Eddie Murphy still hasn’t seen his newest daughter, but this may change soon

Eddie Murphy and Melanie B’s daughter, Angel Iris, turns two in April. Eddie Murphy briefly dated Mel B in 2006. When she revealed that she was pregnant he refused to take responsibility for the baby until a DNA test proved he was father. While Eddie has paid court-ordered child support, he has yet to meet Iris:

“To see the kid, he’d have to see the mother,” a friend of the Norbit actor, 47 (who has five other children by his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, and two from a previous relationship), tells OK!. “Maybe when she’s older, Eddie will see Angel, but not now.”

Mel, 33 (real name Melanie Brown), says, “I want Angel to know she has two parents who love her so much,” but the insider scoffs, “Mel’s a crazy woman. Eddie wants to stay far away from her.”

OK! Magazine

When Angel turned one Eddie said he wouldn’t see her because he was tricked in the pregnancy, and he didn’t want to see Mel B. The situation has since changed for both of them. Mel B has married her long time friend and music producer Stephan Belafonte, and Eddie Murphy was also briefly married to Tracy Edmonds, before refusing to legalize their Bahamas commitment ceremony, which lead to their split.

What I don’t understand is that Eddie already has 8 children, five with his former wife Nicole Mitchell and one each with Tamara Hood and Paulette McNeely. Presumably he likes children, and enjoys being a father, so why doesn’t he want a relationship with his daughter? Eddie and Mel do not need to see each other, he could have established a relationship with the child and avoided her mother for the most part. Why give up the joys of parenting, and cheat your children out of a sister, over a petty spat?

The good news is that Eddie and Mel seem to understand that their daughter won’t wait for them to grow up and behave like adults, and they are said to be coming to a ‘secret’ arrangement regarding visitation rights.

Eddie Murphy is shown out getting coffee in Studio City, CA on 11/7/08. Melanie Brown is shown out with her husband Stephen Belafonte, and her two daughters, Phoenix Chi, almost 9, and Angel Iris Murphy Brown, nearly 2, in LA on 12/23/08. Credit: Fame

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15 Responses to “Eddie Murphy still hasn’t seen his newest daughter, but this may change soon”

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  1. mel says:

    It’s sad that children have to suffer when the parents dont get along. If it’s true that he was tricked he shouldnt make Angel pay for her mother’s mistake.

  2. barneslr says:

    He had sex with the woman. She became pregnant. That’s not being “tricked.” That is a predictable consequence for a conscious choice that he made.

    Time for him to grow up and take responsibility for the CHILD that resulted from his choice. How dare he refuse to see her and have a relationship? I don’t care if that means he has to see the mother…he liked seeing her enough to get her pregnant…he can now man up and take proper care of his daughter, whether he likes the child’s mother or not.

    Anyone who creates a child and then decides to reject it is a worthless human being. I won’t see any more of his movies. No loss anyway-he’s been over for the past 15 years anyway.


  3. gg says:

    “Eddie already has 8 children, five with his former wife … and one each with Tamara Hood and Paulette McNeely. Presumably he likes children, and enjoys being a father, so why doesn’t he want a relationship with his daughter?”

    I think you presume wrong. I think his ladies like the children, for whatever reason – love, future cash?. This is clearly just a man that thinks it’s macho to not use protection.

    Get an effing vasectomy, Eddie! You Suck, you Ba$tard!

  4. gg says:

    Also, I am glad Angel Iris looks nothing like her no-good sperm donor.

  5. Justalark says:

    Angel DOES have a loving father–Stephan Belafonte. If I were Melanie Brown, I would consider it a BLESSING that Eddie Murphy is out of the picture. The fact that he has never even met his own child simply because he dislikes her mother speaks volumes about his character! He seems like a huge, egotistical ass, and Angel is better off with with her new father, who apparently wants to be part of her life without anyone twisting his arm.

  6. DD says:

    You mean father of the year hasn’t seen the daughter he so desperately wanted to acknowledge?

  7. sissoucat says:

    D*ck : male able to say without flinching that he’s been tricked into a pregnancy.

    Und*cking, best method for : neutering, docility being an added effect.

  8. DD says:

    You know, maybe Eddie is telling the truth, since he doesn’t have a d*ck how could he have possible fathered that child.

  9. cheetahstripes says:

    First he denied being the father, then the DNA test proved him wrong. So at that point you’d think if he KNEW the kid was his he’d make some effort to see her every month.

    Whether or not he was “tricked” (puhleese) isn’t the issue. He has a daughter, his own flesh and blood. Who cares whether he doesn’t like the mother? Get it together, Eddie!

  10. sissoucat says:

    DD: I see, you think that Mel’s pregnancy with a baby with Eddie’s DNA was in fact an earliest achievement of Doctor ‘Just a seventh baby, not eight more at once’ ?

    Well, I think you’re making a very good point. Still that doesn’t account for the well documented lack of docility, should I say d*ckity, of said d*ckless father.

  11. DD says:

    lol sissoucat – I’m a bit slow, but I finally get it. Well no, my theory is that I think Mel, with some scientist’s help, took a strand of hair from Eddie’s head, with that she was able to cultivate sperm as if he were a man and fertilize her eggs. That sh*t should be illegal. they should get some people to investigate her ass.

  12. sissoucat says:

    DD: you’re not slow, my English is a bit contorted ! So, forgive my French…

    There’s a problem with the bit about the *strand* of hair, his head being shaved. Any strand would have to have come from a wig.

    And I can’t believe Mel should be investigated. No mother, in her right mind, could want to have a baby whose father might opt not to see her, because he’s supposedly been “tricked into a pregnancy” (also known as “ready to put his unprotected sex-diseased d*ck anywhere – and to whine about it later”).

    And welcome to a donkey-respecting world ;-)

  13. DD says:

    sissoucat: you’re wrong, I am slow. I never noticed Eddie was bald (I actually didn’t feel like looking at the picture of him). Now that I’ve been forced to, well don’t you see the hair on his upper lip? She could’ve used that, so my theory still sticks.

    And if it wasn’t for you, I would have never noticed that that prick in the other thread was emulating a defenseless donkey. I can’t believe so few of us share this outrage.

  14. lisa says:

    He could see that baby without Mel if he really wanted to. He’s a deadbeat, plain and simple. Sending money means nothing. I hope when Angel grows up she doesn’t acknowledge him. He’s not a man.

  15. Aspen says:

    It’s probably better for the girl, at this point, that he stay the hell away.

    Hopefully, her stepfather is loving and kind to her.