Howard K. Stern delays all the legal proceedings possible

Lawyer Howard K. Stern has delayed the inquest into the suspicious death of the son of his lover, recently-deceased Anna Nicole Smith. He claims that it’s impossible to get a jury that doesn’t know the story and have pre-conceived notions about it, considering the widespread press coverage. The investigation will be put on hold for at least two weeks, and Howard’s lawyer is trying to get it permanetly closed.

Howard’s actions seem to indicate some form of guilt. A witness claims to have seen him flushing away some tablets found in Daniel’s pants after he died and Anna was supposedly overheard screaming “you did this!” shortly before staff were summoned to an unresponsive 19 year-old Daniel. A coroner hired by Anna claims that Daniel died of a drug interaction from the effects of several prescription medications, along with the heroin susbsitute methadone, which Anna was addicted to and was not prescribed to Daniel. The National Enquirer claims that actual toxicology reports were tampered with, and that results showed ten times the amount of methadone in Daniel’s system than was reported. This would mean that his death was not an accident and could only have been the result of suicide or foul play.

Daniel was said to have consulted a private investigator shortly before he died. A California PI spoke to In Touch and said Daniel talked to him about concerns over his mother’s relationship with Howard. The man says Daniel felt that his mother was being kept a “virtual prisoner” by Howard, and was worried that she was on so many drugs while pregnant. I guess it’s convenient for Howard that Daniel died before he could do anything about it.

Still, Howard is a creepy lawyer and on the off chance he’s not directly responsible for Daniel’s death he probably just wants to get more time to figure out how to get his hands on the most cash possible.

Howard has also filed an appeal in the paternity case by Larry Birkhead for Anna’s daughter, Dannielynn. Howard has custody of the infant and his appeal will delay the announcement of the DNA results. The next hearing in that case is scheduled for April 3rd.

How long until this guy’s actions catch up to him? I don’t think he’s blameless in Daniel or Anna’s death. Daniel’s death could have been a weird accident, but it seems like he needs to be held responsible for something. He’s an enabler and a user. I’m not so sure he murdered Anna at this point, but he certainly made it easy for her to get as many drugs as she wanted. I’m still predicting some kind of suicide when he realizes the gig is up.

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  1. someone says:

    He couldn’t look more guilty if he had it tatooed on his does he have the authority to delay Daniels Inquest, hes not even a relative? Second..why would he want to unless he could be implicated? Third..delaying the DNA test just proves to me, that he knows hes not the father..what a creepy slimeball.

  2. Toubrouk says:

    Can we agree more that this guy is a slimeball?

  3. m.a. says:

    I agree more! 🙂
    Yeah, I thought I was just being paranoid about him before, because he’s so creepy looking, but now I am starting to wonder if my paranoia was well founded. If he had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t be trying to hide anything. I just wish this damn thing was overwith so we could go on to some NEW news, cuz we’ll probably NEVER know exactly what happened here. 🙂

  4. Mr. T says:

    The guy is not that bright considering he’s an attorney. Well, that said, he’s certainly a stinking example of how low a lawyer can go. Also, ANS is dead alredy. Media’s gotta move on. This subject has been beaten to death. ANS was no Monroe. Face it, she was a stupid bimbo and lived a life that would put any decent parent to shame.

  5. Fabiola Thing says:

    Poor ANS. Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places 🙁

  6. gg says:

    Word, Mr. T.

  7. rak says:

    I am tired of this whole saga – and to be honest eveyone that is pontificating about how “guilty” HKS is. The whole demented world of ANS was her own creation – she OD’d before she met Howard and was in a coma. He drug use was prolific and long standing. No one in her life was reputable or sincere – bar her son.

    ANS was responsible for her demise and that of her son. Had she been a responsible and loving parent she would have kept her child far away from that sort of seedy element.

    No one forced drugs and alcohol down her throat and those that knew her saw that she was the one who made the decisions. No doubt HKS was an enabling idiot but that is a far cry from killing two people in cold blood. Anyone who has been involved with an addict realizes that you either play along with the game or you leave and hope, wait and pray that they will call you when it comes time to make amends.

    As for HKS halting legal proceedings – I would do the same damned thing. People around the world having been judging this case while sitting at their computers. There is NO way there would be a fair jury hearing. I wouldn’t want ot suject myself to that either.

  8. Anon says:

    Remember when John Belushi died of a speedball injected by Cathy Smith ? She was charged and ultimately did time for her part in his death.
    This case is similar, as he provided and possibly administerd the drugs. Sure she was an adict, and it was her choice, but just like Belushi,she had someone, (Stern) aiding her in their use.

  9. rak says:

    I disagree. I think that people these days avoid responsibilty for their own actions and the press surrounding this illustrates that point.

    No one knows the details re: their relationship – there is a lot of supposition, speculating and finger pointing.

    There was clear, tangible evidence in the Belushi case. If they find that kind of evidence I am sure that the inquest will take place – delay tactics aside – and Stern will have to face the consequences of his actions in the court system.

    Until that happens people should stop acting as judge and jury. You can’t blame the guy for doubting he would receive a fair jury hearing based on what has been said in the press thus far.

  10. curious george says:

    i agree, rak.

  11. daz says:

    it’s refreshing to hear a new perspective rak. well played sir.

  12. someone says:

    Maybe he has a slight point on why he delayed the inquest, but what about the DNA test, what could he have possibly been thinking when he delayed that, it just lets everyone watching know that he is NOT the father…

  13. SGM says:

    Well, while everyone trying to get the money (not the child). Tell the truth shame the devil. I’m just worry that the baby girl life will need a lot of assistance. Maybe to someone not in the all around group. And when she’s older the New parent would tell her in time. May GOD Bless this child’s Life in Jesus name AMEN.

  14. Carol says:

    But he’s not on trial, it is an inquest into the cause of Daniel’s death. If he didn’t have anything to do with it he should be happy to have it and find out A) what happened and B) clear his name. Now if the inquest shows it was foul play then he needs to be worried about finding an impartial jury.

    Interesting that it’s ok for you to be judge and jury as far as Anna is concerned though Rak, “ANS was responsible for her demise and that of her son”. Practice what you preach dude, practice what you preach.

  15. rak says:

    Carol, I do practice what I preach thank you – and ANS WAS responsible for both her life and the life of her child (or children).

    No matter what people say about the others involved in her life, she was a long term drug abuser. Had she chosen a different lifestyle things may not have ended so tragically. Life is what you make it. The people you involve yourself with and the choices made are yours and yours alone.

    News flash – another tragedy on planet earth. There are people who suffer through things and have no choices, money or resources to help them and still do not follow this path. I just think it would be refreshing if people would see it for what it is.

  16. daz says:

    here here,

  17. pink feather boa says:

    i hope this awful made for tv soap oprea ends soon.

  18. pink feather boa says:

    opera lol…..but maybe this is like a bad episode at the grande ‘ol oprey

  19. revlon10 says:

    I don’t beleve for one moment that she slep with Howard fake Stern

    he is the ultimate leech

  20. Just Ducky says:

    How many people, do you know that have SEVEN, in
    force, paid up,life insurance policies on a 39 year old woman? Dead or alive he
    was determined to make money off her. She was his cash cow. How do
    they know she wasn’t aware the drugs were giving to keep her in a confused
    state.After all, based on some reports, assets she paid for
    were transferred into a corporation controlled by $tern. The corps name is HOT SMOOCHIE LIPS a name Howard pick out amd was also Anna’s e-mail address “$tern is a
    real Rasputin , controlling a Hollywood drug addict…feeding her
    lies about Birkhead, isolating Birkhead from his baby, manipulating
    her to move to Bahamas where(surprise) $tern has more legal
    controlling authority over the baby and thus the estate. He never
    worked in 12years. He lived off of her. A total scumbag. ‘

    The most successful murder is one in which no one suspects the death was a
    murder.”And Choral Hydrate is the #1 drug to use for murder because it breaks down in the blood stream 4 min. after it is introduced. Thus it can do its evil deed when you give it at a deadly does and it will be undetectable at a high level when a body becomes room temperature. Dr. Perper knows this and did mention it on TV. the day Anna’s atopcy was released. He must feel fusterated that he can not call this murder. But he also knows that it would be best to stay out of it.

    The police in the Bahamas are on to $tern and are working closely with are FBI and there giving the jerky Jew enough time to hang himself. It wasn’t so long ago that a Scott Peterson took over the news. He also thought that he got away with murder. Stern will crash and burn, just hang loose. God is not on his side, so sit down and enjoy the ride. Jails in the Bahamas are not a pretty sight and I look forward to the day when the jury will announces the guilty verdict to Howard the coward $tern for manslaughter for the death of Daniel Smith

  21. daz says:

    wow, I never heard he had seven life insurance policies on her. Is this true? Wow! Great read just ducky.

  22. rak says:

    Dear Lame Duck,
    …..and what do you base all of this tirade on – when was that information released to the public? Because if it was TMZ would have been all over it as they have been about every single detail. As for using his religion and calling him “the jerky Jew” I think you have revealed more of your motive than you would have wished. I think everyone with an opinion that is derogatory should have to use their real names and addresses on the internet. I’m all for freedom of speech but you should have to reap the repercussions of your words.

  23. daz says:

    i knew there was a reason i never heard of that. I cant find anywhere that there are 7 policies on her.