

    This guy is still around?! He hasn’t given birth, so what’s his excuse?

  11. Deanne says:

    Does he make these sort of comments to his wife? Is that why she has chosen to augment her face to the point that it looks deformed? Alyssa looks great and he’s just a total a$$ with no talent. He isn’t clever and always comes across as if he hates women. His career’s in the toilet so maybe he needs to get a new schtick.

  12. Kaboom says:

    Anyone who knows what Nicki Cox looks like after her plastic surgery expedition knows just how badly Jay has been burned in the last sentence of that tweet.

    • doofus says:

      yeah, I caught that, too. I was wondering if it was not-so-subtle shade at what she’s done to her face.

      and what she’s done to it is very likely the result of his verbal abuse.

      Mohr WISHES his wife looked as good as Milano…who, BTW, looks FABULOUS. don’t like the style of the dress but the color looks great on her.

      and, she is a Mets fan who’s got a women’s line of fan gear so I will always be on Team Milano.

      • christina says:


        Why are you throwing shade at his wife who has nothing to do with IT?

      • doofus says:

        @ christina

        I’m not.

        the truth is, Nikki Cox f-ed up her face. That’s not throwing shade, that’s stating the truth. she was beautiful, and now she looks (as someone above said) a muppet.

        MY point was that, it’s likely that a) she did it out of insecurity of being married to a douche who puts her down and b) Mohr KNOWS his wife ruined her looks and is jealous that he never had and will never have a chance with Milano.

        if you interpreted that as “throwing shade”, too bad, but that wasn’t my intention. nor anyone else (and there are many) who commented on Cox’s current facial state.

      • mayamae says:

        By no means am I attempting to defend Mohr, but he met Nikki on the set of Las Vegas, at which point I’m pretty sure she had already done the lips. I remember not being able to watch the show because her mouth made me so uncomfortable.

      • christina says:

        @ Doofus

        You are throwing shade even though you didn’t mean to and what makes you think Mohr wants to be with Milano?

        I didn’t make that comment to the other posters because they weren’t comparing Milano looks to Nikki’s as a point to Sh*t talk Mohr. They were just pointing out how sad it is that Nikki mess with her face, which is different from what you were doing.

      • doofus says:

        christina, you’re obviously not reading the comments because I was not the only one who did what you claim.

        and I guess we just have a different idea of what “throwing shade” is.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I should have scrolled down–I said something similar above. Glad I wasn’t the only one who flashed on that.

    • Sullivan says:

      Kaboom, if you think Milano’s last sentence badly burned Mohr then just imagine how his wife felt. His wife didn’t insult Milano so why drag her into it?

      • Ericka says:

        I think Alyssa said, “say hello to your beautiful wife” for Nikki to read that to remember she is beautiful. If this man came at her in such a way for no reason, can you imagine what he says to his wife? I think Alyssa thought that herself, which is why she said that, because its clear Nikki couldn’t see her true beauty!

      • Hatuh says:

        I kind I think that it was Alyssa’s way of saying “I’m not mad at you, just your a-hole husband”. I don’t think she meant any shade.

      • Zimmer says:

        Agree with Ericka.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I am torn on whether she meant any shade towards Nikki.

        The best shade is when you can’t REALLY tell if it is there or not. Brilliantly played, IMO. Alyssa came across as both sympathetic and cunning in one little sentance!

      • Liberty says:

        Agree with Ericka and commented above.

  13. Talie says:

    Not sure what happened to Nikki Cox, but chick has done something seriously wrong to her lips.

  14. dcypher1 says:

    Like he should talk his wife disfigured her once beautiful face with too much plastic surgery. Her lips look like 2 big pillows on her face. She messed her face up permanently. Poor girl didn’t need it cus she was beautiful in the first place.

  15. Itwillrain says:

    “Wow this site is so hypocritical, so it’s shitty to say something bad about a woman gaining weight but when its like Dicaprio or Val Kilmer it’s just snarky gossip? ”

    Hello Mark, our whole culture is hypocritical at the core, particularly when it comes to women’s looks–it’s what we do best.

  16. JudyK says:

    In what universe would that comment be funny…it’s just passive/aggressive mean.

    Mohr has never been funny and never will be. And he’s just proven that he does not have an ounce of class in his entire being. Loser.

  17. Kim1 says:

    You guys realize she was throwing shade at his wife who used to be beautiful.

    • ncboudicca says:

      Yeah, and if she deliberately did that, it was cruel of her to drag someone else into this.

      • Sullivan says:

        I hope that last sentence was just an “exaggerated pleasantry” as someone above said. Otherwise, it was a dick move. Certainly not as on par and blatant as Mohr, but mean nonetheless. Jay Mohr is the only one responsible for the cruel and unfunny words that come out of his mouth.

    • Maria says:

      Kim1, you are correct. He is so B list I didn’t’ know who he was married to. She looks like that woman who has a feline face after going under the knife one too many times.

      BUT, what a loser. He feels he has to insult women to either make himself feel better or he thinks it’s funny. I bet that is why his wife looks the way she does. What a complete a@@.

      • flipflop says:

        Maybe no list? I didn’t recognize his name or know who he was in the pictures.
        He’s definitely not funny.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I don’t think she was throwing shade on Jay’s wife…I think it was sympathy for his poor wife, stuck with this douche!

    • jaye says:

      Why would she shade his wife. She wasn’t the one who insulted her. His wife’s appearance has nothing to do with what Mohr said.

      • Kim1 says:

        She was shading his wife to get to him.His perfect trophy wife is no longer beautiful that is a reflection on him.If she was being supportive or empathic she could have tweeted”How would you feel if a guy fat-shamed your wife”
        Also some of Alyssa’s followers congratulated on the “diss”.
        Think about it ,what is more hurtful me mocking YOU or mocking your husband or childs looks?

    • Marcie says:

      I took her last sentence as a reminder to Mohr that he should treat all women with respect, the way he (hopefully) treats his wife.

  18. Renee says:

    He’s been identified as the blind in some douche bag behavior items on other sites. Surprise! What a loser.

  19. ZigZagZoey says:

    He has always been an *ss.
    I think she looks great.
    I do have to ask you guys this ~ I watch her on Project Runway All Stars, and she always looks sweaty and it drives me nuts. Let me just say that I am a person who also sweats and I HATE it. I just wish they would do her a favor and touch up her powder between takes.
    Is it just me seeing this?
    I’m not blaming her, I just think the people who work behind the scenes should do a better job.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      I haven’t noticed the sweaty thing too much, but I HATE the way they style her. She always looks kinda…frumpy. I guess that because it’s a ‘fashion’ show the show’s stylists have no idea how to attractively dress a woman who is petite and on the curvier side. Stop putting her in pleat front shorts and booties!

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        Agree. The clothes they put her in are not fabulous in any way. Booties just don’t look too good on shorter legs. And they don’t fix her hair very well either. It’s weird!

  20. mollie says:

    Well, that’s it for Jay.
    I’m pretty sure that Alyssa is on everyone’s “Oh no you didn’t” list for dissing.
    One step over the line. Don’t mess with our Alyssa.

  21. Mandy says:

    Gosh, what a d**k. And I have always like Jay Mohr. His stand up is hilarious. I have marked you off of my funny list, Jay!

  22. Latisse says:

    I read this loser’s book and can only conclude:

    Whiny sexist douche. Is there anything this guy does without complaining or whining about it? He’s pathetic. He’s not funny. He’s untalented and I’ve noticed that Jay Mohr has a habit of attacking women:

    -Marisa Tomei
    -Chelsea Handler
    -Jennifer Aniston
    -Christine Teigen
    -Michelle Obama
    -And now Alyssa Milano

    For some reason his attacks never seem to veer towards men probably because he is a coward–A whiny, untalented, unfunny coward.

    • Yeah, after reading this particular incident, I now believe that Jennifer just didn’t kiss his ass enough, or she wanted him off that set because of behavior like this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—and I don’t blame her one bit.

      • Becky1 says:

        @ Virgilia-I thought the same thing re: his comments about Jennifer Aniston on the “Picture Perfect” set. I think she didn’t like him because he was acting like an a**. I haven’t heard the comments he made about the other women.

      • I don’t like Jennifer–everyone on this site knows that–but I don’t think and have never really heard any stories about her being an a-hole to her costars or crew. I think that she is perfectly nice and professional on and off the set. That Jay Mohr story was the only one I’ve ever heard, where she was mean to someone.

        I’d never heard any stories about him being an a-hole, so I was all ‘meh’–maybe she was a little stuck up about her success w/Friends–but she’s seemed to grow out of it. So yeah–I agree with Sloane Wyatt–dude’s a misogynist. I saw how he got his wife to f-ck up her mouth like the way she did. I feel bad for her. God knows how he talks to her at home–he should be thanking God that a woman disregarded looks when choosing to fall in love with an Flist actor–he is not attractive by any stretch of the imagination and he has no personality to make up for it either. Even if he was hot–still. Nothing to make a person.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I hadn’t heard of those attacks! But I don’t hear much about him period, so there’s that.

    • Mark says:

      Howard Stern
      Andrew Dice Clay
      Doug Stanhope
      Ricky Gervais
      Louis CK
      Anthony Michael Hall

      There you go @Latisse a list of men he’s attacked and when he ‘trashed’ those women he was either responidng to Christine Teigen making fun of his childs name, Marisa Tomei for being difficult and really after all the trashing this site does of chelsea handler it’s bad when Jay Mohr does it same with Jennifer Aniston.

      Believe listen to his podcasts he’s not just ranting about how shit women and if a guy disagrees with a woman or says something bad about a particular woman it doesn’t mean he hates women.

  23. Ann says:

    That’s rich coming from a chinless wonder! Dough boy needs to STFU and lose some pounds.

    That’s the arrogance of men: being fat and ugly, they still think they can criticize a women’s looks. That’s sexism in action.

  24. Deev says:

    Ugh, he’s an insecure asshole. I hadn’t heard much of anything about the guy since his SNL days until I listened to an interview with Bobcat Goldthwait (Nikki Cox’s ex), who said that Jay Mohr has been known to call clubs that Bobcat is performing in and make fake reservations in order to ensure it’s mostly empty for Bobcat’s show. Any man who would do that to his wife’s ex nearly a decade after that relationship ended is beyond insecure and childish.

    • anon33 says:


    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I’d forgotten about Bobcat – what a great name – I’m surprised that more celebs haven’t chosen this name for their offspring. He must be pretty old by now – he was in the original Police Academy.

  25. Rachel says:

    Sometimes the best way to retaliate is with kindness. Bravo, Ms. Milano.

    Btw, does anyone else think it’s weird that 99% of the time, if someone looks like a douche, they ARE a douche? I’ve seen Jay Mohr a couple times on tv and/or in movies and he always rubbed me the wrong way. The first time I saw him, I nudged my husband and asked, “Is it just me or does he look like a ginormous douche nozzle?” It wasn’t.

    EDIT: Holy moly! I just googled Nikki Cox. She went from 10/10 bombshell to 100% confirmed muppet! What happened!?!

  26. Quinn says:

    Lord. Look in a mirror, jay..dude can’t manage to look fit in a damn suit.

  27. sarah says:

    Alyssa is STILL one of my girl crushes. LOVE her. Jay Mohr is a douche.

  28. eliza says:

    First of all this dude is NOT funny. He is a plagiarist, a has-been, never was and has a wife who resembles a trampy blow up doll. Secondly, has this ugly bastard taken a look in the mirror lately? He is not only a bit chunky himself but ugly as well.

    Milano looks great. She is a lovely woman by all accounts and has had longevity in tv. This man is obviously a jeaous asshole who has nothing going for him other than trying to get a few minutes in the spotlight for attempting to be funny and provocative which came to be a big fat fail.

  29. daisyfly says:

    I don’t think she was throwing shade at Nicki Cox, as some have alluded; I think she was making it a point to remind Jay that he also has a wife at home, a wife who recently had a child, whom he wouldn’t want someone denigrating because he finds her beautiful.

  30. Shelley says:

    Nikki Cox was so naturally beautiful many years ago, and was a healthy weight. I don’t know which came first, a starvation diet or the plastic surgery, but she looks entirely, and very sadly, horrible now.

  31. The Original Mia says:

    I would pay money to see Rose McGowan take Mohr down. He’s a little shit, who has no right to diss how another person looks.

  32. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Maybe he’s just sad because he iesnt have a chin. Oh, and a career. Can’t forget that.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      You got that right…..
      When they said he was hosting, my husband was like “Where did they drag him out of?”

  33. Nicolette says:

    She looks great, kudos to her for taking the high road. As for him, has he looked at himself in a mirror lately?

  34. CeltLady says:

    Ms. Milano is gorgeous. She has a beautiful figure. If she is fat, I would LOVE to be exactly as “fat” as he says she is.

    Mohr is disgusting.

    That is all.

  35. choppersann says:

    had to Google Nikki Cox cos – unlike A Milano – had no clue who she was…and sheeeesh!!! wtf. the lips! yikes :-/

  36. Axis2ClusterB says:

    In the words of Fat Amy: “Well, you’re no panty dropper yourself.”

  37. Jaded says:

    I’m having an armchair psychologist moment….In my experience, men like Jay Mohr (schlubby looking, mouthy, sarcastic) often have huge chips on their shoulders, especially with beautiful women, because they know they don’t have a hope in hades of having a relationship with one. Ergo, they take their anger out on beautiful women by making crude, misogynistic comments.

    He’s a vile turd and should tweet a retraction and apology.

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      Just looked a photos of Nikki. How tragic.

      I would add, he’s projected all his twisted ugliness onto Nikki, and concretised it in her plastic surgery. It’s like she’s his vicious, abusive, woman hating interior made flesh.

    • Yep—I was talking with my mom last night, and we started talking about my grandpa. Dude’s been married four times. His second wife–my Grandma C–he treated her so bad. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of her when she was younger and they were together. She was so damn beautiful–if it was me, I would’ve been down on my knees thanking God or whoever that I had her. I mean, my grandma was movie star gorgeous–she is part Irish (and doesn’t smoke or drink too much) so she had those really dark looks.

      But my grandpa talked so bad to her. He would tell her that she was fat, ugly—basically the same bs that no one would want her but him. Which is ironic, because when they met he had two kids–she could’ve had any young guy she wanted, without the hassle of kids (as she was young and kidfree)—but she chose him.

      Such a douche.

  38. Carebearvancouver says:

    Just googled nikki cox. Omg. Neither of them are getting work im sure so he needs to be vile to stay relevant. Bet they are not paying the bills!

  39. Lisa says:

    Bro, do you even lift?

  40. Dreamyk says:

    ” Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”


  41. Carebearvancouver says:

    So, just did more looking and there are no pics of his wife pregnant. Did she pull a beyonce and go surrogate or adoption?

  42. Fields of Lavender says:

    Misogynists are the worst. Was married to one. I highly recommend his wife gets exit visas from moonface.

  43. Lucy2 says:

    Alyssa looks great, but even if she didn’t, WTF is wrong with him? I’m sure he’ll try to play the “I’m a comedian” card, but there was no joke, nothing funny there. He was just mean and cruel, for no other readon than to be mean and cruel. It makes him seem incredibly insecure, childish, and completely unprofessional. I hate to think how he treats the women in his life.
    Any time he’s popped up in something, I have always had a sense of dislike for him. Now Zi actually have a reason for it!

  44. Kelly says:

    Lol Alyssa. Jay Mohr is disgusting. Hope they invite her back next year and not him.

  45. Jade says:

    I caught an episode of The Nanny with a teenage Nikki Cox in a bit part. Boy was she naturally gorgeous…

    Alyssa looks great!

  46. JenniferJustice says:

    An ugly man with bad fake teeth and a wife whose completely jacked her face shouldn’t be throwing ANY stones. I would rather be celebate for the rest of my life than have to sleep with that homely dude who looks as though he’ll be pretty much bald in a few years. Kudos to you Nicki Cox for marrying a douche – you must be so proud.

  47. kim says:

    Wowza! That was a total bitter, drunk, old washed up puss “comedian” move right there. Jay isn’t famous anymore. His wife was pretty back in the day, bitter Drunk was gonna rise in him at some point

  48. Mags says:

    WOW!!! What an a-hole! Now I see why Jennifer Aniston was such a biotch to him years ago. From what I understand, she made him cry. Seriously, he has no room to talk…..he looks bloated.

  49. Martha says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Alyssa! And that the way ladies & gents it’s done with real class and without going to his $ssholish behavior. Kudos for handling his as he should be.

  50. serena says:

    So disappointed in him.. what a douchebag!! Also… really? It’s not even true! Alyssa looks gorgeous!!

  51. Meg says:

    Please send my love to your beautiful wife.

    do you think that alyssa ending her tweet like that was a passive aggressive dig at Jay’s wife who’s had so much plastic surgery on her face that she looks really horrible?

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I was wondering that too – It seems like she was throwing a little shade with that comment. If she’d left it out that last sentence her point would have been stronger. How can one tell if shade is being thrown or not?

      • Jayna says:

        I really took the shade differently. I took it that you treated me a woman, wife, fairly new mother with a lack of respect, and then a nice shoutout to his” beautiful wife,” in that she’s pro-woman, not into shaming women, and showing she isn’t reduced to his level.

  52. Alina says:

    Alyssa Milano was the girl crush for millions of boys and girls :-)

  53. Isabelle says:

    He’s very overweight and has a bloated face/gut. Yet he criticizes a thin woman on her weight? He’s really isn’t funny and has an irrelevant career. Good for her for keeping it classy because it makes him look like an a-hole.

  54. The Girl Who Would Be King Of The Popes says:

    I guess it’s in how he takes it. Does he think his wife is beautiful, or that someone would have cause to ‘rip’ into her?

  55. Alexa says:

    Damn – I guess these days it doesn’t get much lower than this loser from that bunch of unsuccessful & infamously unfunny former SNL-ers of the early 1990′s. Way to make sure everyone knows you’re an A-hole, Mr. Mohr. Now you can retire!! PLEASE!!!!

  56. Meanchick says:

    I’m guessing Mohr has no mirrors in his home. Dude is not hitting on ANY cuteness at all. Also, He is walking ‘What the hell ever happened to . .” I’m guessing he hit on Milano and she shot him down.

  57. MSMLNP says:

    I’m wondering if Alyssa knew Nikki from when they were on WB network shows during same time frame. Perhaps her comment is truly sincere and not a burn as some might think.

    Alyssa is gorgeous, seems like a great mom, and I’ve been a fan since her Who’s the Boss days.

    And I LOVE comedy. I know comedy. I watched Jay Mohrs show a few years back. just not funny and he’s completely irrelevant, now a proven douche to boot.

  58. Jennifer12 says:

    Barring the fact that Alyssa is beautiful, who the hell is this fool to trash her? Yes, he’s balding with ugly teeth and a weird, pinched face, but even if he was Brad Pitt, he wouldn’t have the right to be such a tool. So glad his career is dying.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      According to Jay, he thought the statement was so absurd that people would know he was joking. If this is true, he really needs to be funnier.

  59. Mean Hannah says:

    Wow – Alyssa Milano has a lot of good will from Celebitches. I like Alyssa and Jay Mohr is an unfunny, mysoginistic jerk, but that “love to your beautiful wife” is definitely mean, even if you don’t know what she looks like now, from how she used to look. Why include his wife in the response?

  60. Shoe_Lover says:

    I wish i was as “fat” as Alyssa Milano

  61. Cinderella says:

    Did Alyssa turn Jay down back in the day? He seems bitter.

  62. Chloe says:

    I love Alyssa and if I ever channel cruise and come across a Charmed episode I have to stop and watch (especially during the Julian McMahon years), Mohr was out of line, this wasn’t a roast it was an awards ceremony, he also ripped on NASCAR driver Danica Patrick during the ceremony, he apparently has woman issues. As for her last comment about his wife, I didn’t take it as an insult, but her kindly reminding him he has a beautiful wife and he should appreciate her. As for his wife I hope she let him have it, if my husband ever said anything like that in public I would rip him a new one.

  63. Courtney says:

    I never liked Jay Mohr. He’s untalented, unfunny and just annoying through and through. If Alyssa MIlano is considered fat, I wish I was her type of fat. She has always been a beauty. I don’t care if she’s 105 pounds or 350 pounds. She’ll always be beautiful inside and out in my opinion. Jay needs to look in the mirror before calling anyone fat. His wife Nikki Cox was a very pretty woman back in the days. She messed with her face, lips and boobs and is now nothing more than a joke in Hollywood. She doesn’t even act anymore, which fine, may be by choice, but I doubt anyone would hire her now anyway. Her face is ruined. Alyssa, girlfriend, stay the way you are. Take that high road because before you know it this tub of lard named Jay Mohr will be nothing more than a memory in Hollywood. He’ll be begging for money and food outside your door.

  64. T says:

    WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lots of crying.

    Hes a comedian get over yourselves.
    Please continue your PC ways so that eventually no one can say anything about anyone.
    Also I enjoyed all your snarky comments on his wife and him. Way to be a mature.

  65. Ellen says:

    Alyssa Milano’s response is sooo, over the top passive aggressive. Like she really means it when she says god bless your wife and have a great life blah blah blah. At any rate she should see it as a compliment because as a has been she is getting some publicity.

  66. jilly says:

    Double standard. If he can’t shame her for her weight, then she should not shame his wife for messing with her looks. His wife didn’t attack her — Jay Mohr did. If you want to be passive-aggressive, all you had to do was tell him to look in the f**king mirror. He looks disgusting. But leave his poor wife out of it. That was a low blow disguised as sweetness. Not cool Alyssa. Not cool at all.

  67. Whoop says:

    Sorry, but bringing his wife into the mix makes her just as disgusting as Jay.

  68. Denise says:

    I officially hate this guy. Sloane, above, makes such an astute point. He’s sad and pathetic.

  69. Maria says:

    Alyssa looks fantastic! There is nothing remotely “fat” about her. Jay, on the other hand, DOES look like he is starting to pack on the weight. His face is starting to blend in with his neck, and you can see how tight he had to stretch that jacket to button it. I wish someone would call HIM out on gaining weight.

  70. TinyTurtle says:

    I didn’t see anyone mention it but he used to work with jennifer love hewitt on Ghost whisperer
    She tends to be more full figured, I wonder how he got along with her and treated her?

  71. Newwife says:

    He has the nerve to say that about beautiful Alyssa when his wife, who used to be hot, turned herself into a troll with plastic surgery. Seriously, look her up. Nikki cox mohr. Cannot believe how fugly she is now. Alyssa handled it with serious class…something he knows nothing about.

  72. slc says:

    i find it hysterical that a man with his looks and particular kind of physique feels he’s in a position to criticize anyone.

    according to his twitter he had meant that comment as a ’joke’ since commenting on a women’s appearance is always good for a laugh and totally appropriate.

  73. Bitca says:

    I doubt Alyssa deliberately referred to his wife’s mangling of her face—at worst it was an unconscious quick twit-slip borne of suppressed anger….

    But sorry—the use & effect of restylane, juvederm, silicone, lipo surgery etc is one of the most tragic abuses of vanity since 18C lead-based cosmetic foundation. Nobody forced Mohr’s wife to subject her face to the whims of surgeons… but then, IMO the careless plasticizing of women (& men) is a sign of our own declining culture.

    Oh! I can sound SO peretentious… :-|

  74. Heardthat says:

    Ummm, has he looked in a mirror?
    Thats all I have.

    Oh,and she is beautiful!

  75. Heardthat says:

    and perhaps this is a ‘wrap’ for him. Bye Jay

  76. St says:

    Well that was weird. Specially that she is not fat at all. I read this news on other site. But I had no idea that Alyssa looked LIKE THIS. Where did he saw fat? Specially when he looks so weird himself. When his had seems to be too small for his body. Strangest insult ever….

  77. New Year's Revolution says:

    This reminds me what Gloria Steinem said about all the comments on Kim Kardashian’s body during her pregnancy, that many people feel the female body is an object, subject to public consumption and ridicule. Those weren’t Steinem’s exact words but that’s the meaning that I extracted. And, although I am no Kardashian fan, I have to admit that that assessment gave me pause and I surely see that here with this case. Alyssa Milano is beautiful and when I heard Mohr’s criticism, despite being in my 30s and a fully functioning adult, I got sad thinking, ” Geez, what would he say about ME then,” as if his opinion matters one bit. His comment, however, helps keep all of us women “in our place,” so to speak by making us doubt ourselves, even for a moment. It’s damaging and it’s sad. Alyssa Milano is not human, she is an object whose worth is summed by her looks and since it didn’t meet some ridiculous, perfect standard, Mohr didn’t see anything wrong by commenting and hence dehumanizing her and all women essentially. Or, he’s just an idiot.

    • Snap Happy says:

      Agree. I’m no fan of Kim Kardashian but the criticism of her weight gain during her pregnancy was just disgusting.

  78. jesse k says:

    If this woman is “fat” then sign me up to be fat! She looks amazing.

  79. Gom says:

    Alyssa did throw shade at Jay’s wife Nikki but I don’t care. Alyssa worked for 4 years with Shannon Dougherty on CHARMED so I’m sure she picked up more than a few tips on how to ambiguously throw shade at someone. LOL.

  80. Snap Happy says:

    She definitely shaded Cox in that last line. She was prob. angry and embarrassed by his comments (who wouldn’t be?) and responded with some passive aggressiveness. If she just wanted to say hi to his wife she wouldn’t have included the word “beautiful.” That was a back handed compliment. Was this nice of Milano? No, but she is human and when someone hurts us we sometimes hurt back.

  81. Jayna says:

    What is so funny is he gets upset if anyone goes after his wife’s looks even after he’s bashed them. He is a huge Real Housewives fan and does blogs on the show. I remember he made fun of Brandi on Watch What Happens Live, something about her botox and can’t make an angry face or something. I can’t remember what he said. It was true. LOL But Brandi either called in or tweeted to Andy for the show a remark about Jay’s own wife. I can’t remember what she said, but obviously about her own plastic surgery.

    Jay Mohr tweeted this the next day or after he got home that night I think:
    Boo @BrandiGlanville my wife always says ur pretty and seem like a good mom. She was surprised and sad. Well done Brandi -1 fan @bravoandy

    His fans tweeted him and one said: “You are giving her grief for commenting on your wife’s looks when you made fun of hers?” And he tweeted, “Yes.”

    A few others commented to him, and he said, “I made fun of Brandi. My wife did not.”

    So it bothers him if someone disses his wife’s looks, yet he fat-shamed Alyssa.

  82. Tiffany :) says:

    He has apologized.

    From his blog:
    “Comedians have a hole on their insides that can only be filled by generating constant content that is, many times, improvised in the moment. Unfortunately, in rare instances, it causes irreparable harm. I had thought (incorrectly) in an improvisational moment, that the incongruousness of my statements, when held up to the light of how beautiful Alyssa Milano is, would have been funny given that she is the size of a thimble. It wasn’t funny. Knowing that Alyssa, as well as her family, friends, fans, and especially her husband, heard things that were hurtful from my mouth crushed me. She has always been one of the kindest, most caring and beautiful people this town has ever seen. I will not make excuses for what I said. Although I immediately removed that segment from my podcast, it still doesn’t change the results. I know full well how much words can hurt people, having seen my wife get destroyed by the tabloids, and I am embarrassed that I didn’t think before I spoke. Alyssa is an extraordinarily beautiful person—both inside and out. Alyssa is a mother, a wife, an actress, and a class act that should always be celebrated. Sometimes comedians go too far. I went too far. I cannot change what I said, but I can assure you that my heart is broken that I hurt her. I am very sorry. With the utmost sincerity, Jay Mohr”

  83. No Fatties says:

    What’s wrong with fat jokes? Stop being so sensitive fatites. If being fat hurts your feelings, stop eating, and stop feeling sorry every time someone points out that someone is fat, big deal. If fatties put as much time into exercises as they do whining about fat jokes, they may not be so fat. Flame on double chinners.

  84. Vicki says:

    I didn’t even know Mohr was making public appearances anymore. My husband listens to AM radio in his truck, and Jay Mohr has a sports show on some radio station — I dunno, I’m not a sports fan. I thought it seemed like a mighty fall, though, for a guy who used to have his own show to be doing AM sports radio.

  85. Skye says:

    Ugh. So disappointing; I hope there’s context to this that makes his comments a little less boorish, but… that’s a tight squeeze through Credibility Gap. I love Mohr’s stand-up and this doesn’t really seem in character for him. Weird and sad. Alyssa looks gorgeous, though, and I’m glad she held to the high road in responding. Class.

  86. Vilodemeanus says:

    Nice come back. She’s around because everyone likes her and she’s kept her looks and figure. Neither can be said for whatever is going on in the Cox-Mohr household. He’s a creative thief and his wife cut off her face despite her once being beautiful. She can’t work, or pass out trophy’s because that would require the use of a camera. His career is a dead as her face. A lovely way to point out the obvious Alyssa! Mohr is a classless boor.