There’s a rumor going around about a possible Tom Hiddleston engagement, baby


As far as I know, Tom Hiddleston hasn’t had a serious girlfriend in a while. Maybe I’m wrong. But I think it would be sort of difficult for him to be in a serious relationship with none of his fans knowing about it. Last fall, Hiddles was seen out and about with a woman named Jane Arthy, but at the same time, Hiddleston was giving interviews about how he wasn’t dating anyone seriously and “I understand the curiosity… I hope when there’s really something to write home about, then I’ll be able to talk.” Around the same time, he seems to have befriended one of the editors of ELLE UK – he coincidentally sat with both an ELLE UK editor AND Jane Arthy during Wimbledon.

I mention all of that as background, because the ELLE UK Twitter had two interesting tweets yesterday and now we’re getting emails with subject headings like “Tom Hiddleston engagement/baby on the way.” Tumblr Dragonflies are almost in meltdown! So what did ELLE UK tweet?

elle tweets

So, they started by posting the Only Lovers Left Alive trailer (which I covered yesterday), and then they said that they would have “a rather lovely announcement coming next week” plus an “exclusive picture.” I think it’s fair to say that Hiddles did pose for ELLE UK and he gave them some exclusive something or other, but why go straight to the engagement/baby speculation? Sure, it might be happening. But isn’t it more likely that Tommy just gave them an exclusive interview about some project or perhaps a planned UNICEF trip, maybe?

That being said… if Tommy managed to have a serious girlfriend for months AND get engaged to her AND knock her up, I am looking forward to The Epic Dragonfly Apocalypse and I for one welcome our new Dragonfly overlords.



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  1. DameSnark says:

    Not enough coffee in the world to have prepared me for this headline.

    • Autumn says:

      I second not having enough coffee for this headline.

      I’m not buying it. He doesn’t seem like the type to announce something like a having a fiancé and expecting a child through a magazine. I could be wrong. Plus he had no problem mentioning his ex girlfriend in the past, you would think with all the press he got for Thor: The Dark Loki, that it would’ve slipped out that he had a girlfriend.

      I kind of want it to be true, only to witness the epic meltdown that is sure to come.

      • Anna says:

        Though if the story IS true, he deserves a standing ovation for the level of stealth required to keep this relationship private. It’d be super-impressive that he didnt fame-wh0re it out. And it’d be cool if it’s not an actress or a model. Props to Tommy either way.

    • DameSnark says:

      Lol, especially here on cb!

  2. kaisei says:

    I can’t imagine something as tacky and lame as using a magazine to announce you have a girlfriend or something related to your love life. Give Hiddleston a bit of credit for being more intelligent and tasteful than that.

    As for the baby, I think you can rule that one out in connection to Miss Arthy since she was having drinks only a few days ago (check her twitter).

    • fhm57 says:

      I was thinking this exactly, like really, a magazine is going to break this? Nope.

    • Roberta says:

      Really tacky. I think the way the tweet was worded ” announcement” draws speculation to this kind of thing.

      Why is this even being reported on? In any case I get the impression something strange is going on in Hiddleston PR land.

      (I’m hoping this comment doesn’t disappear like my first)

    • Sixer says:

      On a serious note, unlike my tongue-in-cheek comment below, I do find it tacky to make personal announcements via a) magazines and even more so via b) PR-placed trailers by magazines. So I hope it’s something professional or charity-based or I might have to properly dislike the Tomster rather than jokingly dislike him.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Yes to that. It’s really cheap. Doing it in Elle Magazine doesn’t make it any better than a Hello! spread – just better photographed.

        ETA: Even if this is for a movie role, it’s still tackytackytacky.

      • Sixer says:

        It just puts the whole thing on a level with boy/girl bands and reality TV stars, not decent actors. And then you start to suspect everything said by anyone ever to or about said person as clever PR plants – like the Elle journo’s original “slip up” by putting out the girl’s name in a tweet in the first place.

        Lord, I hope he’s going somewhere with UNICEF. Or, heaven forfend, a casting.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Yeah, this would approach Tom Cruise levels of PR silliness. Maybe he will JP on the couch?

        I hope it is a big part rather than something charity related– announcing charity work via fashion photoshoots is also really tasteless.

      • kaisei says:

        I doubt it would be a movie related news, if he had been cast it would have been reported by some site.

        I was hoping for more theatre news or maybe a column in the magazine for something, like poetry. Short of that, something fashion related or him interviewing somebody. Anything else gets a big no.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        My first thought was it was for a Loki movie announcement, but surely Marvel would want to announce that, not Elle.

        I also thought the rumor mill was saying Tom was “sharing his love” with quite a few different women when he was promoting Thor 2 – Look at Loki. That hardly sounds like he had a significant other waiting in the wings.

        IF it is about getting married/having a bub on the way, then congrats to them. Perhaps they are announcing it through Elle so they can get in and have their say about the behavior he would like to see from his fans before they go ballistic.

  3. Felice says:

    That is really dumb that people would jump to that conclusion. Still, I look forward to the belieber level posts of “Tom is such a liar”

  4. Sixer says:

    A Datalounge thread had some fan video of Puddletom a few weeks ago, out and about after seeing the Sherlock screening. He was in a shop with a laydee that the Dataloungers had decided was the Wimbleydon laydee. I didn’t actually watch it, just lurked the thread, which got most heated and I’m a terrible voyeur, so can’t vouch for it actually being her. But, presumably, if it was, that means Puddletom has had a girlf since at least Wimbleydon and last June and kept her entirely secret for ages upon ages, interview remarks notwithstanding.

    How EXCITING. I wonder if she gags him. Can I just pretend it’s true even if it isn’t? Pretty please?

    Well, I know far too much about this. How EMBARRASSING.

    • kaisei says:

      I watched that video and read that thread.
      At DL they decided she was Arthy because some troll wrote to have seen her in a cafe/pub where Hiddleston lives, she was with him and wearing that same purple scarf.
      From the video it could have been either of Tom’s sisters as well as Arthy (nothing wrong in being friends btw) or somebody else entirely. The Russian girl who took that video wrote the woman look a bit more like Arthy than Emma, but she wasn’t sure.

      Anyway, a guy on tumblr wrote to his sister met Tom at her production company NYE party and he wasn’t reported with a girlfriend so…

    • T.Fanty says:

      I am side-eyeing you a little for the extent of your knowledge.

    • Sixer says:

      I know, sorry! But I do love reading Datalounge and not just the Tommy threads. The Broadway ones are my favourites.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I don’t judge you for that. I do, too. The Broadway ones are fabulous. I try not to go there too often, because it’s really easy to kill a couple of hours without realizing.

      • Sixer says:

        Mostly because it takes forever to navigate the dashed place!

      • Lindy79 says:

        I really need to figure out DL. I thought it was just gossip that got a bit manic but I like the sound of the Broadway stuff

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Maybe Tommy & Bunny are getting married? It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard. They can both wear velvet & it will be very sweet.

  5. MarilynGray says:

    Epic Dragonfly Apocalypse…. It would be awesome.
    Would he have been able to keep his mouth shut though? Unless she’d given him the order to be tight lipped, (and after the Arthy meltdown his fans had, who could blame a girl? )
    My money would be on something unrelated to relationships, but if it does turn out to be true, then good for him ( and I hope she likes Shakespeare)

  6. dahlianoir says:

    Please, please tell us he’s gay. MY, that would be a surprise !

  7. Miss Jupitero says:

    If it is an engagement, I agree this would be an incredibly tacky way to announce it. But he likes attention, so I wouldn’t be too surprised. This man likes being a celeb and is always angling for a fashion shoot.

    I’m getting out my rainbarrel for all of those hiddlestoner tears. They taste just like candy.

  8. GeeMoney says:

    Oh boy. Cue the Tumblr meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

  9. T.Fanty says:

    Man alive! And he’s doing it through Elle magazine? Does Remora have a sister we don’t know about?

    • Sixer says:

      You mean brother.

    • Marty says:

      Exactly T. Fanty! That’s one reason Tom is so much more loved than his on-screen counter part. It’s because he doesn’t pull tacky Stunt Queen moves like them!

      Although I think the baby thing might be pretty far fetched, I can possibly maaaayby see an engagement announcement if the woman works for Elle. But that’s still reaching.

      • M.A.F. says:

        The only woman he has been linked to is this Jane Arthy person and she appears to work in the PR department for Warner’s music department.

        Sometimes I am really disgusted with myself that I know such info.

    • Luna says:

      @fanty who’s remora?

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      perhaps the announcement is that Hemsworth is going to let Tommy adopt one of his soon-to-be-born twins…

      Or maybe Tommy is the father of one of the twins!!! Wait a minute…

  10. Tulip says:

    This is so vague and I’m barely awake. He could be announcing his own fashion line for all the details that tweet gives. Eh. If true, I agree the meltdown should be epic and questions as to what they’ll name the baby should be fun.

    • MarilynGray says:

      The TommyAnne fashion line… What a fantastic thought

      The Winter Coat range, designed to rival Sherlock
      A line of Suit Trousers called The Conda, made just a bit too tight
      Dress Shirts, that only come in white
      The All Velvet range, underwear included
      And the Casualwear line that comes in Woodland Critter and Winged Insects prints

      • LadySlippers says:

        You forgot a whole line created by and for Bunny!!! Woodland Creatures IS a cute name but does *not* honour Bunny in the appropriate way.

        Tsk Tsk


      • Secret Squirrel says:

        *frowns at LadyS*

        I so would honour the heck out of him…

      • MarilynGray says:

        The Bunny line, designed to keep your little friend warm, witty and posh as ever (I tried to make some innuendo for that sentence but it just wasn’t working)
        Waistcoats in pure velveteen (available in navy, maroon or turquoise) with dragonfly buttons
        Slippers of Egyptian cotton
        Silk ‘bunnyfluffer’ tail coats with matching embroidered ear scarves…
        (Am I ludicrously extravagant enough to placate Bunny’s hurt feelings yet? I am trying.)

        And we mustn’t forget the Snake Hips footwear line, designed to be functional from Red carpet to dance floor!

      • Luna says:

        Don’t forget the famous black Coriolanus sweater that he’s been wearing for the whole shows run line. It must be made of hard wearing material as he must only wash it on Sunday his day off 😉

      • windy says:

        @Luna: It’s either hard wearing material, or he has many identical pieces, OR he is using alot of Febreeze (hence reinforcing the rumour that the announcement may be his endorsement of the product haha)!

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Oh I knew you would come here Windy and entertain us with your rapier wit!

      • windy says:

        I simply couldn’t resist making that comment Secret Squirrel!

        Anyway, back to the topic du jour. It’s been rather quiet for TH these days, so I guess his PR machine is just trying to justify why they are being paid.

      • Nighty says:

        Oh God… just read the comments on the Fashion Line.. having trouble writing.. can’t stop laughing… You kill me!!! @Luna @Secret Squirrel and @windy @MarilynGrey @LadySlippers …

  11. Felice says:

    I think it’s a 5 page spread or something and everyone will feel really silly when they find out.

  12. Marianne says:

    I suppose its always possible he got a girl pregnant and they decide to get married. But I dunno, he doesn’t really strike me as the kind of guy to have a “oops” baby. If it is true, then it will be one cutie pie thats for sure.

  13. serena says:

    There REALLY will be an Epic Dragonfly Apocalypse if this is true.. just saying.

  14. Lindy79 says:

    Lovely announcement could be pics of him surrounded by kittens..or adopting a dolphin or boringly..a movie.
    Do Elle even do People/Hello type things like this??

    • fruitloops says:

      I’m putting my bet on dolphin and/or kittens rather than a movie, that would explain the picture included. 😀

  15. Didn’t his fans start threatening one of (ex) girlfriends when it was reported that they were engaged? Like death threats and everything? That would be a deal breaker for me–especially since Hiddleston seems really needy to me (opinion). I don’t think I could deal with that at both ends.

    I would enjoy a meltdown if this turned out to be true, or something equally ‘scandalous’. My question is this–why are they so invested in who he’s with, to the point of threatening people? Would I be sad if my favorite celeb got with some fameho or user? Would I be sad if my favorite celeb couple broke up? Yes on both accounts. But I don’t know these people. I will have an opinion on their relationships, yes—but to the extent that some of these people go? God, no.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I dont get how invested some fans get in their personal lives. Ill talk on here and to friends etc but I would never dream of directly contacting anyone connected. It just wouldn’t enter my thought process. Its fun to chat etc but end of the day its no one else’s business and it just makes them look like nut-bars.
      I get SUCH second hand embarrassment when you see it. Even the “please follow me back. .why do you never say hi back?!” stuff is…mindboggling.

    • IzzyB says:

      Exactly. There are some celebrities I have a bit of a crush on, some I root for, but it’s a passing curiosity and well wishing (or for some celebs, passing disdain).

      Death threats? That’s mental! Why gets that invested?

    • Sixer says:

      But also, you have to remember internet hyperbole. A fan jokingly tweets the girlf of their fan crush and says something like:

      You’d better be nice to my Tommy/Benny/Chrissy or I’m coming for you! He’s such naive little sweetie so be kind or else.

      And then other fans insist on reading that as abuse/a death threat or whatever, they tell their best fanfriends who tell their best fanfriends, who have an argument about it with their best fanfriends, who complain that the whole fandom has been brought into disrepute, yadda ad infinitum.

      And before you know it, girlfriend goes down in the True Internet History of the World as having been deluged with the vilest of abuse and threats. From one or two relatively silly but not evil tweets.

      (I don’t deny the existence of the crazies with basements, but I don’t think we can ignore Interwebz Chinese Whispers either).

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I would hate to be Tom’s intended with all the fans to deal with. It would be like having to appease a spoilt child all the time, only the sheer numbers of spoilt children to deal with in this case would probably freak me out!!

      If he is in love/getting married/having a baby, I wish him luck as he is going to need it!

      I would also like to say that if the “announcement” isn’t anything to do with getting married/baby, then it would be extremely cruel for Elle and/or Tom not to put the brakes on these rumors. There are fans out there that will be going nuts over this and it isn’t nice to poke fun at their expense just to sell a few more copies of a magazine. Surely Tom would not be on board with intentionally upsetting his fan base for a magazine story?? I don’t see it.

      • Kate says:

        You can bet that he and Luke are loving all of the speculation as we speak. I don’t believe for one second that Tom is wringing his hands about upsetting a fan base. No such thing as bad publicity.

  16. Kelly says:

    I wish, but he doesn’t strike me as that adventurous..

  17. pru says:

    If this were true (which I doubt), can you imagine how verbose he would be? No mere ‘I’m engaged!” from TommyAnne.
    ‘A magical creature of beauty and light has agreed to accompany me on life’s most romantic journey of love and bethothment……..’

    • Kelly says:



      You made my day!

    • fruitloops says:

      This made my day! 😀 And I’d love it to be that way, so that I can laugh while I read it. 😀

    • lady mary. says:

      “A magical creature of beauty and light has agreed to accompany me on life’s most romantic journey of love and bethothment……..’”

      “Such war of white and red within her cheeks! What stars do sprangle heaven with such beauty, as those two eyes become that heavenly face? Young budding heavenly creature” ….
      @pru ,thanks for the laugh

    • Alexandra says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA, while reading this, I actually pictured Tommy with his lady, riding on an unicorn into the sunset, leaving stardust behind. Somehow, it feels appropriate. Now I really wish the crazy rumors were true, just because I can totally see him saying such things.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      And you know he would be wearing his hollow crown when he made that statement!

    • Nighty says:

      Love that comment… just made me forget about the storm outside… 🙂

    • Nighty says:

      Oh … AHAHAHAHAH…. almost can’t breath from laughing so much

  18. Syrav says:

    Basically somebody on tumblr started a rumor based on nothing but these tweets (i.e. pulled it out of their ass) and suddenly a lot of ppl decided to run with it. I
    t’s especially funny how many ppl have latched on to this rumor that appeared out of thin air and are now preparing to make fun of his obsessed fans for it because they’re oh so pathetic and of him for being so tacky. Well, whoever started it maybe pathetic, but it’s not any less pathetic when so many ppl are willing to not only believe it, but build whole scenarios on it.

    • kaisei says:

      I agree with everything except your conclusion, it seems to me that comments here are saying that the whole idea is so absurd that it doesn’t make sense for reasons given.
      I certainly commented with that intention in mind.

      • Syrav says:

        Yes, I’ve read your comment and it’s pretty reasonable..
        I Just find it weird that some ppl are already preparing to make fun of the fan meltdown over a possibility that is pretty far-fetched to begin with ( if it’s based solely off those tweets). Doesn’t make sense to look down on them so much, if you’re already entertaining their crazy rumor started by one of them as a potential truth. And I understand that this is a celebrity gossip site but even as far as gossip goes, this is pretty weak.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Its not a huge reach to be honest given the track record on Twitter. I know of his friend (Sian) who he was seen with a few times who then all but left twitter because of the barrage of abusive tweets.
      There was also the jane arthy thing. After Wimbledon her Facebook was hacked and she also got abusive tweets.
      It might be a very tiny minority but unfortunately thats all it takes.

    • Sixer says:

      But to be fair, what else were the tweets FOR?

      Whatever the announcement turns out to be (I agree most likely the dampest of damp squibs), it’s the result of an arrangement between Puddletom’s PR team and the magazine, and it’s designed to promote mentions of Puddletom and the magazine. Mentions trump sentiment (ie positive or negative) every time in this world. The tweets are part of this; also arranged and also intended to promote mentions. And look! Here we are, mentioning away!

      Now, I might be a bit of a snide one and therefore my sentiment is going to be on the negative side, but I’m still mentioning.

      And, snide as I am, I can’t but acknowledge that I’m not an actor in a period of relative feature film casting drought trying to keep my name relevant. I might pour scorn at tackiness, as I have above, but I do see the PR success in all this, whatever the announcement turns out to be. And I get the motivation. (Still don’t like it though!)

  19. M.A.F. says:

    ELLE is a monthly fashion magazine. An engagement and/or baby announment is saved for the weekly magazines like People. The baby rumor originally started on Data Lounge after they anazlyed that video from the Sherlock screening to death and someone decided to throw that rumor out there because they were tried of the fans and wanted to get the thread closed. I’m leaning more towards him possibly coming out with some type of fashion line, if it were a movie role than it would be reported in the trade magazines or their websites. Or he is sitting down with them to talk about theater.

    • Luna says:

      Why would he announce important news like that about someone he supposedly kept hidden for months? It makes no sense and it would be very out of character for him to do that!

      Few of them did a charity run and he likes running maybe he’s joined the campaign?

      • M.A.F. says:

        Oh, I agree that it would be out of character of him to go to any magazine like People or ELLE and make such announcement, regardless if the girlfriend is hidden or out in the public. I’m just pointing out that a monthly magazine is not were any actor/celebrity make those kinds of announcements, it is saved for the weekly ones (People, US Weekly, etc). Which is why the now rumor from Tumblr about this being the reason why makes no sense.

        Whatever they plan on telling us next week (and I hope it is on Monday seeing how I have the day off) is either for a charity thing like you and several others have mention or about his current run on the stage or even about the Jag commercial seeing how Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner.

    • OhDear says:

      My guess I’d that he’ll be a guest editor for a special future edition of Elle UK.

  20. Lunchcoma says:

    The Hiddlestoners were smoking too much this weekend; nothing to see here.

    This is almost certainly going to be an interview or a guest column.

    • Janeite says:

      Hi Lunchie!
      I’m with you on this. I’m also massively creeped out by the amount of speculation on his personal life and the wacky conclusions people draw. Ugh to all of it.

    • jammypants says:

      mountains out of mole hills I say

    • LeahLaserpointer says:

      Oh guest column, yes yes yes! That’s my vote! (hehe)

      Please Tommy, tell me how to dress, and wax poetic about the sensual, alive feeling you get from velvet and good shoes!!!

    • M.A.F. says:

      But what type of guest column could a man have in a woman’s magazine? If this was GQ I could understand, regardless of the topic. But a woman’s magazine? All I know is that I think Tommy needs a new PR team.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Elle is his new PR team and is VERY clever. They give him a column every month and BAM! instant increase in sales as his fan base suddenly starts buying copies by the handful.

    • allons-y alonso says:

      seconded. I highly doubt it’s anything major about his personal life.

    • pru says:

      I third that?
      A guest columnist, or authoring an article or interview seems most likely.
      Elle just doesn’t seem like the venue for making such a personal announcement, no matter how lovely. Nor is this place to release any new work related news either.

  21. Luna says:

    Why the hell would he announce an engagement or Baby through a magazine if he’s been keeping her a secret for the last year? It doesn’t make any sense! Surely if he was even thinking of marrying her she would of attended one premier with him?

    Datalounge is interesting but nothing new I haven’t seen on tumblr. I agree that the person only said the baby thing to get it closed down. Also there was speculation it wasn’t even Jane but cumby Ex Olivia. We don’t know she didn’t show her face, which is even more odd if he was going to marry her.

    Jane doesn’t exactly hide the fact that she’s a fellow dragonfly (yay) on twitter according to tumblr and having a peak myself.

    If the rumors are true then I’m afraid he has one less dragonfly – Not because of his happy news but in the way in which he’s announced it. I hate it when celebs do that and I’d of thought he had more class and dignity

    • M.A.F. says:

      Have to admire Datalounge, they sure due love to analyze and get the fangirls going. They at one point said that the woman in the video could been his make-up woman/friend, Amanda, because of the hair. Then they pointed out he now follow Cumberbatches ex on twitter and were trying to make that happen, which was shot down quickly by others. They have even looked at Jane’s twitter and pointed out that she follows whatever he does or is attached to. Most of the time, they throw that stuff out there to get rid of the fangirls and get those threads close but then those fangirls latch on and take to Tumblr.

  22. Luna says:

    I hope it is a charity thing or the new marvel mini movie. That would have an exclusive picture. Probably they’d run a meet and great with him competition

  23. Miss M says:

    1- Dragonflies don’t use tumblr. The ones who do are proudly called Hiddlestoners;

    2- If it is true, good for him!;

    3- True Dragonflies won’t have a meltdown over him being happy. They will support him;

    4- Did he actually manage to remain discreet for all this time?! My baby! So proud!!!

    5- Baby, if it is true: Congrats! I knew you had to move on once I said, you would never be my CBhusband. Hahahaha

    • MarilynGray says:

      Yes exactly my thoughts too. While we Dragonflies may get a bit soft over our TH, we’re not past giving him a thrashing when he’s misbehaving, or sincerely wishing him well in a relationship.
      Meltdown doesn’t really suit us as a reaction.

  24. Miss Jupitero says:

    Okay, I did a little perusing, and there is a rumor out there about what this really might be. If this rumor is true, this will be:
    a.) disgustingly cute,
    b.) Tumblr will explode though in a different way,
    c.) an indicator that Hiddles does indeed read his Tumblr pages and is not above tweaking his fandom. and
    d.) Luke clearly knows how to keep his name out there when there are no new projects on the plate. Last year it was Unicef, this year it is _______. It’s all about publicity and press folks.

    • pretzel says:

      “Disgustingly cute”??? What’s he doing this time? Adopting a baby???

    • pru says:

      A new app where he recites Shakespeare’s sonnets set to electronic beats , so he can simultaneously teach his dance moves (with the Muppets as backup dancers) ? Aimed at 5 year olds?

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I wouldn’t put this past him. I am sure it is in the works.

        No, the rumor I heard was that he has a new member in the family: a saint bernard puppy.

      • belle says:

        Someone on imdb confessed to making up the Saint Bernard rumor. Unfortunately, because that would have been adorable.

      • Leo says:

        The dog thing is not true, it’s just a poster on TH’s IMDB page having some fun. She/he said so themselves.

        I could bet the announcent is something totally benign.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Aww drat. That would have been hilarious. And way more original. I would have had to have credited him with a keen sense of irony and lightheartedness.

    • Luna says:

      Using a baby as publicity? I don’t think it’s mother would be very happy about that epically as she’s not famous. Even Kim Kanye West doesn’t use their daughter as PR.

      It’s probably something really unitresting. Good work on Elle for the wording of the tweet.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Surely Elle wouldn’t go to that much effort to announce a puppy??? I would have no respect for them if they did (oh wait, I don’t read Elle anyway so meh…).

      Pru, that truly would be awesome!! Bring on the Casio lap organ with accompanying sonnets! I could picture whole busloads of his fans sitting in a trancelike state with earbuds in listing to the hypnotic sound of Tom’s voice. He could do Sainburys and Jag endorsements as well between sonnets!

  25. please no says:

    first my midget love muffin Renner and that 22 year old stripper and now my English Rose Hiddles. i got the sads.

    • Luna says:

      I don’t mind if he has a girlfriend/boyfriend, getting married or having a baby.
      I don’t like the fact if it’s true he used a Magazine to announce it. Call me a fake fan if you want if he does this- the one of the things that made me be his fan in the first place is because he’s not the kind to whore himself out like a z celeb!

      • M.A.F. says:

        You’re not the only one who would stop being fan. Except, I would go see OLLA first then slowly stop my crush on him. But I would look at him differently that is for sure. Playing that old Hollywood/media game just doesn’t do it for me.

      • please no says:

        that was my reaction last year over the renner baby momma and all those tabloid leaks. tacky. then i was grossed out in his taste of women. i was happy with thought of him being gay.

        oh well. lets hope the hiddles gal is age appropriate and career outside the flesh trade.

    • says:


  26. Maybenow says:

    I’d say it’s more likely that he’s coming out. What can i say…that man does it for me. But i have a feeling i don’t do it for him!

  27. browniecakes says:

    I think TH hitting a million Twitter followers, his promotion for Jaguar and magazines in general struggling for readership must be tied together somehow. In the absence of personal news on TH stuff is created to fill the void.

    • Hiddles forever says:

      We got to the point that fans need to be fed news about their favourite actors every day… I call it overexposure… To be honest, I was on my way to ‘like’ Hiddleston and see more of his movies…
      I am genuinely thinking of not doing that… His fans are mad…

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        wha???? Your gravatar is “Hiddles forever” and you were only just on your way to liking him.

        You’re either being sarcastic or was really hopeful when you named yourself!

      • Hiddles forever says:

        I am usually very sarcastic 😀

      • Kelly says:

        “wha???? Your gravatar is “Hiddles forever” and you were only just on your way to liking him.”

        this made me spit out my tea, oh god brilliant

  28. Izzy says:

    “The Epic Dragonfly Apocalypse”

    Hahahahaha! I like that even better than “The Great Twihard Meltdown of 2012.” Oh, the creative names they come up with here. You guys… SMH. So much fun here.

  29. Flor says:

    Well, I tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible… It’s all true! I’m having his baby!

  30. kaisei says:

    In other news, no more stage door for Tom for a while it seems.
    Apparently something happened last night. Don’t know how reliable this is.

    • Hiddles forever says:

      I thought Gerard Butler fans were the craziest in the world, then the Twihards exploded…

      Hiddleston’s fans are on their way to insanity too, or so it seems….

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Of course someone was bound to go too far sooner or later.

      I was actually thinking the night of his birthday would be the one that the fans would come out in droves for and possibly get carried away.

      Wonder if there was any link between the incident at Donmar and the rumor mill working overtime about his personal life. Someone might have wanted to find out for themselves and got too emotionally caught up. I wouldn’t swap lives with TH for all the world. I would hate it.

      • Janeite says:

        Me too, Squirrel. While I know that he’s a grown man and can take care of himself, I can’t help but feel badly for him. I wouldn’t switch places either. I’m happy just being normal unfamous me. I simply cannot imagine dealing with the kind of insane speculation he deals with. Ugh.

      • Hiddles forever says:

        Yep totally right. When I see that level of craziness, I feel blessed to be a nobody… I don’t have to live a locked life because I am famous 🙂

  31. Luna says:

    The new much more saner rumor is that it’s an interview and the picture might be in reference to a front cover issue.

    I hope they do announce it Monday, it’s got stupid now to the point the nutties are harassing both parties involved in the rumor.

    However I have gathered that all nutties, sane fans and dragonflies are actually united in the fact that if it is the original rumor then it would make him a tacky fool. (I always think of school of rock with that word)

  32. Hiddles forever says:

    The Epic Dragonfly Apocalypse would be if Tom is the father of Chris Hemsworth twins…..

    I don’t care if he has a gf/wife or babies… If he announces it through Elle UK though, might change my nick again, because these announcements through magazines are very tacky.
    Agree with the majority of posters here.

    • fruitloops says:

      ”The Epic Dragonfly Apocalypse would be if Tom is the father of Chris Hemsworth twins…”

      Ha ha, the internet would explode (it would be funny though). 😀

      • Hiddles forever says:

        Can you imagine? Miley Cyrus at VMA would be nothing..

        “Loki gets Thor’s wife pregnant..with twins!”

        I nearly wish it could be true 😀

      • fruitloops says:

        Well after all the speculation I read about Elsa getting their twins via IVF I should expect this to be the only logical development of the situation. 😀
        Yes, if only it could be true… 😀

    • Miss M says:

      Love me some Hiddles, but please… Do you really think Remora would downgrade from Thor to Loki?! I wouldn’t! (Sorry Anna and j.eyre, my response was based only if I liked CHems).

      • Hiddles forever says:

        As a matter of fact it would be an upgrade for Remora, in terms of fame.. Because I know a lot of people who can recognise who Tom Hiddleston is and when I name Chris Hemsworth they reply “Chris who?”.

        I’d love a bit of uproar and fights between men in HW 😉 Come on, can you imagine the mess if that was true… Remora elopes with Tom, he is the real father of the twins…

      • Miss M says:

        Yet, Chris is more in demand than him. Hey, my mom knows who CHems is, but doesn’t give a hoot to Hiddles. LOL

        As much as everyone dislikes Remora here, I would not wish that to happen for the sake of gossip because I would not want a family falling apart. OH, my Pollyanna side is back again, 🙂

      • Hiddles forever says:

        I live in UK Miss M, therefore Chris is just Thor here….. And it doesn’t matter how much Chris is in demand more than him, Chris is not better…
        Obvious reasons, I should say?

        To be honest, families fall apart every day and nobody cares…. and given the high profile of all three, instead of the usual gossip I wouldn’t mind an Earth-shattering one for once….

        In the end, wasn’t Remora sending Tom MMS with a naked Chris in it? What if she also sent her selfies.. bwahahaha I stop here or the evil Drangonflies will stop by and believe the utter crap I just wrote 😀

    • Kelly says:

      I’d actually pay good money for that to happen!

      And imagine, Elle magazine too!


  33. allons-y alonso says:

    Why would a monthly fashion magazine announce personal life news? That info would become way too old and everyone would have found out by now. To be honest, The ELLE tweets seem pretty clear (to me anyway) that the news is career related. If it were anything otherwise someone would have slipped up by now. I reckon it’ll have something to do with maybe 1) new project 2) a cover spread; or 3) something to do with charity. Hiddleston is getting some more traction I think with Coriolanus getting an extended. Crimson Peak also starts filming soon and not to mention the whole Superbowl thing.

    • Maureen says:

      THAT was going to be my NEXT comment! A fashion magazine tweeting about someone’s possible/maybe/who-knows dating life seems … out of place and strange.

    • Miss M says:

      The voice of the reason.

      • allons-y alonso says:

        @Miss M!! Long time no speak! How are you dear? I love your penguin pic. It’s adorable.

        @Maureen – to quote Mr Spock, it is only logical. 🙂

      • Miss M says:

        @allons-y alonso!!!!! It’s been a long time! I was on vacation. I am fine, thanks! How are you?! I’m glad you like it, I love penguins too!

      • allons-y alonso says:

        I’m great! A holiday sounds lovely. I worked right through christmas and the NY 😀

  34. Maureen says:

    I don’t understand how “engagement and baby” developed from that rather innocuous, uninteresting tweet.

    • Sixer says:

      Because Tom, his PR and Elle magazine know that Tom’s fans take romanticism to a new level and worded the tweets very carefully to suit that. When the reveal turns out to be an absolute anticlimax in romantic terms, nobody will remember that LOVELY was an entirely misleading way to describe it but thousands upon thousands of up-to-date mentions of Tom and Elle will be out on the interwebz. Luke will be happily measuring it all with his social media analytics software and reporting it back to Tom.

      It’s a cold, cold world out there in PR Land!

      Of course, if Tom was actually being CAST in mainstream, wide distribution films with a decent budget, this wouldn’t have happened because the mentions would have taken care of themselves.

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Does the PR team has such influence over the exact wordings used by Elle’s tweets? Just asking… well….may be i’m just naive.

        Based on my own experiences with press, they don’t seek your approval or allow you to edit their work before publishing/tweeting something about you….again, I may be naive.

      • Sixer says:

        It will depend whether or not it’s a serious profile/interview where journalistic objectivity is important, or a joint fluff/puff promotion effort. In this case, I would say it’s probably the latter, wouldn’t you?

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Well, I can’t be certain since I’m not Elle’s editor nor am I linked to Tom’s PR team, but you have a point there.

        I just don’t really buy that Tom himself was responsible for any misleading tweets in this incident. He has quite a lot on his plate lately (not referring to projects, but more with all the commotion at Donmar’s stage door, Crimson Peak rehearsals, 8 shows a week, etc). I doubt that he wants to answer the same questions again and again as he did the last time when he was rumored to be married.

        But, I’m not Tom either, and I may be biased. Cheers.. 🙂

  35. Gin Princess says:

    Elle is a women’s fashion mag, higher end. To my knowledge it’s never been a magazine that does any kind of ‘announcements’. For one, it has a reasonably niche readership so there’s little PR value – women of a certain age who can afford expensive clothes. If that was the readership being aimed at – and I can’t think why it would be – you’d go down a notch or two for higher circulations, to Marie Claire, Glamour or even Cosmo. Glamour is probably the biggest women’s mag on the UK and has a Hiddlescrush – why not go there? It must be something a little higher-brow, and fashiony, logically thinking.

    I’ve seen the rumours and find them bizarre – why would someone who is very private about his personal life suddenly do a big tell-all spread, and one that is guaranteed to piss off a large part of his fan base? It makes no sense, from a PR or any other perspective.

    I think more likely it’s an announcement about some kind of fashion or fragrance deal – he’s the new face of Lancôme, or Chanel, or Febreeze, or long johns or woollen socks or something.

    I skirt round the edges of this fandom, peeking in here and there, and some elements of it frankly scare me. I guess that’s the same with any fandom but I’m pulling back. People are getting cray-cray. Almost enough to put off my breakfast gin…

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I so want him to be the face of Febreeze!!

      • windy says:

        @ Secret Squirrel: His advert for Febreeze may go something along the lines of, “Imagine you need to make 4 pieces of clothing smell lovely….I think you know what I’m saying…” (ok, I am parodying the Jaguar ad now LOL)

        Febreeze sales would rise!

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        They could even introduce in a new fragrance range “Eau de Loki”. It would smell like leather, hair gel and resentment.

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Just one last post before I sign-off. Secret Squirrel, i think there is already a “Loki Cologne” in the market! 🙂 See:

        They even have “Nick Fury Cologne”! (this one kind of weird though, i think i would like the Black Widow one better)

        Not sure whether these are endorsed by Marvel though?

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        SHUT UP!!! Who would buy Loki cologne??

        *hides bottle of Loki cologne under febreezed couch…*

    • Janeite says:

      Agree with you on all counts.

      I have said it before and I will say it again, the thing I find the most off-putting about Tom Hiddleston is the reputation of his fandom. And this latest weirdness is a perfect example of why that is so. I don’t blame him for that but it’s an unfortunate side effect of the whole thing.

      • Lunchcoma says:

        I must say that I find it very weird that the first conclusion that they jumped to was that a man who doesn’t have a known girlfriend was both engaged and an expectant father, despite the fact that the magazine is inappropriate for that sort of announcement and that there’s nothing that actually hints at it in the Tweet.

      • Janeite says:

        Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought too, Lunchie. There is just so much weirdness in that fanbase that I can’t handle it. And Hiddles gets the verbal hell kicked out of him elsewhere on the internet from those who claim that it’s all his fault and and he brings it on himself by pandering to them. While I do not share that view at all (I like that he’s so gentle and sweet with his fans and seems to give the love right back to them) I can’t help but think that whatever incident happened at the Donmar Warehouse combined with the general insanity that seems to have been present ever since the Coriolanus run started, is making him rethink how he interacts with fans.

    • jammypants says:

      You speak sense. I like you.

    • Luna says:

      Gin Princess and lunchcoma the voice of reason. I’m hoping that Tommy is the new face of febreeze as he’s been certainly using it a lot recently. I can imagine him doing the ad quoting Shakespeare.

      All Elle does is fashion and anyway the editor can’t even spell his surname right so they are probably not that close.

      As for Tommy’s no show, I think it’s now to late to tell the nutties to back off. It was was something he should of done from the beginning. He should of went out there and faced them, tell them face to face that they’ve gone to far. He’d get my respect and many others.

      This Elle thing has completly backfired especially for him. Poor man. He needs new PR that won’t result to fan manipulation (especially a one with nutties)

      • Gin Princess says:

        Thank you. Also bear in mind that a magazine like this was probably planned out at least three months ago, or I seem to remember that they plan like six months in advance, so whatever they have to say, the interview would have been done way before Christmas so I find it hard to believe it’s any big news – since it would most likely have leaked already. That’s why I suspect a commercial tie-in, easier to control the info through NDAs. But I’m probably wrong and it’s probably just another interview…

        I have to say, I’m confused as to why the fans are so crazy. He actually gives a lot of himself away so it’s not like they are starved for info. Maybe it’s that perceived accessibility that people latch on to. It’s sad because he will just pull further and further away. It must be actually very scary for him and I know he’s a big boy but still – it’d freak anyone out.

        And the face of Febreeze would be perfect – someone make it happen.

        Oh and thanks for being so nice to this newbie…

  36. Gin Princess says:

    Oh and to top it all off the tweet actually says ‘we’ have an announcement, not ‘he’ has an announcement. So it an Elle announcement about him, not an announcement FROM him.

    A regular column might be a good guess too.

  37. Hello Kitty says:

    If it’s true, that’s such great news for Hiddles!
    But the important question is whether or not he’ll wear a velvet tuxedo. God I hope so.

  38. Carolyn says:

    Sorry I’m out of the loop….what are the references to TommyAnne and dragonflies?

    • Lunchcoma says:

      The Dragonflies reference is from that silly jacket, and is meant to refer to people who are fans, bit a bit more skeptical than people who call themselves Hiddlestoners.

      TommyAnnE started as a Pollyanna reference, then morphed into a comparison to AnnE Hathaway’s try-hardness. (I’m going to break from the crowd and say I like Anne Hathaway just fine).

      • Carolyn says:

        thanks – good to know! I’m not fan – appreciate the passion in which he is discussed on this site though 🙂

  39. Browniecakes says:

    + 1 Lunchcoma

  40. Luvtherocks says:

    Jessica Chastain and Guillermo Del Torro were spotted at the Coriolanus show today, so maybe it has something to do with Crimson Peak…he is leaving to film in Canada in Febuary.

  41. Sixer says:

    I don’t understand why people seem to see Puddletom as simultaneously a victim of his own PR and his fandom, and not complicit with it at all. He pays a lot of money for this service and I can’t see how it’s credible that he is not a part of the general strategy.

    And I think his PR is spectacularly successful (not saying that I like it, mind).

    After all, Loki aside, Puddletom hasn’t been a first choice casting for a mainstream, wide distribution film since the flurry after the original Thor, so what – 2010? In the meantime, many of his peers ARE being cast in such films and as first choices, and the next generation of Brit actors (eg Hoult) are snapping at his heels. And yet, his fandom aren’t decamping and we, and all the internet, are still talking about him as if he was one of the hottest properties around, when the facts on the ground say different.

    All that says his PR is great. And that catering to/manipulating/developing (however you see it) the fanbase isn’t part of that doesn’t seem realistic. And neither does it seem realistic to think that the PR people operate independently of Puddletom without any approval for what they are doing.

    None of this, of course, is to say that he ISN’T a nice guy and a decent actor. I’m sure he probably is.

    • Luna says:

      The fans (including the nutties) are the ones that are keeping Tommy in the public eye not his PR team. Any PR team would know not to manipulate a fandom if the person in question is feeling uncomfortable.
      I don’t think he’s a victim but I do feel someone is tying his hands together

      • Sixer says:

        But Luna, without PR, the fandom would have starved to death. Without dragonfly jacket photo shoots, UNICEF, Cookie Monster, puff interviews, and all the rest of it, there would be nothing to feed the fans.

        And why would anyone pay a fortune for a PR effort that made them uncomfortable? I don’t doubt there are fan excesses or that Puddletom has felt uncomfortable on occasions. But this is simply an occupational hazard and even successful PR strategies have their downsides. If he wanted to stop it altogether, he would stop the PR. The ball is in HIS hands, nobody else’s.

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Dear Sixer, I just posted something up the thread that sounds like you were addressing my post here. But the time-stamp on it shows otherwise. Anyway, perhaps many others shared the same thoughts as me and posted similar doubts.

        I know CB is a gossip site, and is the gossips that keep it alive and entertaining. So, I’ll just step away for now. Truth to be told, this is the first thread i’m posting although I’ve been reading CB a lot!

        But dear Sixer, if you do have a chance to view the Coriolanus screening, I would highly recommend that you give it a go. (perhaps you already watched it live, I don’t know, as I don’t stalk the rest of the people here, then just ignore me). Enjoy your remaining weekend!

    • Penny says:

      “one of the hottest properties around, when the facts on the ground say different”

      What facts?

      I don’t think Jaguar would invest in millions of dollars on a Superbowl commercial casting Tom if he wasn’t considered a ‘hot property’. Thor 2 wouldn’t have been as successful at the box office, ‘internationally’ especially in Asia, if wasn’t for Tom’s PR antics, a recent Guardian article explained how this PR strategy went very well indeed. If he isn’t hot property, why did Marvel order reshoots on his character during August 2013, after taking Comic-Con by storm? We are only talking a few months ago.

      Just because IDBM isn’t full of new projects, doesn’t mean there are none. Who knows what is on lock-down. After the very public fall-out of the Close Enough last summer, June 2013, and the public negotiation of the Crow, April 2013, I think he has learned to keep that gob shut. He also went out on record saying that later 2013 was kept clear for theatre work, and heh-presto Coriolanus was finalised May 2013, rehearsals in June and then hit the boards in December. With 4 star reviews from all the leading critics, his first lead role in West End, remember. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he is planning more theatre work, including a stab at Broadway and this kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight, and get announced in the same way as film/TV stuff.

      I think he is still hot property – stop putting him down.

      • kaisei says:

        Penny, if he had been cast the news would be out, if not because letting people in the business know you were cast is good for your career. Why do you think that recent Telegraph interview was published?

        Try to be objective and don’t distort things.
        Tom is talented and of course his career isn’t over or anything, but he doesn’t have a single movie coming out in 2014 (no, Pixie Fairy and Muppet do no count, and don’t mention OLLA because it’s being released in 2014 only in the US) and nothing is lined up after CrimsonPeak. Even Del Toro, for all his praises, only remembered Tom existed because Cumberbatch pulled out.
        So it’s difficult to say that he is in very high demand (he said so himself).

        Jaguar wanted 3 English that could well represent villains, guess who played a villain very famous in the US? I very much doubt he wanted to be remembered as the actor that was chosen for a Jaguar commercial.
        As for Thor2 promotion, Tom did his job and the reshoots had nothing to do with him, there were reshoots of other characters as well. They happened to salvage a movie that didn’t even come near IronMan3 success.

      • jammypants says:

        Kaisei, despite Cumberbatch being Del Toro’s first choice, it sounds like he’s become an avid Hiddleston support hereafter. Del Toro went to the OLLA screening at TIFF and he was reported to be among the audience a few days ago (along with Jessica Chastain) at the Donmar to catch Coriolanus. The guy is doing his homework on this actor. I hope this means Hiddleston might find himself in another Del Toro film, not long after (just look at Charlie Hunman and Jessica Chastain returning to work with Del Toro in other projects).

        I woldn’t downplay his role in The Dark World. Even Kevin Feige publically acknowledge Hiddleston’s presence and popularity (especially after Comic Con).

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Kaisei, the recent Telegraph interview was published because newspapers typically do articles on actors or actresses who are starring in sold-out plays in the city where the newspapers publish. The “interview” referred to in the Telegraph article was a press event that other London papers also attended. The Telegraph article even admits that Coriolanus hadn’t opened yet. The Guardian and another paper, can’t remember which, ran their stories a month ago when the play first opened. The Telegraph just held onto its article until later. Only being released in the US? The US is a rather large market. As for the Thor2 reshoots, Kevin Feigge has discussed them at length. One, which happened completely separate from all others was the post credits scene with Hemsworth returning to London. The others were not so much reshoots as new scenes entirely: one being the scene when Loki is brought before Odin, which also required Rene Russo to be on set; and two, the scene in which Loki causes himself and Thor to shape-shift into various other characters including Jaimie Alexander’s Sif and Chris Evans’s Captain America. Those scenes were added because Feige and Whedon decided that the completed film needed more Loki. As for box office success, T2DW was never expected to do as well as IM3 but it has done well, better than Marvel anticipated, and placed itself within the top dozen highest grossing films of 2013.

    • pru says:

      I agree. There is no way he doesn’t have a hand in his PR image. As nice and charming as he can come across (and as much as I enjoy it), his personality feels like an affectation.

      • Penny says:

        @ Kaisei

        Be objective?

        Firstly, roles are on lock-down if they are still in negotiation or waiting a special PR event to launch the film.

        Secondly, he would have had another film out this year if Close Enough had filmed. OLLA is being released in Feb 21st UK [mainstream cinemas, when really is should be Art House cinemas only] and Coriolanus, NT Live Jan 30th, tickets selling fast. Interested to see how many encore showings they have.

        And no, the Thor reshoots were not for any other character in the film, Kevin Feige has gone on record to clarify that is was Loki -centric scenes. Kevin and Alan wanted more Loki, because he was working well in the film. If they filmed other scenes, i will take it back. I didn’t think for a moment Thor 2 was ever expected to reach Ironman status, seriously. RDJ is still in another league, i grant you that, i don’t even think for one moment anyone is in the clouds to think that Tom is RDJ level.

        I never said, I’d think Tom wanted to be remembered for filming a jag advert. But, it shouldn’t be sniffed at, and there are plenty of other English villains, which could have been be chosen for lead advert in the Superbowl. And will no doubt be included in the follow-up adverts.

      • kaisei says:

        Penny, “he would have another movie out” is irrelevant. Either it happens or it doesn’t.
        OLLA is last year news for critics, in most countries it’s been released, in other it will go straight to DVD (mine is one of those…) and if in the UK it’ll be shown in mainstream cinemas, good but it’s one country.
        The reshoots for Thor were also about other characters, Hemsworth had to do one while in HongKong and his wife played Jane wearing a wig. Also I remember reading Jaime Alexander and Kat Dennings were also asked to do reshoots.

        Look, I’m not trying to demean his work, I’m a fan and I’m happy for him that Coriolanus did so well and all the rest. I for example disagree that he isn’t as good as RDJ at acting. Personal opinion of course.
        My point is that, maybe in a month will be commenting him being cast for movie or him doing more theatre or red carpets only like in 2013. However, on the base of what is known at the moment, for whatever reason, he isn’t being cast.

      • Roberta says:

        I thought only 1 scene with Loki was reshot, from this interview with Alan Taylor
        This interview was in August, at the time of the reshoots (there’s a mention of a day’s shoot after ComicCon).

        After this it was reported all over the place (online) that the reshoots were all Tom/Loki related – got the impression this was all part of the PR of the promo tour to push Loki (considering that Hemsworth was mainly absent except for the odd tv and premiere appearance).

        Again, all PR, so as Sixer points out it is working. And it appears to be happening because there’s no casting news.

    • Sixer says:

      Hey guys. Relax. I’m not criticising Puddletom; I’m praising his PR for its success!

      @Penny – the Jaguar commercial *is* PR so you could add that to my list of photoshoots and Cookie Monster videos above. It’s an excellent piece of PR too. But it’s not an acting job.

      However, the facts on the ground are still the same – we can talk about films like OLLA (theatre release but a limited one and he was a Fassbender substitute, not first choice) or the bad luck with the Capa film (but it would have been a tiny film). Good performances in art house films and bad luck with small projects aren’t the point, though, however much Puddletom deserves praise for the former and commiserations for the latter. And I do praise and commiserate for both.

      The point is that Tom’s peers (as a rough approximation, I’d see his peers as other non-US actors of a similar age – Fassbender, Hardy, Cumberbatch, McAvoy, Hemsworth et al) ARE getting first choice castings in mainstream, wide release films. And a younger generation (eg Hoult) are too.

      So, that Puddletom still has so much media attention, that his fans are still as attached, despite the lack of casting, speaks a great deal for the success of his PR. And to suggest that that PR is somehow working against his wishes and that he’s somehow a victim of it seems ludicrous to me.


      I’m not sure I entirely understand your comment but I posted as a standalone as there were several places on the thread where I could have replied but didn’t want anyone to feel singled out or maligned!

      I took my son to see Coriolanus over Christmas. I reviewed it on a previous post but I don’t recall which one, sorry!

      • Penny says:

        How do you know who and what are getting first choice castings? only when actors drop out at the last minute do you get to know whose dropped out? it is really disingenuous to claim otherwise. Benedict and Tom Hardy seem to ‘according’ to IDBM fighting out for Everest film, back and forth. Benedict replaced Benicio Del Torro in Star Trek, etc I am sure if people went digging there are probably loads of film swapping going on. I just think Tom is getting the internet buzz over him taking over OLLA and Crimson Peak. To be honest, Benedict too much of a prude to get his kit off ? or waiting for star wars.

        I dont think Tom Hardy, Fassbender, Hemsworth are his direct peers, different film groupings. I think Eddy Redymane, Dan Stevens, Ben Whishaw and Cumberbatch are closer. Although Fassbender is trying to do both action and period. And now he is doing Macbeth and Jane Eyre, the latter being the worse Mr Rochester. i digress. GRRRRR. Tom, IM humble O, is best as a period actor, (past, future, fantasy) not a action or contemporary hero type. I hope i am proved wrong though.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Humphrey Bogart was a substitute in Casablanca for Ronald Reagan. Ray Bolger was a substitute in Wizard of Oz for Buddy Ebsen. Actors get replaced all the time and it often works out for the best.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Oh, that cookie monster video was brilliant! He was gorgeous, talented, sweet, funny and as always the center of my world…

        And Tom wasn’t bad in it either!

      • Janeite says:

        @Secret Squirrel,
        I LOVE that Cookie Monster video too! Probably my favorite of all the video promotional work that Tom Hiddleston has done. I have loved the muppets since I was a little kid and when you mix Hiddles in with one of them, it’s just about cuteness overload.

    • Janeite says:

      Hey Sixer,
      Just wanted to say how much I value your contributions on the Hiddleston posts. While I may not always agree with you, I really enjoy reading your comments and appreciate your opinions.

  42. MissMary says:

    I legit think it’s a “guest column” or something for a few months, or, on the far far far far far outside, he’s adopted a child, but a guy trying to get his career really going would not likely adopt/seek out parenthood as that takes so so so much time and energy.

  43. Luna says:

    I’ve never doubted he’s not a nice man if fact I think he’s very accommodating to the point where people abuse it. I just get the feeling he’s not enjoying it at the moment and there is such thing as too much publicity. Tommy would probably rather concentrat in getting and perfecting audition for a really good role then going or doing a PR stunt. Going to Australia and Asia he could of been doing that. People forget he’s a person not a machine. PR always gives the demand and it just seems to me that they are using fan manipulation possibly without his consent. We don’t know what goes behind the scenes

    And now everyone is moaning because he’s not got anything on schedule. Well don’t we all need a holiday? He’ll probably have one then audition unless everyone starts making demands for his time.

  44. Lana says:

    I have some potentially true insiderish knowledge that a lady he’s been “friends” with for a while broke off an engagement before the holidays and he’s declared his love for her and was dramatically considering proposing now that she’s available. I wonder if that would be announced in Elle though?

    • Oops says:

      I agree with all the posters it would be very tacky and stupid. If you do domething like that you can’t say later that you want press ./ fan to respect your privacy.
      And if you don’t say more it means that’s it’s BS

    • Lala says:

      Interesting info…definitely not magazine material…but very interesting nonetheless!

    • Penny says:

      I really really think your trolliing, in a very amusing way.

      • bananashark says:

        It looks like they’re replying to their own post too.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Ah yes, right on schedule. The wheel is turning, but the hamster is asleep.

        I’m popping popcorn to prepare for the fandom wankly explosions.

      • Janeite says:

        LOL! We haven’t had a troll on a Hiddles post for a little while now. Was wondering when that would start back up again!

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Enjoy it. I admit I fell for the puppy story, because I wanted to think well of the Hiddles. I think he is 99.9% PR creation. There is no there there. This is the natural result. I agree with Sixer. Ghetto does not get a free pass here.

    • Luna says:

      Why would anyone propose to someone without dating them first?

      @janeite let’s all just ignore the troll. It’s a reaction they want

      @oops agree. It annoys me when celebs do that.

      Now lets speculate the new frebreez advert featuring Tommy. Maybe he can get Chris involved too 😉

      • Lana says:

        I’m certainly not a troll. How rude. I don’t even have a bridge. I simply happen to be friends with the lady’s old college roommate. Who pointed out that in her limited time interacting with him he’s certainly chosen the correct occupation because he practically vomits drama. No one thinks he’ll actually go through with it, and I probably wasn’t clear, but I felt like maybe that bit of overreaction might be where the rumor of an engagement was coming from.

  45. Gin Princess says:

    You guys *do* know I was joking about Febreeze, right? *side eyes*

    • jammypants says:

      Lets’ be real here. He’s just a British actor who’s charming and with decent talent. The rest on here is straight up projection and a hint of naiveté :p

    • pretzel says:

      But wouldn’t it be great if you weren’t?
      I have a confession. I’ve been lurking cb for ages but this time couldn’t help nut post something. His fans really need to backoff and realize that their behavior in the theater during the performance will not only make him uncomfortable but also cause disdain towards him from thw donmar warehouse and other cast members.

      @sixer…i hear what you are saying but wjat i don’t get is he’s quite an intelligent guy and does seem to genuinely more interested in establishing himself as a well respected actor than in just being a mere garden variety celebrity. I can’t help but think of his daddy issues being a constant fuel for him to prove himself regularly. So, for someone like that i find it difficult to believe that he would willingly use this PR strategy which while being extremely successful, is not really helping him land roles. I agree with you that he cannot be completely powerless but i also think that he borders on being too gullible and is easily convinced by luke and company.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I think what Sixer is saying is hat his PR has kept his name in the headlines and has succeeded in nailing him fashion shoots, free jag. And a crazy fandom– but that this has little relationship to his actual talent and achievement, and that it isn’t dong much to land him top roles. I would hope this has given him something to think about, bit I suspect that his Daddy issues run deep. He wants to be thought the arteest, but what he want even more is the money that comes from licensing deals and jag commercials. It’s where his heart actually is.

      • Penny says:

        Tom H has mentioned that his father didn’t agree with him going into acting as a career, whose father wouldn’t? especially one who is very business focused. My Dad didn’t agree with my creative career choice either, it doesn’t mean i have Daddy ‘issues.’ what does that infer anyway? Why do people over-read statements in these articles? Seriously, who hasn’t had arguments with their parents growing up? Subsequently, hasn’t he gone on record to say he has a good adult relationship with his parents?

        What licensing deals has actually got? he has a Marvel five deal movie, on a very cheap deal , no doubt. Rumour has it, he isn’t on the same paypacket as Chris or others lower-end Avengers. Hence the contract burn-off role with Disney- Fairy stuff. The sooner he can get on a decent deal with Marvel the better. I really hope he got a bonus for all that PR stuff, last autumn.

        He won’t be getting paid a great deal from Donmar either, Ewan McGregor agreed to his Donmar role in Othello on minimum actor’s wages. It’s a non-profit theatre organisation. I don’t think tom is though :-p. But, I reckon he get’s a cut from NT live showing.

        The jag commercial, will be well paid, i don’t doubt. Good on him! It is the first advert, i think he’s done, both Benedict C and Damien Lewis are on Jag advertising books too, do they get a stabbing comment of that is where their heart lies?

        His heart is not in licensing deals or commercials, I think it’s a cheap shot to claim so.

        At the end of the day, i agree his PR over-reaches and over-promotes him, i’d like to see him pull away some what. But, at the end of day, pt 2, acting is a game that doesn’t take prisoners, and it is kind of fun watching the ‘others’ i.e Benedict copying Tom’s funny dancing antics and online antics, when two years ago he was grumbling and moaning a lot.

      • jammypants says:

        I’m with Penny on this.

        He also said in interviews, and many times now, that his dad gets it now. He was even at the Thor premiere where Anthony Hopkins praised him and his son (he says this in his Tony Hopkins impression haha). Who cares if he wants to prove to his father his choice in life is a good or bad one? I do with my own parents. I still do however, do whatever I want. I don’t even know why that is even a bad thing. He obviously is living his own life and making his own choices still, even if he wants to prove something.

    • Luna says:

      Haha don’t ruin my dreams @Gin Princess.

      I have full confidence that this would go ahead given it is more likely than the rumors going round

  46. Reece says:

    I seriously doubt he would announce something like that in Elle. Plus it would have gone down months ago and said GF would be showing buy now…Logic.
    That said I’m making a cake just in case because mere popcorn will not suffice for such an internet meltdown.

  47. icerose says:

    Just for the record OLLA us being released in Australia this week and has already been released in Korea and Russia.I also read it is very popular in Japan. It is having a preview viewing a the BFI prior to it’s UK release. It has a distribution agent for Denmark and other European countries. It’s currently receiving some positive reviews from Sundance and there is quite a favourable buzz about it. It was never going to be a block buster but has the potential to draw a cult following. Initially it was not JJ’s intention to cast him in the lead but after meeting him and looking at his work he decided he was perfect for the role.
    I loved your comments about the others copying Tom that had occurred to me as well. Personally I would be happy if he returned to theatre work. Several key west end directors who have come to the Coriolanus run which is encouraging. As for film roles one thing that can be said is when he does get a good role he nails and he has yet to appear in a film that bombed. I am curious to see what will evolve out of Crimson Peak as it sounds intriguing. Actors go through peaks and troughs and all the discussions re his potential for getting roles is as speculative as the tweets re his announcing impending parent hood. I really cannot believe so much discussion came out of a few silly tweets but it did make for amusing reading.

    • FW says:

      Everything you said^_^

      Professionally he’s not director’s first pick but what matters more is that once he got sth he proved he could deliver. And he also has the reputation to be easy to work with and promotes his work wholeheartedly. These qualities plus the fact that he can act, I have confidence to see he has a long career, though less “hyped” on internet like now.

      Let’s just wait and see and enjoy some biscuits? (somenone said the annoucement is Tom’s got a new coat. This is sth LOVELY, lol)

  48. Yogapants says:

    De-lurking to vote for the less popular opinion: I think that Tom has “something to write home about” after all, and the magazine is announcing his engagement. I’m also guessing the lady is Jane Arthy and that they’ve managed to keep their relationship quiet to avoid more fan meltdowns. (Don’t think there’s a baby involved, though; that seems like an awfully big stretch.)

    Kind of tacky to release the news this way, I agree, but I think this is very much in keeping with Team Tom’s PR style. Dropping hints, stirring the pot, getting fans riled up.

    Really dating myself here but I’m remembering 60-70s heartthrob Bobby Sherman. As I recall, his marriage was kept secret for a while to milk his teen idol status. (I cried when my father told me that Bobby was married. Boo Hoo! It can be hard to lose one’s celebrity crush, especially when you are about 11 years old.)

    • belle says:

      The thing is though, it’s not Tom’s PR style to do that sort of thing about his personal life. Career – yes, personal life – not so much. Also, Elle isn’t the type of publication that does engagement and relationship announcements either. If that is what it is, which I highly doubt, it would be terribly out of character for all involved. I do, however, think that Elle used ambiguous language in their tweets to get everyone riled up and talking. And it worked.

      • allons-y alonso says:

        Agreed on all counts. Once upon a time there was also a rumor he was married to his former gf Susannah Fielding.

    • Luna says:

      @YogaPants when Tommy says he will speak when there is something to write home about. It almost certainly means that he might bring his girlfriend up in an interview where Appropriate. Not I’m going to take a full spread out in a woman’s fashion magazine. Above everything it would make them look really stupid and desperate not to mention out of character.

      Tommy never had problems mentioning a girlfriend before so why would he do it now? The fans are exactly the same as before, also hiding a girlfriend could make it worse first rule of PR. above all would any woman really want to stay hidden? Couples need to go through battles together otherwise it would be a very unhealthy relationship.

      @penny he still has daddy issues from his body language and voice tone in the Australian interview. I don’t think they are as bad but I don’t think all is forgiven either.

      • Pretzel says:

        @luna…which Australian interview? Link please..

      • Luna says:

        @pretzel I’m currently trying to find the said video on YouTube.

        It was october just gone and He was wearing a black/blue shirt and the background was Sydney harbor. It was a male interviewer and he asked Tommy what he actually said to his dad during their arguments. I remembe tommy laughing then looking annoyed as he said he told his dad that’s what actors are suppose to do. He also said something else …. I’m trying to find the video but keep getting female interviewers from that day. It was man who asked him

      • pretzel says:

        Oh yeah, i think i remember. His dad said something along the lines of why he wanted to be someone else when he could be his own man. I don’t remember his body language though. Gotta rewatch. I do believe that he’s telling the truth when he says that his dad understands now, but at the same time i think he is always try to prove himself because of the original discord. He always seems to mention his mum a whole lot more than he mentions his dad. So i do believe he has a better relationship with her.

      • Lexi says:

        @pretzel here’s the link for the interview you were looking for. i just saw that like this past weekend so knew exactly what you were talking about.
        But…body language? just seems like it was a question…and he answered like no big deal.

  49. NoDragonJustFlies says:

    Wao… didn’t expect this thread to continue to grow. Instead of speculating what the announcement would be, why don’t we just wait for few more hours for Elle’s publication for this month is out?

    In the mean time, wouldn’t it be nice to jump back to the thread about Tom’s sexy Super Bowl ad? That thread has so little attention compared to this one that is full of funny ideas. 🙂

  50. pretzel says:

    First reviews of OLLA at sundance are pretty brilliant (as expected). I do hope he sticks to these sort of art house movies. I guess it’s a relief that he isn’t cast in silly rom coms. Those could ruin whatever chances he has of establishing himself as a serious actor. God, i hated when tom hardy did that awful movie with reese and chris pine. Don’t know how right i am in saying this, but he should really look at how joseph gordon-levitt has built himself a career out of lead roles in indie movies and character works in bigger blockbusters. Though, i think their definition of a successful acting career might differ vastly.
    On a more relevant note, did elle release anything or are they still sitting back and enjoying the show with luke while munching on popcorn?

    • belle says:

      Nothing from Elle yet… They’re dragging it out as long as possible.

      • Luna says:

        I’m hearing there is a bit of trouble with Tommy’s fashion line in the form of bunny going missing, white shirt got mixed with the dark blue one and the Coriolanus black sweater hasn’t been dried yet. Plus as he wants Chris and Benny to model them (Jessica failed her audition), he needs to wait for them to get to London.

        On top of that he has his day job as well.
        Everyone would have to wait for his spectacular fashion spread unveiling sponsored by Marvel and febreeze.

        If anyone has any information in regarding Bunny, please contact CB immediately and we will return him home. Thank you 🙂

      • Nighty says:

        Lol @Luna …

    • Penny says:

      @Luna that is very funny. I think Benny will look very fetching in the Coriolanus Black Sweater line, and the Fibreze will help keep it fresh when he wears it every night after his Hamlet performances this Autumn.

  51. Dani says:

    It’s probably an announcement about a Loki focused film with the movie poster. I doubt Tom would be able to keep a girlfriend, engagement and a baby so quiet with his nutso fans (not all of them). They know his life better than he knows his life.

  52. browniecakes says:

    Maybe the Elle UK upcoming announcement and picture has to do with this tweeted an hour ago by OnlyLoversLeftAlive: “Only Lovers Left Alive, a film by Jim Jarmusch – London live event on February 6th, announced tomorrow.”

  53. Gin Princess says:

    No, no. This is why I’m confuddled. Elle isn’t a movie mag, or a Hello-style celeb mag. A relationship or movie announcement would just would not fit!

    Plus this issue was written month ago so anything major everyone would know about. I still vote fashion tie in. I don’t even think column any more – what does he have to say?

    I wish Elle would tell us already.

  54. Lex says:

    O.o wow….saw this post when it first popped up and didn’t expect it would get so many comments. Everything from Daddy issues, PR teams, his future role plans, girlfriends, engagements, pregnancies all being discussed.
    Poor guy….if my life was taken apart and analyzed to death like his was…it would drive me insane.

    And before anybody jumps on me and says ‘well he chose this life!!’ i know he did….I’m just making an observation.

    • Janeite says:

      Well then, it’s a good thing you aren’t him so that you don’t have to worry about being driven insane by having your life taken apart and analyzed to death.

      And while I an not a big fan of delving too far into his personal life, this is a site to discuss celebrity gossip so things of that nature can and do go on here. No one forces anyone to click on any thread here.

    • Luna says:

      @lex I’m in agreement with @janeite and I want to add again what Elle did was Fan manipulation and possible fan baiting. They have worded the tweet to keep fans speculating on what the news is to try and sell magazines. However it has turned out worse for Tommy as there was already rumors of a secret girlfriend, plus he has had stage door problems it wasn’t in his best interest for this tweet. Yet Elle seem not to care he has nutties and haven’t followed up the tweet with anything less conspicuous.

      So why doesn’t Tommy himself not do anything about it? Well as someone has pointed out he pays a lot of money for his PR team so he’s going to listen to them more than his own instincts. Do I think that it’s right? No because Tommy could easily nip situations in the bud then let it snowball so people start speculating his personal life. Also with the stage door he should say something direct and by himself to the nutties. They will listen to him, imagine being told by someone you obsess about that you are annoying them.

      Conclusion. Speculation is always going to happen if the news is pro long and if there isn’t enough trust in the subject. It’s a natural human reaction. Tommy probably has even done it himself once in his life.

  55. Miss Jupitero says:

    Here you go, ladies. From Elle’s review of OLLA:

    “The film is a small slice of heaven. If you want to know more, check out ELLE March issue (on sale 30 January) for our exclusive shoot with Mr Hiddleston himself, his most revealing interview ever (yes, really), and a rather spectacular short film which will be posted on this very site shortly.”

    Ooh. Revealing? Rly? *sarcasm*

    This is fan manipulation and publicity shilling, the usual stuff. And sorry Penny I have to disagree with you. The fashion magazine territory, the PR constructed identity, and the licensing deals that go with all of this are absolutely what TommyAnnE is about. He pays big bucks for Luke and his GQ connections, and it has been where most of his effort has gone for a long time.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Ha ha. Oh our version of the announcement was much better!!!

      I wonder if the “revealing” shoot is to do with a new suit…on his birthday… his birthday suit!! (see what I did there??).

      Sorry, I’m a bit tired today… 😛

      • penny says:

        I still think, it’s not where his ‘heart’ is, which was mentioned above, but the ‘effort’ I agree with you there. A lot of effort has gone into it. And I have admitted in posts further up, that that it’s way too far-reaching. I’d give my right arm for him to stop the modelling stuff, but I can understand why he does it. He looks so different to his ‘Loki’ role which is what he mostly known for in the States. He wants to show off, what he normally look like or can look like in real-life. However, some of the clothes they put him in! ‘rolls eyes’. they are awful. mind you, just as bad as Fassbender’s and Cumbers GQ shoot.

        The online PR stuff last year, was an amazing effort, and I think it was pretty good strategy and worth that expense, although I got a feeling Marvel may paid a good chunk for it. He was carrying Thor 2 for a lot of it, latter part of the year.

        However, if it carries on through later part of 2014, when he should ‘shut-up and go quiet’ and give the fangirls [me] a break – I will be totally in agreement with you and I shall personally slap him with a wet kipper. The guy should be acting his socks off during 2014, theatre, BBC or US crappy movies. I do think he maybe too picky. Because 2015 six months will probably back in Marvel world.

        I mean, and hope, and pray that he realises that while he is doing serious acting stuff like Coriolanus, the fangirl baiting is a big mistake, it’s ok for the Marvel/disney fun-films. But, its chaos for theatre.

        In the meantime, Feb is Hiddles month in the UK, two cinema outings OLLA and NTlive and Thor 2 DVD release. I shall be buying Elle [as long as he is not in a dodgy coat shot] and hoping that it is a revealing interview, because Telegraph was so dull.

    • Sixer says:

      Oh, sigh. It’s all so ick. Ho hum.

      Miss J – what would be your summing up? That this is the focus of efforts because casting is proving troublesome? Or that all this was the end game all along anyway and if we can manage it without casting then so much the better?

    • kaisei says:

      “his most revealing interview (yes really)” makes me laugh, but the “rather spectacular short film” is what? A making-of of the shoots? 🙂

      • Luna says:

        Revealing could be anything. Probably found a new Shakespeare quote or something. It would probably be something really small which we’ve already have guessed or know.

        This is bad fan manipulation on Elle’s and his PR part as it has made a bad situation at the door worse. Like with that girfriend rumor for example, Tommy could of been advised to say she’s just a really good friend and that he’s still single. that way if the relationship did come of anything, it wouldn’t come as a shock to fans and he would still get privacy because they would be used to her and respect them more.
        only good part of this PR stunt is it gets Tommy publicity but for a very high cost to him and his Wellbeing. I don’t think he’s happy at the moment.

        I’m just really bitter it’s not the fashion line thing. I’ve read viewer reviews on OLLA and some people say it’s a slow starter film

  56. Gin Princess says:

    Revealing? To much to hope for a nude shoot? 😉