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9 Responses to “K-Fed to walk away with just a million, poor thing (update)”

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  1. gg says:

    sweet! I hope this is true, but I somehow doubt he’s not got some skeezy plan to extort more money from her.

    But if this is true, that mil will last, maybe 2 trips to Vegas and then wwwwwwhit! Back to Slumsville where you belong, bottom feeder. Hell, he makes Vanilla Ice look like a pillar of society.

  2. Mr. T says:

    I’ve changed my mind about K-Fed. I think he’s the more reasonable and stable one out of that relationship. His mistake was taking on Team Britney. I hope they do good as parents for their children and raise their kids well to be honest and hardworking citizens.

  3. miss luigi says:

    Aaw, no photos of the groomsmen? They were the best part.

  4. Me says:

    I never understood why K-fed got such a bad rap. The bottom line is that we really don’t know anything about the guy. I feel that everyone was just jealous about his good fortune. Besides, Women marry men for money all the time and no one cares. Atleast it is reasonable to beleive that K-fed may have actually loved Brittany. How about all these young beautiful women that marry these old, gross, disgusting, nasty, men for money. For example, Donald Trump, Larry King, Hue Hefner, and the list goes on. These women married these men just for the pay-off, and it seems to be o.k. by society.

  5. MizLiz says:

    Only a million? Let’s see if he fights for custody of those kids now. At least child support would be in the picture. I really don’t trust her to take care of them.

  6. gg says:

    Hello, he gets a bad rap because he doesn’t DO anything but spend money and party. He’s despicable white trash. Who at the moment has less problems than Britney.

  7. Anastasia says:

    Ah, yes, now she’s free to go marry number three! Wheeeeeee!

  8. missus monkey says:

    You know that within 7 years, after Britney has distanced herself a little bit from her breakdown drama and had a very talented pr team rehab her currently tarnished image, she will hook up with Justin Timberlake again.

    (i dunno, one example that comes to mind is drew barrymore…somehow with a lot of help she now smells as sweet as a delicate, innocent rose. lol! )
    –all one would have to do is dig up someones collection of vintage People magazines and look at the cover stories from over the years to see the total wrecks of celebutardom. the list is endless.

  9. missus monkey says:

    (this is a really weird, random thought..but how weird is it that kevin federline looks like father knows best compared to the loser pee puffed up dickless diddly. i hope that dudes weiner shrivels up and he gets a terminal case of erectile disfunction later resulting in his weiner growing inwards and coming out of his butt.)
    oh maan, i so did not just type that,