Orlando Bloom is romancing a Penelope Cruz look-alike

Orlando Bloom was rumored to be dating Penelope Cruz when the two were spotted flirting and getting all handsy at a pre-Oscar’s party. They were also seen out at dinner together a few weeks ago.

That’s most likely over as they haven’t been spotted together recently, but that didn’t stop Orlando from hooking up with a hot Latina that bears a striking resemblance to Penelope:

Orlando Bloom turned heads at Nobu Next Door on Thursday night when he dined with an exotic beauty eerily similar to his rumored former flame Penelope Cruz.

“He was with a smoking-hot, tall, Spanish-looking girl, very done up, very much a Penelope Cruz wanna-be. HOT, HOT, HOT,” writes an excited spywitness.

“Not classy like Penelope, but more of a show-girl hotness.”


“He was definitely romancing her – there was a lot of flirting going on.”

It looks like Bloom has a new type since splitting with his stick-thin on-and-off again girlfriend, Kate Bosworth. For her part, Bosworth appears to be looking healthy again and seems to have returned to a somewhat-normal weight.

Bloom must be enjoying his time as a hot young single guy in Hollywood. He looks really high to me in these pictures, taken at Mentor LA’s Promise Gala on 3/22. [via]

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  1. kim says:

    I thought he was in la at that gala honoring tom cruise. I saw pictures. Maybe he left for new york because I think nobu next door is in new york right after the gala. Who is this girl that he;s with resembling penelope cruise. Did penelope and him ever confirm they were dating.

  2. Butter Cookie says:

    Soooo, there’s still folks who think he’s straight? How interesting…

  3. Randi says:

    When did combing your hair go out of style?

  4. frewtloop says:

    Don’t understand the hoohah about that dude – tre ordinaire.

  5. Fan says:

    He was seen in Hollywood over the weekend so I doubt that he was in New York just because he wanted to date some girl. Perhaps they’ve mistaken Nobu Next Door with LA’s Nobu because he was seen out in LA with some hot brunette chick last week. But anyways, this story just shows how unreliable NY Daily News is. Makes me doubt the sighting of him and Penelope being all over each other at Prince’s Party. I doubt that they are a couple. I hope she’ll get back with Matthew though, they were such a hot couple!!!!

  6. kim says:

    Who was the brunette he was seen out in la last week with. orlando is hot and always keeps looking better and better in each picture I see of him. Glad that he’s not into the thin blonds anymore and is into brunettes who have curves and actually have a normal weight.

  7. kim says:

    It’s true. There are new pictures of orlando in new york with his girlfriend miranda kerr and he’s moving to new york. She’s helping him find a place. Interesting he’s dating a model and his ex is dating a model. She’s beautiful and tall and wow he kept this relationship quiet but now we have seen photograghs of them. congrats on their relationship and the new place orlando.

  8. kim says:

    this was the girl miranda kerr that he was with at nobu next door and in la. people on orlando bloom files board say they are a couple.