Paula Abdul is pulling out her hair

Slurry American Idol judge Paula Abdul is said to have a nervous tic that causes her to pull out her hair. She’s been tugging at it and leaving bald areas on her scalp.

The troubled star is so anxious over the show’s frantic pace she’s developed a nervous habit of tugging at her long locks, which is causing her to pull out clumps of hair. The situation has gotten so bad that Paula’s been visiting a Hollywood dermatologist for hair-restoration treatments, sources say.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, April 2, 2007]

Abdul has blamed her loopy behavior on complex regional pain syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes burning pain throughout the body. She has denied being addicted to drugs for “recreational purposes” but seemed to be, uh, splitting hairs in her statements about it. She claims to not drink, but never said she doesn’t take medication for her neurological condition.

It’s not that surprising to think that she’s pulling her hair out along with all her other issues.

The Enquirer goes on to quote experts who say that Paula’s disorder leads to hyperactivity, which could explain the hair-pulling.

People who suffer from complex regional pain syndrom say it’s completely debilitating and that if more people understood the condition they wouldn’t be so quick to condemn Paula for taking drugs for it.

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6 Responses to “Paula Abdul is pulling out her hair”

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  1. Randi says:

    Well, if I actually believed Paula was suffering from complex regional pain syndrome I wouldn’t be condemning her. My diagnosis: Simple all over crazy bitch syndrome.

  2. Carol says:

    Pain killers could explain her crazy though, if she were taking too many. She was careful to say she had never done “recreational” drugs.

  3. Action says:

    Pulling out hair compulsively is called Trichotillomania. It may be associated with OCD. It is sometimes treated with antianxiety drugs.

    I had a kid in class who used to do this. It is also sometimes stress induced.

  4. missus monkey says:

    paula needs a new pool boy. i think that one wannabe singer that she took under her cooter a few years ago broke her heart. sorry, im not a fan of american idol. its a painful show to watch.
    i could see how all the strenuous dancing she did back in the 80’s may have caused lingering strain to her body..and it would suck to be in constant pain.
    she is clearly self-medicating in addition to whatever meds she may be prescribed.

  5. curious george says:

    what is normal in hollywood is NOT normal in other places.
    on the planet where she lives, this is normal.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i have this condition, can you just leave her alone!!!