Angelina’s brother says no woman can live up to his sister

Angelina Jolie’s brother, James Haven, must be broke. That’s about the only explanation I can muster for why he would give a rambling interview to a British tabloid in which he reveals way too much about his troubled relationship with his estranged father, John Voight. Either that or he wanted to talk about his charity work and they somehow spun it into this family confession with embellished quotes. (That really could have happened, because I caught another British rag blatantly doing that same thing to Josh Hartnett.)

Haven paints his mother, with whom he and Angelina lived, as a baking, caring saint who did her best to raise two children alone. Their father, Jon Voight, was a raging tightwad who bullied his ex-wife and had to be goaded by his children to pay child support at the height of his high-paid Hollywood career.

Angelina’s brother says that his father has never written Angelina a letter expressing congratulations or pride at her ongoing charity work. He also says that when their mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died from cancer at the age of 56 this January all their dad did was leave them a voice mail expressing condolences.

Angelina is thin, he says, because she is greiving and often forgets to eat. He also says that she’s very picky about the women he brings into his life and that “because I’m so close to Angie it’s like I’ve already got the perfect woman in my life and it’s hard for anyone else to live up to that.”

Despite his kind of half-admission that he has some romantic feelings for his sister, he says their kiss at the 2000 Oscars was not with tongues, and was overblown:

“She’s always been very protective of me with regards to my romantic life, which I love,” he smiles. “She wants me to be with the right woman. When you come from a divorced home, divorce is what you desperately want to avoid.

“Maybe I haven’t found the right woman because my sister is too picky for me. Any woman has to go through two filters, me and then my sister.

“I’m a perfectionist by nature. Then, because I’m so close to Angie it’s like I’ve already got the perfect woman in my life and it’s hard for anyone else to live up to that.

“I go to Angie for advice and won’t do anything without her because we were so close as children.”

Her influence on him is so profound, he claims he has even been persuaded to adopt a child himself – provided he can find a partner first. Angelina has even brought about a change of career, persuading him to spend large parts of his time campaigning for charity. He is currently preparing to take part in a major US campaign to fight the AIDS pandemic in Uganda.

James is outraged by the claim that their relationship might in any way be inappropriate – claims prompted by ‘that’ kiss after the 2000 Oscars.

“I did not give Angie a French kiss, it was something simple and lovely,” he insists.

“She was about to go off to Mexico to finish filming Original Sin with Antonio Banderas. I congratulated her on the Oscar win and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. It was snapped and became a big thing round the world.”

At first I thought that Angelina must be mortified by how much crap her brother is revealing about their family and troubled relationship with their father, but then I realized that she’s way too candid and personal in interviews, too, and has said that she doesn’t trust anyone except her mother and maybe Brad. She didn’t mention her brother as a person she trusts, so maybe she expected him to do something like this and sell her out.

Here are pictures of Angelina and her brother at the Oscars in 2000. They are also shown kissing in an inset picture. There was a lot of understandable uproar about the sibling kiss and their too-close, almost intimate behavior, but at least it looks like their lips are closed.

Header picture from Into Gossip.

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  1. julie says:

    I come from a very affectionate family and we (my nana, aunts, mom, dad) have always kissed each other on the lips. I know that my friends think it’s weird, but it doesn’t feel weird to us, a quick little peck on the lips.

    So kissing her brother at the Oscars doesn’t feel weird to me. What does feel weird is the posed photoshoot above to make the kiss look romantic. Why would you say one thing and then take a photograph to perpetuate what everyone else is saying.

  2. MM says:

    This Santa Angelina legend has to stop. If their PR thinks they can continue doing these, AJ and her family will get burned soon.

    We all support her decision to adopt children and to donate money. But, each day, this kind of painted image keeps held in front of my eyes, which makes me feel like being manipulated as a fan.

    She is an actress, a mother and a once Hollywood wild kid. Let’s get back to the basics and move on our lives.

    BTW, I really don’t appreciate they kept bashing their own dad like that. None of them could have set their foot in Hollywood if not for dad.

  3. miss luigi says:

    Eh, I heard Jon Voight is an asshole towards film crew so I have no sympathy for him.

  4. Viv says:

    I really liked him in The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

  5. Bex says:

    I think her mother was an actress too (In France, right?) So they probably would’ve been able to make a career for themselves.

    I do like Voight as an actor though.

  6. someone says:

    I can’t stand Whorelina, its nice of her to collect children for some serious mental problem she has..but I think James interview (if its true) made him sound like he was in love with his sister…ewwww

  7. Geez says:

    That photo is kinda hot. Yeah, I’m sick that way. So what?

  8. countrybabe says:

    I didn’t think much of it at first, but how many pictures of them kissing are there, I’ve never seen this black and white one, it looks recent.

    I noticed Angie hasn’t mentioned him as someone she can trust, He’s probably the one who sells the info from inside camp to make money.-I might too though.

    I don’t see why anyone would have to go through two filters for them, he’s going to be alone for ever. He seems to be the opposite of Angie, how moves from one person to another when she’s bored.

    I have to admit, if he is trying to ignite his career, he’s doing it. I read the whole thing. way more interesting than Angelina herself.

    Angie probably likes to keep this low key since she’s trying to make herself over.

    And being an actress in France is not like it is here. Those people overseas aspire to get into the American market, they already had a foot in.

  9. Iva says:

    Interesting comment Angelina’s brother makes..

    “Angelina’s brother says that his father has never written Angelina a letter expressing congratulations or pride at her ongoing charity work.”

    Why would Angelina need any congratulations on Charity work – it is supposed to be a selfless act – why would anyone feel the need to be congratulated on charity work? Also, why should anyone express pride in charity work?

    Sorry but I’ve never done charity work to receive any type of accolades – it’s just the right thing to do.

    Also, this whole kissing her brother is creepy – it’s especially creepy when they do it on the lips with their eyes closes.

  10. Damn. I was under the impression he was gay . . . ?

  11. Mary says:

    And if their father had done more than leave a voice message, say, shown up, they would have what? Appreciated it and welcomed his presence? It seems like they would tell him to fuck off no matter what he might have done.

  12. rose no thorns says:

    I’ve seen the second pic before and never got why people thought that kiss was a big deal or squicky since it looks like a quick thing and both their lips are pursed. That inset in black and white on the other hand, definitely gives me a weird vibe. Which might be their intention. My guess is that they probably did that photo just to say FU to all the people who were freaked out over the initial pic. Whatever – I still don’t get why people are so fascinated with Miss Jolie and are intent on villifying or deifying her.
    The woman’s an ACTOR. I know I can’t possibly know her life or her motives since I am not her and a person’s whole life can not be captured in photographs.

  13. Gigohead says:

    That is a strange and distrubing photo.

    They are both creepy.

    Thank God the Gyllenhalls are normal.

  14. Busy body says:

    My God, no one should allow this creep to adopt children. I am from Uganda and I just can’t stand foreigners coming to save us with their imperialistic attitudes. Politicians here would kiss any ass for money.

    The first picture is too sexually charged for my comfort. Now am starting to worry for the Jolie- Pitt children. What if Angelina gets it on with Maddox and Haven sleeps with Shiloh then Zahara runs away with Brad? Poor Pax Thien will be left alone!

  15. Busy body says:

    By the way, I knew the Brangeloonies will come up with stories of how they kiss their brothers on the lips. So predictable. Try another one. You hero is…

  16. Action says:

    LMAO…. Busy body… that was great. Pax Thien left alone. TOO funny!!!

  17. frewtloop says:

    Seriously are there any rational, intelligent people left in the world?

    I think there is something very wrong about deliberately perpetuating something as malicious as incest but I guess I’m just fucking old fashioned like that. Really if you believe that crap, you’re mentally defective. Its not gossip, its mud slinging at its worst.

  18. someone says:

    frewtloop: How can you look at that picture and NOT think incest? Seriously……thier eyes are closed, they look really into it, and from what I read about James interview..he even makes it sound really creepy!

  19. DirtyDisher says:

    I think they’re sick in the head, ‘specially her. She needs a shrink. She’s nuts.

  20. sam says:

    OK weird!

  21. Randi says:

    The Jolie PR machine is doing an excellent job selling Saint Angelina but every now and again the flake who use to wear Billy Bob’s blood and undies and tells her brother she’s “So in love with him” peaks out from behind the PR mask.